Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green separated again, but won’t divorce ‘right now’

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green take the kids to sushi

Brian Austin Green was seen out and about in LA this week without his wedding ring. This is no surprise, especially given the fact that we rarely even see BAG and I don’t know anyone who’s really checking on his status. But Ringless BAG was enough to get E! News to check around on the state of his marriage to Megan Fox. Megan and BAG have had a couple of splits in their time, some of them happening before they married in 2010, and at least one big separation during their marriage. She first filed for divorce in 2015, and then the divorce plans faded because he got her pregnant with their third. They were still living together as of last year, but now it seems like they’ve separated again?

Nearly a year since Megan Foxdismissed her divorce case, she and Brian Austin Green appear to be taking some space. The couple, who are parents to three children together and wed in 2010, have been living separately, a source told E! News exclusively. “They don’t plan to file divorce right now,” our insider shared.

To further spread speculation, Brian has not been wearing his wedding ring on recent outings including a visit to the grocery store this weekend.

The Hollywood pair have a bumpy romantic history, beginning with their broken engagement in 2009, three years after the Beverly Hills, 90210 star popped the question. The two ultimately got back together and tied the knot the following year. Five years of marriage and two sons later, Megan filed for divorce in 2015, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

However, the relationship was not over. The following year, amid a pending divorce filing, the actress stepped out with a baby bump, revealing that she and Brian were expecting their third child together. “This pregnancy was not planned, but when they found out, they were extremely happy,” a source told E! News at the time.

Things seemed to be going smoothly for the longtime couple, especially after Megan filed to dismiss their years-old divorce proceedings last April. In December 2019, they even made their first joint red carpet appearance in five years.

[From E! News]

I just… I wish Megan understood that she doesn’t have to tie herself to the same dude she loved when she was 18. This relationship clearly hasn’t been working for a while, and no amount of band-aid babies will fix it. That being said, how much do you want to bet that BAG ends up getting her pregnant again? A quarantine baby. I absolutely get the feeling that he’s that manipulative.

Brian Austin Green waits in line to go grocery shopping in Calabasas

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green take the kids to sushi

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14 Responses to “Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green separated again, but won’t divorce ‘right now’”

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  1. Amy says:

    While I think BAG is a jerk (look what he did with his oldest son, and mother) but I don’t think MF is some victim in this. She was right there with him on some of the crap he did to his son and even used him in her press then she had her own kid and stopped being involved in this life.

    They should both figure out what they want and do it, it is unfair to the kids to keep going back and forth.

  2. Ann says:

    All the 90210 things I follow still love BAG. They also think he had a major “glow up” (as the kids would say) and think he is super hot. I think he looks sinisterish, the same way Ray Liotta does. He gives me a vague threatening vibe in every picture I see of him.

    I would imagine their problems aren’t just him because they have been together for a long time. It’s not easy to shake a relationship like that, especially when you have kids. I don’t see this separation sticking and yeah, another bandaid baby seems likely. They should move on from each other but obviously there’s something there that they keep coming back to so who knows.

  3. Sharon Clark says:

    I always love seeing their kids, and how they’ve never been bothered with pushing them into gender boxes. These kids are clearly allowed to wear whatever they choose, and I stan.

    • Amy says:

      See I feel like they are pushing it- I hope i am wrong but I think they are trying to make a point and not letting their kids choose what they want to wear I think they are forcing it on them.

      I hope I am wrong but it feels less authentic. Brangelina felt authentic this doesn’t i hope i am wrong.

  4. lucy2 says:

    He seems so controlling. If they do split up, I hope she goes to therapy and takes some time by herself.

  5. Digital Unicorn says:

    BAG has always given me mega douche vibes and yeah I can see them giving it another go as they always do. She could do better and needs to get herself out of a relationship that is clearly not a healthy one – he has previous for mistreating his ex’s and as others have said he has treated his eldest son badly.

  6. Angel says:

    I hope that she gets proper therapy for herself and her children, and that she doesn’t reconcile with BAG.

    Also, she could protect herself from becoming pregnant. It’s not just up to him to get her pregnant. Better yet – she could abstain completely since she doesn’t have to be with him at all.

  7. Rae says:

    I completely forgot that these two were still a thing.

  8. Gutterflower says:

    I wish she hadn’t messed with her face. She was SO pretty back in the early transformer days

    • Beach Dreams says:

      She did already get plastic surgery in the early Transformer days, but it was work that was done very well.

  9. molly says:

    I’ll never get over the fact that they got together when she was 18 and he was 30!! And apparently she was pursuing him prior to that. So no, full blown adult, the answer to “this 17 year old co-worker child is all up on me, what do I do?” is NOT, “wait until the day she turns 18 to start sleeping with her because THEN it’s not creepy!”

  10. Julie Haiselden says:

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