Donald Trump thinks he’s the biggest victim of the coronavirus pandemic

President Trump holds an event on Protecting Seniors with Diabetes

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loathe Donald Trump’s Twitter feed. He is at his most unhinged on Twitter, and that’s saying something. He rage-tweets, he pushes conspiracies and dangerous misinformation, and his feed provides an unsettling insight into his deep racism, anti-Semitism, ignorance and hatred. The moment to suspend Trump from Twitter was years ago, before his presidency. But he absolutely should have been suspended early in his presidency too. Jack Dorsey at Twitter kept him on, despite the growing calls to suspend Trump’s account. Yesterday, Dorsey finally did *something*. This is it:

Royals are seen at Trooping The Colour 2019

Just a little add-on for a tweet full of misinformation and Trump still threw a tantrum:

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair had another piece about how Trump sits in the White House and just rages at everybody and everything.

As he headed into Memorial Day weekend, Donald Trump complained that he was COVID-19’s biggest victim. “He was just in a f–king rage,” said a person who spoke with Trump late last week. “He was saying, ‘This is so unfair to me! Everything was going great. We were cruising to reelection!” Even as the death toll neared 100,000 and unemployment ranks swelled to over 38 million, Trump couldn’t see the pandemic as anything other than something that had happened to him. “The problem is he has no empathy,” the adviser said. Trump complained that he should have been warned about the virus sooner. “The intelligence community let me down!” he said.

Trump’s outburst reflected his growing frustration that, at this stage of the race, he is losing to Joe Biden. According to a Republican briefed on the campaign’s internal polls, Trump is trailing Biden by double digits among women over 50 in six swing states. “Trump knows the numbers are bad. It’s why he’s thrashing about,” the Republican said.

[From Vanity Fair]

There’s more in that piece claiming his advisors desperately want him to stop tweeting about Joe Scarborough, and that Trump’s only reelection hope is for Joe Biden to implode. They should be more concerned about Trump’s continuous implosion, but whatever. Of course Trump thinks he’s the biggest victim of the pandemic.

Also, this happened yesterday:

President Trump holds an event on Protecting Seniors with Diabetes

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Ash says:

    I wish he was one of the biggest victims of it.

  2. tempest prognosticator says:

    There is a special place in hell for Trump and all the members of his neo-fascist, hyper-capitalist death cult.

    • Mac says:

      I believe that is the “it’s so unfair” ring of hell.

    • Valerie says:

      Yeah, a customer service desk. With no bell.

    • shanaynay says:

      I hope and believe your right!

    • phaedra7 says:

      And it’s really funny–also strange funny–how Take-A-💩 is accusing Twitter of interfering with the election–and wait for this fact: He is Twitter’s NUMBER ONE CUSTOMER! His azz tweets more than a tweenie/teenager and probably giving a certain species of birds (who makes this sound to communicate) a run for their $$$$$!! LOL!!😂😀

  3. Tanguerita says:

    Yes, please, take insulin. Please, do.
    I used to think that i don’t want him to die before he goes to prison. But at this point I want this unfortunate assemblage of matter dissolved. I can’t take him anymore.

    • Jerusha says:

      When he loses on November 3, just imagine to damage he and his gang of grifting traitors can do before Joe is inaugurated. He needs to go now. In a most painful way, I hope.

      • Rapunzel says:

        He’s already laying the groundwork that this election is rigged and he won’t accept the outcome. We are in for bad times even if he loses.

      • Lolo86lf says:

        @ Rapunzel: I worry about the same too. Donald Trump is slowly setting up a rebellion by his stupefied gun-wielding supporters willing to die for him. That scenario would be Trump’s final attempt to remain in power.

      • Jerusha says:

        Don’t members of the Secret Service and the military swear an oath to protect the Constitution, not an individual? If he refuses to leave they need to remove him by whatever means necessary.

