Are Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom quietly learning that they can’t stand each other?

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom attends The Premiere of "Carnival Row" in Los Angeles

I am getting a weird vibe from Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the moment. To be honest, I’ve never liked them as a couple, so maybe that’s my bias speaking. But it sounded like Katy “did the work” on herself and prepared for the next steps of her life – marriage and a baby – and she forgot to do the work of picking the right guy. Katy’s always had a bad picker. Katy is pregnant right now and she planned to marry Orlando before the baby came, but their wedding plans were interrupted and then canceled with the global lockdown. And now they’re frozen in one place together, and apparently they’re not in a good place. That’s what Us Weekly said this week:

Katy Perry’s pregnant belly isn’t the only bump in her life at the moment. The pop star’s relationship with her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, “has changed since she got pregnant,” a source reveals exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly.

“Orlando and her are having some ups and downs right now,” the source tells Us. “Katy is dealing with the nerves of being a first-time parent, and Orlando is stressing about having a baby in their lives at this time.” That said, the American Idol judge “is overjoyed and elated that she is pregnant,” according to the source. “She’s always wanted to be a mom.”

[From Us Weekly]

I was halfway ignoring this story and then… People Magazine basically confirmed the veracity of Us Weekly’s scoop. I think Katy or someone on her team went to People to clap back at Us Weekly’s story, but they just made Katy and Orlando’s relationship sound even worse:

Like many couples, Katy Perry and fiancé Orlando Bloom are facing new challenges in their relationship as they social distance together amid the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But a source tells PEOPLE they’re doing “fine” all things considered.

“It’s a stressful time for them like for most people,” the source says. “They’re also spending every day together. They are used to having their separate careers and not being on top of each other every day.” While the source says the “Never Really Over” singer, 35, and Carnival Row actor, 43, “have disagreements and conflicts like all couples,” they are “not a big deal.” Rather, the stars are focusing on their baby girl, who is due this summer.

“Katy, of course, has concerns about giving birth for the first time — especially since things are so uncertain right now,” the source says. “[But] they are very excited.”

[From People]

“They’re also spending every day together. They are used to having their separate careers and not being on top of each other every day.” LOL. So the story is “engaged couple discovers they kind of hate each other when forced to spend time together without any buffers.” Pretty much, right? What kills me is that was always going to happen – Katy wasn’t touring and she planned to take time off in the later stages of her pregnancy and of course after she gave birth too. And she’s just realizing now that the guy who knocked her up – the guy she’s been with for years now – kind of drives her crazy in a bad way. At least they’ll have a buffer when the baby comes, I guess.

2nd Monte-Carlo Gala for the global Ocean in Monaco.

Katy Perry is all smiles as she leaves a tv show

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  1. MMC says:

    Has she had a bad picker? Russell is a great guy, and Orlando seems to be too. This is just a stresfull time for everybody.

    • Arlene Hunt says:

      Russell? A great guy??? Oh man, he’s so far from that it might as well be in a different universe.

      • MMC says:

        Why? What is so bad that he has done?

      • EenieGoogles says:

        He seems like an awesome person.
        Apart from that breakup with her–which was framed as it was FOR HER MOVIE and we can’t fairly know what happened there–what’s the problem with him?

      • horseandhound says:

        russell used to do a lot of drugs and I wouldn’t be with somebody who does drugs, too much pain. but he’s not a bad person. he seems to be quite a decent person.

      • Jaded says:

        I’ve been watching his YouTube webinars and he’s actually a very together and interesting guy. Just because he “used” to do drugs doesn’t mean anything. That he got over doing drugs is what should be admired about him.

      • Isabelle says:

        He seems to be one of the most authentic guys in Hollywood. Extremely intelligent and has drastically changed his lifestyle. His so called bad days were when he was an addict and he has changed a lot since then.

      • lily says:

        I saw Russel in interviews, I thought he was funny, witty, interesting, spontaneous. I would love to have a friend like that – it would brighten up my days for sure! I hope he doesnt do drugs anymore. But didnt see what was bad about him. What I thought was bad about him, was the way he broke up with Katy by text I think, but I think she didnt care enough for him, so he probably guessed it wouldnt make a difference to her. He was wrong about that.

