CA Gov. Gavin Newsom responds to red county beach-goers: you’re now closed

I know everyone is madly in love with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and I have much respect for his reaction to his state in crisis. I’m joining the fan club for my own governor, Gavin Newsom. When this is all said and done, studies on preventative measures will look to Newsom. Not just his stay at home orders but how he used his authority, how he formed coalitions with other governors, and how he worked with them to distribute desperately needed PPE and medical equipment. Newsom was one of the first governors to mandate strict Safer At Home measures. Plus, he personally visited essential businesses to make sure they were not a danger to themselves or others. As a result, California is bending the curve. with the largest population the US, almost 40M, our death rate is 5 in every 100,000 people, comparable to New Hampshire and Iowa.

Gov Newsom is a democrat who served under a stalwart democrat before him and California has some very red pockets. Earlier this month, a bunch of Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death types protested in Huntington Beach, arguing that they would prefer to die than keep their local Chipotle closed. Of course, they made these points through face masks and other PPE so, you know – not totally okay with the dying part. Huntington Beach is in Orange County, although it’s changing, and there are some very good people in OC, there are also many conservatives, including a bunch of supervisors who voted to open all the OC beaches given the beautiful CA weather coming our way last weekend. And open them they did:

It must have felt pretty good to show ol’ Newsom who’s boss… only they forgot who was the actual boss: Newsom. He wasted no time shutting this nonsense down.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered the closure of Orange County beaches Thursday after crowds packed the waterfront there during a heat wave last weekend.

Calling it a “temporary pause,” Newsom told reporters the beaches may reopen very quickly “if we can get some framework and guidelines to get this right.”
Asked about a law enforcement memo that was widely disseminated earlier that said the governor intended to order the closure of all state beaches and parks starting Friday, Newsom said he never saw it.

“That memo never got to me,” Newsom said….

The governor said at a news conference Wednesday that of about 100 beaches along the state’s coastline, about 5% saw large crowds. Orange County and Ventura County beaches were packed with people seeking relief from the heat.

Newport Beach in Orange County saw about 90,000 beachgoers last weekend despite the urging of officials to follow the state’s stay-home order. On Tuesday, Newport Beach’s City Council voted to keep its beaches open, with additional enforcement of physical distancing…

Though authorities in those counties reported that beachgoers largely observed social distancing rules, Newsom chastised beachgoers and warned that defying the state’s stay at home order could delay its reopening.

“This virus doesn’t take the weekends off. This virus doesn’t go home. We have to manage and augment our behavior,” Newsom said Monday. “The only thing that will set us back is people stopping practicing physical distancing.”

[From CNN via Towelroad]

When word got out that Newsom was coming for them, Orange County Supervisor Donald Wagner responded:

“I believe Governor Newsom has the power to close Orange County beaches,” Wagner said. “However, it is not wise to do so. Medical professionals tell us the importance of fresh air and sunlight in fighting infectious diseases, including mental health benefits. Moreover, Orange County citizens have been cooperative with California state and county restrictions thus far. I fear that this overreaction from the state will undermine that cooperative attitude and our collective efforts to fight the disease, based on the best available medical information.”

There’s not much to say about this. Obviously, his county’s residents did not cooperate and he selfishly put making a statement over any consideration for the health of the rest of us. I could not be angrier about any of this and yet, sadly, I’m not surprised. Orange County is not the only offender, Coronado beaches in San Diego county were set to open after being the last to close. They were insisting on the same restrictions Hawaii uses: keep moving, no sitting or being stationary on the beach, six feet apart, wear masks, etc. Still, I don’t know that people can be trusted to do what’s right. I’d love to walk on the beach right now, for my mental health, but I can wait. I’m in Los Angeles County and the feeling here is very different. LA mayor, Eric Garcetti, has been as active as San Francisco’s mayor London Breed and our governor. Garcetti is tweeting vital information in multiple languages and gives daily updates, the latest being guaranteed testing. As OC was reopening their beaches last week, Garcetti was citing the importance of keeping up with the Safer At Home measures. He enlisted the help of newspapers and radio DJs to spread the message. As a result, here are shots of LA beaches last weekend:

Although, if I am being totally honest, we can’t be totally trusted to do the right thing either, so Garcetti took a few precautions:


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  1. Hoot says:

    Good. For. Him. F’n idiots.

    Edit: And, yeah, I used to live in OC, so I know what it’s like there (although a lot of those beach goers may come from outside the OC).

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      I live in the Westside (LA/Century City area). Looking out of my window, (as I am one of those that must stay in as much as possible,) people here in my condo community are pretty good about following “the rules” (masks, distancing) for the most part. There are always going to be those who feel it doesn’t apply to them, and/or are careless. I took my very first venture out (since mid-Feb.) to go to my sister’s for dinner the other night (all have been isolating and/or tested), and to be honest, I had an anxiety attack in the car to the point of being in tears by the time I got there, out of fear of being “outside” my home. Don’t know if that’ll ever feel “normal” again :-(

      A good friend, who lives in NY, has a son who lives in OC. The son, who used to be a “liberal republican” married into a Trumper family (even married at his golf course in OC *shudder*), and now the son’s been “taken to the dark side” to the point where he (and everyone in that area) are thinking this is an “overblown hoax” to “take down Trump”. My friend says he’s putting his son up for adoption as he cannot BE the son he raised lol

      I am so grateful to have an amazing Mayor (Garcetti) and Gov (Gavin) who are putting PEOPLE first, not blood-soaked dollars.

      Frankly, I’m at the point that even after all we DO know about this virus, these idiots STILL want to put themselves at risk for their “rights”, let them. But then wherever they want to go, they have to stay there, isolated for at least 14 days, to make sure they’re not taking anything back to the vulnerable in the community. They are *(&^% idiots!

    • Marjiscott says:

      Yes ! F’ukin idiots! Also live here, grew up here. These are mostly out of towners like every weekend they park their cars and lie on the sand like beached whales!
      Thank you Governor for your efforts, but now I read that there is a legal challenge to that order.
      Again, F’ kin Idiots!

      • charo says:

        DON’T compare NY and OC, they’re totally different!

        Why can’t the Left ever like BOTH Govs.? Instead of dis-uniting us. Let’s unite and say both Govs. are doing great w/their own challenges!


    • Tifffany :) says:

      I am so THANKFUL for Newsom and Garcetti. Their actions at the state level are what convinced my employers to put in protective measures really early on. Without their LEADERSHIP, many more people would be ill, hospitalized and dead by now. I wish the federal government could do as good a job.

      The website that Garcetti set up with daily updates is very useful and informative.

