Mel Gibson’s ex-wife is investigating Oksana’s “sketchy past”

Oksana Grigorieva performs on Good Morning America in Times Square.
Last week, it looked like Mel Gibson and Robyn Gibson were finding some semblance of peace. Reports indicated that their divorce negotiations were going smoothly, and Robyn even left the country for Oksana Grigorieva’s media blitz. Word was that Mel and Robyn had been meeting secretly at the small church Mel had founded, and had spent some quality time burying the hatchet, for the sake of their kids.

Not so much, as it turns out. The Enquirer is reporting that after a small reconciliation, Robyn “has crafted a startling new plan” to destroy Mel’s soul. ‘Atta girl. Robyn pulled away from making it easy on Mel when she “grew suspicious” of Oksana. Robyn thinks Oksana has a “sketchy past” (duh) and Robyn hired a private investigator to follow Oksana at all times. Robyn truly feels that Oksana is out to get as much money from Mel as possible (dur), and Robyn wants to make sure she and her kids are taken care of first:

Mel Gibson’s soon-to-be ex-wife is out to get his woman – and his beloved church!

Mel’s determination for a quickie divorce has infuriated estranged wife Robyn, and she has crafted a startling new plan to sink his fast-track wedding to pregnant fiancee Oksana Grigorieva, the Enquirer has learned.

Hollywood’s most vicious divorce battle has taken a venomous turn with Mel’s scorned ex putting a private detective on Oksana, and vowing to dismantle his Holy Family Chapel in Agoura Hills, say sources.

According to insiders close to her, Robyn has agreed to a “bifurcated” divorce – a process in which the marriage is terminated quickly, but division of property, alimony, child support or custody arrangements, and determined later.

However, “Robyn is out to get Mel in the end,” says a close family friend. “There’s $1 billion at stake, and Robyn is planning on taking it all, including Mel’s chapel.”

“Her attorneys have finally gotten through to her that the real estate alone the chapel sits on is worth millions. While she’s been a member of the chapel for years, Robyn’s involvement was all because of Mel. She’s not Catholic and she could not care less about Mel’s shrine.”

We recently reported that Robyn and Mel were on good terms and trying to work things out amicably during secret meeting at the chapel. But Robyn made a sudden about-face after she grew increasingly suspicious of Oksana’s motives, and the Gibson children began to resent the Russian pop singer.

“Robyn feels Oksana has a sketchy past, and that she’s using Mel. She also believes Oksana is out to get a big piece of the Gibson family’s financial pie,” the friend divulged. “She’s so furious that she’s hired a private investigator to follow Oksana. She wants as much dirt as possible to give her leverage if a court battle is necessary.”

The seven Gibson children are on their mom’s side, the source said.

“Oksana told Mel that his kids should be separate from their new life together,” claimed the friend. “Oksana wants her own life with Mel, their baby and her 12-year-old son. She’s pushing Mel to put all of his time and money into his new family.”

“But Mel’s kids love him, and they feel he is choosing Oksana and her family over them. At this point, they are against Oksana and think she is after their father’s money and quality time.”

[From the National Enquirer, print edition, August 31 2009]

I hate the reference to Oksana as “his new family”. Barf. I mean, obviously, he’s knocked her up and he’s going to try to make a go of it. But let’s not sanctimoniously refer to either an “old” or “new” family. Robyn and Mel have seven children together – and even though I think Mel is a total sleaze, I do think he’ll do right by his kids. He’ll probably do right by Robyn too – she must really have the dirt of him, and it probably scares the hell out of him. All Robyn has to do is sign a book deal or do one sit-down tell-all interview with Barbara Walters, and Mel’s ass and assets are hers.

Mel Gibson is shown below outside Nobu on 8/8/09. Credit:


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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I firmly believe that Robyn has all sorts of dirt on him…repeated infidelities and probably major anti-Semitic stuff.

    Things that would propel his already-falling star that much further.

  2. princess pea says:

    Sugartits is a dink, but the arrogance and entitlement don’t mean he’s a bad dad. I’ve always had the impression that he loves his children, so new woman or no, I don’t expect him to turn his back and walk away from them.

    I especially love the implied conceit of leaving his “old” family, which includes his biological offspring, to join this “new” family, which includes her 12 year old son. Huh. If we’re playing fair, shouldn’t she have to give up her “old” family too?

  3. Miranda says:

    Forget “sketchy past”, the woman has a “sketchy present”!

    And a “sketchy plastic surgeon”…

  4. maddie says:

    I feel bad for Mel (don’t care for him)
    look at his eyes in the picture above, they look sad and lost.

    I think he knows that he mess up big and there is no way out of the mess he made because I doubt that Robyn would take him back if he got down on his knees and begged.

  5. Jag says:

    I barely recognize the hunk I crushed on so long ago. Mel, what have you done to yourself?

  6. Cinderella says:

    Very messy, indeed. But honestly, I don’t think there are many possible revelations about Mel that would surprise me.

    Unless he was running a prostitution ring or cheating on his taxes. Even then, my brow would only raise halfway.

  7. Firestarter says:

    Robyn should just let it go (if the story is even true). She is well rid of Mel, she will get a bundle in the divorce and her children all have trusts, so they will be taken care of. She should just move on and put the both of them out of her mind and life.

    She got the better end of the deal: rid of a raging alcoholic, a bundle of cash and freedom.

  8. kirby says:

    how can she let go she lived with the man for 30 yrs
    she controled his family
    she controlled her family
    and she will do so of that ruskie bitch
    robin will get it all . she was in charge and she needs to be in charge . the ruskie will get a load of that soooon.

  9. Taradash says:

    wow tough, i agree he looks =not happy

    but, this is an age old story, its hurts to hear it comming from them, i thought mel and robyn were pretty solid.

    mel should call (i hate him) but, the donald-trump=HA

    he has been through this ***and more

  10. curious says:

    Will all her botox hurt the baby?

  11. Close friend says:


    it is Mel Gibson who wants to investigate the slut and not Robyn.

    This fake news is made by oksana of course, as all faked news printed by the national enquier about this case since november 2008 and all april and may and june and july and now august 2009.

    Mel has no intention what so ever to move in with that goldigger, nor to wed her nor to have anything to do with her.

    She is not pregnant.
    The picture you posted above was taken when she came out of the GMA show, but during the show itself her belly was totaly flat and so was it less than 2 weeks earlier when she was pictured in the Playhouse nigth club.
    She is using a movie requisit to appear being pregnant, to dont flaw her selfimage by appearing as the lier she really is.

    The people close to Mel Gibson know that she is blackmailing Mel Gibson in tandem with Boris Nizon, that she also bedded, and unfamous director of “Fame Picture” located in Santa Monica, where Oksana also own a house bought to her by her bf David Foster.
    That house is in her name while the one rented to her by Mel Gibson in Sherman Oaks, is still owned by Icon production and is not hers.

    Mel will never leave his family and he is not interested in her nor in her kid at all.
    All that is the making of oksana who is mentaly ill, dont have a clue that she cannot sing (still!) and live in an imaginary world where she is with Mel Gibson when she is not!
    She is leaking those fake info to the media, to can keep the appearance as if she was with him, but all know that its a fake.

    Mel Gibson had that slut followed for a very long time now, because he know she is doing business with very dubious people and he is trying to found a way to can stop the blackmailing.

  12. AJ says:

    The bigotry against Russians is astounding. You Americans are such rank hypocrites. When non-Americans stereotype you, you cry bloody murder but you do it to everyone else.

  13. Susette says:

    AJ, the poster who referred to her as a “ruskie”, is not American. He/She has commented before and is obviously not a native English speaker.

    All other nasty comments about Oksana are based on the fact that she appears to be a gold digger. Gold diggers come in any nationality.

  14. annie says:

    I doubt Robyn has investigators following Oksana, she’s Mels problem, not hers. She already knows more than she wants to about her.

  15. princess pea says:

    Close Friend raises a good point. They announced this pregnancy in May. They said at the time she was three months along. That would make her 6 months pregnant now… it’s unlikely that she would not be showing more.

    I hate to speculate like that, but I knew someone who was with a woman who faked a pregnancy (she even said it was twins!) for a while to keep him around. She eventually told everyone she miscarried; it was approximately 7 months at that time, though, and she was still thin as a rail. It could happen.

  16. Close friend says:

    You are rigth annie, it is Mel Gibson himself who is investigating oksana, and not his wife of course.