      • Adrianna says:

        Russell Brand has shown some stellar character traits. He could have taken half of Katy Perry’s money in their divorce because they didn’t have a prenup. Instead, he refused to take a penny. He said he wasn’t entitled to her money because it didn’t belong to him.

      • TheCatsMother says:

        Russell Brand is insufferable, he is so full of himself he is not even funny (and he is not, his humour is vulgar, self-righteous and he can’t act for his life). The whole “oh look at me, I am the strongest individual around as I have overcome AN ADDICTION man, Bow to me” routine makes me shudder. We hardly hear from him anymore here in the UK, so maybe his act has caught with him.

      • Nahema says:

        Russel USED to do drugs. He doesn’t anymore and has been clean and sober for many years and I admire anyone who can beat addiction like that. While I imagine in real life, especially in the long term he must be really annoying and full on, he does seem like an intelligent guy with a lot of integrity.

        I kind of like Orlando Bloom but he seems like a wet blanket.

        The most annoying person in this line up is probably Katy herself.

      • Slacker says:

        Russell Brand sucks. The way he dumped Katy Perry, the way he got with Katy Perry, the way he cheats on every woman he’s within, the way he disparaged Perry in interviews. I heard him on Stern basically say she was too dumb for him. Not a good impression at all. And truthfully i wanted to like him

      • February Pisces says:

        I like Russell brand, I think he would be really interesting to hang out with, but he is quite a troubled person with an addictive personality. He’s gone through drug, alcohol and sex addiction which must be exhausting for a partner to help deal with. He seems to have his life together now and in a stable place, but addiction is a life long battle, so you would have to really love someone to take on that responsibility. I don’t think he’s a malicious person at all, and don’t think he would intentionally hurt someone even when he was at his worst.

      • Hannah says:

        @HorseAndHound Russel Brand has been clean and sober for 17 ½ years! Sheesh. It’s not like he got clean a month ago. He’s been clean almost ½ his life. Gobsmacked that being clean and sober for 17 ½ years still carries THAT much stigma for you. C&S 11 years, 3 months & 23 days 🥳🤩🥳

    • Natalee says:

      Russell? Russell brand? A great guy? Were you in a coma when they were together?

      • Ali says:

        Russell is happily married with two little girls.

        I haven’t heard about him being physically or emotionally abusive.

      • Arlene Hunt says:

        Look up Sachsgate, look up some of his earlier comments on his sexual exploits with women, including Katy- the man is a boor and worse, a tedious pseudo- intellectual with an ego the size of an entire solar system.

    • CuriousCole says:

      Russell gave interviews admitting he didn’t help at all with his children until they were slightly older. Shades of sexism and outdated gender roles came out during those interviews. That’s less than ideal as both a father and a partner.

      • Gigi La Moore says:

        I think it is up to the individual couple to decide what works for their family. His views may make him a knucklehead but they don’t necessarily make him a bad guy.

      • JHDC says:

        Not every woman is the same. Some prefer that traditional role (to be the lead carers and in charge of the care of their young ones). I’m assuming if she is still married to him and they are happy, then this worked out for them.
        My mom stayed at home because my dad worked insane hours (running his own business that was at odd hours of the day and night with little help). She quit her job when she got pregnant because her income wasn’t nearly as much as dad’s and would have gone straight to daycare anyway (we’re four kids close in age). She didn’t see it as my dad shirking responsibilities if he wasn’t there to change diapers or feed us or wake up at night. And my dad was definitely the type to be a little more on the nervous side when we were in the baby phase where we couldn’t hold our head up quite yet. But he loved us and played with us and held us and cuddled us. As we got older obviously we didn’t need that baby-care type of care. However, my mom was still the one in charge of the overall care of us kids and never felt disrespected. She sees herself as an equal, and my dad never treated as if what she did was beneath him or less than. He appreciated and valued the fact that she could hold it down while he worked crazy hours. They both sacrificed in different ways to make it work and make it work for our family. But he was always there and taught us a lot.
        What we hear in interviews with celebrities cannot possibly encompass EVERYTHING that is actually going on in their lives. I am not a fan or a hater of Russell, but I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. When people are being interviewed, they may share something personal, but you know they are withholding most of the details. So I don’t think he literally sat there and did nothing in regards to the kids. At the end of the day, most celebs (and non) are not going to give you the exact what-led-to-their-decisions explanation. They are simply making statements to support a controlled and curated piece of information. I don’t take what celebs say literally because most of the time it’s just small piece of the larger puzzle (that is really none of our business).

