Emily ‘Karen’ Giffin offered a faux-apology for her vitriol against Duchess Meghan

Emily Giffin

As we discussed, the Karens Are Not Alright. The Karens got their panties in a major twist about the absolutely adorable Save the Children video of the Duchess of Sussex reading to baby Archie. The video was two-fold: it fulfilled a promise to show some kind of photo or video of Archie on his birthday, and it helped raise money and awareness for Save the Children. But of course it was never going to be that simple, especially with the flock of Karens eager to criticize every single thing about the joyful video. How dare Meghan read the book? How dare she allow Harry to film her and Archie? How dare Meghan exist while biracial?? That’s always what it amounts to – there are just so many people angry with everything the video says about the Sussex family: that Harry is proud of his family, that he delights in them, that he doesn’t regret walking away from the toxic Windsors, that Meghan and Harry are raising a sweet, cute little boy, and on and on. Anyway, author Emily Giffin was one of those Karens. This is what she posted on Instagram just after the Save the Children video went up:

Several outlets ran stories about it. First she changed her account to “private” and then she posted a faux-apology. Then they made her IG private again. But here’s what she said in her “apology”:

“I enjoy following celebrities and analyzing them with my readers. I post dozens of IG stories a day in a very honest, unfiltered way, as if I’m confiding directly with close friends. Further, I’m very interested in the British monarchy. I always have been. See the link in my bio for an essay I wrote in the days before Meghan and [Prince] Harry wed. To be clear, I absolutely loved that a biracial, American woman was marrying into the Royal Family. It seemed a wonderful, happy thing for everyone. I celebrated their wedding by hosting a gathering here at my home and posting many, many photos. Further, I was appalled by any signs of racism against her.”

Giffin clarified that her opinions of Meghan, 38, and Harry, 35, shifted following their January announcement about exiting their roles as senior members of the royal family. “Over recent months my feelings about BOTH Harry and Meghan changed. But I can say from the bottom of my heart that my criticism of Meghan has never had anything to do with her race,” she wrote. “Further, I understood why she wanted to leave the monarchy and carve out her own path. I do, however, find fault with the way BOTH she and Harry handled things, and those feelings bled over in later posts, including the ones today.”

The writer insisted that her negative remarks about the former actress were not meant to be perceived as racist. “I can see how some of my posts may have felt mean-spirited, and could be construed as having racial undertones. It was not my intent, but I understand that intent and impact are two very different things. And I am truly sorry for that negative impact.”

[From Us Weekly]

Racist insists that the racist sh-t she said wasn’t racist. It’s a tale as old as time! Personally, I just hate giving these people air, but as long as we are paying attention to the high-profile haters, here you go. This woman sucks, she’s delusional and she was clearly proud of her racist horsesh-t before she got called out. Personally, I hate that Meghan’s sheer existence has been a case study/litmus test for all of these racist white women showing their racist asses.

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  1. Beach Dreams says:

    So comfortable and confident in her misogynoir that she a) posted what looked like a private conversation and b) did so with a new book coming out next month. Her publisher must have had a fit. Personally I think it’s great she got all this heat, because a lot of people who have read her books were appalled by what they saw. She definitely lost some potential income yesterday.

    • fefe says:

      A lot of people in the online book club I’m in are huge fans of Griffin’s work. After yesterday’s shenanigans, dozens of these women have decided against purchasing Griffin’s new book. Serves her right.

      • Laura Cee says:

        I was a big fan of her earlier books, but just went into Goodreads and gave one star ratings to all her books (even the ones I did like.) It is a small thing, but it made me feel better. Now to watch the video again to cleanse my palate, loved every minute of Archie and Meghan!

      • crowhood says:


        We must attend the same church- Our Lady of Perpetually Petty? Because I did the same. Damn. Thing.

        She wasn’t a good author to begin with. She wrote fun beach reads which I am guilty of enjoying. Never again. What a swamp human.

      • Shazze says:

        Excellent Fifi! Pretty sad for Megan to return home only to be on the receiving end of still MORE bitchery. Ugh.

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @Laura Cee and Crowhood Excellent work! Applauding you from across the pond; that’s so wonderfully, deliciously petty.
        She’s not going to need a dictionary to understand the definition of ‘karma’, is she?

      • Erinn says:

        I don’t really blame you guys, but at the same time, I really really hate fake reviews. It just causes so much unnecessary confusion, and I loathed all the men who got their panties into a bunch and left bad reviews on like Black Panther or Captain Marvel. There has to be another way to stick it to these people.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        I think people need to go on her SM and TELL HER just WHY they are NOT going to buy her new book. Make her *very* aware of why sales will not be there.

      • deadnotsleeping says:

        You inspired me! I couldn’t remember if I’d read any of her books and I found a couple in my kindle library. I went on amazon and gave them a 1 star review. Made me feel better also.

      • Lady D says:

        Go Laura and crowhood. Good for you two, that was hilarious and well deserved. Like Erinn, I’m not big on fake reviews, but today I’m going to be petty and laugh at Karen-laura getting schooled.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        I found her publisher, and I tweeted the following…perhaps others here may want to do so as well:

        @randomhouse Please know, that I will NEVER buy another Emily Griffith book as I do not want to support a racist author. I will be looking more closely at your other authors as well, as to where I choose to spend my money.

        I think if enough people let them/her KNOW the reason why sales will be dropping, it will be a good thing!

      • February Pisces says:

        I don’t know who this woman is but it seem a lot of people are fans of her work who are now very disappointed. She must of had a lot of success and seems to have a good life, so I can’t figure why she is so bitter. Her excuse was quite pathetic, I think she’s reaching but can’t really justify her actions. I think a lot of trolls have gotten progressively bitter, when Meghan and Harry started dating, they all thought it was a fling. When they got engaged they swore a wedding wasn’t going to happen. When she got pregnant, the really ramped up their hate, secretly hoping she would miscarry. When archie was born, that was it, meghans place in Harry’s life was now permanent, sending trolls over the edge. And now he’s left the RF WITH her, that’s too much for them to handle. He’s demonstrated just how much he loves her, and that is where their hatred lies, in how much a Prince loves Meghan, and not them. The reason why they hate her more now, than in the beginning, is because they are mad they’re still together after everything they have thrown at then.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        I’m not familiar with her work but did she really write a book where the heroine is a woman who sleeps with her best friend’s fiancé and treats that character like she was the victim? If true, that pretty much tells me that I probably wouldn’t enjoy her books

      • Carmen says:

        She is getting positively SLAMMED on Facebook and dozens of people have commented that they are canceling their advance orders of her new book. She is toast.

