Ana de Armas had her 32nd birthday with a guy vaguely resembling Ben Affleck

Ana de Armas recently posted the slideshow above showing her celebrating her 32nd birthday with a guy who sort-of looks like Ben Affleck. In case you’re wondering if she’s missing the paparazzi (they haven’t caught her out with Ben since Tuesday and those were exclusives, Just Jared has them), I think we have our answer in these pics, although I don’t blame her for wanting to post about her birthday. People aren’t wearing bras in lockdown, so I guess she’s following that trend. I’m wondering where she and the Ben lookalike are exactly. Did they travel somewhere? I bet they did.

When Kaiser emailed me about this, I first thought this was some other dark-haired guy until I saw the last photo of them from behind. That guy is the same height as Ben, but what’s up with his face in the photo from front-on? Is it a filter, the lighting, or is that a Ben impersonator? It really doesn’t look like him at all. If it is Ben, this is the first time they’re going Instagram official, unless the photos Ben took of Ana in Costa Rica count. I think the person has to be in the pictures to count.

Earlier this week Ben flipped out at a paparazzo for some reason. I think he’s just cranky in lockdown. The photographer was super apologetic, but who knows what led-up to that?

Here’s a video that Ana posted of her smashing a birthday pinata. Seriously, where are they? People aren’t supposed to travel now!




photos via Instagram

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  1. Granger says:

    Her teeth in that photo remind me of the Friends episode where Ross gets his teeth bleached. BLINDING!

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I wanna know who took the pic of them staring off at the sky.

      and I really like her necklace…anyone know what/who/where I can get it?…

      • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

        That was my first thought at seeing that photo: who took this? Because that’s not social distancing. And even if that person took it approximately 6ft away, why even take the risk? I wonder if that person was an employee at the resort they’re staying at.
        Eat the rich.

      • Allz says:

        That could easily be a timer. Ben seems to like photography and that’s not a hard picture to take without a third person.

      • Marie says:

        The camera was probably set to a timer — you can see the ledge in the frame — which I think is more cringe worthy. That means they had to set the timer and then run to the spot, hug, and look out yonder as if we’re a spontaneous, candid moment. Yuck.

      • Case says:

        People use self-timers all the time. I realize these two haven’t been the best at quarantining, but I don’t think people should get yelled at just because it’s not obvious how they took the photo themselves. It’s very doable.

      • Jess says:

        I agree Marie!

      • a says:

        You can see the table or ledge the camera is propped up on, it’s a timer

      • whatWHAT? says:

        OK, didn’t notice the ledge thing…so I think you’re all right, that it’s a timer.

        which makes me agree with Marie…it’s cringe-worthy that they’d set the timer and then rush to position themselves to make it look like they just happened to be caught being dreamy and romantic. BARF.

      • Ashley says:

        It has to be Ben taking the photos. They’re in the middle of the desert and it doesn’t seem like anyone else is around. The photo of the back of them together could just be a phone placed strategically with the timer.

        No offense to her but spending your birthday in the desert during a pandemic seems depressing. Kind of dystopian.

      • Jenny says:

        You people who are concerned with their social distancing need a life.

      • North of Boston says:

        “You people who are concerned with their social distancing need a life.”

        People who are concerned with social distance have a life … one they are trying to keep safe by practicing social distancing.

      • MeganBot2020 says:

        Okay but no one’s life is being endangered because a celebrity couple drove to a completely empty desert near their home.

    • lucy2 says:

      I know! That episode always cracked me up.

      These two are too much. They’re not very good at staying home, and clearly need a LOT of attention.

  2. Yiza says:


  3. Alissa says:

    so Ben has become an Instagram boyfriend. who would have guessed.

    also, it’s definitely him in the pictures.

    • Jess says:

      Yeah def him, it looks like Joshua Tree too so they must have traveled…

    • Suz says:

      Ben bit J.Lo’s butt on a yacht in her music video. Instagram Boyfriend is cake for him.

