Prince Andrew cancelled his summer trip to Spain, won’t leave the UK for the time being

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When push comes to shove, of course the British government would never send Prince Andrew to America to be prosecuted for his crimes. No matter what Ghislaine Maxwell says and whomever she names, Prince Andrew will not have to answer any charges in an American court. It just won’t happen. The scandal will be this: if Ghislaine names Andrew and describes his crimes, Andrew will be unable to leave Great Britain ever again, out of a fear that the American authorities would swoop in and grab him, or that he would be extradited or prosecuted by another government. And so Andrew is getting used to the new reality right away: he’s cancelled his annual summer trip to Spain.

Prince Andrew has canceled his annual golfing trip to Spain because he’s “nervous” about leaving the UK during an investigation by US authorities into his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, according to a report. Last year, the Duke of York stayed at a pal’s mansion in Costa del Sol just days after the convicted pedophile committed suicide at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, the Sun reported.

A palace insider told the outlet that the royal pulled the plug on this year’s trip because he’s “worried” of traveling abroad after the Justice Department issued an official request to interview him about Epstein. Adding to Andrew’s anxiety was last week’s arrest of the late financier’s alleged procuress Ghislaine Maxwell on charges that include alleged sex crimes in her London townhouse — where the prince has separately been accused by an Epstein “sex slave” of sleeping with her when she was 17, the Mirror reported.

The palace insider told the Mirror it’s “unlikely” Andrew will leave the UK in the foreseeable future and will “never travel to the US again.”

[From Page Six]

That whole Page Six description of Andrew’s criminal behavior is disgusting. It’s not sex, it’s rape. Virginia wasn’t a sex slave, she was a teenage human trafficking victim. Humanize victims. As for Andrew… yeah, as I said. If Maxwell names him and the FBI presses the issue on the “he’s a person of interest being sought for an FBI interview” thing, Andrew will never be able to leave the UK again. LOL.

Also, federal prosecutors are asking for a bail hearing for Maxwell this Friday. Which seems completely fair? That timeline makes sense and geez, I sure hope she lives to make it to court on Friday.

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52 Responses to “Prince Andrew cancelled his summer trip to Spain, won’t leave the UK for the time being”

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  1. Darla says:

    Oh I’m certain he will never step foot in the United States again. This is all so disgusting. He is so obviously guilty. He’ll never face a moment’s justice.

    • kimberlu says:

      interesting that he called off a trip to a country that will routinely do an extradition to the USA, even without having a treaty in place🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      The US and UK have an extradition treaty. I hope the US demands that low life be turned over to US authorities.

  2. Becks1 says:

    Yup, this is his new life now. Too bad so sad.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ Becks1 : Exactly. And it gives me some pleasure to think of Andrew boo-hooing in a castle somewhere about how awful his life is and how he’s like a “prisoner” now. LOL. Sure it’s not what should happen (jail) but it’s still sweet to know that after getting away with it for decades because of his royal status, he is now a shamed outcast. There was a time decades ago that he was second in line to the throne and a sexy navy pilot. Now he’s just a pathetic old man who even the servants whisper about behind his back as soon as he leave the room. THIS is what will torment him.

      • porcupette says:

        Oh Andy’s toast. And social and “professional” hell is gonna hurt much more than prison. At least in prison he could wallow in the nobility of his fate as a latter day Count of Monte Cristo.
        And he’s broke. The Queen is restrained from helping him as much as he (or she) would like, and frankly she’s over too. The month after month of social isolation, her routine disrupted, worried sick about her country and her family, bored and anxious, and bored. And thanks to her Prime Minister, the virus will be rampaging for some time, this may very well go on for another year. I think it unlikely she’ll ever appear in public again.
        The only questions left are: Will Andy be shunned in private too? Who will pay for his golf and pizza parties? Will the Fergie/Eugenie/Beatrice travelling road show of attention-wanting stagger on? Who is going to be picking up the bills? Their whole brand is lovey-dovey family, so just how are they going to play this? Or will they slink away, or just pipe down? As if. How long will Fergie get away with pitching this childrens’ books shtick? Does no one notice it makes her look like a pimp for Andy? Ditto Princess anti-sex traffic campaigner. How long will it take until Andy’s so hard up for personal living expenses and daughters’ allowances that Charles kicks him out of Royal Lodge in exchange for a dosh infusion? Is there anything WORSE he could perpetrate? I mean he’s gonna be distraught when lovable old moms shuffles off this mortal coil. God Save the Queen.

