Florence Pugh on Zach Braff: ‘I have the right to…go out with anyone I want to’

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Having finally watched Little Women during the lockdown, I can safely say some stuff about Florence Pugh – she did her best with what was written in that role, but the film is such a trainwreck and the script adaptation is so awful, I find it shocking that Florence was nominated for an Oscar for THAT and not Midsommer. She was SO much better in Midsommer, and that film worked (while Little Women did not). Anyway, Florence covers the latest issue of Elle UK, in an interview which took place in two parts: in London just a few weeks after the Oscars, and then in LA during the lockdown. Florence was supposed to be promoting her role in Black Widow (she plays ScarJo’s sister), but like so many actors, she promoting something which got pushed back because of the pandemic. You can read the full Elle UK piece here. Some highlights:

She’s been cooking in lockdown: ‘When the world lockdown started and it obviously got serious very quickly, I found myself desperate to chop. Feed. Eat. Repeat! It keeps me calm, stirring and creating.’ She’s not been immune to the sourdough-making frenzy either: ‘I’ve become a sourdough bread creator. ’ve saved a slice of each loaf in the freezer so my mum can try the progress, from beginning to end when the lockdown eases.’

Lockdown self-reflection: ‘I was so surprised by how unkind I am to myself! Living in lockdown I found there’s no point or energy in being annoyed at yourself for not reading that book, writing that song or working out that day. I’m teaching myself to find joy as much as I can and ease in these open long days.’

Her relationship with Zach Braff, who is 21 years older than her: When paparazzi shots emerged of them holding hands trolls weighed in on the Scrubs actor saying: ‘You’re 44-years-old’, Pugh replied with the simple retort: ‘And yet he got it’. When she looks back on her reply, she says it was ‘necessary’. ‘Because people need to realise that it’s hurtful. I have the right to hang out and be with and go out with anyone I want to.’

The attention on her love life: ‘I’ve always found this part of what people do really bizarre. I’m an actor because I like acting and I don’t mind people watching my stuff, but people have no right to educate me on my private life.’ She is, however, aware that dating another actor might attract more attention: ‘I know that part of being in the spotlight is that people might invade your privacy and have opinions on it, but it’s bizarre that normal folk are allowed to display such hate and opinions on a part of my life that I’m not putting out there. It’s a strange side of fame that you’re allowed to be torn apart by thousands of people even though you didn’t put that piece of you out there. I don’t want to talk about it because it’s not something I want to highlight, but my point to all this is that isn’t it odd that a stranger can totally tear apart someone’s relationship and it’s allowed?’

On the reports of a Marvel-mandated diet & fitness regime: ‘When I got the job, I wanted to know what the regime was. I wanted to know whether it was them or me calling the shots. That was a big deal for me. I didn’t want to be part of something where I was constantly checked on. And people making sure I was in the “right” shape. That’s not me at all.’ Still, she says she ate well, cooking in the morning and taking in a Tupperware of homemade food each day. ‘Scarlett had this amazing guy who cooked beautiful things for her and her team. I thought that was clever because you’re doing fitness all the time and you need to have someone who’s on top of what you’re eating and the nutrients you’re getting. I remember her asking, “Why are you cooking for yourself? Just let us feed you!” And I was like, “Nope.’”

[From Elle UK]

I’ve heard from many other actors that Marvel is perfectly willing to set their actors up with full-time specialty chefs and full-time fitness people, so it’s interesting to me that Florence refused that because she loves to cook. I wonder about that. I’m sure Marvel hired a full-time fitness person for her though. As for the Zach Braff stuff… I mean, it’s her business and whatever. I continue to be amazed by the sheer volume of people who think it’s okay to go into a celebrity’s social media profile and insult them in the comments. That to me is crazy-rude. But it’s also idiotic for Florence to be like “IS THAT ALLOWED?” Yes, people are allowed to have rude opinions.

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Cover courtesy of Elle UK, photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Michael says:

    Little women was fantastic.

    • Laalaa says:

      Agreed. Came here to see whether someone said it.

      • Fumi says:

        Agreed. I loved the remake and I loved Florence in it. She absolutely deserved the nomination.

    • Alyse says:

      I loved the new version!