      • Jules says:

        yea, this is really rivaling bennifer days. I wonder what garner thinks of this shitshow, if they are consciously uncoupling and planning couples vacations all together? can’t see it.

  4. Jess says:

    The thirst is real for these two. It feels so forced in our faces to be genuine…I’m confused!

    • Lee says:

      I agree! I read some people on gossip sites commenting ‘Run Ana, run’, but I think she’s into seeking attention as much as he is.
      Thought she was better than this.

    • tina says:

      I don’t doubt they are a couple, but I don’t understand the need to be so public about everything. Are they really that needy? Will he have to self-quarantine again when he comes back home?

    • Mia4s says:

      Hey did you hear she’s dating Ben Affleck? HEY EVERYONE LOOK!! SHE’S DATING BEN AFFLECK!!…….you notice right?!?

      🙄🙄 I did not know she existed until a few months ago and I already find her exhausting. (Affleck I was tired of years ago.)

    • Jess says:

      I just can’t for the life of me see how they don’t notice the oversharing is getting the wrong kind of attention. Maybe its just lust at this point but based on ‘sources’ they have been together for a fair few months now, only once the (IMO) weirdly staged pap stroll in Costa Rica pics came out has it been overkill.

      I dunno… I agree tho @lee I thought she was better than this. I imagine the media won’t let her forget it whatever happens either.

  5. SJR says:

    Affleck, meh.
    She certainly wants publicity.
    Why else would a young woman with her career on the rise, take up with Affleck? Man child, sleeps with family nanny, awful back tattoo wearing drinker who thinks only of himself. The smart move would be to run, run, run away.
    I’m guessing they drove out into some area for these pics.
    I am polite so, Happy Birthday to you.

    • Yep says:

      They’re all insecure as heck, esp if they’ve had a taste or a big taste of success. Scared of losing it. She wants to be a bona fide celeb. Jessica Chastain’s one of the few who doesn’t seem to play the game at all (virtually zero pap walks) and works like crazy on major productions. They work in a strange industry where you’re part of the 0.00001% or you’re NOTHING (perhaps waiting tables / delivering food in between auditions and nothing wrong with those jobs).

  6. OSTONE says:

    That is most definitely Ben Affleck. Ugh I had such high hopes for her.. after being amazing in Knives Out. She didn’t need him nor the ridiculous pap walks, what a waste!

  7. Esmom says:

    It looks like a professional photo shoot, an editorial for a magazine, not your typical IG selfies. Pretty scenery.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      well, SOMEONE else was there taking pics because they surely didn’t take the one of them from the back, staring off into space.

      • Theo says:

        The only problem of those photos is that they don’t present his glorious Phoenix. The color combination with his tirquaz shorts is perfect. Bless his heart.

    • Jess says:

      lol you know he stood at that angle to not get it in shot!

  8. Summer says:

    Oh boy. A Leo and and Taurus. Been there, not going to work in the long run. Lol

    • MellyMel says:

      I just came here to say the same. That’s an…interesting combo.

    • WriterMarie says:

      I’m a Leo and my roommate is a Taurus, turning 32 on Monday actually.

      They are totally not going to work at all! My roommate annoys the ish out of me, but I’m in a lease until next May… ugh. I can’t even imagine how Ben is dealing with her all the time… she’s so immature just like my roommate. My roommate even tries to use me all the time to her advantage. It seems Ana is doing the same for Ben. He doesn’t seem to happy in the selfie pic! He has the face of, “Are you really making me take this picture?”

    • Alyse says:

      Thinking about it in starsigns… no wonder Bennifer 1.0 was so flashy/attention-whorey! 2 Leos lol!!!
      I’m a Leo (and fit every Leo stereotype perfectly) so I can say it ;)

  9. Tila says:

    I like them together 🤷‍♀️ They seem really into each other and it’s sweet. Yes, he has baggage but she’s 32 years old and knows what she’s doing.

