Elon Musk & Grimes welcome their first child together, a boy named X Æ A-12 Musk

Grimes and Elon Musk at the Costume Institute Benefit at the Metropolitin Museum of Art at the opening of 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination' in New York City

Good news, I suppose: Grimes and Elon Musk have welcomed their baby. Elon is already father to five sons from a previous marriage, and wouldn’t you know, he and Grimes ended up with another boy. I guess he’ll never get a daughter? Elon is 48 years old and Grimes (real name: Claire Boucher) is 32 years old. Elon ended up confirming Grimes’ birth in a tweet-thread about a beef he has with the EPA, and other Twitter users asked him about the baby. He confirmed that Grimes had given birth to a boy, and when asked to provide a photo, he posted this:

Then he posted a real photo:

But the real kicker was the baby’s name. Everyone was holding their breath for this mess, and Elon and Grimes delivered:

I hope he was joking! Meanwhile, this was not even the biggest tweet-thread Elon has been involved with in recent weeks. In late April, as Nazis were storming state capitals and holding signs borrowed from concentration camps, Elon tweeted this:

Is he dumb or something? The answer is yes.

elon baby

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red & Twitter.

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  1. CherHorowitz says:

    I know everyone marvels in his genius and I’m sure he is very gifted and intelligent. He still gives me bad vibes though and I can never looks at him the same after his ex wife’s account of their marriage, which paints a picture of a controlling jackass.

    I dunno, he comes off like an unstable billionaire who’s enormous wealth has just confused and disorientated him and he has no grounding in reality

    • Tuntmore says:

      Ugh, I really can’t stand this man. He’s a perfect example of what happens when a white male genius is coddled and told he’s special all his life. He believes that he’s got the world figured out and won’t shut up about it.

      I have an IQ of 170, but I was never fawned over. People have always found it hard to believe that a girl could be a “genius.” And I put genius in quotes because having a high IQ doesn’t necessarily mean you’re super-smart and it definitely doesn’t mean that every thought that enters your head is brilliant or even worth sharing. There is an infinite number of things that I’m not an expert on, but I bet Elon Musk thinks he knows something about everything.

      • Eleonor says:

        I don’t know my IQ, but the most intelligent people I have ever met in my life, have this in common: they know when to shut up, they know whent they can talk and they don’t talk about stuff they don’t know.
        That’s all I have.

      • Emily says:

        The smartest people are smart enough to know the things that they do not know.

        Dumb people like Donald Trump think they no everything because they’re minds are too simple to grasp complexity.

        And then you have Elon, intellectually smart but emotionally and politically lacking awareness.

      • Arb says:

        I’m sure he’s a jackass. I’m also sure that he’s put more time, energy, and resources into the global good than anyone sharing their philosophy on why we should all be humble on this thread. I don’t understand why we need perfection from everyone. Isn’t it enough that he made electrical cars cool again? Can’t that be good enough for us?

      • Silas says:

        @Arb. He’s fine with you and your loved ones getting the virus if it means more money for him.

        People were holding up Nazi signs and carrying weapons to intimidate people. I don’t care that Elon made electric cars cool again.

        Find better people to support.

      • Willz (not THAT one) says:

        I’ll take EQ over IQ any day of the week.

      • hmp says:

        @Silas. Arb is perfectly reasonable in their point. And it doesn’t make sense to say “he’s fine with you and your loved ones getting the virus.” Quarantining is not so that you and your loved ones won’t get the virus fullstop. It is to prevent hospital overwhelm and buy some time. You and your loved ones WILL get the virus at some point, unless you choose to self isolate for the entire time up until we have a vaccine, which will not be the general mandated thing and is simply not feasible for everyone.
        Not to mention, given current statistics (which admittedly are likely quite faulty because the antibody tests aren’t great) from his home place of LA that are saying fatality rates are looking like between .1 and .5, it’s not insane that he thinks the way things are being run is irrational. Quarantining does not equate to stamping out the virus.

      • Silas says:

        @hmp. He’s fine with you and your loved ones getting the virus in a way that overwhelms hospitals. Writing a long post doesn’t change that. Doctors and nurses are also dying.

        He’s also fine with tweeting in support of people with weapons and nazi signs.

