Sofia Richie declares summer 2020 ‘canceled’, breaks the law while doing so

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We’ve been talking a lot – here and elsewhere – about what can stay and what can go with this pandemic and lockdown. What’s certain is that we’ll all be changed by it and our society and culture will change too. It’s not just the lost months of TV and film productions or the music left unrecorded, but the actual fun, silly pop culture sh-t that we all enjoy and helps lighten our world. In 2019, it was all about the Hot Girl Summer and who was having a Hot Girl Summer and Hot Girl Summer vibes. There were some arguments that Hot Girl Summer gave way to Lazy B Fall, but can we all agree that no one wanted Pandemic A–hole Spring?

What’s my point? I guess I was just realizing that 2019 was Hot Girl Summer and 2020 is probably going to be Coronavirus Lockdown Summer. Even if some lockdowns are lifted – and I could see it happening in, like, July? – will anyone feel like doing anything or being pop-culture-y or having fun? No. So, one of the arbiters of youth has declared this summer preemptively “cancelled.” Sofia Richie says summer is over before it started.

TMZ pointed out that this photo was taken on one of the California beaches, either LA County or Malibu. All of which have all been closed during the lockdown. That’s how she managed to get such a desolate beach photo – the beach was closed. And there she was, riding a bike? Gross. (update: that’s probably why she deleted the Insta too.) But she is right, summer is likely being canceled as we speak. *sob*

Also, how does this girl still have fresh lip injections??

Photos courtesy of Instagram.

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  1. grabbyhands says:

    I hope summer isn’t cancelled, but I wouldn’t be sorry to see the end of this vapid twit and by connection the rest of the empty heads she is associated with.

    If the era of the “social media influencer” could be brought to a crushing halt because people finally realized what rank opportunists most of these people are, I wouldn’t be sorry.

    • Jules says:

      I have nothing to add to this, well done.

    • js says:

      I get your point but dismissing women who have built a billion dollar empire through hard work and smarts is wrong.

      • @Backstage Bitchy says:

        Please stop referring to “taking and posting selfies “ as “hard work”. It’s that exact thinking that makes these people so loathsome to anyone who has ever had to ACTUALLY WORK.

  2. Jen says:

    And a fresh nail set? It’s gross right now to see someone who clearly is having beauty services done, as though they deserve it more than people who are abstaining and socially distancing. I find way more beauty and style in anyone who is able to do it without help right now and I think that taste for more natural and appeal of self styling is going to carry over for me, even if I’ll appreciate having stylists and aestheticians back.

    • Swack says:

      Told my hair dresser when he called to move my appt again that I was dyeing my roots purple! He laughed. These people have all kinds of money to have people come to their house to do their nails and plump whatever. Selfish on their part.

    • Grey says:

      I think the photo with the red nails must be old, because the other two photos show her natural nails.

    • Onnit says:

      I do my own nails, and I’m about to do them this afternoon. She may have fantastic quality natural nails that really only need a quick file and a couple of coats of polish (I do not, and I do multiple layers of gel and also some gel nail builder). I am also going to dye my roots today, as well as give the front of my hair a light trim. It’s not hard to do basic upkeep yourself.
      Now, her !!!GD AWFUL LIPS!!! that make her look like a grouper…that’s a different matter altogether.

  3. Chelly says:

    Those lips…I cant

  4. a reader says:

    She probably got her injections from a physician, just like I did two weeks ago when I got botox at my OBGYN when I was there for annual bloodwork. My nails look wonderful right now too because I do them myself, which relaxes me and helps me maintain a semblance of normalcy. Yall just assume she’s doing stuff on the down low, which is possible, but uncertain.

    I’m not going to judge her for the nails or lips as it’s not my habit to knock a woman for doing what she feels she needs to do to feel beautiful. I WILL judge her for the important part of this post, which is her breaking the law by appearing on a closed beach.

    • Sara says:

      I’ll just find it weird that a girl in her very early twenties does so much Botox. Why are we SO afraid of any signs of experience or aging?

    • Léna says:

      i’m.consufed… you got Botox at a gynecologist appointment?

    • Jon says:

      It’s possible she took this photo in Ventura County (close to LA) which had an open beach at the time of the posting. Just giving the benefit of a doubt!

  5. Lyli says:

    She has 6.4 million followers???

  6. FHMom says:

    I cancelled our family vacation to California a few days ago. I can’t see myself getting on a plane in mid July. Plus, the governor was talking about keeping restaurants at half full and taking other measures that don’t seem tourist friendly. The good news is that we have 24 months to use the airline credit. This doesn’t seem to be the time for unnecessary travel.

  7. Jen says:

    @Léna, yeah, I think even my dentist has someone trained now! It’s for TMJ, I believe, but they also do cosmetic. “Women’s health” often encompasses cosmetic treatments now in our healthcare system, for better or for worse.

    No matter how she got injections, im willing to posit at least her nail tech/manicurist had to come over. I don’t think she could’ve done those extensions herself and have them look that freshly painted. Something about that mentality makes her unattractive to me, as it always has, but especially now.

    • Léna says:

      Thanks for your reply! I had no idea that could even be possible, because I don’t think it would be in my country.

      It’s so sad she changed so much.. but I guess hanging out with Kardashians living in LA and living off money could do that to someone…

  8. H says:

    What does this girl actually do besides post on IG? Is she in school, have a job? What?

    • L says:

      Pretty sure she’s affiliated with some fast fashion company.. I think it’s pretty little thing. The clothes are as high quality as she is .

  9. frenchtoast says:

    I’m tired of seeing these lip injections, it never looks good on anyone. It looks cartoonish.

  10. Michelle says:

    Can we cancel her instead? So dumb to be at a place that is closed all for a stupid IG post.

  11. Mabs A'Mabbin says:


  12. ME says:

    She really fits right in with the Kardashian/Jenners doesn’t she?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      and she appears to be morphing into Kourtney (the ex of her bf) which ISN’T CREEPY AT ALL.

  13. ooshpick says:

    I hate selfies. What the fuck? It used to be you might try some expressions in the mirror and move on with your day. Those faces are so fake and SHE’S BY HERSELF making faces in the mirror and basically posting them to the world. So sad.

  14. Case says:

    This was idiotic on her part, but I think she’s correct that summer is canceled. 2020 is canceled as far as I’m concerned.

  15. Original Jenns says:

    Very bad shade match in the in-home photos. I usually give a pass on make up not completely matching face to hands since different body parts tan separately. But her hands are white next to her face and you can see her lower neck and chest are not that color, either. tsk tsk 😉

    And of course she doesn’t care about shelter in place/the law. I would be surprised if she actually did follow the rules.

  16. vesper says:

    Sophia is half-black people! Those are her lips! She and her brother have Lionel’s lips!

  17. M.A.F. says:

    There was something last year called “Hot Girl Summer”?

  18. Jon says:

    Beaches in Ventura County (just outside of LA and Malibu) were OPEN at the time this photo was posted.
    I’d be careful to suggest anyone was breaking the law- even if you don’t like them, you still shouldn’t accuse them of doing anything illegal. (Or give them even more attention that they don’t really need!)

  19. Heather says:

    Apparently, Scott Disick stated on his IG that they were on a private beach.