Joe Biden is apparently vetting Amy Klobuchar for vice president

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Earlier this week, Vanity Fair had a scoop on Joe Biden’s vice presidential sweepstakes. Biden has already said that he’ll likely wait until June to announce anything, and obviously he’s focused on vetting candidates now. It’s also somewhat assumed that Biden will be a one-term president no matter what, and that when and if he stands down, his vice president will basically be anointed as the Next One, the next big Democratic Party figure. The veepstakes feel much more important this year, which is why many of us are crossing our fingers for Kamala Harris. But Vanity Fair said that the “dark horse” choice for Biden might be… Amy Klobuchar. She ran for president this year and very few people liked her, but VF’s sources said that Biden thinks she could help him in the midwest. Sigh. She won’t. And I doubt she’ll be a contender for very long now that she’s being formally vetted:

Senator Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota, has been asked by Joe Biden to undergo a formal vetting to be considered as his vice presidential running mate, one of several potential contenders now being scrutinized by his aides ahead of a final decision, according to people familiar with the moves.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night, Biden said “no one’s been vetted yet by the team” but confirmed the initial preliminary outreach to gauge interest is “coming to an end now.” Biden said the “invasive” vetting process will soon begin. When pressed on Klobuchar’s chances of making his running mate “short list,” Biden responded positively: “Amy’s first rate, don’t get me wrong.”

The request for information from potential running mates like Klobuchar “is underway,” a senior Biden campaign aide tells CBS News. If a potential contender consents, she should be poised to undergo a rigorous multi-week review of her public and private life and work by a hand-picked group of Biden confidantes, who will review tax returns, public speeches, voting records, past personal relationships and potentially scandalous details from her past.

Biden committed during a March primary debate to pick a woman as his running mate and has previously said the list of women is around a dozen.

[From CBS News]

Some people were invoking Tim Kaine’s name and claiming that he didn’t give Hillary Clinton anything as her VP choice, and that Klobuchar would be the same. Y’all need to STOP. Tim Kaine was and is a solid dude and a tremendously nice guy. Maybe he wasn’t a “demographic hit,” but the first woman to ever secure the presidential nomination could not have chosen anyone other than a white dude as her running mate. And Tim Kaine remains unproblematic! I’m just saying, here in Virginia, we’ve known and loved Tim Kaine for years. Um, is Amy Klobuchar loved anywhere? Where are these midwestern voters who think she would add something to the ticket? For the love of God, just pick Kamala!!

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  1. Lindy says:

    He better not. For fu*’s sake, he needs to pick a progressive, preferably a woman of color. If he picks Klobuchar then he’s more out of touch than I even thought.

    I hate our stupid political system. Sometimes I just want to give up on everything.

    • Athyrmose says:

      They’re just testing the waters.

      • Enormous Coat says:

        Exactly. Klobuchar won’t be the VP choice. She is being recognized. Maybe she will get a cabinet position though.
        Every time there is a minor announcement, people lose their minds and it plays into the false narrative advanced by Trumpers and Bros that he is dotty and out of touch. Campaigns (except for McCain’s 2008 campaign) vet lots of people.

      • Erinn says:

        That’s how I took this. Float a name around and gauge the reaction.

      • minx says:


      • lucy2 says:

        I agree. I think she’s the “safe” choice to float out there to gauge reaction, which hopefully is no, more progressive please. I think she’d be competent if he did select her, and she’s plenty experienced, but I don’t feel any enthusiasm for her whatsoever.

        “tax returns, public speeches, voting records, past personal relationships and potentially scandalous details from her past.”
        Oh, do those things suddenly matter again? How interesting.

    • Voula says:

      ‘You ain’t black unless you vote for me’ – Joe Biden.

    • Jana says:

      I’m really hoping he’s just doing this to appease her primary supporters…she has zero personality and he is going to need someone with high likability and someone who is very relatable to all women. And it’s not her.

