Duchess Meghan & Harry volunteered with Homeboy Industries in LA on Tuesday

Duke and Duchess of Sussex on a royal tour of South Africa, Cape Town - 23 Sep 2019

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a “secret” visit to an LA charity this week. Apparently, they spent Tuesday afternoon at Homeboy Industries, which gives training and employment to ex-gang members and people who have been in prison. The charity is run by Father Greg Boyle, someone Meghan has known for decades because he also worked with her high school, Immaculate Heart. Harry and Meghan volunteered with Homeboy Industries’ Feed Hope program and helped prepare meals. From Page Six:

Mariana Enriquez, manager of the Homegirl Café, told us exclusively, “It was remarkable to share our Feed Hope program with Harry and Meghan. They are both down to earth and kind. The staff was honored they took the time to see us, hear us and walk on our journey … We will never forget it.”

Father Greg added, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were just ‘Harry and Meghan’ to the homies. They rolled up their sleeves and deeply engaged with our workers in the Bakery and Café. It was immediate kinship, and heartening in its mutuality.”

Homeboy Industries offers counseling, education, legal assistance, addiction recovery support, tattoo removal, job training and direct opportunities for employment through 10 social enterprises — including the Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Café. The org’s #FeedHOPE program employs Homeboy participants to provide meals to food-insecure seniors and youth across LA in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic. A source added, “The Duchess and Duke connect deeply to Homeboy’s mission … To them, Homeboy is a perfect example of how empathy, kindness, and compassion can change the world.”

Thomas Vozzo, CEO of Homeboy Industries, told Page Six, “With their visit, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex saw the dignity and power that comes from having a job. At Homeboy … people can continue to heal and they work, learning skills and changing their lives, changing their families and changing communities.”

[From Page Six]

I’m including the tweet with the photos below. This was clearly a good volunteering mission and I hope Homeboy Industries gets lots of donations and additional volunteers because of this. It’s also great to see Meghan and Harry in full PPE – face masks, gloves and hairnets. As for the way that apron is falling on Meghan’s body… I mean, I’ve thought that she’s been giving off pregnancy vibes for what? Two months now? She looks somewhat bumpy here, but I’m not calling it yet.

Meanwhile, there was another piece of Meghan and Harry news yesterday: they’re signing on to Harry Walker Agency as their representatives for paid speaking engagements. According to People, “The couple will reportedly engage in keynote speeches with trade associations, corporations and community forums. They will also continue to focus on social issues such as racial injustice, gender equality, mental health and environmental concerns.” The same agency represents a roster of top-tier clients like Oprah, Jane Goodall, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Obamas, Gloria Steinem and Lin-Manuel Miranda. I’m sure there are a lot of people with their knives out claiming this is undignified or gauche or whatever, and that H&M could make “millions” or something. That’s not really the way any of this works. They’ll probably only end up making a handful of speeches a year and it will just be a bit of money coming in.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry visit Auwal Mosque in Cape Town

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, SussexRoyal IG.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    First – the Homeboy volunteering was wonderful to see. Literally rolling up their sleeves and helping out. They brought attention to a lesser known charity/organization that is doing good work and could probably use an influx of funds (which I feel like they got yesterday.) It seems to me that should be what all royal “charity work” does.

    Second – WOW people were MAAAAADD yesterday about that signing with HWA. They actually had to protect their tweets because people (Kate stans) were attacking them on twitter. Like…..get a grip, people? I saw so many comments about “who wants to hear from them” and “they should let the experts talk.” My response was twofold – if people don’t want to hear from them, they wont attend any talks with them, and Harry and Meghan wont be able to command the kind of fees that people anticipate they’ll get right now. It’ll work itself out. And then – NONE of the royals are experts and they ALL give talks and speeches. Why do I need to hear any of them talk?* but having a royal at an event helps to generate overall interest and publicity. And we have seen Meghan give very good speeches, she’s not a newbie at this.

    *I know some will argue that the royals don’t receive fees for their speeches, but they kind of do, considering their palaces and castles and diamonds and everything else.

    • Laalaa says:

      Even if they were bad speakers (which they are not), they deserve to be paid because:
      a) their names give an extraordinarily wide audience
      b) they are doing work, so they deserve to be paid.
      If there are so many bad speakers out there getting extreme figures for saying common sense packaged in MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING, then H&M REALLYdeserve the money.
      And for the castles, they left the castle.

      So, give them the money they earn.

      Edit: Yeah, we are on the same page, just confirming with extra explanation 🙂

      • Becks1 says:

        To be clear, I think they deserve the money.

        My castle comment was directed at the royal family still in the UK.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Becks1 – Please correct me if I am wrong.

        I thought when Prince Charles gave a speech to a “private fee paying” group the “fee” for the speech or talk or meet & greet was donated to the Prince’s Trust or some other charity designated by the Prince of Wales.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Bay – I have no idea. Probably. But its not like there is a fee being donated every time they make an appearance. My point was that the royals are paid through their upkeep and insane wealth.

