“Lea Michele & her husband Zandy are expecting their first kid” links

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Lea Michele is pregnant & the “announcement” was just a curious nod to People Magazine, who ran it as an exclusive. [LaineyGossip]
Australia is reopening their beaches. [JustJared]
Belgravia recap! [Tom & Lorenzo]
Dr. Fauci liked Brad Pitt’s impression. [Pajiba]
Cardi B’s quarantine bikini wax. [Dlisted]
Hope Hicks is still terrible at her job. [Jezebel]
Moscow Mitch McConnell talks about knife fights. [Towleroad]
These Photoshop skills are amazingly bad!! [Starcasm]
Speaking of bad Photoshop, these Louis Vuitton ads starring Emma Stone & Alicia Vikander look tragic. [RCFA]

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16 Responses to ““Lea Michele & her husband Zandy are expecting their first kid” links”

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  1. Caty Page says:

    Kaiser and Celebitchy team, thank you for the mix of levity and political commentary during these unprecedented times. You’re providing light in the darkness and please know it is appreciated.

  2. Adrianna says:

    Awwww…..they must be over the moon…..they make a cute couple.

  3. Jules says:

    lea, desperately trying to stay relevant….

  4. anon says:

    I’m really happy for her. After everything she’s been through, I think it’s fantastic news.


  5. Mosie says:

    How pissed is Lea Michelle now that Gigi is pregnant…

    • Snazzy says:

      haha yes! I saw that on Twitter last night.

      I mean I’m happy for her and everything, but what was the last thing she worked on after Glee? I don’t know what she even does any more other than post photos of her wedding

      • Abby says:

        She’s had at least one album and a Christmas album. And multiple smaller-venue tours with Darren Criss.

  6. Gazin says:

    Lainey is so freaking extra omg. Anyways, congrats to Lea and her fam. Hope they have a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

    • BabsORIG says:

      Lainey has always been ridiculously OTT. On everything. She always over compensates, which is absolutely bonkers.

  7. PamelaSChapman says:


  8. My3cents says:

    The real question here is will she stop posting photos from her wedding now?