John Boyega hates racists, and somehow white people are really upset about it

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

John Boyega pays attention to what’s happening here in America. This week has been f–king hideous for conversations about race and racism. While the Amy Cooper-Christian Cooper story had a “happy ending” in that the racist a–hole lost her job and her dog, this week we also saw a black man named George Floyd murdered by white police officers in Minnesota. This could have been what Amy Cooper wanted when she called the police on Christian Cooper (after Christian asked her to leash her dog). There have been protests in Minnesota for the past few days, and of course with every Black Lives Matter conversation, ignorant, butthurt, fragile white people have to insert themselves and scream “all lives matter!”

So it was with John Boyega. Yesterday, Boyega tweeted: “I really f–king hate racists.” A simple statement, one which we can hopefully all agree with, correct? Can we all just come together and say “racists suck” or “I hate racists”? Apparently not. The number of salty white people tweeting at Boyega was startling, and people were absolutely telling on themselves. If your reaction to Boyega’s tweet is to think “OMG HE HATES ME AS A WHITE PERSON” guess what, you’re the one with a problem.

Again, why is it controversial to say you hate racism or racists? I’m 100% proud of John for not backing down and for clapping back at many of the ridiculous people in his comments. Imagine telling a black man that he can’t hate racists because he’s in Star Wars!! OMG.

'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'

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  1. Darla says:

    Twitter is so toxic. I saw this yesterday. People are fools. Nasty fools. Trump is off the rails on twitter this morning. He retweeted a video that says the only good dem is a dead one. Sometimes I feel we’d all be better off without the internet. I don’t know.

    • ME says:

      The internet just allows people to show their true colors. Those people are just as racist in “real life” as they are on the internet. The internet is great for calling out racist a$$holes and providing some sort of repercussions for their actions. Some people have lost their careers, etc. So yeah, the internet can be good sometimes.

      • Darla says:

        I know. That’s true. But I feel like it’s allowed them to organize as well. And these awful people find each other so easily now. I seriously question whether trump could have become president without his twitter account, for one thing.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I really would love it if Twitter booted him. they have every right to (for now, anyway) as 45 agreed to their terms of service and has violated them probably thousands of times.

      it would be EPIC if they upped their ante and just suspended his account, or removed it altogether. come on, Dorsey!!!

  2. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Jumping to personalizing the issue is telltale.

    • Anony83 says:

      When you read the word racists and replace it with “white people” you are REALLY telling on yourself and your family and friends a WHOLE lot more than the person you’re upset with. SMH

  3. reef says:

    I don’t know what that Disney contract was like but the MOMENT he finished the press tour for that last Star Wars movie he stopped giving any f—ks.

    • Darla says:

      Yeah, I mean, they don’t own him. What in hell is wrong with people? And have they checked Hamill’s twitter? Because they won’t like what Skywalker has to say.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        Mark Hamill is smart, funny, and SCATHING to magats who try to “school” him.

        I love him.

  4. tifzlan says:

    The craziest thing about this whole saga is that ALL John tweeted was “I hate racists” — and people REALLY started telling on themselves, lmao. I’m glad he popped off. Everyone deserved it.

    • sunny says:

      It made my morning. I laughed and laughed. If you hear, “I hate racists” and your first instinct is to get mad at that…well.

  5. Seth says:

    Kaiser, I’ve been reading this website since I was 15. I’m 25 now. Usually a lurker. I just want to say one thing I consistently love about the site is how unapologetically, defiantly, and vehemently you call out racism and racist bullshit. You’re outspoken and not diplomatic about it at all. Which you shouldn’t be. This stuff is utter tripe and you call it out. Just like John did here. It’s so refreshing and so inspiring to me as a privileged white guy from the Midwest to do the same. We need more angry voices like John’s. So in favor of all his tweets.

    And I think we need a name for the Nerd White Boy Karen. Ryan maybe?

  6. MellyMel says:

    If you as a white person are “offended” by a black person or POC saying they hate racists…you are a racist. Some of the comments under his original post are insane! People are so desperate to be oppressed, and as a black woman in this country, that makes ZERO sense to me. Like wtf?!

    • Lara says:

      They want to be “oppressed” because they would have “justification” for their racist bullshit, as though it puts them on equal footing.

  7. Lop says:

    If you’re offended by someone saying I hate racists… you’re a racists, simple.

    • Mel M says:

      1000%, I can’t imagine being outraged by this and trying to knock down or “school” someone who would say this, a POC at that.

  8. Ali says:

    A racist Kate Middleton fan also responded to john.

  9. Noki says:

    LMAO im not here for the kids,why did that make me crack up.

    • schmootc says:

      For me, it’s because I hear the corollary, “Won’t you think of the children?!” Which is cliche and ridiculous to me at this point.

    • Dragon Wise says:

      And anyway, people who want you to censor youself “for the children” usually just don’t want to hear what you have to say and are using children as an excuse.

