Kristen Bell says that her daughter is still in diapers at 5, why is she making this public?

Whenever celebrities make a big deal about something important to them, I remember. I vividly remember Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard spearheading the No Kids movement in early 2014 and calling for a boycott of magazines that ran photos of celebrities’ children. This was a complicated issue because many celebrities used their children to prop up their own fame. Some, like Halle Berry, seemed genuinely upset that their children’s identities were known. Others used their children to promote a happy family image but were still understandably distressed about paparazzi intrusion into their lives. It’s a convoluted thing for some of these highly photographed and recognizable people. However I would think that people who work so hard to protect their children’s privacy would not want to publicly embarrass them, especially with stories that could haunt them into their teen years. You know where I’m going with this. Kristen revealed in a Momsplaining episode (that’s below) that her youngest daughter, Delta, is still in diapers at five and a half. The point was not to momshame other moms or something but it seemed unnecessary to mention.

On realizing that not every kid is the same
Kristen: I did once go through the ‘my daughter is so easy phase.’ My oldest daughter [Lincoln, 7] once suggested at 21 months that she use the toilet. Never wore a diaper beyond that. We were lying in bed giggling, ‘why does everyone make a big deal [about potty training]?’ My youngest [Delta], five and a half, is still in diapers. Every kid is so different.

Casey Wilson jokes that raising a preschooler is like living with a non-functioning alcoholic
Kristen: My husband is a currently functioning sober alcohol. When he goes to his meetings on Tuesday night he’ll say to the little girls ‘I gotta go to my A.A. meeting.’

‘Don’t go daddy, I want to go to A.A. meeting.’

He looks at them very sweetly and he says ‘don’t worry honey, you will.’

[From Momsplaining on YouTube]

In 2014, Kristen and Dax’s daughter Lincoln was just one and Delta wasn’t born yet. I get that things change, especially when we’ve been stuck inside with our kids for 10 weeks (although she made these comments before the lockdown). They now have another daughter, they have a diaper and child supply product line, and they’ve been infamously open about their relationship problems. It just seems so short-sighted to make this public for the sake of content. Delta is going to google herself one day. Plus she’s going to go back to school and her classmates will know who her parents are.

Also, this episode features Maya Rudolph and Casey Wilson at the same table. It must have been filmed mid-March at the latest because Kristen says they had people over their house the day before. They had over two months to cut this from the segment and I would bet you that Kristen has final say as to what is released. This was a decision she made and stuck with. Maya told a relatable story about her baby son peeing in his own face (they all do that right?) and Casey said her son had spit in her face and that he once took off his diaper and peed from the top of a playground structure. They also played “never have I ever” where they admitted to parenting fails like leaving their kids in the car and lying to them to get them to go to bed.

Here’s that episode. Kristen makes those comments around 2:40.

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  1. Bryn says:

    So she won’t show their faces but she will talk about her daughter still being at diapers at age 5…i dont understand sharing that kind of personal info with the world. That story will be around forever.

    • Seraphina says:

      Thank you!!!!! I was stumped on the very same question!

    • minx says:

      That’s why I can’t stand these two and wish they would just go away.

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      Yes. I feel like a single photo of a smiling 5 year-old is much less intrusive than telling everyone she’s still using a diaper.

    • AnnaKist says:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Someone desperately needs to teach this stupid woman to shut the puck up, for the sake of her poor children.

  2. lola says:

    They LOVE to tell embarrassing stories about their kids, but I guess as long as we don’t see their faces, their privacy is protected.
    Just stick to your “our marriage is so normal and we’re so quirky” and keep the kids out of the public

  3. Moptop says:

    I just don’t expect any better from her.

  4. Chelle says:

    I try not to be judgy as I am a non parent but as a special education teacher this throws up some red flags for me. When we have toileting issues beyond the range, and yes there is a developmental RANGE, we would put a plan in place because there are a lot of issues in school for kids. I’m sure she’s addressed them because moms know when something is up with their kids but maybe some backstory to the why if she’s already opening up about this issues. Please don’t flame me!

    • Millennial says:

      Yeah at this point I would be concerned there are developmental issues

      • Keessie says:

        Well let me tell you about the other side of the spectrum. Kids that are very strongwilled. Nothing wrong with their capabilities, very much developed. They can outsmart you on this and need some kind of outside stimulus to get them to do something like that. His is not shaming your kid. This is about society telling everyone it’s easy breasy to raise a kid. And she herself made that assumption and got a reality check with kid number two. As a mom who raises two of this kind (each in their own wonderful way, I get all the opposites) I can assure you they will have the smarts to get this when they are older. They are also raised with a sense of humor and humility. Some of these comments here are exactly what momsplaining is. Well if you don’t want to be judged. Don’t judge yourself.

