Celebrity bodyguard Steve Stanulis spills the tea on Kanye West & Leo DiCaprio

Kanye West attends a church event in Miami covered in silver

We were sent this promotional email about the Hollywood Raw podcast interview of Steve Stanulis, who is apparently the bodyguard to the stars. Some of the interview is stale tea, like Stanulis’s suspicion that Kim Kardashian (gasp) calls the paparazzi herself. Stanulis has bodyguarded Kanye West and Kim, Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Harrelson, Alanis Morrisette and more – you can hear the podcast here. Here are some interesting pieces:

On Kanye West: Kanye was “One of my least favorite people to work with over the course of time….“The first day I met him… it was fashion week. I was supposed to meet him at the studio. When he gets there, we get into the elevator and he’s says “aren’t you going to push what floor we are going to?” I was like “I have no idea what floor, it’s my first day”. So he starts ranting “So you mean you didn’t call ahead to find out where I’m supposed to be going?” I said “no.” So he’s ranting and raving. So I said “look bro, we can do this one of three ways. One, you could tell me what button to press, and now I’ll know. Two, you could press the button, and I’ll see which one you press so I’ll know. Or three, you can sit in here all day and tell me how important your time is and we are not going to go anywhere.” Again, that was our first interaction. He went for the first option.”

Kanye complained that the bodyguard was in his paparazzi shot: “So we walked out, again, I don’t know who’s who. If it’s someone you don’t recognize and I don’t know what your intentions are, technically, I’m supposed to walk in front to make sure he’s ok. He got mad at me for being in his shot. I’m like “are you serious?” He was worried about me being in his shot for a TMZ video or Daily Mail video. Instead of saying thank you.”

Neediest celeb? – Kanye

Nicest celeb? - Leo

Moodiest celeb? – Kanye

Biggest partier? – Robert Downy Jr.

Hardest worker? – Kanye

Great person? - Woody Harrelson, Stephen Baldwin, Alanis Morissette

Kindest? – Toby McGuire

Best tipper? - P-ssy Posse

Worst tipper? - Kanye

Never work with again - Kanye

[From the Hollywood Raw podcat]

I screamed when he said the P-ssy Posse were the best tippers. Lord almighty. And Tobey Maguire is the kindest? Doubtful. Personally, I didn’t know that one had to “tip” a bodyguard? Do you tip per day of guarding? Do you tip every time you leave a car? Or is he just saying that he saw how these guys tip service industry people? And how in the world is RDJ the biggest partier when he’s been sober for more than a decade? When did Stanulis guard RDJ, the ‘80s?

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere Of HBO's 'Ice On Fire' held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on June 5, 2019 in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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  1. AmyB says:

    Is anyone surprised to hear Kanye is an asshole and narcissist? NOPE – me neither LMAO!!

    • TheRickestRick says:

      Reminds me of a brilliant line on Big Mouth: “it’s like Kanye tweeted, do one thing every day that scares you…r housekeeper” hahahahaha!!!

  2. Erinn says:

    I guess since he doesn’t have one of those pesky vaginas, that Toby treated him like a human being. And since he looks like a pretty wimpy little douche, I’m sure he was very nice to the very large man protecting him from all the people he’s pissed off.

    I’m willing to believe that Leo treats people he employs well, but a lot of this is suspicious. I mean, who calls Stephen Baldwin a good person?

    • Aephra says:

      That was my guess about Tobey as well.

    • H says:

      I’ve got stories on Stephen Baldwin. He’s an a-hole of epic proportions. Maybe he got the Baldwin brothers mixed up? I’ve heard William is nice.

      • Lola Coasters says:

        Come on H, you can’t tease like that and not spill the tea about SB! It should be a website rule that you can’t have personal celeb stories and not share. :)

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah I can’t see Tobey or Stephen being decent and treating people well.