  10. CommentingBunny says:

    Did they travel? For real? They’d have to quarantine themselves for 14 days when they get back, which means he wouldn’t see his kids for the time period he’s away plus two weeks. For pretty Instagram pics. Maybe I’m just grumpy from isolation and lack of sleep but if they really did travel, the selfishness of it is breathtaking.

    Maybe they just have a really nice backyard.

    • a says:

      Why would he have to quarantine? The desert is just a couple hours drive outside Los Angeles and they’re alone judging by the way the camera is propped up on a surface in that photo of them.

      • Darla says:

        Yeah you’re still allowed to get in your car and take a drive with another person. People are getting a bit over the top.

      • Natalee says:

        Yeah you can drive and go on like a hike, not on a f’n vacation. They’re obviously staying in a house. Someone had to stock it. Someone will have to go in and clean it once they leave. They’re garbage.

      • a says:

        As long as they didn’t have staff there waiting on them, no one is at risk.

      • Theo says:

        We don’t know if they have staff. They don’t take pictures with the staff!

      • Züri says:

        Thanks for following that stay-at-home and essential travel only order, Ben and Ana. Your thirstiness has proven what a couple of entitled, self-absorbed nitwits you are.

        I live an hour drive from Joshua Tree and would love to go, but that doesn’t fall within the order and potentially endangers others (at gas stations, among other places). State officials have asked us to stay home and exercise in our neighborhoods.

  11. a says:

    Really think she’s pregnant … those photos of them at an ob/gyn office for a start

    • WriterMarie says:

      And why is that? She definitely doesn’t look it. And that office building has lawyer offices’ as well as a production company that Ana made a film with. I highly doubt she’s pregnant. But who knows, stranger things have happened.

      • a says:

        Mainly how he’s been acting around her, how public they are and how attentive he seems. Lawyers are working from home no? The shelter-in-place order had been issued at that time.

    • Ellie says:

      She appears to be drinking wine in one photo. Also noteworthy considering she’s with a recovering alcoholic who had a very public relapse just six months ago.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      maybe she’s getting some form of birth control? maybe she has other health issues relating to her lady bits? she doesn’t have to be preggers to visit an OB/GYN.

      • a says:

        taking your boyfriend to the appointment though?

      • whatWHAT? says:

        why is that strange?

        to add, I can’t find the pics you refer to. do you have a source (I know sometimes links don’t go through, depending on the site)?

      • Fleur says:

        @a: I’ve never taken any man with my to the Gyno, however I had a friend who always used to take her boyfriend with her for every visit. Similarly, I had a different friend who always took her female romantic partner with her to a gyno visit. Some people feel very vulnerable at a gyno visit and want a witness there just to make sure things go okay.

    • Jaded says:

      Maybe it was a regular checkup of her lady bits? A pap smear? Having an IUD inserted, could be lots of things.

  12. Darla says:

    It’s weird to me that people don’t know what she sees in him. Affleck is one of the world’s biggest movie stars, talented, good looking, and there’s no doubt he is charming in person. But more importantly, he’s smart. (dummies are the biggest lady boner killer by far imo). Years ago before all of his addictions became known, I thought he might go into politics. Though I’m not sure how a gambling addiction, alcoholism, and various sexual hi jinks precludes you from a political career now that I think on it.

    Anyway, it’s nice to see people happy. Yeah, I think she can bring the drama, but so can a lot of people. I’m not into drama, some people thrive on it. To each their own.

    • Ali says:

      Also agree with this take.

      Not only is he intelligent, he’s rich, he’s charming, he’s successful, he’s attractive and he’s super into her. She’s living her best life right now.

    • emmy says:

      Absolutely. His f*ckboi ways certainly don’t mean he’s dumb. He’s not. And never forget what Jen Garner said about him and the way he can make you feel like the sun shines out of your a**. Also, the lifestyle of a rich Hollywood star doesn’t suck.

    • Christy says:

      One of the world’s biggest movie stars? You mean he’s globally famous like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Jackie Chan, Sharukh Khan, Aishwariya Rai,etc ? LOL nope, only some people who regularly watch Hollywood movies recognize this guy. He’s extremely oridinary looking with mediocre acting talent. He only made it big because he was Harvey Weinstein’s lap dog along with his BFF Matt Damon. And let’s not forget multiple sexual harrassment allegations against him, this guy is far from a prize.