        His money matters more than your life. Pick someone better to defend.

        The whataboutism I’ve also seen from other posters is ridiculous. Elon already got smacked down for his tweets and it seems like he hasn’t learned anything.

      • hmp says:

        @Silas. Again, that is up for debate. Currently, hospitals in CA are not overwhelmed, and thus lifting restrictions in a calculated way is not illogical.
        And of course he cares about keeping his company afloat. But either way boiling this down to “his money matters more than your life” is a logical fallacy.

        I personally don’t agree with his current views, but there are logical arguments to be made for either side. The point is it is a complicated issue and even experts can’t predict what is right. As long as he is coming at it from a point of being well-informed (which he presumably is as he is very intelligent), don’t shame people for not cancelling him just because you want to.

      • Silas says:

        @hmp. Doctors and nurses including those in California don’t have enough PPE. Elon should focus on that if he wants his company to reopen. And the point of social distancing is so hospital staff don’t have to decide who get the ventilators.

        And being intelligent or talented in one area doesn’t mean you should presume the person is that way for other subjects. Ben Carson is a good example of that. If anything, the person might get buried by their own hubris especially if supporters make excuses.

        There’s about as much valid debate about this as climate change. This is a decision about money.

        It’s okay to like someone and even admire them and still criticize them. Elon has been inappropriate before and maybe people smacking him down each time he behaves like this will help him better himself.

        I’ve noticed both you and Arb are avoiding discussing the intimidation tactics and racism of the people Elon supports. I don’t think telling both of you to pick someone better to defend counts as shaming.

      • hmp says:

        @Silas. He sent truckloads of PPE to UCLA. The masks were not distributed initially by UCLA decree. People internally in UCLA started complaining and slowly some of them were passed out. UCLA is corrupt as hell. My friends are docs in various UCLA hospitals/medical centers in LA and are very upset about how it is being handled by their own administration. I agree with your sentiment that you can be for someone and also criticize them. I think a lot of the time Elon Musk is problematic. I just think that saying “He’s fine with you and your loved ones getting the virus if it means more money for him” is not a fair statement.

        And no, there are many more debates to be made, because of various costs (non detection of cancers etc, increased suicide, domestic violence, people losing their livelihoods, the fact that this isn’t a method to stop people from getting it, just slowing it) especially as the exact nature and fatality rate of the virus is not known at this point, and knowing that would determine how things are weighed. Whether or not you agree with it, doesn’t mean there aren’t valid arguments on both sides. Until more is known it is hard to really know what is right.

        I didn’t touch on your other point because having the same opinion as someone does not mean you support them. At least as far as I am aware, he has not come forward supporting any of the Nazi and racist MAGA trolls who are rallying. If he has I will happily eat my words because that would be disgusting.

    • Darla says:


      Ugh, same.

    • minx says:

      He’s really homely.

    • JulieCarr says:

      People should really read his wife’s blog. It provides so much context to that essay she wrote. She comes out looking pretty bad, all in her own words. She describes throwing glass bottles at Musk’s head, she never misses an opportunity to point out that he’s not her type and not attractive to her, she belittles his interests, his clothing, his friends, his family…even when they’re together and she’s writing ‘happy’ posts it all sounds horribly toxic and passive aggressive.

      She also does stuff like write about how she’s absolutely terrible with money and doesn’t understand finances at all and doesn’t want to learn because ugh, boring, then turn around and complain that she doesn’t have free rein over Musk’s then 180 million fortune.

      Half the blog is just her writing mean spirited blind items about her famous friends. She was briefly friends with Robbie Williams wife, and she wrote these detailed accounts about their rocky relationship and his substance abuse and rehab stays etc. and then she wrote a whole post about how she was shocked and baffled that her friend ghosted her that doesn’t even consider that her airing their dirty laundry might have been an issue. It’s nuts.

      • lizzieb says:

        @juliecarr. Which wife are you referring to? Hasn’t there been more than one?

      • JulieCarr says:

        The first one, the one whose essay people are referring to in this thread.

        He’s still very close with his second wife and she only ever had lovely things to say about him.