      My heart goes out to those in states like Iowa and Georgia, where their Governors downplay the threat and provide excuses to those that don’t want to social distance.

    • bettyrose says:

      Okay,SoCal CBs, serious question: Is it really still that smoggy in OC? I have no love for OC and not trying to start conspiracy theories, but I need confirmation those pictures were taken during quarantine. Here in the Bay Area, the smog has all but disappeared. I’m sure it will return with a vengeance as soon as we’re back on the roads, but I don’t get why the air would still be so brown in OC unless no one has ever observed the quarantine.

      • ChristineM65 says:

        It’s the on shore flow. May Gray, June Gloom as we call it. :) The world is much less smoggy up LA way, I promise.

      • Tifffany :) says:

        Lol, Christine! There’s so many meteorological phrases I know from living in SoCal. “On shore flow” and “coastal eddy” are some of my favorites. ;)

        bettyrose, in the late spring and early summer, we get foggy and cloudy mornings. It usually burns off by the afternoon.

      • Reece says:

        Yeah that’s Spring in SoCal coastline. It’s foggy in the morning and sunny by the afternoon. Then right around 5-6pm fog rolls in!
        RN The air is so clear of smog you can see the mountains behind the first line of mountains.

      • Becks says:

        I am in Pasadena, not far from the mountains and I have never seen it so clear. I go on daily walks and it blows my mind to see how much beautiful it is without the smog.

  2. Joanna says:

    I live in the Panhandle of Florida and the beaches open today. Not happy about it! Supposedly no sunbathing but you can sit on the beach in chairs. So you can bring a chair, fold it down and sunbathers. Idiots!

    Btw, I know some of you are from Canada. I’m supposed to fly there on May 30 from the US. Do you think that will happen? I’ve booked a room at the Super8 in the downtown area. Is that a reasonably safe area? It’s on 222 Spadina Ave.

    • Aang says:

      I believe that’s the Super 8 in the mall in China Town. Safe area, I rarely feel unsafe anywhere in Toronto. Queen Street west is a couple of blocks away, China Town itself is has great food and interesting shopping. Kensington Market area is very close, great vintage shopping. Easy walk to Younge and Dundas. I’ll give a recommendation: The Bata Shoe Museum is a favorite of mine. Sadly I’m not sure your trip will happen but my fingers are crossed that it will. Have fun, Toronto is lovely.

      • Mika says:

        I’m going to co-sign what everyone else said: our emergency orders are until May 12th right now but there is a good chance that will be extended. You may have to cancel. That said, if the city is back to normal by then, there are really amazing Hong Kong Waffles in that mall.

    • Granger says:

      Joanna, it may depend why you’re coming to Canada (and I assume you’re American)? If it’s “unnecessary” travel, I don’t see the Canadian government letting you in by the 30th.

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      @Granger is right….though you may be allowed in, please remember our 14 day quarantine rules are strict…if you cannot present a plan to shelter in place, the government will guard you in your hotel for the 14 days quarantine. So if you planned to be here for longer than two weeks, and your travel is necessary, you can come. Otherwise, best to stay at home for the time being, please.

    • Mtec says:

      Not to long ago Ontario extended the state of emergency to at least May 12. We haven’t seen a pattern in decreasing # of COVID-19 cases yet, and most people (aside from idiot protesters) are practicing self-isolation and adhering to social-distancing guidelines. I personally doubt things will get to a reasonable normal by the 30th, I doubt you would get to do much other than stay home and order delivery/take-out during your trip, unless you’re coming for something other than recreational purposes 🤷🏽‍♀️. But ofc who knows what’s going to happen, could be they allow people into the country by then and I could be totally wrong. Just saying, beware there’s a very likely probability you’ll have to cancel that trip.

      Edit: to add @Prayer Warrior is right about the 14-day quarantine for travellers, had forgotten about that for a sec.

    • Joanna says:

      Oh you guys, thanks so much for responding. I’ve tried to look it up online but haven’t had much luck getting a clear answer. I am a US citizen, It is for pleasure and I did not know about the 14 day quarantine. I was only going to be there for a week so I guess I better cancel it. Thanks for your help ladies. PS I also booked in Mid January before we knew too much about Covid. I booked just in case, but figured I could cancel later I’d needed.

      • Teel says:

        i’m Canadian. Thank you for staying home. Please, everyone just stay at home. I’m essential services so have to go in to work every day and it’s just freaking shocking how many RVs and fifth wheels are on the highway. On Vancouver Island. Yesterday, one ferry was nearly full to capacity coming over here from Mainland, and def not to do with supply chains. Just stay home, you idiots. Campsites and parks are closed, so I have no idea where they could be going, either. So enraging!

    • ChristineM65 says:

      I wish they would ban leisure travel. I bought plane tix in January for a wedding in June. First time being proactive. As of right now, I can’t get a refund, only flight voucher for future travel. If they would ban leisure travel, I might get a refund, so still holding out hope. I’m not cancelling in case that happens. Either way, don’t plan to go. I’m in LA, which is horrendous in cases right now, so not sure why they just aren’t cancelling flights to/from LA at all right now.

  3. Aims says:

    I live in Oregon and the whole west coast has come to an agreement regarding the pandemic. California, Oregon and Washington governors came together and joined forces to combat this pandemic and agreed on a plan to handle it. In Oregon, there isn’t any wiggle room. My mayor wanted to go rouge and have our businesses open up last weekend. Our Attorney General sent him a very stern letter saying he would be breaking the law and would face civil and criminal charges. So he obviously backed down and is now following the rules. Our state government isn’t playing. They have made it very clear that they value human life above all else. I am so confident in our Gov. Brown and her decisions regarding this. She has taken this seriously since day one and I really appreciate her response to everything thus far.

    • Vava says:

      +1. I’m in Eugene and I agree with you

    • nicegirl says:

      Hello from Portland!!

      • Regina Falangie says:

        Portland over here!!! ❤️

      • Jensies says:

        Portland over here too, hi! I’ve been really impressed with our state. We have the same number of new cases and deaths as my parents’ small rural county in Michigan. So glad people are doing what is necessary here.

      • Maree says:

        I also live in Portland! I work in an ER so being able to stay at home has never been an option for me. I love my job and work with the most amazing staff, but the stress from having to cope with so many big changes in our work environment has gotten really old, to be honest. We’d all just love to go back to our “pre-COVID-19” work environment, but we know that’s not going to happen any time soon. *Big sigh …

    • laura-j says:

      Hey Portlanders! I’m hating staying at home, but I’m not fighting it… I wish it would be sunnier so I could at least enjoy the yard more.

  4. Digital Unicorn says:

    He’s easy on the eyes but I can’t get past the fact that he was once married to Kim whatsherface – Udays GF.

