“David Beckham would have been enjoying Wimbledon this week, sob” links

Royal Box Wimbledon

I miss tennis too, Jessica! Wimbledon would have started this week & David Beckham always loved watching matches. He was a women’s tennis stan too. [Go Fug Yourself]
The Trump administration bought the entire stock of Gilead Science’s coronavirus drug Remdesivir and the rest of the world is freaking out. [Towleroad]
Kanye West congratulated Kim Kardashian on becoming a billionaire? [Dlisted]
Target is removing Shane Dawson’s books. [Just Jared]
Leo DiCaprio is completely comfortable with Mask Life. [LaineyGossip]
The best book dedications. [OMG Blog]
If you were forced to say something nice about Star Wars Ep. I-III, what would you say? I’m coming up blank. [Pajiba]
Cirque du Soleil lays off thousands of people via video. [Jezebel]
Why would you ever give away a beautiful Great Dane? [Starcasm]
Miley Cyrus wore Alexandre Vauthier. [RCFA]

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  1. Libellule says:

    Darth Maul light saber fight was awesome!

  2. detritus says:

    Happy Canada Day! 🥳

  3. Dazed and Confused says:

    Genuinely nice things about SW I-III —
    Natalie Portman’s costumes and hair. Stunning.
    Ewan McGregor incorporating Sir Alec Guinness’s tone and inflection into his Obi-wan so that you truly felt like he was a younger Sir Alec.

  4. greenmonster says:

    Shane Dawson is awful for many reasons.

  5. Lady D says:

    I caught the rabbit!!! I tried what I thought was a really stupid idea, I laid a trail of carrot, apple, cucumber and strawberry chunks from the tire lot right across the road into my yard this morning at 5:30, and he actually followed it right into my (fenced) back yard. I can’t believe it worked. It took 25 days and it is going to its new home after a brief side-trip to the vet’s tomorrow. It’s currently eating my garden, but it’s safe in my back yard.

    • antipodean says:

      Huzzah, Lady D, such a heartening story on a gray Covid-creeping day! I hope bunny finds a fabulous home with never-ending grass and tasty nibbles. You deserve all the warm fuzzys for being so caring and persisting in your quest to safely trap and save Mister/Missus bundo. I wonder if it is any relation to Marlon?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      how wonderful! thank you for saving him from an almost certain death.

      you’re a good egg.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I answered this question on Twitter.

    Ewan McGregor was absolutely fantastic as Obi Wan and the best thing about those films.

    And Lucas specifically wrote a role for Samuel L Jackson because he wanted to work with him that much.

  7. Anairda says:

    I was 8 when episode I come out and I saw it in a movie theatre with my mom and big brother. Even though people say shity things about episode I, II and III, I loved them at the time as a kid.
    And the best thing for me was that I got the change to relive the magic of seeing it when it come out like my parents 20 years before.
    It fuel my love for star wars, so for that I am forever grateful.