      • KL says:

        … wow. This is the most shocking example of a bad faith reading I’ve ever seen. His first wife GUSHED over him in her blog. For instance: she mentioned he wasn’t her type when they started dating as a point in his favor — he won her over anyway. She’s laughing at herself in those entries about how she used to go for “dark and romantic” types and ended up with a “world-changing genius” who doesn’t understand her love of frivolous things. And you think the one being belittled in that relationship is Elon?

        “then turn around and complain that she doesn’t have free rein over Musk’s then 180 million fortune”

        Dude, she wanted a set alimony and a Tesla. That’s public record. Elon was the one who tried to enforce an illegal postnup, which was then thrown out of court, and declared he was bankrupt in divorce proceedings while pulling stunts like delivering red roses to the entire cast of his new girlfriend’s movie.

        She didn’t write blind items, either — she always made it 100% clear who she was writing about, she just never named names, possibly because she was more interested in the human details than being seen as a gossip blogger. And she was always intensely complimentary to the people she wrote about. Way TOO complimentary, in my opinion, as she was friends through Elon with Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild fame, and she tried so hard to make him seem human I was afraid she’d sprain something.

        Sort of like how hard you’re trying now.

    • Godwina says:

      As someone funnier and more accurate than me said on the Twitters, it’s the Green Goblin in the making. Massively narcissistic billionaire foiled over and over by rational society? Wait for it.

    • lucy2 says:

      I think he’s someone who had some really great ideas, and then bought into his own hype, or possibly is abusing drugs or something, because he’s kind of gone off the rails in recent years. Or he’s just a jackass, and hid it better for a while.

    • Maria says:

      I’m a big fan of his. He is very smart, and we need smart people. He might not filter enough, but so what. I don’t know what standard we are now holding people to now but he has more than contributed to the world. He has invested in projects the purpose of which is to reduce climate change. He could have taken his billions and built some monstrous house like Drake or done other preposterous vanity projects like many covered on this site.

      BUT he didn’t. He started a car company and a rocket company for larger social purposes.

      Do I agree with this idiotic free the state comment? No. Emphatically no. But much more problematic people get adulation on this site, but someone who is truly worthwhile is “problematic” because of his vibe. Well, maybe he has some social awkwardness. He’s not coddled. He’s smart, highly driven, possibly sleep deprived, and amazing.

      • Silas says:

        Don’t tweet in support of people with weapons and nazi signs. That’s the standard.

    • Arpeggi says:

      He is smart… But he’s an idiot nonetheless and he’s missing an empathy chip.

      Being intelligent doesn’t grant you wisdom.

    • phaedra7 says:

      I’m sorry; IMPHO, I’d prefer him and Besos a billion times over=> TAKE-A-💩 ANY. DAMN. DAY/ANY. DAMN. WAY!!!😡🤬

    • Ramblingwords says:

      I have extended family members who are rich via entrepreneurialism and they’re all as tough as nails like Musk. Very different to the middle/upper class wealthy professionals, who need to play “the game” in “the structure” more. Read his biography by Vance and he abused by his father to an unbelievable degree as a child (to this day he will not describe what happened except to say if you can imagine the worst, it all happened (so I wonder if it was sexual as well)); he was not praised up all his life and not the stereotypical privileged white dude.

      In his bio the writer also described how Musk coldly told his PA of years and years to resign when she dared to ask for a raise. Coldblooded and ruthless, and that’s often what genuine capitalists who actually take personal risks rather than being employees of a big company / professionals probably need to be like to some degree. That road is very hard. You read about people like Henry Ford and that fictional guy based on Upton Sinclair in There Will be Blood and these industrialists are all kooky, intense, and batshit to a degree. He’s an inventor too, so there’s a bit of Tesla/Edison/etc in him as well.

  2. Esmom says:

    Sigh. I can’t believe I ever found this guy attractive. In fact I’d forgotten about his ex-wife and older kids because he’s been sort of cemented into my brain as such a man-baby to me.

    • bettyrose says:

      Ugh, all I see when I look at him is her accounting of their marriage. Seems like she dodged a huge bullet though, offloading him when she did. Even in her story, it sounded like he got progressively more controlling and unhinged over the years. I don’t know what kind of father he is to all those children, but at least she’s got some resources even if he’s absentee. I really have no sense of how he and Grimes work as a couple. Amber Heard I kinda understood, the arm candy/skeevy rich dude dynamic is old at time (I don’t mean that as an insult to Amber Heard, though I don’t think anyone would claim their relationship was based on a deep connection).