      • ZanB says:

        Does anyone else think Meghan looks pregnant in these photos? The cut of the loose white shirt is a giving me vibes….

    • Calibration says:

      Well I mean duh? Right? How else do royals justify their stolen empires, stolen treasures and you know, actual castles. Plus all the members of the family other than the most senior royal – which they are not any more – are paid all the time. Those are bots getting worked up, not actual people. We also know a lot will be charitable.

      • Becks1 says:

        @calibration – not that its any of my business, lol, but I do wonder how the fees will be set up. Like if they’ll go to H&M directly and be part of their income, or if the money will go to their foundation, or maybe a combo of both. But I really have no clue how these things work generally.

      • Calibration says:

        And @becks1 I was being sarcastic about the faux anger. The amount of eye roll is beyond. I would assume jobs are split between their money and their charity work. Like, I’ve got three businesses, some things I bill to this biz, some to the other, some is charitable etc. It’s just accounting. I imagine it’s a fancier version of what I do. Maybe.

        But yeah suck it up royals, people will pay big bucks to hear them.

    • Jay says:

      Becks1, we had basically the same thought – if people are willing to pay to hear Harry and Meghan speak, I don’t see a problem that’s not thinly disguised racism, in the same vein as “how DARE they live in a nice house”.

      But I will slightly disagree on none of the royals being experts – I’d gladly take a tip from the Queen at a horse race, she seems like she really knows her stuff.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Jay – LOL! I was thinking that. “Well I would listen to Anne talk about horses, or Charles talk about running a charity foundation or organic farming” – cant think of anything I would need to hear from W&K. Or Andrew or Edward or Sophie.

        @Laalaa – gotcha! its hard to read tone online sometimes, so I wasn’t sure if you thought I was arguing against the fees.

        Also as another random fact- a clip of Kate from an event several years ago (National Portrait Gallery I think? In the dark blue Jenny Packham with the gorgeous diamond necklace and her hair in her face) and she couldn’t even say “Have a nice evening” – it was really painful and I actually felt bad for her – it was circulating twitter yesterday AM (I think before the HWA news was announced) and its just a funny comparison. One duchess is about to get six figures for speaking engagements, the other…..

      • Jay says:

        Becks1, Ha! Well, I suppose we can all hope that Andrew shortly gains some extensive expertise in the area of international law and the judicial system…

      • Jaytoo says:

        Yeah, I agree. I would totally listen to Kate (and Pippa too) on how to land a rich husband….

      • Lady D says:

        I think in Kate’s case the title held more allure than the money.

      • Ellen Olenska says:

        Andrew can share recommendations for Pizza places.

      • notasugarhere says:

        If William doesn’t boot her out before then? A divorce payout would be based on the hundreds of millions of private wealth William will inherit when Charles passes. The Middletons do not have nearly as much money as stans think. For Kate and Carole, the status, titles, and MONEY matter immensely. Pippa was never going to marry a poor man with a title, or a wealthy man without a (fake purchased) title.

      • Molly says:

        @Becks1. Edward will talk about his love of cats!

    • Molly says:

      How many sunflower emojis were in those comments? Those people are a special brand of crazy. Karen doesn’t quite cover it.

      • Nic919 says:

        I saw the company acting as agents had to make their site private because of the stans. Those sunflowers are toxic and there is one person on twitter who specifically targets Sussex squad accountS to get them suspended. I don’t know why twitter allows this person to still have an account, especially as it isn’t the orange buffoon.

      • Ginger says:

        I do like how they quickly made their account private. They weren’t going to have it with those crazy trolls.

        And those sunflower stans act like they “rise above” the hate but they are the worst ones.

      • Molly says:

        I think it’s creepy they’ve adopted the symbol of hospice care while being hateful. At least do some fundraising for hospices if you’re going to use their symbol. Instead they pat themselves on the back while being vile.

      • CuriousCole says:

        @Molly, what do sunflower emojis mean? I’ve not heard of this before and feel I should have.

      • Molly says:

        @CuriousCole. The anti-stans on Twitter are desperate to have their own squad for Kate and they have a sunflower emoji after their twitter name. If you look at Richard Palmer’s Twitter comments, you’ll see a bunch of them.

      • Molly says:

        Double post

    • khaveman says:

      Driven out of the royal family and stripped of a LOT, H&M now have to make money for themselves, and I say go get paid and good luck! 🙂 I’m sure they’ll attach to causes they believe in and do as much good as they can.

  2. Goldie says:

    This is such a great organization. I’ve heard Father Greg Boyle speak at conferences. He seems so genuinely devoted to the community he serves.

    • Mumbles says:

      I think it’s great that this was an organization that Meghan and her mother volunteered at when she was in high school. Shows that the org is doing something right to last so long.

      As for Harry Walker, it’s a real agency. I know that Fergie has her own fly-by-night op where she’ll show up for your party for a fee. Not a peep on that.

    • Megan H says:

      I was excited to see them working with Homeboy Industries. Father Greg is an amazing speaker and has done such a great job in his community!

