Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard broke up

Kate Hudson and that actor you only heard of when she was dating him, Dax Shepard, aren’t together any more. I remember hearing that they broke up a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday’s NY Daily News says they split just last week and that the earlier report was premature. They were said to be holed up in a hotel together in Boston when the stories got out that they were split, and it took them a while to catch up with the news.

Kate Hudson and her boyfriend Dax Shepard officially called it quits last week, a friend of the couple tells us.

“They weren’t working out, and she got bored,” says the friend. “She’s telling people it’s a clean break.”

The death of their relationship was prematurely reported by one outlet two weeks ago, when in fact the two were staying together at a hotel in Boston.

But Hudson walked the red carpet without Shepard last week at a celebrity-studded event at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles. The two had been dating since shortly after she broke up with Owen Wilson early in the summer.

[From NY Daily News]

It sounds like it was just a fling for Kate and she figured out she’s better off single for now. She has been seen out having fun with friends recently, but always handles herself well and doesn’t seem to go overboard. Hudson is probably enjoying life and doesn’t feel ready to be tied down again. She was married at just 20 and didn’t have a lot of time to experience being young.

Now she has a three year old and is behaving like a responsible single mother. She may date and go out and have fun, but she’s not flaunting it or courting publicity, and should serve as a good example for other, unnamed celebrities.

Kate Hudson and Dax Shepard are seen out with her son, Ryder, in photos from August. She looks tired and/or pissed. Thanks to Splash News for these pictures.

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