      • Sid says:

        Very true. I recall reading a story where Andrew walked into a room and no one stood up. Allegedly he said something like “let’s try that again shall we?” then walked out of the room and walked back in so that people would acknowledge him “correctly.” Someone as pompous as that is going to be absolutely miserable at the loss of social “cachet” that will come with this.

      • Carrie says:

        Yes, Andy is…
        Okay I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored
        Bored in a house and I’m in the house bored
        Bored in a mfking a house bored 😂😂😂

  3. lola says:

    Of course, he won’t leave the UK. He has to hide underneath Mummy’s skirt so she can protect him.

  4. Rae says:

    He’s really hitting it home how innocent he supposedly is.

    I mean, are they even trying to hide it now?

  5. Sarah says:

    Awwww…does somebody not want to be extradited? Sad!

  6. Nanny to the Rescue says:

    People with UK legal knowledge:

    IF Americans demand his extradition, and Britain refuses to do it (which, as Kaiser said, they will), is there any ground to prosecute him in Britain? What does the case have to entail for it to be possible? Crimes on British soil?

    • Gobe says:

      Why not do a trade? The Brits could hand over Andrew to the US and the US could hand over to the Brits Anne Sacolas (the dumb American who didn’t know which side of the road to drive on and killed that poor teen before claiming immunity)

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      I don’t know much about UK law, but speaking as a Brit, there is NO WAY the Crown Prosecution would life a finger on. They have already said that they have investigated and ‘found no evidence’ so yeah, the UK criminal justice is rigged to protect the Royals.

      They are going to spin this as an American thing and wash their hands off it.

      If anyone is going to do it, its the Americans.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        Oh, they “found no evidence”?
        No doubt they’ll keep finding no evidence. :(

    • Ainsley7 says:

      It’s possible for him to be charged in the UK. He met Virginia the first time at a club in London. Sex trafficking is just as illegal there as it is in the US. Andrew’s crimes don’t end at sex trafficking either. He’s also been involved with illegal arms deals and sharing classified information. Yet the government hasn’t done anything since they asked him to step down as trade ambassador back in 2011. I thinks that’s all they ever plan to do as long as he doesn’t try to come back to public life. It’s incredibly messed up, but I honestly think they’re too embarrassed. There’s been a slow leak of all Andrew’s crimes over the years. I can see them preferring that over having to admit how much they let him get away with and how long they knew about everything all at once in a court case.

      • MsIam says:

        Didn’t the U.K. prime minister say the other day that he felt this was not a government matter but a matter for the Royal family? So I interpreted that to mean that the government will not do diddly in this and are leaving it up to Mummy to apply the paddle on her wayward son. She’ll probably buy him a house in Dubai or some other hideout. I wonder if she will allow Fergie to go along with him?

    • TQ says:

      There would be jurisdiction to prosecute Andrew here in the UK for crimes that occurred on British soil. So the rape of Virginia in London when she was 17, role in trafficking her and other victims here for sex, sex with minors, and any of the other incidents here could fall under UK jurisdiction. The problem in the UK is rape prosecutions are already very infrequent (from last year:, so that even if he wasn’t a royal it would be unlikely to be brought. So the answer is technically possible, but highly unlikely.

      • Christina says:

        TQ, I hope that you are right, but I am concerned about the lack of rape convictions, which is still a big problem culturally in the United State, too, and the UK age of consent. Virginia was absolutely trafficked, but what ever the law books say generally determines how far prosecutors are willing to go to bat for victims.

        In the post about Maxwell, I mentioned a recent story that happened in Oakland, CA where a bunch of police officers of the Oakland Police Department and other police departments where passing around a minor victim for sex who sold herself as a prostitute; she appears to me to be mentally ill, but her health mental health status has not been disclosed. Her mother worked in OPD’s dispatch center. They used her for years without incident until she came out about it. She finally realized that she was raped as a minor instead of controlling her situation and she blew the whole thing open. Some officers were fired. The ones who looked away weren’t that I know of. I don’t think that there have been any convictions. They should have been convicted of a crime.

        This stuff is normalized in our societies. Andrew will hide in the palace until QE dies. Even then, he won’t be thrown in jail. If police officers aren’t, why would he be punished by the law?

    • Mary says:

      @Nanny, if I may, I would like to add on to your question my own about the civil case(s). Can they proceed in the US? The UK? Can his assets (chalet) in Switzerland be frozen? What about funding received from the Queen? Can they sue for his lease on White Lodge and have it as a vacation home for Pedo’s victims (they could doorbell dash Queenie at Windsor!)?

      While it is in no way justice, the thought of high flyiing and falutin Andy being stuck in Britain makes me smile.