      • a says:

        “only some people who regularly watch Hollywood movies recognize this guy”

      • Christy says:


        lolwut? I’m glad you asked. Yep there are people out there who don’t watch Hollywood movies and stick to movies made in their own countries which is why they don’t know who this failed Batman is LMFAO

      • Joanna says:

        EXACTLY Christy. Idk why everyone acts like he’s some prize. If I had her looks, I’d aim a lot higher than Ben

  13. Molly says:

    Thirst aside, she’s really naturally pretty. I’d never guess she was 32 either.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      right? she looks like she could be in her early 20s, easy. very pretty young woman.

  14. Kelly says:

    That’s Ben in those pics he sure does love the Latinas. I recall all those years ago that Ben’s fans hated JLO and loved that he dumped her for good white girl Jen Garner who would never go braless…

    • Sofia no says:

      Jen is a total prude. She once said something like, “Garner girls don’t have pierced ears.” She seemed so smug about it.

      • LaurenMichelle says:

        Yes, but Jen has lip injections. I saw Jen in “Dude Where’s my Car” and she had thin lips. Didn’t recognize Jen in that fine film. 😄

        Jen is not a saint, she chased Ben and got pregnant within a few months of hooking up. Everyone knew Ben had addictions, but Jen wanted him anyway. Goop dumped Ben’s a** long ago for good reason, and never looked back…very telling.

      • a says:

        goop actually dated him again after their initial breakup

    • Joanna says:

      YES. I just came on this post and was going to write that. Basic frat douche bros love some non white women. I think it’s that whole forbidden fruit thing that turns them on, especially if that forbidden fruit has a little color but not too much. It disgusts me tbh with you. Not interracial relationships but the fetishization of non white women by men who will sleep w them but not be in a relationship or marry them. And before someone yells “what about jlo?” That wasn’t a relationship.

      • Anna says:

        @Joanna I feel you on this 100%. I grew up with a similar situation in my country and it made me livid then and still does.

      • Natalee says:

        Ana is white.

      • WTW says:

        Natalee, thanks for saying this. Ana is indeed white. You can be a white Latina, and she’s definitely one. Also, lots of white men like women of color, not just the frat boy types.

      • Desdemona says:

        Latino means born in Latin America… A Latino person can be white, black, or asian for that matter… A latino can be blond blue-eyed….

  15. Natalee says:

    They’re obviously around Joshua tree. It’s where all these rich a-holes like Kendall Jenner are going to “get away from it”

  16. lemonylips says:

    I think that’s him, just based on the horrible tattoo on the arm. But he looks so different to me, maybe a longer beard and hair that’s way. They both look really healthy and she’s pretty.

  17. pineapple says:

    I never knew a place called Joshua Tree existed. Now I wonder, “if you have a place like THAT, why live anywhere else?”

    Dear Gosh, that is GORGEOUS!!!!! I can not afford a place in Joshua Tree. It is too pretty. I am a peon. Sadness.

    • Natalee says:

      Can I ask where you live? If you’re outside the US I can understand not knowing Joshua Tree. But if you were American And had NEVER heard of it I would be really sad.

      And you don’t generally live there because it’s a desert, and also home to lots of rich and/or weird people.

    • MeganBot2020 says:

      It was a location in the film ‘Ingrid Goes West’; the movie really captured the essence of Joshua Tree and its appeal for a certain subset of people.

    • Jules says:

      Joshua Tree is amazing, very magical.

      • Kkat says:

        We went camping in Joshua tree all the time.
        I have fond memories of my dad having to climb up to rescue me multiple times when I would get stuck rock climbing.
        Many times

      • Jules says:

        Lol I rock climbed there as well! Had some scary moments too, but still memorable and beautiful memories!

