Anti-fog spray for glasses, a hummingbird feeder and a fading serum that people love

Thanks for all your support in the Amazon post on Tuesday, our first in two months. You were so nice and I appreciate it a lot! I wasn’t shopping the past few weeks and didn’t know what to buy so it took me a while to start these up again. Plus a lot of stuff wasn’t available. In future posts I’m going to be repeating some recommendations of things I find really useful, particularly skincare, haircare and beauty supplies. I’m also including new things I want as usual! Thanks to Ella for sending me some recommendations and some of these are from Buzzfeed.

Anti-fog spray so your glasses won’t fog when you’re wearing a mask
I saw this featured on Buzzfeed and now I want this. My son’s glasses fog up whenever he’s wearing a mask but this anti-fog spray for non-reflective glasses should do the trick. You get 4 ounces for $12.55. This has 4 stars, over 3,500 ratings and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers say it works on goggles to keep them from fogging underwater while they’re swimming, that they use it on the mirror so they can take a shower and get ready right away, and that it also works to keep glasses from fogging while you’re doing sports.

Vented expandable bread storage to keep bread fresh longer
I have been making bread and buying more bread now that I don’t shop as much. I’m getting a surplus of bread, but my son won’t eat it as often if it’s frozen. This is a clear bread storage container that expands to fit the size of your loaf. It’s $19.99, has 4.5 stars, over 1,600 ratings and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers call it “perfect for our fresh baked bread,” say that it keeps bread “fresher and much easier to cut,” and that it keeps bread fresh for about a week vs. 4 days in the bag. Even after 10 days “it is only stale around the edges.”

A whisk made for blending dough and dry goods
I love it when there are products I didn’t know existed to solve minor problems. Ella sent me this whisk just for dough! Whenever I make bread it ends up sticking all over the whisk, so this is ingenious. This stainless steel Danish bread dough whisk by Teevea is $14. It has 552 ratings, 4.7 stars and a B from Fakespot. People say it replaces a whisk, spoon, fork and all the other utensils they use for different baking projects. It’s said to be “very strong,” so it doesn’t bend easily, and to feel smooth and comfortable in the hand. One woman made a dough recipe “in half the time with half the effort.”

A hummingbird feeder so you can watch them while you work
My friend Karen got a regular birdfeeder and has been posting photos of the birds who come to visit. I only have a covered porch on the back and I don’t want to deal with bird sh-t or with annoying squirrels. A hummingbird feeder might be the solution. I looked through so many reviews to find one that is pretty, affordable and doesn’t attract bees or ants. This is a 12 ounce retro-style feeder for $18. It has 4.4 stars, 1,200 ratings and a B on Fakespot. People say it really works to attract hummingbirds and that the little moat keeps ants out. It’s said to keep bees away too, as long as you don’t overfill it. It’s called “easy to rinse and re-fill” and one reviewer says it’s “not flimsy” and that “the design allows hummingbirds to perch while they drink.” If you’re looking to spend a little more for a fancier feeder, this beautiful handblown glass feeder is $37 and holds 32 ounces. (That one has 4.3 stars, 772 ratings and a B on Fakespot.)

A brightening serum with 2% hydroquinone, vitamin c, salicylic acid and niacinamide
I also saw this product on Buzzfeed and was sold. You get 1.23 ounces for $20. It has 3.8 stars, 381 ratings and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers rave that this fades sun and age spots, lightens melasma and reduces acne scarring. It’s said to be so powerful you only need a small amount. It can cause reactions for some people when it’s used too often, so you may want to avoid it if you have sensitive skin. Women write that it makes their skin softer, that it really works, and that “my problem dark spots and pimple scars are fading away.”

High-waisted faux leather leggings that are just as cute as the more expensive kind
On my last shopping trip before lockdown I bought a pair of faux leather leggings from Express. That was at the end of February and I sadly haven’t worn them out once. They’re so cute though. These faux leather high-waisted leggings are more affordable than I paid on sale. They’re just $19 and come in sizes small to xx-large. They have 8,000 ratings, 3.8 stars and a B on Fakespot. Women say “these leggings are fabulous,” they “fit like a glove,” and that they are “comfy and sexy,” “look like real leather” and “smooth over curves.” Reviewer photos show that these flatter all body types. Some say they had a funky smell but that is easily fixed by soaking them in a solution with water, detergent and white vinegar.

Affordable mascara that’s comparable to Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes
As I’ve mentioned a few times, I use L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara for day wear and I love it. It makes your eyelashes long and separated and it’s not clumpy at all. However I got a sample of Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes mascara from Sephora and it’s perfect for evening looks and for standing out in Zoom meetings. It has that extra oomph which makes it look like you’re wearing fake lashes. It’s so expensive though. Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara by Essence is just $5 a tube! It’s has almost 20,000(!) ratings, 4.2 stars and a C on Fakespot, making the adjusted rating still over 4 stars. One woman said she used to use Lights Camera Lashes before switching to Lash Princess and that it “provides dramatic length and great volume.” It’s said to give “a flawless result for an affordable price,” to “work wonders,” last all day and to be “totally worth the price.” A couple of reviewers say it can be clumpy, but one woman said that’s because it has beeswax in it and that it can be solved by heating it up to body temperature, I guess by holding the tube before applying. (Update: the original formula is no longer available. Links have been updated to the waterproof version.)

