Donald Trump: ‘I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous’

US President Donald J. Trump introduces a plan to help prevent suicide among US veterans

I almost never read the Wall Street Journal’s political coverage. WSJ is still the choice media outlet for “big business” Republicans and corporate shills, and it’s gotten worse since the Murdoch family bought it. So I went into this WSJ-exclusive interview with Donald Trump not expecting much. But dear lord, the shade. I can actually feel the journalists giving up on Trump within the fourth paragraph. At first they’re using all of those disgusting little euphemisms for how deranged Trump is and how he can barely hold onto one thought for ten consecutive seconds. But then they fully gave up and just Let Trump Be Trump and it’s completely ridiculous. You can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

On racism: “I’d like to think there is not” systemic racism, Mr. Trump said, “but unfortunately, there probably is some. I would also say it’s very substantially less than it used to be.”

On the coronavirus: He said that the country was nearing the end of the coronavirus pandemic and that he believed China might have encouraged the international spread of coronavirus as a way to destabilize competing economies. “There’s a chance it was intentional,” Mr. Trump said. The president and some international critics have said China should have moved more quickly to contain the coronavirus in December and January.

On Americans wearing masks: Mr. Trump said testing for Covid-19 was overrated and allowed for the possibility that some Americans wore facial coverings not as a preventive measure but as a way to signal disapproval of him…The president said his bigger problem with masks was that many people fidget with the coverings, which he said made them more likely to be infected. “They put their finger on the mask, and they take them off, and then they start touching their eyes and touching their nose and their mouth. And then they don’t know how they caught it?”

On testing for the virus: “I personally think testing is overrated, even though I created the greatest testing machine in history,” Mr. Trump said, adding that more testing in the U.S. led to an increase in confirmed cases that “in many ways, it makes us look bad.”

On Juneteenth: On race issues, Mr. Trump said a black Secret Service agent told him the meaning of Juneteenth as the president was facing criticism for initially planning to hold his first campaign rally in three months on the day. Holding a rally on that day, particularly as racial protests continued throughout the country, was insensitive, African-American leaders told Mr. Trump. He eventually pushed the rally back a day to June 20. “I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous,” Mr. Trump said, referring to news coverage of the rally date. “It’s actually an important event, an important time. But nobody had ever heard of it.”

He’s corrected in real time: Mr. Trump said he polled many people around him, none of whom had heard of Juneteenth. Mr. Trump paused the interview to ask an aide if she had heard of Juneteenth, and she pointed out that the White House had issued a statement last year commemorating the day. Mr. Trump’s White House has put out statements on Juneteenth during each of his first three years. “Oh really? We put out a statement? The Trump White House put out a statement?” Mr. Trump said. “OK, OK. Good.”

[From WSJ]

Donald Trump thinks he invented Juneteenth. He thinks no one had ever heard of it before him, and he only learned of it a week ago. I can’t. As for face coverings… he thinks people are, like, mocking him personally by wearing masks?? That’s a hilarious way to look at it, honestly. Wearing face masks to own the MAGAs, and MAGAs are not wearing masks to own the libs. If that’s how it has to be…

And again, he seems to think testing causes the virus? Moron.

US President Donald J. Trump introduces a plan to help prevent suicide among US veterans

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Astrid says:

    Everyday is a new day and more crazy. Unreal.

  2. OriginalLala says:

    Yikes… I generally avoid listening to him speak or reading anything he says because it makes my anxiety spike but, this man makes absolutely no sense. How anyone can take him seriously is beyond me….

  3. Lanie says:

    Ok Kanye.

  4. tempest prognosticator says:

    I still can’t believe this gormless feck is president. It’s mind-boggling.

    • Trillion says:

      every damn day I say/think this at least 5 times

      • phaedra7 says:

        And he wants his own azz to be WELL KNOWN for almost every damn thing under the sun on the planet–like anyone gives that much of a hella-damn! 🙄HE.IS.NOBODY AND. HE’S. NOT FOOLING (although he is a FOOL) ANYBODY! 🤬

    • Belly says:

      His stupidity truly knows no bounds.

  5. Mellie says:

    Is it November yet?

