Leo DiCaprio & Camila have spent 24/7 together in lockdown, he’s ‘serious’ about her

Leonardo DiCaprio hangs out with girlfriend Camila Morrone in the West Village

Days ago, we talked about how Leo DiCaprio rented a yacht and threw a party for his girlfriend’s 23rd birthday. His girlfriend is Camila Morrone, and she’s been “the one” for two and a half years now. And she’s only just now turning 23, which means she still has just shy of two years left in the Leo D Girlfriend Experience. The Leo D Girlfriend Experience includes yachts, parties, pretending the Wolf Pack’s dumb jokes are funny, having to pretend Tobey Maguire isn’t creepy, and gifts. Plus, the girlfriends get a career boost. The trade-off is that they’re always booted around their 25th birthday. Those are the rules! But until that happens to Camila, we get to enjoy the “maybe SHE is the one?” stories. Here you go.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Camila Morrone are growing closer and closer together. The couple recently celebrated her 23rd birthday on a yacht with their pals last week, while wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

“He is usually very independent, spends lots of time with friends, but because of the lockdown, he has mostly spent time with Camila,” a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “He loves being with her.”

The couple, first spotted together in December 2017, sailed from Marina Del Ray to Malibu with several friends on Friday, including actress Nina Dobrev, snowboarder Shaun White and actors Kevin Connolly and Lukas Haas.

“They are very close,” the insider adds of the pair, adding that the Oscar winner, 45, seems “serious” about Morrone. “Leo has spent 24/7 with Camila for months at his house.”

[From People]

I mean… maybe this time it IS different, simply because of the pandemic. Camila basically moving in with Leo and spending 24/7 with her is different than how he has been with other girlfriends (although he did live with Gisele, right?). I said before that I do believe that Leo actually cares about Camila and he seems to like her a lot. Maybe it will even hurt him a little bit to have to let her go in 22 months. Sorry, Cami. Those are the rules!

2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone are all smiles as they spend a romantic afternoon in NYC

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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38 Responses to “Leo DiCaprio & Camila have spent 24/7 together in lockdown, he’s ‘serious’ about her”

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  1. Allz says:

    She’s clearly pushing these articles. This relationship is gross and they’re both annoying af.

  2. Carobell says:

    Hahaha! She’s the one until she hits 25. I mean at this point does anyone doubt his pattern? It would be one thing if he suddenly started dating someone who was already over 25, then maybe id think, okay this is different this could be it. until he breaks his pattern, there is no final ‘one’, just the current one.

    • Seraphina says:

      My immediate thoughts exactly, hahaha!

    • Korra says:

      Actually, it is 26, not 25. He dated Gisele and Bar Refaeli until they turned 26. And when the insufferable “cool girl” Kelly Rohrbach was dating Leo, she was already 25 and just shy of 26 when they broke up.

  3. Sarah says:

    Well my reaction to the headline was SURE and a lol.

    As for the story, she’s 23 now and he’s been grooming her since she was 13. She’s attractive and obviously doesn’t challenge him in any way, of course he ‘lovely being with her’. Bleugh,

    • osito says:

      Oy, I never heard about the “grooming since she was 13” part. I’ve always felt like everyone is entitled to go through the phase I went through in my late teens/early 20s of dating far outside their generational category as long as both parties are adults capable of consent, but I think the whole “grooming” thing takes that off the table.

  4. Jay says:

    Lord, if someone I was with for two years ever said we “seemed” serious…😤 Also he “loves spending time with her”… because it’s a pandemic and his usual friends are not available. HAHAHA.

  5. Eliza_ says:

    As soon as “serious” is floated in press, they’re over. Soooo, countdown until split announcement?

  6. Busyann says:

    I do wonder though when he will pull a Clooney and find an Amal? It will happen eventually. I doubt it will be with Camilla, but probably the next girl. Camilla might be banking on that hope.

    • Tiffany says:

      Naw, he will pull a Nicholson and find his Rebecca Broussard. Have a couple of kids and then the relationship will quietly fade.

    • Granger says:

      Educated woman was kind of the opposite of Clooney’s type, too, until Amal came along. Still, I don’t really see Leo ending up with someone who’s smarter than he is. He likes to have the power in his relationships.