    • Nic919 says:

      If the UK ignores an extradition request from the US they would be violating their treaty. I think there is a lot of lobbying happening right now behind the scenes to prevent an official extradition request from being made and with the corrupt US president prepared to make deals for personal profit, you can be sure that they are trying to get something in place prior to Biden likely becoming president. That call from the Queen was very unlikely to be a coincidence either. I doubt she said anything directly related to this to dump, but just the prestige of her calling would probably grease some wheels.

      Any normal person faced with the allegations currently made against Andrew would already be charged by the US government.

    • Mignionette says:

      The issue here is not the UK, rather the jurisdiction he may end up in on holiday.

      For example there are pending warramts for Epstein and his Acolytes/ Associates accross Europe, Australasia and the Caribbean. Basically anywhere that any of the girls ended up and Andy may have been associated with Epstein.

      In those instances there is a risk that Andrew could be approached or worse still arrested, especially in say France.

      Another scenario is Andy being stuck in a jurisdiction he did not anticipate. The odds are low but the possibilty exists i.e. Plane takes off from London and encouters engine issue and has to make and emergency landing in France. This is not such a remote possibility in the age of Corona where Air Bridges can be shut at will for public safety reasons.

      Epstein and one of his high level associates are wanted in France where he also has property where 12 year old teen girls were abused. Andy could be publicly requested as a person of interest. Such a request could likely fail, however it’s the potential embrassment of the cameras being there as that kind of keffuffle goes down.

      Andy will in all likelyhood not leave the UK for a few years.

      The above is also the reason for the Bea running off to Italy piece. The RR’s were trolling bc they know that ANdy could not attend the wedding as it could end in embarassment for Bea and Eddo.

    • anotherlily says:

      The US has made a formal ‘Mutual Legal Assistance’ application.

      ‘Mutual legal assistance (MLA) is a method of cooperation between states for obtaining assistance in the investigation or prosecution of criminal offences. MLA is generally used for obtaining material that cannot be obtained on a police cooperation basis, particularly enquiries that require coercive means. Requests are made by a formal international Letter of Request (LOR). In civil law jurisdictions these are also referred to as ‘Commission Rogatoire’. This assistance is usually requested by courts or prosecutors and is also referred to as ‘judicial cooperation.’

      This may lead to Andrew being required to give a deposition under oath in the UK. A deposition is a formal statement made before a magistrate in response to questions put by, in this case, the FBI. It would be a private hearing, not an open court hearing, so details wouldn’t be reported.

      Andrew keeps insisting that he’s willing to cooperate but if he tries to avoid a deposition (I think he can be legally compelled) it will make things worse.

      • anotherlily says:

        To add to the above:

        With a successful MLA application the FBI would have the same powers as UK police and prosecutors to find evidence, including obtaining search warrants and witness summonses. So they could question his family, friends and police security.

        Andrew could refuse to answer investigator’s questions in response to a summons however, if he becomes more than a possible witness and is named as a subject in the Inquiry ( a suspect), there could be extradition proceedings.

      • Mary says:

        The LOR has been made but when BJ was asked about Andrew testifying (presumably by depo as well), he said that it was up to the Royal family. ?????!!!!!

  7. Priscila Bezerra-Fischer says:

    It is not a conspiracy, just a reminder that, in recent history, whoever threatens the RF gets to be eliminated, one way or another, and we are left not with explanations, just rumours and half asked questions.

    Princess Margaret´s pictures incident, Diana´s tragic death and Epstein ” suicide” just on the top of my head.

  8. PhD gossip says:

    2020 is rivaling 1990 as an annus horribilus.

  9. C-Shell says:

    And last year, when he was in it up to his eyeballs over Epstein, he and Fergie flew in a private jet and vacationed in a mansion loaned to them be a “pal,” at the same time Harry, Meghan and baby Archie were being excoriated every single day for flying private jets, at least one loaned by Elton John so they could escape as his guests to his Italian villa. Followed quickly by the Scambridges’ Flybe shenanigans. The RF hypocrisy was never more blatant. The pandemic has accomplished some good things. The Sussex family has not had to make a show of traveling to the UK for any reason.

  10. Lizzie Bathory says:

    I agree that he probably won’t face justice, but I’ll get some satisfaction from “Air Miles Andy” never feeling safe to leave mummy’s island again.

  11. Dear Prudence says:

    The Daily Mail venomously attacked Meghan yesterday. Over nothing. That same ‘Kate cried over her daughter not wearing stockings at Harry and Meg’s wedding.”

    Amazing how hard they work to deflect attention from Randy Andy.

    • Tessa says:

      No wonder Harry and Meghan left. The Queen letting this happen and Charles letting it happen is a disgrace.

