Sherri Shepherd’s 41lb weight loss on the cover of OK! Size 16 to 6

The View co-host Sherri Shepherd came out in a bathing suit on her show two weeks ago to premiere her new slimmed-down body. Sherri worked with a nutritionist, trainer, and endocrinologist for three months on a diet and exercise program. A long term diabetes sufferer, Sherri was able to stabilize her blood sugar naturally through the program and go off all medication for her condition. At that time, Sherri wouldn’t specify how much weight she’d lost and simply said that she felt comfortable with her body and had dropped 10 inches overall, 5 from her waist. She was featured in an inside article in People Magazine titled “I like the size I am!” and has dropped down to a size 6 from a high of size 16.

Now we know that Sherri has lost 41 pounds, because she’s featured on the cover of this week’s OK! Magazine rocking a new baby blue bathing suit. Titled “How I lost 41 pounds without surgery,” the magazine says that Sherri uses the diet favored by Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson and Sandra Bullock. An article on OK!’s website reveals that it’s a food delivery service called Fresh Diet. I bet they offer to send it free to most celebrities in order to get the coverage:

Sherri Shepherd’s transformation almost didn’t happen: After losing a whopping 30 pounds since her 2007 debut on The View, she began to see the weight creep back on. Rather than surrender, she made a public vow in May to get herself swimsuit-ready.

“This is my marathon,” Sherri, 42, says — and it looks as if she’s winning the race. The talk show co-host and star of Lifetime’s upcoming sitcom, Sherri, has lost 41 pounds in total, dropped 10 dress sizes and cut 10 inches off her 5′1″ frame. And in a new, exclusive interview and photo shoot with OK!, Sherri reveals what inspired her to go public with her pledge — and exactly how she did it.

“I lost weight last year and started gaining it back because I wasn’t exercising,” Sherri explains in the new issue of OK!. “I said to my producer, ‘Why don’t we do something where I tell people ‘Let’s do it together!’ and maybe [up the ante with] a bathing suit.’ The minute I said that, I was like, ‘Gosh, I should take it back because I really want M&M’s!’ But I had to do it. Then all of sudden I had all these people doing it with me. I’d Tweet about going to the gym and how hard it was, and followers would write and say, ‘Sherri, I’ve lost two pounds!’ I thought, ‘Okay, people are getting into this.’”

To help get her into swimsuit shape, Sherri enlisted the help of trainer Don Scott — who she refers to in her Tweets as the “Evil One” — and he spared certainly didn’t give her any slack because of her celebrity. “What I hate is when trainers say, ‘Okay, lets do 15,’ and then you get to 15, and they go ‘10 more,’ She recalls about her time in the gym. “It has taken every mental thing I have to get to 15, so don’t put another 10 on me!”

Now Sherri’s focus is on maintaining her weight, without the trainer. “It’s just mandatory that I find something I like that I can really keep up,” she explains. “I just started this trapeze class that strengthens the arms, and tennis I love. I’m taking salsa lessons.”

In addition to her time in the gym, Sherri — who openly admits that she’s “not a cooker” — slimmed down with the help of delivered meals from Fresh Diet, including Turkey & Green Salsa Quesadillas, Pan-Seared Sea Scallops with Ginger Jerk Sauce, Salad Niçoise and Cinnamon Pear Cheesecake. “It’s freshly cooked and they delivered it in the mornings so I would just eat that,” Sherri explains.

But even with all this great food, there were still times when desire’s seductive head would pop up. “Sometimes I just said, ‘I don’t want tilapia anymore; I can’t even deal with salad. I want M&M’s and Ruffles,’” she confesses. “But the difference was I was gonna get back up and go to the gym and keep my commitment. I never once felt like I deprived myself.”

[From OK! Magazine]

Sherri saying that she didn’t deprive herself doesn’t exactly jibe with what she told US Magazine in July – that she was miserable while she was dieting. Now that she’s seen the great results, maybe Sherri has started enjoying eating well and exercising. These weight loss covers must sell well for OK! – they featured Britney’s bikini body last week with details of “How she lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks.” I’m not as fond of OK! now that they’ve changed format and switched their whole website around, but I have to hand it to them – they don’t seem to have Photoshopped Sherri on this cover and are presenting her as she is. Maybe they did a few touchups here and there, but it’s not like they changed her whole body shape and facial structure, like Self did to Kelly Clarkson this month. Sherri looks like herself, and she should be proud. Good for her for landing a magazine cover!

