Prince Andrew is being sued for failing to make a $6 million payment on his Swiss chalet

Questioned for his connection with Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew "puts an end to his public commitments" **FILE PHOTOS**

There are so many shady pieces to Prince Andrew’s life. The part which has gotten the most attention in the past year is obviously his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, who trafficked teenage girls to Andrew via Ghislaine Maxwell. There are other questionable and ridiculous stories around Andrew though – his shady business dealings, the origin of his fortune, his continuing relationship with Sarah Ferguson, and the fact that Andrew and Sarah bought a Swiss chalet together several years ago, out of nowhere. Allegedly, Fergie moved full-time to Switzerland, likely as some kind of tax dodge, but the chalet was in her name and Andrew’s name. And now the chalet issue has gotten even murkier:

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah are reportedly facing legal action over more than $8 million they allegedly owe the seller of a luxury Swiss home they purchased together in 2014. The former couple bought the seven-bedroom chalet in the Verbier ski resort in Southwest Switzerland for $22.5 million.

The Duke and Duchess of York failed to make a substantial payment on the home that was due by the end of last year, Le Temps newspaper reported. Six million francs — or roughly 6.1 million dollars — was due at the time, according to the sale deeds seen by the French-language daily. With interest, the sum is now eight million francs, or about $8.2 million dollars.

After going months without receiving payment, the seller of the home instructed their lawyers from the firm Etude du Ritz to launch legal proceedings, Le Temps reported. The law firm did not respond to a request for comment.

A spokeswoman for the Yorks told Le Temps: “There is a dispute between the two parties in this matter,” adding that the contractual details were “subject to a confidentiality agreement.”

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said, “This isn’t something we would comment on.”

[From Page Six]

Tax-dodgers AND mortgage-dodgers? Who would have thought. This isn’t some kind of coronavirus “cancel the rent” economic issue either – clearly, Fergie and Andrew were having some kind of financial issue LAST YEAR which kept them from making a payment. I have a conspiracy brewing over here… Andrew’s finances have always been secretive and it’s 100% true that no one knows how much he’s worth or where and how he “got” all that money. We also know that Jeffrey Epstein was likely a blackmailer (on a massive scale) and that Epstein and his human-trafficking rapist buddies made “deals” with one another. Isn’t it strange that Andrew suspiciously ran out of money to make a multi-million dollar payment in the same year that Epstein died? I’m obviously still working on this conspiracy, but I would definitely love to see some enterprising British journalist do a forensic-accounting examination of Andrew’s finances.

Prince Andrew interview

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts **FILE PHOTOS**

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45 Responses to “Prince Andrew is being sued for failing to make a $6 million payment on his Swiss chalet”

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  1. Seraphina says:

    Well now I won’t feel so bad if I can’t make a payment on my bills considering a man of Royal blood can’t pay his bills.

    Cut them all off and be done with it. It’s 2020 and the monarchy needs to be abolished.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Given this has now made the press, cue Mummy stepping in to pay the outstanding costs and then it being sold quietly to a ‘family friend’.

      • Rapunzel says:

        DU- oh I hope Liz uses taxpayer money to bail him out and it gets all over the press. Serves her right if this mofo is her downfall.

      • Harla says:

        Yep, this is exactly what will happen Digital Unicorn.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        I’m shocked Petty Betty let her Pedo Prince “suffer the indignities” of seeing this in the press…actually, I’m MORE surprised Pedo didn’t rush off to Mummy and whinge about how mean that nasty owner was being to him, demanding the money he is owed!

        This seems to be one thing that Mummy can’t solve with a photo. And Mummy is NOTORIOUSLY tight with her OWN money. Maybe since she can’t find a way to stick it to the British taxpayers, so she’s staying out of it for now?

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        She can’t use tax payers money as he’s not actually a working royal any more and its his private residence – if it was on property owned by the Crown Estate or TQ herself it would be a different story.

        This won’t be the first property that he’s owned to have been bought by a ‘friend’ when it all went tits up.

    • Bella says:

      The Queen may very well bail him out but she won’t use taxpayers’ money because she doesn’t get taxpayers’ money. None of the RF do.
      She’s notoriously stingy, though, so this will hurt her.

      • Seraphina says:

        Now correct me if I am wrong but PC has a piece of land, The Duchey Of Cornwall I believe is the name of it, that is worked that belongs to the citizens of England. He reaps the rewards of the land which is monetary. So he is supported by the people of England.

        The Duchy and it’s operation are an interesting read and eye opening.

    • Livvers says:

      Sometimes I think about how imaginary and abitrary royal status & succession is, and that Danny Dyer is a direct descendant of Edward III and Thomas Cromwell.

    • minx says:

      Thank you. Dump them all, they’re useless.

  2. Snazzy says:

    I had to laugh. As someone who has lived in Switzerland now for 15 years, I can promise you that the one thing that they don’t mess around with is money.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    But but but Meghan read to Archie and didn’t acknowledge he called Harry “Dadadada!” How does Randy PedoAndy’s rent dodging compare to Duchessing while Black?