  18. kyliegirl says:

    I really liked her after seeing Knives out. Now I couldn’t watch her in a movie and not see her thirst and Ben Affleck smoking with is mask on. So gross. They really don’t have a sense of the temp of the times.

  19. bub244 says:

    Traveling somewhere nice to celebrate your birthday does NOT count as essential travel. That’s all I’ll say.

  20. ItBeginsWithQ says:

    I don’t have any idea why, but I sorta like them together? I like the fact that they’re not hiding their relationship. They’re not jumping into dumpsters. It’s definitely thirsty but quite frankly Ben has been apart of much worse scandals than this. Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect couples that guard their privacy but there’s also something refreshing about people saying “Yes. We’re in love.”

  21. Alexandra says:

    Shouldn’t be out in the desert if you’re that thirsty.

  22. Leducduswaz says:

    A friend of mine was ashamed of his premature greyness, so he started dying his hair with Just For Men. Then he grew a beard and had to start dying that as well. Ended up with chemical burns on his face and lips. Just a cautionary tale there, in case Affleck somehow reads this…

  23. brinibini says:

    Fuck them. It’s one thing to travel during these times, but to actually post those pics just shows how tone-deaf and narcissist these two are.
    Everyone is supposed to stay at home and these two assholes are going on vacation.
    I assume Rodrigo took the pic

  24. Lili says:

    Leave her alone. We all have been there when we fall in love, maybe not the right guy, maybe no future but you have to go for it because this is what life is. You have to experiment make mistakes. People are so bitter here. Like have you never fell for the guy who wasn’t right for you? They are both free and have the right to be in love. Let them live it, if it doesn’t last this none of our business. They are not the only ones sharing things in social media. Btw I dont like Ben Affleck but none of them are doing nothing harmful here.

    • Brinibini says:

      Lol, you’re completely missing the point.
      People don’t have a problem with their relationship.

      People have a problem that they are staging pap strolls during a pandemic. They are clearly calling the paps because they weren’t photographed going on their trip, meaning the paps aren’t camping outside their houses 24/7, they are just showing up when Benana calls them. People have a problem that they are going on a vacation while there is a fucking lockdown and posting pics of their vacation while the majority is losing their minds staying at home like you are supposed to.
      They are reckless. They could be spreading the virus. They are putting themselves and others in danger.
      That’s what bothers me. I don’t give a crap about their relationship. Let them be in love and all over each other, but please do it at home!

      • a says:

        This pandemic is going to be with us for a few years so you’ll have to start getting used to people daring to walk around during it. You do know that you can’t walk to the desert on foot from LA? They left their home by car and drove to a private property. No one is at risk unless they had a private staff and that seems unlikely as these are selfies and timer struggle photos.

      • Brinibini says:

        Man, I really hope you’re getting paid for trying to defend them so hard.

        There’s a lockdown. You’re not supposed to travel unless it’s absolutely necessary. End of story. Birthday trips are not necessary.

  25. Sparkle says:

    She is clearly drinking wine with him. This explains everything. Big no no. She either doesn’t understand addiction and dating an addict and how terrible it is to partake in their addiction in their prescence…or they are drinking together. I would bet my money that Ben is always hanging out with her because a) sex and B.) she doesn’t care if he drinks.

    Every woman he dates is a glorified drinking and party partner.

    The only reason he hasn’t cheated on her yet is because of the coronavirus quarantine. Once its over, he’ll get drunk and high and cheat on her with some THOT.

    • Jess says:

      As depressing as this take is I kinda agree.

    • a says:

      Could be anything in the glass. Could definitely see Ben relapsing but he wouldn’t allow it to be on Instagram where it could affect his custody arrangements.

      • Ali says:

        Apple juice in a wine glass? I mean, yes, there was a piñata but my belief in their commitment to having a child’s birthday party for adults in the desert ends at apple juice in a wine glass.

      • Theo says:

        It looks like a bubbling champagne!

      • Lady D says:

        Jen has spent years bending over backwards for him when it comes to custody arrangements. He’s in no danger of having it changed, drinking or sober.

