Disney Springs, the free part of Disney World, is open again, what could go wrong?

Around Christmas 2018 I went to Disney Springs. My parents retired to Florida and live about an hour from there. There was no way I was going to pay to go to Disney World, but I wanted to check out the free part. (I’ve been to Disney a couple of times as a kid, but I don’t like crowds and it’s not my jam.) At first it was fun, we got to pay way too much to split a pizza, there were roving performers, and we felt entertained. After about an hour and a half reality and overwhelm set in. It’s a huge, very crowded and overpriced mall. There were way too many people there, it felt claustrophobic and like it was the worst parts of capitalism all crammed together and painted with a fake nice Disney veneer. After we paid $20 for three pieces of chocolate we were so ready to leave. Plus you had to park far away and take a bus to get to your car. It just reminded me that Disney isn’t worth the hassle and the lines.

Well Disney Springs is open again, and according to Variety they encourage social distancing and people are asked to wear masks. It sounds like it’s on an honor system though. There’s no word as to when the main Disney World is opening up again, although both Disney World and Universal Orlando are expected to announce reopening dates today.

The Disney Springs shopping and dining complex reopened in Orlando, Fla., on Wednesday morning to lines of people.

The coronavirus pandemic led Disney to temporarily suspend operations at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland in mid-March. Disney Springs is the first area of either park to begin welcoming guests again.

On Sunday, Disney issued a public disclaimer directed toward people planning on attending the resort, stating that guests assume all health risks for visiting the parks. The park is also taking some health precautions, such as mask and temperature check requirements.

The new chairman of Disney’s parks, Josh D’Amaro, is doing a meet-and-greet with visitors, posing for pictures while overseeing the reopening.

The health precautions do not seem to have discouraged fans from attending. Social media posts from visitors show lines of people waiting to enter Disney Springs.

Only subcontracted shops are currently open in the Disney Springs Complex. A second phase of reopening is planned to begin in seven days, which includes Disney retail shops and Disney eateries.

It remains uncertain when the rest of the resort will return to its normal operations, though Disney is certainly working on a strategy. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently allowed both Disney and Universal to submit reopening plans, including exact dates, for their respective theme parks.

[From Variety]

It stresses me out to go grocery shopping. People get too close to me and I have had to tell them to please step back. Plus there are signs at the checkouts telling them where to stand! I can’t imagine going to a Disney property at this time, but I’m not their target market, the “liberate” and “it’s just like the flu” people are. Those are the people putting the rest of us at risk. Maybe I could understand the main part of Disney opening again if they limited tickets to about 20%, if they handed out mandatory masks to guests and if there were employees disinfecting everything and enforcing social distancing. It’s still too early for that though. Instead they’re opening up the free part of Disney and letting people do whatever they want. Florida is filled with elderly people! This is going to be a disaster and I’m worried about my parents. The photos are making me ragey.

Oh look, you can get $6 bath bombs and Starbucks specialty drinks again.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    This is so stupid. People are going to FLOCK to it. I have a friend who lives basically “at” Disney and is a Disney blogger and she was there first thing this AM, along with I’m sure lots of other local Disney bloggers and aficionados.

    I’m meh on Disney springs. I think its fun to do once – Morimoto is an amazing restaurant – but to me its like the worst parts of Disney (crowds, overpriced, lots of waiting in line )with not that much of the good stuff.

    We had a big Disney trip planned for the end of August and I’m just not sure how I feel about it at this point.

    • Laughysaphy says:

      We had a trip planned with another family and our 4 yo kids for April. We were very sad to cancel, but truly I don’t think we’ll be returning to Disney until at least summer 2021. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the second wave of the virus. It’s a bummer, but Disney is not worth contracting or spreading covid.

      • Becks1 says:

        That’s my concern, the second wave of the virus. We go to Disney about once every 18 months/2 years (this would be my 5 year old’s 4th trip) so I know we can reschedule and it wont be the end of the world, but I’m dragging my feet about it (my husband does NOT want to go.)

        I will say in general the Disney corp is one of the few that I trust in terms of this – like if they say they are bringing in professional cleaners to deep clean each hotel room between guests, I trust that they would do that.

        But how can you manage things like rides – not even waiting in line, but the actual rides – with social distancing? only one family at a time on Kali River Rapids? And you know people aren’t going to follow the social distancing guidelines anyway.

        so we probably wont be making the trip, but I’m just reluctant to make the final decision.