      • Original Jenns says:

        Me, too! Father Greg is amazing and an incredible speaker. He brings all of his homies stories to life and truly creates a connection between you and those involved in his services. My boyfriend went out there in law school to learn about the program and hopefully to bring it back to our state. What I love about Father’s is that it’s inclusive of all races and gangs, everyone is welcome.

        Meghan and Harry picked a great community to highlight and make even more well known. We need more Father Boyle’s in our neighborhoods and more ventures like Homeboy in every city!

        I’d love for her to be pregnant because 1) they seem like lovely parents and every child deserves that, and 2) The Keenbridges would have a fit and William would probably have to think about giving Kate her fourth (I hope not, Their children do seem loved and happy but that family is toxic as you get older)

      • Becks says:

        I have met Father Greg when I worked in Boyle Heights. He really has done alot for that community with Homeboy Industries and I deeply respect him. (And I’m not a Catholic!)
        If any of you are in L.A., I highly recommend the Homegirl Cafe, which is closer to Chinatown, the food is absolutely delicious!
        So kudos to Meghan and Harry for bringing awareness to this cause.

    • Amy Too says:

      I donated $50 to Homeboy Industries yesterday in support of Harry and Meghan. When you’re donating to Homeboy, they let you designate that you’re donating in honor or in memory of someone, and I donated “in honor of Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex” and left a comment supporting both the charity and the Sussexes.

      Whenever Harry and Meghan pop up somewhere for a charity, I try to donate if I can afford it. I donated on Archie’s birthday to Save the Children (I think?), the charity they were supporting with their reading video, as well. I just love doing it. I feel like I’m contributing to an actual, tangible, measurable (in dollars) form of Sussex support whenever their charities see a huge surge in fundraising because of the Sussexes. And I feel like I’m sticking it to the BRF/Cambridges a little bit each time, like “see what you lost? The fundraising power that these two have!?” Because I highly doubt that Will and Kate raise this amount of money for any of their charities just by visiting without live media coverage and then having a picture of them (in a huge group, in which they’re difficult to pick out immediately, wearing regular clothes and hair and makeup, and even hidden behind a mask and gloves and hairnet and apron) posted to the charity’s social media account (so not even their own royal social accounts where they’re guaranteed to reach millions of their own followers and fans). But Harry and Meghan can pop up on a random charity’s social media, and their fans will find them and mobilize ASAP to donate and support them.

      • bamaborn says:

        AmyToo…my motto this year is “#I’m So Broke.” But I continue trying to support the Duke and Duchess of Sussex charities. Lol

  3. BUBS says:

    Harry and Meghan…never ones to shy away from WORKING…they’re not just “keen” to work…they actually roll up their sleeves and WORK!!!
    Plus, it was really heartwarming to hear of how Harry hugged a woman who broke down over losing her child’s father. He just held and comforted her as she sobbed. He really is as empathetic as his late mum. Fr Boyle also described H and M as “the real deal”!!! These two could never have been content with sitting in stuffy castles and cutting ribbons!!!
    As for their speaking gig…H and M, get those coins!!! No doubt, these two are built for greatness. You can’t curse whom God has blessed!!!

    • bamaborn says:

      Yes!! Hope they become billionaires and do all the charity work they desire while living the life of their dreams. As for the other tacky group living in castles, it boogles the mind how some people do not understand how profitable their scheme has been without having to lift a single finger.

      • Chica says:

        I think becoming Multimillionaires is enough. They don’t need billions. No body does. Not when so many others have so little, they can barely survive. I hope their organizations rake in the money. That’s where the billions would be better allocated.

  4. Calibration says:

    That is just wonderful to see, great cause AND ppe! Take lessons, Keens.

    Gosh, I hate discussing women’s bodies but all I’ll say is I’d be thrilled beyond if Meghan was pregnant. I’m not going to guess, assume or anything. But I’d love it if she were.

    I love these two so much. Makes the RF even more gross with their shittiness

    I’ve done quite a lot of volunteering recently for people who arerreally sick and not full ppe but masks, lots of sanitiser is mandatory. I strip clothes at front door and then shower. And similar before going. They’re sick people, gotta be cautious.

  5. Florence says:

    THIS is how you royal.

  6. Jay says:

    I know many are mourning the loss of the Sussex Royal social media, but I find it much more effective to find out about their volunteer work directly from the patronages – it’s a good way to bring these organizations attention, rather than make it all about themselves. Also, they actually roll up their sleeves and do the work, and it shows.

    To that end, if there are people who are willing to pay to hear from them about the issues they care about, I don’t see anything wrong with that, same as the Obamas.

    • S808 says:

      Hard agree! I’m actually okay with the lack of social media as it puts the attention squarely on the charity as you said. I’ll be happy when they re-join but for now this is enough for me and I’m sure charities appreciate getting to be the ones to break the news about a visit.

    • Priscila Bezerra-Fischer says:

      Same here. It is the perfect way to focus on the charity, leaving the charity to explain in their own words why they were there, what they were doing and how we can help.