    This is something oksana made up to fool people into believing that Mel is on her side, and not on Robyns side, cause so all her image as gf of Mel Gibson, that she has carefully build up since months, (almost a year now) will instantly fall to the ground, and with it all the media attention on her. She will be totaly uninteresting.
    She will do anything to avoid this!

    Even this!
    Preteding as in all previous interviews/and leaks to the press, that its “others” who are against and that Mel is in love of her, thus all facts talk agaisnt it.

    I found very distastefull from her that she put such hatress against Robyn, who did her absolutly nothng, and has kept herself in the background, and even traveled to the Fiji island to avoid media attention, doing the opposite than oksana is doing.

    Add to it that if there was investigators put on her butt, she will not know about it so this is a fake.

    If there is investigators, they are send by Mel Gibson and his lawyers, if not, its oksana who made up this pathetic story to damage Robyn and her relationship to Mel!

    This way to think, this mentality reflect totaly the russian way of thinking and the bad russian mentality, as nobody here will do such a terrible mistake of accusing Robyn of such things after what this slut did to her and her family, nor talk like if Mel wished to cut contacts form his kids.

    It is extreeme.

    Earlier, in june, oksana threatened Mel wiht rehab, as if she could, saying she wont move with him unless he did so, like if Mel was begging her to move in and she didnt wanted to.LOL

    Give me a break!

    All that in a desperate attempt to justify why Mel had not her moved in at his place yet.
    Well, for the very obvious reason that he do not want of her! what else?

    Then she said it was for her son, and she made up incredible stories about it, and recently , on tv, she pretended that it was to protect her career and separate it from her life with Mel, as if she had any!
    And as if we were going to beleive such a crap!
    As if she was the one in charge chosing not to move in with him, and when, saying no to him, when we all know its the opposite situation.
    He do not want her in his home, and she try by all means to avoid to be confronted to that fact.
    And now this!

    Before she did something similar to this by pretending that it wasnt Mel Gibson who wanted a DNA test done, but his friends and the members of the church!
    Let me laugh!
    What a stupid thing to say!
    Cause oh no Mel trust her and will never ask her to do so on his own.. ehem…
    And now an investigation of her past, not him oh no, he trust her of course, its Robyn…

    Only Robyn do not have her nasty russian mentality, and what she say never fit anything real.
    Not only she make all this up but she is unable to make it appear just seemingly real, and make an arse of herself each time, so far fetched her stories are.

    She is now talking like she can decide that Mel has to never talk to his childrens again.

    With a kid who is 19 years old and another who is 10!
    Wake up!
    Its never going to happen!

    She is mentaly ill, and I mean it very seriously, and she need to see a psychiatrist.
    She has no contact with reality to say such a totaly unbelivable story to the press.
    Last week she was craving that Mel do not talk to Robyn at all and getting mad at him if he did.
    What is she exactly trying to porove?
    That she is crazy and a control freak with no reality sense?
    That her dumb media razz has none influence on Mel’s judgement and decision making about her?

    Bingo you proved your point!

    He actualy think that you have too many screws lose and that you need to see a doctor.
    You are crazy oksana!
    you are insane!
    What you do are the actions and words of someone totaly unbalanced and living in an imaginary world with too many compulsive behaviour patterns, and attempts to create in the tabloids a reality you do not know of, as it doesnt exist at all outside the tabloids.
    Just like your singing and pianist “talents”, they do not exist. They are all an illusion you created in your mind, and that you are unable to let go.
    Something you compulsivly hang onto, totaly careless of the consequences for others, just like psychopaths do.

    You are totaly disconnected from reality oksana.
    You need to see a psychiatrist, and fast.

    She has no say and no influence on Mel’s decision what so ever.
    She is just living in an illusion world, wishing she had all this, and trying to make it real by putting articles in some tabloids, and beleiving that because its out there then it becomes real.
    But its all blah blah with no facts to support it.
    The facts are and remain that she is still living at sherman oaks on a very precarious agreement that can be canceled at anytime, and that she has nothing to can bargain with agaisnt Mel Gibson.
    A very strong fact that she try by all mean to avoid having to face, and try by all means to distract the attention of the media from those very concrete verificable facts, by redirecting them onto fake stories, fruit of her illusion, who present the entire opposite of the reality, without a single prove to support it.

    She is a loser, who will soon be revealed for what she is.

    A lier and a faker.

    All she has is her close connection to paparazzi boss Boris Nizon, a ruissan like her, with the same mentality, and to whom she has sex with since last year, in exchange of his services, like the 2 papaprazzi he dispatched for her to follow her on the Boston movie set last year duting the shooting of EoD, and at Guanacaste…
    How charming and how “not plan at all, we just met” huh?
    How calculated, unethical, and sick!

    Mel Gibson is not in contact with her and couldnt care less about her.

    For him to see, she is history, and thats what she has to face.

    To can do so she need to come out of her illusory state and that will require some electrochocs and some heavy medications.

    This is her “career” next step: A sejourn in a mental institution.

  17. Close friend says:

    princess pea, oksana is in her 7 months now, at the end of it in fact.
    she will be in her 9th month in october and is expceting to deliver a that time.
    But she is not pregy
    And talking of miscarriage, she actualy told Mel Gibson that she had a miscarriage in june, when he was questioning her about not showing, and after he had ask her for a DNA test that she wasnt taking.
    Then as she couldnt prove it, she said she had an abortion, but looks like she was faking it all along.
    If she aborted (in her 5th month in june) it was to avoid the DNA test who wil have show Boris or David Foster as the father, but i strongly believe that she wasn’t pregnant to begin with, and that there was no pregnancy and therefor no abortion as well, but we can never know!.

    When she was on GMA she had already entered her 7th month of pregnancy since over a week, so she couldn’t be all flat, and coming out all balloon only make it more suspicious.
    She put something under, cause the dress on tv was thick and she wasnt showing anything, than that black tunica outside is thin and it shows more, so it doesnt hang together.

    She really think that people are dumb.
    But with the paparazzi in her pocket, thanks to her BF Boris, she can always be sure that only the “rigth” pics will hit the tabloids.
    “Fame pictures” live of selling their pics to all taboids, so they have contacts with all of them.
    Clever move to go in the sacks with the director of such a paparazzi company, this way you can control what comes out and what dont!like her dating Foster and her coming out of his house and her being flat, and her screwing Boris!

    This is getting more and more sordide.
    To what length some people will go just to get their name out there!

  18. Could be says:

    Maybe Robyn would like to see the chapel closed, due to the questionable religious prayers going on there….
    like the St Martha Dominator prayer!

  19. j. ferber says:

    I’d actually love to read Robyn’s book and would pre-order it in a heartbeat.

  20. linda k says:

    close friend…if all you say is true,,especially about the pregancy,,you will have given us the greatest scoop of all time!!!! i don’t believe that robyn is investigating her,,i don’t believe she is going to go after the church either…it would make her out to be a vindictive and hateful person..

  21. linda k says:

    i also think she would have done this a long time ago if she had wanted to…her lawyers have figured everything out by now…so no reason to do such a thing..that land belongs to the church and was donated…the church owns the land, unless by some weird thing they don’t..if they don’t,,,then it is a very strange thing,,and mel does own the church

  22. Uzi says:

    This may be a case of the NE reporting facts but confusing the full story. The attorneys of Robyn and her twin sons probably hired private investigators either separately or as a joint effort once the divorce papers were filed because Oksana appeared “sketchy” from day one. And the attorneys would also want to look into the finances of the “church,” as it’s a huge tax shelter where Mel could hide assets that legally belong partially to Robyn and the children. I don’t have legal or accounting expertise, but we know how the wealthy play all sorts of games with their money. Remember that not long after divorce papers were filed Mel and Robyn petitionned to have their financial records sealed, so there’s obviously some shady stuff they don’t want the public to know about. If NE articles from the past few weeks are to be believed (and they’ve been very accurate so far), Oksana seems to be putting the screws on Mel and not making any effort to smooth things over with his kids (and, it seems to me if she really loved him and wasn’t just after his money she’d try to make peace with them). Certainly her PR blitz couldn’t have helped matters. Maybe all the bad feelings are surfacing!

  23. CathyT says:

    IMO this is another case of the NE creating content to fill its magazine. It was Robyn not Mel who initiated this divorce, and the most Robyn can legally take is 50%.