  3. Rmcgrudiva says:

    Congratulations to the couple, but my goddess, are they insufferable.

  4. hoopjumper says:

    He’s not dumb. I believe a portion of his bonus is tied to stock price. He wants to get that money.

    The whole “No physical possessions/I won’t own a house thing” is perhaps the greatest example (and there are many examples) of how minimalism comes from a place of privilege that I have ever seen. Gross.

    • JulieCarr says:

      He already got his bonus today. He’d been pretty much guaranteed to get it for the last month. It wasn’t about the stock price.

    • JulieCarr says:

      Also he can’t actually sell his bonus shares for 5 years, and he can’t vest them to borrow against them without getting taxed for about as much as he could borrow. It’s not like he’s getting handed a cheque. His net worth is increased but he won’t actually get his money for years and years, so whether the bonus was achieved today or 3 months from now or next year really didn’t matter much.

      • Starkiller says:

        JulieCarr, you seem to be Elon’s PR person. You’d do well to read the (very valid) assessments and criticisms of his behaviour on this thread and convey back to your client.

    • Amber says:

      his latest Twitter rant erased $13 billion from the value of Tesla’s share price (which later rebounded), so I don’t think he’s necessarily thinking far in advance about anything, because he already has so much money he doesn’t have to. He’s shown time and time again that he doesn’t know how to manage his own company or how to manage himself to protect his company’s future (both Tesla and Spacex but especially Tesla.) So many antics and shenanigans that have damaged his company and his own reputation over time…that affects the people who work for him who are subject to job insecurity, layoffs, pay cuts, and other stuff because of the instability he creates.

    • nextlevel says:

      Point taken, fo sho. However…I don’t follow his “I won’t own a house” ?? I don’t get it.

  5. Trillian says:

    That has got to be a joke. Right? Right?? I am not a fan of too many rules but I am soo glad you can’t name your kid stuff like that here in Germany.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Same where I live, Trillian. No way would we allow any child to be saddled with such a ridiculous moniker for 18 years, when he could finally change it. I hope it’s a joke. Is it, and I’m just not getting it?

    • me says:

      For the moment is just a clue of how lunatics his parents are. They projected weird and supernatural beliefs on him even before birth ( angel with hornes images of a fetus on her insta) and that is not fair, at all. They should be ashamed at themselves for not relating to a human being like what it is, a sweet baby boy. So better sell you stuff and take you gf and move to Mars, fast! The baby deserves better.

  6. Eleonor says:

    I want to be nice: the baby is cute.

  7. D says:

    Two delusional people find each other, think it’s great, but I wish they would go be out of touch away from my eyeballs.

  8. Lisa says:

    Cute baby. That’s all I’ve got for them.

  9. Athyrmose says:

    It’s not that he’s ‘dumb,’ he’s a greedy and exploitative capitalist. The closures are apparently costing him millions of dollars, and he wants that MONEY.

    • Snowslow says:

      Thanks. I all comes down to that with him.
      And he’s a trasnhumanist which means that he believes in stupid things such as living forever through machines etc. He’s a textbook case of how wealth and privilege can melt your brain and disconnect you from human values. But he’s not alone, he’s just the one with more expose. All of Sillicon valley is apparently infested with these minor humans.

      • JulieCarr says:

        He’s not a transhumanist at all. He’s actually one of the few Silicon Valley moguls whose not at all interested in extending life and whose said he’ll be perfectly happy to die at a normal age. He has an interest in curing degenerative and neurological disease and so that we don’t spend our last decades in bad shape in nursing homes, but that’s as far he goes with it.

        He does think it’s important to merge with AI (way down the track), but only because he thinks it’s the only way to control it. He’d much prefer we just regulate AI like crazy and avoid opening that Pandora’s Box entirely.

      • Jaded says:

        @JulieCarr: Do you work for Musk? It sure sounds like it. Let me enlighten you. Musk founded Neuralink in 2016, a company with the stated goal of “developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers”. He further stated that with their technology, a monkey has been able to “control a computer with its brain.” A MONKEY. They’re doing terrible things to monkeys in the name of transhumanism…he’s a monster and the sooner he flames out the better.

