Joe Manganiello is going beard-free for the lockdown: is it better or worse?

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I’m always down for any kind of event where men stop shaving. So many men grew out quarantine beards and I have enjoyed looking at all of them. That’s just me – I love a beard, I love some scruff, I find it sexy.

Meanwhile, Joe Manganiello has had a beard for as long as we’ve known him. When he first broke through on True Blood, he had a beard. He’s kept the beard for years. But…not in quarantine. Joe posted this beard-free photo on his Instagram and if no one told me this was him, I would not have even recognized him.

My opinion: some men just need beards or some kind of facial hair. Joe is one of them. He looks so odd and yet completely forgettable as a beard-free bro. Joe has been in lockdown with his wife Sofia Vergara. Don’t even say it – he knows how lucky he is. Look at the photo Sofia posted of Joe and their dog looking at her. This sh-t is cracking me up.

Okay, in this photo, Joe just looks so much younger!

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Home🏡 😍😍😍

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18 Responses to “Joe Manganiello is going beard-free for the lockdown: is it better or worse?”

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  1. Eleonor says:

    Nice socks!

  2. Sayrah says:

    50% less hot without that beard. I love that couple though

  3. Arabella says:

    He looks like John Hamm

  4. Boxy Lady says:

    I just watched an episode of Medium yesterday and he was clean shaven in that. He just looks young!

  5. MamaT says:

    Nice looking but less hot

  6. Dani says:

    Here for the cute pup!

  7. ChellyPie says:

    Fresh Lemonade, a nice pool & a cookout by a hot guy. Man, even quarantined they have the life

  8. minx says:

    I like him beardless more than I would have thought!

  9. Lila says:

    He’s cute! Unrecognizable, but cute. Definitely pushes his looks into a different category. Less sexy and more surfer dude, maybe?

  10. Grey says:

    I love how much the pup seems to love him, that lap photo is a dog that needs to be with their human. So sweet.

    • dj says:

      @Grey Agreed. I love that photo so hard of him doing the puzzle with the little dog nuzzled down on his lap! How sweet is that?

      • Traveler says:

        So sweet!

      • Grey says:

        It’s cute! I have a smaller dog who just needs to be touching me when I am home to be a happy dude, and I think it’s cute to see a little dog with a man too! I also like the picture by the pool, I swear that dog is smiling.

  11. Melba says:

    He looks more approachable without the beard. Otherwise, I’d be tongue-tied intimidated by his scruffy hotness. Now… who is the scruffy hotness by his side working on the puzzle?

  12. Mark Aston says:

    Hating the socks. But who is the hot guy working on the jig-puz?

  13. Anna says:

    I’m with you: I love a man with a beard. When I heard coronavirus could travel in beard hair and men were advised to shave, I was super bummed. All those quarantine beards were calling, waiting for the moment of freedom to mingle…whew! 😛 More beards, please!!!!