  24. Uzi says:

    @Cathy T…Yes, the most Robyn can legally take is 50%, but before the assets are divided the court must determine what the exact assets are. Besides the “church” Mel owns a production company which kept Oksana “under contract,” supposedly for her “musical contributions” but apparently for her other skills. Also, Robyn technically filed the divorce papers, but wasn’t the divorce really “initiated” by Mel’s relationship with Oksana and the pregnancy? Sorry but I’m “team Robyn and the kids” all the way!

  25. CathyT says:

    Being “Team Robyn” doesn’t mandate an unquestioning trust in the latest tabloid attempt to milk some drama out of this divorce. First they pit Mel vs Robyn. After that story gets old, they write that the two reconcile. The next week, it’s Robyn vs Oksana, ad nauseum.

    Of course the production company and the church are part of the assets that need to be divided, but Robyn is the VP of the foundation behind the church, so she and her attorneys are well aware of that particular chunk of change. There’s nothing inherently shady about requesting the divorce settlement be sealed, a step which is taken by almost every expensive divorce that isn’t complicated a la McCartney-Mills. (see Tom Cruise, Sumner Redstone, etc.) Besides, it was Robyn’s lawyer, not Mel’s, who requested the closed books.

    And the existence of Mel’s mistress doesn’t erase the fact that it was Robyn filed for divorce. The NE can’t pretend otherwise for the sake of improving the story. This probably wasn’t the first time that Mel strayed.

  26. CathyT says:

    “Close friend” = Ocean

  27. Clarify says:

    Somebody or people must be leaking stuff to the NE, as time and again, the stories have been proven to be true. The details may be hyped or slightly exaggerated tabloid style, but the gist is accurate.

    Why would it surprise anybody that Robyn would investigate Mel’s mistress? After all, she will have an impact on her children, especially Tommy who is still quite young.

    IMO, Robyn is only doing what a responsible mother would.
    Heh, “sketchy past” is putting it mildly!!!

  28. Snoopchew says:

    Heh, Cathy T:
    I thought the same thing too a while back, that Ocean had taken on other names. Just by the way he uses his words to explain that Mel wants nothing to do with Oksana.
    So now he is calling himself “Close Friend” and I do believe the poster is male and probably European (hence, across the “Ocean”).
    Anyway, I want to believe that what he is saying is the truth. Simply because Mel is not stupid. He may be a drunk but when he sobers up he has to realize that this parasite is trying to take him for what he has (or had after Robyn gets finished with him).
    I want to believe that most of the dirt slinging is coming from the Russian.
    But most of all I want to believe that Mel kicks her to the curb and washes his hands of her.

  29. annie says:

    Oceans a female

  30. annie says:

    I was’nt saying andything bad, just correctly stating you’re gender, stop being so hypersensitive

  31. linda k says:

    as far as i’m concerned close friend..keep us informed…i for one always look for your input…time will tell how all will turn out…

  32. british bitch says:

    I´ve got a feeling that Close Friend is a former lover of MG and a jealous, of Oksana, scorned woman. I´m wondering who´s the most pathological of liars here, or the one in most need of EST.

  33. Mel says:

    She looks quite similar to the “Octomom.” Can you imagine if he married her? He’s got about 8 kids of his own already and then hers too! Hah.

  34. Qui pro co says:

    I think its you british bitch, or shall i say russian one.
    The way you spell english you are more liklely to be russian than english.

    Who could possibly be jealous of a slut who is ugly and cannot sing but is so full of herself that she cant even see it?

    I think that close friend is truely Mels closest Friend and his actual lover, and not a former one.
    That makes more sense.

    To answer your question , the most pathological liar here, must be you, as for EST goes, I think that ESP is more appropriate, that way you will be able to read my mind.
    That will give your noze a break from whats in yours.


  35. Qui pro co says:

    Thank you Linda!

    I appreciate your positive support.

    My server is down, so i use another computer, but I will help you all to see clear in what is really going on.

    I think that life is hard enough as it is, without trying to make it hard on each others online.. 😉

    Those who help me, are helping Mel Gibson out of this hell too.

  36. british bitch says:

    Well this is CeleBITCHy is it not?

  37. maLiBu biTch says:

    omg that is not a normal pregnant tum for a woman and one who has had a child before. oksana looks like batshit. hey ‘close friend’ what is the chronology of this alleged pregnancy again?

  38. Fat Elvis says:

    And I thought the Brangelina threads brought out the crazies.

  39. Uzi says:

    @British Bitch…I checked out the Daily Mail link and especially loved the line about Mel being a “gentleman!” Yes, he’s certainly shown his wife of 29 years and mother of his 7 children lots of respect, hasn’t he! And it’s interesting that Oksana’s told her London friends that the baby’s a girl but during the recent media blitz she told an interviewer she didn’t know the sex! By the way, just read on Radaronline that Oksana’s filed yet another lawsuit regarding her lingerie photos. If she calls herself a model why is she so upset about photos that show her modeling? It’s not porno, she’s got a great body and her pre-plastic surgery face is pretty. IMO egomaniacal King of Malibu Mel is sending out a message that his future queen is not to be messed with! And Oksana gets more publicity (too bad most people aren’t interested!)

  40. linda k says:

    HEY GUYS…ON WEBSITE MEL’S MEGAFANS…you can see about 10 pics of mel and GF…there are different angles of her, and at one point the wind must have blown at her…she sure doesn’t look too pregnant…go to news, then click pages until the last one..129 to see her…i just can’t see how mel cannot see that she is not 7 months pregnant…or she sure carries small babies….

  41. annie says:

    Linda K. , she looks about 28wks. pregnant, which means she should deliver around end of November, I’m a postpartem and antepartem nurse andalot of women look smaller than you would think and 8 and 9 mos. Depends on body type and number of pregnancies. True she had a son already but that was 12 yrs. ago, her body has had plenty of time to recoop plus she probably works out.

  42. annie says:

    28 wks plus 12 wks brings us to mid-late nov., a term pregnancy is 37-40 wks. look it up in any OB book, she looks right on schedule to me.

  43. british bitch says:

    Annie, she does to me also. I didn´t show in clothes until I was nearly 8 months, and I never wore maternity gear, and still wore my jeans with a loose top, from the rear I didn´t look pregnant at all. Someone here is having a huge jealousy trip over Oksana. Here she is in a video directed by her future husband Mel Gibson.

    It´s not my cup of tea, but it´s highly polished and produced.

    No way he´d spend this money on someone he´s not interested in.

  44. maLiBu biTch says:

    That is definitely Oksana.
    In God’s eyes any “marriage” to Mel won’t be valid while Robyn still walks the earth. Mel knows this even if you don’t, Oksimoron. You seem to not be welcome in his church

  45. linda k says:

    well, i looked again at those pics and it looks like he is handing her the valet ticket and he has a tip in his hand. he is talking to a man on his left and really doesn’t look that attentive. like i said before, close friend, you will have the greatest scoope of all times, and we will have to thank you for all your reports….october is right around the corner, and so is november, so time will tell…another thing,,,what in the world is he being blackmailed about??? he is paying a very heavy price…looking like a fool, paying for this child, etc…what could it be to pay such a price?

  46. maLiBu biTch says:

    Mels megafans sure isn’t easy to negotiate.
    I think you guys are onto something. He walks ahead then turns to her as if she’s an afterthought, sends her packing but keeps his distance. She sure looks disappointed. He never walked in front of Robyn like that in any pics I can remember. He loved and respected Robyn more. This aging, pregy woman looks ill

  47. maLiBu biTch says:

    pregnancy is 10 lunar months, nine calendar months, both are 40 weeks or so.
    either way she is unhealthy small

  48. Doubtful says:

    What I noticed in the “lunch” photos, is that he is so “not into her”. Seems to me if a man is in love he notices and is happy when in the presence of his loved one. Mel seemed to me a world away from Oksana. If I didn’t know who they are I would think they are casual acquaintances.

    We know they are more than that, and that they WERE much more than that.
    This is going to be interesting to watch in the months ahead.

    Like Close, I have had suspicions he is being blackmailed. Enamored at first when she hooked him, but for some reason now, he is being blackmailed.

    Heh british bitch certainly does appear to be Oksana…. or a very good friend of hers.

    Another impression I had from the photos was that she looks very strained and ill at ease. Too skinny for good health! If she is indeed pregnant, I think the poor baby is not going to have a good birth weight.