    • I am Mimi says:

      I’m guessing it’s going to be Harris. It doesn’t really make sense because California is reliably blue, but she’s the only option that has real fire. And I can see her being president in 4 years.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Nothing against Tim Kaine, but I would have definitely gone with someone from a major swing state myself. I mean, hindsight is 20/20, of course.

    • lucy2 says:

      At the time I think Virginia was a swing state? It’s gone much more blue in recent years.

  3. Ange says:

    I love Amy’s sharp wit. She’s hilarious.

    • Mary says:

      Not funny. For retort, Klobuchar often relies on personal, pissy comments. In that respect, she is Trump in drag. During the debates I thought she came off as a pissy, mean girl and her storming off the stage at the end of that one debate showed she does not have the temperament to be a good pick for Vice-president. Warren came off pissy to me as well. It is as though they want to appear tough so they can stand up to Trump but they just end up coming off as shrill, mean b*tches. Biden needs a female running mate that is confident and sure enough in herself to retort with strength and dignity , not low personal attacks.

      • Ni says:

        Why would you bring drag into this though? What’s with calling female politicians ‘pissy’? Is that the new word for ‘shrew’ and ‘bitch’?

      • Mary says:

        Haha, NI, sensitive much?! I call Trump “pissy” as well! There was no hidden meaning or targeting of Klobuchar because she is a woman. And, sorry, but if the name fits….

      • Darla says:

        The thing was, Pete really grew on me, and I think he has a bright future, and man, did she hate that guy. It was really something.

  4. Ellen Olenska says:

    I just always hope that whenever he announces he also states who he’d want in his cabinet too…there were some amazing folks in the race and a lot of people would want to see more of them. And while I tend to agree with Klobuchar and I like her…VP is not the best spot for her in this race! Fingers crossed for Kamala.

    • JanetDR says:

      Agreed! So many wonderful women could be in the cabinet too, but Kamala is the perfect choice for VP. Elizabeth Warren was my presidential choice, but I think it is important to have a person of color for VP .

    • Paperclip says:


    • Poisonella says:

      Hope so. She is a very intelligent woman.

    • lucy2 says:

      I’ve seen this recommended in various places, gather all the good candidates, and a few other strong Democrats, and show that it’s not one guy (Biden) but a whole team of experienced and diverse people all working as one.

  5. Chica1971 says:

    If he picks her instead of Warren or Harris, count on this PoC to stay home!
    She is not progressive and got a pass ( unlike Kamila) for her criminal justice platform. She brings nothing to the ticket. She make suburban white women,58% of them that went for Trump, comfortable. She is moderate,bright and good in debates but I don’t recall one of her plans. Hard pass.. she can be a cabinet member

    • Ugh soy says:

      I understand that you would be disappointed in this pick. At the same time I loathe this mentality. If you don’t want 4 more years of Trump you have to get out and vote even if the democratic nominee isn’t who you would have picked.

      • Yuzu says:

        Please stop telling people of color that they shouldn’t stay home when showing up hasn’t done much for us these past eight years. We’re just experiencing more of the same thing. It’s everyone else in the country that is suddenly surprised to know how it feels to be a mistreated minority in America.

        I will be voting for Biden. But if he picks Amy, he will have lost any momentum he had going into this election.

      • Mexicalidesi says:

        Well, to this woc, anyone who doesn’t vote for Biden because of his vp choice is just plain wrong. Especially other POC. I want Harris too, but talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face ….

      • Margles says:

        It might not have won us anything, but not voting certainly lost is a lot. And the last three years have not been “more of the same”. They have been horrifically worse.

      • I am Mimi says:

        I agree. We cannot afford to stay home. And a lot of us did in 2016. If those people would’ve just held their noses and voted for Hillary, we could’ve avoided this sh*tstorm. I kept telling people who were morally opposed to Hillary for some reason, “you’re not voting FOR Hillary; you’re voting AGAINST trump.” It didn’t work.

    • minx says:

      I really hope you wouldn’t stay home because of a vp pick.

    • STRIPE says:

      I get the frustration but that will be almost quite literally cutting of your nose to spite your face. There will be two options in November: Trump and Biden.