      • Hoot says:

        @JHDC – I appreciate your objective view and grew up much the same. My dad’s small business supported the family (4 kids in 6 years) during his 14-hour workdays, yet he was always there for us on weekends and whenever he could make a weekday game (even though that meant time spent on paperwork at night). He and mom worked it out just fine (lol, her days never ended), and she jumped back into the workforce when we were at school and after we were raised. Do what works for your own family – especially do what is best for any children you bring into this world, because they deserve a good start in life and you CHOSE to have them – and get rid of labeling people. By now we must realize everyone is different. Good luck to Katy and Orlando during this stressful time.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I don’t know if it’s her or him, but Katy Perry and Russell Brand always seemed like a weird pairing. Just way too different. Honestly, she seems shallow and shady and he seems moody, but impressed with his own intellect. As for her and Bloom, still think the same applies to her. She seems like she hasn’t matured much since her Swift fued days. Don’t know much about him,except someone I know who worked on Pirates production on location years ago said the crew used to call him the Princess.

  2. minx says:

    Obviously I have no idea what they’re like as a couple, maybe they are mismatched, but everyone is on edge. I’ve been married 41 years and I would hate for anyone to judge our marriage by our behavior during these latest weeks of the quarantine. And she’s pregnant! My stress levels would be off the charts, I would be snapping at everyone in between bouts of crying.

    • Diana says:

      Same! I think most married people kind of can’t stand each other at times! Working is a great distraction. Not sure how retirees do it! Lol

      • Hoot says:

        Excellent observation, and true. Respect each other’s space and self. And yes, retirement brings a whole new set of challenges! Distraction is definitely the best remedy for normal feelings we all have (anger, sadness, anxiety… ) – feelings we experience day-to-day, week-to-week, etc., that shouldn’t require a pill (excluding certain conditions) or a fight.

    • Erinn says:

      Lol the first couple weeks of lock down were REALLY annoying for both of us. Just trying to navigate this new ‘normal’ and normally being really busy makes it hard. We still drive each other nuts occasionally, but for the most part we’ve both mellowed out and gotten into the swing of it.

      I’m sure it’s extra weird for celebrities who are used to hopping on planes and going to fancy events or whatever – it’s a big adjustment. Throw a pregnancy into that and OF COURSE they’re both annoying each other haha.

    • LadyMTL says:

      Hell, I’ve never been married, I live alone, and sometimes I’m fed up of myself, hahaha. I can only imagine how stressful it must be for Katy Perry at the moment.

    • McMom says:

      Totally – no one is at their best right now (ok, ok – before someone jumps down my throat…perhaps someone is “living their best life now.” Whatever – the vast majority of humanity is not at their best right now), so I don’t give this story any credence at all.

    • Nikki* says:

      Amen, Minx.

    • Hoot says:

      Right on, minx.

    • SomeChick says:

      I’m not even pregnant and I’m snapping in between bouts of crying, these days.

      Katy has said that she did not get much of an education when growing up. She’s not my favorite but I’ve always had some sympathy for her around that (and respect for her for acknowledging it).

      Plus she just lost her cat, Kitty Purry.

  3. Person3514 says:

    I don’t know if this really means anything. My husband and I are bickering over stupid things right now. Stress and tensions are just really high right now and there isn’t really an outlet. Walking down the street only does so much you know? I imagine when you’re used to being able to travel and do pretty much whatever you want on a whim, this is hard on them. Plus I know if I were preggers right now I’d be freaking out hardcore.