      • Marigold says:

        I have to agree with Keessie on this. Ours is (and was) a very strong-willed child, and toilet training was an issue of power she chose to plant her flag on. It was very simple. There was nothing wrong with her, and we investigated several angles with the help of her teacher in kindergarten, her pediatrician, and a counselor specializing in child development. My kid didn’t want to switch from diapers because it was a place she could exert control.

        She is a well-adjusted and happy young adult now, and she was a well-adjusted happy five year-old. She had a non-compliant attitude, and she has a very healthy sense of self and autonomy. It was a gift. It is who she is. At age 5, it caused inconvenience for the adults around her. Nothing more.

        Pathologizing other people’s kids without knowing the particulars is just as dangerous as acting like there’s nothing abnormal in a child refusing to toilet train by that age.

        And please. If I found a place where my mom complained about potty training me, I’d find it sweet. I wouldn’t be embarrassed about it, and it’s ridiculous for anyone to be embarrassed that they did little kid things when they were little kids.

        If anything, I admire that she admits how tough it can be to parent because there are people out there who need to hear it.

    • Tanya says:

      Really? Lots of kids are still in diapers at night at this age. Pediatricians tell people not to worry until 6.

      • Steph says:

        I was coming to ask if anyone knew if she meant for nighttime. I’m childfree but was under the impression that nighttime accidents can go to like 6 or 7.

      • Mrs.Odie says:

        My youngest daughter defiantly continued to wear a diaper until almost 6. She “didn’t want to get up from playing to go pee.” It was a huge battle of wills. What finally did it was not letting her wear a diaper at night and not being allowed to get in our bed if she wet the sheets. We left clean sheets in her room every night, and she could change them herself, or sleep on the bare mattress. As long as I would get up and change her and the sheets or change her and let her get in my bed, she kept doing it. She didn’t pee at preschool because she didn’t want her friends to laugh at her. It took about 5 nights of no mommy cuddles in the middle of the night for wetting the bed, and she was done. A few incidents here and there, but mostly done. I think that it’s okay to share these stories. Parents feel so much shame and isolation if they worry their kids aren’t “normal.”

      • Marigold says:

        They can go even longer if the child has a predisposition to UTIs.

    • FHMom says:

      I assume she means at night. I bet she is now going to have to clarify that. I had this same conversation with a group of moms when my daughter was in kindergarten. It’s very common for children,especially girls, to need pull ups or sleep diapers at night. Not a big deal except I wouldn’t share on social media.

      • Aang says:

        My daughter nursed until 4 and then switched to falling asleep with a bottle of milk until she was about 5.5. That meant diapers at night. She stopped when she was ready, never had a bed wetting problem, and her teeth are fine. So people need to just relax. Kids grow up at their own pace and the world is so shitty and harsh that the comforts of childhood shouldn’t be taken away before the kid is ready.

      • Also Ali says:

        @aang – Completely agree.

      • FHMom says:

        I completely agree. My girls had warm milk before bed and took longer to train. My cousin told me that her oldest would come home from kindergarten, make herself a bottle and drink it with her blanket over her head. She’s now a successful engineer and a mom herself. Kids eventually figure out what is expected of them.

      • lucy2 says:

        I figured at night too.

        I like Kristen (not so much Dax) and I respect their choice to not show their kids faces for privacy, but I do think she is sharing way too much about them, considering that kind of stuff lives forever on the internet now. Someday those kids might be very embarrassed by it all.

      • McMom says:

        That’s exactly what I was going to say, too. My daughter still wet the bed until she was 11. She’s a deep sleeper and very tiny – the doctor said that physically smaller kids and kids who are constipated oftentimes have trouble at night because there is only so much space for a full bladder. Kids with sleep apnea can also wet the bed a lot.

    • Noodle says:

      @chelle, I am 100% with you. Simply throwing that information out there without an appropriate context is just so random And inappropriate. I know of a boy who had Toileting issues at nighttime until he was like 15 and went to a behaviorist who helped train him. He did not have special needs otherwise. But yes, at 5 1/2, toileting issues are commonly related to other special needs the child might have. I don’t judge at all; we all have challenges and things that are more difficult for us than they are for other people. Besides sharing this info with strangers, I do hope she’s getting support for these issues and she’s working with teachers or specialists who are experts in this field.