  10. Mellie says:

    I can’t imagine anyone being outraged by this, unless you are a racist…I mean honestly…it’s a simple enough statement. Everyone needs to go to Bernice King’s Twitter and see her reference to the kneeling (I feel like Lebron probably ripped her off a bit, but he does have a bigger following, crazily enough..). Anyway, she has the kneeling photo comparison, Kaepernick versus the former police officer committing the murder of George Floyd with the following statement: “If you’re unbothered or mildly bothered by the 1st knee (police officer), but outraged by the 2nd (Kaepernick), then, in my father’s words, you’re “more devoted to order than to justice.” And more passionate about an anthem that supposedly symbolizes freedom than you are about a Black man’s freedom to live.”
    I have retweeted this and put this on my FB page, for all those football babies that quit watching the NFL over the mother f#$king anthem.

  11. TheOriginalMia says:

    John has zero f*cks to give and it is glorious. It’s also a damn shame the man can’t tweet an universal aversion to racists without some idiotic white person coming in to 1) police his feelings, 2) not all white people, and 3) what about reverse racism. He clapped back and I’m glad he did. We are tired. Can’t go a freaking day in this country without white people showing their natural bone asses. We are sick and tired of being told we aren’t good enough for their spaces. We can’t do a thing in this country and John pointed out that it’s all about white supremacy.

  12. BUBS says:

    A black person faces daunting odds from the moment they are born. Nobody will be able to understand a black man’s pain like another black man. Imagine being scared of being in public because of the color of your skin! Singled out for brutality because of the color of your skin! Discriminated against because of the color of your skin! Written off as a criminal without even committing a crime because of the color of your skin! Killed because of the color of your skin!
    The only people who can get riled up and offended by this tweet are racists…they keep showing themselves!

  13. Em says:

    Did you see a racist Kate Middleton fan that John replied? Lmao.

    • Nic919 says:

      It’s probably a 100% overlap of racists and KM fans. The ones who like royalty in general aren’t as obvious about it, but monarchy is a system of white supremacy that set up slavery all over the world and caused genocide. Pretty tiaras and gowns really don’t make up for that.

  14. Izzy says:

    I mean… I’m white and I completely agree with John Boyega. I don’t understand what’s so controversial… oh wait. Sure I do. GTFO and these bitter Karens and Kyles need to miss me with their feels.

  15. Rapunzel says:

    The people saying he’s ignoring racism towards whites obviously can’t read. Good God.

    • Yuzu says:

      I loved the tweet about how the Hawaiian people are racist towards this white person’s family. Tears. Black people experience this every day not just in their personal lives and interactions, but in encountering a SYSTEM and COUNTRY built on white supremacy and their sacrifice and pain.

      Why do white people think it’s just about them being mean? We have always been able to handle this. We are fighting for our lives against people who will gladly look the other way or look gleefully and make excuses.

      • Yuzu says:

        Can’t edit, but want to correct myself. I’m not speaking about white people. I’m speaking about overt and hidden racists.

  16. lizardqueen says:

    White people getting mad and thinking “I hate racists” is a dig at them are just telling on themselves.

  17. Otaku fairy says:

    It’s good that he didn’t back down. That pathetic comment bitching about how he shouldn’t swear about racism is a textbook example of tone-policing. Nobody is immune to it though, and it’s important to be aware of and honest about that. It’s another one of the ways society puts more emphasis on victims needing to be perfect- by attacking people for cursing, complaining, pointing out, or crying about the abuse, inequality, and violence directed at their groups as if that’s almost as bad as the racism. The fact that his comment is being portrayed as calling for hatred of whites is just really telling. If you have to say you’re being hated or stifled just by him talking about the problem, you’re complicit.

  18. Nic919 says:

    I love the Boyega clap backs. Saying you hate racists shouldn’t be controversial so if you have to criticize that.. well that’s a problem.

  19. Peanutbuttr says:

    I wonder how many of them are the Kylo Ren fan girls who have been harassing him since the last Star Wars movie came out.

  20. Dragon Wise says:

    Star Wars fandom has some seriously toxic members who are virulently racist and misogynistic, and that plus recent events have him fed up. I am, and so are a lot of people. All these people exposing themselves as racists due to fragility over being indirectly called racist can make you furious.

  21. SC says:

    Most of these answers are dumb and pretty much racist. But one of the reasons why JB is getting such aggressive is his own previous behaviour on Twitter. He is attention seeker who played nice to the Fandom Menace when it was self-serving to him (including FM members who were vocally racists to him and Kelly Marie Tran). After closely following JB for 4 years, I don’t believe even for sec he sincerely care about such matters as racism – I mean, he cares only when it will bring hype or when it’s self-serving.

    His behaviour towards Kelly after she became not popular was awful and all his “not-fucks-given” outbursts were targeted towards female Star Wars fans. He totally ignored the male-dominated Fandom Menace who are openly racists AF and played in their hands as they faked the conflict with him from fake female account. Surely he doesn’t want to pick a fight with them as they are truly cruel bigots so he started focusing on something that FM hates too. I applaud his ability to manipulate GA opinion as they didn’t follow him closely as most people in SW fandom.