Katie Couric throws shade at Jennifer Aniston & Denzel Washington in a podcast

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Katie Couric gave an interview to the Everything Iconic podcast with Danny Pellegrino. Her quotes have been making the rounds all week for various reasons. One of those reasons? She was a tad shady when asked about Apple+’s hit show The Morning Show, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Aniston’s morning-show anchor is apparently loosely based on Couric, only Couric really doesn’t think Aniston is capturing the necessary morning-show perkiness that the role demands.

According to InStyle, Couric said on the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast, “I thought some of it was really interesting.” She said that the writers of the show did a good job in portraying the “long-term impact and the serious devastation that results from certain behaviors,” which Katie would have an understanding of given her involvement with the Today show and Matt Lauer, whose contract was terminated over inappropriate sexual behavior.

As for Jennifer’s rumored depiction of her, Katie thought her acting was “great” but described the character as lacking in the charm that a TV host would typically possess. “I wish they had made her more charismatic because I think you need a certain ebullience to pull off a show like that,” Katie noted. Couric refused to go more into detail and told the host, “I’ll just leave it at that.”

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I haven’t watched The Morning Show because I don’t give a crap about it and I didn’t really want to see how they fictionalized a serial predator like Matt Lauer. But I did see that the reviews for Aniston were good, and some critics even say it’s the best work of her career. I don’t think Aniston was supposed to do a Couric impression – nor do I think that’s what Couric expected – but perhaps Couric has a point that Aniston doesn’t have that morning-show-hostess energy.

Meanwhile, during the same interview, Couric said some sh-t about Denzel Washington. Keep in mind, I’ve heard the rumors that Denzel is quite unpleasant in real life, but once I saw the quotes from Couric’s old interview with Denzel, I understand why he wasn’t pleasant to her.

Katie Couric says she was “shaken” by an “uncomfortable” interview with Denzel Washington back in 2004. While on the “Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino” podcast this week, Couric, 63, recalled the awkward “Dateline” interview — which involved Washington, as well Meryl Streep, during a promotional run for their film “The Manchurian Candidate” — after Pellegrino brought up the art of celebrity and political interviews.

“I just remember leaving it and thinking, ‘God’ … I don’t think I said anything wrong … I don’t know what happened. Anyway, I think he must have been having a really bad day, because he later wrote a big check to my colon cancer organization, which I thought was super sweet.” She continued, “I love him. I admire him so much, he’s one of my favorite actors, but I remember walking out feeling kind of shaken that he had gone after me in a way that was completely weirdly uncalled for.”

The “Dateline” interview involved Couric asking Washington, 65, if he agrees with the notion that “Hollywood folks should stick to acting.”

“I don’t know what Hollywood folks are, first of all,” he retorted. “Hollywood is a town that has some stars on the sidewalk. I don’t know anybody from there. So, I don’t — that’s like saying — calling you a ‘type’ of folks. I’m not a Hollywood folk. I don’t know who they are.”

“OK, all right, well, let me rephrase the question,” she responded. “Are you one of those people that —”

“Ah, there you go,” Washington interrupted. “Am I one of those people? Hmmm, isn’t that interesting?”

“Oh, stop, stop, stop,” Couric replied, to which Washington answered, “No, don’t stop. I heard what you just said. ‘Am I one of those people?’ No, I’m not.” Couric countered by telling the star, “No, are you an actor who would rather not —”

“No, I’m not that either,” Washington added in response to being labeled an actor. “I’m a human being. My job is acting.”

[From Page Six]

The quotes from the old interview made me uncomfortable, especially when she told him “Oh, stop, stop, stop.” It’s just a reminder that Couric wasn’t that great, actually. I mean, Denzel might be unpleasant all the time, but he clearly had a reason to be unpleasant in this instance.

Jennifer Aniston in the press room for 2...

2019 AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Honoring Denzel Washington

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  1. TIFFANY says:

    She can kick rocks in flip flops and I have some other things to say about her white woman tears BS but I don’t want to get banned.