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      Say what? Newsom was married to KG? Ugh..Nope…it’s now over for me.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Hard to believe, isn’t it? But she does have a completely different face and upper torso now.

    • SomeChick says:

      These are silly reasons to cancel the dude. It’s not like he was a republican then. He did some good things as the mayor of SF back then.

      You don’t have to date the man to appreciate that he is doing the right thing.

      Just like Cuomo. I didn’t have a terribly high opinion of him until just recently.

      This fetishizing of politicians seems a bit off… especially right now, but TBH it always has. It’s not a beauty contest. Let them do their damn jobs.

      At least they are doing them! Unlike SOME people!

      • CariBean says:

        Yes to everything in your post!!

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        I’m entitled to my opinion, no? I’m not canceling Newsom, I’m just not fantasizing about him anymore. Good grief. somechick.

    • bettyrose says:

      Yeah, Newsom was a rich kid party boy for *years*. Even as mayor of SF, he was still pulling stunts to get his name on national news. He had his eye on the presidential prize for a long time. He’s changed. He’s done an amazing job during this pandemic and I am so grateful for him.

      • nicole says:

        He is married now with four young kids, seems a pretty decent guy, he is very charismatic, would make a good president one day.

    • banga says:

      In fairness, Newsom was an active alcoholic then and she was more credible — ADA with a decent record. I’m from SF and thought Newsom would be an empty suit as Gov, but I have been pleasantly surprised. KG’s mother died when she was younger and her Dad died in ’08. She looks like a twice divorced orphan with a substance problem to me. Not to excuse her ugly stances, but grief can make people behave badly.

  5. Canadiangirl says:

    What is going on in the US??? Unreal watching the trainwreck. Sorry, love you guys, but wow.

    • chicken tetrazzini! says:

      American Exceptionalism at it’s selfish finest

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      Apparently, it seems we’re living a live-version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. People who “seemed” normal went to bed one night, and after Tangerine Twitler took office, their “alternate selves” felt free to ooze out from under their rocks and infiltrate their minds and bodies. The more Mango Mussolini feels emboldened, the more they do.

      And the rest of us are paying the price.

      • Esmom says:

        That’s a really good way to describe the bewildering and frightening state of our country today. Sigh.

    • JBones says:

      Canadian here…Looking out my front window at a “Birthday Parade”, where everyone (45-60ish age range) parked their cars and came out to stand in close circles or hang in other’s car windows. Oh look, my neighbours on both sides have now joined the bash, as have some neighbourhood dogs.

      This morning, I had to tell a woman on my street that we were social distancing so she would step away from my kids; we were playing on our lawn. Her response, ” You’re doing that? What about groceries? They’re going to have to lift restrictions at some point…”

      …and at that point we should all have masks and better understand this virus (fingers crossed). My fam is following orders (to the extreme, according to my husband). Pick up delivery for groceries, staying away from all others as instructed by health officials. WHY??.. because it’s not worth ending up in the ICU, it’s not worth watching my kids suffer through this. I feel like I’m on crazy pills!

      • North of Boston says:

        The attitude of the woman you described baffles me. It’s one thing if she, herself, stupidly decided to ignore all the health warnings and wander around. But to actively challenge someone who is observing social distancing IN THEIR OWN HOME? And to do so in a way that’s some combination of “gotcha!” (trying to catch OP admitting that they go to stores) and ignorant apathy (shrugging that oh, well, they’re going to have to lift restrictions some point, so why bother doing even the minimum you can do to reduce your family’s risk of getting sick) is just really mind-boggling to me.

        It reminds me of when I was in school and kids who were drinking a lot, or using illicit drugs would try to coax other kids to join them. “What are you worried about? It’s not that bad. You won’t get caught.” etc etc.

  6. MrsBanjo says:

    I am so grateful that Newsom is our governor. At one point in his tweet updates, I wondered when he was going to snap and start yelling at people violating quarantine orders.

  7. KellyRyan says:

    Speaking as a Californian and quoting Gov Newsom, “Delayed is not denied”. There are few red areas left in CA. I’ve seen San Diego, North County change, Santa Clarita, and more. Six hundred low security prisoners at Terminal Island have Covid-19, San Pedro. I think Ventura County allows surfing, swimming, walking, jogging, but does not allow beach sitters. I’m in full agreement with GN’s policy.

    • IMUCU says:

      Still lots of red pockets in San Bernardino county where I grew up, but the beaches are a bit of a drive from there. While all of my family there is of the mind “no one could be doing a better job than Trump” , they are being good about self-isolating, thank goodness. Probably mostly because they have some serious comorbidities. On the other hand, my red-minded family in Georgia is and has been going on about things as if there is no pandemic. I can’t believe the number of lectures and amounnt of academic proof I’ve had to share with my grandfather to get him to take the slightest precautions (and that only helps for a day or two at a time). Then here in Florida it looks like it’s becoming business as usual as it seems traffic is picking up. It truly is the economy over people in the red states. I’ve never had so much contempt for so many of our federal and state “leaders.” I will continue to self-isolate outside of having to go work (in healthcare). I’m emotionally exhausted at times and scared for myself (I take an immunosuppressant) and others who are trying to be safe amongst communities/governments that lack the ability to cooperate.

      • Christina says:

        A lot of working class and poor Trump supporters are hurting financially, like a lot of liberal working class and poor people, so they want to work. Their culture denies science, so they will need to lose family and friends to the virus to believe because the deaths of people they don’t know can be explained away by conspiracy theories more believable to them. A bunch of you probably heard about a couple of evangelical pastors in the south who railed against the danger and then died of COVID-19 weeks after their vocal protests, and their families came out and said that people should stay home. That wasn’t enough. Those deaths may have influenced the people close to them, but many conservatives and libertarians are like Trump and Kanye: they “know better” than medical experts unless they can’t breath and are about to be intubated.

        The President doesn’t support the science convincingly, and I don’t think that they’d believe it even if he did.

  8. SJR says:

    I am so tired of others who are in denial of the virus.
    Wth? Sunny weather is great = take a chair outside your own house and enjoy it.
    Do not go crowd together at the beach.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      I just can NOT comprehend how these idiots can think that they do not need to take precautions, that they don’t realize how deadly this virus is!

      Quoting a chart just put up on the “Today Show”:
      March 1: 2 deaths
      April 1: 4,808 deaths
      May 1: 63,512

      HOW can anyone with eyes NOT see this??

    • Erinn says:

      This is exactly it. You have the guy saying that people need sunlight and fresh air. It’s a REAL shame that fresh air and sunlight aren’t everywhere outside (barring that you’re not counting areas with heavy air pollution). Thank god these people live near a beach otherwise they’d have NEVER had any possibility for fresh air and sunlight.