    • Lua says:

      Tobey is a small man, and this guy probably scared the 💩 out of him so was extra nice 🙄

  3. Yoyo says:

    Kanye maybe an asshole, but the bodyguard could be piss, because he was working for and taking orders from a black man. It was is job to know where they were going.
    He had to have work for other black people, is it because Kanye will get him the most attention.

    • MrsBump says:

      sorry but Kanye is a trump supporting POS and i have no trouble believing this guy.

      While it is incredibly important to call out racism, when the guy talks like a POS, supports a POS, then maybe we should accept that he is a POS.

      Making everything about race only undermines us when it REALLY is about race.

      • Gome says:

        A black man who we don’t like and who doesn’t behave well can still be the target of racism and white resentment. It could very well be about race because race does permeate every aspect of life. It isn’t for you to determine what is a racial issue and what isn’t.

      • Trillion says:

        I’m w/ you MrsBump. Nobody gets a pass for being such an asshole. And if “it isn’t for you to determine what is a racial issue and what isn’t”, then why should anybody else be able to?

      • Becks says:

        I agree. Kanye is a POS man baby!

      • Montrealaise says:

        Gome, if we follow your reasoning, then we can never, ever criticize a black man no matter how badly he behaves, because by doing so we’re being racist.

      • Nicole r says:

        I had the same thought as Gome at first (like “oh yeah, the only black man is…uppity? Ok״) but then I remembered Kanye is bipolar, yet refuses to medicate, and that explains his erratic behavior, delusions, and also the hardworking description (during a manic phase).

    • Nev says:

      So many complexities here. Mental illness. And the race factor. And we don’t know this assistant. Ughhhhhhh. I know from experience. Ughhhh

      • Gome says:

        The point is that no one should get to dismiss someone’s perspective or concerns on the complexities of racial dynamics just because they can’t see or understand it themselves. Kanye is an asshole but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a white man to have felt resentful that he had to work for a black man. And a white man whose quick to laud Stephen Baldwin as one of the nicest people he’s met is highly suspicious.

    • Hoopjumper says:

      That could be a factor, yes. But mostly this seems like an opportunity to once and for all deem male Karens as Kanyes.

      • Yup, Me says:

        Absolutely NOT. The POINT about Karens is that they are WHITE women who WEAPONIZE their WHITENESS against people they perceive as less powerful than them -frequently People of Color.

        Trying to call men who do the same Kanyes completely misses the point.

        Go sit down somewhere.

      • hoopjumper says:

        That’s part of the point @Yup, Me. That’s what Trump does, and that’s who Kanye supports.

    • Cherry says:

      The bodyguard sounds like a character himself, too. The elevator button thing… Yes, Kanye saying ‘So you mean you didn’t call ahead to find out where I’m supposed to be going?’ (if that’s really what he said) is a bit much (although hardly ‘ranting and raving’).
      But then, if it’s your first day on a no doubt very well-paid job, you might be expected to go the extra mile or at least be polite, you know? Not saying he should have done all the research and know everything there’s to know about Kanye’s schedule. But this whole faux-tough guy routine (“look bro, we can do this one of three ways.”) is rude as hell. Who would talk to his new employer on his first day like that??

      • minx says:

        The bodyguard is there to protect. I don’t think not knowing which elevator button to push on his first day means he’s not doing his job.

      • lucy2 says:

        I read that and assumed there’s no way he actually said that.
        And if he had, I would think Kanye would have had him fired.

      • Mia says:

        He was a former cop, so he’s probably dealt with worse and DGAF that he’s working for a celebrity.

      • JulieCarr says:

        It is normal for a bodyguard (if they’re the main or only bodyguard) to be aware of exactly where their client will be during their shift. He should have known the layout of the building and where Kanye would be in it. He should also have gotten notes from Kanye’s last bodyguard about familiar faces and people to watch out for.

        I’m not saying Kanye was in the right being rude about it, but there’s probably a reason why this guy is reduced to ‘spilling tea’ instead of still working with celebrities.