    • Amy Too says:

      I wonder if she just wears diapers or pull ups at night, still. When I look at the pictures of her kids, I don’t see the diaper bulge on the younger daughter, so maybe it’s not an all the time thing? This definitely seems like something that should either not be talked about casually on a podcast or needs a little more context so as not be super embarrassing for the little girl.

      • Nicole r says:

        Pretty sure that’s what she meant – diaper or pull-up at night – but she said it the way she did for attention…which is annoying

    • Argus says:

      As the mum of a little boy who wore night time diapers until his sixth birthday, I find this info a bit reassuring. Forced myself to stop on the night of his sixth birthday and now we both wake up at least once a night to drag him sleepily to the toilet. I was super ashamed that I was still tucking him into bed with a diaper on at 6 and would hide his diapers in the back of the closet when we had guests over. All children have different development milestones and mine still bedwets at 6. Good to know it doesn’t make me the worst mum ever.

      • Megs283 says:

        Argus, my younger brother would have nighttime accidents until he was about 11. My mom tried Eveeeettryyyyything. It was a developmental thing. He’s now in his 30s and totally fine on every level. 🙂

      • Leskat says:

        I **just** got my 5.5 year old daughter night trained. We have tried so many times since she was day trained at 2 but nights just never stuck. She was starting to get embarrassed about her pull ups and because we have nothing else to do as far as waking up early for jobs right now it was a perfect time. It took 3 weeks till her deep sleeping body could recognize the signs. My 3.5 yo daughter was trained at the same time here and she picked it up so much quicker. I honestly think I f@@ked up a little waiting so long to just power through nights with her but every time we tried it just wasn’t working for anyone. But at least we are now a totally diaper/pull up free household!!

      • LidiaJara says:

        Omg Argus, that’s a really normal age to still be bed wetting! You probably already know about this, but for us a game-changer was two (or three) layers of waterproof mattress cover plus sheet. That way if my son wets the bed we don’t have to change everything, we just pull off the top layer and boom we’re done. Thirty seconds and back to sleep.

      • Elizabeth says:

        And this is why I think it’s great she’s sharing this info.
        It helps people who are also dealing with similar issues to know they are NOT ALONE and helps destigmatize.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I always thought if a child wasn’t potty trained, they couldn’t even attend pre-K, much less further down the line? I guess she means nighttime diapers, bc she doesn’t look like she’s wearing them in the pants/ shirt photo.

      Come to think of it, I have a nephew on the spectrum (pervasive developmental disorder) who used DDAVP before bed, and and needed pull ups till maybe mid HS.
      He’s a brilliant engineering student now.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      I guess it depends – is it diapers all the time, or just at night, because I think the latter is the case for a lot of kids. It is harder to wake up and go.

      ETA really should have read to the end of these comments b/c you all beat me to it! 🙂

  5. emmy says:

    This is ridiculous. It just occurred to me that Maya has 4 kids, I know nothing about them, not even their names. And I love watching her interviews. She manages to be entertaining in them without ever talking about her family in this way. Other celebs do as well. It’s a choice and it’s not okay. The obscuring of faces is also just idiotic. If the kid happens to be in the pic, fine. But why post a picture of your two daughters POSING and put an emoji on their faces??? What is this madness? I don’t care about celebrity kids tbh so telling relatable mom stories won’t entertain me.

    I wish someone would straight-up ask her. Do you want your kids’ privacy protected or not?

    • Eliza_ says:

      This infuriates my husband. He’s like why are you posting pictures with their face obscured. Just post if you want to show your kid. Or don’t post if you don’t want to put them online. It’s not like we don’t know you have child/ren; we don’t need a face-less reminder. Its hilarious as he’s never upset easily and something so stupid bothers him soooooo much.

      • Marietta58 says:

        I get your husband’s frustration. It really doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have kids, but if I did and chose to put them on social media, there would be no emojis over their faces. I’ve never seen anyone do that… just celebrities. Just get a private account if you want to post your kids on social media, but only with the people you allow to follow you would be able to see them. Otherwise, it looks ridiculous.

        A lot of celebs don’t post pics of their kids on social media. It’s ok Kristen, we still know you have them. We don’t need to see them on Insta to verify.

      • geekychick says:

        but there is a point to it: her children’s faces aren’t recognizable. facebook can’t use this data to recognize their faces in (for example) other fcb posts…which is becoming quite a problem in respecting people’s privacy. it’s not the same if internet knows you have a kid, or if internet knows how you kid looks like exactly.

    • Jules says:

      Agreed. It’s simple, she is a fame-whore and is doing it to market her brand, make $.

