Stanley Tucci makes a quarantini on John Krasinski’s show: better than his negroni?


John Krasinski’s Some Good News episode five focused on food: food producers, those delivering food, those handing food out and those helping food workers. In addition, John invited four of the viewers who’d submitted their recipes on the show and asked famous folks to make their recipes.

The first up was “Nana.” The way John said it, I first thought it was his grandmother, but no, Nana is the 90-year-old grandmother of Joe ‘Baboots’ Curci who responded to John’s call for recipes with this video:

Oof! That’s a stiff drink. Although, to be honest, of the quarantinis I’ve seen or been sent, this is one of the better ones. I actually like flavored vodka, so I’d try it. To make Nana’s Quarantini for the show, John asked Stanley Tucci, who resides as our current Drink Doyen after his Negroni video went viral. The biggest different is Stanley read Nana’s pours as shots, so one of Stanley’s drinks will kill you. But, the ratio of each liquid is still the same so the taste should be the same. To answer my own question – definitely Nana’s Quarantini, but that’s because I don’t like Campari.


Sara Szymanski sent John her grandmother’s recipe for pierogis. With both John and Sara being Polish and pierogis a staple in Polish cooking (and just delicious little pockets of wonderfulness), John brought out the big guns. Like, big guns. John enlisted the help of another Polish cook, Martha Stewart, to make Sara’s family recipe. As a big Martha fan, I was a little nervous about what Martha would say about the recipe, since she’s known more for speaking her mind than being nice. But Martha kicked off her segment by saying that Sara’s recipe was very much like her own mother’s recipe, which was her go-to for pierogis and it made everything really personal after that. Martha ended by telling Sara she hoped she done her family’s recipe proud, it was lovely. Sara pinned the recipe in her Twitter profile.


Shannon from Back Bay submitted a very creamy chicken cacciatore recipe, which looked wonderful. John called in Chef David Chang, who hosts a show my husband and I love, Ugly Delicious. One of the things I like about Dave is he views food as an experience and although he’s a highly accomplished chef, he’s not a food snob. In his pizza episode he touts Dominoes because it reminds him of his childhood. So I was particularly thrilled to see him make Shannon’s dish and to see her face when he said his wife said it’s the best thing she’s eaten in quarantine. Shannon is requesting you DM her if you want the recipe.


Penny from Northbridge sent in a sloppy joe recipe she called The Dynamites. As a truly inspired choice of chefs, John asked Guy Fieri to make Penny’s dish. I know many of you will come at me, but I really like Guy. I love Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and I know plenty of restaurateurs in San Francisco who have served/worked with him and say he’s a solid guy. I just find him entertaining as hell. Plus, as John pointed out on the show, Guy’s started a fund to help struggling restaurant workers and had raised $17M as of Sunday. Guy, of course, added his own touches to the sandwich but even Penny thought they were great. After his segment, John told Guy that PepsiCo had kicked in an additional $3M to put Guy’s relief fund over $20M and it was obvious that Guy not only didn’t see it coming, he was floored. Penny’s recipe is here.


Food and feel good – this episode was written with me in mind. I was truly surprised how heartwarming it was to watch well-respected food folks make other people’s recipes and just say complimentary things about them. It got me to wondering, if I were to submit a recipe, what would I submit and who do I wish would make it? Probably my mother’s lasagna and want Ina Garten to make it. What about you?

Here’s the episode, it’s queued to start at the cooking segment:


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  1. Charlie says:

    Vanilla vodka and ginger ale- tastes like a cream soda! My summer go-to….

  2. Lightpurple says:

    My surprise takeaway from quarantine is going to be that Stanley Tucci has a great body.

  3. Babs441 says:

    Jesus Christ, Stanley Tucci is sexy!!

  4. Harla says:

    OMG! I never realized that Stanley Tucci was so buff!! Plus his voice and whole demeanor is such that he could tell me to go to hell and I’d look forward to the trip!

  5. Blairski says:

    This episode was everything – this show makes me cry every time I watch it, but the good kind of cry.

  6. Nancypants says:

    That quarantini is really only strong because of the little bit of juice.
    What Nana is putting in there booze wise isn’t much.
    Those aren’t even close to a shot.
    They are just drips and flavored vodka tends to be lower alcohol than unflavored.

    I like Tucci in Julia and Julie. 🙂
    If I were going to show off a special dish it would probably be Julia’s Beef Burgundy or French Onion Soup.
    I Americanized them just a bit and I think Ina would do a good job.
    I also make an awesome chicken/broccoli/cheese casserole everyone asks for and all these recipes sound simple but I spread them out over a couple of days because of all the prep work and they all have wine in them.
    The alcohol cooks out but it really adds to the flavor.
    There are no QUICK or 30 minute meals around here unless it’s take-out but there are always leftovers .

    I know there are some bean haters around here but I make the best pinto beans/ham/cornbread anywhere. Add diced green chilies and a whole jalapeno pepper; don’t dice the jalapeno. Just stab it a few times.
    I think The Pioneer Woman would do a good job of that and the chicken casserole.
    I make the best spanakopita I’ve ever had. Tyler.

    I’ve never had a bad recipe from Ina, Emeril or Tyler Florence and Rachel does look cute w/o make-up. I watched one of her episodes at her home. It must be nice to have staff to keep it all spotless.

    I’ve never eaten a peirogi. I’m not even sure I spelled that right and I’m not sure what they are. I would but I’ve never really seen one. They are kind of like dumplings, right?

    Oh! I make the best chicken & dumplings. Again, it’s slow cooking and lots of prep work and wine and I always cook meat with the bone in and skin on and remove that stuff before going on and my Chicken Marsala is at least as good as the best restaurants’ but it’s a pain to do it right. Rachel could do it.

    I was a Martha wanna-be years ago. I still follow her a bit but I never thought her recipes were the best.

    I’m trying to get my youngest to cook Asian foods since we both like those but she likes to bake …sweets. I don’t really care for sweets.

    I can’t make scrambled eggs. I can but they aren’t fluffy.
    I can do omelets and all kinds of eggs but can’t get scrambled eggs fluffy.

  7. Valerie says:

    Long(er) hair is one of my favourite things on a guy, but damn, Tucci is hot.

  8. Awkward symphony says:

    God I never thought I’d find a bold man attractive! He’s so fine😍😋Tucci is a cookie and a half!