      • jenner says:

        He IS a transhumanist. He’s smart, he’s got money, and he is one of the most dangerous people on the planet with his ideas and his access.

      • me says:

        No better proof than the first picture he shared of the baby. Whatever he has turned into does not like humans.

    • Ramblingwords says:

      At this level, it’s not about greed for this guy. He could have retired after PayPal and just let the bankers steadily grow his wealth. It’s ruthless ambition and ego. Also capitalism is a highly disruptive, creative, and productive force that was instrumental in creating the daily lifestyle / basic standard of living any one of us lucky enough to have a computer and the time to visit fun gossip blogs like CB enjoys today. Real capitalists like Musk risk their own backsides in their business. You wanna see greed and unethical behaviour? Look at the forces of corporatism and how it co-opts governments and countries (eg through shock doctrine), hollows out perfectly profitable companies providing useful, in-demand products/services (eg. private equity vs ToyRUs), and ruins millions of lives through unethical, opaque financialisation that produces absolutely nothing but makes a very few very rich (subprime mortgages). That’s real greed!

  10. Joan Callamezzo says:

    Six sons!

    • Canadian Becks says:

      Seven sons, actually.

      The first would have been 18 years old this year- he died at 10 weeks, apparently healthy, so it was ruled as SIDS, which is the default diagnosis when all else is ruled out.

      Right after the death, they did IVF, had their twin sons, then two years later, IVF again, and got triplet sons.

      So 6 sons with Canadian first wife Justine, and then this new baby, with Grimes, who is also Canadian, I think?

      • Aud says:

        Yes she’s canadian. Musk also has Canadian citizenship.

        Also just gonna say that I think the name is a joke.

  11. Silas says:

    His twitter is a mess. He calls his critics trolls and bots. His supporters are MAGA types.

    This thing about worshipping people who hoard money to the point of becoming billionaires has to stop. Why pick that personality type to follow?

  12. Yup, Me says:

    He’s an asshole and she looks like a dirty doll. Good luck, kid.

  13. emmy says:

    Put on the damn mask.

    I honestly think that on the whole, she is a lot smarter than he is. Yes, he knows science and he’s a shrewd businessman but Jesus, the rest of it. I will never forget what his wife told us about the guy. Grimes on the other hand seems a bit all over the place but ultimately, if you watch interviews, she’s smart and not too out there, despite what her styling suggests. Seems like a much more well-rounded person.

    We need intelligent people, we need them in art, science, and busines but honestly, none of the advancements of the last 100 years have made us better people so maybe we should focus more on who’s kind and wants to contribute for the sake of it. Not just for profit. This guy is not that.

    I also find this whole wealth = intelligence really off-putting. Cute baby though.

    • SomeChick says:

      What we really need is to get ahead of this horrible pandemic and to take better care of the most vulnerable and needy folks, now and going forward.

      Business can wait. We need (real) science!

      He should be donating millions, not attempting to force his workers back to work before it is advisable. He’s sleazy.

  14. wildwaffles says:

    What I want to know is did you copy and paste the name, Kaiser, or spend time searching for how to make that AE together symbol?

    • Snazzy says:

      and how do you even pronounce that?

      • michelle says:

        It’s a common letter in Scandinavia 🙂 I am a Canadian living in Denmark, and this letter (the ash) is pronounced like the a in “cat”. And my keyboard here has an actual key for it (æ, and also ø).

        I struggle daily to pronounce place names here – have a look at Google maps at some of the names of the suburbs around Copenhagen and you will see what I mean!

  15. Joanna says:

    What a dumb name!

    • L4frimaire says:

      No way billionaire libertarian tech villain Elon Musk is telling us his child’s real government name. Congrats to Grimes, and only Grimes.

  16. Enis says:

    This is Elon’s 7th son.

    He and his first wife had six children. How s first son passed away from SIDS.

    • megs283 says:

      Thank you for pointing this out. I’m a mom of three, but only two are living. It’s so important to count the ones who are not seen.

  17. Ann says:

    I think he only wants sons? Doesn’t he force his baby mamas to use sex selection?

    • JulieCarr says:

      Nope. His first wife said they were hoping for one girl when they did IVF the second time, and they instead got triplet boys. Grimes also said this baby was conceived naturally.