  6. Ravensdaughter says:

    Excuse me, but WTF?! Trump’s ability to distort circumstances and facts seems to be infinite. Every day is a new wrinkle, a new lie, a new obfuscation.
    November is just around the corner. Let’s get to the polls and get him out (assuming he will leave).

    • Pommom says:

      I actually think it’s the language of malignant narcissism of which he is a prime example. Nothing existed before he knew about it and acknowledged it. Pitiful.

      Not a professional therapist but am actually related to an extremely narcissistic person. Not fun.

    • Pommom says:

      I actually think it’s the language of malignant narcissism of which he is a prime example. Nothing existed before he knew about it and acknowledged it. Pitiful.

      Not a professional therapist but am actually related to an extremely narcissistic person. Not fun.

  7. BearcatLawyer says:

    I grew up in Texas. Juneteenth is our history, and we have celebrated it for decades. It is great that the rest of the country is starting to wake up to its significance, but it is not because of Cheeto Mussolini.

    • C-Shell says:

      Me too, BCL. Was actually born at Brooks Army Medical on Juneteenth. The shit I’ve heard from my mother’s TX/LA family all my life would curl your hair. At least they remember my birthday, I guess.

      Happy Freedom Day!

      • BearcatLawyer says:

        Happy Freedom Day to you too!

      • NatureLover says:

        I lived in Houston from up until 2001, and we celebrated Juneteenth every year. My parents business employed a large variety of POC, plus my dad immigrated from Argentina. Every year we would celebrate with them. Juneteenth was widely celebrated in Houston as long as I lived there.
        Happy Juneteenth To All!!

  8. Sarah says:

    His hand looks TINY in that last picture.

    • Ash says:

      Good spot, they really do! And check out how much the color of his hands is nothing like his pancaked face…

      • whatWHAT? says:

        the orange on his face always gets me. look at his hairline near his ear. there’s a LINE where the orange stops and his actual skin color starts. and his ear is also not orange. you can see the white circles around his eyes, too. it looks so f*cking stupid. and makes him look demented.

        it’s so obvious he puts on a shower cap and some eye coverings and does a color spray.

      • Ash says:

        God yeah. Whichever poor soul is responsible for getting the make up out of the collars of those white shirts deserves a pay rise.

  9. Ellen Olenska says:

    Actually WSJ had a very good story on how Covid 19 does and doesn’t appear to spread and was not “ anti-mask” earlier this week. It was calm, nuanced and appeared to yield to science while noting the economic toll. Made me wonder if most of their reporters living in the nyc metro and seeing the Covid 19 toll are “ over” the Donald.

    • hexicon says:

      I love your screen name! This year is the 100th anniversary of the Age of Innocence and I’m celebrating.

  10. Carmody says:

    Dear Uncle Sam, get well soon. 🤢

  11. Aang says:

    I thought the newest info was that touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your face wasn’t that likely to spread the virus. It’s the airborne droplets that spread it. Masks cut down on the droplets. I thought wearing a mask would be awful, I got used to it very quickly. Now I’d feel exposed and gross not wearing one in public. My not black family has been celebrating Juneteenth for years. We go to the parade, drink red punch, have some BBQ and watch dancing and drumming. It’s always wonderful. Lots of people, not just African Americans, know about and celebrate Juneteenth. This year it’s cancelled but tomorrow we will go to a BLM / Pride solidarity march (with masks on). Trump is just so so so ignorant. And nothing infuriates me more than purposeful ignorance.

  12. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Have a cluckity cluck cluck day.

  13. Emily says:

    He clearly doesn’t understand how testing or mask wearing works. Everything is about him. How can a person who only, exclusively, thinks about himself ever serve a country.

    • NatureLover says:

      @Emily, he can’t, that’s why this country is in such trouble. And I despise everyone who supports his lunacy or justifying his antics. When I watch the news and he comes on, I fast forward through his speaking portion. I am sick and tired of the lunacy, bullying, insults, denials, and all of his and his families criminal behaviour. I can’t wait for November to get here fast enough! I have also signed up for Vote Forward, which allows you to send letters to registered voters to encourage people to vote. I can’t sit and do nothing.

  14. Suzieq359 says:

    November 3, 2020

  15. Mina_Esq says:

    My gosh, the man is a moron. His stupidity knows no bounds. Yet there are still Trump supporters on my social media…😢

  16. Jerusha says:

    He’s now posting doctored videos on his twitter. May he get what he deserves, the sooner the better.

