A maxi dress for easy summer looks, effective acne patches & an affordable webcam

I ordered the Thermacell bug repellent device back when we talked about it and it works great! We use it on the porch to eat outside when it’s not too hot or rainy. Since it uses butane it doesn’t smell at all. It was really easy to set up and to use. I also got the silicone bread and loaf pans. I put one inside of a metal pan as reviewers recommended so it didn’t lose its shape. It was so easy to pop out the banana bread after it was cooked however they’re a little smaller than the pan I was using, which takes longer to cook. I think I’m going to split the loaves into two next time. Here are some more things Hecate and I are thinking about buying.

An inexpensive eyeshadow primer that will make your eyeshadow last all day
From CB: I haven’t had eyeshadow primer in some time as I used to get the expensive Urban Decay kind and didn’t know what to replace it with. (I just put foundation on my lids, which probably isn’t a good idea.) This eyeshadow primer from Nix is just $7 for a quarter of an ounce. It has 1,500 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. Reviewers call it amazing, say it lasts all day even when they sweat, that they can cry and it stays on, and one woman said it even kept her eyeshadow on after she went swimming.

Electronic cleansing wipes for sparkling eyewear and devices
From CB: My son and I have been using lens cleansing wipes on our glasses and phones for years. I used to keep them in my purse back when we used to go out and they’re so handy. Once you clean your glasses with one of these you’ll wonder what took you so long! They have alcohol so they disinfect somewhat, but they’re only 39.5% alcohol so you’ll want to use rubbing alcohol to fully disinfect. These wipes by Care Touch have 4.4 stars, over 7,400 reviews and a B on Fakespot. You get 210 for $16.99 or 400 for $21.99. They’re safe for cleaning coated eyeglasses, monitors and laptops. When I open one I’ll use it to clean my glasses and phone. Reviewers say they’re better than the Zeiss brand, that “they do a good job getting the face oil off my glasses,” are “extremely effective in cleaning my glasses as well as my laptop and computer screens,” and call them the “best lens cleaning pre-moistened wipes I have ever used!”

A product to remove build up in between washes and keep curly hair soft and manageable
From CB: Natural cleansing co-wash by black-owned brand Eden Naturals is meant to use in between standard washing and conditioning to help remove build-up, detangle and restore softness to hair. It has 4.4 stars, 244 ratings and an A on Fakespot. It’s fortified with coconut oil, shea butter, aloe, and avocado oil to deep condition. Women call it their favorite co-wash, say it “smells great,” “detangles and moisturises like a dream,” “keeps my curls clean and bouncy without drying out my hair” and “leaves my hair feeling very soft and clean.”

Affordable Acne patches that work and are almost invisible
From CB: I love the Clearasil acne patches for doing double duty to both hide and reduce the size of a pimple, but they’re expensive. You only get 18 for $9 so they’re about .50 each. You can use blister Bandaids overnight and they work as well as acne patches to treat acne, but you can’t wear them out because it’s a giant Bandaid on your face. (I also cut them to size to wear overnight.) These acne spot patches by Avarelle are just $8.50 for 40, making them less than half the cost of Clearasil at .21 a piece. Plus they have tea tree and calundula oil to treat and eliminate pimples. They have 4.1 stars, over 10,000 ratings and a B on Fakespot. Photos from users show that these patches are almost clear and hide pimples well. People call them “miracle workers” and one woman with chronic cystic acne says they worked better than anything else she tried, writing “I cannot tell you what an insane feeling of gratitude and relief I have for having found this product.”

A loose maxi dress for comfortable style this summer
From Hecate: My plan to deal with my quarantine weight gain during summer is to live in loose, maxi dresses. This way, I can be comfortable and play into my love of drama with a nice flowing skirt. This cute, classic-styled dress is perfect to just throw on and go and is priced just under $30. The band at the waist gives definition but is short enough that still gives a semi empire-style flow to the skirt to smooth over any new rolls or bumps. The dress has 4.5 Stars, 1,016 reviews and an A from Fakespot Many commenters said the style can be dressed up or down, “I dressed it up with heels, a sheer printed kimono for a wedding and got many compliments on the dress” And several said the fabric is just right, “very nice dress, nice weight fabric and it washed and dried well without pulling or shrinking.”

An affordable webcam for clear video conferencing
From Hecate: My husband’s webcam was about 12 years old and since it looks like he’ll be teaching from home possibly throughout the fall, he decided his students deserved a better picture for their lectures. We looked at a bunch of webcams, but I thought this one was a good deal at $45. It has 4.2 stars, 231 ratings and a B from Fakespot. Reviews said it was very easy to set up, which is important for a tech idiot like myself. They said it has a, “Clear, sharp picture, wide angle, easy plug and play installation, a lens cover and a tripod,” and that it’s versatile, “It works with a variety of software I’ve tested, including Skype, Youtube, OBS Studio and Corel. I use it to record videos, attend webinars, conduct live twitches and video conference calls with several other apps.”