    And FYI, that was not shade at Denzel. It was micro- aggressive racism. This ain’t new and good on Denzel for taking her to task.

    • Nev says:

      She is mediocre and always was. Sit down.

    • Hyrule Castle says:

      White woman fragility is real.

      It’s one of the most over looked, and most dangerous, forms of white privilege.

    • Darla says:


      Her comment about Aniston was just her overinflated ego talking, but the Denzel stuff…wow.

      • Mem E. says:

        I read the transcript and Denzel didn’t say anything to upset her. Had her questions been interesting, maybe she would have felt better. She is a mediocre interviewer that wanted the interviewee to give her some slack. This nonsense is her trying to regain her 15 minutes of fame. Have a seat, boo-boo.

    • S says:

      Can’t believe this Karen “you peopled” an Oscar winner and is still whining about HER feelings being hurt. The caucasity.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        It’s amazing after all of these years that she is still completely unaware of why her comments were received they way they were. She’s in desperate need of introspection, and I hope she is getting the time to do so during quarantine!

    • TQ says:

      @Tiffany. This!!

      Her micro-aggressions are clear and her lack of understanding of them is too. Am so over her privileged white lady tears.

  2. Hoopjumper says:

    I am genuinely confused…why did Denzel have a reason to be unpleasant? Sorry, no coffee yet.

    • Hoopjumper says:

      Replying to myself because a bunch of comments clarified what I was missing. Thanks.

  3. Margareth says:

    Katie is the same woman who enjoys janetti’s bullying of Meghan Markle in his IG page so she best shut up.

    • manda says:

      I can’t stand that janetti guy. it isn’t funny at all, I just don’t even get it 🙁

  4. Tiff says:

    I don’t think Denzel is unpleasant, I think he doesn’t suffer fools. Acting is his job but he is not “Hollywood folk” is fair considering all of the snubs and discrimination he went through in his career. I’ve heard others say he’s unpleasant but when I watch his interview he is just calling bullshit OR refusing to be spoken to as a child. I like Katie but I think this was all on her and she did not take the hint he gave her to rephrase the question. She asked the same question referring to him as those people instead of correcting to speak to acting as his work not who he is as a person. I also think this may be a ww being over sensitive to being critiqued/corrected by a Black man.

    • josephine says:

      I agree. She did a lousy job in that interview, and he rightfully called her on it. She was a real journalist who struggled to be taken seriously and I’m disappointed that she failed to gain any perspective afterward (sometimes it’s hard to see your mistakes in the heat of the moment). I guess getting dressed down by the great Denzel really hurt (I know I would have hoped to impress him) but she really lacks perspective and thoughtfulness about the situation. It doesn’t sound like she tried to learn from it at all, or see it from his perspective.

    • Anna says:


  5. Heather says:

    Every interview I’ve ever seen with Denzel Washington is bad and he comes across as above all of it. He’s a fantastic actor of course, that’s not in dispute, but I bet he’s a LOT to handle in his off time. It’s disappointing too, because you almost expect him to be this charming, affable guy, but he’s just not.

    I will say I agree that in this interview with Katie he had a right to be irritated and unpleasant. She was terrible. She also went on to say that he later made a big donation to her cancer fund she started after the death of her husband and after that painful interview, that was a very nice gesture on his part.

    • Darla says:

      I don’t expect that. Why should actors be charming and affable off screen? The charm will be there certainly, it’s likely ingrained and in that case, more of a magnetism, but anyone with something going on upstairs can’t really be affable. Because firstly, people are mostly idiots, and secondly, a conceited “I’m just so cute” person like Couric, is talking to a black man like HE’S an idiot. But Denzel’s no idiot.

      So of course he’s not going to be “affable”. Honestly, if anyone ever described me as affable I would be so offended. But it wouldn’t crack the top 20 with anyone who knows me.

      • Grant says:

        I would expect him to act a certain way based on the PR image that he so painstakingly cultivates, which has always been–IMO–coincident with what Heather described.

