Victoria and David Beckham are building an underground escape tunnel

Victoria and David Beckham are doing some remodeling during lockdown, and I don’t mean to their famous faces. According to Express, the couple have submitted plans to put in an underground walkway for them to get to their garage, and they’re also getting a wine cellar and security shed. Once completed, the couple should have all the elements needed to earn their Super Secret Spy merit badges!

DAVID and Victoria Beckham have splashed out on a secret passageway and wine cellar at their new £5million Cotswolds home, can reveal.
Planning documents reveal the family want to create an underground passage linking the family’s nine-bed Cotswold pad to their luxury car garage.

Alongside this, the family have also asked the council to build a security hut just weeks after Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli was robbed at knifepoint at his North London mansion.

In planning documents, David and Victoria’s planning agent said of the plans: “The proposed development includes a new basement cellar constructed beneath the extension to the existing garage outbuilding with a linked walkway.

“The basement cellar beneath is for storage of wine and the proposed use of the outbuilding is solely in association with the main dwelling house.

“It will improve security for the occupants of the property.

“The proposed [garage] extension adds three new bays to the existing garage outbuilding, increasing the building from four bays to seven.”

[From Express via Socialite Life]

I can understand the Beckhams getting spooked by Dele Alli being robbed in his own home, especially since Dele sustained injuries from it (they punched him in the face). The Beckham’s children, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, are all still at home and Harper is just seven years old. Plus, just looking at photos of the home, it looks like a heritage property (although I’m American, anything older than 1985 looks like heritage property to me), so I imagine they are also going underground so as not to interfere with the look of the property. But… is this all really for security or did they just really want an underground tunnel? I would. I don’t even have anywhere to link it to, but I would have a whole labyrinth under my home if I could get away with it. And they’re throwing a wine cellar down there as well? Come. On. You know Beckham bestie Gordon Ramsay is frothing at the mouth over this.

Again, it’s perfectly understandable if the family felt they needed to take such measures for their safety. Everyone should feel secure in their own home. And yes, I do think that is what is motivating this because let’s be honest, giving David or any of his “guests” a secret means to slip in or out of the house is the last thing Victoria was to invest in.



Photo credit: WENN/Avalon and Instagram

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  1. Mtec says:

    If this is for security and safety then why are the plans and descriptions about it out in the public? Was this something Express investigated? Why is their agent speaking publicly about it? or was it info they got from the Beckham’s publicists? ‘Cause if it’s the latter then it’s very contradictory to publicly reveal what’s basically their secret bunker and exactly where it leads to lol.

    • Joanna says:

      That’s exactly what I am thinking!

    • Lucy2 says:

      I doubt they made it public, it may have been something that had to go for public approval and knowing who the owners was, someone tipped off the media. Kind of lousy to have someone security plans and photos of their house broadcast to the world.

      The Cotswolds are SO beautiful.

      • Mtec says:

        Ahhh… okay that makes more sense, thank u. And I agree that’s terrible.

    • Jo73c says:

      Submissions for planning approval are public information. You can also look up plans for banks and public buildings if you know where to look.
      I think the security comes from it being underground rather than from being secret.
      Also, who doesn’t want an underground tunnel linking their wine cellar and garage!

      • Louise says:

        You would probably enjoy the movie Rare Birds. I’ve wanted an underground tunnel since the first time I watched it – that, and an RSV (Recreational Submersable Vehicle).

  2. jessica says:

    rich people are so extra

  3. Nancypants says:

    I would too.
    One might be surprised how many celebrities have underground bunkers, safe rooms bigger than some houses and so on.

    I recently saw on t.v. the underground bunker of a famous country music artist (Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts) and it was equipped for the apocalypse and not small.

    I have family in Oklahoma and they had storms cellars built into the floor of their walk-in closets. They just put a pretty rug over the door and no one can tell they are there but these aren’t just any cellars. These cellars are very functional and can provide shelter for several people for several days.
    Sometimes it takes awhile to dig your way out or be dug out after an F 4 or 5 tornado.

  4. Lightpurple says:

    They saw Parasite and thought that was the way to go.

  5. Lotus says:

    In Toronto we have huge old house (it’s a tourist attraction now) called Casa Loma and it has secret tunnels and staircases. The owner built the tunnels to escape bill collectors, it’s a great place to visit.

  6. Allergy says:

    They are just so weird, it’s like they only live in ads.

  7. AMA1977 says:

    Are we going to talk at all about the insane farmer cosplay going on in the header photo??? WTELF is that, and WHAT is David wearing on his head?????

  8. Camilla says:

    Harper Seven ain’t seven, that is just her name 😀 she’s 9 next month, I remember them announcing her birth at the time of Any Winehouse’s death in 2011.

    • CuriousCole says:

      Camilla, you’re right! I remember how Victoria was extremely pregnant in navy at Will and Kate’s wedding so Harper must be nine now.