      • Adrien says:

        Uh, I am very sure most of her readers are white, rich ladies afflicted with Karenia virus. She is just appealing to that demographic.

    • swirlmamad says:

      I’ve read and enjoyed her books in the past. Now? No way on earth I’ll purchase that new book. She doesn’t deserve a dime more of my money.

  2. Ali says:

    There is something strange about men and women so bold to attack another woman simply by existing on their professional social media profiles.

    The Female Lead posts about Meghan on this LinkedIn account and the amount of hate is crazy.

    • betsyh says:

      I know! Why would you do this on your PROFESSIONAL account?

      • lucy2 says:

        I know! If you MUST trash celebrities and such on social media, create a fake anonymous account, at the very least. Not the professional account! What a dummy.

        That whole meandering apology too – we see who she is.

    • BorderMollie says:

      It’s so weird and uncomfortable, a kind of parasocial relationship but in the negative/reverse. Besides the undertones of racism, there seems to be a lot of projection going on, like they’re using Megan as a stand in for women they don’t like in real life, i.e. the ex-girlfirend their man never got over. Cringe!

  3. CidyKitty(CidySmiley) says:

     “I can see how some of my posts may have felt mean-spirited, and could be construed as having racial undertones.”

    If you run into one jerk, you ran into a jerk. If you run into jerks all day, you’re the jerk. Same thing applies to racists. If everyone is calling you racist.. you might be racist. This is not even an apology what was the point of this? Also as a white woman, she is NOT the decider to say what is racist and what isn’t. That irks my nerves.

    Oh and your awful rant about someone “could have seemed mean spirited?” Stfu. What about that wasn’t mean spirited?? Like this is the worst.

    Another thing. Why does she feel like she allowed to have an opinion on how M&H handled things? She doesn’t know! No one knows!! We don’t know! No one but the RF and a few select folks know what really happened, so how on earth does she feel like she entitled to an opinion. If she was following the royals as close as she said she was she should have seen the vicious, targeted racist attacks against The Duchess but apparently she chose to ignore that and instead go on a rant about a woman reading a book to her child.

    Karen.. go on somewhere.

  4. Allie says:

    Well now i don’t have to feel bad anymore about disliking Emily Griffin’s books. I read two of them and intensely disliked them.

    • minx says:

      I’ve never heard of her.

      • MA says:

        @Minx I’m actually sorry that I’ve now heard of her. I could do without knowing about the existence of such hateful sentiments and knowing that some of these other nasty hateful people (Katie Hopkins, Angela Levin etc) exist in the world really adds nothing to my life. I try to avoid it so they don’t take up space in my memory.
        Sometimes following the Sussexes can be wearing so I can’t imagine actually being them and dealing with all this.

      • Tashiro says:

        Me either.

    • megs283 says:

      they’re awful. I mean… the big one featured a character who takes a bite out of her “best friend’s” fiancé.

  5. Molly says:

    She only apologized because women with blue checks were going in on her and she doesn’t want to be ostracized from her community. She can’t help herself though. She’ll do it again.

    So she posts multiple IG stories every day? That’s reality star behavior. Why would she consider herself that fascinating?

    • Bren says:

      Yep, and she was outed by one of the blue checks on Twitter. As Beach Dreams perfectly stated above, Emily was too comfortable and confident in her misogynoir.

      Now people are coming out of the woodwork with stories of Emily’s history of bully behavior.

  6. Meghan says:

    She’s not my most favorite author ever but I do enjoy her books and had her next book on my list to buy. As soon as I saw this last night I was like “well not buying that book now.” Because that video of Meghan and Archie was adorable and there was nothing wrong with it. She can STFU and take her Karenness somewhere else.

  7. Züri says:

    I feel rather stupid saying this, but I am still so shocked by this woman’s Twitter rant. I had no idea who she was until yesterday and am just aghast at the multivalent hate she spewed about the most innocuous and sweet video. The comments on the other post related to this were spot on about Karen’s motives, but it is nevertheless a(nother) breathtaking exposure of her true, repugnant self. I fully expect an Arielle Charnas-esque non-apology about her behavior.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @Zuri Not stupid at all. I too am shocked and aghast at the way the best of humanity (Meghan) seems to bring out the worst of humanity (Karens, Nazis, racist arseholes). But then, isn’t that the point of true goodness – that the darkness seeks to overcome it? I’m not trying to portray Meghan as an otherworldly saint: she’s human, and beautifully flawed, and makes mistakes, and learns from them. But she is bold, courageous, lives and loves wholeheartedly, advocates, never lets her convictions and beliefs be led astray; and her detractors cannot bear to see her unbowed. I think we should take this as a salutary lesson in the triumph of the human spirit versus those whom we definitely do not want to emulate or celebrate.

      • Züri says:

        Thanks! And I couldn’t agree more, I don’t think MM is trying to be anything other than her true self. She’s poised and professional and it shows that she took a lot of lessons away from her education and work experiences. All this said, it makes me happy that enough people felt emboldened to call out Emily Giffin on her rant. Some of the comments I’ve seen on US magazine about MM and her family are every bit as heinous and clearly come from a place of not understanding the politics of intersectionality…

    • MA says:

      @Zuri This is the reason that the “both sides” people are so wrong. Kate mostly got trashed by the crazies lurking in recesses of Tumblr and Royal Dish. I’m sure if that’s all there was to it, Harry and Meghan wouldn’t even know or care. But Meghan gets the entire British tabloid press plus political figures and their adjacent and verified, famous or semi-famous people openly mocking and hounding her without fear or restraint. Trolls in royal forums don’t get mainstream coverage to their views — that’s why people generally had a favorable view of Kate despite those crazies. But attacks on Meghan are accepted as a way of life even when there is pushback.