    • TyrantDestroyed says:

      It’s a mistery to me why people uploads photos of their kids in social media where people cannot see their faces but yet they are posing for them. My husband and me decided not to upload photos of our daughter or even her name in social media because we are a super private family.

    • paddingtonjr says:

      @emmy, I always forget Maya has kids as well. I remember her being on SNL once while pregnant and then there have been occasional mentions of the kids or a pregnancy, but that’s it. She may tell a story about them here and there, but she doesn’t play the “here’s a picture of my kids, but I’m hiding their faces with an emoji” game Kristen enjoys. Kristen seems to want to be seen as just a regular wife and mother who happens to be an actress, but she just comes across as insuffurable.

  6. Ohpioneer says:

    I am irritated by her over sharing and I find the emoji covered faces of her children unnecessary. If you don’t want your children on social media just don’t share pictures of them. I won’t even get into how irritating I find Dax Shepard. Ugh.

    • NatureLover says:

      He seems to me like a man child who will never grow up. And why would she share that her daughter is still in diapers at 5? That’s something you bring up with your pediatrician, not in a public setting. Plus the parents of her daughters friends now know and she won’t be invited to any sleepovers!

  7. Chelly says:

    Is the 5 1/2 year old in school? Dont they have to be fully potty trained before they can start? And isnt almost 6 years old in diapers a sign of a deeper issue? Shouldn’t she be more focused on why & what to do to move along the process?? Why share it if not for that? Idk, I’m so confused.

    • Tanya says:

      Kid’s probably only in diapers at night for bed wetting. Very common, and I wish there was less stigma about it.

      • Chelly says:

        Yes, that is common but I wish she’d clarify that instead of just my almost 6 y/o is still in diapers. That implies to me full time & still not potty trained, especially when she compared her to her older sisters potty training.

      • thaisajs says:

        I agree with Chelly, I which she’d clarified that her daughter is in diapers for bedtime and not all the time. (If that’s the case.) Even better, DON’T TALK ABOUT SUCH PERSONAL THINGS ABOUT YOUR KID.

        Sorry for yelling. I like Kristen but this just horrified me.

    • Eliza_ says:

      Yes, to be in Kindergarten you need to be potty trained. Accidents are fine, but they can’t be sent in diapers. Perhaps she’s just the older kid in pre-K and they have until fall?

      The children should not “lead” the potty training experience, many are scared to learn a new and complicated skill that has a time sensitive countdown. You have to work with them. Are they waiting for the moment she goes up to them and decides to initiate it like their son did? That may never happen. This shouldn’t be put out there. They know people will be surprised and say things and they’re ready for their outraged “don’t judge us” comeback tomorrow. Sadly at the expense of their daughter who will have this on the internet forever.

      • smcollins says:

        That’s not true, at least not in the school district I live in. It’s obviously *preferred* that they be potty trained but no child can be denied access to school/an education if they’re not. The school would have to be made aware of course, and special arrangements made in advance, but they can go to school if they’re not potty trained. I’m speaking from experience with my own child, who wasn’t fully trained when he started kindergarten. It happens…🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. TheOriginalMia says:

    I remember that No Kids movement because it was hypocritical. Jen Garner was vocal about it, yet Ben wasn’t beyond family pap shots during his Oscar campaign. Dax & Kristen were just laughable because no one was clamoring for their kid’s photos or name, but like now, they insisted we know no one was allowed pictures of Lincoln.

    • Wilma says:

      removed, because I’m not sure my answer was factual

    • lucy2 says:

      I don’t think they were ever a high demand paparazzi target, but I do remember Dax saying that paparazzi had followed them to a friend’s house and had come up the driveway to take photos of their baby, or something very intrusive like that.
      Whatever everyone’s motivations, I’ve heard several celebrities say that the movement and laws helped a lot, and they’ve noticed less harassment of their kids, so that’s good.

  9. Mel says:

    Hopefully she means diapers at night. I recall that being pretty normal from my little kid days. Or maybe a just in case pull up if she is still getting the hang of things.

    But to have an otherwise typical child just pooping and peeing in a diaper at will is unusual, I think. And not something I would be sharing

    • Tanya says:

      Whatever else you say about her, I’ve seen no indication that she’s not aware of appropriate developmental milestones. I assume she means at night, which, as you say, is not at all uncommon.

  10. EB says:

    Kristen says she wants privacy for her kids, but her actions tell me otherwise.

  11. STRIPE says:

    I get how she sees a difference between not wanting them photographed and telling embarrassing stories about them. I think they don’t want their kids recognizable to protect their privacy, meaning, that people won’t know who they are right off the bat and to protect them from stalkers etc. sharing embarrassing stories doesn’t make their faces recognizable.