  49. Uzi says:

    I’m sure Mel and Oksana have dined together many times, so they either picked a restaurant that’s a paparazzi hangout or the photogs were tipped off. Either way, these shots are a staged photo op. Close Friend keeps bringing up an interesting piece of the puzzle, which is Oksana’s relationship with Russian emegre photo agency owner Boris Nizan. I’ve always wondered how the Costa Rica beach photos “happened.” This was a secluded beach on Mel’s 600 acre private property, yet someone knew he and Oksana were there, took the shots and got them posted on Radaronline. Mel has always been extremely private about his personal life, and it’s becoming increasingly apparent that Oksana craves attention and is a major famewhore. As far as the money spent on her nonexistent music career…it’s a big sum, especially to people like us. But Mel is worth almost a billion dollars, half a billion after the divorce, so it’s a drop in the bucket to him. He’s spent money on previous girlfriends and mistresses (and yes, there were others, we just didn’t know about them!), but this relationship is out in the open and IMO, all about the baby. And as much as I’d like to believe Oksana’s faking a pregnancy, I seriously doubt she is. If she had, in order to “out” her and Mel’s relationship and provoke Robyn into filing for divorce, I think she would have already “miscarried,” as Mel would’ve found out and there would be no reason to continue with the charade. We’ll know in a couple of months, won’t we!

  50. Doubtful says:

    REFLECTIONS!!! Ok go look at the lunch photos again… and in Oksana’s big sunglasses, in many of the photos, you can CLEARLY see the shapes of the photogs.

    It was all staged. Of course.

    If I had the right computer program I would blow them up to get more detail.
    There were two people….

  51. Doubtful says:

    @UZI If you look at her size, if she is indeed pregnant, she probably announced it, THEN got pregnant in order to hold onto Mel. First the announcement to drive a further wedge between Mel and Robyn, and thwart the possibility of a reconciliation, THEN she got herself pregnant. A dishonest woman has a man with a “loaded gun” at the mercy of her telling the truth. Very simple for her to lie… or to stop taking the pill.
    Bingo! baby on board!

  52. maLiBu biTch says:

    Reflections make me lysdexic. I see three people but it could be their own shadows. I recognize the restaurant exit as Geofrey’s. It’s a noi$y, bu$y place with a great view more for business during the day than love.

  53. Jane says:

    OMG she looks like Michael Jackson up close!

  54. linda k says:

    ithink the trick is to find out this relationship between her and boris……mel is not a dummy, how is this getting by him if true? you would think that at least they would be holding hands or something…

  55. british bitch says:

    Mels distant looks are of regret, but he is under pressure to do the right thing by Oksana, catholicism and guilt do not good bedfellows make. Robyn gave Mel a lot of lattitude with other women, which is why their mariage worked for so long. Oksana was the girlfriend too far…

  56. Jane says:

    “Oksana was the girlfriend too far” Huh??

    Mel needs to do the right thing by Christ. The right thing for Oksana is to give her to God. Pay for the child, be involved in its upbringing but Oksana is a succubus; a temptation and an occasion of sin

  57. british bitch says:

    Jane, what exactly do you mean by saying “give her to god?” I´m not sure I like the undertones of that. Mel Gibson liked Oksana well enough to crawl into bed with her, he liked her well enough to deposit his “baby gravy” inside her… Why are you likening her to a devil? I´m sure Mel and Oksana read these comments and roll around on the floor laughing. I´ve seen them together holding hands, why would he hold the hand of a woman he hates according to you lot? He will marry her, be sure of it.

  58. Uzi says:

    @British Bitch…Yes, “Mel liked Oksana well enough to crawl into bed with her…to deposit his ‘baby gravy’ inside her.” But it was an open secret in Hollywood that Mel crawled into bed with a lot of women…one-night-stands, girlfriends, mistresses, co-stars. He probably liked many of them well enough too! Whatever his feelings for Oksana, how can he possibly be happy with his current situation? Seems to me that if they were really, truly in love Mel would have divorced Robyn and had his kids warm up to Oksana before knocking her up and taking the relationship public. I think the hostility you’re reading in most of the comments stems from the fact that Oksana is seen by most people as a calculating, manipulative, famewhore golddigger. The public (and Paul McCartney’s kids)felt the same way about Heather Mills, and look how that realtionship turned out!

  59. Jane says:

    “Give her to God” means to walk away and not contribute to her sins. They both need to make God # 1 in their lives, in all things, as do we all.

    British Bitch aka Oksana, how crude you are. If Mel marries you he will be forever unhappy. Mel needs a woman who shares his same Faith. The pleasures of the bed will grow very thin very quickly…you can’t fake Faith for long like you can fake “love” that is lust based. But then, you will have what you wanted, money and fame (infamy, notoriety) to push your non existent music “career”. It’ll never fly because the huge majority of the world “gets” what you, gold digger, are about.

    And I am very very very sure Mel is not laughing at all these posts. Not at all….Mel, we are praying for you!!

  60. Irish Lady says:

    I so agree with you! The farther he distances himself himself from this leeech (I have an image of Oksana in my mind, it is like she is sucking the life blood and all that is morally good, from him) the better off he will be.

    Even if he can’t get back with Robyn, he has seven beautiful children to think of… to love and cherish and live for. Not a bad lot, that!!

    I am praying for him, too.

  61. colorado says:

    Jane, I agree!

  62. annie says:

    Here’s what I think, I think Oksana really loves Mel, why not? He’s a lovable guy, he has a history of leading women on, telling them his marriage is’nt happy etc., I don’t think Oksana is his big love, although I do think he’s “in Love” for now at least. I think she wanted to get pregnant for money AND to keep him. I really think he’s got the power here. They’ve been together since summer 2007 that I know of,why did’nt he seek divorde and “annulment” then? Because he was fine with the way things were as he has been for the last 28 yrs. His image(such as it is) and fortune rremain intact and he gets to boink Oksana. Every man’s dream and I don’t buy the secret annulment story, if true, why wait till Christmas to marry? The baby will already be here, I would think Mel would want his child to be born to a married couple not out of wedlock. He’ll”be with” Oksana, but do to her what he did to Robyn, she’ll get her money but get her heart broken. Deep down what kind of respect can he really have for her? She’s been around the block a few times, shack ups and out od wedlock son. The thing is Mel needs a women he can look up to and I don’t think he ever found one, all been too easy for him.

  63. jim says:

    right. she love her first 2 -3 husbands
    she love david foster with money and fame
    she loves the swedish man with money
    she love tim dalton for his money and fame
    she love sooooooo many men inbetween
    i am pretty sure the list is looooonger
    she pretty much love/every man for money and fame
    and she is 39yrs/

  64. annie says:

    O don’t know or care about the others, but I believe she loves Mel.I could be wrong, but thats my take and I’m sticking to it.

  65. annie says:

    Yep, if Mel is reading these posts he is NOT laughing.

  66. maLiBu biTch says:

    Mel takes from Oksana as much as she takes from him. He wants arm candy, he wants wilder sex, he wants to use his power. She is happy to lap it up. They feed off each other. It is a selfish relationship on both sides. Mel no longer seems attached to traditional values or lifestyles. He ‘s DONE with his old family. He has thrown off carrying his cross and picking it up again is just too much when a guy just needs to have some fun! He has embraced the world and is loving it. But maybe not. He looks sadder than ever. Chasing happiness is a sure-fire way to never find it.

  67. linda k says:

    annie…i thought that mel was afraid of robyn, that she handled everything for him… set limits etc…was a rock… but then putting up with his womanizing etc…probably didnt earn anything to look up to…he made her file for divorce to protect his image of a good person following his faith…..if he wanted a divorce he should have been man enough to do it before producing all the children…confusing matrix here..wonder what kind of woman type he is looking for to look up to?

  68. maLiBu biTch says:

    You said it very well. I think he looked up to Robyn. He seems to want a woman to look DOWN upon this time. The only thing I disagree with you in is that I doubt Robyn allowed his womanizing but felt she couldn’t stop it. She hung in there for the family. He hid the chicks, presuming on her patience and maybe she believed the best of him every time caught and gave him another chance. She loved him for HIM since he was a “nobody” when they married. Hopes and dreams die long and hard but he finally killed hers with Oksana. Robyn has a lot of class and probably filed for divorce not wanting to live his lies any more and enable him to have a secret, double life. She’s not a headline whore and I think the headlines hurt her very much. She lived for him and was his helpmate in all things before Oksana.