    • Swack says:

      I take my grandchildren when they turn eight and have a trip planned for Sept. I’m seriously thinking of moving it to mid Jan – beginning of Feb. I try to go in what is considered off season. I want her to fully enjoy the experience. I really would like to make it for Sept 2021.

      • H says:

        @Swack, there if no “off season” for Disney anymore. I live here and am a Disney annual placeholder. Last time I went was in February. Hollywood Studios was packed, you could barely move through the massive amounts of people. Then, Star Wars Land (Galaxy’s Edge) was even worse. We left after 5 hours.

        Unless Disney limits the number of people allowed in daily and does temperature and mask checks before you enter, this will be a nightmare.

        Disney is offering their reopening proposal today to the city council in Orlando. I hope it has massive restrictions or hello second wave in FL.

      • Becks1 says:

        @H yeah we went in January a few years ago. Was it less crowded than it was the year we went over Labor Day? Yes. But it was by no means the “off season” we were expecting.

    • Case says:

      I’ve been going to Orlando the past several Octobers for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal (last year I threw in Disney to see Galaxy’s Edge for the first time — incredible place! — and planned to go again this year). I’ve already written that off for this year. It makes me very sad because I look forward to my couple days there all year long, but I’d have to get on a plane to get there. I just can’t justify the risk of traveling and being among so many people in the theme parks, and truly don’t know how Disney or Universal will be able to operate safely. I trust Disney to take it seriously and be very clean, but I don’t trust my fellow tourists.

      I’m hoping 2021 is better, because I’ll really miss it! I’ve been listening to Disney podcasts to ease my pain, lol.

  2. Allz says:

    I’m very much obsessed with Disney and if I could, I would live in the parks. It just feels like home to me. However, good god I would not go there right now. I miss it so much, I have to cancel a trip there in November I already booked, but it’ll just be a petrie dish right now. This country will not be able to go back to normal for years because people refuse to watch out for others. It’s purely selfish. We don’t know how to live as a community.

    • Case says:

      Same here! I adore Disney. And completely agreed — it’s unfortunate that people don’t realize if we looked out for one another and follow the rules, we’d be able to have some semblance of normalcy. But no. People are selfish and ignorant and America will suffer for far longer than necessary because of it. I never post on Facebook but the other day I had a conversation with someone I went to school with who believes everything should just reopen and “if you want to stay home, stay home,” as if that’s a realistic option for everyone when the country reopens. I couldn’t even get her to agree that we all need to be safe and take care of each other. It’s embarrassing.

    • FHMom says:

      I was so anti Disney until a few years ago when we did a 2 day stop prior to a cruise. We went for a week last year, and I’m not going to lie, I am itching to go back. With 3 teens, it was the perfect vacation. I felt safe letting them roam as long as they all stayed together. I drank every evening. It was so relaxing. I can’t foresee when we’ll return due to the pandemic, but we will return. (I’ve never been to Disney Springs, but it sounds awful.)

  3. OriginalLala says:

    this is insanely short sighted – what do they think will happen to their precious economy when the second wave hits and it’s even worse than the first phase?? It’s like businesses and certain govt’s just decided they were done dealing with the pandemic and were just going to pretend it doesn’t exist anymore.

    • SnowQueenM says:

      I live in Florida, and the current strategy here is that if they ignore it — and the manipulate the data enough — people will forget about. They’re banking on the fact that people may get sick, but it won’t be deadly enough to overwhelm the hospital systems. They are also not testing very well, so if they don’t test, then numbers will eventually go down. I don’t know anyone who has personally gotten tested, and I have a decently wide social net.

      Essentially, Russian Roulette, pandemic style.

      • Bonnie Anne says:

        SnowQueen nailed it. Native Floridian and current resident. FL is TrumpHumper ground zero. There is already ample evidence that the current Gov. DeSantis is manipulating the numbers for infection rates and deaths due to COVID-19 downward. Because there are so many older and elder people in FL who live in FL, plus the season snowbirds, we have much higher morbidity and mortality rates in the elder population. Our state and many county governments in FL don’t give a rat’s ass. What’s a few dead old people compared to opening up the economy, amirite? And if they’re black, brown, or yellow, well **shrug** they’re not our base. MAGAT covidiot asshats abound.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    One outbreak traced to this reopening and Disney will have a huge suit on their hands.

    There’s gonna be all sorts of class action suits for reckless endangerment and wrongful death when all is said and done.