    • Pearl Grey says:

      I wonder if Kingmaker Catherine the Great is aware that the press constantly rehashing this “Meghan made Kate cry over tights/dress lengths” story is doing more to end up making her look weak, petty and juvenile than it is to make her look like the poor little victim of mean Meghan? I thought she didn’t want to be used as a stick to beat Meghan with anymore? Or is she happy to help kill two birds with one stone to deflect from the Pedo Prince?

      As for Andrew, I too believe he will never face justice, but the great lengths he is going to to evade authorities just serves to prove his obvious guilt even more. How anyone can still believe he is innocent is beyond me. Oh wait, no it’s not, because he is a white, “royal” male and there is a biracial American Duchess to focus on instead.

  12. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Oh, poor little Andrew, afraid to leave the UK in case he faces justice and feeling ‘bewildered’ that he has been revealed as actually culpable for his actions, rather than above the law. Mummy’s special snowflake will turn the Palace into the Ecuadorean embassy at this rate.
    But never mind, plebs, because here comes Kate’s Grin, and it’s cosplaying its dead mother-in-law yet again!

  13. KellyRyan says:

    Justice arrives in many forms. He’s had his wings clipped and his tail docked. Living a sequestered life with no way to con or abuse women is good enough. I doubt the US will take action beyond the request. Mommy with her unlimited wealth will pay to settle with the victims, and NDA’s will be in place.

  14. Lisa says:

    Yeah he is not setting foot out of the UK.

  15. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Oh he’s BIG scared

  16. ABritGuest says:

    Seems like the actions of a totally innocent man..

    To add to the pizza express, fat fingers, inability to sweat defence, Ghislaine’s friend has added that Andrew was too dumb!

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ ABritGuest : My parents were from Britain and I have been following the BRF since I was a kid. And Andrew’s dimwitted nature has been a well-known fact. He has blundered through his life repeatedly being saved by his royal connections.

  17. Penguin says:

    I see the bunker is prepared for him. Doubt that justice will ever catch up with him. Horrendous!

  18. ODIE says:

    I’ve hear that Maxwell was in the US so that if she was officially charged she could argue that she is not a flight risk. She was here willingly. She’s obviously extremely high flight risk. Especially if they let her return to that place in NH within easy reach of the Canadian border. Prince Andrew is probably doing the same thing. The nature of the charges means that they’re in contact with some very powerful people with a lot of motivation to hide them. Probably a real rock/hard place choice since -if Maxwell or the Prince are hiding out, no one cc would know if they were killed by those powerful people with a lot to hide. He is definitely safest at home with his mom.

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ ODIE. I’m amazed that they found her at all. I believe she was being hidden by people who could be implicated by her. Maybe someone turned on her?

      • Mary says:

        Which goes to my question of why was she so shocked and upset (per Guiffre) to be in custody? It had to be someone or persons protecting her powerful enough for her to feel immune to prosecution (Trump?).

    • Other Renee says:

      Odie, I was wondering why she was hiding out in the US and not somewhere where there’s no extradition treaty.

      • MsIam says:

        I wonder if Trump or Barr told her not to worry about anything? Or maybe she thought she would hide in the last place anyone would think to look.

  19. Candikat says:

    Wouldn’t a true “palace insider” be spouting the BRF line about Andy? “HRH has always maintained his innocence in this matter. Yes, he’s canceled his trip to Spain due to Coronavirus, as HRH feels strongly that traveling right now could put himself and others at needless risk of infection.”

    OK, that might be too clever for palace PR to come up with. But still, methinks the media might finally be turning on the Prince.

  20. aquarius64 says:

    Duke of Yuck is afraid he’ll be picked up by the FBI in another country.

  21. Jaded says:

    I think (and I’m Canadian, not British, so correct me if I’m wrong…) that the only way the US could get Andrew to talk is through a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, which is similar to a subpoena for Prince Andrew’s testimony. What’s really interesting is that prior to being fired by Barr, Geoffrey Berman said he would consider legal action after Andrew’s legal team refused to an interview. Coincidence? I think not. Barr’s been shining Trump’s shoes ever since he came into the administration and I firmly believe he’s covering up for Trump’s own involvement in human trafficking through his friendship with Epstein and others in that circle.

  22. Jay says:

    No legal analysis or insights from me, but I share Kaiser’s disgust on the way these crimes are described, particularly the quotation marks around sex slave to make it seem like an exaggeration. Maybe it’s an attempt to downplay the crimes that they can no longer deny took place?
    Kind of how the prosecutors in Epstein’s case allowed him to plead guilty to soliciting sex from what they called “underage” prostitutes, ugh. Language matters.