      • Tanguerita says:

        absolutely. I think these three months are going to be indescribably bad. It’s not just Trump, but all the people around him who stand to lose everything once he’s gone. It’s an army of corrupt, boot-licking, racist, unprincipled imbeciles that can plunge the country into utter chaos. I am so insanely worried about it and I am not even American.

      • ClaireB says:

        I don’t think he’s going anywhere. I think Russia has hacked our voting machines and that’s why Trump is so against using mail-in ballots. As long as we all go to the polls in November and vote electronically, Trump will win by a “believable” margin or will win the electoral college again, and we’ll start a long stretch of switching out Republican stooges who continue to divide and oppress the people while supporting corporations and the stock market. I always used to think conspiracy theorists were crazy, but the older I get and the more I see, the more I believe in.

    • IMUCU says:

      Yeah, I was thinking he obviously has never heard of a diabetic coma since he’s flippantly asking if he should take insulin too. Go ahead and take that hydroxychloroquine, will maybe get you into a cardiac rhythm with a long QT interval and pump yourself full of insulin until your blood sugar bottoms out. Let’s just see what happens eventually. Don’t forget to take a little disinfectant and UV rays with it! What an ignorant “stable genius” .

  4. Jerusha says:

    The biggest victim? I hope he is very, very soon.

  5. Rapunzel says:

    Madre de Dios this mofo is absurd. And I am sick of this erasure of truth. The fact checkers are lying? Ugh.

    If mail in voting is safe enough to be the only option for overseas military, it’s safe enough for all of us. The mail is also safe enough for IRS and SS checks as well as the actual ID you must have to prove your identity at the bank, airport, etc.

    • Edna says:

      I honestly believe that’s why he’s trying to undermine and destroy the U.S. Postal Service. Mail in voting won’t be successful without a functioning postal system.

      • Lightpurple says:

        And he is willing to put tens of thousands of postal workers out of their jobs in order to do it. Because they and their families won’t vote in his little mind.

        Since he started this attack on them, I placed a sign with the Post Office creed, with Anthrax & Covid19 added to it, and a statement that this house supports USPS and its workers and lets our elected officials know about it on my door. Our porch door and mail box are propped open so they don’t have to touch anything. A bottle of hand sanitizer is on the porch. I have been ordering stamps every week, including the Last Week Tonight ones. Last week, there was a bouquet of lilacs next to my mailbox with a note, signed by six letter carriers, thanking me. That pig is threatening people’s livelihood so he can steal an election and we can’t let him get away with it.

      • Lara says:

        It’s not really a new theme. Republicans have been trying to get rid of the post office for decades; nevermind that it’s their own constituents who would suffer most from it being shut down. The post office is the largest governmental workforce second only to the military (or so my mother tells me- she has worked at USPS for around 30 years now), with a union that hasn’t been totally stripped of its power. It has survived a lot of systemic attempts to being wholly eradicated. Fedex, UPS, DHL, are not designed to deliver paper mail; they focus on packages and expedited services for documents, which are exorbitantly expensive. Also- fun fact- if you try to ship things to foreign countries using anything other than USPS, there is a high chance it held up in the other nation’s customs for months- speaking from experience. My friend had to draft a freaking affidavit to demonstrate that the contents of the package were shipped to her by someone she knows (they were t-shirts). No such trouble with USPS.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Trump voted by mail-in absentee ballot in the last Florida election.

      He is a deranged lying lowlife sorry sack of sh$t.

      Tuck Frump!

    • KellyRyan says:

      20.6 million ballots sent to Californians by Gov Newsom without concern. I’ve voted by mail three times and can check my ballot online.

      Drumpf is fear raging.

    • Mac says:

      Early and mail in voting has been a core tactic of the Republicans for years. Trump’s campaign just sent an email to supporters in PA telling them to get their mail in ballot now.