      • Züri says:

        I’ve never seen Royal Dish and I don’t look at Tumblr (god, I may be showing my age!). I can only imagine how awful the text on those pages are solely based on what I’ve seen in US, which, let’s be honest, is also just a terrible publication that gets worse by the day.

  8. Jessica says:

    I read on another site that this writer is known to be mean and a bully, so that checks out. People are so unhinged about Meghan, and then they wonder why fans are so defensive/protective. People can see what’s going on and how it’s only gotten worse and not better. I don’t believe in institutions like royalty/monarchy and I’m not a stan, I’m just an ordinary celebrity-watcher who is inclined to like Harry and Meghan because I like the image they project and I like what they’re about. Because everything they do is blown up into a huge contrived controversy, it makes the people who like them lean into defending them more vigorously than they might otherwise. No one deserves to be treated like this. Meghan and Harry’s economic and social privilege, as we can see, does not protect Meghan from racism, bullying and misogyny. It really feels like people are still just INCREDULOUS that he picked her and not whatever white woman they think would have been more appropriate. These unhinged meltdowns smack of outrage that Meghan has “wormed her way” into a space she doesn’t belong.

    • kliving says:


    • Robyn says:

      Yeah, this writer has a real history of being real problematic. A few years ago she created a ruckus when she and her husband went after an Amazon reader who gave her a one star review – -she posted nasty things about the reviewer on her facebook page, then same thing, when her people started going after the reviewer Emily wouldn’t back down, then when it got out of hand she did fake apologies, etc. She’s pretty gross. The living definition of unaware privilege. I haven’t read her in a long time.

    • Nic919 says:

      I had not heard of this author but the more that was unearthed from the social media account, all public until this incident, the worse it got.

    • osito says:

      Nail on the head!

    • Becks1 says:

      Someone on Twitter said she is known as the Buckhead bully (for the non-Americans, Buckhead is the very nice part of Atlanta where she lives) and that someone should do some digging because she is known to be AWFUL. this person (who I gathered lives in the area) said there would be enough for a book.

  9. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    A tale as old as time makes me break out in song (I loathe musicals lol). I’m guessing Meghan’s the beast. Takes a beast to see others as beasts. Sit down saltless saltine, and eat your sugar-free marshmallow sitting on a paper plate in a snowstorm.

  10. LBB says:

    If it walks like a Karen and talks like a Karen, well ……….

  11. Gem says:

    It’s GIFFIN, not Griffin. And yeah, she sucks.

  12. Cg2495 says:

    I don’t understand why all the hate towards Meghan. What has she done that is so awful? She was pushed out of the BRF and they still hating on her? Can this woman just exist ? I thought the video was sweet and I donated to this wonderful charity because of her as I had no idea about this charity.
    The video is super sweet, Meghan seems very connected to her child and is simply amazing. Why can we just celebrate the fact that she is doing something wonderful to help a charity?

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      She DWBed – Duchessed While Black. Unfortunately, that’s enough for some ‘people’.

      • Market Street Minifig says:

        This “Duchessed while Black” needs to be pointed out again and again. She is over-scrutinized for reaching above her level. An offence for which redemption will always be beyond her reach—and will always overshadow any good she does anywhere at any time.

        It’s nothing more, nothing less.

        The thing is, if you scrutinize someone closely enough and for long enough, of course you’re going to find something to nitpick! Meghan has had such a deluge of negativity rain down on her for years that even people who “love and respect her but—” need to check themselves and examine what place their assessment is coming from. Is what she’s doing really that bad? Are you setting higher standards for her than for other people? Why do you feel so comfortable picking her apart? Are you really seeing her from a POV independent of the people who are trying to tear her down?

        This is not to say she should be above criticism. Just please be honest with yourself, as Kaiser is, about what place that appraisal is coming from.

  13. Becks1 says:

    May have been construed as mean spirited? She said that M was unmaternal, a phony, and said “Go Away Meghan.”

    How is that NOT mean spirited?

    Her posts aren’t the posts of someone “disappointed” with Meghan. they’re the posts of someone who hates her. I said my piece in the other post so you all don’t need to read another huge diatribe from me but yeah. She’s awful.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They’re the posts of someone may have been ordered by her publisher to do a public recanting. With people cancelling orders for her new book right and left, her open racism is costing her and the publisher money.

    • June says:

      @Becks, saying “go away Meghan” on her son’s birthday is more than just mean spirited. She is hateful.

  14. HK9 says:

    “Karen” in all her mediocrity rears it’s ugly head yet again. She deserves everything she gets.

  15. ours says:

    She is a known bully. She has always posted mean stuff about women she doesn’t like. She used to post a lot about Angelina Jolie because she wants Bad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back together.

    • February Pisces says:

      I just said in a previous post that this Emily woman has a severe Madonna/Whore complex. She seems to categorise women as either good or bad based on how sexually threatening she finds them. I’m not surprised she hates angelina. If funny how she never blames the man though.

  16. Grant says:

    What an idiot. I don’t trust anyone who can unashamedly admit that they’re so interested in the British monarchy they actually write essays about these people. GET A LIFE. Her opinions are as bad as her books.

  17. Kazzzz says:

    My name is Karen and I object to being labeled as racist or bigoted by association.
    I’m a big H & M fan and I’m appalled at the vitriol they endure on a daily basis. It’s not okay to target anther group to express your outrage.

    • Molly says:

      Have you guys formed an alliance with the Beckys? How about the Chets. A coalition could help your cause.

      Of course, historically there are also the Heathers. Am I leaving anyone out?

      • GuestWho says:

        You left out Chads.

      • Molly says:

        You’re right!

        #cancelSNL. Pete Davidson has made that fine name mud.

      • Becks1 says:

        #notallBeckys lol

        (seriously the Karen nonsense cracks me up as a Becky because….it is what it is. It actually helped me think, “am I a Basic Becky?” And I kind of am, in terms of my lifestyle and fashion, but I don’t think I am in terms of how I view racism and racial issues.)

