Channing Tatum had a party with his buddies in late April, Jenna had him get tested

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Channing Tatum celebrated his 40th birthday April 26. And by ‘celebrate’, I don’t mean he just turned 40, I mean he celebrated. Channing decided to throw himself a proper 40th at his ranch and invited his buds over to help him ring in his new decade. Except that Channing lives in Los Angeles county in California, which has some of the most stringent Safer At Home orders in place. Oh, and he has a six-year-old daughter with whom he shares custody with ex-wife Jenna Dewan. And Jenna just gave birth to a baby boy with fiancé Steve Kazee in March. So Jenna told Channing if he wanted to see Everly, he needed to get tested for COVID-19 for the safety of everyone involved. Fortunately for Channing and Everly, he tested negative.

Channing Tatum got tested for Coronavirus, and it was revealed he does not have the virus.

Why did Channing get tested? Apparently it was to ensure his daughter’s safety after his ex wife Jenna Dewan expressed some concern, TMZ reports.

Channing apparently hosted a birthday get together in late April with a few of his buddies at his ranch. All of his friends had been quarantining separately before coming together for the celebration. However, Jenna, who shares custody of their daughter Everly with Channing, was concerned he could be passing along the virus to their daughter and thus, to Jenna‘s family.

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Just Jared said that Channing completely understood Jenna’s concerns and was happy to test and wait for the results. Apparently, he wasn’t an @ss… about the testing. But he was a huge @ss for putting his ego before the health of his family. And I say that as a person who really likes Channing. Look, I get how hard this is. I understand that even those of us whose routine hasn’t changed much are champing at the bit to have some face-to-face time with someone other than the people in our homes. I almost – almost – drove down to Coronado to have a socially distant Mother’s Day with my folks. They have a big backyard that would allow us to keep 15 feet apart (although, with their hearing, I would’ve been hoarse from shouting everything I said). And they’ve both tested negative for COVID-19. But I didn’t, because my desire for that interaction is not as important on the potential health implications to everyone around me.

It sounds like Jenna made her – very solid – points rationally and Channing got it without any drama. So I applaud them for a good resolution. I’m sure Channing just wasn’t thinking when he invited his friends over and didn’t see the harm in a small gathering of people who all felt fine. But that’s what killing us in this, people who aren’t thinking or not thinking about the right people when they make these decisions. I have a couple of friends who haven’t seen their kid in over six weeks because the other parent is uncomfortable with the child traveling between homes. They miss their kids dearly but accept the precautions. Turning 40 is usually a big deal but let’s face it, it’s an arbitrary marking of time. Have a blow out for your 41st, buck the trend. Like I said, I like Channing, but I am really disappointed in this nonsense.

Hey, Jenna, have you heard of something called COVID?


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22 Responses to “Channing Tatum had a party with his buddies in late April, Jenna had him get tested”

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  1. Erinn says:

    No excuse, Channing. This was super douchey of him. At least he wasn’t such a big moron that he refused testing or something, but still.

  2. Elsa says:

    This hits me – my husband turned 40 in late March. We had planned a big blow out with family and friends coming in from out of town. It was really hard to see him so disappointed. But, we canceled. Because we are adults who care more about the health and safety of our loved ones than about birthdays.

  3. GreenBunny says:

    I turned 40 a few days before him and I had no party, couldn’t even see my parents because my dad is an ER physician that still currently works, and was actually working that day. It was also my son’s 4th birthday that same day so it made it that much harder that we couldn’t do anything for him or me. But we still didn’t because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      Same here. Also late april. Loneliest day I can remember, I spent it entirely alone.

      • pineapple says:

        My son turned 17 during quarantine. He had plans to go see his first concert the day after his birthday. He missed it all. He was a total trooper though … as is everyone celebrating during the mass “stay home”.

        I will forever remember his face as the reality hit him. “I am celebrating with no one? Like, no one?”

        The saddest thing on earth is a teenager celebrating their birthday without buddies.

