“My Girl” star Anna Chlumsky engaged to Army reservist


For some weird reason I was thinking about the movie “My Girl” a few days ago. I think the song came on the radio, and it made me remember how hard my mom cried during the movie. Just full-out hyperventilating-should-we-call-EMS crying. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I found out that the film’s star, Anna Chlumsky, 26, is engaged to Shaun So who is an Army reserve member who served in Afghanistan. The couple plan get married in March, and will incorporate elements from the both American and Chinese wedding rituals

“‘Shaun’s family is Chinese, and my family is Catholic. So we’re going to do a fusion of the two cultural traditions,’ Chlumsky said Thursday night at the Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards. ‘There will be Lai See … [money given in red envelopes]. That’s what the children get during Chinese New Year. And you’ll have a big feast. Both of our fathers are chefs, so food is number one.’

Chlumsky’s father is a culinary instructor in Chicago at Kendall College, while So’s dad owns a Chinese restaurant called China Town in Topsham, Maine. As for the location, it’s ‘my church and then a Chinese restaurant,’ she says. ‘Flushing [N.Y.] is the place to go for good Chinese. I picked one dress, but you’re supposed to wear a Chinese dress as well.’

“While the couple said that they will skip the traditional Chinese tradition of ‘kidnapping’ the bride, they would like to include a tea ceremony. ‘You pour tea for members of both of your families,’ said Chlumsky, ‘and that’s a consolidation of the family.’”

[From People]

I love hearing about random celebrities that no one’s followed in forever, and then they just happen to pop up. Chlumsky graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in International Studies and has three upcoming projects in the next year. When asked if she plans on inviting Macaulay Culkin, it looked doubtful. “I don’t have his address,” she said.


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