      • Molly says:

        @Becks1. And no one actually looks at someone named Rebecca or Karen and assumes they must be actually be Beckys or Karens.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Or with the Jans?

      • Ms single malt says:


      • MsIam says:

        I’m old so I remember Chatty Cathy and Nosy Nancy too, lol. I’m sorry Karen. Just don’t be THAT Karen.

      • Genessee says:

        Wait…have we given up on Sharons and Pattys?

    • GuestWho says:

      It is absolutely okay to target racists and express outrage. In fact, everyone should be doing it.

      • Case says:

        I believe Kazzzz agrees we should call out racists and express outrage, she’s just saying she dislikes that her name is now associated with being a racist. I agree with her. I don’t know where the “Karen” thing originated but I have a friend named Karen who is the sweetest person. I think it sucks that random people’s names are now associated with such gross behavior.

      • Kazzzz says:

        Agreed, but at the expense of innocent people who haven’t hurt anyone?
        It’s my name and I like it. Does that mean that as a Karen I have to be lumped in with the worst of humanity?

      • GuestWho says:

        That depends, Karen. Do you honestly believe that when people learn your name they are going to assume the worst about you?

      • osito says:

        It’s not about you, Kazzz. Don’t make it about you, and it will continue to not be about you. I have relationships with real people named Karen. I don’t see them whenever I hear a Karen-joke. I see Kate Gosselin. Because it’s not about people really named Karen; it’s about people who behave like Kate Gosselin.

      • Scotchy says:

        I agree with Kazz, I am a biracial woman whose immigrant German mother changed her name when she came to Canada from Brigitte to Karen. She did this because she thought it would prevent her from being teased and now it’s the new moniker for terrible garbage white lady. With all of this Karen-ism I feel for her. This is my mother the woman that birthed a biracial child. It sucks that like it or not if she comes across any zillenial/ millennial -x-er( my group) and introduces herself, until this blows over they will side eye. She doesn’t have anything to be side – eyed for aside from the unfortunate luck of having the name Karen right now. When we attach ourselves to a collective moniker it can be hard to shake. I am only thankfully she doesn’t have the internet nor does she pay attention and I don’t think people in her age group( 65+) pay attention to these things.

      • Molly says:

        @Scotchy. Has anyone bullied your mom for being named Karen?

      • Lizzie says:

        If someone tells me a name or remark is hurtful or inappropriate then I believe them. I think the Karen thing should go because Karen says so. Why ask if someone has been bullied, is that some sort of standard?
        There are lot’s of things that we don’t say anymore and I think we can add this to the list.
        BTW, I told my grandson (7 y/o) that one of my best friends is Indian. He told me I should’t say that. I tried to explain that is okay when someone is actually from India – he just wasn’t having it. LOL.

      • Silas says:

        This is about white fragility. Hurt white feelings do not matter more in this case.

        We have a way of referencing behavior that has harmed so many people. To dismiss that because maybe it could possibly hurt someone’s else’s feelings is absurd.

    • Lotus says:

      I’m always blown away by adults calling people names, it seems pretty immature to me. Why cant people Express their opinion without resulting to childish name calling.

      • JBH says:

        Thank you! How does name-calling improve the world in any way? (P.S. “Karen” has already gotten old.)

      • Jules says:

        @JBH, agreed. This Karen thing is just a different kind of stereotyping and name-calling.

      • GuestWho says:

        because it’s easier to type “Karen” than “racist, entitled skank.” Or should we not be calling the racist, entitled skank a racist, entitled skank? You don’t appear particularly troubled with insults like “unmaternal,” “narcissist,” “she’s a joke,” “very fake and forced,” “gold digger” – oh, the list goes on and on.

      • osito says:

        Has a lot more to do with the use of humor to express strong emotion that would normally incur retribution. Look up how humor is used in marginalized societies to confront oppression when it’s not safe to do so otherwise, and you’ll understand it a lot more.

        Also, stop demeaning the intelligence of adults who do things you don’t like or understand. Not a good look.

      • Lotus says:

        @guestwho how do you know insults trouble me? Are you psychic? Do you have a hotline I can call?
        @osito can you tell me when in my statement I demeaned someone’s intelligence because I did not so you must be referring to someone else. Then you say it’s “not a good look” because I dont “understand” using insults instead of thoughtful expressiveness? So you choose not to read or understand my comment, inferred things I did not say and them choose to judge me on things I didnt say. Again, not very mature (which is not the same as demeaning someone’s intelligence)

      • GuestWho says:

        @Lotus – because you are on a thread started by someone whining about being lumped in with racists because her name is Karen. Have you spoken out about Griffin calling Meghan names? I must have missed that.

      • Lotus says:

        @guestwho so you made a bunch of assumptions about me based on the fact that I think name calling is immature and unproductive?

    • chicken tetrazzini! says:

      My mom is a Karen, and I do feel bad/laugh that she gets lumped into this. Glad she has no idea about this current trend as it would probably make her sad. I’ve always been on a Classic Cathy train myself

    • Market Street Minifig says:

      Karen, being a “Karen” is different from being named “Karen.” But I can see how it would hit if “Karen” both names AND describes you.

      • ADS says:

        I like you :)

      • Molly says:

        Yup. Centering yourself in this situation is a pretty Karen-like thing to do. Peak first world problem.

      • MsIam says:


      • Peri says:

        Exactly. This is literally a post about really gross, racist, unnecessary comments about a black woman and her care of her family, specifically a little baby, and the greatest concern of this woman is that her name (our name, as I’m also named Karen) is under attack. This is why our name gets a bad rep, jfc.

    • Nic919 says:

      And you made sure to post this in both articles. Which again is a very Karen thing to do.

      Do a google search on how Karen came to be used by black women and then maybe you will be embarrassed by your narcissism. This was never about you until you made it about you.

    • Peri says:

      LOL — my name is Karen, and WHO CARES about these jokes?

      I’m Latina, a millennial, polite to service staff — if the joke doesn’t describe you, why are you bothered? I also like my name, and I love that my Mexican parents gave me this name because they liked it and thought it was pretty. At the time the jokes started I was like “nooo” because I have always liked that my name is kind of unique among people my age (not a lot of 24 year old Karens out there), but honestly? I get the joke.