      If you don’t want to vote for Biden, think of it as voting for the Supreme Court you want. Make no mistake, if Trump wins again we will have a solid conservative court that will undo decades of women’s and gay rights advancements. Abortion will be gone. That is not an exaggeration. Gay and trans rights will be under fire. And they will sit there for decades.

      Environmental protections? Medical insurance for all? Immigration reform? Prison reform? These are things we will have a shot at.

      Trump and the GOP are choking all levels of courts with conservatives. That will negatively impact POC, period full stop.

      So, do you want to take a half step towards the world you want, or do you want to take 2 steps back?

      • Levans says:

        If staying home is the only to wakeup the Democratic party that they need to take PoC, and black women in particular, seriously then so be it. Biden’s Supreme Court picks wont matter because guess who he will continue to pander to…white moderates. If Amy is the VP pick, this black woman in a swing state (FL) will absolutely stay home and will encourage others to do the same.

      • STRIPE says:

        So pandering to moderates is worse than pandering to the Evangelical GOP? I just want to make sure I understand your logic.

      • Darla says:

        Of course his supreme court picks will matter. Once you made that statement you announced no one should read anything you have to say. It’d be a waste of one’s beautiful mind.

      • Lua says:

        That’s very sad levans. You’d rather see trump take four more years than vote? Veeeeeery sad…it will negatively impact the entire world that we interact with. Trade. Oil. Hostel nations. People we protect in countries that aren’t as fortunate as ours. But sure. Stay home and throw a hissy fit because you don’t like the VP choice and see how far that gets you

      • Mary says:

        @stripe, maybe you just need to accept that some people vote per candidate and issue and not along one sweeping party line. That is their right…and, one that I have exercised before. Heck, I even voted for Nader! Remember that election?

        If someone really does not like a candidate, why try to shame them into voting against their conscience? I could not stand Hilary so I did not vote in the last presidential election. Guess what? I was not alone. The DNC knew that Hilary was not “liked” by many, yet they ignored that and look what happened.

        Maybe instead of chastising people for not voting, the Party and Biden can look for a candidate that would inspire more people to come out and vote.

      • STRIPE says:

        @mary By not voting you throw away your vote, period. I will literally never respect that.

        You have two options, and only one of those two will win. There is no realistic third option (like Nader was not realistic): one that is good but not perfect and one that is bad. I have no earthly idea why you would chose “bad” by default by not voting/voting third party in a national election

        Letting “perfect” get in the way of the good is not moral -it’s selfish. especially when the other side is someone like Trump and some people’s lives are truly negatively impacted by public policy. I have several friends who had to leave the US as direct consequence of Trumps policies. MBA educated people who would have contributed and didnt get to because people stayed home and chose bad over good-but not-perfect.

        Want to change the two party system? Totally fair! We need to do so as far as I’m concerned. But Start at the local level. Don’t screw the rest of us with your “moral” stance that takes us further away from what you and we all want.

      • Levans says:

        Pandering to white moderates and the 58% of white women who voted for Trump is practically the same in my book. Until the democratic party delivers actual policy change for their strongest constituency, I will no longer be taken for granted. Biden can and should pick Harris or Stacey Abrams or Warren. He should commit to nominating a black woman to the Supreme Court. Until then, not buying what he is selling.

      • Levans says:

        Also instead of policing black women on our voting choices, why don’t people start taking their white women friends and family members to task for secretly (or maybe proudly) voting Trump?!

      • Mary says:

        @stripe, I will screw anyone I want “with (my) moral stance,” “realistic” or not. So instead of haranguing people like me, as I said, maybe you should account for us and address our concerns.

      • Lucretius says:

        @levans as a woc gotta comment on schooling your white women friends comment …well all the white women I know voted for Hilary but I got some poc colleagues A Filipina, an African American and a conservative (religion wise) Jew from Georgia ( the country) who voted for Trump so plenty of stupid to go around And @marywho voted for Nader unless you lived in Texas (like me) I have no words – well no polite ones but I’m sure Karl rove and his puppet G W(ar) criminal Bush thank you

    • ArizonaRose says:

      I am praying he DOESN’T pick Harris. I want that bad bitch as our next AG. I don’t want her stuck in the VP position with no power except to break senate ties once a decade. Kamala can make lasting changes as our Attorney General. Not only to bring back integrity to the Justice Department, but for women and POC.