    • Lotus says:

      I think over the past ten years Kanye has showed us who he is, an egomaniac entitled asshole. I believe this bodyguard because it’s totally in line with the person Kanye has shown us to be. I think to infer that his perception of Kanye is skewed because of race seems misguided, everything the bodyguard said sounds in line with the image of Kanye we have seen over the past years. Maybe if Kanye had let his bodyguards tp their job right he wouldn’t have walked into a pole a few years ago.

    • minx says:

      The bodyguard knew Kanye was black before he took the job, if he had trouble taking orders from a black man why would he do it? Kanye’s just a narcissistic jerk.

    • Jules says:

      Let’s keep it simple, maybe Kanye is just a narcissistic asshole.

    • Hazer says:

      LMAO seriously?

      How about OJ Simpson & RKelley, cuz rAcISm

      Here’s a hint: bigoted assholes come in all shades. Please save the racism for actual circumstances featuring it. What a trip.

    • anon says:

      What nonsense is this from Yoyo???? LMAO

  4. grabbyhands says:

    I have zero problem believing that Kanye was a cheap, moody, narcissist that was a nightmare to work for.

  5. Bettyrose says:

    Glad there’s no tea on Woody Harrelson. I adore him but would just prefer not to know too much. Safer that way.

    • It’sJustBlanche says:

      Same here. He’s one of those celebrities who can do no wrong. Also my friend had a brief fling with him in the 80s and I seriously never tire of hearing of that story—apparently, he’s no slouch in the sack.

      • Sarah says:

        Hate to break it to you, but he’s been screaming about how 5G causes the virus all over Instagram lately.

    • Turtledove says:

      Agreed Bettyrose! He *seems* pretty decent, but with Hollywood, you never know if the person really is decent, or if you just haven’t heard the dirt about them. I am a big fan of his work, and don’t want to find out if he is a terrible human being.

    • MissM says:

      Woody is an a$$. I know someone who worked at the Colorado prison where Woodys father was incarcerated. When Woody would come to visit his father he was verbally abusive towards the prison staff and he would pull his pants down and moon the guards. When they threatened to ban him from the facility he would pull the “do you know who I am” card. In all fairness I think these incidents occurred at the height of Woodys drug use but still, it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

  6. Sarah754 says:

    I feel genuinely quite let down; I was looking forward to reading a hilarious-and-completely-questionionable story about the pair of them.

    I have my popcorn and everything!

    Jokes aside, Kanye absolutely seems like that much of a twat. I want to quit for him.
    The tipping would be based on observation?
    I’m glad to hear Leo’s nice, despite all his flaws I’ll always have a soft spot for him (as Jack)😊

  7. Mellie says:

    That picture of Kanye makes me laugh every time…out loud.

  8. Mia4s says:

    If he is bringing up the P-ssy Posse which was …late 90s?…he definitely could have been guarding RDJ in the old days. Now that would have been…interesting. 😬

    Not surprised the Leo and the P-ssy Posse tipped well. I guarantee they have stories they don’t want out.

  9. Sean says:

    Kanye looks like a demented Tin Man in that top picture. Lordy…

  10. Miss Margo says:

    I doubt RDJ is sober. Look at him! And yeah, I’m shocked but also happy that Tobey is kind. I always liked him and hated hearing that he was an ass to everyone. At least he’s nice to one person!

    • smee says:


    • VKES says:

      RDJ is an addict and we’ve seen him at his worst when he was destroying his career and breaking into neighbors’ houses and passing out in their beds. I doubt he’s NOT sober. He’d have ruined his life by now – he wouldn’t still be married. That’s the kind of addict he is.

      I DO believe the rumors he’s a Republican after doing time in prison though.