    • NatureLover says:

      Oh! I need to see that! I hope he is being called out on it!! At least Facebook finally got off its supposed money hungry greed to cut his campaign ads, from what I heard.

  17. Case says:

    I have nothing to say other than reading this nearly made me throw my laptop.

  18. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    What level of stupidity would he have to reach in order for his followers to not follow him anymore? Is there anything he could do or say, or any story that could come out about him that would be the nail in his coffin for the Trumpers? I wish his really bad skeletons would come to light, bc we all know he’s done way worse than we even know.

    • Mel M says:

      What he’s already done should be enough for rational adults. And the answer is nothing. There is nothing he can do to turn off his most rapid followers. My family is in this group and everyday I get more sick about it. I’ve stopped talking to so many of them because I just can’t pretend that they have to be evil or deranged in some sort of way to keep supporting this. IMO and from everything I’ve read the hypocrisy will continue and it’s not about what he does or says. They are so angry that there was a black popular democratic president for eight years that it doesn’t matter who the white republican president is, what matters is that they have their power back. He supports and backs their beliefs on abortion, “religious freedom”, and (to their detriment but they are too ignorant to realize) giving ALLL the money to corporations. As long as whoever is running as a Republican supports those issues they will support them because to them that is the core of their beliefs.

      • NatureLover says:

        @ Mel M, that and they are racist as well, so they connect with him. I was at least glad to read that he is losing older white women in the masses in the Midwest. He is losing ground and will probably keep his hard core MAGAt’s until November 3rd. I have friends for 40+ years that will support him with their dying breath and upon questioning give the same answer as to why they support him, it’s the economy and tax breaks every single time. That’s not enough or an actual answer! Plus I have family members that support him to their death as well, who I happen to limit contact.

  19. MellyMel says:

    FCK him and every person who voted for him!! I’m ready to vote him out NOW.

  20. LolaB says:

    Does reading his quotes seem like English isn’t his first language to anyone else?

  21. Marigold says:

    What a moron. Juneteenth is huge where I’m from (Texas). How can someone so awful be our president? How can anyone support him??? Anytime you see any posts anywhere against masks, it always comes from Trumpers.

  22. KellyRyan says:

    Keep it up Dumpty, latest Gallup Poll has Biden at 50%, Dumpty at 38. He’s not only taking the elevator to hell, strong possibility of taking the GOP with him.

    • deering24 says:

      Perfect. The GOP needs to go back to wandering in the wilderness for a good century or so behind the crap they’ve pulled–and let this scum pull.

  23. Swack says:

    This happened yesterday.
    From Melania Trump
    Today, @SecretaryCarson & I visited the @USNatArchives to view the Emancipation Proclamation & Charters of Freedom. The significance behind these documents is an important reminder that our nation is built on the principles of freedom, liberty & equality for all. #Juneteenth


    I read WSJ extensively—I’m a NYT girl myself, but I feel like it’s informative to see how the other side thinks about the same topics. That said, I would never pay for my own subscription, and piggyback on my FIL’s account—a very intelligent man who is sadly very, very conservative.

  25. Rachel says:

    Trump is the Gold Standard of narcissism.

  26. Valerie says:

    Fuck him. That’s all I have to say.

  27. KellySunshine says:

    I was wondering if the article referring to him as Mr. Trump instead of as President Trump is some small dig at him? I’m not American, but I read plenty of American news articles… I don’t recall articles about President Obama referring to him as Mr. Obama, even now that he’s a former President.

    As an outsider looking in, I really hope that you get a new President in November. I can’t believe how narcissistic Trump is. He’d try to take credit for the sky being blue if he could…

  28. holly hobby says:

    Ugh this asshole. I really can’t with him. Asian countries have been wearing masks for years and they didn’t catch any germs or whatever, you idiot. Also, people aren’t like this short attention span anus mouth so no, they’re not touching themselves everywhere. Thanks also for the race baiting.

    I did like how that aide inadvertently trolled him here.

  29. Hugo says:

    Trump has challenged Biden to two additional debates. Smart move if Biden accepts it’ll hurt him. If he declines it’ll hurt him.