      I think the scariest thing is that it seems like a lot of nurses around me aren’t really taking it all that seriously. To my knowledge we’ve had no confirmed cases in our hospital, so I assume there’s some living in denial because of that. But I know of multiple nurses who are still bringing their kids to visit multiple households. Or their mothers are sharing virus propaganda on facebook and they’re not saying a thing. It’s just really opened my eyes in terms of how people can just turn a blind eye to serious issues when they think they know better or somehow believe that because they have a background in health care that they’re untouchable.

      • Christina says:

        When a pandemic is successfully controlled, it’s not visible to regular people so they don’t understand that what Newsom is doing is successfully preventing what happened in Italy. Florida hasn’t become Italy. Until it does, conservatives, even if they are medical professionals like nurses, won’t care. In the U.S., so many of the people dying are Black and brown, and they are blamed for their own deaths.

        In the United States, a lot of conservatives will need to die. My husband, whose parents are Trumpers, believes that only a NYC-type of infection rate in a place like Florida will convince conservatives of the danger, and even that may not work. They think that death is acceptable for America to be successful: slavery and war built this country’s wealth. Collateral damage is fine to them as long as they aren’t the ones who die. Until they do, or we get a vaccines, we will see surges of virus infections.

      • Anna says:

        @Christina you’re absolutely right re: “they think that death is acceptable for America to be successful: slavery and war built this country’s wealth.” I rode downtown for groceries last week four miles, covered head to toe, and in a very diverse area of the city, it was glaring that only one white person was wearing a mask. Almost every BIPOC out and about was. The only exception was at Trader Joe’s and that was because it was required, and even then a WM tried to barge the door wanting to cut the line for some reason, no mask, arguing with the poor security. So unnecessary and selfish. Make note: as soon as it was announced that 70+% of covid-19 deaths were Black people, all of a sudden it’s like white folks went, oh, okay, so we don’t have to wear masks. Never mind about being potential carriers or any of that. And that’s when the gun-toting protests to state capitals started (in contrast, look up 60s history, what happened when Black people exercised their 2nd amendment right!) and there have been numerous people who have observed the same with the carelessness and lack of regard that’s simply rooted in systemic white supremacy enacted knowingly or “unknowingly” (not possible, sorry no excuse). Black folks are dying from this because of systemic environmental and medical racism, and once again, we’re on our own because that’s what this country was founded on.

      • North of Boston says:

        “When a pandemic is successfully controlled, it’s not visible to regular people so they don’t understand that what Newsom is doing is successfully preventing what happened in Italy. Florida hasn’t become Italy. Until it does, conservatives, even if they are medical professionals like nurses, won’t care.”

        Everyone should watch that video of University of Chicago Medicine infectious diseases expert Dr. Emily Landon. She talks about how taking steps to control spread of the virus might seem anti-climatic if we do it right… ‘we did all this, and nothing happened!’ Lots of people have trouble picturing that things could/would be a lot worse if we all didn’t social distance, stay safe, limit the spread.

        “In short, without taking drastic measures, the healthy and optimistic among us will doom the vulnerable. We have to fight this fire before it grows too high. These extreme restrictions may seem, in the end, a little anticlimactic. Because it’s really hard to feel like you’re saving the world when you’re watching Netflix from your couch.

        But if we do this right, nothing happens. Yeah. A successful shelter in place means that you’re going to feel like it was all for nothing. And you’d be right. Because nothing means that nothing happened to your family. And that’s what we’re going for here.”

    • lucy2 says:

      We’re supposed to have a nice weekend here in NJ, and they’re opening some parks and stuff back up. They’ve put in place some pretty good rules, but I doubt people will follow them, and I can’t see how they could enforce most of it.
      I live in a beach area. If I had to go out, I’d be very worried about the ipeople that surely will flood in, but I’m staying in as much as possible.

      Personally I think it’s too early. we still have 6000 hospitalized, and7000 have died. We’ve flattened the curve and it’s a downward trend now, thankfully, but I worry what opening up and nice weather will bring. One local mayor was like “don’t worry, they expanded the bed capacity at the (rather small, local) hospital!” So come spend your money and if you are near death, you may be in luck and get a bed.

      • North of Boston says:

        I live in a place on the New England coast that has a barrier island with public beaches, a wildlife refuge and lots of places to walk, both on the beach and off.
        The last time I went for a walk there was mid-March… not because it isn’t a nice place to go to be outdoors, or for stress relief, but because people were crowding others, jamming the beaches, strolling and hanging around on walkways, paths, parking lots, so there was no way to access the beach or the walking paths without a gaggle of people crowding you, paying no never mind to any social distancing suggestions.

        What’s that saying? “This is why we can’t have nice things”

        In the last few weeks, officials have closed the refuge to motorized traffic (cars, motorcycles, etc) and shut down all parking on the island, so that people can’t drive there and swarm the beaches and gather in crowds… because that’s what people were doing, repeatedly. Some people will, given the choice, always do the thoughtless or selfish or risky thing. Maybe 80% of the people may act with common sense, but there will always be the 20% who muck it up for everyone.

  9. 10KTurtle says:

    Pasco County, FL parks were “partially” reopened for “exercise” last week, including the closest beach park to me. I drove by on Sunday just to look at the water, and it was PACKED SOLID with people camped out on blankets and beach chairs. I was on call so I couldn’t stay anyway, but there’s no way I would have gotten out of my car. It’s not as if Florida ever really had a statewide shutdown- it was mostly county and city orders that varied wildly- but selfish people like that are going to immediately undo whatever little progress we had made.

    • Aang says:

      You would not believe the people chomping at the bit to get back into Disney. It’s all over social media. I had no idea Disney had such a rabid following of deplorables. I hope Iger has the sense to keep it closed for as long as needed for everyone’s safety.

      • IMUCU says:

        I hope Iger keeps the parks closed too and I’m an annual passholder. I have no desire to run back to the parks when they reopen. Iger has always been a bottom-line guy though, putting his shareholders’ stakes above cast member and guest well-being. I don’t think they will rush reopening, but I don’t have a lot of hope for him making the best decisions for the community.

      • aang says:

        IMUCU I’m a passholder too. The longer it stays closed the longer they will extend it so I hope it stays closed for a good long time. I can’t see myself back in the parks for many months. But I agree that Iger will most likely open sooner rather than later.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        On the news, last night, they said there ARE plans to reopen the Disney parks (and Six Flags as well), with “social distancing” (HA!) in mind by how many people will be allowed to wait for any one ride, and that employees will have to wear masks (NO word about the public having to wear masks though).