    • sassafras says:

      RDJ has the money and support system to put up enough walls around him so that he doesn’t wander off into people’s homes anymore. Maybe they allow him (or he allows himself) alcohol and weed but no hard drugs. You can party but if we see you doing XYZ, Susan is going to cut it all off. (His wife). I hate to see it, but in Hollywood, let’s be real. Regular rules don’t apply to the mega-stars…

    • sassafras says:

      The fact that Jennifer Meyer/ her gang/ her family didn’t completely destroy Toby and banish him is evidence that he’s a decent person. He probably was a crappy husband though.

      • Mia4s says:

        I don’t know…women will put up with/grin and bear a lot from the fathers of their minor children.

        See also: Garner, Jennifer.

  11. Noki says:

    So i am guessing this guy has retired or has no interest working in an environment were descretion is number one ever again.

  12. FHMom says:

    How is it I never saw that photo of Kanye before? I can’t stop laughing.

  13. babsjohnson says:

    I certainly believe that Kanye is very difficult to work with; however, I don’t believe this man’s little stories.

    • Cherry says:

      Me, neither. Like I said upthread, he sounds like a bro with a massive ego.

      • Some chick says:

        I think they are BOTH bros with massive egos.

        I also seriously doubt he actually spoke to Kanye like that in so many words. I do believe he asked which button to push. Things are never quite the same in the retelling.

        When I saw the P Posse reference, at first I mistook it for P Riot! Wouldn’t guarding either of them be fun times?!

        This dude should write a book! LOL.

  14. Liz version 700 says:

    That top pic of Kanye looks like a Hershey’s Kiss come to life. I love this pic so much. It tells so many stories in one photo:)

  15. emmy says:

    I haven’t listened to the podcast but I feel like we need a timeline on all of this.

  16. Purplehazeforever says:

    There’s been rumors that RDJ hasn’t been sober in a long time.

  17. Stephanie says:

    Kanye is not shocking at all. There are numerous stories about him throughout the years, from even the beginning of his career of him being annoying to deal with. I’m shocked by the P*ssy Posse but not by Leo, because most of the behind-the-scenes stories about Leo have most of the time been about how nice and surprisingly funny he is.
    I’m mostly shocked by Stephen Baldwin being on the nice list, he just seems like a douche. Same with Tobey, maybe this is from years ago, when Tobey was nice.

    • It’sJustBlanche says:

      I’m shocked that Stephen Baldwin need a bodyguard. I mean who cares?

    • SKF says:

      And yet my model friend described him as humourless, stiff and huffy. She was invited to dinner with him and a couple of others by a mutual friend and gently teased him once about wearing a hat and sunglasses inside at the back of a very private restaurant (she is super charming and very funny) and he couldn’t take the joke at all. Got super pissy, was miserable the rest of the dinner, and told the mutual friend never to bring her to dinner again. So maybe Leo saves his niceness for some. A young model is there for banging, right? But she shouldn’t ever think she’s equal to him. So a model happily in a relationship, who doesn’t suck up, doesn’t want to hook up, treats you like an equal and expects to be treated like an equal, and dares to tease you when you behave obnoxiously? No good.

      • Some chick says:

        I’m no Leo fan. But “teasing” isn’t always funny.

        Maybe he can’t take a joke. Or maybe she came across as more snotty than she recalls.

        See also: Ellen.

        Again, I would never date the dude. But giving me sh*t isn’t exactly the start of a beautiful friendship.

      • whitecat says:

        i have to agree with some chick there. I can’t stand Leo, but I also am the type of person who hates being teased by people I don’t know well, esp if its potential dates. I also don’t tease people I don’t know (only close friends and family, it’s different, they also tease me and I don’t get bothered). But I don’t like it when strangers or dates do it, it makes me incredibly self conscious and awkward. Maybe Leo felt the same.

  18. Léna says:

    People can still party without doing drugs or drinking, it’s possible.

    • VKES says:

      I’ve been in recovery for 10 years and this is absolutely true. They drink a lot of Red Bull and smoke a lot of cigarettes instead.

    • Some chick says:

      The “contact high” phenomenon is real.