  69. british bitch says:

    All men cheat on their wives, so what´s the big deal? NO man can have sex with the same woman for a lifetime, not even for a year,that is the law of the jungle. They are here to impregnate EVERY single thing they can- it´s sad but true. Men are polygamous. GROW UP! Mel is a normal, hot blooded man. End of.

  70. ABitOfReality says:

    Some of these comments are so ridiculous. First off, just because the Gibson’s are divorcing does not mean that Mel is DONE with his family. He has been seen with his two youngest since the divorce began. Also, his son-in-law told an interviewer just last month that Mel is a good father-in-law and a great grandfather. So that means he is still seeing his daughter and her children. Most certainly the tabloids are not in the privileged inner circle of this family, and what they do get from people associated with the Gibsons is gossip sold for money at the expense of a hurting family. The only people who really know what went down are Mel and Robyn – and maybe the kids. Everything else is just guesswork and opinions. As for me: all I want from Mel is entertainment. If he does his job well, then he has done what I pay him to do. I won’t place any other demands on someone I do not know on a personal level.

  71. CathyT says:

    I agree with Annie that Oksana really does love Mel, which is probably more that Mel “loves” her. Yes the aspiring golddigger collected a string of older and wealthy men, but may have been desperation for love and not seeking it in a healthy way. With the biological clock ticking and enough age insecurities to get work done, maybe Oksana wanted another kid and was screening baby daddies for a man who would commit.

    So along comes Mel Gibson with a winning personality and financial security. More importantly, Oksana thinks that he can stick with her long term…he did it with Robyn for years.. and be a good father to her child(ren).

    But I don’t really think that Mel is going to stay with her like he did with Robyn, baby or no. My gut is telling me that Mel doesn’t see Oksana as a confidant or soulmate, and how can he marry someone with so few shared values?

  72. Uzi says:

    If Mel’s such a great grandfather, why does he hide the fact that he’s a grandfather of two? Everything I read about him mentions the 7 children, but not the grandchildren. Is this part of his midlife crisis or is he ashamed of the fact that he’ll have a child younger than his grandchildren? Malibu Bitch…the story I always heard was that whenever Mel screwed up with drinking, other women or other stuff Robyn would threaten him with divorce, perhaps as a form of “tough love,’ and he’d temporarily clean up his act because he wanted to stay married. I agree with Annie that he liked to “have his cake and eat it too.” He would probably still be doing just that, with Oksana or someone else, if Oksana hadn’t gotten pregnant and Robyn hadn’t reached the end of her very long rope. At some point in their relationship Mel probably told Oksana that he didn’t want a divorce, which is why she got pregnant. As I said in an earlier comment, I think right now this relationship is all about the baby. Mel may “love” Oksana, but I doubt his heart is really in it. Oksana may “love” Mel, but much of that has to do with the lifestyle she’ll be living with him. Her own mother said in an interview that Oksana wants to be taken care of, and whether or not they marry she’ll be pampered for the rest of her life!

  73. linda k says:

    in some ways you are right bit…but at some point personality and private life do affect how you feel about an actor…certainly we don’t want to support someone who on a personal level is a real creep with our money because we like the way he acts…perhaps not providing him with popularity and money may change something in that person..perhaps it is the fame that brings a downfall…mel has been drinking for years, a manic depressive, and at one time he had to make the choice in counseling between drinking and his marriage and made the committment to be married…so he had a choice a while bsck to get out of this

  74. CathyT says:

    Uzi-he mentioned his grandchildren on his most recent Leno appearance where he announced the pregnancy. I don’t expect him to say much else about them to protect the privacy of his daughter.

  75. maLiBu biTch says:

    Hollywood is today’s royalty who lead as public lives. They will even stage PR stunts to generate headlines when there aren’t any! It’s all part of the deal yet the celebrities want to have their cake and eat it, too. They never seem to mind the public’s focus and adoration when it is positive, or naughty in a way that will launch ratings. It’s all about money to the starmakers and stars themselves. They often have NO real love or concern for their fans beyond that movie ticket they want of us. Mel, we thought, was different and stood out among the hottie stars. His fans LOVED him. He stood out as a believer. Mel had a family. Mel was proof that a Christian could make it in Hollywood. Mel was human like the rest of us but always seemed to put God and his family above all else and this took on marks of heroism during his personal battle to see the Passion made. We were behind him because of what he represented and because he was the beacon who made Christ visible in the darkness of this modern world. Because of this noble image, he was probably THE most beloved star of all times. Had he refused Robyn the divorce, he would have remained a hero being true to his own beliefs but now that he is cheating on both, he has lost it. To see him out there clamouring for the same adoration from his disappointed fans is laughable. To add insult to injury he expects his fans to accept his mistress, give her our money and pretend she can sing? The new Mel is all about money, sex and power, all his past (pretended?) concern for the nobler side of mankind gone with his good looks. What is left for his fans? Not much but an embarrassed chuckle. He is a laughing stock. He has divorced himself from his support and from what made him loved.

  76. linda k says:

    wow malibu…………you said it in a nutshell……..

  77. Uzi says:

    Bravo Malibu Bitch! Linda K, I liked your comments too. You’ve both articulated so much of what I’ve been thinking as I’ve watched what I call “the Oksana scandal” unfold this summer. I was once a Mel mega-fan, and always felt his personal life was nobody’s business, but what’s been going on over the past few months has left a bad taste in my mouth (which is why I’ve been posting comments on this web site). I have friends in the entertainment business in LA, so I knew Mel’s happily married family man image wasn’t as perfect as the public was led to believe. However, I thought he was basically a decent person with demons. I’m not religious, but greatly admired how he used his own money to make and promote “The Passion of the Christ” when all the studios turned him down. At the time I thought it was his way of atoning for his sins. I thought he had integrity, but now he seems to have been corrupted by his wealth and power. His PR people have been doing damage control for years, yet they don’t seem to understand that Mel’s current situation is much bigger than the typical middle aged actor divorcing his wife and hooking up with a younger woman. Mel has been exposed as a fraud and a hypocrite, and many fans feel betrayed, used and insulted, especially those who are religious (check out a couple of Catholic web sites and you’ll see what I mean). And why isn’t someone on Team Mel monitoring web sites and reading comments, particularly in regard to Oksana’s “music?” The majority of the public that is even interested in Mel (most are not) are sick of the incessant attempts to promote her songs and videos (the best comments I read: “She’s playing her piano and his organ” and “Stop inflicting this woman on the public!”) And what moron publicist let Oksana give an interview in which she stated it was okay to become romantically involved with Mel because he assured her he was unhappily married? If I were running Mel’s PR I’d advise him and Oksana to “disappear” for a while, (perhaps live in Costa Rica?), like he did after the 2006 DUI. How sad that this amazingly talented actor and filmmaker is making a fool out of himself and offending so many fans that supported his career for so many years!

  78. linda k says:

    wow.qui pro…you know i always supported you and ocean with what you said…i felt you somehow had the truth…i was replying to a response about why we are all upset and shouldn’t be about mel…i did respect his ideas about marriage, and did feel so let down about this situation…i hope that he IS the man that all these years i thought he was…i know he had mistresses, but i also hoped he was different…i only know what is put out there…that is why you and ocean were refreshing to read and if you had read back, i told you i always looked forward to your post, it added something different…so don’t feel i am in a group….i agree oskana has put mel down a screwy road, all planned, and i hope he emerges as a man knowing more of right and wrong..and what we thought he was…and i always hoped he and robyn would somehow work this out and be together…in the end

  79. Ex-Mel-fan says:

    Perfectly said B of Malibu

  80. Revel says:

    If this man has any conscience left towards God, he cannot possibly be happy. He would be tormented by the guilt of his sin.

    Therefore I sincerely hope he’s utterly miserable in his sin and degradation, and I hope that drives him back down on his knees in repentance towards God.

    Failing that, I can foresee this man dying of cirrhosis of the liver, clutching a bottle in one hand and a bimbo in the other. What an ignominious end!

  81. linda k says:

    agree uzi…somehow, how did mel let this happen…he is no fool…all these mistresses, and this one gets pregnant, hmmmmm….and just how did those photos of him and her in costa rica get taken…hmmmmmm….. still a letdown by him of what was thought of him, unless he shows something publicly soon of a change

  82. annie says:

    Maybe this is the devil getting back at Mel for POTC, true we all have free will but the evil forces can really regroup and attack someone. What could be a better payback than this for making POTC? Something to think about which is why we have to keep Mel in our prayers.