      They want to be private about their life while working on a bigger stage, which is complicated, but doable. I think not having their own presence makes it easier for them to ignore bots and hateful messages, but now only that, resist the urge to rectify things they see flying around.

      It takes away much of the performative aspect of social media, not having a presence. If Harry wants to wish Charles a happy fathers day, he calls his father. No need tp share a picture ( no problem with that) , a picture that will be retweeted many times over and that Dm and rota will make clickbait articles about.

      Honestly, I think they might keep things this way at least for this year.

    • Becks1 says:

      great point. that tweet from Homeboy Industries got almost 4k likes yesterday and about 1300 or 1500 retweets (I just checked lol). Their last few tweets before that didn’t even get 100 likes. So that’s direct interaction with the charity from twitter users, not interaction via another IG account. That’s a good thing.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I agree, I think it’s far more effective to let the charities and organizations themselves put it out there. H & M we’re never going to win with announcing stuff themselves, people always criticize, but here they are simply stepping back and letting the charities speak for themselves.

      Also, TONS of people in the public eye charge speaking fees when it’s for a corporate event, college, etc. I don’t see any problem with them doing it also, and imagine they will be in high demand, and use the money generated to support their various causes.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Jay I agree wholeheartedly. I love these moments where the charities release photos of them actively working. They look so happy. I just love them being awesome and doing their thing and not looking back at the CEO and the FFk. I am also trying not to focus on the great apron mystery, but if they have another child I will be so happy for them and Big brother Archie.

  7. S808 says:

    The agency had to lock their account because of the comments. I don’t know what people want from H&M. They don’t want to pay for them but they don’t want them to make their own money either. May be a harsh comparison but they really sound bitter that a slave managed to escape and is better off for it. I agree that this speaking thing won’t be full time, they have a nonprofit to run and their fees could be high enough that they only need to do a handful a year. Meghan was doing this pre royal. I don’t see the issue.

    Love this visit. I have always believed that there should be more rehabilitation centers and less prisons. I’m really glad to see them attach themselves to the cause. I hope they work with them in the future. And of course Meghan has worked with them before. I’m glad she’s been able to show Harry around L.A.’s charity scene. She isn’t new to any of this. Just goes to show she was way too qualified for that family.

    • BUBS says:

      Yep, the prisons are disproportionately filled with black men…many of whom are serving lengthy sentences for petty crimes.

    • Ginger says:

      With Harry and Meghan free from the royal family I hope they take legal action against these online trolls. I actually see them doing this. Harry probably has a list of people he is going after and I am sure they are on it.

    • Pommom says:

      There’s a whole lot of jealous haters out there. Nasty racists who know they will never have a tenth of the depth of these two. H & M class acts all the way.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      The vile haters are to be thanked. Their intense and irrational hatred brings eyes on H and M which equals fame or infamy and traffic, which equals big bucks. I would be one of those front and centre at any Harry and Meghan event “yes cocoing” them.

    • Swack says:

      I has to quit reading the comments. My goodness- the negative Nellie’s out there just drive me nuts.

  8. Jegede says:

    Twin Girls coming in!!!!!!👩‍👧‍👧 👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏼 👭 👶👶 🤪😜

    • FC says:

      I hope if/when she is pregnant she doesn’t announce it ever and just has the baby. This could also be why they’ve decided to delay launching Archwell.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        That would be a terrible idea! 🙂

        The poor baby would spend its entire life with its parenthood being questioned. We SAW Meghan carry Archie and there are still lunatics out there questioning Archie’s birth…..what would happen if we don’t even see her carrying the next one?!

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        Having to delay because it may not just be Archie anymore is a very good point that never occurred to me.

    • Amy Too says:

      Your emojis (😜🤪) reminded me of a birth announcement for twin girls that my friend sent out. One baby was “smiling” in that way that newborns do, but the other was literally making this face: 😜. It was so funny and adorable!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I would so so love that. Oh sorry Grandma we can’t possibly come for that weekend the twins are teething. Hugs to the family.

    • Mary says:

      I agree with @kaiser that Meghan looks “bumpy” but then, I thought she looked pregnant last Fall so, what do I know??!!

  9. LaraW” says:

    Waiting for Will and Kate to zoom with inmates, then release more pics of Charlotte tenderly cradling pasta any moment now.

    • Jodi says:


    • bamaborn says:

      Lol! My first thoughts were “they would never.” Then I remembered who they are desperately trying to keep pace with.

    • Jaded says:

      They’re probably too incandescent with rage that the Sussexes have bested them once again. I I imagine Will’s face is purple and Kate’s face could crack glass.