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  1. ww says:

    size 6 MY ASS!! Why do they lie soooo much? It’s WAY too obvious! DUH I’d say she about a 14…maybe 12. Or a 3X to a XL

  2. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yeah, I gotta agree with you ww.

    there is no way that she’s a size 6. I’d believe she went from 22 to 12, but she’s not a six now and, based on that “before” picture, she wasn’t a 16 then.

    I’m happy for her losing the weight, and it clearly improved her health…that’s the important thing so why lie about the actual size?

  3. Wif says:

    It could be that she means size 6 in pants. She’s much tinier in the hips and legs than up top. I could believe 6 on the bottom, 12 up top.

  4. ToddRH says:

    First: Good for her because she apparently needed the weight loss!

    Second: I hope she doesn’t become like Oprah who yo-yo’s (actually more like bungee-jumps) between her high & low weights.

    Third: She is the most irritating thing on “The View” right now.

  5. birdgherl says:

    Hey, I am all for girlfriend losing weight and feeling good but a 16 to a 6 is NOT 10 dress sizes. It’s 5. And coming out in a bikini on the View is just well, pathetic. Why do these women do this??

  6. Cinderella says:

    She is only 5’1, so there is a chance she is wearing a 8P on the bottom half. I can’t see a 6.

    Her top half is heavy, so I’d guess a 10/12 in blouses.

    Either way, she’s done a good thing for herself.

  7. M says:

    Vanity sizing is rampant. I’m 5’3 and quite small and my sizes vary three dress sizes, but the measurements of my clothes are nearly identical.

    I can see how Sherri is a 6/8 on the bottom, but she’s clearly top heavy. No way her boobs or shoulders would fit into a size 6 top.

    Regardless, I think she looks great, and am happy that she took control of her diet and exercize to improve her health.

  8. Diane says:

    I believe she is a diabetic, and if so good for her for choosing a healthier approach.

    Beyond health, I don’t care how she looks. She simply sounds like a pitch-woman = )

    (Aren’t they looking for a Billy Mays replacement?)

  9. happymom says:

    I think it’s wonderful that she’s lost weight and is taking care of herself through healthy eating and exercising. However, there is NO way she was a 16 before and a 6 now. C’mon. It’s like the whole Jennifer Love Hewitt “I’m a size 2”. Please.

  10. dubdub2000 says:

    Good for her for loosing weight, being morbidly obese is no joke. However she is really making a disservice to herself by lying about the weight loss. It’s great but she is a size 14 NOW and was up in the 20s before. why lie? It’s still 5 dress sizes, doesn’t matter where you started from it’s great!
    Now talking to people like they retarded and dont know what a size 6 looks like, NOT good cause there she opens herself up to a load of bashing!

  11. Jenny says:

    This makes me want to cancel my subscription to OK mag for making fools of us. She’s NOT a size 6. I’m a size 3 and there is now way in hell she’s one size above me. Laugh.

  12. TaylorB says:

    She looks great, but she is not a ‘dress size’ 6. I am built a bit like her, though not quite that busty, I wear a 6 pants/skirt and at least a 10/12 blouse any smaller and the buttons at the top won’t close. But I certainly can not wear a 6 dress size since the top will not fit over the ol’ breasticles, thank god for separates especially in swimsuits.

  13. jvt says:

    She looks like an emotional eater and she’s always been heavy. I really doubt she has adopted good habits for a lifetime. Same goes for Carnie Wilson. You just know who is one potato chip away from obesity.

  14. bros says:

    if she’s a size six, im a negative size 11. who is she kidding?

  15. Praise St. Angie! says:

    sorry guys, gotta disagree…there is NO way that those boobs would fit in a 10 OR a 12. I’ve got boobs like that (give or take a little bit) and I rarely find a size 12 that fits the old boobies.

    “thank god for separates especially in swimsuits.”

    Amen, TaylorB!

  16. ! says:

    Um, bigger than 16 at her height and not a size 6 now. She and I are the same height and I’ve been on a weight loss plan for awhile now. I know what my own thighs look like, and they’re no six, but they’re better than THAT!

  17. lola says:

    wow. do they really think we are that stupid and feel that bad about ourselves?

    And is it me, or is her pez head not looking right – was there some cosmetic issue here? b/c that face and head does not seem to match what was there prior.

    Incidentally, she’ll be back up before you know it. It is a body type issue – and her’s is no natural 6.

    The idea here should be EMBRACING what is natural – even if it is bigger – and not trying to shove your 12 sized frame into a faux 6.