    • Donut says:

      He won’t have kids, ever. Look up the pic he had hanging over his crib as a child. All his environmentalist work is about confronting his own demons on the sense we are inevitably doomed no matter what we do.

    • Donut says:

      Also to answer your question I honestly do not think LDC cares about status and cred like Clooney does. Clooney was always very vain in that “I’m so political and intelligent” way and seemed eager to get into politics (unlikely now as they know the Amal show didn’t quite work out). Hence I do not think he will pull a seniors-age marriage to a professional woman. I think he will keep objectify women and dating under 26s and eventually settle down when he gets tired but still have flings, just like Jack Nicolson.

  7. Tiffany says:

    I use to be one of those people who thought of Leo as being one of those people who is out here doing whatever and no pretending and having the image needed to maintain a career. He is not a family man and never pretended to be.

    Now he is with someone who he has known for a decade and is older that the mother who birthed his current girlfriend.

    I can no longer think like that. This is such a disappointment and now is creepy.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      He’s actually older than her mom??? That’s so disturbing.

    • Granger says:

      It looks like there was a 37 year age gap between Camila’s mother and Al Pacino. So this girl grew up thinking it’s all perfectly normal.

      I hadn’t heard about the grooming thing. I didn’t realize Leo and Pacino were so close that Leo was hanging out with Pacino’s girlfriend’s kid often enough to build a relationship with her. That’s so creepy.

  8. Nev says:

    stop this.

  9. Lucy says:

    That’s a fantastic leather coat she’s wearing in one of the pictures. I love that whole attire, actually.

  10. Golly Gee says:

    Maybe she’s enjoying the perks, making the most of the career boost, and looking forward to her 25th birthday. Leo is not aging well.

  11. serena says:

    PFFFFT Please-

  12. Casanova. says:


  13. Jules says:

    It feels like they have been together for many years.. and she’s only now 23? Ugh, she got targeted when she was young.

  14. Cupcake says:

    Is she getting a career boost? What is her career?

    • Lucy says:

      I know right? Her movie that he used his connections to screen at Cannes bombed and nobody cares about her career-wise. She’s just Leo’s ‘girlfriend’ and nothing else. But she seems vapid enough to live with it. And he’s been so influenced by all the sexist Italian Americans around him that he doesn’t want an equal partner. He doesn’t even let his friends be equal. He must always be #1 and everyone else is beneath him. Lukas has forever been assigned to the shadow corner.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      She’s been cast as a main role in Daisy Jones & The Six (if it ever gets filmed).

  15. Harla says:

    Isn’t this like the 5th girlfriend that he’s been “serious about”? This is not a new headline but as you said Kaiser, 22 more months and then it’s “see ya”.

  16. Jamie says:

    I think the only time I thought he might actually pull a Clooney was with Blake Lively.

  17. SpencerAuLait says:

    I will admit that I have thought about this relationship way too much BUT! Do you think this relationship will be different considering Al Pacino is her step dad?? Like, is he allowed to leave this one lol?

  18. PineNut says:

    aren’t they all beards?

  19. Leah says:

    Well once she turns 25, he’ll be onto next years model. It’s awful that he treats these women like leased cars while he looks like a rusty 75’ Chevy.

    I mean sure, he used to be cute….like in 1997/1998 during his heyday. Doing the math, his current gf was an infant when Titanic came out. Wow.

    • Alyse says:

      Was just thinking…. gen z/her age group is VERY into throwback for his heyday (late 90s) as shown by her fashion style…. maybe he’s extra into this as this is a (weird) way for him to relive the late 90s lol

  20. Donut says:

    I don’t think they’re beards. I think Leo will settle down eventually as biology will make it exhausting and he will get bored. However, he will still have affairs on the side. Like Jack Nicholson and Robert De Niro, apparently, IMO. I think that’s his trajectory. Biology just makes them bored with the chasing, picking, freshness, etc at some stage.

  21. girl_ninja says:

    Is throwing a birthday party really a sign of his unrequited love? Didn’t Leo throw a birthday party for my girl Rihanna back in the day?

  22. CherryL says:

    No grown up man can be serious witha 20 year old. That’s hella creepy and borders and grooming.