      • BabsORIG says:

        Every time Hazza and Meg pop up and their sighting and event is covered on every news network and even some TV networks, I LOL. 😂😂 Because I know the Cambridges get so incandescent with rage at the fact that they succeeded in exiling the Sussexes but they can never ever change the Sussex popularity. I mean Hazza and Meg show up somewhere and even Al Jazeera or some Indian or Phillipines news reports on it (that’s how widespread news about the Sussexes gets) but the Cambridges only get reported on by the British media, LOL. It’s like, who is William and Kate again??😂😂😂 Must suck to be a Cambridge incandescent rage.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Well, William gets international coverage when he makes a gaffe. His corona virus jokes got a lot of international traction.

    • Amy Too says:

      Or suddenly realize that people really appreciated that Harry and Meghan were wearing masks, so they (Will and Kate) try to recreate the masking goodwill for themselves by doing something inane like wearing masks on a zoom call or posting a “candid” family photo of them walking around the estate wearing masks.

  10. Annie .. says:

    This is a great initiative, but where is the social distance?? I look at that photo and I feel chills all over my body. Face masks are great of course, but social distance, people!!
    I feel the same when I see people together at parks or wherever. We are not ready for that yet

    • Bavarian says:

      i agree

    • S808 says:

      I imagine they were close only for the time it took to take the picture, but yeah they’re very close together. Luckily everyone is masked up.

    • Calibration says:

      @annie I do a volunteer job which is almost impossible to do with social distancing. So we mask, sanitize and shower before /after. Lack of Distancing without other precautions is one thing bit it’s possible though not desirable. And my volunteer is medical and all medical people distancing is almost impossible. Just gotta be careful. But there are optics, I guess

      • Jay says:

        @calibration, I don’t know where you are volunteering in a medical capacity, but thank you! You are awesome. That is all:)

    • Helen says:

      It’s really not possible to do that work with social distancing. I mean….that’s pretty damn obvious? They’re not the countess of Wessex packing boxes on a room alone, they’re doing things with other people. In those instances you just protect yourself as much as you can.

    • BabsORIG says:

      Oh boy.. okay there are circumstances and situations where social distancing is NOT possible. I’m a nurse and social distancing is NOT practiced on our unit, it’s just not possible. Same with this facility. They’re group of people prepping meals in a sizable kitchen, they’re all masked. Social distancing in this situation is not possible. I’m sure before they leave the facility they’ll all do good hand washing, from elbow down. Soon as they get home, they’ll doff (so to speak) and shower before they touch anything even their babe. That’s the best they can do under the circumstances.

      • Nic919 says:

        Much respect for your work as a nurse. It’s a tough job on a good day and during this pandemic it’s especially difficult.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Sophie was photographed packing supplies, no social distancing, no mask or gloves. But a new name on here has to attack Harry and Meghan for volunteering WHILE taking whatever precautions they can.

    • MsIam says:

      They are as social distanced as anyone else these days. Give it a rest and go bother Trump. Ask him why isn’t he wearing a mask?

    • Molly says:

      You know restaurant workers and other essential workers can’t social distance, right? I’m an essential worker and I social distance when grocery shopping but I wear a mask and wash my hands and wipe down surfaces at work. We also have our temperature checked at the start of each workday.

  11. Ginger says:

    I’m really proud of these two. They are on to bigger and better things. I loved the “homeboy” and “homegirl” aprons they wore.

    I have no idea if she is pregnant or not but I have been getting that vide that she is. We probably won’t know until there is a baby. She deserves a stress free and happy pregnancy.

    • Babz says:

      I agree with her needing a happy, quiet pregnancy. She was robbed of that beautiful first-time-pregnant experience. How she managed to go through carrying Archie as successfully as she did is beyond me, because the abuse and smears reached peak frenzy during that time. A first-time older mom, being attacked almost hourly some days – it must have been partially due to her yoga training, Harry’s support, and her innately calm interior self that saw her through, because the results could have been much, much different otherwise. When I see pictures now of her cradling her precious bump with both arms, it has a whole new meaning to me. She was loving and protecting that sweet boy every minute of every appearance because of all the stress she was enduring. I never want her to go through that kind of stressful situation ever again.

  12. Loretta says:

    I love this couple so much

  13. Harper says:

    Since everyone has made very meaningful comments already, I’m going to be superficial–even in his PPE, Harry looks hot in these pics. And, Meghan looks nice and thick around her waist, hmmm. (Crosses fingers).

    I’ve been to several events where big name speakers have given the evening’s address. The tickets for those events sell out so fast–you pretty much have to decide/buy as soon as the tickets become available. If Harry and Meghan were announced as the speakers said events would sell out immediately. If they did one or two speeches a month that would give them the income they need to live their Willileaks-free life. Harry will ALWAYS be Princess Diana’s son and will be a hot commodity in America.

    • Becks1 says:

      100% to your last sentence. I saw a comment on twitter yesterday that was something like “Americans don’t care about these two” and I was like….yeah you’re just wrong, lol.

      • MsIam says:

        Americans don’t care about our American duchess, but we are supposed to be all over the queen and the Keenbridges. Yeah right.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        Americans actually do care about H&M. They’re ours now. The Brits ran them off and if they never set foot in that country again I wouldn’t blame them. You can keep Petty Betty and the Keenbridges. Don’t care about them.