    • Melissa says:

      We don’t seem to mind when Harrison Ford isn’t warm and fuzzy…

      I’ve never seen an interview with DW where I wanted to go have a beer with him later, but I have never failed to listen when he speaks. He is highly intelligent and not afraid to point out tough truths. Listen to him (and his son) speak about his wife, that tells you exactly what type of man he is. All the respect to DW.

      • JulieCarr says:

        Yeah, I wouldn’t put so much faith in how he talks about his wife. He’s not known for treating her well, nor for being faithful.

      • Fluffinstuff says:

        I think Ford and Denzel are cranky and difficult. Frankly I wouldn’t want to interview either one, but that’s also not my job for a reason. Does that make Denzel wrong in this context? Absolutely not. I’m shocked at how tone deaf Couric is, I suppose I shouldn’t be.

      • Nev says:

        WORD UP.

      • L says:

        Juliecarr – really? Wow. I’m shocked and dissapointed if that’s true. What have you heard about him being unfaithful?

    • SamC says:

      He is unpleasant. I used to work for a national youth nonprofit where he is a longtime board member/spokesman. We were pretty used to celebrities in the office as we had a lot of high profile people working with the organization. He is one of the only ones who would be rude to staff, wouldn’t share an elevator, in short people would actively avoid him. Compared to Colin Powell, at the time also on the board, who was one of the warmest, approachable people you could meet (and was happy to share an elevator!).

      • Summer says:

        That’s disappointing. :/ I’ve always loved Denzel and I actually see why he had to put Katie in her place here. Another reminder that it’s not skin color, but kindness that makes us the best humans we can be.

      • FHMom says:

        He’s had this kind of reputation going back to his St. Elsewhere days. I think people want to believe he is as great as the characters he portrays so well. Thanks for the first person experience.

      • minx says:

        I’ve heard the same things about him from people with direct knowledge…and also that his wife puts up with a lot.

      • lucy2 says:

        I’ve heard similar things as well.
        In this particular case though, given her questions, I think he was justified in being annoyed.

    • Darla says:

      Speaking of the interview, he was in the right. As for how he treats his wife, are there any famous actors who are in long term monogamous marriages? That’s really not relevant to this. We’ve all heard he’s a jerk, but we are speaking about this interview. The fact is that Couric was always playing a role as well. She was good at playing that role, but it’s just a role. that’s not the real her either.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      Denzel doesnt own anyone the affectation of being “charming” or “affable”. I gave seen plenty of interviews where he has been perfectly pleasant. The only ones Ive seen where he wasnt was when he was approached similarly to what Katie pulled. She tried it. And got called out.

    • MargaritasForBreakfast says:

      Denzel is an intense actor. Why would anyone expect him to be a charming affable guy? He is not America’s golden retriever. Harrison Ford, Anthony Hopkins, Clint Eastwood, Robert Dinero and others are notably gruff and are beloved for it. Why is Denzel labeled as “unpleasant” ? Btw I have seen many interviews of Denzel where he is smiling and laughing, especially when he works with younger actors. Denzel has a reserved distant veneer like Sidney Poitier. There is something regal about him. He isn’t Will Smith. He doesn’t need to win Katie Couric’s passive aggressive approval.

  6. minx says:

    It was lazy interviewing on her part and he wasn’t having it. Nice of him to make a big donation to her charity.

  7. Purplehazeforever says:

    I’m a white woman, with no white woman tears & I understand why he was annoyed by her questions. Jesus, Katie either you’re a moron or you just don’t care. As far as Aniston goes, is it supposed to be based off of the Today show? Is Katie jealous?