  18. Lila says:

    No need to trash her. It might not have been her idea to tell everyone her dress size. Besides, all that depends on the overall shape. I see now that she has the Star Jones mega sized head going. She looks like a stop sign.

  19. tamikla says:

    She looks good, but no way in hell she is a size 6! If she is, she is having clothes made for her and the designer is putting 6 on the label to make her feel good.

  20. bored says:

    I don’t think the sizes quoted are accurate either, but good for her for achieving her goals. I personally wouldn’t have chosen to pose in a bathing suit with her body shape (very top heavy). A different outfit should have been chosen that better suited her figure. I’m a chubby myself and not just saying it to be mean. The bathing suit detracts from her achievement.

  21. florida_girl says:

    some of the comments are too funny…but she isn’t no damn size 6…stop lying OK.

  22. Mel says:

    I commend her for losing the weight, but she is flat out lying about her size. Gals: those of us out there who are or have been size 6 – we know you don’t look like that on top when you’re size 6 – it is physically impossible to be that large and put on a size 6 dress.
    Stop lying Sherri and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

  23. lucy says:

    I agree – she looks good and congrats to her for doing it and getting healthier, but no way is she a true size 6. I think there’s a lot of label changing by stylists and vanity sizing for all of these celebs. Didn’t Kim Kardashian and her giant backside claim to be a size 2? Puh-lease. It’s a shame that people can’t just be happy with who and what they are.

  24. MeowBea says:

    She’s an idiot, if she thinks we believe she is a size 6.

  25. fizXgirl314 says:

    I’d hate to say it, but she looked better before. And it looks like the magazine hates her because they made her forehead a mile long…

    It’s not all about looking good though I suppose with something like this. Health is a major factor, so good for her…

  26. fizXgirl314 says:

    Damn, how many posts are there going to be that refute the fact that she’s a size 6? move on already… is it really that important???

  27. Jaybone says:

    Why is this woman anywhere for anything? She’s an unattractive idiot. Does she act? I dunno cuz I’ve never seen her on anything other than “The View” where she continually shames herself by displaying her utter stupidity.

  28. Tanilu says:

    She looks like a strong crackhead (strong top, chicken legs)

  29. winnie says:

    The headline is stupid…”lost it without surgery”. People get weight loss surgery to lose 100 or more pounds..not 40 something.

  30. EmV says:

    Sherri is not my favorite person in the world,but she is short like me 5’1″ and she looks to be about a 6 or 8 and a different size for the top…being short and fat is way different than being taller…It is also diffterent because a size 6/8 in womens is also a lot different than in juniors which is what a lot of people are used to seeing…she is NOT wearing juniors…for a fair judgement I am 5’1 128lbs and wear a 4 womens and 7 sometime 9 juniors…no wonder teenage girls have such a confidence issue…their sizes are not a fair representation.

  31. ronnie says:

    I really think they PhotoShopped her hips out. Her proportions are completely off. Yes, I know some women are bigger on top but this looks so fake to me.

  32. Ravenous says:

    Wow! I cannot believe how many of you are trying to destroy this poor woman’s moment. “She’s a size 6.” “She’s not a size 6.” “She should cook or she’ll gain it back.” “All these celebrities get comped on products.” “All these celebrities get vanity labels by their designers.” Those of you who are a “true” size 6, get a life. Is that where your sense of self lies, in a number? You should worry about your IQ. Those of you who are not a size 6, get a gym membership and a trainer. You wish you could afford to have food delivered to your house. And yes, based on her salary from “The View,” her work as a comedienne, and her guest appearances on TV shows, she could probably afford to have food delivered for the rest of her life. Frankly, she could probably afford to have someone come to her house and move her arms and legs for her. Stop hating and go figure out how to make the same kind of money. Sherri, congratulations! By the way, the most annoying thing on the show is that Super Republican chick!

  33. Magsy says:

    OK we’ve seen her in a bathing suit 2x too many now. Stop the presses another fattie loses weight. How mundane.

  34. hey sherri,i think you look and liz have been wearing some boss cock
    tails rings.i have a lot myself.where do
    you get yours.maybe you can start a bus-
    ness.i know i wld sure buy your
    day starts with the veiw.i get a little teed off at liz sometimes,everyone has an opinion even if they are wrong.keep up the hot topics.i love the show

  35. ted says:

    Google size 6 woman and look at the pictures. Then look at this uneducated mountain of a beast and try not to laugh. She’s not even smart enough to know that she is lying.