  83. Uzi says:

    @Annie…”the devil getting back at Mel for POTC” is something that’s frequently mentioned in comments on religious web sites, along with the inference of Oksana as succubus. Others call it “karma” for all of Mel’s past adulteries. As for me, I’d hoped the 2006 DUI was a wakeup call, but obviously it wasn’t. Maybe this time Mel will do some serious soul searching and try to get his act together before it’s too late. I’d hate to see his life turn into another Michael Jackson-type tragedy.

  84. linda k says:

    uzi your right….i hope too that this is a wake up call…like i said before, with all the mistresses, no pregnancies, no pictures….then now..i don’t see how he cannot see with going to church, that it is time to change.

  85. Clarify says:

    The posts on this board are fascinating, ranging from disgust and anger to prayer, and sometimes mingling with prayer…

    I am curious about something. I personally feel that Mel can turn things around, and that he is absolutely able to change things for the better and redeem himself and his reputation. We all know that we are human and we all flub up. He does seem to have the knack to do that on the global scale. Maybe it is because he was so famous as a star, and also because so mnay admired and looked up to him when he made POTC.

    Everyone loves a hero, and everyone has to admire when someone sticks to his guns and slugs it out, and that is what he did, which thrilled so many of us.
    So the man has had demons… he is far from perfect. I think he still has the chance to make things right, not just with God (with God of course there is always the chance, as He will always forgive if someone is truly sorry) but also with the public. In fact, I think after the initial sarcastic naysayers, that Mel can make a total come back in his career, too, as he was so very beloved. This man does have a rare, extraordinary talent, and I hope and pray he sets things right.

    What say all of you? Do you think this is possible?

  86. Gail says:

    Clarify, I sure do. Every day each of us gets the grace to start fresh and do right. Sin isn’t comfortable so hopefully he’ll hop back on the moral wagon and STAY there. “Jesus saith to him: I say not to thee, till seven times; but till seventy times seven times.” He just has to recognize his sins, then his weakness and ask God for forgiveness like the rest of us.

  87. linda k says:

    i agree clarify…he does go to church, and i hope that in doing so will realize all that has happened, all he has done, and what he can do to turn his life around. this is such a mess, and he has done so much in the past and present which brought him to this point to face his demons. the sooner the better, or to show an attempt to the public, will pull back his support.

  88. Sincerity says:

    Both Clarify and ABitofReality have made some very interesting points. I’m sure that all of us know families that have gone through divorces or have experienced them personally. Contrary to what many Christians believe, GOD is compassionate and forgiving and as his children, he expects the same from us. I pray that GOD will continue to cover Mel Gibson and his family as well as enable each of them to heal their wounds and lovingly embrace each other whether they agree with their individual choices or not. A divorce is not going to erase the existence of this family, just alter the legal relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Gibson, only. When push comes to shove, they will be there for one another. Affairs and lovers are fleeting. They come and go like the wind, but FAMILY IS FOREVER!!! I don’t envy anyone who hopes or believes that the Gibson’s will turn their backs on one another. If they do, they’re either “woefully deluded” or smoking crack!!!

  89. annie says:

    Clarify, yep it’s never too late {thank God} for any of us. But he’ll always have his demons, I learned about bipolar in nursing school and sex is a big issue for them in their manic phase and Mel always seems slightly souped up. I saw Mel on The Ellen Show back inMarch 2005, when she brought up the fact that Mel and Robyn were coming up on their 25th anniversary, he shut down and when the crown cheered he just sat there stone faced. Ellen asked him what he had planned and he said “I’m the one always doing everything maybe she should do it this time” , I also read he had a mistress on the set of Apocolypto and Robyn did’nt care, the whole family knew. Sounds to me they just could’nt hold it together anymore. Oksana is’nt anyhting special, this is more about timing.And it’s true, he still attends Mass so he’s hanging on and I agree, there’s something special about Mel, can’t put my finger on it.

  90. maLiBu biTch says:

    “Sincerity”, there is a slight problem with your statement and Mel’s actions which is Catholicism. Mel does not seem very sincere about it all of a sudden. Lovers and affairs are not fleeting because people are involved. They slash at the fabric of the family, break hearts on all sides, dash dreams and desensitive, not to mention the scandal of it. The tabloids pick up on what is already there. No one “hopes” the Gs will turn their backs on each other but it’s pretty hard to ignore the elephant in the room. Divorce is always a tragedy and injures people and society. Calling it “annulled” doesn’t stop the terrible effects of division.
    As for Mel, yes, he has that special magic that makes him a superstar. No one can take that from him but God and it CAN happen. In fact, it IS happening, for the greater glory, I assume. Humility is a virtue but is achieved only with great pain in the proud, if ever. Oksana is just a tool.
    God has allowed this and Mel has free will at some level, although so many Christians suddenly choose to blindly believe he doesn’t. Mel is so beloved that many close their eyes to the obvious, and suddenly pretend free will in him doesn’t exist yet this is selling him short. He CAN turn around. This is less Oksana’s fault than his (not that I’m a fan). The story isn’t over but it’s not a pretty one thus far. He is haunted BECAUSE God loves him. Yes, we pray …for contrition. Forgiveness happens AFTER that.

  91. annie says:

    Malibu Bitch, love you’re last paragragh. Hear, Hear! Contrition, then forgiveness and yes, Oksana is just a tool.

  92. linda k says:

    just an after thought…..if mel did not use safe sex, did he ever place robyn in jeopardy of contacting an std when they were together…? i think that tommy may have been the last child on purpose….and i still feel that how after all these years no other woman has ever been known,even if they were paid say mel has a lot to atone for..i can see where at some point she just let him have his girlfriends, and leave her alone. what a mess of a marriage, and what a deception for his career…it finally caught up with him.
    he may have said she was his rock etc., but did he ever mention love? we all fell for it…and we all were disappointed when all the secrets were put out there….mel should have been man enough to end the marriage instead of playing the typical hollywood we really think he will change? he has had all these years to do the right thing…he got aced in his own game.

  93. annie says:

    linda k., things have a way of catching up with us don’t they? I don’t think Tommy was the last child on purpose, she was 43 yrs. old so she was lucky to have him and have him be healthy, but he is Mle’s kid too so of course everyhting was fine. Ever notice Mel leads a pretty charmed life and the only bad things that happened are things he did to himself?

  94. maLiBu biTch says:

    Linda and Annie, lots of food for thought. Just a guess but Mel would never use safe sex. He’s too macho and too Catholic, which is of course quite irrational when one is already committing adultery. He already had both feet in Hell, so there wasn’t much to lose. If I were Robyn I’d have a hard time opening myself up to him emotionally or physically after such a degrading marriage.
    Hey Ocean, you are repeating yourself. Mel was hot but would have been a flash in the pan without taking his career to a higher level. He took the career higher but evidently not his taste. You would be no better than Oksana if you had your way, except you are crazier than Mel and she isn’t.
    Can someone tell me why he doesn’t like the pope again? Sounds to me like he doesn’t go for all those Catholic rules on morality. It is much easier to make your own religion of thin air.

  95. annie says:

    Malibu bitch, he doe’nt recognize the pope “the chair is empty” because they left the Roman Catholic Church after Vat.2, they don’t agree with it, so they’re in their breakaway sect, sedaventitst sect. You’re right, he is too macho and too Catholic for condoms. If you’re already commiting adultery you may as get all the sensation of thew sex you’re having.

  96. Uzi says:

    Prior to the “Oksana scandal” all I knew about Mel’s “church” was that mass was said in Latin. What I’ve learned about it since then is troublesome, as it seems to be more a cult than a religion. It’s basically run by Mel, his Holocaust-denyer father and other crazy family members. Membership is by invitation only, and security guards prevent the public from entering the property. Obviously Mel only follows the “Nine Commandments,” omitting that pesky one about committing adultery. It doesn’t seem like the “church” is trying to get Mel to distance himself from Oksana (especially if you believe the NE annulment story), so what’s the point of him going to mass every Sunday? It seems like he built his own “church” with the purpose of deviating from the pope-sanctioned real Catholic values he doesn’t want to follow…almost a God complex! After all, he pays the priest’s salary. Unless he’s struck by a bolt of lightening, I wonder if he’ll ever “see the light.” Mel’s got some major mental issues, apart from the alcohol, religious and sex issues, that need to be dealt with before he can heal. He needs a good psychiatrist. Robyn seems to have tried to help him but at some point realized that she couldn’t and had to do what’s best for her and her children, which is cut him loose. “Tough love,” or throwing in the towel? Like Linda K. said, Mel got “aced in his own game” by master manipulator Oksana, who figured out his weaknesses. She was indeed at the right place at the right time. We probably all agree that she won’t put the kind of time and effort into the relationship that Robyn did.