    • josephine says:

      I don’t think it came across as jealous. I think Katie is correct that most of those morning show people can come across as likeable and charming, and Aniston’s CHARACTER on the tv show did not. Katie was pointing out that it was a somewhat unrealistic take on the morning show host. And I’m no huge fan of Katie, just don’t think the comment was some sort of dig at Aniston. (Although I did see a couple episodes of the Morning Show and thought it was cringe-worthy, but it was never going to be my cuppa.) Katie came into the industry at a time when women had to have a lot of personailty, had to charm. It wasn’t enough to be smart, and I have no doubt that she’s smart. For whatever else people think of her, she knows that industry like few people do.

      • Laura Cee says:

        THANK YOU, I thought it was cringe-worthy too (I am pretty sure it is because RW, SC and JA bug me though!)

  8. lanne says:

    What a cow. Especially after that crap ass interview and a huge donation from Denzel. No, he doesn’t have to shuck and jive at your request, Katie. Stop the white woman tears. It’s ugly. I hate the expression Karen, but this was the epitome of a Karen thing to do. Methinks Katie has complained to many a manager, and got more than a few low level employees fired.

    • Kitkatdanke says:

      Right? So bizarre for her to bring this up over a decade later like it was super scarring, wtf? Not sure if she hates the insinuation that she was being offensive (kinda was), or if she just assumes Denzel was being aggressive (wonder why) but it’s a super benign interaction.

  9. Darla says:

    I don’t know if Katie is a Karen always asking for the manager, but I once waited on Jane Pauley. It was in the aughts, and I was working a John Hardy sample show in NYC. I was a freelance writer at the time, and I fell into sample shows through a friend. The money was REALLY good. Anyway, Pauley walked in and I was the next available person, so I had to help her. She had just come from having her eyes dilated so she was all teary and her vision was cloudy, and so she needed a bit of extra help. I never said her name, I’m just not that kind, plus, New Yorker here, too cool for that. We interacted for about half an hour, and she was quite a nice lady.

    My personal opinion, even before that incident, was that Couric is no Jane Pauley anyway.

    • SomeChick says:

      That last bit is something I have always appreciated about NYC.

      Even if you recognize someone, you don’t make a big deal out of it. Andy Warhol used to say that he loved it if people who recognized him while out would just say, “hi Andy” and then go on about their business. Unfortunately, I never got to do that.

      I did see Keith Haring waiting to get into the Whitney once. He was sitting on the ground, wearing a Haring t-shirt, Haring shorts, and I think socks too. This convinced me that it would be ok if the person i was with (who VERY badly wanted to!) went over and said hi to him *briefly.* “I love your work.” “Thanks.” “Have a good day.” and that was it.

      KH did not seem to mind and we didn’t ask him for an autograph or to draw the baby, even though he’d always been pretty free with both. (He’d even do it for cops who were arresting him for his famous subway chalk drawings.) So that felt like an ok balance. But I’d have never, ever approached him if it were just me.

  10. Jerusha says:

    Everyone else has quite nicely addressed why Denzel responded as he did, so I’ll throw in two cents on the JA part. If the character wasn’t perky enough maybe Ms Aniston was playing it as written or as directed. Why assume the lack of perkiness was her fault? She was plenty perky on Friends, IIRC.

    • josephine says:

      She clearly was talking about the character.

    • TIFFANY says:

      This idiot was so busy making it about herself she did not under what The Morning Show was really about. It was behind the scenes of a morning show and the BS that comes with it.

      Soooo….again Karen, take a stadium.

      • Snazzy says:

        lol take a stadium 😛

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree – the actual time that Jen’s character is onscreen as the morning show host is SO minimal, it’s like 95% behind the scenes. And “perky” or “ebullient” is a requirement only put on women in that position, and it’s garbage.

        Also, the male character was definitely crafted to be more like Lauer when that story broke (in the middle of writing the show, I believe) but I never assumed the female character was Katie Couric. Calling the role a depiction of Katie is wrong, IMO.

      • Guest with Cat says:

        Exactly. JA’s character is not often shown actually hosting the show. And when she is, she comes across just fine to me, very generic middle aged white female host who has been in the business a lot of years and seen things.

        When off camera, that’s when the character really shines as somewhat entitled, neurotic, conflicted and decently complex.