  26. LC says:

    Watching Ben do daily pap walks and become an Instagram boyfriend, after the narrative was crafted (and he leaned into) that JLO was just too much, which led to him getting with “the girl next door” Jen Garner is hilarious. He loves mess. Never change Ben, lol.

    • WriterMarie says:

      He likes to self-sabotage. He talked about it after he broke up with Gwenyth Paltrow. He says it’s what he’s always done. This is him sabatoging his happiness, or at least it will be when the movie comes out and everyone reminds him of how tone deaf and insanely dumb he looks. Then, he will try again. Date someone “safe” and probably marry her to save his career.

      He has a cycle, this isn’t new. Did the same thing with JLO.

  27. Hey says:

    It looks like a kid’s party…It’s all very childish. All.

    • Jules says:

      I was thinking the same thing, she is acting like an insecure teen with all these staged photos of herself. she’s 32, embarrassing! this girl is in love with herself.

  28. Amy says:

    Who is she? Am i suppose to know her? this is making me feel very hold and out of touch but I am really not sure who she is.

    Is she an influencer or just famous for dating Ben?

    • WriterMarie says:

      Amy, she’s an actress, watch the movie, “Knives Out.” Wonderful preformances by Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, & Jamie Lee Curtis. Ana is the lead, but I think they all did a fabulous job, I don’t know that she actually stole away scenes from anyone, so she wasn’t that great.

      She’s in the Marilyn Monroe biopic, “Blonde” coming out in the fall on NetFlix, also has a small part in the Bond film, “No Time To Die.” This was supposed to be her year to shine. She’s currently listed as #4 on IMDB popularity.

      She has a film out with Ben this year, “Deep Water.” That’s how they met originally.

      • Amy says:

        This is the girl from Knives Out? I did not recognize her at all. Thanks. She was great in that movie

    • Brinibini says:

      She could have been big in Hollywood ( she was in Knives Out last year and the movie was very successful, she was nominated for a Golden Globe), but now she’ll always be known as Ben Affleck’s girlfriend.

    • Candle says:

      She was the leading actress in one of the best movies in 2019 Knives Out. She was in Blade Runner 2049 and is the latest Bond Girl. She has quite a run currently, don’t understand what she sees in Ben though.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I always laugh when I read comments like this.

      I mean, I’ve been there…some folks that get posts on this site I’m like “WHO DIS WOMAN” but…

      …then I use Google.

    • ennie says:

      She was in Bladerunner 2049. BEAUTIFUL film.
      I liked it, she was in a big role for an actress I’ve never heard of before.
      I like her acting, and as Latina, I wish her well, but boy, traveling at this time is absolutely dumb, and with their moneys, unnecessary, they could’ve travel anytime, anywhere after this.

  29. Eavan says:

    selfish, self obsessed trolls both of them. she’s transparent. to travel at this time? selfish ignorant and pathetic. i’m sorry they deserve each other. trashy to the extreme. huge egos

    • Col says:

      Yeah but sites favorites H+M can move countries during a pandemic and are held up like saints. These 2 went for a drive where they may not have interacted with anyone.

      • Ali says:

        What a weird comment. H+M couldn’t stay in Canada so they had to be in the states or uk if they wanted.

  30. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    One of the phrases that makes me want to drive a fork into my thigh is ‘think of the children’ – but in this case, is no-one actually thinking of them? Haven’t they had to deal with enough, without watching these two thirsty creatures act like Laguna Beach wannabes?
    I admire Jennifer Garner’s restraint.

  31. Severine says:

    Never have to wonder again what her nipples look like.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Super unnecessary comment. Can we not shame women for not wearing bras.

      • MrsPanda says:

        Can we not shame women who are clearly thirst-traps and saying LOOK AT ME in any way possible? Yes, I think we can. Bra-less is fine. Thirst-trapping, regular pap walks during pandemic, multiple photos on one Insta story AND bra-less? Yep, we a pattern. Yep, we can comment on it.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Elizabeth has a point, because it’s still criticizing her for not following a sexist expectation. This would all still be just as thirsty with a bra on.