      There are “Karens” that have been incredibly racist toward my family, and the joke is referring to the type of white woman that plays the victim, and weaponizes her status as a white woman to get what she wants, knowing full well that her experiences will be believed over those of others — others like my family members, and particularly black people. So I get the joke. If you’re named Karen, just don’t be A Karen and no one will care. You’re sounding very #NotAllMen here.

  18. Lila says:

    That shrew is everything she accused Meghan of being: fake, phony, forced. And she’s an author that can’t even spell Meghan.


    • Bren says:

      Oh she knows how to spell Meghan’s name just fine. Misspelling Meghan’s name is another tactic the haters use to show their disrespect.

  19. ATLMathMom says:

    I was thrilled with I found her first book, long ago, way before she sold movie rights. I loved ithe book and that she lives (lived?) in my city. I’ve tried to read several others since then but didn’t really love any of them. Sporadically reading interviews with her over the years left me with the feeling that success really went to her head. I don’t really follow any celebs directly on social media – I let Celebitchy do the filtering for me, but that she was so overtly ugly on SM surprised me.

    TL;DR – She really should follow the old Southern adage “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

  20. Marysia says:

    She is a writer, she, of all people, should know her way with words and how they might impact.

  21. TheOriginalMia says:

    Gotta love these racists. Always more offended by people calling them racists than what they actually say and do to prove they are racists. She’s always been a bit unhinged, but I’d forgotten she existed. I guess I hoped after that Amazon debacle that she and her equally offensive spouse would have disappeared into the ether. I was wrong.

  22. Jaded says:

    I have no idea who this woman is and I have never read any of her books, but she acts like a spoiled, tantrum-throwing 5 year old. Anyone who gets off on publicly demeaning someone they don’t even know has got to have some tangled wiring in their brain. She is an ugly, UGLY person and I’m glad she’s finally being exposed as the racist cow she truly is.

  23. Lola says:

    You don’t like how she handled things? let’s pretend Karen isn’t lying about that. How does it translate into Meghan being a BAD mother? They’re angry she had a baby, they were hoping she wouldn’t or would miscarriage.
    Did Meghan destroy the monarchy? Was she friend with a paedophile? NO. They find Meghan very existence insulting, they don’t want her to breath to be happy. In Beckys, Karens and Susans world black, brown people are supposed to envy them, to look up to them, not the other way round and they can’t handle that Meghan is a duchess. Not only she’s racist but she is stupid too, she has a book coming. Great way to screw everything, well done Karen.

    • Jodi says:

      where’s her outrage at how Andrew has ‘handled’ things…oh, right. she isn’t outraged. because it isn’t about that at all. its hatred for a strong, self assured biracial woman.

  24. Christina says:

    Meghan didn’t stay in her place or encourage Harry to remain in the stale monarchy like a “good” white woman would. Giffen and her type conveniently forget that Harry was already having issues with the monarchy before he met Meghan, but she gets blamed because she is biracial.

    Giffen outed herself as one of these people unhinged about miscegenation. It’s weird that she thought that Meghan should have yelled with joy that the baby said ”dada”. That’s some real projection of how she would handle it if she had bagged Harry. The video is an intimate slice of life that made Giffen uncomfortable in a sick way. Now she’s mentioning Harry because her original comments make her look like a mean girl pissed off that a proper white woman isn’t pushing his babies out.

  25. emmy says:

    Oof, she seems lovely.

    I don’t usually do this but … she’s just jealous, right? There is no other explanation even if you take the racism into consideration. And I get it, Meghan’s successful, happy, married with a cute baby, gorgeous . Hell, I’d like some of that even though I can’t complain about my life at all and don’t even want kids. But this rage is something else.

  26. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Whatever Karen. And she is a Karen in every sense of the passive aggressive white supremacist meaning of the nickname Karen.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Yep. It’s interesting how sometimes the same women insisting that calling out REAL abuse and dehumanization is ‘stifling women’s speech’ have a completely different kneejerk response to Karen. All namecalling is not equal.

  27. Sofia says:

    The only reason she posted this apology is because she was getting called out by blue checks on Twitter. Had they not called her out or if it was just Meghan fan twitters she would not give out an apology.

    And you can tell she doesn’t mean a single word because she won’t accept responsibility. Note how she uses “May have” instead of “I did”

    • notasugarhere says:

      Reads like her publisher ordered her to apologize.

      • Jaded says:

        That’s the least her publisher could do – it’s all over every newspaper, tabloid and magazine today so she’s having to face a huge, very public and well-deserved backlash for both her original vitriol and subsequent fauxpology.

    • leftcoastal says:

      That was the most #sorrynotsorry faux apology ever. Right up there with, “I’m sorry that you’re offended by the shitty thing I said about you.” There’s an article on HuffPo by their royal reporter who put together all the things that she’s said about Harry + Meghan and it’s depressing. And she’s also written some seriously unhinged things about the Royal Family, along the lines of “the day Diana died was the saddest day of my life,” and “the woman I most respect in the world is the Queen.” Um, hate to break it to you Karen, but you’re not British, get over it.

  28. Dragon Wise says:

    I will give this racist guttersnipe’s fauxpology a single, mild compliment: the intent vs. impact part is an important point. She absolutely meant to tear Meghan down, so it’s all bull, but a lot of these types of celebrity statements only focus on the lack of bad intentions when it’s the impact that matters.

  29. Janice Hill says:

    Anyone who has ever tried reading to a child of Archie’s age can see that the duchess is VERY GOOD at reading to him. When he tries to turn the pages the other way, she is patient, then steers it back to the reading, in a talented balancing act between playing and teaching. It’s clear that both parents are active participants in his life. Archie is a lucky boy to have be raised by such loving parents.

    • June says:

      @Janice, that’s what it seems to me. From my experience with my big, squirmy toddler nephew, I feel Meghan handled him expertly.
      (and even if she didn’t handle him, I know even as a non parent that kids can be a handful and it’s really normal!)

  30. Bellezza says:

    Sit down, Karen. In fact, all the Karens of this world can have a seat; you’re a herd of toxic (white) cows.