      Plus. I want her to be the one to bring charges against the trump crime family.

      • I am Mimi says:

        Preet Bahara can be a kick ass AG. Kamala needs to be the next president and the best way to do that is to be VP.

  6. Diana says:

    Kamala all the way!!!! I’d be happy with Elizabeth too. Ugh… we need a slam dunk! The world cannot take another trump presidency.

  7. Deb says:

    Worst possible choice. She brings NOTHING to the ticket

  8. Original T.C. says:

    Pick anyone, literally anyone but Amy Klobuchar. Her mean spirit could not have been hidden even for a second. And please don’t come at me with it’s because she’s a strong woman. Put her personality in a man and I would still say he.ll no. Being strong and being mean spirited are two completely different things. Biden will get the Midwest on his own. Warren is a strong woman without a mean spirit. So is HRC, Harris, Pelosi etc. etc.

  9. Chrissy says:

    I think he’s probably vetting many potential female candidates.I’m hoping for Kamala and her Senate seat would probably stay Democrat.

  10. minx says:

    From what I’ve read, I don’t think Klobuchar is getting vetted any more than Harris, Warren or the others.

  11. Mumbles says:

    I was always disappointed that the news accounts of how she treated her staff never got any traction. And they weren’t rumors, they were vetted by legitimate news organizations, I just can’t get behind a person who got one of her staff member’s employment offers rescinded out of anger and spite. That’s ruining a person’s livelihood. Instead all we got were the GirlBoss crowd saying she was being held to an unfair standard.

    • Annabel says:

      Agreed. I’ve had a couple of abusive bosses over the years, and the psychological damage these people do is incalculable. Of course I’ll vote Democrat no matter what, because I care about the future, but in my opinion she is morally unfit for the position.

    • MissM says:

      I know someone who worked for Amy, I’ve heard from her for years that Amy is an abusive bully. She threw a shoe at a staffer. Shes not a good person.
      Shes also not a good senator. She has the worst voting record out of anyone in Congress, shes always absent. The only reason why keeps getting reelected is because she has a D next to her name.

  12. Ariel says:

    What a way to announce- we aren’t even thinking about black people- we need more Karens.

  13. Lightpurple says:

    My understanding is that Warren and Harris have already gone through some sort of vetting process and that there are quite a few others on the list and Klobuchar is actually on the second tier of the list, not the first.

    While my personal choice would be Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren, I understand the political strategy logic against either one of them. It is typical to try to choose a VP from a state where the presidential candidate is not a sure thing. California and Massachusetts are not voting for Trump so neither of those two women are needed to deliver their home state. What I’m wondering if there is someone hiding in plain sight that we’re all missing., someone in a House district or governor in a swing or southern state.

    • Ann says:

      Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. I think she would carry Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. I think Trump is more WAY more scared of Gretchen than he is of Kamala.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Trump is so petrified of those three women running Michigan that if someone , anyone, stood in front of him and said “Hey, I’m a woman and I’m from Michigan,” he would probably keel right over. I do believe Madonna should volunteer as tribute., not a a VP candidate but as a woman from Michigan to cause him to keel over. He would take a meeting with her because, well, she’s Madonna.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Val Demings from Florida?

  14. Darla says:

    I have this theory. I’ve noticed for the past week a TON of stories about Warren being the favorite choice, and how much she would bring, and how much money she raises, and how Obama loves her (he does? must be a new thing). I think Warren or her people were planting those. So I think Amy got pissed with a capital P, and said oh yeah? And she planted THIS.

    I also saw Stacy Abrams basically openly campaigning for the job. Val Dennings said yesterday she is under consideration and would be happy to be chosen.

    You know who hasn’t said sh*t? And would never even confirm if she is under consideration?