        Though sometimes it does seem to me Jennifer Aniston needs to work on making her face more expressive. She sort of has a few go-to facial expressions and they don’t always fit the scene well. If I were her, I would brush up on my craft a bit more with a coach like some of the better regarded actors are reputed to do. I don’t think it’s any cosmetic procedures holding her back because her face seems to move just fine.

        Gugu Mbatha- Raw was on the show and acted circles around everyone, so there is that to contend with as well. There are some other excellent actors on there. Martin Short does an amazing job as a creepy pedo celebrity.

        I remember when Katie Couric was on local news in one town where I lived briefly. She spent a lot of time in lousy weather, reporting in wind storms. Lol. That’s how I’ll always think of her, because honestly I never watched her much after that. She was definitely perky. And I guess behind the scenes there is some steel inside that facade, because she made quite a leap going from squinting through storms to national fame.

        I think at one time she genuinely was a nice sweet person, but I bet all the years in such a cutthroat male dominated business pursuing ratings and fame changed her, as it would anybody. That is what is being depicted on The Morning Show, after all. We see the toll the business has taken on Aniston’s character and her life and her relationships.

        Another local news personality, Steve Doocy, also went from perky and lovable to whatever the hell he is now on Fox and Friends. I don’t watch that show but I’ve seen some weird stuff come from it.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think her comments in regards to JA are pretty dated. The hyper-perky thing might have been the type during the 80s and 90s when Katie was at her peak, but that’s not the tone of the times now. The cheese factor is waaaaay lower than it used to be.

  11. MellyMel says:

    Denzel might be unpleasant but he had every right to be in that interview. He called her out on her bs and she tried to shut him up. I would have responded even harsher to be honest. Also her comment about Jen was basically that she wasn’t perky enough. I’m assuming that the character wasn’t meant to be all perky and bubbly like Katie, which is annoying by the way.

  12. damejudi says:

    Why did she phrase the question like that? Is that b/c it goes along with her faux cutesy persona? Why not just ask Washington, should actors stick to acting?

    Turn the lens on yourself, Couric. You’re not such a super-sweet perky person-it’s the character you play on tv.

  13. Sam the Pink says:

    So this happened 16 years ago and she’s still struggling to figure out why he might have been pissed about the question? She basically “you peopled” him and to this day, she’s never guessed as to why he might have taken exception? Wow, she really has no introspection at all.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Exactly. Why is she even making an issue of this now? Even if he can be rude and other things sometimes, that doesn’t make him wrong
      in every situation where he shows irritation or offense. She’s in the wrong here.

  14. ABritGuest says:

    Katie seemed to adjust fine when you look at the transcript & didn’t seem like hostile encounter so not sure why she was so ‘shaken’ by it. Seems a case of white woman fragility- she was corrected on her phrasing, didn’t like it and is acting like Denzel was all ‘scary black guy’ to her.

    She was a regular on Epstein’s planes& is always camped out on Gary Janetti’s racist, misogynistic posts so seems a fairly unpleasant person herself.

    • Shazza says:

      I saw someone say ‘Oh she was shaken by Denzel but had no problems with Matt Lauer?” I guess this podcast didn’t ask her about him. As for her & Denzel, I concur with the previous replies.

  15. Case says:

    Though The Morning Show is based around The Today Show, I don’t think Jen Aniston’s character is supposed to be a direct reference to a particular real-life host. If anything, she reminded me a bit of Kelly Ripa because she was a bit cold. But that was just the character as written (pretty sure they refer to her as an ice queen), no fault of the actor. I think Aniston ALWAYS plays the same character and I enjoyed her in Morning Show. She finally switched it up and did a fine job.

    • Agree Case —- I am not an Anniston fan and deliberately chose not to watch THE MORNING SHOW. Then I read some positive Celebitchy comments about show on here and I decided to watch it. I’m advising you all to watch it if you can. I ended up inhaling it in one giant marathon session. It is kickass and unbelievably nuanced in its look at sexual harassment and male power structure in the workplace. Very well written and acted. Aniston was good in the role and some of the other actors, knocked it out of the park. Take a chance, Kaiser, I think you’ll enjoy it.