      Though I’ll also always love the 90s version. Kirsten, Winona & Christian all iconic in those roles

  2. Allz says:

    I liked Little Women. I thought it was a good remake. The only thing I thought was hard to take was Timothee playing Laurie because he looks so young and I was raised on Christian Bale. Other than that, I really enjoyed it. Midsommer was so weird and moved too slow for me.

    Anyway, I’m not going to comment on her social media about it, but people are allowed to side eye relationships, much like they do with private lives. Don’t date a guy in his mid forties when you’re barely out of your teens if you can’t handle a comment section.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I would not turn down a full time cook and fitness instructor, but that is just me.

  4. lucy2 says:

    I liked Little Women, though the flashback use was too heavy towards the end. I thought Florence was good in it, but agree she was WAY better in Midsommar.
    “Allowed” is an odd word choice for talking about the online harassment, but I get her overall point. Why any celebrity permits comments on their posts, or reads them, is beyond me. But even more so, I don’t know why anyone thinks they should comments things like that to her!

  5. Yup, Me says:

    Midsomer was so good, but I’ve attended events like that, so I was laughing a lot through it, too. I can see how it would have been slow or confusing otherwise.

    Her complaining about people talking shit about her relationship with a middle aged man sounds so young – which just contributes to the idea that these aging actors in Hollywood go after fresh young things who are out of their depths. It’s a trope for a reason. If you can be with whomever you choose, then do it and move on, girl.

    Marvel can send me a chef and trainer tout de suite. I will happily receive their services.

  6. Emily Gilmore says:

    I thought Little Women was good, I liked the interpretation and felt it accurately represented the time it was made in. I was proud to have taken my daughters to the film (they’ve also read the book) and make this a part of their childhood. I’m not a big movie person so most of these actors were new to me and I haven’t seen midsommer but she seemed fine in this movie. I was especially blown away at timothee, I plan to see him in other things.

  7. Hikaru says:

    “I have the right to….” of course you do, when have straight white couples ever been illegal in any way? Why is she constantly trying to present herself as some kind of victim and them as *us against the world* couple standing up to bigotry?

    Besides, all of this has been women with experience questioning him specifically for his behavior, nobody expects her at her age to know any better. Or to listen to wiser women (tho here’s to hope other girls would). And none of it about *her rights*.

    I’m tired.

    • Jules says:

      Yea, she is really working the “oh poor me” angle in her relationship. And she keeps bringing it up.

  8. Lanie says:

    Send does have the right to date whoever she wants.

    She still sounds like the young girl convinced by a predatory older guy that she’s so mature.

    In 10 years, she’ll realize that Zach Braff is a creep.

    • Kat says:

      I don’t see the big deal. She’s not a child. My husband is twenty years older than me and we’ve been together almost ten years. Being older doesn’t make someone a creep or predatory and we need to stop talking about women in their twenties as if they are children.

      • Hikaru says:

        And we need to stop normalizing women in their twenties being taken advantage of by older men so we can feel better about our own bad life choices.

      • Meg says:

        Older isnt the issue-a 50 year old with a 70 year old who cares but shes in her early 20s very impressionable none of us were very assertive or defended our boundaries back then our brains arent fully developed hes taking advantage of that IMO

  9. Bruna says:

    Little Women is amazing and she was great in it

  10. June says:

    Really disliked this Little Women adaptation. Felt like almost everyone was miscast (except maybe Chalamet). Florence Pugh definitely seemed too mature for the role. The restructuring/flashback thingy just didn’t work for me, it added nothing. Midsommar was pretty good, and Pugh was excellent in it. She needs to stop talking about her relationship with that Scrubs guy if she doesn’t want to go from hot young up and coming actress to that young actress who keeps whining about her relationship with the Scrubs dude.

    • Winechampion says:

      All I want to say is that you’re the first person in this whole post/comments to have spelled Midsommar correctly. I kept scrolling to see if anyone would

  11. Dragon Wise says:

    She is very talented, and very young. I hope she develops creep radar soon, and when she does,this relationship will be over.

  12. Case says:

    I absolutely loved Little Women. It was the only film version of that story I genuinely connected to. Wonderful performances, and a wonderful twist at the end that I felt was true to the characters.

    This is an instance where I wish she’d refuse to discuss her relationship. Sure, date whoever you want, but she’s a talented up-and-coming actress and shouldn’t be defined for dating a creep.

  13. Kath says:

    I loved Little Women, I thought it was the adaptation that best portrayed all the relationships