    Now that being said, I think it’s easier for people to take you request for your children’s privacy seriously when you don’t talk about them in-depth or post photos (emoji covered though they may be).

    Same goes for celebs who refuse to discuss romantic relationships. A hard line in the sand makes you seem less of a hypocrite

    • tcbc says:

      I agree with this. Making sure their kids aren’t instantly recognizeable by strangers and predators is a separate issue, probably one of safety. (Especially when they are younger, and could assume people who call them by their names and know things about their lives should be trusted.)

      She still shouldn’t be sharing these stories about them. But I feel that way about 90% of moms who post online about raising their children. Your stories are not as cute as you think they are and you don’t have your child’s consent to share this information.

  12. Piratewench says:

    This is disturbing. If her child is in diapers at that age there is something going on, all the more reason for her to protect her child’s privacy. Instead she exploits her! This is just so terrible and I didn’t think my opinion of Kristen could go any lower but here we are.

    Also, it’s total speculation but that’s what this lady gets for her constant over share: could the child have emotional issues due to the fact that her parents have screaming fights and spend at least half their home life in silent standoffs? This is how Kristen has described their marriage for years now, and it must be traumatic for the kids. She shouldn’t be getting away with laughing at all this dysfunction, why do people keep encouraging this? She’s awful.

  13. Chickaletta says:

    Has Kristen Bell ever said anything positive or pleasant about her marriage and/or children?

  14. shanaynay says:

    I cannot stand her!!!!!!!

  15. Flamingo says:

    Something about her just rubs me the wrong way. She reminds me of a college friend who would break up with her boyfriend every other week, come to you crying, and then reconcile. If you ever asked about the boyfriend, she would rip your head off.

    Also, why the hell would you put that information out there about your child? Kids are pretty savvy at using the internet now. I’m sure the kid will really appreciate it in about third grade when her peers decide to google her.

  16. S808 says:

    Parents not respecting their children’s privacy is so infuriating to me. She fought for her kids not the photographed only to tell her daughter’s business to the world? What are we even supposed to do with this information?

  17. Kat says:

    They don’t want privacy, they want to be the only ones who can profit off of their children. They use the children for publicity and to shill products. Obviously from the constant oversharing of extremely personal information they don’t care about their children’s dignity. I don’t really ever hear her sharing cute or proud moments. Only embarrassing or frustrating things.
    I have a 5 1/2 year old and when we are in mixed company he will come over to me and whisper when he has to use the bathroom. I’m sure he would be mortified and upset if I went around loudly announcing to anyone who would listen about him using the bathroom and other things I would only share with my mom and a pediatrician.

    • GoogleIt says:

      Perfectly said. They want to control the message and the money. They obviously care nothing about privacy.

  18. SM says:

    I can’s stand her or he husband. Such hypocrites going on and on about the ins and outs of their lives. But it is one thing to shove their intimate details (as if someone cares) it is entirely another to rat out your child like that. I mean what will happen if her daughter’s friends in pre school find out? Kids can be cruel without intention of being cruel.

  19. Smalltowngirl says:

    Honestly as a parent who has had one child who struggled w lot with potty training and who had been told by countless doctors it is normal and still feels like a failure because of social media and all the “my kids potty trained at 2”, I am so happy when parents speak up to the opposite. Honeetly, some kids take longer, actually a lot of kids do but mommy bragging culture has us ashamed to talk about it because we feel lesser.

    • Erinn says:

      Yeah, I think that was what her intentions were. Remove some stigma, make sure the ones going through similar situations know they’re not alone.

      I see a lot of people seem… annoyed that her kid still needs diapers at times. And I think that’s all the proof anyone needs to see to understand WHY she’s talking about it. It’s still something moms will get shamed for, and there’s a (maybe unintentional) smugness with some of the reactions I’m seeing.

    • Meghan says:

      Honestly this made me feel better about my struggles potty training my son. He is 3.5 and was perfectly content to stay in his diapers until adulthood, or whatever. Thanks to the lockdown and being furloughed I have been able to devote the time and patience it takes to train him. I usually tell him “no accidents!” as a reminder for him to use his potty during nap/rest time and bedtime. Of course there are still accidents and he doesn’t get in trouble for them (he did get a lecture that time he peed right NEXT to his potty). The other night he asked to wear a diaper to bed and I let him. Last night he wore his underwear.