  16. DS9 says:

    Let’s say he didn’t have a good reason to be surly. Let’s say he really is just being prickly because he can.

    Nothing he said, nothing the describes justifies the reaction she then goes on to describe. He sounds curt and dismissive but not threatening or scary or intimidating at all.

    And it’s interesting to me that this minor encounter still sticks in her crawl all of these years later, after all she’s experienced including a tenure alongside Matt Lauer.

    We’re all analyzing Denzel’s likely attitude and not holding Katie accountable, imo, for still framing this as terror of a black man and telling this story today.

    The question shouldn’t be if Denzel was rude, justified or nah, but whether Katie’s fear was justified and where it came from.

    • Anna says:

      This. Thank you. Terror is the right word and WW tears have been destructive and have gotten BIPOC killed throughout history until today. As someone mentioned above, it’s one of the biggest weapons that simply does not get addressed enough. Happens at the workplace, everywhere. WW like Katie need to be accountable, and what she’s doing now is absolutely terrible. It is terror, make no mistake.

    • Christy says:

      I think this is excellently articulated.

  17. Flamingo says:

    Katie is kind of catty. I follow her on IG and you can tell that she was a mean girl in high school.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      She follows Gary Janetti on Instagram and likes and comments on all his shady Meghan Markle posts. She’s a mean girl and always has been.

      • Grant says:

        Janetti is THE WORST. His husband Brad (Rachel Zoe’s old assistant) does this thing on his Instagram called “Bradbucks” where he pretends to be a barrista waiting on Gary Janetti. I think it’s supposed to be funny because Gary is so high-strung and neurotic about how his coffee is prepared but to me he just seems like an awful person who is way too self-absorbed and fixated on stupid things (like whether or not Brad fills his coffee with ice that measures 3/4ths of the way to the top vs. all the way). I didn’t know that Janetti came for MM so that makes me loathe him even more. Sometimes white gay men are awful and I say that as a white gay man.

    • Blerg says:

      I have a friend who was at UVA with Couric, and that is how he describes her—a “mean girl.” His fraternity would do stuff with her sorority, and he said her jokes were mean-spirited.

  18. Anabe says:

    I lost respect for Katie Couric after reading The News Sorority by Sheila Weller. I am not surprised by her tone deafness towards that interview with Denzel Washington or her attitude towards it -even after all this time!- at all. I mean he wrote a check for “her” colon camcer foundation so it’s okay… the narcissism in that phrase alone is so so cringeworthy. Nor am I surprised at her attitude toward Jennifer Aniston’s performance and her assumption that it should be based on her and her alone like she was the best and only morning show host ever. Just another instance of Katie Couric’s immense ego and hubris. It was her downfall in my opinion.

  19. Green_Eyes says:

    Having watched The Morning Show let me add this to the mix. Aniston‘s character is not supposed to be perky. She is supposed to be think she is.. but in reality her character is cold, unapproachable, and with many layers of (shameful) secrets. Some which were uncovered this last season and some.. ok many still to be addressed. Aniston played that beautifully.. it’s what finally made me see her acting ability in a different light she deserved any and all awards for her acting in this series in my opinion. It’s far from all her past roles that always had some aspect of Rachel written into the character she played (whether intentional or not by the writer). No this character Aniston plays now.. far from perky and thank god! Same for Reese.. Your supposed to think with her what you see is what you get. Surprise! Reese‘s character has many secrets too but at her character is liked by her coworkers.

    Katie Couric sounds a bit jealous or has a bit of an inflated ego if she thinks it’s loosely based on her. She never came to mind when I watched The Mornlng Show. Thank goodness because I have never really been a big Katie fan. I always thought she was over hyped. Again just my opinion.