  97. MGD says:

    Uzi, I agree with your take on this “Melmess”. Mel said (in a magazine article in 1984) that he was going to “chanel the maniac inside me”.
    Apparently, he chaneled him in the wrong direction.
    Oksana is a manipulating, no talent golddiger and a lier, and he is dumb and is being played by a master manipulator (her only talent that I can see).
    And his church makes him look like a crackpot,(like his father). I have been following his career/life for 25 years, and it is getting stranger every year, he might end up like Howard
    Hughes, in his younger days he had gf’s all over the place, sometimes in the same hotel on different floors. And we all know how he died (alone and nuts).

  98. Clarify says:

    I am getting the feeling that some of the posters here would feel self righteous and take satisfaction if Mel were indeed to die in a bad way.

    I still believe he can turn things around. Anyone can, with God’s grace. All a person has to do is ask…

  99. Love says:

    you are rigth Linda. and its a bit troublesome.

    Yes you are right clarify, its terrifying to see that.
    malibu-bitch” is one of those selfdeclared selfrighteous doomday prophete, who knew nothing about Mel Gibson and the case a few weeks ago, got updated last minute by people, and then fly around acting like some kind of expert in the matter. Thats creepy. She is that dude that joined Mel forum a month ago. Totaly dotnt have a clue. Asking me for infos and now look at how she is talking. Get a life dude. What you do is call “intellectual-masturbation”.
    And for good reasons.
    Creepy bitch, i aint more nut than Mel, we are both nut the same way. Oksana is clinicaly insane. But you cant analyse this as you are too blinded by your own illusoric new found “knowledge”.
    What you know nothing about you cannot analyse. End of story.

  100. MGD says:

    Clarify, we don’t want Mel to die “in a bad way”(as you put it),
    we just want him to come to his senses.
    And let’s leave God out of this “Melmess” that Mel himself has created…
    And as for self righteous part– hell,
    there is Mel,a self professed deeply religious Catholic, who makes his own rules – his own church with its own rules, anuling a marriage after 28 years and 7 kids, what a joke (but I am not laughing, I am disgusted and I am not a Catholic).
    And as for turning his life around, he can’t even stop smokking (let alone drinking, screwing around…)
    Oh, yeah, he is a sinner all right…

  101. linda k says:

    well for all of his privacy in his life, now is the time for him to open his mouth, stand up, and do something. all the privacy about the separation, women, etc., has only gotten him in a mess because it is deception. he knew what the public thought….family man, christian, etc., as we all have stated, we were so disappointed by thinking he was one person and then found out he was another….his whole public life a lie…. for all his protecting his privacy, one thing is to be private, another in covering up some pretty bizarre stuff and leading the public on.

  102. MGD says:

    Linda k, you are so right, he is a hypocrite, he wanted to have his cake and eat it too – married (to a rock, a saint in his words)and play around while pretending to be a religious family man. He is a trainwreck, and I feel that he might end up totally self destructing.
    He has lost a lot of fans, including myself.
    At his age he should live a more dignified life, instead of living this tawdry tale – he is a bad example to his children and should be ashamed of his actions, and that talentless, manipulating russian skank …how low
    he has sunk…”In love” with her, they say love is blind and in this case dumb and deaf.
    Karma will get him (and her), what goes around, comes around!

  103. CathyT says:

    Out of curiosity, what explanation or public penance do fans and ex-fans believe that Mel owes them? Really?

    I can’t believe that people here are upset with Mel for being a hypocrite by not divorcing Robyn years ago. Mel and Robyn had 7 very good reasons to tough it out and not divorce! Or 4 or 5 or 6, depending on the timeline… How exactly is the Gibsons’ marital unhappiness the business of anyone else? It’s not like Mel ever pretended that they had a perfect story book marriage anyway. Lots of other celebrities love to talk about how happy and in love they are, but I can’t remember Mel ever doing that. I don’t think it’s fair to suggest that the reason Mel didn’t divorce because he was trying to maintain a false public image of being a good Catholic. The man clearly has a deeply ingrained sense of duty when it comes to fatherhood. That’s why he married Robyn in the first place, why he stayed put in an unhappy marriage for so many years, and why he quickly went public with his illegitimate child. Besides, he doesn’t believe in divorce. (Yeah, I know he doesn’t believe in adultery or being a drunk either, but those are rooted in moral weakness.) MalibuBitch, if you live in CA you should know that Mel had no choice about this divorce. CA is a no-fault state.

    I can understand being upset with Mel for not honoring his marriage vows, but for not getting divorced???

  104. CathyT says:

    This is Mel talking about Robyn from an interview in 2000. Take it for what you will~~~

    Gibson met Robyn after finishing his first big movie, Mad Max, in 1978. They were among several roommates sharing a house in Adelaide, Australia. “We split the rent, did the shopping and all these household things,” he says. “We became friends, and that’s as good a way to start as any.” Robyn was working as a nurse in a place called Home for the Incurables. Is that what attracted the actor to her? Yeah, I wanted someone to take care of me when I got old, change my diapers,” he says. He throws back his head and laughs, “And opposites attract.”
    Since Robyn is so selfless, what has she taught Gibson about love? “Oh, God, I hate these questions!” he says, rolling his eyes. I decided to wait him out. The seconds pass like slow-motion, sledgehammer thumps. I’m about to give up when the inner Mel comes to the rescue. “She’s able to look past my faults and still see something there.” Pause. His eyes flick down to his simple gold wedding band. In a soft voice he adds, “Sometimes I find it hard to believe that she can do that.”

  105. MGD says:

    Mel and Robyn met(in 1977 not 78), and I have never read or heard him say (in any interview) that he loved her.
    But Robyn was 5 months pregnant(with Hannah) so he felt pressured to marry her. For someone who said he did not believe in pre-marital sex, he surely messed-up there.
    Robyn is not Catholic (she is Episcopelian). She could have had an abortion, but I guess she wanted to marry him and he oblidged. From what I know, Robyn made a lot of decisions in their life, I guess getting married was one of them, too.
    And as for Mel, he creates situations and then is forced to go along.
    Don’t make women pregnant,Mel, then you will not have to feel obligated to marry them.
    Oh, yeah, I forgot, he is Catholic.
    (no-no on birth control), so screw around, sort of like a russian roulette, hit or miss.
    As for moral weakness, he seems to have a lot of them.
    OOps, he did it again (got drunk/cheated/started smoking again or whatever),

    I guess he has been drinking all these years, he was in an unhappy marriage.So now (finally) not just a divorce, but also annulement!
    And if Catholic church refuses to grant it , heck, Mel has his own church to deliver the annulment, so he can marry his pregnant russian skunk/golddigger, so God will be OK with that.
    His crackpot father did a number on him when he was growing up, Mel is so messed up (and all the drinking helped too)-
    Living a lie all these years, should have divorced years ago, what a waste…

  106. linda k says:

    i think cathy t…that it is the meaning of marriage…it is assumed that when someone has 7 kids with someone, and is married 28 years, there is a bond between two people….it was obvious that he broke his marriage vows time and again, and only because this time he was photographed with another woman and then gets her pregnant, did it bring to everyone’s disappointment, as to why the heck be married? yes he is supposed to be a good father, but why continue to be married? robyn and mel must have made an agreement, but why continue to have children under a false marriage…perhaps a one way marriage? you can’t say that he didn’t enjoy the publicity he got from being a good family man and being married so long? he could have stood up and said no to her request for divorce…and publicly fought it…but then that would be a joke after he publicly acknowledged his gf less then 2 wks later….

  107. CathyT says:

    Why stay married? Love and life are complicated, especially when children are involved. Sometimes a couple bases their relationship on the kids rather than each other…then the kids leave the nest and they lose the glue that binds them. I think they both tried to make it work for many years because they didn’t want to break up the family.