    Yep, her.


    • Lightpurple says:

      Val Dennings intrigues me. I didn’t know she was being considered but that’s exactly what I meant above when I said someone hiding in plain sight. She has a congressional background, which would be very helpful considering the VP must work with Congress. She’s from Florida, the craziest of battleground states. She was a chief of police.

  15. KellyRyan says:

    Excellent campaign strategy. Keep all of these women at the forefront and drown out the Dumpty. Kamala is my first choice and my only hesitation has been she has not been as well known across the US as in CA. She gets high marks for her questions at the impeachment hearing. There isn’t one woman being vetted who would not be solid in our next WH administration.

  16. LunaSF says:

    I love Stacey Abrams and would love to see her serve as VP. She would be a fresh voice and has made it clear she wants the job. Amy is fine but we need something other than middle of the road white people to get progressive votes.

  17. Noodle says:

    Gretchen Whitmer, the Michigan Governor, also mentioned that she was approached by Biden’s team.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      At least she’d be safer in DC than at home in the Michigan state capitol.

  18. Busyann says:

    Klobuchar is not my choice. But at this point, Biden could pick a dog and they would get my vote. I think a lot of people feel this way. We just want this torturous 4 years to be over.

    • minx says:

      I think Biden will win, and I actually think he will win pretty convincingly. But if by some chance he doesn’t, I honestly don’t know if my blood pressure and mental health can survive another 4 years of Trump. I don’t have the means to move out of America and our kids and relatives are here. But every day has been a fcking nightmare.

      • Sean says:

        Why do people keep saying 1)Biden is sure to win and 2)Trump will leave office when his second term should be over?

        I guaran-damn-tee you Trump and the GOP will interfere with the election process somehow. Whether it’s finding a way to deny or discount mail-in votes, hacking voting machines (like Russia did in 2016) or claiming fraud. This will be a hard fought battle and will most likely go to he courts.

        Secondly, Trump/GOP/Russia want kleptocracy here. The GOP know most of the country is not with them and their voting base is dwindling. They want minority rule and Trump faces numerous federal/state charges the minute he leaves office. If he does “win” another term, look for them to change laws in a subtle manner that extend his term limits past four years a la Putin. Trump may “step down” at some point but it will be so Daughter-Wife and The Boy can take the reigns.

        It’s happened in other countries and can happen here.

      • Darla says:

        Gee, I dunno Sean…maybe they don’t want to commit suicide? They want hope?

  19. ClaireB says:

    Oh, God, not another mediocre white person. I can’t take anymore.

    My husband came into the family room the other night spewing some sort of Faux News disinformation about how Biden was going to pick Michelle Obama as his running mate and then resign once he was elected. My husband absolutely could not see that not only was that story ridiculous but it was obviously a plant to scare racist misogynists from voting for Biden even if they didn’t like Trump. He used to be a moderately intelligent person, but the years of misinformation, “both sides-equal time” BS in the news, and FB lies have warped his brain.

    • Darla says:

      This must be difficult for you. I don’t know what I would do in your situation.

      • Erinn says:

        Personally? I couldn’t put up with that shit, and typically people who spout nonsense like that didn’t just do an about face on it. They’ve always had that kind of line of thinking, and are just having the ‘news’ confirm and validate their biases. Unless he was literally brainwashed in a classic way, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he already had these leanings but it was easier to ignore without the news parroting it back, or when it didn’t affect their wives. I see so many women completely baffled by their husbands just digging in deeper with beliefs they held the whole time they were dating and married.

      • Darla says:

        I feel the same way Erinn, but I don’t know her situation.

    • Poisonella says:

      Happened to my Dad. Some of the stuff he came up with after listening to Rush. We had to deprogram him like he was in a cult. Threatened to sever all contact- this was a man who was a life long democrat. He’s died peacefully which is good because to know what Trump and his goobers have done to this country would have killed him!

    • vanessa says:

      I am experiencing the same thing with my husband. I scratch my head every single day. It has made things especially lonely during quarantine. Please tell me how to deprogram him. How do you cope with this?