        And of course, NO WORD about how many people they’ll let into the park at any given time, to BE ABLE to limit lines… and what about all the people who will be waiting around TO GET INTO those lines?? Will Disney chalk off 6 ft. markers all over the grounds? How the hell would they even THINK they can pull this off??? What kind of parent would take a chance with their child’s health/life this way???

      • 10KTurtle says:

        I was actually going to go to Disney for the first time ever this December! My best friend invited me to tag along with his family so I bought the cheapest annual pass (because it was cheaper than day passes for a week) and booked a much nicer place than I would usually stay to make it a “treat” since I’m not likely to go again. And go figure- as soon as I did that they shut the whole place down and fired almost everybody who works there! He’s going to make the final decision in June, but I’m expecting this trip to cancel even if Disney does reopen before then. No matter what the new rules will be, I just won’t trust everybody else there to properly comply. I live amongst the throngs of “Florida Man” and I have seen how they behave in large herds…

      • lucy2 says:

        I can’t imagine going to Disney. Kids touch EVERYTHING, and young kids have no concept of not touching their nose, mouth, etc.
        Friends of mine went in early March, one of them came back with a flu strain, and another likely had Covid.

      • Kkat says:

        Disneyland isn’t slated to open up until January.
        And even if they had different plans, our governor isn’t going to let it happen.

        I love Disneyland but is a cesspool of germs on a good day.
        I live about 20 minutes from it.
        I thank God that Newsom is our governor

  10. Esmom says:

    Those people-filled beach photos give me serious dread. Nice to see strong leadership from Newsom. My governor in IL is doing a great job, too, but he’s starting to see lawsuits from counties that want to open. And did anyone see what happened in Michigan’s capitol yesterday? Frightening that even in a global pandemic, the only thing that still matters is to own the libs.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      Taking a knee had them in hysterics… Carrying ARs into the capital apparently not so much.

    • lucy2 says:

      That looked like domestic terrorism to me. Can you imagine if they hadn’t been white?
      The whole thing is horrific. I’m actually going to limit my news intake more and try not to read related stories because it’s making me so very angry and depressed.

      • Esmom says:

        I was beside myself with rage at this yesterday. It WAS domestic terrorism, and today Trump called them “good people!” I need to limit my news intake, too.

  11. Noodle says:

    Earlier this week a protest flyer was posted on Facebook in all the Huntington Beach community groups. They are going to protest TODAY, and the flyer indicated the protestors were planning to illegally block streets and disrupt the public. From what I could see, this was being sponsored by our local tea party/white supremacy underbelly, and I’m legitimately worried for our community. While I live three or four miles away from downtown where most of the BS goes down, these protests are beginning to bring out the a-holes big time. I can’t tell you how many “But not our beaches!” Cries for freedom I’ve heard this week. Suddenly people care about “human” rights when they take away their beaches. The city politicians, fire and police department are all against Newsom’s order. What about the Muslim travel ban? People being put in cages? Police violence against unarmed black men? Where was your outrage then? But no, close the beaches (to protect the public!!!) and there’s hell to pay. The privilege reeks.

  12. Prayer Warrior says:

    So what needs to be done to break this “own the libs” attitude? A breakdown of deaths between red states/counties, and blue states/counties? Would they settle down if there was proof they were killing themselves? (oddly, I doubt it, but I have trouble giving up on the idea that folks are basically good, and when shown their misguided ways, will learn and grow…up). Who are these people? Is there a demographic? Rich/poor? Generally white or multi-coloured? Or um, sorry, need coffee, cannot think of why on earth folks would want to gather on a beach and potentially catch a deadly disease, and/or spread the illness so others die, if not themselves. Full disclosure: not a beach person, the sand gets everywhere….most uncomfortable!

    • Noodle says:

      @prayerwarrior, the people defending their rights to a beach (which sounds ridiculous to type) are white, upper-middle-class folks. Huntington Beach is a wealthy area (houses start around 600,000), but has working class roots. While we have some very wealthy residents, our town is the party-bro younger brother of the wealthier towns to the south (Newport Beach, Laguna Beach). Orange County has traditionally been “red”, but in a socially liberal, fiscally conservative manner. People don’t get upset about abortion or gun rights here, as much as they do about keeping their sources of wealth. That said, many of the people who came down and crowded the beach last weekend were from LA or the Inland areas. Mind you, many people here didn’t mind the beach being open, as it is a popular exercise and social center.

  13. SamC says:

    I also read this morning the Beverly Hills City Council voted to allow plastic surgeries to resume.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      I grew up in BH (and still live 1 block outside the “border” lol), and I can tell you…yeah, for a LOT of the women here, it is considered an “essential” medical procedure. There are solid blocks of buildings that have all kinds of cosmetic surgeons (dental to face to butt to feet) that are feeling a TREMENDOUS loss of income from this (as these procedures, for the most part, are a “cash” business, no insurance in the middle). So yeah, I can hear the screams.

      But I thought I heard Newsom say that cosmetic procedures will STILL not be considered essential. So you can bet, all the women who get botoxed faces will suddenly develop migraines that “benefit from botox” injections (that needle will also find it’s way to their crow’s feet and nasal fold areas).

      • Amy says:

        I get Botox for my Migraines and you can’t get it now, so I have been getting serious migraines almost every day. I called my doctor and he switched me to this shot I have to give myself.

        Also I am sure you didn’t mean anything by this but it offends me when people act like you can just get Botox for migraines it is a huge process and you have to suffer a lot! And prove you have tried a ton of other options before they will give it to you.

        So no theses women may try but they won’t succeed. Also migraines are a serious and debilitating issue not something to make light of.

      • Noodle says:

        @amy, I get Botox for migraine too, and it irritates me how people think it’s just a medical excuse for insurance-covered Botox. It is a long, drawn-out process, and it’s 100% medically necessary. Thankfully my neuro is still performing the service, so I haven’t missed my 3 month appt. I’m sorry you’re struggling now; I hope you are able to get in and get treated soon.

      • Amy says:

        Thank you @noodle. I am glad you are getting treatment its been terrible hoping this new treatment works

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        I am sorry, Amy, I didn’t mean to offend in the least. I am not trying to make fun of, or mitigate, true sufferers of migraine. I know that botox can be a HUGE game changer for this.

        My comment was just about vainity…about the people (men & women) who will try and skirt the “no *cosmetic* procedure” rule.

        My apologies, Amy and Noodle.

      • Christina says:

        Amy and Noodle, I’m so sorry about your migraines. They are horrible. I had them (mine turned into stroke migraines) and my daughter has them. We are under a do for’ scare for them. Luckily, our are occasional enough not to require shots.