    • Ginger says:

      I agree that Harry looks really hot in these pictures.

  14. C-Shell says:

    I really like this “soft roll-out” of their initiatives and a preview of their plans. The big splash of an Archewell launch is still coming, no doubt, but this is *highly* effective. I love how the charities/nonprofits are getting to publicize these efforts and get all the glory and increased traffic and donations.

    • Babz says:

      I am loving the learning about different charities they are working with and highlighting. It gives us insight into their interests, and provides a spotlight for those charities that reflect those interests. Their goals will be wide-ranging, and their impact will be immense. They are global now, there’s no going back, and they are all too aware of that across the pond. Hence the shrieking hysteria from their media, and the Keen stans.

  15. smee says:

    ITA on the bumpiness…her apron is tied higher than the waist…

    • Kentuckygirl says:

      Yeah but she often ties things higher up on her body… it’s been a fashion critique here before.

  16. Heather says:

    I thought the same thing when I saw the photos – she very well could be pregnant again.

  17. Miss617 says:

    Love how not being working royals isn’t stopping them from having “engagements”. It just makes me madder at the press and the Royal Family, because they truly loved the work part of the working royal job, and it shows in how good at it they are.

    As for Baby Sussex #2 watch, I feel we all want her to be pregnant so much *crosses fingers Archie gets a little sister* that we’re making ourselves see bumps that aren’t there.

    • Benny says:

      I’am getting pregnant vibes since the zoom call with smartworks.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ Miss617

      I agree with you re seeing bumps that aren’t there, yet I desperately hope we’re wrong. A fat belly from her right now would be so very satisfying lol.

    • S808 says:

      I agree about seeing bumps that aren’t there but I also would’ve bet money that she wasn’t pregnant with Archie when she was lmao. I’m still team No cause Archie is barely a year old and their lives seem hectic right now.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I’m not getting baby vibes either. However, it’s possible. She will be turning 39, and based on personal experience, that is the age you really try if you want to have another. Would be great if she is but they have a lot to do right now. Also the state is opening up and lifting restrictions so we may actually see them out and about more.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      There are all kinds of reasons why it is wrong to speculate about a woman’s pregnancy status. She might not be pregnant, she might be trying to get pregnant, she might have been pregnant at one point and is no longer. The best choice is always to not speculate about a woman’s pregnancy status. Let her tell us when and if she is ever ready.

      I don’t understand why people think that bump watch is OK.

  18. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Just donated. What a great cause.

    • bamaborn says:

      I’m lazy and was looking for a simple link to donate. Now I’ll have to do a little research.

      • Amy Too says:

        The link to donate is in the post from Homeboy Industries that has the pictures of the Sussexes.

      • lucy2 says:

        And at the bottom of their donate page, you can donate via paypal, which is very quick and easy.

    • L84Tea says:

      I just donated in H&M’s name too. Some of the comments on twitter are both disgusting and hilarious. Soooo many haters, but yet, they are all there religiously following H&M’s every move.

      • Ginger says:

        I don’t consider them haters anymore. They are clearly fans because why would you spend that much time obsessing over someone you hate? There are plenty of celebrities I don’t like and I just ignore them.

        Also, they make multiple accounts because theirs keep getting deleted for violating the rules for twitter.

      • L84Tea says:

        Good point! The Keen Cambridges are some of my least favorite people these days, but my solution to that is I don’t read articles about them (with the exception of the delightfully snarky highlights here) nor do I go out of my way to comment on anything they do. It’s a waste of energy and precious time being so offended by their royal dullness.

  19. GM says:

    People who don’t like them get worked up about it but practically they are no longer working royals (no offense but royalty everywhere is outdated) and they will only make money if people pay them. So this is a test of their popularity. My guess is initially they will do well with speaking engagements but to continue to do well they will have to put in the work to build a foundation/ image so instead of hating/ loving them people should just wait and see, .

    • MA says:

      The fact that even Peter Philips, Andrew and Fergie can capitalize off their royal association despite most people not knowing or liking them bodes very well for the Sussexes future. I predict a good 6 figures per appearance now during the height of their popularity but even when their popularity dwindles they’ll do okay.

  20. Elizabeth Regina says:

    They will do very, very well. I have done a bit of public speaking and have asked and got 5 figures before. In their circles, I can only imagine what they will command if they choose their gigs wisely.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I think they’ll do very well with speaking and they have a lot they can speak on, whether it be their work so far, or their experience with the press, and trolls. They could write a whole book on their IG page alone and the crazy obsessives who posted there. I’d listen to that speech. I don’t know why people get so worked up about them earning money, which is how the overwhelming majority of people survive. People trying to swarm the pages of charities or the speaking agency look ridiculous and just shows a broader swathe of the public the unhinged hate they deal with on a daily basis.

      • MA says:

        I wonder if any of those people will look back in say 5 years and regret or feel ashamed for having spent so much time obsessively stalking and hating a stranger? Like who does that? And these are mostly grown women who spend hours every day analyzing every detail of Meghan. It’s nuts and I’d be so embarrassed. I can’t imagine wasting so much of my life on a stranger.