      • SM says:

        Please. If I am concerned with any development or learning skill of my child I will ask around my friends, or google it or look in support groups. It is very good when people speak out and you realise you are not alone in your struggle but in this case, she is a celebrity and in this case it is a violation if your child’s right to privacy. No excuse!

    • KatV says:

      You know, my mom used to work with kids who had been potty trained intensely too early, and the result was that the kids would refuse to use the toilet for the big stuff, and then get sick… for holding it back. I’m very opposed to potty training If it’s too much. Some kids aren’t physiologically ready before a certain age 🙂 don’t push them.

      • geekychick says:

        yes. this is really important point.

      • Meghan says:

        @katv- yes! It was important to me that I not force him to potty train. We didn’t do that whole “sit on the potty until you go” thing. Now he usually goes right away and if he doesn’t I am like okay try again later. Sometimes he does like to sit on it for an extended period of time but I try not to let it be too long because that can’t be comfortable. I have a carpet cleaner and he has lots of underwear and changes of clothes if needed!

  20. Sam the Pink says:

    This is so dumb. Even if the child is just wearing diapers at night, I’m not sure that’s healthy. At some point, a child needs to learn what the sensation of a full bladder is and getting up at night to pee. I had a cousin who was a chronic bedwetter and while the diapers are a decent short term solution, you still have to try to get them into good habits to stop the problem.

    I have 4 kids, I know about potty training. Yeah, some kids just WANT to use the toiler, and some don’t. That doesn’t mean you give up on it and just say “oh well.” It can be really stigmatizing to a child, especially one at that age, to need diapers. Is the child in school? Most schools require you to be potty trained to enroll. In my experience, if a child is still in diapers at 5 years old, there is generally some kind of developmental issue going on. If any of these things are the case, the child has a right to privacy, and she violates it left and right.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      I don’t think that’s true at all. As people have mentioned throughout the thread, feeling the the sensation and waking up at night are really hard for a lot of kids. That doesn’t mean they have problems, it means their bodies and brains need some time to develop, which will eventually happen. It can be pretty stigmatizing to give kids the message that when they wet the bed at night it is their fault as well.

  21. Léna says:

    At this point showing her daughters faces would be even more invading that telling all these stories about her family lol

  22. K says:

    I hope she means at night otherwise, as started many times above, this indicates developmental issues or a lack of appropriate parenting.

  23. jbyrdku says:

    Sorry, this just feels like lazy parenting to me. Plenty of other parents are juggling so much more with so much less. But sure…let’s slap a diaper on our kid and call it a day.

  24. Laura says:

    Probably because Mommy and Daddy seem to spend so much time blackout fighting.

    Sorry, I loathe those two.

  25. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Can’t stand either of them. But she’s probably being mommy shamed constantly about her kid still wearing diapers. So she vomits everything publicly like everything else. They’re weak, and can’t separate what’s TMI and what isn’t. And they’re not thinking about their children’s futures as to how they would feel about oversharing. They’re only inviting corrosive comments.

    As for diapers, it’s but another area to mind ones own business. Some kids easily transition. Some are early. Some are late. Some get trained but wet beds for YEARS. The very worst thing anyone can do is pass assumptions and judge. I can guarantee you that every parent on this planet would love a toddler potty trained ASAP. Wouldn’t it be great if they could be born without needing diapers? I only had three boys. And each training experience was entirely different. Hate mom shaming.

  26. Merrie says:

    I don’t know why some celebrities feel the need to share EVERYTHING about their lives. They’re like that annoying friend who posts to Facebook like it’s Twitter.

    I used to like Kristen Bell, but the more she talks … her poor daughter. 🙁

  27. F.C.H. says:

    I think her intentions with her over-sharing come from a sincere desire to normalize things both for herself (as a coping mechanism for her anxiety) and to help others. She got a lot of positive attention when she spoke out about her mental health struggles not only in a self-affirming feedback loop way but also in a helping others way. I feel like the sharing really ramped up and crossed into over-sharing at that point. And I don’t think in her quest to normalize things she is really thinking through the consequences. A unibrow is absolutely normal but that won’t stop children and adults from tearing someone’s self-esteem down over it. I think she genuinely wants to change the world so to speak but there is a cost for change in the growing pains of shifting attitudes. It’s one thing for her to decide to take that cost on herself but it’s a whole other thing to make her children bear it. Also I understand the Emojis over the kid faces in pictures that also involve her or Dax but the one where it’s just the kids…what is the point of posting a picture like that…

  28. LunaSF says:

    They are too much for me! Also Kristen will literally sell anything which is so tacky to me. How broke are they? I can’t turn the TV on without her trying to sell me furniture, baby stuff, snacks or whatever else. How can someone be a spokesperson for so much crap?! It’s all too much!