  4. Als Em says:

    I couldn’t stand my husband when I was pregnant.

    • megs283 says:


    • minx says:

      OMG same! And we were at least working and spending some time away from each other.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      Not the first time I’ve heard that.

      I’ve heard a few delivery room stories that are hilarious. Throwing the ice chips “THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!” and stuff like that.

    • Anya says:

      Pregnancy is not the best time to test your budding relationship. I remember being pregnant and thinking “Things are going fine. What can i get my husband in trouble for now?”

  5. I am Mimi says:

    I’ve been with my husband 21 years and I’m ready to divorce him once this lockdown is over. You can’t judge their relationship based on this snapshot in time. Add in the stress of potentially giving birth during a pandemic and yeah, I get it.

  6. Eleonor says:

    I don’t know.
    She is pregnant woman dealing with this stress + hormones
    He is going to be a father and dealing with stress.
    To me it’s seems normal they are struggling. We all are.

    • Katherine says:

      He’s already a father. Not a totally foreign experience for him other than prepping while in a lockdown. But lots of people are in the same boat.

      • Hoot says:

        I would be so unnerved if I was pregnant right now, above and beyond the normal craziness of pregnancy hormones/discomfort. The thought of goIng to a hospital to give birth with the potential Covid19 risk would make me extra anxious. Ugh. I have so much respect for frontline workers (I hear firsthand stories from relatives, one a radiology tech in the ER).

  7. Ainsley7 says:

    Their relationship has always been off and on. That pattern wasn’t going to change simply because she’s pregnant. Katy wants to be in a committed relationship with kids just as much as she wants to be independent and free to do whatever she wants.

  8. Denisse HL says:

    I am pregnant and have been in lockdown for 6 weeks with my husband. Believe me, its really hard. Imagine the stress of not knowing with a pregnancy in this pandemia, plus hormones, plus you feel tired. I understand her feelings, I hate my husband somedays

    • Nikki* says:

      Best wishes, Denisse!

    • Hoot says:

      Hang in there Denisse – I’ll be thinking of you and your safe delivery of a healthy baby! Hospitals are keeping Covid19 patients very segregated from Delivery Wards and other hospital sections. My elderly aunt (w/many underlying health issues) had to be hospitalized 4/1- 4/8 for dehydration and we were so worried, but she’s at home now and wasn’t compromised. Stay safe everyone.

  9. nicegirl says:

    I would not wish this scenario on my worst enemy.

  10. Veronica S. says:

    I think a lot of couples would be on edge and fighting over bringing a child into the world during a major pandemic and a very volatile socioeconomic and political situation. I hope for their sake and the kid’s they can work their way through it, but I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion it’s because they’re inherently incompatible after having to make such huge adjustments to lifestyle.

    This being said, she really does have the worst taste in men based on her dating/marriage history.

  11. Other Renee says:

    Her only really bad pick was John Mayer. Russell wasn’t a bad pick. He walked away from that marriage without taking a dime from her when he could have asked for a bundle since she is far wealthier than he is. They just weren’t compatible for whatever reason.

    I love being home with my husband because normally I’m alone for most of my days and I get lonely. I love having the company for a change and I love not eating alone.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I don’t like either of them, but I’ll give them a pass here. Everyone is stressed, and no one is used to being with someone else 24/7 in a stressful situation.

  13. Ash says:

    Just wanted to say that I am loving everyone here saying they currently despise their partners.

    Mainly because: same.

    • Cdnkitty says:

      I’ve never been so happy to live in my own home. Sure my divorce is being postponed because the courts are closed, but it could be so so much worse.

      • Eleonor says:

        People ask me if I am going crazy, or I am struggling.
        It’ s me and the cat and it’s ENOUGH.
        i work from home and I don’t have the strenght to deal with someone else. If I freak out I can call friends and that’s it.

  14. Tiffany says:

    I read this as….what I am sure other couples are going through.

    To just have a routine that you are accustomed to come to a grinding halt like that, yeah, a new routine takes some time to adapt to.