    • Mia4s says:

      Nah, Disney knows what they’re doing…legally anyway. They have voluntary assumption of risk disclaimers everywhere. (Basically: Welcome to Disney, Covid is super dangerous and it’s everywhere, so by coming here you confirm you understand and if you get it, it’s your own damn fault. Have a churro!)

      I mean, people may try to sue but it would be a huge waste of time and resources. I just hate that it could mean spread to people who didn’t make the choice to take on the risk.

      For me? I love it there. And I’ll go back in a few years (hopefully vaccinated).

      • Lightpurple says:

        Also, if someone does get hurt/sick/killed at Disney, they are all over it legally. People do get hurt at Disney Parks, kids have died in the Star Wars simulator, but you don’t hear of big lawsuits or settlements because Disney acts fast. They have protocols in place as to what to do when something happens. The legal team is immediately notified and steps in to reduce risk and liability. People are taken care of which reduces the amounts of damages they can seek.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Lol… Disney covers its butt legally, sure, but what about when these so called safety protocols are found to be useless? Or when an employee comes to work sick? Or an employee messes up on a protocol?

        It’s a suit waiting to happen… for Disney, and for the governments allowing this. The science says this will be bad. They will all get held responsible for ignoring the science.

        Businesses are making deliberate choices that are reckless and dangerous. None of that is covered by typical legalese. An accident when Disney did nothing wrong is not the same as Disney deliberately playing loose and fast with people’s safety.

        I’m talking about more than just Disney btw.

      • H says:

        @Lightpurple, what you said. You’ve never heard a peep out of the family whose child gotten by the alligator on Disney property. They pay them off and NDAs are signed. We call them the Mouse Mafia down here.

      • Mia4s says:

        “ They will all get held responsible for ignoring the science.”

        Well I would hope so but….

        *looks at the White House and Republican senate*

        *Cringes and laughs nervously*

      • fluffybunny says:

        You had me at churro. But I’m not scheduled to be on property until December and I don’t have to fly to get there. We will be following any rules Disney puts in place. We’ve been a ton of times and will go in the future a ton of times so if the experience is less than for a while I’m fine with that.

    • M.A.F. says:

      No, they won’t. There was a measles outbreak at Disneyland in 2015 then again in 2019 and I don’t recall there being a law suit.

      Also, this is the shops (shop at your own risk) that are open, not the park. I’m sure when the park opens they will look at what Shanghai Disney is doing.

      • lucy2 says:

        That’s different though, this is a global pandemic that has shut everything down. They’re choosing to reopen and let people in.
        Though I’m sure they’ve covered themselves legally with lots of disclaimers and warnings.

        I feel badly for anyone who has to go work there and risk being exposed. I hope they are at least paid well, and given as many precautions and protections as possible.

        I wish I could say I was shocked that big chunks of America think everything is fine now, but I’m not. We, collectively, are pretty stupid and arrogant.

    • Maida says:

      This is what jumped out to me: “On Sunday, Disney issued a public disclaimer directed toward people planning on attending the resort, stating that guests assume all health risks for visiting the parks.”

      I’m sure Disney has talked to the most effectively lawyers available about how to protect themselves against any suits.


    I was at Whole Foods and the tape lining the ends of the aisle didn’t always make sense. One of them legit said it was one way one direction, then one way the other direction. I wasn’t sure what to do. I kept my distance and walked over to get lime juice, maintaining at least six feet from the one other person in the aisle, and this woman came CLOSER to me to fuss at me for not following the tape arrows. Like wtf. She reduced the distance between us to be righteously indignant!! I believe the writer asked someone politely to give them space, but some assholes are taking this as an opportunity to power trip. I think safety should be paramount, but I also think people are willing to be a LOT more rude because the masks hide their faces.

    • Turtledove says:

      I am trying to be patient with the “one way” aisles. Here’s the thing, I don’t have a BETTER idea for making shopping safer. And I think they are trying their best. So i comply. BUT, I have to say, i don’t normally go up and down every aisle, as I tend to shop most heavily in the outer areas, meat, produce, dairy. So I find that I am almost always at the WRONG end of the few aisles I DO need. So at the end of the day, the one way aisles just keep us ALL in the store LONGER, because we are all backtracking and going up an aisle we don’t need to get to the correct end of the aisle we do need. That seems counter-intuitive.