    • TaraBest says:

      I’m from WA State and we’ve been doing mail in voting for the last 10 years. No one I know has ever had their ballots stolen from their mailboxes to be forged, and I’ve never heard of fake ballots being printed out and turned in. I truly don’t understand the outrage over voting by mail. I personally find it very convenient to be able to sit down at home and carefully read over the issues while filling out my ballot.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        I once misplaced my ballot and requested a replacement. The woman I spoke to at SOS told me that even if I found my original ballot I couldn’t use it because it would be disqualified and not counted. Each ballot has an individual security number that needs to match up, so when they issued my replacement ballot that flagged the original one as invalid. No one is making photocopies of their ballot in order to vote multiple times, or printing new ones for their kids and dog, lol.

    • Noodle says:

      @lightpurple, that’s awesome that you do that for postal employees. Thank you for supporting and encouraging them; they are an oft-overlooked essential force.

  6. SJR says:

    Is there a way to completely block his idiot ramblings from the public?
    Every previous POTUS is a positive, flipping genius in comparison to Trump.
    Hell, my old dog is smarter and has more empathy than Trump.

    When the hell can we toss his ass outta the WH? What is taking so long?

    If Reagan really was suffering from dementia POTUS during his last years, than Nancy Reagan and her team did a far better job of controlling/running his admin than Trump has ever done.

    Trump is a vile creature, with a black heart, no morals, has spent decades being an awful person, takes no exercise, eating McD’s and Coke at every chance, in his 70′s, etc., etc. and yet..still he lives his life as he choices.
    What the actual F?

    I can feel my anger rising every time I think of loved ones who have passed on and yet this pos is still standing.
    Karma? Hello? Any time now please.

  7. Lightpurple says:

    He and Pence are going to Florida to watch a space launch today. There won’t be a mask in sight.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I hope Trump & Pence crowd cross-contaminate each other and their misguided followers via herd mentality.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Did you see the pics of Melania wearing a mask on Marine One but taking it off for the public? So ridiculous.

      • Lightpurple says:

        Every single one of them is a ridiculous idiot . And they dare attack the Bidens for doing the right thing.

  8. KellyRyan says:

    Paranoia, An intense, irrational, persistent instinct or thought process of fearful feelings and thoughts. Vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s, or life itself. If he doesn’t win and won’t, he’ll face charges from the Southern District of New York. I think he’s hitting a financial bottom as well. Implosion, good one word description.

    • Mac says:

      I expect his exit package will give him and his family immunity from their many, many crimes.

      • KellyRyan says:

        Interesting. I don’t believe Biden will pardon him. Drumpf owes money to Dutche Bank, Saudis and Russians. His tax returns which he attempts to keep hidden is a reveal on how little money he has. Mafia mob boss Al Capone, was convicted of tax fraud, tax evasion, not criminal crimes but civil crimes. He went to prison. Keep in mind Drumpf uses an unsecured phone, he is under deep scrutiny.

    • Valerie says:

      this is what I wonder. Like most people, I didn’t pay much attention to Trump before all of this, not even when he was banging on pots and pants about Obama’s birth certificate. But I don’t think he was always like this, was he? Is this something age-related that started early (probably due to a lack of mental stimulation), or did he somehow manage to hide it? I have to wonder if he was (legally) medicated for years before he stopped, and that’s when his mental health issues showed themselves.

      • KellyRyan says:

        He’s a product of a toxic family, highly self-other destructive. He uses and abuses all who come in contact with him. Some talk from producers and employees of Celebrity Apprentice have said he is Adderal dependent, which might be the reason he is up all night crazy tweeting.

      • Valerie says:

        @KellyRyan: Yeah, I knew there were stories dating back to Celebrity Apprentice, some even saying that he regularly soiled his Depends, which was also attributed to his Adderall abuse. I’m just trying to get a sense of when he went off the rails and what caused it. Because he wasn’t always *this* bad. Watch his really old interviews, the one from 1980 about being president that his supporters trot out, and he’s pretty coherent. And calm.