    • MrsPanda says:

      Is it sexist that I think Jon Hamm’s a thirst trap also, for not wearing underwear? Exhibitionists are going to exhibition. Comments on this are not always about sexism or sexist expectations (although perhaps I’m being sexist also, having an expectation that men shouldn’t pap stroll with their dongs on display?). I just see Narcissists everywhere, it’s a gift and a curse.

      • Ali says:

        “I just see Narcissists everywhere, it’s a gift and a curse.“

        Omg so true! Once you can see them, you can’t not.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Nipples aren’t genitalia though. An accurate equivalent for a guy’s dick being out is a woman’s vagina being out ( ex., if part of her pap stroll had included getting out the car in
        a long t-shirt or super short dress with no panties). At least in that case, that wouldn’t be related to sexist expectations around female modesty because both sexes are expected to cover the undercarriage.

      • MrsPanda says:

        Otaku fairy I definitely see your point, but we never saw John Hamm’s actual dong either. We just saw the outline through his pants… many, many times. So clearly he had no underwear and tight trousers. LOOK AT ME…. AND MY BIG DONG! For me, I take it as a data point. OK, just nipples? or Just a dong outline, once or twice? No big deal. Daily pap strolls, combined with other attention seeking behavior? Then it’s not just a nipple to me, it’s a data point (no pun intended). Not all nipples are created equal. I’ll look at the behavior of the person & assess whether they’re being natural & chill, or being thirsty exhibitionists. (And Ali, yesss, it’s my version of ”I see dead people” :)

  32. Theo says:

    It looks like a bubbling champagne!

  33. PineNut says:

    Both of them are total jerks.

  34. Thea says:

    Ugh. I can’t with people who do unnecessary travel during a pandemic. If it’s not essential, stay home. A friend of friend posted on Instagram that she’s celebrating her boyfriend bf by getting a hotel for the weekend in Malibu. And that she’s planning on flying to see him in Chicago in a couple of weeks.

  35. Mina_Esq says:

    That’s Ben’d ugly arm tattoo. Also, why didn’t this girl hook up with Chris Evans while shooting Knives Out? Way to settle.

  36. La Rhonda says:

    Affleck has been around the block a hundred times but still acts like every new realationship is some grand love story. Grow up, dude. 😄

  37. Emily says:

    I’m the same age as her and I wouldn’t want to date a dude with that much baggage.

    • tina says:

      I grew up with an alcoholic father who was also a cheater and a gambler. Even though my father got sober the last decade of his life, he was still an alcoholic with a lifetime of baggage. Maybe Ana hasn’t been around alcoholics and doesn’t realize how awful it can be. I doubt Jennifer Garner did. Ben may be sober now, but if he relapses it will get ugly quick. Good luck to her, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  38. Guest with Cat says:

    I just noticed it looks like she really had a lot of her nose reduced on the sides. I don’t know why women have that surgery. The nose can end up looking like it’s collapsed when the woman hits middle age. I noticed that on Jennifer Aniston’s mom’s nose, too. I wonder if part of the crap Jennifer Aniston had to hear from her mom’s nonstop nagging about her looks was her mom didn’t think Jennifer had enough of her nose chopped out. I think Jennifer had it done just right.

    I hope Ana doesn’t regret this nose reduction in a few years when age naturally thins out the nose. She otherwise has a cute age-resistant face. It’s a shame about her taste in men, though. But I hope for both their sakes they work it all out somehow. I’m not a fan of either of them and think their public displays are goofy. But they aren’t anywhere near me, so have at it.

    At least Jen Garner gets a break from dragging his disheveled ass to rehab. Ben doesn’t look as badly off with this girlfriend as he did with the other ones. I hope Jennifer is off living her best life with their kids and the magnificent stroller cat.

  39. Mustang Sally says:

    At outset of their dating, I kind of liked her; she now seems to be developing into a thirst trap.

    I wish she would leave the ingenue lip-biting to K Stew.