Bruce Willis & Emma Heming reunited after two months, Demi was there too

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Some of you were interested in the story of Bruce Willis quarantining in Idaho on his neighboring estate with ex Demi Moore, their adult daughters and about three of their daughters’ partners and/or friends, it’s unclear who all was there. We know about it because they’ve been posting photos and videos to social media. A few days ago, Rumer posted a video of her mom and dad dancing in the kitchen and hallway with her sister, Tallulah. Bruce and Demi were wearing matchy all-black outfits and Tallulah was in a bodysuit with men’s underwear over it for some reason. It looked like they were having fun while trying to stave off extreme boredom. That video slideshow is below, and I like the look we got into their house. The little dog barking at them is a nice touch.

Bruce’s wife of ten years, Emma Heming was in Los Angeles for the past couple of months for some convoluted reason having to do with the quarantine and maybe one of their daughters playing with a hypodermic needle. They have daughter Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, who just turned 6. Emma and Bruce denied that they were having relationship problems and now Emma has shared a photo riding with him on an ATV. That was in her Instagram stories and it’s since expired, but you can see it below.

Emma also shared photos and videos where they’re all celebrating Evelyn’s sixth birthday in Idago. You can see the back of Demi’s head in one video where Evelyn is riding a bike for the first time and Bruce’s older daughters are there too.

So this is just an update, they’re all together and everyone looks happy and healthy. I would get annoyed having to stay with an ex’s family for an extended lockdown but Bruce has his own compound across the street, it’s not like they can’t get away.

As I was looking at all the Willis family Instagram accounts for this story, I found that Tallulah Willis has a fashion line called ShopWyllis. They sell sweatshirts with sayings on them, like “I am worthy of love and care,” and “yeah, I’m fine” for $150. It’s unclear, but it looks like some profits go to suicide prevention charities. Children’s sweatshirts are $60. Emma Heming has a pregnancy bodycare line called CocoBabaMom with prices starting at £20.

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Update: This is where we are at…

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  1. lucy2 says:

    The bike video is really cute. They all seem to get along well.
    (Hope they are careful on that ATV.)

  2. SolitaryAngel says:

    Aww…however weird their situation is, it’s really great to see them co-parenting the way they do. It’s good for all of them, and I especially love that the older girls love their little sisters so much. The videos made me smile–and I need to smile. Gets me through some of the stress, fear and worry that’s my life right now….all of our lives are stressful here in Murica. ๐Ÿ˜•

  3. Ali says:

    What a nice family

  4. Rapunzel says:

    My take has always been Bruce got stuck in Idaho, and Emma/the younger girls stayed in LA for reasons they didn’t want to mention, like Emma couldn’t get their (live in) nanny to go with (I’d assume she has one).

    But for whatever reason, she can go now.
    I side eye traveling all that way though. Maybe Bruce/Emma thought quarantine wouldn’t be so long? So Emma thought she’d be okay but it became too much?

    I also wonder how Demi is doing, as she has struggled mentally/emotionally. She seems good, but part of me has wondered if Bruce isn’t there to help the girls cope with mom’s issues.