        The OG’s comment is true, and shallow women in Beverly Hills will try to fake migraines. The migraine shots for home are so hard to get, and I’m so sorry that you both have that kind of pain.

  14. Rapunzel says:

    Morons, the lot of them. As a lifelong CA resident, I can tell you, there is a huge underbelly of MAGAts in the state, especially in the farming communities of the Central Valley, where I live. These morons are all convinced that a) Newsom is awful. b) socialism is evil. c) Bill Gates is gonna microchip us all with his vaccine.

    They are convinced the numbers are inflated. And that masks aren’t really helpful. And that it’s nobler to die/get someone killed than stay home and not be able to get a haircut. Disgusting.

    Newsom is planning a run for the Presidency at some point, and he will be a strong candidate.

    • Noodle says:

      @Rapunzel, is there the same racial undertones to the MAGAts in your area? In the OC, we have this hidden white supremacy undercurrent to so much of this protest. I know the Central Valley is home to most of our food workers (bless them!). Is it the same there, or is the dogma not racially charged?

      • Rapunzel says:

        Noodle- it’s racist af. Lots of references to illegals, and the “Wuhan Virus.”

    • Lightpurple says:

      I was blocked from an extended family member’s Facebook page yesterday. She was posting that the death numbers were inflated and doctors were being forced to claim Covid19 as the cause of death. Her daughter-in-law, who is a physical therapist working for a VNA, told her that this was simply not true. In support of the daughter-in-law, I pointed out that the source she was citing referred to the NHS, so it wasn’t even American. Another MAGAT then went after both of us claiming the hospitals were inflating the numbers for obscene profit. Another cousin piped in with an explanation of how government reimbursement of hospitals works – the government NEVER pays the actual cost of the service – the three of us suddenly found ourselves blocked. By this morning, she had unblocked us but she had removed the whole thread.

      • Rapunzel says:

        LP- I got called a “dummy” and “f–ing stupid” for daring to say that UV light doesn’t kill this virus like bleach. Apparently all the peeps who can’t wash their hands correctly are now all MDs.

        I also got yelled at when I pointed out (to a person against lockdowns) that a source being used to justify it being safe to end lockdowns was a non-peer reviewed study specifically labeled “not to be used in determining safety protocols. ”

        And I lost it on a rwnj lecturing a fellow teacher about “commie common core” and “indoctrination” in public schools (dumb b–ing to do when folks are struggling to homeschool). This fellow teacher was using boots on the ground experience of over 20 years, but this nutter insisted she was lying and posted a bunch of random links and videos. I was like, “you’re being disrespectful” and she’s like, “I don’t know who you are but…” and I was like, “I’m an educator of 19 years who knows better than to cite The Federalist as proof of anything.” She persisted with other “sources” and I was like, “nothing you’re sharing is credible and I’m ignoring you til you bring actual support”

        I’m so flipping over these fools.

      • lucy2 says:

        That lie is going around here too. It’s coming from extreme right media, who still want people to believe it’s all a lie.
        Don’t believe it? Go volunteer at the hospital or a nursing home.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Rapunzel, former teacher here (30 yrs). I hear what you’re saying. A good friend of mine (K) was caught in lockdown when visiting an friend in Orange County here in CA (there’s a red flag, right? lol). K was a substitute teacher at a school I taught at for 25 yrs., just for background. Anyway, K told me that her friend said to her that she *read *somewhere* that “Common Core was a “lib” way to be able to teach KINDERGARTNERS about sodomy and sex education”. I sh#t you not. WTAF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? WHEN did critical thinking, reading comprehension, and plain old common sense go to pot?? Did they all get Windmill Cancer that affected their minds?? (yes…sarcasm!)

      • Tifffany :) says:

        Politifact did a fact check on those claims and debunked them. I am not sure if it would convince them to have the facts laid out, though.

  15. Darla says:

    I’m a NY’er, but I absolutely agree Newsom has done a better job, probably the best in the nation, though Inslee was fantastic too.

    Cuomo waited a bit too long, but he has done very well since. What he is doing, and daily, is giving the democratic response to right wing talking points. one of the biggest being, McConnell and now Trump trying to say that the blue states are leeches, and we don’t deserve federal money. I mean, this is just SO freaking enraging! Especially for those of us who have long known that blue states support red states. Red states are the welfare states! But Cuomo has been very effective at kicking that ass, in what I would call a quintessential New York way. And he’s doing it for all blue states.

    I have a strong feeling of solidarity with blue states, and I am so proud of our blue state governors. When I say “we’re all in this together” I am mainly speaking of NY, NJ, CT CA, WA, IL, Whitmer over in MI, etc. Happy to welcome MI back into the fold, stay with us in Nov!

    • Amy says:

      I agree! Cuomo waited way to long and I do not like the games he and De Blasio are playing but I do love Cuomo shutting down McConnel and Trump.

      However, i thin the media should focus on Newsom since he has done the best job in teh nation

    • lucy2 says:

      Newsome, and California has a whole, has done very well.
      NYC was always going to be way worse though, just given the density, and the way most people get around the city.

    • sa says:

      I guess I don’t really think it’s a Newsom or Cuomo thing. Can’t we say they are both doing a good job in different circumstances?

      California has double the population, but the density of the NYC metro area and its public transportation are not comparable to anywhere in California.

      It was always going spread a lot faster in the NY metro area than anywhere else in the US. It’s the perfect storm of an international airport, tightly packed public transportation that millions use everyday, and a dense population where even sidewalks can be like too crowded hallways.

  16. Rapunzel says:

    Oh and a quick note: that OC supervisor yammering about sunlight is taking a cue from those two “doctors” on YouTube from Kern county. The “doctors” all medical groups have come out against because they are spreading nonsense.

    This medical misinformation is part and parcel to the clear propaganda being spewed by right wing media for the purpose of encouraging folks to force ends to lockdowns… so the government isn’t on the hook for supporting them via unemployment or decent stimulus packages.

    Many of these “doctors” against lockdowns are being funded/encouraged by right wing organizations. A lot of lockdown protest groups are funded by the Devos and Koch families, who are pushing the duel special interests of big business that wants profits over people, and ultra right politicians who don’t want to fund social programs. It’s all connected, and the conditioning of the masses to accept the propaganda has been long in the works.

    • Darla says:

      They take little kernels of truth and make them into lies. Of course the sun is good for you in some ways. My own mental health depends on it, and I fall into depression when it rains too many days in a row, like right now in fact. So as soon as the sun comes out I do go outside and I walk in it, and I turn my face to it. And a little Vitamin D is good for you too. But it won’t cure the coronavirus. In my experience, it’s mainly for mental health.