  29. Nyro says:

    I don’t like this woman. By the time a kid is five and a half years old, they usually habe some kind of life outside of the home. I’m sure this girl has friends and you can bet those friends have heard their mom’s talking about this. And when she’s older and kids are googling that girl with the famous parents, they’re all going to know she was in diapers at nearly six years old.

    Kristen is a classic narcissistic mother and this older daughter is the scapegoat. I feel sorry for that kid because it’s only going to get worse.

  30. Rachel says:

    Dax and Kristin are b listers. They are annoying and not even funny. They have to say stupid things to stay relevant.

  31. Riley says:

    That kid will hate her for that when she gets older!! What kind of mom does that??

  32. L4frimaire says:

    I had a friend who’s son, even well into preschool, which required potty training, had issues with him giving up the diaper, so could be developmental issue. I like her as an actress but some of her personal views are a bit out there. Remember her and Dax really backing this divisive candidate for school superintendent who was very pro charter, to the detriment of mainstream public schools, and it wades into really messy politics. Sometimes don’t want to peek behind the curtain of these peoples private lives.

  33. Watson says:

    She should have never publicized this information. This is going to haunt her kids for life. Disgusting.

  34. Valiantly Varnished says:

    She means nighttime diapers folks. To keep from wetting the bed. Overshare? Sure.

    • GoogleIt says:

      Funny how this is the one controversial statement she’s made that she has chosen to clarify on social media. She must have been getting hella pushback on this.

  35. GoogleIt says:

    There is much entitlement here. She has admitted to locking her children in their bedroom. She and her husband have talked about wanting their children to take drugs. They have talked about wanting to catch their daughters making out with boyfriends. They talked about how they lie to their children and how they never lie to their children. She has said she never wanted children and also how much they wanted children. What’s most interesting to me about this is how she was given a talk show about parenting and has very unusual (might one say Hollywood) ideas about how to raise children. She has hinted that her second child does have “issues.” Maybe she can’t face that reality and keeps trying to make people cringe in order to take away from that issue. Remember, this is a family with TONS of money, childcare providers, and jobs that are quite flexible. Many us do not have such luxuries and entitlements. Plus, as someone mentioned above, she is trying to sell us supplements and other items that are little more than gummy candy. These two are truly bad news, but that’s the world we live in now when reality is considered an optional opinion.

    • Erinn says:

      I mean, christ. If I had to stick to every single thing I’ve said or thought in terms of kids, I don’t know what kind of place I’d be in. Plenty of people think they don’t want kids until they do. Plenty of people say “I will never let my kid ____” and end up having to change their mind at some point. Maybe when it comes to stories like this, she’s trying to make it more ‘okay’ for moms that are having a hard time. Mommy shaming is a common thing – and the kind of heartbreak I’ve seen friends go through thinking that they were f-cking up their kid just because a bunch of asshole women are bragging about their kids while putting theirs down is insane. And on drugs – I’d rather my kid responsibly using pot as an adult than smoking cigarettes ANY DAY. But I also live in a country that doesn’t have the same screwed up relationship with marijuana that the US does.

      People change their minds. Parents especially change their minds on a lot of things that they thought would be the case when they had kids. They’re not sitting around twirling old timey mustaches plotting about how to make GoogleIt mad.

      • GoogleIt says:

        What I was trying to point out was that she talks just to be talking even if it does her no good. She lies incessantly, but people give her a pass all the time because she’s a cutie.

        It wasn’t pot.

        Thanks for calling me a “bunch of asshole women” but reminding me that I am the one doing the shaming.

      • Melissa says:

        So much this. If I had a dime for everything I was “gonna” do when I had kids.

        So many of the comments are based on what someone’s opinion is going to be in the future? How about people just eating those opinions and shutting up about total strangers?

  36. Kate says:

    I don’t have any opinions about her daughter being in diapers but I don’t get why it’s funny for Dax to insinuate that his daughters will be alcoholics one day? Maybe I misunderstood the joke about them going to an AA meeting.

  37. Eda says:

    Hi Y’all,

    A small PSA here. Please don’t send your kids to bed with anything in their bottles except water. This is the number one cause of early childhood tooth decay, and it’s devastating. It sets them up for cavities for life.

  38. ann-marie says:

    I’m just happy to see that kids are being allowed to take their time potty training now. The push to potty train has seen dark times. My FIL was spanked and humiliated for being a later bloomer in that area. Our child was also 5 and still using diapers at night. My FIL once told me with teary eyes to always be gentle and let our son take his time. It was so sad that an 80 year successful, strong, accomplished man still remembers that abuse.