      I’ve been C&S many times – not right now, tho. Thanks, Pandemic!

      One of my most vivid memories of those times was attending a seriously LIT house party. Hanging out with my drunken friends made me feel tipsy myself! It was fun, actually. And no hangover!

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      I don’t know. I can’t go anywhere without BC packets and something on ice like tea, water or soda.

  19. DS9 says:

    This dude sounds like a grade A jackass.

    And if the p*ssy posse really did tip well, it was hush money, not a tip.

  20. Sneak says:

    I have never heard of Tobey being an asshole. In fact, I haven’t really heard much at all about the guy since his last Spider-Man flick in the mid 2000s. Now I am curious!

    • lucy2 says:

      Read up on the Hollywood poker games he participated in.
      Also I don’t think it’s a coincidence he doesn’t seem to work much these days, reports of him being very difficult and unpleasant to work with.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      read the post about him from a couple of days ago.

    • Erinn says:

      Whooaaa you’re in for a wild ride. Google Tobey Maguire Molly Bloom.

  21. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Being as awesome tipper means going above and beyond. If you’re paying for a service regularly, and they do a particularly outstanding job, handing over an envelope with an accumulated cash gift (once a month, every 3 or 6 or yearly) is remembered like the North remembers. And in industries where this stuff matters, you want to take care of the right professionals. And of course this kind of tipping doesn’t include my giving the Instacart lady an extra $10 because she was amazing lol. We’re poor.

  22. Chanteloup says:

    Reading all the comments about p-ssy posse and p*ssy posse I am genuinely confused. Are we blocked from saying ‘pussy’? We can say ‘dick’ but not ‘pussy’? Genuinely asking.

    • MissM says:

      It’s just a matter of what words can make it through the nsfw censors that a lot of work computers have. Dick is a slang term but it is also a common nickname for Richard. If they blocked the use of Dick you could have a lot of people with that name screwed over. P-ssy isnt safe for work thanks to adult websites.

  23. Sunday says:

    I can’t believe I’m even bothering to say this, because Kanye is an utter fool and doesn’t deserve even the most cursory defense, but if I was paying for a personal security detail then I would absolutely expect them to have at least a basic knowledge of the areas we’d be visiting, their layouts and the potential threats they may pose. How can you be an effective security guard if you have no idea where you’re going, the spaces you have to move through to get from point A to point B, and who you can expect to come into contact with along the way? An assistant or handler should have absolutely briefed the security guard prior to him starting, and an efficient security professional would have asked for this information on the off-chance it wasn’t provided. Of course Kanye is a buffoon who would pop off ridiculously in the described elevator situation, but if this is true then he does sort of have a point. (Ugh, gross.)

  24. Mrs. Peel says:

    I see my favourite pic of James Corden in silver spray paint has made a reappearance – it’s giving me life!

  25. bahare says:

    I knew the party RDJ and the rehab one until early 90s and everything in between. Pleasant to me and very likeable but had family angst and of course drugs. However someone said that the guys comments about partying must have been years earlier and it is a valid comment but I wanted to point out that even straight he has a hyperish personality then and all over the place from thing to thing. Glad he recovered a career cause not a bad guy.and a good actor.

  26. Jake says:

    Gee, the ones who are “nicest” and “kindest” are also the biggest tippers…what a coincidence. Someone’s not trying to burn that bridge. #getpaid

  27. Summer says:

    The RDJ bit has to before he was sober. I really believe he’s still sober, he’d be in jail by now. There are different levels of addicts and RDJ is in the top percentile of “ruining your life”. I believe that he is fine. If he’s not, I will eat my words.

    I can also believe that Leo is a good tipper and an all about good guy. His private life is his. Toby Maguire, that was.. suprising. Kayne, I believe it. The one thing I do respect out of that, is that he is a hard worker. But don’t be such a d/ick Kayne. Being kind always pays off in the end.