    • Noodle says:

      I can’t tell you how many times I have seen those “doctors” posted in social media, lauding them for telling the truth. When I post counter-arguments and posts from ACTUAL public health officials, suddenly the posts disappear or I am blocked. There are 100 doctors telling the truth, but all it takes are two urgent care doctors to present another side and those 100 doctors are no longer valid or reliable. So dumb.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Exactly Noodle- in my critical thinking classes, I’ve been discussing expertise and what makes one an expert- my classes universally decided the respect of peers in one’s field is a reliable measure of expertise. If the rest of your field thinks you’re wrong, you probably are.

      • La says:

        @Rapunzel – I spoke to a friend last night who is an emergency physician. He said in all the private EM discussion groups those YouTube docs are a laughingstock and the other physicians are PISSED at the misinformation being spread. This friend has been working the front lines in CA and had plenty of stories to tell. Too bad these morons wouldn’t believe him.

    • North of Boston says:

      Dangerous propaganda and astroturfing by deep pockets trying to stir up unrest are making this situation much much worse than it should be.

  17. Zan says:

    Here in San Francisco, the Parks Dept has repeated the saying, “If you need a car, it’s too far”. Now, of course, not all San Franciscans always follow this suggestion, but we are lucky in the city to have more than 200 parks, and all residents are within 10 minutes of a park to enjoy without driving. The city is also shutting down streets so people can get out and exercise while practicing social distancing.
    I doubt all those people in OC walked to the beach.
    Beautiful spaces, warm temperatures and being cooped up for months aren’t a great combo at this point, but things will be worse in the long-run if people don’t continue to take this seriously.

  18. pottymouth pup says:

    so 80-90K people crowded on beaches should bode really well not only for the people who were there but all the poor folks who, unknowingly, come in contact with all those potential vectors while they’re doing their essential grocery shopping, etc.

  19. Leducduswaz says:

    I’d like to get on my high horse and say that Americans have lost their minds, but the pictures of Cape Town beachfront this morning prove that every country has its crazy people. Unfortunately, humans are fundamentally selfish creatures.

  20. Case says:

    I think fairly strict restrictions will have to stay in place. In other countries, other because of government rule or the way their society is set up, places like Germany and South Korea have been able to slowly reopen because people follow the rules, in combination with advanced testing and tracking measures.

    Here, in the thick of the pandemic, people are still bumping up against each other in the grocery line. I don’t trust some of my fellow Americans to help keep others safe. People simply aren’t understanding that there is no going back to normal right now — we’re going back to a new normal. Some restrictions will need to remain until we have the vaccine. It’s just reality, and a lot of people aren’t grasping it.

  21. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Although it’s very very important for mental health to take walks and seek for the sun it’s also crucial that we avoid big groups. It’s going to be a wonderful sunny spring weekend in my city and the Sakura trees will be in full blossom so the government wisely decided to close the most emblematic parks to avoid the expected crows. Lots of people lamenting the fact that they cannot walk or run around it but I can image how easily it could have been out of control.

  22. TheOriginalMia says:

    Newsom and Cuomo are awesome. I’m stuck with Gov. Brian “I didn’t know asymptomatic people could infect folks” Kemp. Georgia is open for business with increasing positive tests, but let’s open restaurants, malls and salons. Oh, but if you’re old and infirm or medically vulnerable stay home. Ugh.

  23. Ann says:

    I find Gavin Newsom extremely sexy and I want him to run for president. Stay safe Cali. I’ve seen lots of people at various places they shouldn’t be at in Arizona, especially the parks. We’re already into triple digit highs in some places so at least we have that going for us.

    • Sparkles says:

      California is so lucky to have Newsom and Garcetti. I’m in dumb ass Texas, in the suburbs of Houston. What I’ve noticed in my community is that the majority of the White folks in MY area are being very careless and going about their day without masks/social distancing. I tell my husband that we’re at a point where you can tell a lot about a person’s political affiliation based on that alone. I have neighbors who have a VAN FULL of people (Including 7 kids) visiting them from Minnesota right now. I don’t understand it. Who goes on a road trip to visit aunts and uncles and grandmas right now?! It boggles me. Plus, I live in a state with a Lieutenant Governor who said that “there are more important things than living” so there ya go.

  24. Sparkle says:

    I live in Northern California (not Bay Area) and it is full of MAGAts. No one wears masks in my neighborhood and some neighbors refuse to social distance. I had to leap out of the way of a white woman jogging with her 3 small kids because she ran straight at me as I was putting my dogs in my car in front of MY house. I told her, 6 feet please and she laughed at me as she ran past me INCHES from me.

    My sister’s father in law is a MAGAt and he went to my sisters houses yesterday to stand in the front yard and see the grand children from 10 feet away with a mask on. Fine. He also was wearing a Make America Great Again hat. SMDH. My sister and I are half Mexican! His grandchildren are part Mexican! What is he doing wearing a MAGA hat in front of all of us like that. I consider it a microaggression at this point to wear the MAGA hat, it’s a new era Klan cap and is a symbol of racism.

    So many insane “Reopen California!” freaks. I believe in reopening the economy safely with strict health department enforced guidelines that include sanitation, social distance, and masks be worn. All these MAGAts think it infringes on their “civil rights.” Such privlege if their biggest concern is having to wear a mask, which is a PIECE of clothing. Im sorry. living amongst these type of people is so depressing. This is NOT my America!

    • Joanna says:

      I don’t get it. I know several non white people who are trump fans. I don’t get it

    • SomeChick says:

      I think in many cases it is an intentional, full-on aggression. Not judging the FIL in particular, but in general.

      Did you see the photo of that doofus in the “MAGA 2020″ printed FACE MASK? Dude. Epic.

      I just can’t with some folks. Where I am, at least 3/4 of the people at the grocery store wear masks and at least attempt to social distance, observe the aisle directions, etc. And then you get some big bunch of Covidiots intentionally standing too close, touching things and not buying them, going the wrong way. And they get aggressive if you ask for space. SMDH.

      The mean side of me wishes they could be refused treatment when (not if!) they fall ill. But that’s not how it works and I wouldn’t want to be turned away from the ER for, say, having tattoos or something.

  25. Amy says:

    As a New Yorker, I don’t get the praise of Cuomo. I mean he’s done a great job but nothing like Newsom and Inslee. I mean what California has done is remarkable and they hare bending the curve. New York did not take it serious for a long time and while we are now it is nothing compared to what California did.

    So yeah I have to say that California should get all the praise but the media has a bias to the East Coast so that is what we will hear about.