      • Mel says:

        Same same same! We should start a support group.

      • Onerous says:

        There’s a great article about how to “save” someone from cult thinking or consipiracy theory attachments. And the jist is this – get them to focus on themselves and their own personal goals. That’s hard at the moment, I understand, but the more the researchers got people to even start making lists toward their goals, the more they started to view conspiracies as far fetched. Worth a shot, I guess!

    • ClaireB says:

      My husband is not even a Trump supporter! He considers himself an independent and probably would not even bother to vote if I didn’t badger him–one of those people who thinks they are making a statement by refusing to participate in the system. So I consider him uninformed in his own way, but all his friends are low-information people who share Trump-adjacent “news” they find on the internet and FB, and he doesn’t think critically about it at all. It’s gotten worse as he’s gotten older and is to the point where it’s part of my deliberation about our future as a couple.

      • Darla says:

        If you are in the position to do so, definitely consider freeing yourself. There’s life left. I hope for the best for you!

      • vanessa says:

        My husband is similar – an independent who does not do any research or think critically. He is also easily influenced by his friends and colleagues. He is not able to help me understand his views, other than to refer to his stock market gains. I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but as I said this is a very lonely place. I’ve searched a bit, but it seems I can only find suggestions to suck it up or leave him. I am totally down for a support group if there is a place we can commiserate. Appreciate the article suggestion as well.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        The whole point of being independent, or declaring you are independent, is supposedly to indicate that you do your own research and make up your mind.

        People who blow with Fox News and a few friends aren’t actually independent, they’re just waiting to see who makes the best offer. There’s no independent moral code or set of values.

    • Jana says:

      Wow. I wish I had your patience and devotion, but I know for a fact, if my husband of 34 years became a Fox News or Trump loyalist, I would have to leave, just to save my own sanity. Luckily, we have the exact same political views, it’s what has saved us through this entire Trump presidency, I think I would have lost my mind otherwise!

  20. JV says:

    I live in Minnesota, can confirm she is well-liked and respected here.

  21. salmonpuff says:

    Joe Biden could choose a moldy potato as his running mate, and I’d still vote for him. Klobuchar seems like a safe, somewhat traditional choice, politically, and honestly, I think that is what the majority of the electorate is looking for. I’d prefer someone else, but…whatever.

    Looking to the future, AK is never going to light the party on fire, so if they’re looking for someone to anoint when Biden steps down, I don’t think she’s that great a choice. With the future lens in mind, any of the other frontrunners, aside from Warren because of her age, would probably be better than Klobuchar, but again, I don’t need to be inspired by a VP pick to vote against Trump.

    FWIW, my friends in Minnesota like her. I’ve read the bad boss stories, but I take them with a grain of salt. Male bosses are held to a different standard. When a woman boss does something that is not 100% nurturing, it’s seen as mean. A man can storm around an office and be lauded for his “passion.” At this level of politics/pressure, it would not surprise me one bit to learn they’re all difficult, demanding and occasionally demeaning bosses.

  22. Aang says:

    I emailed the Biden campaign this morning and said please no Klobuchar. Harris or Abrams is the way to go.

  23. pandabird says:

    Kamala has an impressive resume, inspiring upbringing, and is badass when when grilling those white men. However, isn’t Kamala not that popular in the Mid-West, nor the South, nor among African Americans and Latinos? I hope I’m wrong.

    • Elizabeth says:

      The Hill actually just had an article about how Kamala could help Biden in urban centers in the Midwest with high black populations, like Detroit. The Midwest isn’t all farms and white people, and the big cities could go Democratic if we get a high enough turnout, and swing the state.

      If it were up to me… 100% Kamala. She’d obviously be a tremendous first, but she’s also a moderate and very charismatic.

      • Justwastingtime says:

        Kamala is not tremendously popular with some WOC in LA due to her former prosecutorial role and her prior hard line against much needed criminal reform

  24. Melanie says:

    I really think Biden has to pick a black woman for VP to get the black votes. And Amy, although I think she is totally capable, is so boring. We also need a little excitement.