    • ennie says:

      Yeah, I understand the anger, but Karen is the name of actual people, not everyone can be that bad.

      • Lady D says:

        There’s a world famous porn tape with my name on the cover. I learned to ignore the comments, and no one is naming a Karen they personally know, so try not to take it personal, it’s not meant that way.

  31. Sunnee says:

    Emily Giffin is a liar. She made a video making fun of the name Archie when he was named, which was Months before they announced their independence. She poked fun, seemingly unnerved that “Archie” is a name with no royal connection. The name “Zara” has no royal connection either. Neither does Beatrice or Eugenie or Mia. Victoria wasn’t even a recognized name until Queen Alexandria Victoria was crowned.
    And like everyone said Harry and Meg’s decision to leave was based on exactly this, Bullying from whypipo
    BTW, my ex supervisor, Karen, had a blond bob. I still keep in touch because In spirit she is such an Oprah

    • Becks1 says:

      agreed in general, but wanted to point out that Beatrice and Eugenie do have royal connections. I’m not sure where they fall, one of Victoria’s names or one of her daughters or something, but they are royal names.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, they are connected to Victoria. My guess is that’s why Beatrice was going to marry where she was, because Fergie remains obsessed with Victoria & Albert.

    • songbirds_thrive says:

      Princess Beatrice’s name is connected to Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice, who married into the Spanish royal family.

      Current day Bea also shares the big eyes of QV and of her long ago namesake. But then, Sarah also has huge eyes.

      I’m not sure about Eugenie’s name having a connection to a former British royal.

    • Some chick says:

      LOVE “she is such an Oprah” for IRL Karen with the blond bob. That’s sweet.

      Eugenie has always been a creepy name to me, because it means “has good genes.” Not that it’s bad to have good genes… but…

  32. Loretta says:

    This woman is disgusting. Period.

  33. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Why on earth does she think that we would either want to have a personal conversation with her or be privy to the contents of her head (which must be truly frightening)? One of the worst “fauxpologies” I’ve seen (sorry, can’t remember which CBer came up with that stellar portmanteau, but am nicking it). Racist woman racistly triggered by beautiful woman of colour and gorgeous (and huge!!) son displays psychotic arsehattery. The End.

  34. Amelie says:

    I think I read one book by this witch a long time ago because a friend recommended her. I can’t even remember what book it was, it was that unmemorable. I just remember thinking the book was pretty terrible and vowed to never read another one.

    So mediocre white writer who is getting bent out of shape because a white prince decided to leave the UK with his biracial American wife? Yeah I can totally believe that. Glad I never further invested in this woman’s trashy books.

  35. sassafras says:

    I’ve followed this author for a long time on IG. I believe her account has always been private? At least, I’ve tried sharing her stuff with a friend who said she couldn’t see it because it was private. Her obsession with the Royal family is fine, lots of people follow them (as we see on this site) but since Sussexit her feelings about Meghan has been bizarre. However – I feel I have to give credit where credit is due – she is a liberal/ progressive in Georgia and has supported democratic causes and candidates and encouraged many others to do the same. It’s hard to reconcile that with the Meghan hatred but people are complicated.

    • Beach Dress says:

      Her hatred of Meghan dates back long before Sussexit. She made two videos mocking and whining re: Archie’s name when he was born, and she looked/sounded as unhinged as she seemed in these latest comments. Also, I wonder how liberal she truly is: people posted screenshots of her pushing for a Romney victory in 2012, and some who follow her say that she’s a bit of a mixed bag on politics in general? I don’t know enough about her political background b/c yesterday is the first time I’ve heard of her.

    • Lady D says:

      She’s not even British?? What the blankety-blank is wrong with this woman?

    • Becks1 says:

      She was private for a long time – I know because I used to follow her and when I unfollowed her couldn’t see her posts anymore -but when I went yesterday she was completely public, so at some point (in advance of her new book?) she must have opened it back up. Then yesterday she set it to private, then public when she posted her “apology” now its back to private.

    • Nic919 says:

      White progressives can still be racist.

    • NA says:

      Yeah, gotta tell you that it isn’t that hard to reconcile her views on Meghan with her being a liberal. It actually makes perfect sense and has been written about and talked about as the problem with white feminists/feminism. I think the discussion on it got pretty loud around the time of the Women’s march in 2017 when a lot of non white women spoke out about how they were left out of the picture and discussion around that time (and always have been really). See also Get Out and Lady Lynn Rothschild’s dismissive tone around Obama during his primary run against Clinton. This attitude totally tracks and ain’t nothing new.

  36. Ohpioneer says:

    Her publisher must have stroked out and let her know her particular brand of racist crazy doesn’t sell books.

  37. Harper says:

    Giffin got PLAYED by the British Media into going after Meghan. No other reason because IMO if she liked Harry as much as she said she did, you’d think she’d be slow to go after a man who lost his mom when he was twelve, had to walk behind her casket in front of the world, then served in the army, formed charities for the needy and the disabled, kept his sense of humor and his heart open despite all that. She’d pay attention when he said that he was not going to take the attacks from the press, and remember that his mother was killed in a paparazzi chase.

    So how did Giffin forget all that? Because she swallowed whole all the tabloid lies that Willileaks and Ma Middleton and probably the Pedo and his gang fed the Mail and the Sun to keep the heat off of their own misdeeds and then Giffin just regurgitated it all out into her social media. She writes fiction but can’t see it when its right in front of her! It’s hilarious that she’s scrambling with bad apologies and that her sales and reviews will suffer from this bad press.

  38. S808 says:

    Yeah this “apology” sounds like her publicist blew her phone up and told her to apologize or else. I’m sure she’ll make a finsta to be a racist, hateful bitch instead of doing it out in the open now. I hope fans get her dropped from her publisher.

