Michael Jackson’s friend Mark Lester: one of those kids may be mine

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Michael Jackson’s friend Mark Lester was on The Today Show this morning telling Matt Lauer that he once donated sperm to Michael and suspects he may be the biological father to Jackson’s daughter Paris, 11. Lester claimed he was motivated by the fact that details of his story were about to come out in the British press, but I find that confusing because the news came out over two weeks ago that Lester thought he could be Paris’ dad. Lester, the godfather of all of Jackson’s children, says he doesn’t want money and doesn’t want to change the arrangements the Jacksons have to care for the children. He claims he only wants to be in contact with them and maybe visit with them once as year, as he did with his family and Michael’s family throughout their long friendship:

As he sang falsetto in the Oscar-winning 1968 Best Picture musical Oliver!, “Where Is Love?” former child actor Mark Lester, in this case, has to face the tune of “Where Is the DNA Test?”

Lester, who lays claim to being the godfather of Michael Jackson’s three children as well as the sperm donor in the conception of Paris Jackson, 11 – further presented his case – while simultaneously backtracking – on Friday morning’s Today show.

On the question of whether or not he is Paris Jackson’s biological father, lester said he had “no idea, and even if I was, it would make absolutely no difference to the status quo of the family.”

Today a chiropractor and father of four daughters in London, Lester, 51, said that years ago in phone conversations with Jackson, the pop star sought Lester’s sperm because Michael “wanted kids but was anxious about sex.”

Jackson was “shy when it came to women,” said Lester, who added it was difficult for his friend to perform the sexual act.

Even so, pressed interviewer Matt Lauer, why did Michael Jackson need Mark Lester’s sperm?

“That I don’t know,” said Lester, whose original claims were made in a British tabloid report. He told Lauer that he stepped forward because “the story was going to break in any event,” and he wanted to present his own case.

While Lester’s ex-wife has subsequently stepped forward on her own to dispute her former spouse’s declarations – Lester countered by calling her “a difficult woman” – Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, has said Lester’s claims are not in the best interests of her grandchildren.

[From People]

So this guy went on television to say he thinks he might be Paris’ dad but he just wants to be able to see her? It just doesn’t make complete sense to me. Lester started laughing nervously when Lauer asked him if he wanted money, and I think that means the answer is “yes,” although he denied it. I’ll have to have my friend Eyes for Lies view this video and let me know if she thinks he’s telling the truth. It’s all very suspect to me, though, because his reasons for doing it don’t add up. It doesn’t seem true that he’s coming out with the news now because it’s about to break in the British press – we heard this ages ago, news-cycle wise. Why would claim this just to get in contact with the children? Can’t he send a nice letter and make an appeal that way? Maybe he tried that and it didn’t work. I’m not really buying it, though, and I think this guy is motivated by money somehow. I just don’t get an entirely sincere vibe from him. He doesn’t seem as sneaky as Dr. Arnie Klein, but he definitely seems to have an agenda.

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  1. ! says:

    He looks a lot like Paris.

  2. Kaboom says:

    Yep, quite a resemblance.

  3. Beth says:

    I can’t believe that all of these people, who didn’t want anything to do with the kids when Michael was alive, now want some form of custody. What’s laughable is that they all claim they don’t want money.

  4. Diane says:

    Bottom line, the children have a right to know their bio/parents.

    Considering MJ’s history of bizarre and impulsive behavior, Klein/Lester/Brando
    parentage would not be surprising.

    I’ll continue to hope they have an efficient and trusted therapist = )

    And, whether or not the public ever knows, the children are told the truth.

  5. diddy says:

    his exwife called him a liar and said his friendship with michael only started in 2003 , which is years after michael children where born


  6. sandy says:

    i find this guy Mark to be genuine.
    it is bizarre that MJ wanted other peoples’ sperm donations but i guess it was part of his body dysmorphic disorder.
    sad that MJ’s kids didn’t get to see/be with their godfather at their father’s funeral and have had no contact with him.
    i don’t think Mark is after $
    maybe he would like to revive his acting career though?
    Love him in Oliver!

  7. Catherine says:

    Oh boy….how much did this guy get paid for taking his ‘story’ public?

  8. diddy says:

    the only person that paris looks like is debbie rowe her mother, she looks like a olive carbon copy of debbie and no one else.

    Funny how lester says he donated his sperm to michael 13 years ago, but paris is 11 and prince michael jr is 12 yet its paris he is claiming that is his bio child because she has blueish eyes(hmm her mother debbie has blueish eyes), and paris eyes are blueish green like joe jackson.

    he also needs to quite about being those children godparents, according to michael jackson in various interviews he said his children godparents were elizabeth taylor and Macaulay Culkin; and macaulay has said in an interview that his godhilds are michael children, so i dnt know where this lester dude is coming from

  9. diddy says:

    Miko Brand said outright on larry king that there was no way he was Blanket bio father when he was asked. and the former foxnews reporter roger friedman who happens to be a cloe friend of debbie rowe as well has been saying since 2004 and also recently that he knows for a act that Blanket is Biological Michael’s


  10. RubyKaur says:

    Actually, this is the first man to actually resemble Paris…it’s completely believable.