    • SomeChick says:

      I thought JA was really good as the aging beauty pageant queen whose daughter isn’t dainty and petite. I’m blanking on the name of the movie but I really enjoyed it. Pretty sure it was on netflix.

  20. Truth hurts says:

    Denzel can be crude. Aniston and Pitt are two of the most over hyped, coddled and narcissistic actors in HW, so I agree and so much more. Couric can be self absorbed also.

  21. Lisa says:

    Katie Couric can have several seats on this one.

  22. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Katie tried to pull a Karen move on a black man and he called her out. And she deserved it. And in classic Karen fashion she is now playing the victim. Ive never been a fam of Katie. I dont think she’s that great of an interviewer and the fact that she would draw attention to this and think Denzel was in the wrong proves that.

    And to use his donation to her charity as “evidence” of him being the bad guy is particularly disgusting to me. All that proves is that he’s a bigger person than she is.

  23. Grant says:

    I think Katie and Denzel are both a-holes, frankly.

  24. Cosmo says:

    She deserves what she got from Denzel. She asked him an idiotic question and he called her out. Why is she bringing this up to make it seem like he is the problem.

  25. Suzieq359 says:

    I’ve met and worked with a lot of celebrities and journalists through the years and she is one of the worse. She and Donna Brazile are terrible. Couric has a horrible attitude, vulgar, self righteous and mean-spirited.

  26. Grant says:

    I’m one of those people who thinks that Jennifer Aniston is giving the performance of her career on TMS and it’s precisely because she is NOT playing some Katie Couric knock-off. That would have been boring and expected. Jennifer is playing against type and giving us a nuanced performance that we don’t typically see from her (Good Girl and Cake notwithstanding, and yes I included Cake in here, I thought she was great, don’t @ me) and that’s why she’s getting rave reviews. So Katie-Becky can have several seats.

  27. Missbb says:

    I saw the morning show and it was Jennifer Aniston best job so far. Her performance was great. The morning show was written before the Matt Lauer sexual abused allegations so I doubt Jennifer’s performance has anything to do with the journalist.

    As for Denzel Washington interview, I understand his reaction. “one of those People” is litterally way of saying the N Word. I am French and White French People use it all the time. I am qui te surprise she actes like a victim, we are in 2020, she should know better.

  28. Ames says:

    You can be a person who idles at unpleasant and still school some people in their dumbassery when the need arises. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    I haven’t been here for Couric’s BS since her pearls-clutching pretend “shock” over Matt Lauer being a walking talking assboil. She’s a water-carrying, ring-kissing toady for NBC who is really good at making everything about herself.

  29. WTF says:

    Team Denzel – for all the reasons already stated.

    But KAISER! You’ve gotta watch the Morning Show. It’s so good. And Steve Carell(sp?) plays the f$&&$ outta Matt lauer. After I watched I thought if Matt ever catches Steve in a dark alley, it’s over. He really shows him for the disgusting narcissistic asshole he is. It is a really great case study on power and gender and celebrity. AND the real reason Couric is upset is because it doesn’t let her off the hook.

  30. L says:

    Well it’s just her opinion, it doesn’t really mean anything. I love Denzel… and Jennifer.

  31. K says:

    I’m not familiar with her Denzel interview, but remember being deeply uncomfortable with how she salivated over Henry Cavill during a special promoting Man of Steel. She sucked up to Amy Adams and gave her credit for her actual work, but kept talking about and then literally petting Henry’s body as if he wasn’t politely sitting right there in front of cameras and a big audience, blushing. Barely famous with all the pressure of playing a globally beloved character, he could only smile and deflect the objectification with humility. Meanwhile, he can be quite thoughtful and witty in his answers when people speak to him rationally, but Katie just joked that he was too good-looking to make eye contact with. That awkward display made me lose all respect for Couric as a journalist.

    I suppose Denzel didn’t enjoy feeling minimized either, but reacted in a more defensive way.

    • Hoot says:

      Couric has been insufferable for a long time, and it seems unlikely she’ll ever outgrow it.