      Also, if someone wants to come scold me in the grocery store, GOOD LUCK to them. I am NOT enjoying my weekly forays into germtown, my patience is low and nerves are high. I would be hard pressed not to scream at them. (I don’t think that is the correct way to go, but just feel that is what would happen at this point)

  6. margie says:

    We have a trip scheduled for June 19. I am getting a little nervous right now that it won’t be cancelled. I would cancel it, but we have 2 after/before hours event tickets, and those are non-refundable unless it’s closed. I could possibly get a credit, so there is that; I am just hoping it isn’t open for our trip. I never thought I would say those words!

    • Bella says:

      Travel agent who specialized in Disney – Disney has been very good with giving credit for these event tickets. And no, no refund unless they cancel.

      I love Disney. We were planning a huge sweet 16 for my twins in the fall (Keys To The Kingdom Tour!!!) but that ain’t happening. nope; Not now; not a year from now. sorry. Living > fun and vanity

    • Trillion says:

      Disneyland offered us a discount on our package (a week’s stay at the Grand Californian) if they retain our deposit and re-book by May 2021. I hope we are in a situation to take them up on this. Cuz that’s a LOT of $$$!

  7. Jerusha says:

    What could go wrong? I think it was Houston where a Catholic church reopened May 2. On May 14 the priest died and five or more of the parishioners have tested positive. They’ve shut down again.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Five of the priest have tested positive in addition to the one who died. They don’t have the numbers on the parishioners yet.

      • Jerusha says:


      • lucy2 says:

        Oh that’s so sad, and totally avoidable. Churches can stream their services, and everyone can watch from the safety of their homes.

        It’s Memorial Day weekend coming up, the official start to the summer season here at the NJ shore, and I’m worried we’re going to get another big surge. I’m staying home.

  8. Jaxonmeh says:

    A friend of mine who lives nearby to it was commenting her thoughts on this. She’s literally telling relatives Florida is not ready to reopen, this place ain’t even opening the Disney stuff she’d be interested in, and no she isn’t going to it even if it were because it’s not worth it. She’s immune compromised and her out of state family can’t wait to come visit her – er, I mean Disney again. She’s not backing down due to her health and has been maintaining strict quarantine for her and her daughters.

    • whatever says:

      I live in Orlando, and I agree with your friend. Florida should not be reopening at this point. But to be fair, as far as Disney Springs is concerned, they are simply reopening some restaurants and retail locations. All across Florida restaurants and retail locations are reopening. At least at Disney people are temperature checked and masks are encouraged, which is more than you get at a lot of smaller establishments around here. This isn’t extra stupid just because it’s Disney, it’s just a dumb policy across the board for restaurants and retail to be open right now. I know people flock to Disney, but people seem to be flocking to ANYTHING that’s willing to open around here. But the numbers don’t support it being safe to open. Particularly when we’re hearing reports that scientists here were encouraged to artificially deflate the accurate death toll of the virus in Florida in order to support reopening before we’re ready. And the one who spoke out and resisted most loudly was fired for “insubordination.”

  9. KellyRyan says:

    I’m another who doesn’t like crowds. Last time I was at Disneyland, 10 years ago, couldn’t wait to leave and will never return. Here I am with bears, snakes, small groups and hiking trails.

    • Swack says:

      I love hiking and am missing it right now. I don’t like crowds either but have done Disney Worldv8 time for my grandkiddos.

    • Jerusha says:

      I’ll take an hour in almost any national park over a week long all expenses paid vacation at any theme park, including Disney, Universal, etc.

      • aang says:

        Sad thing is many National Parks are now as crowded as Disney.

      • KellyRyan says:

        Have ideas on becoming a hiking leader with a friend, small groups, children with parents, low levels, exploratory, liability waivers, once we have vaccines. I live in a community in Los Padres National Forest. Up to this point, no crowds. Hiking needs to be early morning due to high UV levels with many trails in sunlight.

  10. Lightpurple says:

    A friend lives nearby. Yesterday, he went to the parking lot, never left his car, and took pictures of what he was seeing people do in the parking lot. No masks, no distancing from strangers. It’s as is people want to get sick.

  11. msmlnp says:

    I would think the mask wearing in Disneyworld would be very low unless it was “required”. It is 95+ degrees here where I live in Texas the past few days and wearing a mask (which I do) in the walk from the parking lot to the air conditioned store is hot and uncomfortable. And Florida heat is worse.