  25. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Nope. Nope. Nope. And if his people think this is a good idea they can just concede now and give Trump four more years to turn this country into an autocracy.

  26. Lexluthorblack says:

    Biden just told Charlamagne the God on the breakfast club that if you have trouble better picking between him or Trump “ You ain’t black” to black voters. It is like he wants to sabotage his campaign.

    • Busyann says:

      It was in gest. Was it great? No. But did he mean any harm by it? No. I hope a lot of voters are not so quick to cast doubt.

    • Tonode says:

      At this point he could deny the Holocaust and I’m still voting for him.

  27. Feedmechips says:

    I would vote for a stapler before I’d vote for Cheeto nightmare or any other Republican, so wouldn’t stop me from voting for him, but come on. Biden/Harris FTW.

  28. Lkaye says:

    You do not want Kamala Harris. She helped author a bill in California that is ruining this state. Plus there are too many questions about her rise to power.

    • Mrs. Peel says:

      Thank you. The only comment I agree with 100%.

    • Darla says:

      Oh two operatives here. “a bill”. “ruining the state”. And then the sock races in to agree.

      • Lkaye says:

        Look up prop 47. Then look up the rest of her record in California. Then look up the name Willie brown

      • Rapunzel says:

        Darla- yep, bots and socks. First it was “Kamala’s a cop” and since that ain’t working, it’s now “she authored a bill that let criminals go loose and ruined CA”

        Lifelong CA ressie here- CA is just fine, best state in the union
        And If anything is ruining CA, it’s the Republicans here.

      • Lkaye says:

        I don’t know where in California you live but I live in San Francisco and this city is not doing so well.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Lkaye- Okay, the anti- San Francisco stuff is a dead giveaway that you are just parroting Fox.
        San Francisco isn’t doing so well? Hahahaha…. funny, SF was just fine last time I visited in Nov. and Dec. last year.

      • Lkaye says:

        Rapunzel, I live in SoMa and work in the Castro and have for 2 years. Visiting is different than living this everyday. Just because I disagree does not mean I am parroting Fox News.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Lkaye- SF isn’t doing so well? I’m living “this”? Hahaha… nice try.
        What, may I ask is “this” horror your living? How exactly is SF not doing so well?
        Tell me more about a city I’ve known, loved and visited for the 40 years of my life in CA and how it’s going downhill… please.
        Bashing SF is nothing but right wing propaganda.

      • lkaye says:

        Ok Rapunzel, don’t believe me. Follow London Breed or Matt Haney on Twitter and then tell me nothing is going on. It’s all Fox News and Trump!!

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      We know that she dated her mentor Willie Brown. So?

      If she personally ruined California then why is it doing so well?

      These innuendoes are just a taste of what will happen if she’s
      chosen. The stronger and more qualified, the more the
      thugs fight to keep her down.

      I like her fine, she’s very smart, very qualified. Be happy
      with her as Attorney General tho. US really needs major
      clean-up in that department.

    • Miumiiiu says:

      What’s wrong with prop 47? I looked it up, how did it ruin Cali ?

      • OddsnEnds says:

        google “unintended consequences of prop 47″ I don’t know how much weight to give to it, but if Harris is the VP pick, she’ll likely have to answer for it.

        I don’t actually know much about it; I’ve never lived in California.

  29. GB says:

    He is vetting several women. All potential candidates are vetted.

  30. Mina_Esq says:

    My dream veep is Warren, but I recognize that he can’t pick her for several reasons :( I would love Kamala as second choice! I don’t feel Amy at all…

  31. Heather says:

    Tim Kaine was the best part of Hillary’s campaign and appeal IMO. I really liked/like him, but I also would have voted for ANYONE but #45. I knew in 2016 he was a shit show and a horrible human being. I would actually be surprised if Biden picks a female running mate. I think this election is too important and a lot of people would consider that risky. I would LOVE to have a female VP AND POTUS, but I just don’t see a female VP this year. I hope I’m wrong. Harris would be a much better pick for sure over AK. Sigh.