    I don’t understand what you mean about Mel not fighting the divorce. Legally, he had no way to protest a divorce. If he didn’t file a response the divorce would happen anyway, but he would get no say in the division of assets or the child custody arrangement. Or if he publicly “fought” the divorce by speaking out against it, that would only further alienate Robyn.

  108. linda k says:

    i guess what i’m saying is…did he stay with her just to have kids? i agree when the children kept coming, it was important for them to stay together…but in the beginning, why continue to have children if there was no real meaning to their marriage..and also he could have said, he didn’t want this divorce or something instead of marching out with his gf

  109. Uzi says:

    @Cathy T…As I recall, Mel did not quickly go public with his illegitimate child. Once the divorce was announced pregnancy rumors were rampant and several media outlets, notably the NE, confirmed it. Team Mel said “no comment” for several weeks until he went on the Tonight Show and announced it. Why did he have to play games and postpone the inevitable when he knew the truth was going to come out? Contrast this with Jude Law, no stranger to scandal, who had his PR people issue a statement acknowledging and taking responsibility for a “love child.” And Jude is not insulting the intelligence of his fans and the public by promoting a fake career of his baby mama, nor does she seem to be using the situation to get publicity for herself. Bottom line for me…it’s not so much the situation but how it’s been (and is still being) handled. I’m a firm believer in the statement “the truth shall set you free.” Maybe many of Mel’s mental, drinking and sex addiction problems are the result of his living a lie all these years. With the help of a good psychologist now could be the perfect time to “come clean” and put himself on the road to recovery. I hope he does, both for his sake and the sake of his children.

  110. linda k says:

    yeah well…he hates her enough to be seen with her at the malibu fair…well tell us some more truth since all of us are dellusioned and you know the truth…he put the dellusions out there knowing full well what he was doing, so of course we have nothing else to go by. he still will be hurt financially whether he had filed earlier or not, and it would more of a matter of character that he stopped the charade of marriage…he needs to really get help with the rest of his money…

  111. MGD says:

    Linda K,right on…atta girl, You hit the nail on the head.
    One would think that divorcing Robyn when he was worth 100 mil. would be cheaper/smarter for him then now when 1 bil (more or less) is to be split…I guess he thought he can keep up the charade for ever… Like the saying goes “You play, you pay” better soon(er) that later).
    Close Friend (Ocean, is that you?)…
    you are a deluded one, funny you never saw Mel as a religious guy(just a charmer and crazy guy living his life wildly, as you put it), he started his own church, I guess to promote himself as a religious dude (maybe to get more money for “Passion” when it got released?)and to present himself as a religious hypocrite.
    And since you seem to know sooooo much, and claim to love Mel sooooo much, why are YOU on this site yourself, bringing more dirt on Mel/his sex life? Don’t spit in the air, it will hit you on the way down!
    The reason fans and ex fans are upset at Mel is not just at the dumb behaviour of his, but because Mel tried to hide it all these years (and yeah we heard of him straying here ahd there), but now the s*** is hitting the fan full blast!
    And as for more dirt, you forgot to mention flings with 2 women on “Signs” (in Philly) and 1992 in Modesto (CA)
    So maybe Oksa is perfect for him, wild sex and all and don’t forget she plays Rachmaninoff for him (maybe in the pink undies we saw in pix or better naked) Let’s not forget, she is such a serious artist. Wow!!!
    We will see how all this affects the boxoffice when “The edge of darkness” comes out. Oksa has a part of an orderly (hopefully silent, since her singing is so bad)and lets hope it gets cut out of the final cut. AMEN!

  112. linda k says:

    wow…thanks uzi and mgb, i thought i was the only delusional person here according to close friend..not counting a stupid fool for “choosing” him..the more i have found out about him, the more i think how lucky he has been for not ending up with an std, 50 kids, or giving robyn an std, which who knows with all the lies he may have over the years. close friend makes it seem it’s all our fault…i guess mel laughed all the way to the bank. don’t get me wrong, i love his acting..but all this deceit in his life, only could be a first i felt sorry for him, thought he would go back to robyn since he must have loved her and realized what he would loose, but with all the craziness that has come out, he is reaping what he has sowed . next we’ll hear that oskana was auditioning for the part in the movie. he got caught in a big way…and if she orchestrated it all, like i said, she aced him at his own game. like you all said it was the deception, he knew what the public thought, he put it out there, and that is why people are upset. he stood for family and being married for so long in hollywood, too bad he didn’t meet up to some moral standards….somebody close needs to help him before a terrible disease gets him, or another dui with an accident..

  113. linda k says:

    oh one more thing….as per close friend…seems all the women broke up with him…..scary as to wonder why, after all they had places to live etc…

  114. MGD says:

    Thanks, Linda K. Some of us are voices of reason, but there is a nutjob here on the site (we all know who that is), it’ really pissing me off…
    This “Melmess” would make a great movie (someday), for now, it plays like a sleazy soap opera. We’ll see how it ends, hopefully Mel will get a grip on his life after the divorce /not marry this bimbo, and make some good movies.
    With all his sleeping around over the years, I too am surprised he did not have more kids…
    Mel got aced at his own game by this pro,(Oksana) though (in a weird way) she also may be the best thing that has happened to him, a wake up call to change his ways (get help) like Uzi says (another voice of reason).

  115. angelika says:

    Oh please please stop stereotyping Russians..We have nothing to do with this Oksana,we never heared of her before MG scandal,of all people i know in Moscow think she is bad singer and very unfortunate looking according to our standards of beauty..I dont know what is wrong with Mel Gibson to fell for a woman like this,i always considered him as a man of a good test
    ..I listened to entire album,trying to find a talent there or trying to see what he saw..Our folk song Ochi cherniye” had been totally destroyed by Ox singing..It is not suppose to be sung
    in this breathy cheap cabare way
    What a shame,.Oxana i hate u for this
    Regarding her being Russian,she left Russia in 1989..Wich is 20 years ago,what is exactly half of her age,what would it make her ? American? English?Or a citizen of the world?No i think she is rather Hollywoodishly fake..She belongs to where she is now,simply because in reality Russian girls are least calculative..And come on golddiggers share same profession and goals but have different nationalities
    Actually it is first time i hear of Russian among Brazilians,French,English,Americans and many many others.This Story as old as The World..

  116. MGD says:

    I just got an e-mail from Oksana, she is selling her AUTOGRAPHED “Beatufull Heartache” cd for 12.98 (CLEARANCE price?) and is urging fans to buy a cd BEFORE it SELLS OUT =(before Mel buys all the copies)….IS SHE KIDDING!!
    Also, she just released her new video on ytube “Evening With Daddy” (Mel),
    check out the tattoo on her right ankle, she is pushing the piano to the top of the hill and dropping it of the cliff, like her boyfriend will drop her when he comes to his senses.

  117. unreal says:

    The new video has scenes which remind me of the Passion. I was really freaked with the one where the piano drops… it is just like the scene in the Passion at the end, when the devil is shrieking in that pit with garbage.
    What on EARTH was Mel thinking of?? I just don’t get it.
    Anyone else have ideas about this? This video disturbed me with its inuendoes.

  118. Diana says:

    Hmmmmm. reading these posts late. I just feel bad about all of it. Sure, he is being used by a woman that has little or no real class whatsoever. I liked what Malibu B said about Mel’s faith and how so many of us cared about that. It is true, especially for me. Even Braveheart, which I watched during one of my own terrible trials reminded me of a Christian witness and how we had to stand firm against adversity when the eyes of the innocent or the world in Mel’s case were watching. Perhaps Mel needs to watch Braveheart again, and remember his salvation, and remember that passion. I hope so and pray for that. How can we not care about this man? He is human and has been in or around our lives through media and movies. sad but Oksana isn’t going to work for him. This relationship will implode and hopefully take as few casualities as is possible. Remember Kind David Mel.

  119. Eve says:

    Just sick situation. This man made a movie, Passion of the Christ. What was that for if he is living a lie, and he has a Chapel. What the heck for.

  120. K says:

    Mel rocks !!!! He needs to pick better women though. She is obviously off… no doubt about it…. needs some therapy perhaps….. she reminds me of a teenager ….

  121. Esther says:

    The question is: How many women has Mel Gibson slept with? The world may never know.

  122. Koowie says:

    Mel Gibson is the problem not the women.