  11. littlebit says:

    I don’t believe it. This guy is just raising ruckus

    Paris looks like Debbie.

    Mark and Paris: Look at the arch of their eye brows, Paris’s ears, the off-setting of his nose, their complexions (both he and Debbie produced an olive toned girl?). They might have the same mouth but the ‘resemblance’ is laughable at best.

    The children do have a right to know who their biological father is, but their children who just lost the only father they know. Let them grieve and grow up a little.

  12. Ann says:

    In CA it do not matter if you donate sperm do not make you a father check the laws in CA which I do not think he did,,, yes this is all about the money he is there god father so what is the problem about seeing them GO TO HELL AND TELL THE DEVIL WE SEND YOU THAT IS WERE YOU BELONG LESTER………

  13. I do find his habit of collecting bodily fluids from friends disconcerting. I wish I could sing like Mike, not conduct relationships like Mike. lol. Hey, welcome to my cocktail party! Help yourself to a drink, some snacks – magazines and dixie cups are located in the bathroom for my convenience.

  14. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Actually now you come to mention it I’ve got a creeping suspicion that one of those kids may be mine too.

    Anyone else want to lay a stake on them poor kids? Bloody hell, some people are repulsive vultures.

    Shame on you Mark Lester. I won’t ever be able to watch Oliver! with such joy again. How can I sing along to ‘you gotta pick a pocket or twoooooooo’ knowing you are a money hungry meanie trying to profit off your friend’s death.

    For SHAME mark lester, tut tut.

  15. orion70 says:

    gee Ann, tell us how you really feel. …

    i’m with you bdline…..and btw, who donates sperm to a friend just because they’re “shy” around women?

  16. gg says:

    Paris’ and Marc’s lips look just alike to me.

  17. Raejean French says:

    You know, there may or may not be a resemblance, but the point being overlooked is that Lester actually is the kids’ godfather. This used to mean something, i.e., that in the event of the death of the parent(s), the godparents would oversee (at least the religious) upbringing of the children. As such (and with Jackson godfather to Lester’s kids), it is not likely as the ex-wife claims, that Lester is exaggerating his closeness to Jackson.

    I wonder if those kids know/have been told that they are not Jackson’s biological children, or if they will eventually want to know the definitive answer(s) to that question.

  18. cassie says:

    I found it interesting that he told Matt he didn’t notice the similiarity until MJ died.

  19. Zoe says:

    Anyone saying he looks like Paris – have you people SEEN Paris?! They look absolutely nothing alike. That said, I’m always skeptical of someone who has been publicly irrelevant for eons suddenly popping out when there’s a window of opportunity. If he really cared about seeing Paris, he would have contacted Michael’s family and done so in private and not got his face on every news channel known to man. Nice try, though.

  20. kris says:

    I have same mouth, ears, eyes and hair like paris. Could I be her real mother? Joke.

    Let them grow up and find their roots if they want too. Lester guy… you should just seek this truth without going out in the public. It would be shameful in the future if they found out youre irrelevant to Paris life. Go back to UK and take care the rest of your kids. Jackson kids are still grieving with so much challenges ahead. Pls, do not add more misery and headaches.-AT LEAST at this point of time.

  21. Shanny says:

    Paris does look like Debbie, and if this dude was the real father and Debbie is the real mom, Paris would be a lot fairer, he is fair and strawberry blonde, Paris is darker, no way is he the dad.

  22. Maritza says:

    Anything is possible, Paris does look like him but she looks like Debbie also.

  23. kim says:

    For some people godparents is just a title like play sister. My cousins kids have several godparents none of whom will take custody if something happens to her. I think I read that Paris Hilton is Harlow’s godmother . Do you think she will take cusody if something happened to her parents

  24. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Paternity test or shut the F… up.

  25. Lola says:

    this whole thing is unseemly to say the least. Look at how he pimps his poor blonde daughter Harriet in that live clip. Just imagine what’s going through her head. Awful. Also not very nice the way he speaks about his ex-wife. I do concede that his ears and facial structure resemble Paris but it’s pretty clear he’s out for some kind of fame.

  26. Magsy says:

    That’d be a shame if their real dad was some dorky white guy. 🙁

  27. Rick says:

    Those kids should be with their biological parents. They are going to find out the truth soon.

  28. Dave says:

    Paris looks exactly like Mark Lester & Debbie Rowe. It’s very obvious that MJ has no real children.

    All the MJ Fans are saying these people are the real parents…..

    Prince (Arnold Klein/Debbie Rowe)

    Paris (Mark Lester/Debbie Rowe)

    Blanket (Riz Bhatti/Pia Bhatti)

  29. Allison says:

    I heard about that too Dave. It makes total sense. Blanket does look half Pakistani.