    • Lolafalana says:

      Some men only shoot one chromosome type, or those are the strongest of the two, so they make it to the egg. It’s a thing.

    • Mar says:

      Statistics show boys are more likely to be born when you do IVF. I am not an expert but my BFF did it and she was told this beforehand and she did indeed end up with 1 boy , the girls didn’t make it and the boy had a twin that died in the womb about 6 weeks into the pregnancy.

  18. Frida_K says:

    Grimes and Musk should have called their baby Pungent if they were so determined to be edgy.

    The baby is actually very cute. The two of them, though, my goddess. She looks grimy and he looks like an aged frat boy.

    I’m going to stop here because I have some really mean things I could say and, well, eh. The baby is cute and I wish him a happy life.

  19. Charfromdarock says:

    He must be exhausting to deal with in real life.

    • Ramblingwords says:

      That’s what his second wife, Tallulah Riley, basically said about him.

  20. SJR says:

    (Big sigh) They really are not gonna saddle that kid with that goofy symbol thingy are they?

    Oof! I find Musk and John Lennon interesting.
    Both genius at their talents/work but truly awful people IRL.
    Lennon treated his son Julian like sh*t.
    Musk seems ego driven to the nth degree. Occupy Mars my fat arse!
    Billions $$ that could be used to better life on Earth for enormous amounts of people.

    What IS it with hoarding $$? Ya can not take it with you. And no, just piling up $$ does NOT make you a better, smarter, or more worthwhile person.
    Musk must be surrounded by butt kissing yes men 24/7/365.

    He is a cute baby. But 6 kids is plenty, sir.

  21. Eliza_ says:

    He’s got a great brain. He’s done some great things with it – or at least great at putting together teams to create his concepts. But, no, he is not a great man. He’s got a lot of issues. Hopefully the child and mother are healthy and everyone is enjoying this time.

  22. Bunny says:

    The “Æ” ligature is pronounced “Ash’, which isn’t awful.

    That’s all I’ve got.

    • Kelly says:

      So his name would be “Exashay Twelve”?

      That sounds like a drag queen’s name.

  23. Lady Keller says:

    I wish the best for this baby and his other 5 sons. I heard a lot of stories about the type of boss he is and I could easily see him be a horrible parent. He is a raging narcissist and demands perfection from everyone around him. Hope he sets aside some of those billions for his kids therapy bill.

  24. MellyMel says:

    Some of the smartest ppl are so strange. Anyway, I think he was joking about the baby’s name…I hope. Like even if it’s not that, it’s still gonna weird I bet.

  25. Mumbles says:

    I don’t know how smart this guy is, but he got a huge head start based on his family’s wealth, which in turn is based on the family’s colonial exploitation of minerals in Zambia. Looks kind of dead behind the eyes to me. The problem is these tech bro’s are constantly getting fawned over by a tech press that has no critical eye and just slavishly sucks up to its subjects. When this dummy launched Space X, Kara Swisher in the NY Time wrote how even if Musk’s ideas fail, at least he “thinks big.” Who else in this world gets their butt kissed when their crackpot ideas fail?

    • hmp says:

      I don’t actually think he did. He grew up in a highly abusive situation. From what I remember, he kind of ran away to Canada and then the US and made all the money himself. I do wonder if he is cracking these days though.

      • Keessie1969 says:

        Mumbles has been smoking something, because none of it sticks. Also, Musk doesn’t just think big, he scales anything to fit what he thinks is needed and he makes it happen. The money involved is hardly of interest if your working around the clock anyway. Building Tesla and SpaceX and still finding time to be somewhat of a human being…. As others pointed out, you can’t be perfect. He vents through Twitter. And Twitter just shows how awful people really can be. It seems even with more characters available a filter is still missing by means of its anonimity. And while I am an avid supporter of finding ways to keep Corona down, keeping everyone in lockdown in stead of working on smart solutions is plain stupid. The loud minority is just a tiny tip of the anxiety iceberg that people are dealing with. The US needs unity and leadership and an actual plan. Not just random uncoordinated actions.

        Cute kid too.

      • Ramblingwords says:

        He literally founded PayPal / X.Com from nothing. He didn’t come from wealth at all. And yes, he was abused to a horrible level by his father as a child. Source: I read the Vance biography.