  39. L4frimaire says:

    People were truly shocked and horrified by this woman’s post. It was such a nasty thread on such a sweet video. A lot of blue checks, prominent writers and journalists like Roxane Gay, were coming to Meghan’s defense and dragging this horrid woman. People were contacting her publisher, and articles were being written, so of course she issued that totally fake insincere apology. I’m sure her agent or publicists was screaming into her phone. It was truly ugly and she can never live this down. I loved how the people from Save the Children were directly addressing some of the trolls and telling them how happy they were with the post. These haters even went on a Jennifer Garners page to vent. So ridiculous, I’m so glad the Sussexes don’t have a social media page right now, because these psychos start putting their hateful nonsense on charities or celebrities pages, and everyone can see the unhinged craziness in real time. I’m annoyed this post got so much attention on what was such a great 1st birthday for Archie, but so happy with the amount of love and support shown to the Sussexes.

    • Beach Dress says:

      Think of it this way: when people Google her name, this fiasco is going to be one of the first things that pops up. It’s less than a month before her new book too. She might count on her fellow detractors to help her sales, but as someone on Twitter said: hate is not currency. These people can’t even boost any project/initiative related to the Cambridges (who they profess to adore so much). I’ve got no doubt that some of them will try to encourage others to purchase her nonsense but I doubt many of them will be shelling out money for her.

    • Sid says:

      L4frimaire, I too am happy that the lunatic fringe exposed themselves the way they did. I hate that Jennifer Garner and Save the Children had to have that nonsense on their IG accounts, but a lot of people who were otherwise clueless are now seeing just how absurd the attacks on Meghan are.

  40. Coco says:

    I’m annoyed with Amazon’s return policy. I bought one of her books recently as a kindle daily deal, or maybe one of April’s monthly deals. Even though I haven’t opened the content, which is what I thought was the only thing that invalidated a quick return, apparently the ability to return a kindle book expires after a week, whether you’ve started it or not.

    • MA says:

      @Coco you should contact customer service to see if they will give you an exception, especially since you didn’t open it

  41. M Narang says:

    Amazing to me that as a person of color I have been called some truly awful racist slurs. The most white women get nowadays is “Karen” and yet we all know what that means. We get the image immediately. No explanation required. Tells you a lot about the behavior of too many white women.

  42. ziaaa says:

    Dear Gawd I have never seen such twisting and writhing and hand-wringing and spitting and ranting over a sweet video posted of a doting mother and her adorable son…..In the past 24 hours, I have seen Meghan’s parenting skills along with Archie’s growth and development and Harry’s ‘manliness’ questioned, I have seen people (including a certain social media blue tick) bemoan Meghan’s presence and impatiently wait for the the time Harry and Archie will be free from her, I have seen people go after charities designed to help kids over there ‘heinous act’ of giving Meghan a platform, I have seen Cambridge stans attack celebs such as Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner for not hyping Charlotte’s birthday who is, according to them, the cherished offspring of monarchy’s true heir and instead fawning over the son of a mixed-race duchess…Shameful, to say the least!

    Salute to Meghan and Harry for having a strong sense of self and continuing to forge forward in their endeavour to both help others and live their best lives. Best wishes to their small, lovely family!

    • Lady D says:

      Okay seriously, what is a blue tick?

      • Nic919 says:

        A blue check next to a name on Twitter is a verified account. It used to be given only to public figures like celebrities or politicians but now the definition has expanded a bit more. Many still view the ones with blue checks as more legitimate.

      • Some chick says:

        It means that twitter verifies that they are who they say they are. So I can’t sign up as Leslie Jones or Adele or Jason Momoa and make people think that’s actually who I am.

      • Lady D says:

        Thank you Nic919 and Some chick:)

    • MA says:

      Do….. Camb stans not realize that Americans was founded on getting away from those people? We don’t recognize monarchy, why do we need to declare fealty to foreign royalty? Insane.

      Also Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams posted about Meghan because she helped out their charity. How terrible do you have to be to detract from a charity to promote a random birthday of a stranger?

      • Olenna says:

        Yet, these same royalists and pseudo Camb stans are upset that people complained to this nasty heffa’s publisher and wrote scathing rebuttals to her comments about Meghan. There is no end to these crazed, racist women’s self-righteousness. The fact that this woman is blaming Meghan and Harry for her rants and hatred is just beyond belief. I have seen mugxits on Twitter defending their stalking of Meghan and harassment of her fans and charities as their mission to see that Meghan gets her “comeuppance”. These people are just sick, trifling racists and self-haters, all of them. And, yes, there are WOC abusing her, too, and I see you, those alumni who shall not be named.

  43. Jayna says:

    Georgia. A hateful, bullying post towards a woman with her baby reading a children’s book for charity. I thought, this must be a Trump supporter. But she was a big Kamala Harris supporter for nominee. Anti-Trump. Darn, I don’t want to claim her in my party. She’s a royal obsessive from what I see from reading on her Facebook or somewhere , and big, bad Meghan took precious Harry away from the BRF..

    She sounds like a vicious bully enjoying posting vile, judgmental tweets about Meghan for all to see. Is she in high school? Her apology was a non-apology, with no insight regarding her own ugly soul. She needs to get a life. And, yes, there were racial undertones to her comments. I hope her book tanks.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Someone from her community , think it’s Buckhead in Atlanta area, posted that she is thoroughly disliked by her neighbors and considered a bully. Also read the Atlantic article on her nastiness. To quote Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”. Old girl really showed us everything and can’t spin her way out of this.
      Someone on twitter said that Meghan Markle is a Karen black light. This was hilarious but true.

      • Comity says:

        I remember reading Giffin’s comments about Angelina Jolie (I’m not a fan and that woman has her issues but) years back and thought they were so juvenile. Intellectually she’s like Stephenie Meyer, who went on about something like how she herself is a 6 out of 10 but when she moved to a remote town as a young girl became a 10 out of 10 or something. *eyeroll* These are the people who are selling well with women readerships. Hahaha. Also I remember Giffin boasting on her website (author bio/timeline) about how she got into Harvard Law but chose Virginia (which is also very selective as far as its law school is concerned) instead. Just the way she did it made me think less of her. Anyway, women should not apologise or feel like they need to hide their achievements but on the whole Emily Giffin comes across as someone you’d just dislike and distrust.

