“Tom Hardy playing later-years Al Capone is apparently ‘excruciating’” links

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are a couple that shop together!

Tom Hardy’s take on Al Capone’s later years is apparently “excruciating.” [Pajiba]
Donald Trump is mad at 60 Minutes & Norah O’Donnell. [Towleroad]
Fitness & diet advice for losing the “covid 19.” [LaineyGossip]
Stevie the dog loves puddles. [Dlisted]
Taylor Swift’s City of Lover concert aired last night. [Just Jared]
Vintage Princess Grace photos, I love these. [Go Fug Yourself]
The dating chart of Hollywood queer women. [OMG Blog]
New Zealand is really good at social distancing. [Jezebel]
Before the 90 Days has an n-word controversy. [Starcasm]
Sigh… I love Naeem Khan. [RCFA]

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are a couple that shop together!

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  1. Aims says:

    Lisa, on the 90 day fiance, is totally vile. I have been watching this show for years and she is rude, demanding, controlling and now add racist to her resume. Never once has she given a sincere apology for her behavior. She is disrespectful and has treated Usman horribly. He needs to run and run fast. She’s evil.

    • ravynrobyn says:

      ITA 1,000 % with every word that you said. What really enrages me is when poor Usman tries to assert himself & she crushes him like a little insect with her shoe. Her sense of entitlement & savage verbal abuse make Angela (!!!!!!!!!!!) look like a meek flower.

      Did you hear that Lisa has a live-in fiancee that took care of her daughter when she was IN Nigeria? SMDH 🤔

      • Aims says:

        If she can talk to an adult man that way, I can only imagine how she talks to her kid. She needs to be investigated. She is angry and unpredictable, and that’s a bad combination.

    • Steph says:

      These reality shows are putting trash people in the spotlight. For instance, Hannah Brown from the bachelorette also said the n word (with the hard r) during Instagram live this weekend.

      Why is it so hard for people to not slur other communities?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I found Tom Hardy excruciating to watch as a clone of Patrick Stewart in Star Trek Nemesis.

    • Alex says:

      I saw him in that movie, that was my introduction to him. I had no idea what he looked like so I thought his prosthetic nose was real! And even then, I was like…”Whooo is thaaat”. And I had to buy the DVD, lol.

  3. truthette says:

    Josh Trank directed the Capone movie. you know, the guy that had a mental breakdown and isolated himself in a tent like a petulant child during the Fantastic Four reboot?

    a great example, once again, of a white male director failing upwards. meanwhile, female directors cant even get in the f-cking room.

    this industry is a joke. I just read last night Francis Ford Coppola had a tantrum because he didnt win the Palm D’Or for Apocalypse Now (he told the PRESIDENT of the film festival he wouldn’t come to the festival if he wasnt GUARANTEED to win the award). and since he didn’t win, when he saw one of the female jurors at the airport, he publicly & attacked her & verbally accosted her at the airport as a result, calling her a ‘f-cking c-nt’……or Luca G, the guy that directed Call Be By Your Name….he is STILL supporting Polanski & called the metoo movement an overreaction. Ive recently read some information I didn’t know regarding Gary Marshall & female PAs back when he was directing Pretty Woman, etc. Colin Trevorrow had ONE HIT. ONE. at Sundance. then….Jurassic franchise…now Star Wars franchise….all after that absolute atrocious personal project of his (I forget, had noami watts, about murdering somebody?). Drake Doremus is a sweetheart IRL, but he gets funding/greenlighted….with no script. Just a 70 page outline….Catherine Hardwicke had Red Riding Hood as a bomb and didn’t work for a decade. Kathyrn Bigelow had her most recent film, back in 2017 called Detroit, bomb. She made history. Where are all her projects? Oh wait….there are now. Its ALL INFURIATING.

    this. is. bull. sh/t. also, the only reason Weinstein fell when he did was bc he wasnt bringing in the oscars anymore and had been putting out bomb after bomb. If it was the 90s when he was the producer of every success, you think he would AT ALL gotten caught/arrested? its all sickening. the DGA is eternally a boys club…the Palm D’Or has been won by one woman, Jane Campion, for The Piano.

    excuse me while I go bottle myself and EXPLODE.

    • Lady Baden-Baden says:

      I’m with you @Truthette. It’s a complete disgrace.

    • lucy2 says:

      YES YES YES.
      I was railing about Trevorrow yesterday today (he did get fired from Star Wars but got hired in the first place).
      Executives to Men – make one tiny film that turns a decent profit, here’s $150 million and a blockbuster franchise.
      to Women – well, you know, we already hired a woman to direct something this year, so…maybe next year.

    • Dee Kay says:

      Amen to this. I am a huge film fan but the sexism and misogyny of the entire film industry is sickening. When I think about the women who just never got a chance to make the art they could have given us because of all the a–holes, I am so, so sad.

  4. Lady Baden-Baden says:

    Was hoping for a link remembering Lynn Shelton today but I guess she wasn’t well known outside of the business? Praying Marc Maron is okay and that people are somehow checking in on him in lockdown.

    • Summergirl says:

      I feel the same way. My husband and I were totally shocked to hear this news. We’re both big fans of Marc Maron, and though we hadn’t heard of Lynn Shelton directly before she was with Marc, we actually loved her work, for example the movie Your Sister’s Sister. Lynn’s death was so sudden and shocking.

      • lucy2 says:

        I think that’s the only film I’ve seen of hers, but it was very good.
        I’m sad to hear the news about her, and I feel badly for her loved ones.

      • Lady Baden-Baden says:

        I really enjoyed Laggies too and she directed loads of great TV – Mad Men, Glow, Mindy Project, Master of None and recently Little Fires Everywhere. Only started directing in her late 30s – you get the impression she was just getting started and Christ knows we need more talented female directors. But yes – I’m a big Marc Maron fan too. He was talking about her being sick just last week but he thought she was on the mend as late as Thursday. My heart aches for him. He sounded like he was dipping pretty low even before this…

  5. SJR says:

    Tom Hardy is a good actor. Handsome, attractive man.
    Watched him in Peaky Blinders as Alfie, plays both Kray twins in Legend on Netflix. He is good in both, Peaky Blinders is a DVD set to own for me certainly.

    Now, as for Tom Hardy as an old, ill Capone..Nope.
    Hardy makes a lot of stuff in which he changes his appearance to hide himself, plus depressing stories. I have zero interest in seeing Capone even starring Tom Hardy. We all know about Capone, who even great lit this thing?

    Why do so many attractive actors go to such great lengths to disguise their appearance?
    Keanu, Paul Newman, Redford, Cruise all are/were attractive leading men.
    And they made some entertaining box office hits.
    I know I’m showing my age, but could we please get some light entertainment?