    And Orlando’s worry of a child arriving during a global viral pandemic pars on the course of normal for me. *shrugs*

  15. Jules says:

    Sounds stressful, if it’s getting reported like this, it sounds to me like rolling out the red carpet for a break up announcement coming. I think celebrity relationships are built around a lot of time apart, traveling together, and not real-life, daily living.

  16. Nancypants says:

    I wondered about the Russell thing from the start.
    He was older, wanted kids, had a HISTORY, was supposedly dedicated to his sobriety and took a picture of her in bed with bed hair and no make-up and published it!

    She’s not like us. She was younger, career just taking off, had an image that included Kardashian make-up and hair and all and she wanted to work and have fun not be pregnant or maybe she just didn’t want to be p.g. with RB. I wouldn’t.

    She and Orlando have always seemed like an odd couple to me but, yeah, it’s hard to spend a LOT of time together.
    My husband works for the Feds but they let him mostly work at home for the past 3 years.
    I told him from the start he would have to find some damn hobbies or I’d have my own episode of SNAPPED.
    It’s gotten better but it ain’t bliss.
    He used to golf and play baseball, go to the gym every day and so on but it’s been years.
    When he’s home too much, I write a list.
    Grocery list, errands , yard stuff, cars washed, a little housework.

    A lot of the things he and younger daughter like to do are done for now: aquarium, zoo, wildlife experience, movies, travel, restaurants, museums, exhibits, festivals…

    Hopefully, Katie and O. will figure it out but I’m not counting on it.(I love her song, “Falling From Cloud 9”. Sad and I think it’s about Brand.

    Oh, and for those who work at home and are fed-up, my husband and his team and others meet every month or so at the Fed Center or they have breakfast and meetings/conferences at a nice hotel that hosts the breakfast.
    Sometimes, they get together for training and brainstorming and all for a few days at Estes Park or CO Springs.
    They still get together but have the benefits of working at home.
    Maybe something like that?

  17. Harper says:

    The divorce rate in Wuhan apparently went way up recently and the same will probably happen here. Katie and Orlando aren’t married, but they are stuck together right now, so it’s the same thing. Good luck to both of them hanging in there at the present … they will get a baby girl at the end and it will be wonderful.

  18. Puffy says:

    I think relationships are suffering in general because the globe is in a very stressful situation with no outlet due to the lockdown. Add pregnancy on top of it and it makes sense that things are perfect for them.

  19. Ferdinand says:

    Bandaid 🩹 baby, anyone?

  20. paranormalgirl says:

    i adore my husband. He is wonderful. That being said… I might be ready to kill him. If not now, check back with me next week.

  21. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    Most celebrity couples who are used to the jet-set lifestyle are probably figuring out who their respective partners really are through all of this and vice versa. Without those distractions, and having to live everyday together right now, I imagine there will be a lot of divorces in the near future.

  22. LuLu says:

    Meh, the whole time I was pregnant I couldn’t stand my husband. Or anyone else, really. So there’s that, plus the fact that Katy is probably not a person who is used to slowing down. Between those two things, plus just the stress of a global pandemic and Donald Trump flapping his trap every day without giving any thought to the consequences of what he says, I’d guess it’s not a good time to make any decisions about whether you love someone or not. Just expect it to be hard and stressful and try not to do damage to the relationship that can’t be repaired later. That would be my advice. If you still don’t get along after things get better, then you have a problem.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      This^ so much. Very well said. People need to slow down and chill out and realize the crazy feelings during pregnancy and pandemic lockdowns aren’t necessarily going to provide the true moments of clarity and perspective. And marriage and long term relationships are very much a journey and not the destination. Some parts of the journey will be more bumpy than others. I would not draw any conclusions based on a snapshot taken in this time. Unless the situation is emphasizing deep seated problems and incompatibility that have always been there but smoothed over by distractions.

    • LunaSF says:

      When I was pregnant I could not stand men at all including my husband! I just found them all so irritating and even caught myself glaring at them in the grocery store a few times. Glad it wasn’t just me!