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  1. Tay says:

    I would think twice about using a product with hydroquinone as the FDA has not yet ruled out whether it causes (or contributes) to cancer.

  2. TheOriginalMia says:

    As I sit here struggling with my foggy glasses, this post pops up. I just bought some and it’ll be here tomorrow. Thanks, CB!

    • IMUCU says:

      I am going to buy some antifog spray too! Spend my whole day at work with a n95 on and a paper mask over that so my glasses and face shield are constantly fogging. I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS PRODUCT!! Now I just need something to keep me from over heating and dripping sweat while masked up! The building I work in is not well insulated and has a bad ac, so I walk around damp all day at work now that the FL humidity has picked up and I have a mask on. Been looking for products to wick moisture and also apply to my head to at least make it not so obvious that I’m sweating…

      • Liz version 700 says:

        That sounds so miserable. I found a bunch of moisture wicking masks on Etsy. They might also sell headbands or something you could wear For the moisture. Etsy has really upped its game for Covid…

  3. Maria says:

    Can you do an amazon post on looking cute on zoom? That’s where my meetings are now and it’s a new world.

    • Celebitchy says:

      OK! A lot of is just choosing a bright solid color top, like hot pink or red. Also do you know how to set the “smooth” filter?

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Will the zoom filter help my ridiculous looking chin? It is like each of my double chins had kids

    • Jules says:

      on youtube, check out hotandflashy. The woman did a post on looking good on zoom that went viral.

      • Becks says:

        Jules, I have been doing her Zoom recommendations! Tall books stack and I invested in a ring light and it has made a difference.
        I can also second the mascara, it’s really good and so cheap!

      • Jules says:

        @Becks- awesome! I did the same, made some small changes with lighting and height, and it made a huge difference. Happy zooming :)

      • lisa says:

        I do all of this too, plus I wear bold but fake glasses that hide my unwaxed brows, my eye bags and my lack of eye makeup.

  4. Rmcgrudiva says:

    I just got the hand blown glass feeder as a present! I’m waiting impatiently for the feeding frenzy to begin!

  5. dumbledork says:

    Thanks CB! I’ve been looking for a bird feeder, and two of my local hardware stores have been sold out.
    And I know it’s not the same stuff, but I saw the word Hydroquinone, and I immediately was imagining Cheetodick telling Melania to use it hourly and take a shot with dinner.

  6. lucy2 says:

    My parents got a similar hummingbird feeder, it works well. They have a group that come back every year and hover at the windows if the feeder is inside.
    Make sure to keep it very clean, and don’t use the pre-mixed stuff with the red dye. You can do a very simple (and cheap) sugar and water mixture.

  7. Jill says:

    I just ordered most of these. Needed an antifog solution for glasses, check. Was looking for a hummingbird feeder, check. Etc, etc. Thank you for resuming these posts.

  8. T says:

    I got really bad melasma all over my face when I was pregnant, and two years later it still hasn’t gone away. I’ve been feeling super insecure about it and looking into what products I can use. I’m so happy you posted about this serum! I’m going to try it.

    • Jules says:

      I had melasma and it can be tricky to treat because it is hormonal. But it is treatable, the best product to use is retin-A and sunscreen. I used to feel insecure about it, but really, no one is looking at your face as close as we are when we look in a mirror, and no one is judging you!

    • Mia says:

      I believe you can only use hydroquinone for a certain amount of time before it causes hyperpigmentation to get worse. You have to cycle it – I don’t remember the timing. Make sure you look into this before you start using it.

  9. Liz version 700 says:

    I am going back to the article now, but I ordered 2 anti fogging sprays before I even finished the title! I will wear a mask for the safetlyf myself and others but it is so much safer if I can see when I drive 😀

  10. Nancypants says:

    One of my faves I’ve ordered from Amazon recently is Pure Abundance Style Prep by Aveda.
    It really works. It works well enough that I can just use this one product rather than 2 or 3 products.
    It’s not going to make you look like you have twice as much hair or anything but it does make it look fuller. It’s not cheap, in my opinion, but it’s worth it and it has that awesome Aveda/Shampure scent.

    I ordered the matching shampoo.

    We love the Hummingbirds. We’ve had feeders but they attracted raccoons (You don’t want any part of those.) and the occasional bear. Ditto.
    We have a Trumpet vine growing all over the fence that they love but I think I’ll order one of these for the front porch. The critters don’t go there…yet.