    • Erinn says:

      I’m turning 30 on the 25th. I ordered some wine online, we’re picking up an icecream cake, and I guess just watching some movies or something. I’m slightly disappointed because I had planned to have at least a night away from home – we rarely get a chance to go away.

      But oh well. It sucks, but it is what it is. I’d rather play it safe.

      • Lady D says:

        Erinn, try the Areo blizzard ice cream cake. My son gets an ice cream cake for his birthday too and I usually only have one slice, maybe two and he inhales the rest. I talked him into trying the Areo bar cake just because it looked so good in the commercial. By far and away the best ice cream cake out there. Dangerously good. His birthday was in March and I’m still thinking about that cake.

  4. La says:

    This makes me angry. A good friend of mine turned 40 a few weeks ago and she had a huge blow out planned including a trip. She had to cancel it all because she’s a responsible person. Not to mention he was just able to go out and get a test without symptoms or known exposure, which at least in my area most people still can’t do. Once again showing celebrities and the wealthy have different rules than the rest of us.

  5. Who ARE these people? says:

    Same criticism here and also tests are not 100% accurate, especially the kind of rapid response test used at the White House.

    No matter what people say about their sheltering at home, you don’t know their exposures.

  6. Rose says:

    Big blow out? It just said 5 people riding motorbikes. I’m not that I’m excusing him. He shouldn’t have anyone over period but it made it seem he was having big party lol

    Kudos for jenna. I wouldn’t let him either
    Especially when I just given birth. Think next time potatum.

    • FHMom says:

      It says a few of his buddies, so you are correct it wasn’t a big blow out. At least he got tested, which doesn’t make it right, but shows he isn’t a complete ass.

  7. Mia4s says:

    Yikes, douche alert. Probably thought he could get away with it. Yuck.

    I’m surprised this didn’t come out in a full magazine spread. That’s the only thing I know his ex from, selling pictures of her new baby to People magazine. Hey no shade, I guess you work with what you’ve got when there’s no demand for you but…she’s not so much about privacy is she! 😂

  8. Tiffany says:

    On one hand, I am trying for a bit of understanding on his part. Going though and break up and going though the motions of being a divorced parent. I can see having a couple of friends over on a milestone can give you some sense of ‘normalcy’. But this is ain’t it and dude, you have a six year old, it ain’t about you.

  9. Veruca Salty says:

    I had my 40th bday 2 weeks ago and it was actually pretty fun and memorable! I had several friends stop by/drive by to drop off gifts, food, desserts, wine and wave banners from a distance, had a surprise Zoom happy hour party, not to mention my husband made sure to spoil me all day long – I’d have to say it was the best quarantine bday!

  10. lucy2 says:

    What a jerk. There are people who can’t even go see their dying loved ones right now, and he couldn’t resist throwing himself a birthday party?
    Also, despite a negative test, I hope he quarantined again for 14 days before seeing anyone else including his kid. A friend of mine has had a couple of negative tests, but was absolutely exposed to it and is now waiting for antibody results.

  11. Meg says:

    Is that why this was released to the press? Jenna was pissed and wanted a public shaming of some sort? I don’t necessarily blame her, this was selfish and thoughtless of him.

  12. Lolafalana says:

    Sorry – he is a grown ass man. My daughter who turned 15 had to have a Covid Birthday with just her parents and cards/letter sent from friends and family. So many people have made that same sacrifice – and it totally makes sense. Le Dirtbag.

  13. bunk says:

    he had 5! people over. five. is that what you call a big party? ridiculous

  14. Slacker says:

    i hope he quarantined for 14 days as well bc the virus has a 2-14 day incubation period so a test before 14 days isnt worth all that much.

  15. Watson says:

    He’s an idiot and selfish. Partying with five friends is not considered a small group to me. In my city we haven’t seen any friends or family outside of who live in our own houses. Endangering his kid with Jenna as well as Jenna’s newborn is so selfish!!!