  23. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Well she’s pregnant and right now the civilization is going through a crazy rough patch. We are all living a daily personal struggle so I’m just going to wish her a happy and healthy delivery.

  24. Haha says:

    One thing I find about men in the age of Coronavirus is that they aren’t as cautious as women. I spray everything down between shopping trips or other required outings. I wear masks and gloves, wash my hands constantly. Hubby isn’t as careful. I could see that becoming a huge issue during pregnancy. That said, katy and orlando have always had very public ups and downs. Their wedding was already postponed once and didn’t they break up at some point? It’s not a drama free relationship.

    • Jules says:

      and can we not make dealing with covid a man vs. woman thing?

      • SomeChick says:

        Everything is a man vs woman thing.

        I’ve also seen men being less cautious and more cavalier. They always have been. It’s just more obvious now.

  25. LunaSF says:

    Pregnancy hormones are insane so I will cut them some slack. I used to teach prenatal yoga occasionally and I remember one woman (who seemed to have a great husband and overall good situation) tell me she had been questioning every decision she ever made including why she was her guy. And I did the same thing when I was pregnant last year (and I have a great husband as well). Hormones are crazy, and this lockdown is stressful no matter who you are. I wish them the best!

  26. Gigi La Moore says:

    I think this is harsh. At the age of 48, I also think you can love someone to death and still not want to be on top of them 24/7.

  27. Case says:

    People in entertainment are used to traveling all the time and spending a lot of time away from their partner. If it’s an issue for so many regular folk right now, I can definitely see it ending a lot of Hollywood relationships.

  28. Jaded says:

    I don’t mind being with Mr. Jaded – we just sort of do what we did before the pandemic. We’re retired so we get up, he has a massive breakfast, I have a light one, we read the news, chat a bit, he practices his drums in the den, then goes for a long walk while I exercise and shower. I usually have some project or other going on in the afternoon, then we have wine, I cook dinner, we chat, he cleans up – a bit of TV or a movie and we’re in bed. We’re both peaceful people, no drama (we both came out of bad relationships before we got back together) so we REALLY appreciate the friendship we have.

  29. JHDC says:

    An observation I’d like to make about Katy and Orlando: I think neither one knows how to pick someone compatible to who they are, what they want, and how they actually live their life. I think Orlando is a beta who is happy to follow wherever the woman in his life may lead. And that’s fine too. But he picks the wrong women to do that with. Both Katy and Miranda (his ex) are incompatible with him. Katy actually, personality-wise, was more compatible with Russell, and they had way more sparks between them than whatever fizzle can be found (with a microscope) between her and Orlando.
    But yeah–I don’t think badly of either of them (I like them both), but I never understood what drew them to each other. It’s not that they are in that “opposites attract” category. They are just OPPOSITES, with some physical attraction that is not enough. (As evidenced by their constant breaking up and getting back together over the years.)
    I have friends like this, who date people who are not compatible with them. It’s a constant up up up, crash, down.. then back again with the next terrible choice (who to be clear, isn’t necessarily a terrible person, just not a good match).

  30. antipodean says:

    Hi Jaded, I remember from eons ago that you had moved across country and were trepidatious as to how that would go. It sounds as though you and Mr Jaded are doing just fine, and that is so good to hear. Mr Antipodean and I have been together for 37 years and we are still going strong and laugh together every day, even in this nerve shredding time, so I guess that is a good testament to how positive a relationship can be. That said, he can also drive me nuts at a moment’s notice, and on occasion I would happily throttle him. Fortunately those moments always pass quickly. Over the many years together we have learned to take subtle clues of “leave me the F alone for this minute” and the irritation passes and we are back on an even keel. Being able to disagree in a respectful manner is so important to us. At this time it is also observing boundaries and cohabiting in a small space by trying to keep some distance. I guess it is an on-going learning curve for now. I try to count my blessings, we are so much more fortunate than others, and I have been looking into constructive ways I can volunteer to help others without endangering anyone. I try to restrict my news input so I don’t get overloaded daily, and I always read rather than listen to what the Orange Ogre has to sputter. It is working for the moment thank the gods! I wish all my fellow CB’ers good health, and that this all pass with all speed.