  21. Nlopez says:

    Agree with BABSORIG. Im a pediatric nurse, & sometimes we have to hold our patients for cuddles and procedures.

  22. taylor says:

    they’re grown people who have spent nearly all of their adult lives in the public sphere, of course they’re going to pursue work as public figures. people seem to think they’d get corporate jobs or worse, just fade into obscurity and destitution.

  23. TeamAwesome says:

    Love Team Sussex! I also love that they are shining the spotlight on such a fabulous and important charity. My brother has been in and out of prison for the past two decades and the struggle to enter back into the workforce is REAL. Living their best life while helping others is just absolutely great to see. And I’m a bit ashamed at how long I studied her midsection, but adore the thought of Harry getting a daughter.

    • Lady D says:

      I’m a Restorative Justice volunteer and a firm believer in their philosophy of making amends as opposed to incarcerating juvenile or first time offenders. Rather than giving kids a record, show them how they can move on from their mistakes while seeing that justice is also served. I believe there would be far less first-timers in jail and prison if more cities and towns had a committed restorative justice society.

  24. Lydia says:

    I just donated in Harry and Meghan’s name. Thank you for spotlighting this incredible organization.

  25. Green Desert says:

    Meanwhile, the Cambridges are complaining about how much work they have to do and spending most of their time in public with no PPE.

  26. Anne Marie says:

    I’m so excited for them. They’re off to a great start and it looks like they’ll become multi millionaires in no time. I mean the la times is predicting they’re expected to fetch $400,000 per speech/individually! That’s a huge difference than what the cambridges charged for their meet & greet during the US tour. The keenbridges will lose it when they see how successful the Sussexs are without restrictions ,especially Katie who can barely read out a sentence from her scripted speeches.
    I just donated and I hope others do too. It’s such a great organisation. Everyone deserves a second chance at life and it’s a shame that ex prisoners struggle to find jobs,cant vote..etc

  27. RoyalBlue says:

    the haters also ask why they are using the titles duke and duchess of sussex, when they are not royal anymore. so easily riled up.

    i think it is a great approach, letting the charities announce their support.

  28. bamaborn says:

    Just donated in Archie Mountbatten Windsor’s name.

  29. Nina Simone says:

    So proud of them!

  30. MsIam says:

    Love to see Harry & Meghan doing well and helping others. Interesting that there are no pap shots of them coming and going. I thought that the paps would be “ following them everywhere” and “make it impossible for them to live!”? Looks like they are doing fine and accomplishing their agenda.

  31. paddingtonjr says:

    This is exactly what a modern royal should be doing and what H&M were willing to do (and did) on behalf of the BRF. Instead of meeting with experts to “gather information”, they see a need, that may be less grandiose and/or glamourous, and help out. Harry seems to shine when he can work one-on-one and really interact with people and seems really interested in meeting new people and doing new things. Meghan has a strong desire to help out and seems to be able to find ways to be involved in whatever community she finds herself. And letting the charities send out the information about them volunteering lets the charity shine and really puts a spotlight on the charity’s activities. And if people think, “wow, H&M are there, I might run into them at an event, so I’ll help out,” it’s a win-win for the charity.

    As far as H&M signing with a speaker’s bureau: Meghan has been giving speeches for years, long before she met Harry so I would think people would pay to hear her talk. Harry is a know quantity and has been successful with veteran’s organizations so he would be a great “get” for the right group. And it really comes down to this: if people want to have Harry and/or Meghan as a speaker, they will pay for it. If not, they won’t and Harry and Meghan won’t make money. No one is forcing anyone to do anything. I think they will be successful and I wish them luck.

    • BUBS says:

      “ they see a need, that may be less grandiose and/or glamourous, and help out”. YES!!! They don’t wait for “grand projects” that eventually yield nothing!!!

    • ArtHistorian says:

      This makes me recall an article that mentioned that the conflict between the brothers goes back farther than people believe and that it partly has to do with their work. Harry wants to be more hands-on and William wants the umbrella approach. Apparently that was a problem and you have to wonder why the brothers couldn’t just do their own things. Methinks Willie is quite controlling in private and wanted to call the shots for his brother’s work as well.

      • whaleshark says:

        According to DM Harry was too independent minded and the palace did not want to deal with that. They planned for him to be cut loose. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8455823/Prince-Andrews-disastrous-Newsnight-interview-silent-coup-against-Prince-Harry-claims-expert.html#comments

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        William is also allegedly VERY VERY competitive over positive press attention with the rest of the family – his brother and father in particular. Wasn’t that in the Jobson book about Chuck?

        CEO Kate is also allegedly very controlling and competitive – 2 people with those personality traits are not going to create a very positive and functional dynamic. The Cambridges have always had a toxic relationship, right from the beginning – you can see the toll its taken on Kate’s face. Both are unhappy and miserable with their lives.

