Lindsay Lohan broke?

Lindsay Lohan is living at a friend’s mansion in LA now, and ever-reliable British paper News of the World is declaring her broke. It looks like they’re just rehashing past reports about her well-known extravagant spending and saying she must be out of money considering she’s staying with someone, but I bet they’re right. She’s been known to bleed cash and to beg acquaintances for loans, so it’s not so much of a stretch to declare her “broke,” at least by Hollywood standards.

The thing that I find interesting about this story is the fact that she’s supposedly back in LA after saying she wanted to move to Utah permanently to be with her new snowboarder boyfriend. She could be there to shoot her new tango-themed movie, or she could have bailed on the Utah idea, having soured on the place after purchasing everything worthwhile at the local Nordstroms. There are pictures of her in Utah just Friday, though, so she must have been in LA over the weekend.

We can reveal that after jetting back to Los Angeles this week following her two-month stay at the Utah’s Cirque Lodge rehab clinic, Lohan is staying in the guest house of billionaire Tom Gores, executive producer on her recent film I Know Who Killed Me.

A source close to the star revealed: “Lindsay doesn’t have much choice as she is totally broke. The only reason she’s coming back to LA, is to earn some money fast.

“She still thinks nothing of blowing thousands of dollars on a single night of partying.

“And the amount she has wasted putting cocaine up her nose is disgusting. Even she has lost count.”

[From News of The World]

Either way, you have to give Lohan some smidgen of props for staying sober for so long. Maybe she just can’t afford drugs any more, though, and there’s no one left willing to give her any.

Keep sober and stay in your squatter house, Lindsay! It’s cheaper for you and we don’t want to be forced to follow your every move on TMZ.

Lohan is shown wearing a hoodie with dumb sayings on it on 10/12 in Orem, Utah, thanks to Splash News.

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