  12. Case says:

    I’m a huge Disney person. And I trust that they’re taking this seriously and maintaining high standards of cleanliness/enforcing proper social distancing because they honestly care about giving guests a safe and happy experience. But I can’t even FATHOM going to a shopping center like Disney Springs right now. The fact is, Florida rushed to reopen and it’s not safe. I’m trying to not be a crazy “stay home until there’s a vaccine!” person (against my instincts of self-preservation and protecting my loved ones), but I don’t see how we can justify opening non-essential businesses so soon. We’re not even close to being out of the woods yet. Nothing has changed. People say “but folks need to get paid!” And I understand that. But the answer to that is better federal aid to get through these unprecedented times. Not rushing to reopen and putting innocent employees in the line of fire.

  13. DeadNotSleeping says:

    One of my kiddos and I have a tripped planned to Disney for the wine and dine race weekend. I’m still mostly expecting the races to be cancelled, but I haven’t decided if we’ll still make the trip if there aren’t races. It’s almost 6 months from now, but I can’t imagine what life will be like then. I’m actually waiting on a quote right now from a travel agent about booking a trip and getting a race bib for the princess weekend. It’s a little bit my back up plan for if the November weekend doesn’t happen.

    I have an underlying risk factor so my husband has been doing all of the grocery shopping. The closest I get to the public is running on our local trail systems and we do the longer routes where its at least a 5 mile loop which really cuts down on the casual walkers. I haven’t been inside a store since February, but my state is moving to phase 2 and more stores and services are going to start opening up this weekend. I’m not ready to go to my local Publix yet, so you definitely wouldn’t catch me at Disney springs anytime soon.

    Having said that, dealing with crowds at Disney is a learned skill. I rarely wait in line for anything more than 20 minutes. Fastpass+ and being at the park before rope drop are key. And i hate paying more when Disney is already expensive, but the after hours events are lovely.

  14. whatever says:

    I have to say that there seems to be a lot of confidence here that Disney is concerned with providing a safe, happy guest experience, and I think it’s misplaced. I live within a 20 minute drive, and my family held annual passes for almost a decade. We stopped renewing last year because actually, we don’t feel like Disney gives a crap about us at all. Over the years they have repeatedly adjusted policies away from the guests’ favor, continually raising prices while they reduced perks and allowed the condition of the parks and the overall guest experience to deteriorate considerably. The way they have responded to the COVID situation locally has been shameful. They gave international students that were living in corporate housing less than a week to vacate their apartments at a time when international travel was restricted and many of them could not return home. While all the other area theme parks immediately stopped charging monthly pass payments once the parks closed, Disney continued to charge them for a further six weeks until uproar forced them to stop. They have screwed many Disney Vacation Club members out of some of their investment by refusing to appropriately adapt policies to the virus closure situation. And I’ve known many people who have worked in the parks over the years, and trust me, NONE of them are impressed by Disney’s security or cleanliness.

    If you enjoy Disney, that’s great. I’m not saying you shouldn’t. But I do think they’ve shown us time and time again that anytime they can sacrifice part of the guest experience to save a penny here or there, they will. For the most part, people have such blind faith in the Disney name that they either don’t notice or don’t care. This is not a company that you should be trusting with your health and safety. Please take care of yourself if you go there, and don’t assume they’re taking care of you.

    • Turtledove says:

      Whatever, I agree with everything you said and will add that honestly, even if Disney WANTED to do the best job at sanitizing, I feel like keeping the parks clean to THAT level, would just be SO hard. Not trying to give them a pass, more saying, “use your common sense, do you really think they CAN keep things as clean as we need to be safe?” My work situation is bizarre right now. On the one hand, we can work from home, so that is *wonderful*. But we produce large conferences, so we also need to worry about if we will have jobs for much longer. (Just remaining positive, staying grateful for what I have now and waiting at this point) Anyway, point is, we can all easily work from home, and our state will be allowing offices to open back up at some point in the nearest future. Our CEO said we are going to wait longer, no date set yet. And I am glad, because even with a group of coworkers of only 100, I do NOT trust other people to keep me safe. There are several adults i work with that do not wash their hands after using the restroom. SEVERAL. So no, I won’t be counting on anyone’s standards of cleanliness but my own. The Public as a whole is not all on the same page, so going to a large amusement park does not sound like a good idea at all.

