Snoop Dogg’s favorite cereal: Cap’n Crunch with the berries

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Jimmy Kimmel did an interview with Snoop Dogg for 420 day, the international weed day. Snoop was sitting there in his robe smoking a joint during the interview, although you just saw the smoke from it and I don’t think they showed him smoking on camera. Jimmy asked him a lot of weed-related questions, like whether he smoked indica or sativa, what his favorite breakfast cereal was, and what he considered the best fruit to smoke out of. I thought he was going to say “apple,” but he named a vegetable instead.

Have you ever been outsmoked by anyone?
Willie Nelson is the only one to ever get me. He got me once on 4/20 in Amsterdam. I couldn’t take it.

What variety are you smoking?
Strictly indica. I do the bubblegum, kush, OG Louis XIII, it got to be grade A with me?

Is it true that the indica relaxes you while the sativa does the opposite?
I believe so, for my metabolism and for my body, it settles me all the way down. That’s why I’ve been so mellow for so many years.

What does water taste like?
When you’re high it tastes like whatever you want it to taste like. It can taste like a soda, some alcohol, potato chips, some cake. It can taste like whatever you want because you make you mind have the mindstate to do whatever it needs to be doing?

What is the best breakfast cereal?
Ooh that’s a great question. The best breakfast cereal when I was a kid was probably Cookie Crisp and Honey-comb and as I got older, Cap’n Crunch with the Berries motherf’er.

What is the best fruit to make a pipe out of?
I went to Jamaica and [this man] had me come over to his house and he pulled out a carrot and it was the best smoke I ever had in my life. It was amazing.

Like nugs bunny

[From Jimmy Kimmel on YouTube]

Of course Willie Nelson is the only person to outsmoke him and he did it in Amsterdam! That was kind of deep when he explained how water can taste however you want it to.

Doesn’t it seem like it would be a ton of work to hollow out a carrot to smoke out of? Like an apple seems doable, (remember those photos of Charlize Theron?) but carrots are so dense that you’d need a small drill and an extra large carrot, right? I googled this and it doesn’t look that hard though, if that’s your thing. The guy in this video just uses a screwdriver to make the hole in the carrot. Now I fell down the rabbit hole of making fruit and veg into pipes. You can make one out of a banana! I haven’t smoked in years, but this looks good to me and I wish I lived somewhere pot was legal. We just used to use old soda cans that we dented and poked holes in. I know it’s not a good time to talk about smoking when it raises your risk of dying from a respiratory illness, but I’m also very bored and I already eat too much.

As for Snoop’s cereal choices, we were never allowed to have sugar cereal growing up and I still just buy Honey Nut Cheerios for my son and me. Now I think I’m missing out. Like I should just say “screw it” and buy Froot Loops or Cap’n Crunch, right? What sugar cereal should I try first?

Here’s the interview!

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    Captain Crunch is still my favorite cereal

  2. Joan Callamezzo says:

    “I know it’s not a good time to talk about smoking when it raises your risk of dying from a respiratory illness, but I’m also very bored and I already eat too much.” Thank you for my first smile of the day. Same. I vote you try Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a close second is Fruity Pebbles.

  3. Kamala says:

    The berries make it healthy.

  4. Aang says:

    Crunch berries are yummy. Take a look at the sugar content in Honey Nut Cheerios and compare it to some of the “sugar” cereals. You’ll be surprised. 9 grams vs Crunchberry 11.

  5. Darkladi says:

    Cap’n Crunch. Snoop ain’t lied yet 😋

  6. Busyann says:

    I was all about frosted flakes and fruit loops when I was growing up. Somehow though, around my twenties, I became obsessed with lucky charms. Still am, but dont eat that stuff anymore. Lol getting older sucks.

  7. Polyanna says:

    Capn Crunch leaves the most awful damage to the roof of my mouth, like coats my mouth with crap and then feels like it scraped the skin off the roof of my mouth. I don’t understand how anyone eats it!!

    I sure love Snoop. I’ve been eating my weed instead of smoking it. Not the time for me to give up my one and only, safe and responsibly used vice lol. Not during a damn pandemic! So I eat it 100% of the time now. My husband still has an occasional smoke but I’m bugging him about it a little because I want our lungs to be as healthy as possible. He thinks I’m overreacting and a few puffs won’t hurt. He’s probably right but I’m taking no chances.

  8. frankly says:

    They should make a variation of “Oops! All Berries!” and call it “Snoop’s All Berries!”

  9. Texas says:

    Captain Crunch with the berries is sooooo good. I want some now. There is another berry one that is good. Trix maybe?

  10. Seraphina says:

    How is it Richie Sambora looks THAT old and Snoop looks like back in the 90’s.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      strange, isn’t it?

      I’m betting it’s because Snoop’s drug of choice is MJ, and Richie likes the drink and the SNIFF. those age you WAY more than weed.

  11. Lawcatb says:

    Always been my favorite, but it always cuts the sh-t out of my mouth, so I hardly ever eat ir.

  12. BeanieBean says:

    Try sugar-frosted mini-wheats, those are good without being too cloying. I’m too old to appreciate Capn Crunch any more. Or Fruit Loops. Oh, wait a minute, Golden Grahams are really good, too.