  31. Suz says:

    Lockdown has been great for my marriage. My husband usually has to travel a lot for work and it’s not easy on either of us. What lockdown has done for me is reconfirm that this dude really is my best friend. I’m very thankful for that in this crazy time.

    • Amaria says:

      This. The whole situation is scary as hell, but family-wise life is great. Like my husband says, we found out that what others call “quarantine” is actually our lifestyle. But then again, one needs to be a homebody with a compatible partner to enjoy it. Many people’s lives would be much easier now if they actually liked their loved ones. Perhaps if the divorce rates go up after quarantine it’s not that bad – merely folks realising that things can and should be better, especially since life is short.

    • Normades says:

      Thank you I thought I was the only one. My husband travels a lot for work too and we had been having some issues pre-quarantine. This time has actually been very therapeutic for our relationship.

  32. Godwina says:

    This is still the weirdest Hollywood match to me. Ever.

  33. Ange says:

    They didn’t really work before when he was paddleboarding naked and she looked totally over him, how much could have changed really since then?

  34. hello says:

    All I got is how much I really dislike her as a blonde. So pretty with darker hair. Not sure why she keeps trying this shade

    • CherryL says:

      I think she’s a natural blonde so she keeps going back. It just doesn’t work for her as well as the dark hair.

    • Call_me_al says:

      Agree, she looks older with the blonde hair and tan. She was so cute with black or even blue hair.

  35. Awkward symphony says:

    So they’ve been together for years yet only now are spending this much time together?!!! The rich have such a complicated relationship/lifestyle. Why marry or have a baby with someone you dont know what triggers them?! She did this with Russell brand knowing his addiction and party boy personality(at that time)🙄

    • CherryL says:

      They were on and off a lot as far as I remember. When she’s on tour and he’s doing movies I guess they didn’t see each other much. I think she’s chasing the perfect family life.

  36. CherryL says:

    I get the same bad vibe from them. Remember when they were on and off a lot and he was cheating with Selena Gomez. Or he was in a relationship with her or something. Katy seems like one of those women who just really want to live that happy family sharade and will try to make something work that just doesn’t.

  37. Erika H says:

    I wish Katy would go back to being a Brunette. The blonde washes her out too much. Also, i just realized she has been consistently blonde during pregnancy. Isn’t bad to be dying/bleaching your hair while pregnant??

  38. KinChicago says:

    Lockdown is necessary but showing facets none of us have encountered before.
    Have been with mine for over 10 years- we are fighting almost every day. We have no children, thank goodness.
    I am the only one working, from home, right now. Reduced hours, reduced pay.
    It is incredibly difficult.
    Because before, My job was long office hours… never realized how dramatically different our work ethics are. He interrupts my calls, whines, wants a break every 3-5 minutes, demands constant attention. It’s like a tall 4 year old. I can see the sharp divorce rises because there isn’t a lot of dignity in quarantine.

  39. TwoFern says:

    Orlando seems like a nice guy but a bit sleazy and I’ve never found him attractive except for a second in LOTR as Legolas. Russel Brand is a very smart guy but he’s in lifelong recovery and an egocentric man who humiliated her quite a few times if I remember correctly (incl posting unflattering pic of her to his social media). It would be all about me, me, me. I don’t think she and OB will last the distance but just a feeling.

  40. whatIthink says:

    It’s not like they’re in a small apartment. They live in a big house with a big yard, lots of space. You can book private VIP shopping trips and get take out. They are just not relationship material. There is nothing wrong with this. But why have children? You are not going to be able to stand your children either.

  41. Kath says:

    Wow, the conclusions in this article are such an overreaction to a pretty “meh” statement that depicting something so common at the moment (stress and learning how to adjust). Extremely harsh and I thought this website wasn’t as bad as other tabloid-y sites.
    I don’t even like either of them (nothing against them either) but that last paragraph on this rubbed me the wrong way so much…