  26. Case says:

    I agree with what everyone is saying about Elon – I think he’s talented and intelligent and has the potential to do some really wonderful, innovative things for the world. But he has no EQ whatsoever. I saw an interview with Grimes recently and thought she seemed nice, but a bit immature.

    I’m perplexed on the name. I hope he’s joking but I don’t think he is. Is X Æ the first name or first and middle?

  27. LidiaJara says:

    I appreciate what he’s doing for cars and batteries, but that doesn’t mean he gets a pass on being anti-union. This is definitely a person who thinks that lower-ranked employees are disposable and he should be emperor.

    Also his hissy fits about that stupid tunnel were ridiculous. I mean yah California building regulations are ridiculous sometimes, but it’s a *giant tunnel*. He’s like actively mad you can’t just do whatever tf you want when you’re building a giant tunnel under a city.

    • JulieCarr says:

      What hissy fit over the tunnels? He had no problem at all getting the necessary permits and has been digging for years now without any drama.

  28. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Rich white people are weird. That is all. Lol

  29. detritus says:

    He refuses to allow his workers to unionize. He wants to reopen his business without caring about the cost of lives.

    He’s also not nearly as bright as he thinks he is. He thought that in the US the pandemic would be over now. He told his massive following it wasn’t a big deal, free America etc etc.

    He is pretty much a textbook villain. His wealth originally comes off the backs of apartheid mines, and strangely, he hasn’t returned to SA since the apartheid was dismantled. He uses his political power to try to make more money, never caring about the people he uses or how they fare. He takes no responsibility for the dangerous and incorrect information he pushes to his massive base.

    The cult of Elon. Where a rich boy who embodies the dream of every male nerd to rule the world with robots has become their idol.

    • a reader says:

      DING DING DING finally we have a winner on this thread. Musk is the WORST.

    • Nina Simone says:

      Absolutely! His dad was a super coloniser in SA- mined the resources out of that country to personally enrich himself and from the hands of the natives. I don’t trust Elon. Plus he’s clearly on drugs/unstable. Azealia Banks (who was friends with Grimes and were supposed to have there’s some with Elon) said he was dropping acid and snorting coke when he sent those tweets that eventually got him fined by the SEC.

  30. TyrantDestroyed says:

    My something nice: Congrats on the new family member. He looks healthy and I hope he has a long and happy life.

  31. Mina_Esq says:

    Ugh. I hope that’s not the baby’s name. Elon is really annoying. He tries to do the right thing every once in a while, but he regularly shows his true face.

  32. a says:

    So annoying

  33. SURFCHICK says:

    Wait what’s the name? He has always creeped me out. Something is really off with him.

  34. Anne Call says:

    Let’s just say it’s really good that twitter wasn’t around when Steve Jobs was alive. Also a horrible person and boss but Apple changed the world and I think Tesla and other electric cars are the future.

  35. S says:

    Congrats on a healthy baby!

  36. NeoCleo says:

    I’m going to have to poke my girlfriend on this! She bought a Tesla and I’m always giving her a hard time about the company being another DeLorean. She still hasn’t figured out how to drive it!!!

    • L says:

      What do you mean “hasn’t figured out how to drive it” ? Is it complicated?

      • JulieCarr says:

        It’s not. The regenerative breaking might be new to some drivers, but if you can’t figure that out within a few minutes then you really shouldn’t be driving anything.

  37. Nicole r says:

    I’m not remotely qualified to diagnose anyone, but I have Aspergers and he appears to as well. I can usually spot fellow aspies, it is the “almost but not quite human” mannerisms, the “almost but not quite” eye contact.
    If that’s the case, it would explain his apparent inability to “read the room”.

  38. L says:

    Nicole R. Yes… I was about to comment that I wonder if he has autism. It would explain the high IQ low EQ that everyone seems to be mentioning, and maybe the high standards/perfectionism, obscure interests, etc. I also think he kinda looks autistic but what do I know.

  39. Stacy Dresden says:

    Here for GRIMES who is an incredible artist, one of my favorite musicians. Her Visions album got me through labor with good morale with my first child. I am so happy she has had a healthy baby and delivery.