      • KellyRyan says:

        Valerie, he also has high cholesterol, morbidly obese, (medically diagnosed), 100 lbs overweight, lives on McDonalds burgers. Vascular dementia and/or Alzheimer’s are suspected, both influence behavior.

  9. Christin says:

    Wait a few weeks and see numbers rise because he’s insisting on in-person religious services. People refusing to wear masks traces back to the top, too.

    Being a cheerleader is one thing, but ineptness and spreading misinformation have cost us dearly.

    Media spends too much time covering the latest tweet or verbal nonsense and thus ignores information that could help people. For example, there are aspects of the CARES Act in the US (passed two months ago) that have hardly been mentioned.

  10. Lara says:

    “Twitter is stifling free speech” – well then, feel free to file a lawsuit against Twitter and their alleged violations against free speech. I’m sure discovery will be a BLAST.

    Let’s see- venue would probably be N.D. Cal. or D.D.C. Which will then be appealed to the Ninth Circuit or DC Circuit. Have fun with that!

    • KellyRyan says:

      He’s threatening to eliminate social media and give money to people who will return to work. The emperor has no clothes and it’s not a pretty picture. Gov Newsom, CA, has 68 lawsuits against the current administration.

  11. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    There is an excellent, albeit very sad, story on Narratively about a son who worries for his red-pill, conspiracy theorist father.
    That is the type of person that Trump is targeting. And Lord, is he good at it.
    Trump has managed to legitimise doublethink in a manner unparalleled in modern history. He makes conspiracy theories mainstream, in such a way that the legions of responsible individuals who actually deal in fact rather than dogma, cannot disprove. Once upon a time people had to go to libraries and find evidence – or at least that which appeared to prove their theory – and marshal it into a document. Now all you need is 15 minutes on YouTube or an itchy Twitter thumb.
    I very rarely wish harm on anyone. It’s not in my nature. I’m the kind of sort-of positive sceptic who thinks people are essentially good until they prove to the contrary. Not him. Not the man who wants to resume atom bomb testing. Who has put 100,000 Americans in a shroud. Who sees the spectre of mass death only insofar as it affects him. I wish him ill. I wish him the worst of all possible outcomes.
    Sometimes evil must be quenched by a mighty fire. Whether it’s from bleach burn or Covid fever I care not. Only that it happens NOW.

    • Valerie says:

      I miss the days when conspiracy theories were fun. They were fun because those who believed them numbered in the few, not the many, and they were contained. Now, everywhere I go, they’re bleating on about people waking up and ascending to the 5-D world. Arrests are coming tomorrow, or three months ago. Theorists can’t make it through a sentence without blurting out one of their pre-programmed phrases. Do they not realize that they’re the sheeple?

    • Ang says:

      Well said, Andrewsnemesis. That pretty much sums it up for me, how I feel but can’t quite express. Thank you

  12. Valerie says:

    Of course he does. Not once has he expressed any concern or sympathy for the victims or their families. It’s always all about him. He’s the biggest fucking loser on the planet, as far as I’m concerned.

  13. KellyRyan says:

    Finally, we have Biden countering Dumpty, “Wearing a mask is a sign of leadership.”

  14. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’ve never despised anyone or anything this much in my entire life. I’ve never hated. I’ve never loathed. And here I am, wishing the worst unimaginable things happening to this Nematode. He needs to live. He needs to live in order to suffer.

    • Aimee says:

      I feel exactly the same way Mabs. Some days I tell myself not to look but I can’t and when I do I am incensed. DAILY.

  15. KellyRyan says:

    I’ll quote Thomas Paine who was instrumental in our American Revolution, and, to all of us. “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

  16. shanaynay says:

    Wah, wah, wah! He’s such a big baby Huey!

    DT is a racist f*ck who promotes hatred. Anybody who votes for him is in my opinion a racist as well. Nobody has time for that kind of BS!

  17. Sue says:

    Free speech doesn’t mean other people don’t get to reply. Twitter is just using their own free speech rights to reply to his free speech.