Plant-based cream that soothes dry hands and can even reduce scars
From Hecate: I was in the market for a really good hand cream when I came across Puriya Mother of All Creams. Normally, $30 would be more than I would spend on a cream but it is plant-based, dermatologist tested and you can get a full refund if it doesn’t work. My husband has had some issues with eczema on his forearm so I’m thinking of getting this for both of us. I was impressed with the amount of skin conditions it treats and the fact that it’s non-greasy and light enough to use as a daily moisturizer. A few commented that it could be used on the face. What really got me was that it has 4.3 stars, over 8,600 ratings and a B on Fakespot. One reviewer said it even faded her scars, “This cream is truly God sent. After just one night I noticed my scars faded and the breakouts minimized! I’ve tried many creams that barely made a difference in a week!” Another said you get what’s advertised “I have finally found a product that does what it says it will do.” I’m thinking of using it on the cracks in my heels since pedicures may be a long time off.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I’m with Hecate on wearing maxi dresses lol. These look super comfy and nice!

  2. LadyMTL says:

    I use acne patches (a different brand, mind you) and they are amazing. Just a few days ago I had a small whitehead and I put one of the patches on and within a few hours it had sucked out all of the gunk and shrunk the pimple to near nothing. I also like them because it also stops me from picking at my face…highly recommend!

  3. LouBear says:

    Are those cleaning wipes for glasses environmentally friendly?

  4. Other Renee says:

    I love the NYX product for keeping on eye shadow, although the version I have comes in a small round container and is kind of a hard cream. It’s called eye shadow base.

  5. terresa says:

    Puriya is 100% awesome. My son, who has dry skin/eczema issues, has been using it on his own since he was 6 (past 4 years) with amazing results. doesn’t burn or sting, doesn’t aggravate already sensitive skin, very emollient and light. this and Green Goo are the only lotions we take with when we travel. I use it on my face, sunburns, chafing, everything and it does the job 100%. Can’t recommend it enough.

  6. Barfly says:

    I have the mosquito repeller & it works wonders. My bf gets eaten alive sitting next to me while i get a couple bites. Now he can be on our patio without losing blood volume :) and i will be buying a few maxis, the quarantine had me testing pastry recipes, but theyre flattering & comfy all year. The alcohol wipes are also great, i keep a stack by the front door so phones, keys, glasses can all be wiped down when we come in from outside. Todays list of products is awesome!

  7. al13 says:

    Hey Celebitchy, I last a comment last week on moving … I officially committed to move to HI in August/September, so now I have to get serious about moving & storage (the ocean makes moving harder.) I only expect to be there 1-2 years…. so any suggestions/research (I do hope you enjoy this stuff; I hate it) on the following, or anything, would be full love love love

    - jewelry transportation for full collection (in luggage, probably)
    - storage for a year or so of key paperwork (birth certificate, etc.) I have a basic file folder, but I will be leaving with family, with potential for flood/fire/etc ….. do you know of something safer?
    - best way to store winter clothes, sweater, bedding in a basement … is it worth buying a vacuum thingee for a this move?
    -storage for multiple paintings in a box? maybe that keeps them safe from the environment (framed, and some original)
    - oh lord, what else am I missing? I am discarding all furniture, so it’s just art, personal paperwork, and winter clothing/formal clothing for when I return from my internship in Hawaii…. (I have been told the Hawaiian dresscode will be casual, but when I return I expect to go back to business casual, so I want to keep some heels/dresses/jackets.)

    I know this may not be of use to most readers, but the world is in flux and many people i know are using the time to work on storing/purging things at home, or are being forced to move, so perhaps it’s of use ….. anyway, I will *try* to not ask again, and thank you.

  8. JanetDR says:

    I am a pediatric speech pathologist who has been working from home a little bit. I was waiting for my agency to provide a web cam but gave up and bought one myself. (New desktop, no webcam and my Kindle tablets don’t seem to be compatible with Google Meet). I didn’t know anything but went for a well reviewed one and it took less than 30 seconds to set up. The thing I didn’t know was how much background shows up with a wide angle lens! So I’m a little head, which makes it harder for my kiddos to focus on my face/mouth which is a real drawback. But, if I were just using it for meetings and charpts, I’d be perfectly happy with that, although it took some effort to straighten up everything behind me as well as more on the edges of the screen than you’d think.

  9. Ash says:

    I have a question!! Is there any way to reference these posts rather than just scrolling? Can we search for them somehow?? Thank you! I know I’ve read a ton I’d like to go back to. I know you can screen shot and save, but just asking!