    • SerenityByJan says:

      Indeed! Where’s the outrage from self-proclaimed “royal watcher” Emily Giffin? Crickets…

      • L4frimaire says:

        That horrid hag can pay Andy’s debts, since she’s so desperate for a Prince.

  4. Sofia says:

    I hope he’ll get hung out to dry once his mother is 6 foot underground but he would become a loose canon and probably start trying to wage a war against the monarchy – which is not what Charles and William want. After all they both want a throne to sit on

    Better to have him inside the tent pissing out rather outside the tent pissing in and all that

  5. Noki says:

    Other than Charles wonder how the rest of the siblings make their money. Did the Queen Mother not leave her grandkids any money?

    • Sofia says:

      She did I believe. She also left Harry, William and their generation money as well.

      As for his siblings, they get money from the sovereign grant and duchy of Lancaster (which is like the duchy of Cornwall Charles has but they money goes to the monarch). Anne also does a bunch of equestrian related events to keep up the maintenance of her estate. Don’t know exactly what Edward does.

    • MsIam says:

      Doesn’t the Queen give them money from the Duchy of Lancaster? I think I read that it is worth $800-900 million. So somehow I think they’ll come up with the money. /s

      • Bella says:

        Yes, Duchy of Lancaster income goes to fund minor royals.

      • Aoife says:

        Ugh, Lancaster is my home town. The association with this toad-like abomination makes me want to spew my guts up.

      • Mara says:

        I’d be more ashamed that the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster is Michael Gove, a man who’s done far more damage to Britain than the Queen.
        Take comfort in the fact this title has very little to do with the city of Lancaster. Nobody ever associates these titles and their holders with the actual places – how could they? Wessex hasn’t existed in centuries, when was the last time Yorks went to York or Yorkshire? How much time does Prince Philip spend in Edinburgh? How much time does Prince Harry spend in Sussex?

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Maybe we will finally see some justice. Remember, Al Capone did not go to jail for bootlegging and murder. Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion.

      Andrew deserves to be in jail. It makes no difference which reason puts him there.

      • Noki says:

        I think John Gotti the teflon don himself also finally got jailed over something less serious. However doesnt Andrew have some sort of diplomatic immunity or is doesnt apply in European nations?

      • Jaded says:

        @Noki: According to legal experts, no, Prince Andrew does not have the benefit of Diplomatic immunity.

        “The children of a Head of State do not have immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. It is generally accepted that they do often enjoy such immunity, but this is not contained in any international treaty and most experts in public international law do not even think it reaches the bar of customary international law, rather reaching the lower standard of “comity” (meaning courtesy and considerate behavior toward others) which is what what states usually do in friendly co-operation.”

    • emmy says:

      I think as long as they’re working royals, the Queen takes care of them, basically. That was one of the reasons people were interested in how Andrew was going to keep up his lifestyle once he stopped being a working royal and his pedophile benefactor was killed (I’m not even pretending otherwise).

      That’s a lot of money and the Swiss don’t really care about royalty. Also, we can stop pretending these two are not a couple, right? They live together and keep buying property together.

  6. Mina_Esq says:

    He is clearly the worst, and it reflects poorly on TQ that he is her favorite. They are all trash.

  7. RoyalBlue says:

    follow the money. And don’t just stop with Andrew. run through the whole unaudited bunch of them.

    no different from saudi royalty. corrupt bunch of scroungers.

    • Mumbles says:

      Yup. There was a story in the DM about some company Fergie has her paws in that has declared bankruptcy. A search on the Companies House website shows she’s a director of a handful of companies. Who would put that slob, who has no business experience or success in her life, on their companies’ boards? Private corporations are a nice way to circulate money around. Just saying.

  8. Eleonor says:

    I but Mum is going to pay.

    • Noki says:

      Someone up top said she is apparently tight fisted with her money. I once read Anne was rather frugal for a royal.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        When it comes to their own money, they royals are all tight-fisted. It’s a different story when it comes to tax payer money or leeching off rich friends.

  9. Aang says:

    I don’t get why the queen would let this get into the papers. $8 million has got be chump change to her personally. Why not just pay it to keep the story quiet?

    • Ali says:

      The Queen has no idea what is going on.

      Maybe one of her courtiers will inform her.

      • Dinah says:

        Ali, you’re right. People/the Brits need to stop believing that this 94-year-old is still capable of leading ‘The Firm’ with full sense and to perform her royal duties properly. Let alone that she is still aware of all the dodgy affairs of her family members. (Let’s be real, any responsible leader of any real company knows that at some point, leadership need to be replaced in order to keep up with modern time challenges, and to be able to make the right decisions in the interest of the company’s continuity).

        In my opinion, the queen has lost control; I believe after Philips’ retirement. And it seems as if those around her are taking advantage of her ages; she is being manipulated. I don’t think that she’s still fully aware of all the ins and outs of the ‘politics’ behind all family and monarchical decisions these days.