    • sa says:

      Hindsight is great, but I’m on Long Island and I was donating blood two days before Cuomo announced he was shutting down NY and the MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS in that office were talking about how crazy Cuomo was being with the restrictions he had already put in place. I don’t remember how many confirmed cases NY had at that point, but I think at that point people thought that the New Rochelle cluster was NY’s biggest threat.

      As I commented above, NY, with the JFK, the tightly packed public transportation, and the density, was always going to be worse than other places. To compare NY to California is like comparing apples to oranges.

      I’m not saying that Cuomo is free from criticism. But I think it’s a false comparison.

  26. ME says:

    Do these morons not watch the news or read up on how this virus spreads and the damage it can do to a person? F*ck everyone that isn’t taking this seriously. You have one damn responsibility morons, and that’s the stay home ! This will go down as the dumbest time in history.

  27. The Blower’s Daughter says:

    I’m in LA County. Newsom absolutely did the right thing in shutting down California when he did, but it’s clear that he’s far behind the 8-ball on a plan for opening it back up. CA has a much lower infection/death rate than NY. Yet on the same day Cuomo came out with a detailed plan with specific dates for specific businesses, Newsom said his Task Force would meet “soon” to discuss phases for reopening. His Task Force has 100 leaders (!) who meet virtually (!) twice a month (!). Now can you see the frustration? I don’t condone the idiots that pack the beaches, but Newsom does not get a pass. He has a history of disorganization, and it shows. And I’m a Democrat.

    • Amy says:

      Newsom and the west coast gov had his plan out before New York

      • The Blower’s Daughter says:

        Have you read Newsom’s “plan”? It really says absolutely nothing. No specifics whatsoever! I nearly fell over when I heard Cuomo’s. I think the perfect Covid19 response would be Newsom in the beginning and Cuomo now.

      • Tifffany :) says:

        Newsom’s plan had 6 specific areas that need to be addressed for business to open. I thought it was well thought out.

      • Genessee says:

        “It really says absolutely nothing. No specifics whatsoever!”

        Because it’s pointless to give dates or more specifics when it all depends on “social distancing” since there is no vaccine, widespread testing, or viable treatment yet.

        We are STILL way behind in testing. No way is he going to give the green light when we’re barely holding it together.

        Because let’s face it, it just takes ONE massive gathering or one week of everyone losing their minds and socializing normally with asymptomatic people and we are back to SQUARE ONE.

  28. Sequinedheart says:

    I live in OC and I was, and still am, absolutely disgusted that people went to the beach. Heck, I get irritated on social media seeing friends doing it.
    To my neighbors in OC, Just stay home, most of you f’ers have pools or a backyard sprinkler. Get over it and stay home.
    And yes, our county officials are just the worst, but I got excited when we went blue last election. It’s getting better, very very slowly…

  29. Grant says:

    I’m in Texas and I think our governor is doing a bang-up job… Just kidding, Governor Abbott is AWFUL. Tomorrow is the first day he is allowing movie theatres, restaurants, and gyms to open up at 20% capacity. Fortunately, I’m in Austin which is a bastion of Blue in a deeply Red state. Most people I’ve talked to aren’t planning to set foot inside one of these establishments. We’ll continue ordering our to-go margarita packs and shelter-in-place like sane people, thank you much!

  30. Original Jenns says:

    I’m just going to give a shout out to my own governor – Walz from Minnesota, veteran and former teacher. He has from the beginning done amazing work. He has a plan, a complete, forwarding thinking plan for a large portion of the future, and it is based on science and experts in all fields. He’s joined with other governors in our area of the nation to try and match our borders to keep us safe. He’s put out our surplus to aide in financial support, he’s made sure our unemployment systems are up and running at full capacity. He has regular press conferences to keep us updated. Our known infection numbers are low and I think it’s all because of what he’s done. His baby steps to open are being protested by ignorant people who don’t care about public health but he is remaining strong and staying focused on lowering the curve. Nebraska, be proud of your boy!

    It’s heartening to see so many governors step up in the face of a useless, terrorizing, thieving federal government and do what they were elected to do.

  31. Thea says:

    So split my time between LA, OC, and NYC. Right now I’m in OC and I think Newsom made the right call. I live by the beach and yes, there are a lot of people. Groups of people hanging out that are obviously not related and not social distancing.

    I know people like to think of the OC as republicans, but it’s been going blue in the last elections. And OC issued stay at home orders before LA and the state of California. I was surprised too. It was a great start, but they kinda dropped the ball. There hasn’t even been a county wide mandate on masks!

    Also gonna be pedantic and point out that Newport and HB didn’t reopen their beaches, because it was never closed. They closed the parking lots, piers, boardwalk, facilities, playgrounds, but not the beach itself. A lot of out of town era from LA and Riverside have been coming here. I wonder if they’ll go to Ventura now. Newport should have closed the beaches on the weekend, but they decided against that and now they’re thinking of challenging the order. HB already said they will challenge and the Oc Sheriff department already said they’re not gonna enforce it. Smh. They’ll probably be a protest in HB today. HB always has a white supremacist undercurrent, so it’s not surprising that that’s where all the magats are. I was picking up groceries for my elderly aunt and uncle in HB and the guy in front of me had a pillowcase with eye holes cut out….you don’t have to guess what images that conjured up.

  32. Reece says:

    I live in LA and when I heard that they were opening the beaches in OC and Ventura. I KNEW people would flood them but I hoped they wouldn’t. At least people could trickle in and out of the beaches with a few beaches open but no. Honestly I’m still mad about it.
    It’s was suddenly like we live in Florida!

  33. Ellen says:

    Huntington Beach is in Orange County, although it’s changing, and there are some very good people in OC, there are also many conservatives, including a bunch of supervisors who voted to open all the OC beaches given the beautiful CA weather coming our way last weekend.

    This isn’t a sentence! I know it’s a gossip site, but come on! Some of these articles are actually difficult to read.

    • SomeChick says:

      It IS a sentence. It’s just punctuation. I’m sure you understood it.

      Let’s see:

      Huntington Beach is in Orange County. Although it’s changing, and there are some very good people in OC, there are also many conservatives. Including a bunch of supervisors who voted to open all the OC beaches, given the beautiful CA weather coming our way last weekend.

      Better? Also, the “very good people” shade was perfect. Even with the long sentence.

      Thank you, next.

  34. Lady Luna says:

    I grew up in Orange County and that sounds about white. I’m glad I moved to LA 22 years ago. I really miss the ocean, but I would miss my family more if I ever put them in danger.

  35. Alarmjaguar says:

    100% agree, but no one on the east coast pays attention to the West Coast.