  32. Jayna says:

    I felt in his last debate when he announced he would nominate a black woman for Supreme Court Justice, that that was paving the way for Amy Klobuchar. I know most say Kamala would be perfect as Attorney General. She would be. But I want Kamala Harris as Biden’s pick. She is what we need.

    Whomever he picks, I will be voting, because tremendous damage has been done by Trump and his swamp. I believe in the Democratic Party’s platform on issues. We must all be out there in unprecedented numbers voting for our ideology, what our party stands for. If you care about climate change and healthcare and women’s rights, on and on, you will be there voting for Biden.

    Trump has harmed this country, has emboldened racists, is hellbent on destroying any single thing Obama accomplished out of narcissism, pettiness, and vindictiveness. He runs this country on hate, not one ounce of dedication to ALL CITIZENS of this country.

  33. SJR says:

    Lifelong Dem and Minnesotan here.
    Amy could be fine as a cabinet member but, no way in hell is she qualified to be VP. No way. And, I vote for her every time she is up for reelection.

    If America would not vote for HRC as POTUS, Amy is nowhere near the politican HRC is.

  34. kacy says:

    I wish Amy would stop intentionally slipping or leaking about her being VP. She’s got better game than Stacey Abrams but I’ve spotted it so it annoys me.

  35. Cate says:

    This pains me if it’s true ugh. Still voting blue no matter what. Coulda had a bad b***h Joe.

  36. LW says:

    Midwesterner here, this pic would be disappointing to me. I’d vote for him, of course, but I’d be “meh” at best about it. My pick is Kamala, but I’m also interested in Tammy Duckworth.

  37. Voula says:

    Biden tells black man ‘You ain’t black if you consider voting for Trump’

  38. Dude says:

    Val Demings. She would be fire!!

  39. Miss617 says:

    I don’t understand what all the love for Kamala is about on this site, I think the VP needs to be Warren if we’re going to keep the progressive faction from breaking away further from the Democratic Party. Not just saying that as a biased Masshole who’s supported Warren from the start of her career. Anyway Klobuchar would be a massive mistake but my faith in the Democratic Party to make smart decisions is nearly nonexistent so I wouldn’t be surprised if she were picked.

  40. Nuzzybear says:

    I love Amy. I love a lot of the candidates. I’m not going to pick any of them apart because they’re not perfect, but I really love Amy. She’s a good choice. She works well across the aisle (as in gets bills that help people passed into law). Democrats need to stop trying to make everyone happy by pretending to be all things to all people and focus on getting stuff done for once.

  41. Melanie says:

    Just came here to see if we were talking about Kamala.

  42. Alexandria says:

    He should choose another VP.

    Anyway, what is this? Between Hitler wannabe and Biden, some people want to stay home to protest his VP choice? So you want a perfect candidate and VP but Hitler wannabe can do and be whatever he wants? Really? Hitler wannabe and the gang have never cared about POC. POC are disappropriately dying due to COVID and he doesn’t care. What makes you think staying home and skipping voting would change that? The controls and checks for the US are not working. If you skip voting this time, maybe you cannot vote anymore. He has shown time and again he is not politics as usual. Really? And you call this shaming? What do you hope to achieve and how can Trump being President again help you with that?

  43. Scarlett says:

    Hope this isn’t true, if it is….this is how the Dems will lose the election.

    Biden needs to pick Stacey or Kamala.

  44. Lisa says:

    HI! Minnesotan here! Amy Klobuchar is NOT universally loved in Minnesota at all. As someone who works in local politics and as someone who has met and worked with Amy, not only do many voters dislike her but also people who work in local political scene. The fact is, it’s simply true that she doesn’t treat her staff well. Those rumors didn’t emerge from nothing. They are very real.

    • Margaret M. says:

      There is talk of Biden being Senile, but so is Trump, and that who ever the vice presidential choice will end up being president as he will be proven to be unfit. I am a black female but I am not interested in replacing one senile white with another. Biden had better watch his statements that would take my vote for granted, People I am just keeping it real.