Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden have opposite sleep schedules to care for their baby

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden’s daughter Raddix is three months old. Not only did I momentarily forget they’d had a baby, I cannot believe it was just three-months ago. 2020, the year time was merely a concept. Cameron and Benji have been able to find a routine that works best for them as new parents, specifically working in opposing sleep schedules. Fortunately for the couple, their cycles were opposite to begin with so it’s working out perfectly.

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden‘s opposite sleep schedule helps them as parents while social distancing amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

During an Instagram Live video with celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westmanon Wednesday, Diaz, 47, said she loves that her husband is a “night” person.

“Benji wants to go to bed late, and I like to go to bed early… that works so well for us as parents. I can go to bed a few hours early and he does those later feeds with her,” Diaz shared of her 3-month-old baby girl Raddix.

“I can wake up early and be with her in the morning and [Benji] can sleep.”

Diaz explained that the fact that she and her husband are polar opposites when it comes to sleeps made her realize “we all need somebody… somebody who doesn’t do what we do.”

“It’s the tribal thing, it’s why we need tribes,” Diaz said, explaining she stumbled upon the realization following a previous conversation with her good friend Drew Barrymore.

[From People]

“We need tribes” is one of the Drew Barrymorest things I’ve heard, especially to a new, sleep-deprived mom without context, “I’m so tired. I have formula dried in my hair and I can’t seem to find any of my left shoes.” “See, we need tribes!” “Oh gawd, you’re right. I need tribes.” However, the sleep thing in Cameron’s case is ideal. Three extra hour sleep when my children were newborns would have made all the difference. It was the middle of the night feedings that disturbed me. I was fine from 4AM on and I don’t remember them fussing when I first went to bed at night, so the fact that my husband and I have identical sleep cycles didn’t impact us much, I don’t think (Christ, I’ve blocked out so much of those dark days). But if Cameron and Benji have this figured out now, that’s marvelous. Working as a team to parent starts right at the beginning. If they find a way to do that now, they’ve saved themselves a fortune in parenting books.

As for the rest of her quarantine day, Cameron said it begins with her hitting the ground running and that she doesn’t “stop moving until I lay my head down on the pillow.” Fortunately, that’s the way she likes it. To relax, Cameron is cooking as it’s her favorite thing. The article goes on to say that all Cameron and Benji want to do right now is hang out with their baby girl. I mean, I’m not saying lucky them, they get to be quarantined, but I could see how a new parent might find orders to stay home more of a blessing than most. And when you do go stir crazy and need a break, the other parent is there to cover you for a few hours, which is usually not the case. The “other” is generally at work when you need that break. Cameron waited a long time to be a mom, I’m glad she’s found the beauty in these unusual times.



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  1. Ali says:

    I completely forgot they had a baby.

  2. Erinn says:

    I really really love them together. They seem like a weirdly well suited couple, and I already liked them both individually. I think this is also a super smart idea!

  3. Harla says:

    Life seems to be wonderful for them and I’m happy for them.

  4. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I love this woman: glad she’s achieved such serenity and happiness in life.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ Andrew’s Nemesis : yes, i think she has waited a long time to be a parent and to be at this place in her life. So she is ALL IN for all things baby-related. LOL. Good for her and Benji.

    • Nancito says:

      Appearance-wise – she’s really giving me Carolyn Bessette Kennedy vibes here.

  5. FHMom says:

    Quatentined is the perfect way to describe life with a newborn. Im happy for them.

  6. Catherine says:

    I’m in quarantine with my nanny – had my first and (only!) baby via surrogate – and we split the nights the same way. I go to bed at 8/9/10pm and get up 3/4/5am. Then Nanny sleeps until 11/12. It’s the only way!!! (Obviously not married to nanny! But still!) And you’re right, the quarantine is somewhat of a blessing, I hate that my parents can’t see him but I also get to be “selfish” about him. It’s great bonding time. Baby boy is 11 days old!! Born 4/13/20. He’s so sweet!!!! quarantine is a lot more fun with him!

    As for what happens next…. I’ve blocked out the world/news for now 😞😞😞


      Congratulations on your little one! So glad you have joy in these trying times. 😊

    • LunaSF says:

      Congrats! Glad you’re getting help with your little one, those first three months were magical but so exhausting for me!

    • Gippy says:

      Congrats Catherine! Glad you have some help too! My hubby and I welcomed twin boys via IVF (just turned 5 months – still haven’t slept through the night, we average 4 wake ups a night now :/ ). The quarantine is scary, husband works in healthcare as do my sister and BIL. However, I’ll say the silver lining is being home and not having people stop in unexpectedly, and my husband works from home usually. Enjoy all the snuggles, newborn time is hard but so worth it!

  7. Nancypants says:

    I’m very happy for them.
    It’s hard to get all that sleep/no sleep/sleep deprivation thing figured out and I think being their ages helps.
    Being wealthy doesn’t hurt either. I’ll bet they have a housekeeper. I want a housekeeper so freakin’ bad but I don’t really NEED one. Lottery wishes.

    I was older when my youngest was born; Not nearly as old as Diaz but up there.
    It gets better but it IS a little tougher when you are older.
    I remember feeding the baby in the middle of the night and crying…I was so tired but I tried to nap whenever I could.

    When we were young, my husband was a night owl and I went to bed at 9:00.
    Now, it’s the opposite but we both try to be quiet during sleepy times.
    What you signed-up for years and decades ago isn’t necessarily what you’re gonna get.

    I recently heard of a survey and they asked married couples which secret THEY (not one) have about their marriage and 50 % said that they sleep separately.
    Big deal. Not sleeping in the same bed doesn’t mean you aren’t having sex.
    It means you have separate schedules or someone snores and so on.

    Anyway, BLESS THEIR HEARTS! They seem happy.