      • paddingtonjr says:

        @ArtHistorian: I have wondered why William and Harry (and Kate) were under the Royal Foundation. Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward have very different interests (not trying to bring snark or unpleasantness here! :)) and supported different causes/patronages. I think at some point after Diana’s death, there was this romantic narrative that “Diana’s boys” were close because they had suffered this horrible tragedy, went through the War of the Walses together and were in the same social circle (as were the Yorks, etc.). And then it evolved into W&K&H being one big happy group with Kate as the older, wise sister to Harry and William being the born leader who saved his somewhat doofy brother from himself. And Harry didn’t fight back against it because he had been raised (at least after Diana died) to think of himself as inferior to William (the heir) and be the utility player on the W&K&H team (and he was able to do somethings he wanted like Sentable and Invictus). Then he met Meghan who hadn’t been raised in the same dynamic, didn’t follow the “Heir and Spare” idea and showed Harry didn’t have to be the way it was. Harry had someone who saw his potential, someone who also liked hands-on projects and believed in making a difference as much as he did (and had the real-world experience and ability to get things done), which gave him the confidence to be more assertive and independent. William and the BRF/RR didn’t lie this change in narrative and lashed out against Meghan, so Harry reacted and made it clear Meghan (and later Archie) was his main priority and that he would protect his family. Until the BRF accepts that, the Sussexes will get along without them very nicely thank you.

      • February-Pisces says:

        I think the problem is that harry got serious about his work. He’s was meant to be the family screw up. But his ten years in the army really matured him. William couldn’t have that. It’s bad enough that everyone prefers harry to William anyway, but harry achieving more that him was too much for williams fragile ego.

        @digital unicorn, William and Kate are well suited in that respect, both being very insecure, lazy and competitive. They also have a desire to destroy anything they feel threatened by. The problem is what’s going to happen when they turn on each other? They have twenty years of pent up anger towards each other. I’m looking forward to the Cambridge vs Cambridge press war, cos its coming. I think it’s going to start with William throwing Kate under the bus for Sussexit.

  32. L4frimaire says:

    I thought this was a great appearance and they really gave it the time and attention it deserves. I think going forward, because they are working for themselves, they will really put in the effort with these organizations they align with. The charity had a huge amount of traffic and coverage.Also, it’s very cool that Meghan met them back in high school. I liked that this serves former gang members because I found it so offensive when they said Meghan was “straight out of Compton” and from a “ gang scarred” neighborhood. Well Harry didn’t just stop by for tea, but made a few meals with these “ gangsters”. As for signing up with the speaking agency, that seems totally on brand with what they’re doing. I also think they’ll partner with other speakers at events and panels, especially as they launch their nonprofit. As for comparisons with what the other royals are doing in regard to it, I just don’t see the relevance. The royals have their jobs, and it looks ridiculous if they try to follow what the Sussexes are doing. They should do their actual ceremonial jobs and focus more on their own foundation, instead of worrying about these two. If they were architects would William and Kate decide to design shopping malls? Anyway, loved this news, and it put the focus back on their work.

  33. TheOriginalMia says:

    I love love love this! The fact that it isn’t a traditionally “royal” charity to the fact that some others wouldn’t be caught dead in full on PPE and smocks with Homegirl/Homeboy embroidered on them. This was a great initiative for them to get involved with. Doria really raised a wonderful woman. The foundation was always there. Meghan was always the real deal.

    As for sighing with the HW firm, good for them. Get with people who understand how to manage high level clients. Get those speaking fees. Earn your own money. Secure your freedom.

    I think she’s pregnant. If she’s not, I’ll keep hoping for a 2nd one.

  34. LittlePenguin says:

    My worry if she is preggers is that the attack will be “There is a global pandemic going on! How dare they do something so selfish”

    I like that they are helping out on their own terms and where they want now. And that it doesn’t have to be ‘counted’ for the CC

  35. penguin says:

    Yay for new pics, but I really wish we wouldn’t with the pregnancy speculation and comments on body shape. After all who hasn’t gained pounds whilst locking down. Lets let her announce if and when she wants to announce without analysing Meghan’s body shape.

  36. blunt talker says:

    I really like being surprised by their endeavors. Never in a million years would I have known about this charity if they had not spotlighted it. I also like they are not on social media so we never know where they will show up. This is a great charity and everyone in the US media said so. Meghan had worked them back during high school. The haters are making them more noticeable in North America. Sane people would say what wrong with them highlighting a very good charity that is doing positive work to improve people and communities. Will and Kate are not my cup of tea. I don’t comment on any thing they do charity or otherwise-unless I feel they are trying or doing something to hurt the Sussexes-then the gloves are off! The majority of the hateful comments comes from people who are white-just a fact-they tell people I am not racist-why are you spending so much time following Harry and Meghan’s life with ugly remarks. You have enough royalty in the UK and Europe to write about. People who love them and want to support will-those who do not should act as if they don’t exist. I don’t waste energy on people who I do not care for-PERIOD11111

  37. its always good to see this lovely couple up and doing great things.