        Just look at how William is behaving since Meghan came around.
        Another clear and rather embarrassing example is what happened last summer: Boris Johnson more or less ‘tricked’ her into hastily signing documents to close (prorogue) parliament (congres): a higher court overruled that decision.

        I suspect something similar happened when Harry and Meghan tried to discuss their half-in-half out-of plan for their future with her. They were kept away from the queen and were sabotaged by her courtiers and (those of) Charles and William. The world watched and saw the result of the mismanagement of this affair: H&M publicly had to enforced the queen/RF to listen to them by lounging their plans on their website, the queen was then forced to negotiate their plan ( i.a. per a summit), and the outcome: her blunder to reject them as part time working royals, which marked H&M’s inevitable departure.

        As for Andrew and Sarah; this is no surprise. They deserve each other. They are the worst examples of royalty; morally corrupt. Since ages they’ve been leaving a trail of financial and business blunders behind. They are eager to be in the circles of wealthy people, but – because of their poor judgment and unhinchness from the real world – they always make wrong, shady choices. In fact they have failed in all aspects of their lives (except for parenthood, I think).

  10. SJR says:

    These born wealthy idiots really grate on my nerves.
    My family lives within our budget and several generations have worked 2 jobs for years to get their kids out of poverty.
    We pay our bills. Payment plans when needed, never take a vacation (we invented staycations) and yet despite his $$, and his vile personal criminal sex assaults and victimizations on others, this fool gets to live and enjoy a beautiful home and thinks he does not have to pay his bills?

    Ha! I do not give one rats ass who his Mom is….jail time!
    Stop cutting him a break and down with the BRF.
    End the monarchy when Liz passes. Tourist spot that earns fees, best use of all of it.

  11. Priscila says:

    “Oh my, it us all Megan’s fault! Poor Andi got so depressed his nephew was moving out at such an young age that he failed to make a payment! Time to reinstate my poor boy as soon as possible. I am totally gonna take him to church after I pay his mortgage. Do you think they give royalty a discount? I am also very old if that helps soften the cheese ball! Huh”

  12. Elizabeth says:

    How interesting that Andrew & Fergie owe so much money when the Daily Fail estimated that Andrew was worth some 50 million pounds. I don’t know how liquid that is, but he sold that horrific house that he and Fergie lived in, South York, for $25M.

  13. Becks1 says:

    Well, I assume the RRs will research this story with as much as interest and energy they used to research where Archie was born, where the Sussexes are at any given moment, what Meghan likes to eat, where they walk their dogs, etc.

    Wait, what? They wont? You don’t say.

  14. adastraperaspera says:

    Looks like the mob stopped making Andrew’s payments when the FBI came knocking. Better stay away from open windows.

  15. aquarius64 says:

    Behold the true stain on the BRF: House York. The Windsors are getting their karma for the Sussexes for Andrew and Fergie’s messes. I bet this was a part of the family fallout: Harry and Meghan were not going to publicly defend Andrew or look like they support him. This will never go away and Charles and William become kings they will be responsible for keeping the Duke of Yuck in line.

    • Dee Kay says:

      I also think that Andrew’s unbelievably terrible interview about Epstein played a part in H&M deciding to skedaddle. It may have been one thing to have to take orders from the obnoxious, out-of-touch grey-suited men, but quite another thing to have to take orders from them while those same staffers were protecting Andrew at all costs. They saw how they were being used as punching bags to distract the country from Andrew, and they refused to serve in that role any longer, especially knowing that dance could possibly go on for years, even decades, if they stayed.

  16. L4frimaire says:

    I remember shortly after them going to Canada, there was a headline on one of the supermarket tabloids that Harry and Meghan were already $6 mil, in debt. Thought it was just stupid tabloid lies along with Jen Aniston being pregnant again stories. Anyway, I’m thinking of that because what if someone left a tip that a recently stepped down Royal was $6 mil in debt. The tabloid assumed Harry, but with that specific number, it was obviously Andrew. First time wearing a tin hat, but it kind of makes sense. Also, Andrew and Fergie are messy bitches, have always had money problems, are snobby and clueless as hell, and he is still very much in the fold of the Queen and the royal family. Can’t scapegoat the Sussexes on this one. Of course ,the tabloids will soft peddle it, and throw in a fake Sussex real estate story to match. Obvious and amateurish. Seriously wondering what they put in the water over there because too many people drinking the Kool-aid.

  17. Awkward symphony says:

    Lizzy is still paying him 346k+has a free 20bed lodge at windsor which he shares with fergi so I wonder what happened🤔 I wonder if there was an agreement with andy that he can take his time (back when he was scandal free) and now the owners feel no need to be as patient.

    At the end of the day he’ll never face scrutiny. Look at how the fail already got a response+edited their article to say how fergiand andy intend to pay🙄all curtusy of being besties with the tabs

    • Couch potato says:

      I’m in no dobt Kaiser’s right. Epstein was paying for the chalet, and now that he’s dead, prince pedo don’t have the money to pay the remaining sum.