Anderson Cooper’s home haircut did not go well at all


Anderson Cooper has joined the ranks of amateur hair stylists. And, like most of us who have chosen that route, things didn’t go as planned. While chatting with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who’s been producing a series of videos for at home safety during quarantine, Anderson asked if maybe the good doctor would next produce a video with some suggestions on how to cut one’s own hair. While explaining why he was requesting this, Anderson, who looked dashing head on, turned to the left to expose a healthy bald patch he’d given himself by selecting a too short head for his clippers. The video is queued to the bald patch segment:

Let’s all remember what Jonathan Van Ness advised when asked about trimming one’s own hair: DON’T! I think we can allow our news anchors to get a little shaggy. If anything, these at home haircuts are the best advertising the salon industry could have. Even if a person didn’t completely demolish their ‘do with color or clippers, I haven’t heard anyone saying, “this is a piece of cake!”

Anderson’s lucky because it’s really only visible from one side. I’ll give him credit, too, most would have tried to fix their mistake, only to end up with next to nothing all the way around. My poor mother let me cut her hair once and she ended up with a page boy due to my course corrections. Unfortunately, Anderson probably can’t get away with a hat on camera, so he just needs to remember to keep any notes to his right and never turn left. But really, it doesn’t look that bad. In the Quarantine Hair Disasters Hall of Fame, Anderson will be way down the list. Now, if he really wanted to cause some ripples, he should dye that gorgeous mane of his blue.




Photo credit: WENN/Avalon and YouTube

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  1. Aims says:

    We just bought some Clippers yesterday, I’m not even remotely good at cutting hair. But everyone is looking shaggy. Fingers crossed it works out okay, but most likely it won’t.

  2. Ali says:

    Oh Anderson can go to Georgia and get a haircut next week

    • Yoyo says:

      It is so sad that the Governor is allowing businesses that deal with personal contact to reopen first.
      Walmart greeters, along with supermarket workers are among the hardest hit by Covid19.

  3. Astrid says:

    My teenage sons give each other clipper cuts all the time. They use YouTube videos for ideas. It’s a nice way for them to connect with each other in a positive way.

  4. tcbc says:

    My BFF cut her own hair yesterday and I thought the end result was nice! She has long hair with layers (I think?) which she thinks is why it turned out okay.

    My pixie-headed self is going to wait this out.

  5. Watercress says:

    Oh my has anyone else been reading the cerrrrr-azy conspiracy theories doing the rounds during lockdown? Somebody has way too much time on their hands ;)

    I read recently that Kathy Griffin is actually Anderson Cooper wearing drag. OMG.

    Then what about Tom Hanks has been arrested and is in Guantanamo Bay. Ok then.

    Hmmm my personal fave…JFK Jr FAKED HIS OWN FREAKING DEATH and is coming back to run as POTUS Nov 2020. Uh-huh.

    But my hands down personal favourite… Bill Gates wife is a man. Ok WTF is going on world?

  6. antipodean says:

    An unexpected consequence of the quarantine, I got so sick of my fast growing shaggy hair that I actually buzzed it all off yesterday. The mess was atrocious, but the sense of lightness and freedom that it gave me is exhilarating! I always wanted to see what my head looked like under the thatch, and now I know! I have got so stir crazy that I just went for it. I am loving only using a tiny amount of shampoo in the shower, and my hair brush is obsolete for the moment. My mantra is that it’s only hair and it will grow back. I am sure there is some sort of psychological explanation for why I feel so liberated, but for the moment I have no crowning glory to hide behind and I feel truly emancipated….weird but wonderful.

    • Kate says:

      Wow! That’s so bold! Hair is such a part of women’s identity that we don’t even alwasy consciously realize. I felt super liberated a couple years ago (after Trump was elected and I was feeling hopeless) when I decided to stop highlighting blonde for a while, which I’ve been doing since I was 16 and old enough to have a job to pay for highlights. I think maybe it’s a control thing? Like having power to drastically change your appearance takes your mind off of feeling out of control with these crazy world events? idk why it is, but I get how freeing it must feel.

    • Nana says:

      Think there’ll be many a ‘worst home haircut’ competition at workplaces and schools the world over, when we all (eventually) start getting back to some kind of new normal life again…

    • PixiePaperdoll says:

      I did this two weeks ago and am so happy. I’ve seen some videos of people doing the same and they’re all standing front of the bathroom mirror which is weird. I stripped down and stood in the bathtub to avoid having to vacuum.

  7. Kate says:

    Watching Jonathan Van Ness cut men’s hair is actually the “training” I used to start cutting my toddler son’s hair before the quarantine. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to cut the front so it’s not uneven but not super straight across like women’s bangs. But as long as you go slowly and cut less off than you think you want to cut I’ve never had a major hairtastrophe.

  8. Nana says:

    Have to admit – my shoulder length hair was getting scraggy at the back…. At least the scissor action was vertical, rather than horizontal so it’s not…. as bad as the bowl cut a friend gave her two year old son atleast :o He will never, ever forgive her, later on in life.
    But I do wish I read Wired’s excellent recent article on how to cut your hair at home *before* I went at it.

  9. bitchy architect says:

    Actually nipped my ear cutting my own hair after one too many cocktails… Mr. BA will be cutting it this weekend…

  10. Siul says:

    My usual two places where I get my haircut are closed! Everyone around me are complaining the same thing. I swear…once this quarantine is over and businesses are back to normal (at least here in San Diego) I’m running to my barber first!

  11. Jillian says:

    I own lots of silly wigs and hats. Most have served in various costumes but they all delight me just for the sake of themselves, despite being routinely impractical. ALAS, we are most definitely out of routine these days! My wacky hats and multi-colored wigs have been living their best lives (on my head) while my actually hair is a dusty-old-crone disaster underneath. What a time to be alive

  12. I have been doing my usual home coloring with Nutriesse “Brown Sugar”. I have never had a professional hair color. Too cheap. But my length is getting a little out of hand. I think I’m going to try that unicorn trick that’s all over You Tube. You basically turn your head upside down and brush your hair as smooth as possible, into a ponytail which you maneuver to the forehead in a unicorn horn position. Then you cut. It’s supposed to end up looking trimmed on the back, and layered on the front and sides. Wish me luck 👍

  13. SJR says:

    I like Anderson Cooper a little more after seeing his home haircut.
    Love the Drs. honest reaction too.

    It is hair..only.
    The people who are losing their minds over not being able to get their hair/nails done..Nope.
    I don’t want to have my rate of being infected with a life threatening disease increase because you think you need your hair done. Shallow people.

    Now, if and when, it is safer to be at salons..go crazy, tip big!