    • aang says:

      I agree 100%. I’m still a pass holder but you are correct that the experience has changed for the worse over the past several years. It was once a good value, relaxing place to vacation. The crowds have gotten way out of control plus the way Disney now nickels and dimes you to death it is just not the same. My kid was in the college program and was sent home mid march with only 5 days notice to get out of the dorms. I was able to fly in and help her pack and drive home. And while she was working there we were disgusted by the way the workers were treated. The college program is basically a way for Disney to get almost free labour. I do not trust them in any way to prioritize safety over profit. Especially not the safety of the cast members. I’d love to be able to go to the opening of the new Ratatouille ride this summer. But I could no way justify putting myself or anyone else at risk for such a frivolous thing. And the parks are full of deplorables. So you know they won’t be wearing masks or social distancing. Yesterday a family was asked to leave Disney Springs because they set up their hibachi on the tables outside Cookes of Dublin and tried to grill their lunch. People are just nuts.

    • fluffybunny says:

      I own DVC. They adjusted the banking deadlines for people who points were due to expire during the shut down. They’ve also limited the borrowing capabilities from future years. They’ve likely thrown off the balance for all members for the next couple of years but they are making an effort to make sure people don’t get screwed out of their points.

  15. ME says:

    People’s priorities are so screwed up. So many people saying “everything is normal again”. Yeah no it’s not. I’m just going to assume some people never watch the news or use the internet and google what the f*ck is going on in the world. Some places in China are on a second lockdown. You think that’s not gonna happen here ???

  16. Turtledove says:

    I am trying to be patient with the “one way” aisles. Here’s the thing, I don’t have a BETTER idea for making shopping safer. And I think they are trying their best. So i comply. BUT, I have to say, i don’t normally go up and down every aisle, as I tend to shop most heavily in the outer areas, meat, produce, dairy. So I find that I am almost always at the WRONG end of the few aisles I DO need. So at the end of the day, the one way aisles just keep us ALL in the store LONGER, because we are all backtracking and going up an aisle we don’t need to get to the correct end of the aisle we do need. That seems counter-intuitive.

    Also, if someone wants to come scold me in the grocery store, GOOD LUCK to them. I am NOT enjoying my weekly forays into germtown, my patience is low and nerves are high. I would be hard pressed not to scream at them. (I don’t think that is the correct way to go, but just feel that is what would happen at this point)

  17. fluffybunny says:

    I literally am Disney’s target market. I own their timeshare. I buy their annual passes. I make yearly trips and spend gobs of money there. I’m currently wearing Haunted Mansion wallpaper leggings. We aren’t scheduled to be in the parks until December. We realize our experience this year will be different and are okay with that. We will be wearing our masks and doing whatever social distancing measures Disney needs us to take to enjoy the parks.

  18. Diane says:

    I love Disney too. Disney springs is just a small shopping part of Disney World, but they have great free performances around the lake. I don’t really think of Disney Springs when I think of Disney. Nice thing is the parks are so big and spread out I really didn’t feel that crowded in the two parks we went to. The bands performancess are great and they are super organized. We went in December before we knew about Covid 19 and I have to say it was amazing. My daughter performed at Disney Springs and grandpa and grandma came and Star Wars was just breathtaking. Epcot just like I remember as a kid. I’m sure they have the place really clean. The restaurants we went to in Epcot were really clean. Guess people don’t have to go yet is they are not comfortable doing so.

  19. Dee Kay says:

    I cannot believe Americans are so dumb that they are flocking to crowded malls during a pandemic. Hanging out with dozens or hundreds of people in restaurants or stores is exactly how to get this virus. Geez. We are going to be slammed with COVID cases 10 or 20 days after reopening happens. My heart goes out to hospital workers.

  20. Emma says:

    My friend works at Disney and revisited Disney springs yesterday. She posted some pics and it was pretty empty. Seems like most people were respectful of wearing masks and social distancing.

  21. molly says:

    God, this gives me so much anxiety just thinking about it. The thought of getting on a plane, in a bus, to a hotel, and packed into a ride with thousands of people from all around the world– HAAAAAARD no. Shudder.

  22. Veronica S. says:

    I mean go for it, guys. I’ll be here NOT in big crowds.

    I really cannot believe there’s some of us who will be stuck working at home and doing the gracious thing for six months straight to cover the asses of people who can’t be bothered to use common sense or even basic civility.

  23. Lindy says:

    Someone would have to pay me large sums of money to visit Disneyworld in non-Covid times. I went as a kid and hated every second. It’s the opposite of anything I would ever want to do on a vacation. Ever.

    The idea of going there when Covid is still out there is horrifying. I don’t think I would feel safe doing that until there was a vaccine and it was mandatory.

  24. I’m still not leaving my house. In two weeks we’ll all see the result of this stupidity.