  39. S says:

    Ugh, yes, keep it to yourself. There shouldn’t be a stigma attached, but there is, and it’s her daughter that might suffer for it.

    Potty training is one of those mommy-shaming land mines. All of my kids potty trained somewhere between 2-3, with minimal or no accidents, but it was only on their terms—not because I’m some amazing, genius mom. I started trying to potty train my eldest at 19 months and he simply wasn’t ready. It was absolutely exhausting for both he, and myself. Tried again a few months later and same thing, including a really embarrassing incident in front of a lot of older kids he admired, and it was just devastating, even though I tried to tell him it as OK.. Then, one day at about 2-1/2, he asked to wear “underwears” and never had an accident again, even at night, which I know is highly unusual.

    I went from mommy failure to potty training genius among by peers, but the truth is I didn’t do anything at all—he was just ready. The other two I got the tools—potty seat, underwear, read them stories about potty training—and praised them when they did use them, but didn’t even mention it if they didn’t. Like their brother, they just decided when they were ready, and that was it. I was incidental to the whole process and it was great for both their sanity and mine. (I also am of the mind, that carrying portable potties everywhere is both gross and unhelpful for overall development, in that they tie success to an item, not the act. They do make fold up seats that can be used so kids don’t, fall in, but the amount of moms I know who have their kids peeing and pooping in the back of their SUVs in parking lots is DISTURBING, and then they either dump it or carry it around and both are… bleecchhhh. But that’s one of my mom soap box items…you do what works for you.)

    In the dark early days with my eldest, someone told me, ‘No one goes off to college in a diaper,’ and that’s true. The stuff you stress about as a young mom all seems so distant even just a few years later. Guess what, the kids who walked at 9 months and the kids who waited until 16 months to take their first steps, are all running by kindergarten.

    PS: Kristen can post photos of her kid however she likes, or not at all, but I agree it seems ridiculous to post them, then blot out their faces. I’ve noticed in the past that the Hemsworths only share photos of their kids from behind; natural shots where you can’t see their faces, and that seems to have the same effect without being so…performative.

  40. ennie says:

    A friend of mine had a boy who was growing too fast and could not control his sphincters properly. He was at school age (5-6) and was not received anywhere because of this reason, could not attend swimming lessons, etc. because of the same reasons. My friend had to stop working for 2-3 years because she had to stay home for the reason.
    Some kids take their time to level up in some things that others have been able to do very young.
    He final caught on and is already in 5th grade and still a big boy who needs his calorie intake controlled.

  41. Delphine says:

    My son was out of diapers by age 2 1/2 but it took him YEARS to wipe his own butt. I won’t say how many but he’s 10 now and it wasn’t that long ago that he finally started doing it himself. Kids develop differently, which was the point she was making. However, I’m sharing this anonymously. I will never ever tell anyone this story in a way that anyone I know could find out because I would hate to embarrass my son. It’s not something we’re going to joke about someday. It’s terribly awkward for her daughter that she shared this publicly. However what I find actually alarming is that Casey Wilson’s husband jokes to their daughters that they’ll go to AA meetings someday. That shit is not funny at all! He’s basically telling them they’ll be alcoholics someday. Maybe he thinks they’re too young to get it but these kids are sponges.

    • Bee says:

      Agree x100 with all of your comments. Sharing potty training experiences anonymously is completely different than what KB did.

      For the record, it was KB who told the story about her husband Dax assuring their daughter she’d be attending AA meetings someday. Casey Wilson made a joke comparing toddlers to alcoholics and KB jumped in with the Dax/AA anecdote.

  42. Meg says:

    I get that the point of this is to make moms feel less alone and to combat mom shaming but this is TMI not respecting her daughter’s privacy
    I have a relative in southern CA who bragged about refusing to sign a slip so her daughter’s school could hire someone to record a concert/recital saying ‘that video wont end up online so pedophiles can see my kid!’
    the point was so parents could focus on their kids show and all of then wouldn’t record on their phones/ipads, nut in CA you need authorization to record a minor from their parents so i thought is this needed a birthday parties for kids too? so yeah outside of this small segment of the population who are celebrities this is a lot

  43. Gigi says:

    Delta Belle is that a diaper that I smell?
    Could it be a faded poo from days gone byyy?
    And did I hear you say, you was meeting’ your mama today,
    To send her to that castle in the skhyy yyyy

    credit – Helen Reddy