  44. S says:

    I believe Giffin when she says she didn’t mean her comments to be “perceived” as racist. I mean, they clearly 100% were racist, but I’m sure she didn’t want people to think that. Because to not only have that level of vitriol at all for a video of a mother reading a story with her one-year-old, but feel confident you need to share your “clever” thoughts not just with the friend you texted them to, but the world is…mind blowing. I mean, wow. Just wow.

    I’ve read a few of Giffin’s works and they’re fine, mindless beach reads, I guess, but nothing I’ll mind skipping in future.

  45. Mellie says:

    This whole thing just made me sad for Meghan, there she is, just a mom, reading to her little boy, trying to do something good for people and giving us all a glimpse of his little face. She just looked so proud, like she was having fun. And no matter what we are led to believe, you know she hears about things like this and it has to hurt her feelings. It really just hurt my feelings for her and little Archie. I’m just sad about the whole situation….and freaking mad at people who are simply awful humans. This lady is just awful and I’m ashamed to say that I’ve read a couple of her books. ugh.

  46. Laura says:

    I feel for normal women named Karen today.

    • Some chick says:

      I feel for WOC today. And every day.
      The Karens will live.


      This is all about shining a light on white privilege.

      If it makes you uncomfortable, shine the light into the corners and ask way.

      Feeling uncomfortable does not stack up to systemic racism. Sorry. Think about it.

  47. MA says:

    Meghan’s really elevated the profile of a lot of people who don’t deserve it. I get that Karen is well known for her genre of books…don’t mean to be demeaning but I’ve seen people refer to it as “chick lit”? But that’s not really my thing and I would’ve never heard of her if her unhinged behavior weren’t aired for public consumption.

    Apparently she was pro Romney but anti Trump? Just goes to show that racism can exist across the political spectrum especially among certain White Feminists.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    Hatred, jealousy, and great ignorance. Internalized sexism. Racism.

    Our society needs a MASSIVE wake-up call.

  49. Lizzie says:

    Maybe this will shine some light on the horrid comments left on daily fail.

    I don’t know that I will ever understand this level of hate and bitterness and maybe I’m glad that I don’t.
    Hope the publisher drops her.

  50. Vanessa says:

    This woman only apologized when she realized that her pocket would be affected her opinions about Meghan and Harry life choices is ridiculously. She’s the type of a woman who can dish it out but the moment she gets called out for asinine behavior she deletes her account she talk a lot of crap about Meghan but the moment her behavior is called out or the world can see her what she is a jealous petty bitter racist woman she gives a non apology claims she not a racist and makes her account private . Nothing upset and gets white woman more angry is a woman of color living better than her .

  51. Annabel says:

    I’ve never read her, but she stands out in memory as the author who had a little meltdown a few years back because her new book at the time was only… #2 on the New York Times bestseller list. She was sad, because it’s just, she’d wanted so badly to be #1. She’s deranged.

    • Comity says:

      She actually looks completely off her head in those snippets of her IG stories. What a weird way to be passing your time, wallowing in hatred of someone you don’t even know in person. Yes, we all hate on certain celebs to some degree (as just as we like some celebs) but this is like pathological and chronic for her.

  52. Lola_Lola says:

    I have never heard of EG. I have never read her books and I never will at this point. I find the hate that she has for MM is so strong. This is the most recent incident that has blown up but someone on twitter posted old IG post and she has been hating on MM for a long time. There are numerous hateful post about her. She wanted Kate with Harry and when MM came along it just sent her (and others) into this spiral. This is the first time that she has gotten push back for her comments. It is like she is taking Harry choosing MM as a personal affront against her. She put all this hate out there against this woman and then when she gets push back and the hate directed back to her…she plays the victim.

  53. Comity says:

    Giffin’s books are dreadful but she’s established herself in a very profitable niche (look up pics of her Atlanta house spread when it was for sale) and done what a lot of lawyers would LOVE to do: quit their jobs and be an overnight success as a writer. She is a total Anglophile and named her twin boys and daughter with very English names. She also had a controversy where her husband was trolling anyone who left negative reviews of one of her new released on Amazon. Former litigation or wall st lawyer and a very tough woman who holds on to grudges (see her exposing her former agent who was pretty rude to her, admittedly), as far as I know. Also I remember following her social media updates during a book tour years back and how she makes herself look like a total barbie and wore really expensive outfits. Just comes across as someone you’d never dare to, figuratively speaking, turn your back on if she were a colleague.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Very succinct article that absolutely nailed the heart of the matter.
      Thanks for posting ABritGuest!

  54. Original Leigh says:

    I am ashamed to admit that I have read and enjoyed most of Emily Giffin’s books. Like others have said, she seems to have lived a privileged life so why is she so angry? It’s ridiculous that this Karen is so resentful of Meghan for existing that she will jeopardize her own career and reputation. All Meghan has ever tried to do is live her best life and do some good in the world. Why are people so threatened by her? Because she didn’t get the memo that biracial and black women need not apply for the role of the wife one of the world’s most eligible white men? Also, if she is equally upset with Harry as she claims in her faux apology then why did she say that Meghan should have been behind the camera and let Harry read to Archie?

  55. Liz version 700 says:

    Thank you Emily Karen. At least I know one author to mark “not interested” on my Kindle. What an awful, disgusting and hateful woman.

  56. RoyalBlue says:

    Emily and Piers must be comparing notes. i can’t tell you when last i have seen people spewing such open hate towards someone like this. You would think she trafficked underaged girls or something.

    Author dependent on revenue streams from the public, goes on a bizarre and vile public rant on a beloved figure? such a rookie error and i am glad she got schooled on Twitter.

  57. songbirds_thrive says:

    I’m glad that I never heard of Giffen before, nor read any of her books. I’m glad she’s been called out and that she’s suffering the consequences of her insufferable behavior!

  58. yinyang says:

    The BRF have set the precedence of how you can treat Meghan, trash celebrities have used Meghan as a punching bag because lets the brf allowed it and subtly encourage it.

  59. Molly says:

    I find it amazing that there are so many people who know more about being Royal than Meghan. The truth is they have NEVER met The Queen and would be arrested if they attempted to enter any private Royal residence. The fact that Meghan married a Prince who is the grandson of the Queen, future son/brother and uncle of Kings matters not…..they still know more than she does.