An automatic laser toy for cats, a lipstick that won’t transfer and a heated bag resealer

I got the Maybelline Instant Age Eraser and it really works! I use it under my eyes, it blends into my skin and somehow makes my eyes look tighter. I also got the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream and it was exactly what I was looking for. It blends well, it has sunscreen and it’s a nice alternative to foundation in the summer. I don’t want to admit all the other stuff I ordered so I’ll talk about some of the other products in another post. Hopefully I’ll be able to avoid getting the majority of this stuff. Thanks to Buzzfeed for featuring some of these pet products.

An automatic laser toy will provide hours of entertainment for your cats
The Petsafe Automatic Laser toy comes in several different options, all with timers, and can provide so much entertainment for your cats. There are models the Bolt, The Dancing Dot, The Laser Tail and the Zoom, all under $25. The Zoom has two beams for more than one cat and the Laser Tail looks like a little computer mouse and moves around on its own. If you’re unsure which one to get, you may want to watch the videos on Amazon. You probably can’t go wrong with any of them though. This has 3.7 stars, over 4,600 ratings and a B on Fakespot. People say “the cats love it,” “for $20 bucks you can’t beat it” and that the Zoom is “great for multi-cat households.”

Lipstick that stays on under masks and after eating
Yesterday I reported on the story that lipstick sales are down because less of us are wearing lipstick under our masks. So many of you recommended Maybelline Matte Ink! This is the number one bestseller in lipsticks on Amazon! I’m becoming a Maybelline convert after writing these posts. These liquid lipsticks go on smooth and stay on all day. They have over 10,000 ratings, 4.3 stars and a B on Fakespot and come in 40 colors. The one above is linked directly and is called Dreamer. I love nude colors and some of the other ones I’m considering are Revolutionary and Loyalist. They’re all under $8. Reviewers say “It feels moisturizing on my lips, I can add chapstick and it doesn’t get all streaky and gummy and it lasts forever” and that it doesn’t smudge at all. “I’ve kissed my bf, drank coffee, eaten a plate of food, and even slept in this lipstick. No smear, no transfer.” CB commenter PixiePaperdroll writes “Maybelline Matte is for life! I have yet to a find a food that can defeat it but it still comes off with micellar water.” Sold!

A Black pop culture card game for virtual game nights
I love playing interactive card games with friends and miss game nights. Black Card Revoked is a Black-owned business and Black pop culture card game for up to 6 people. This has 4.6 stars, over 260 ratings and an A on Fakespot. Players say it’s “fun for friends and family,” “Laughs for days. Worth the buy” and that you can use it for virtual game nights too. This is the fifth edition, and you can get the fourth, third or earlier editions as expansion packs as they all have different questions.

A little food dispensing toy to get your cat to work for food
Kaiser’s naughty cats have learned to cry frequently throughout the day to get her to feed them. You can hear them whining for food during our podcast. We’ve featured another product meant to get cats (or dogs) to work for wet food, a licking mat. The Catit 2.0 Treat and Food Maze is a little puzzle for dry food that keeps cats working for it, prevents binge eating and keeps them busy so they’re not bugging you. It has three difficulty settings and is supposed to be easy to take apart to wash. It has 4.2 stars, over 2,700 ratings and an A on Fakespot. The reviews are hilarious! Greedy cat owners say “My fat, lazy cat hates this thing. I love it.” Many say that it helped their cat stay busy and lose weight. “I cannot recommend this product enough. [It has] completely changed my baby for the better.”

A heated bag resealer will make you feel spoiled and keep you from eating all the chips
I buy those single serve chip bags because they keep me from eating bigger portions. They’re expensive though, and I end up paying more just to eat less. This little heated device seals chip and plastic bags and can take the place of chip clips. Not only will it prevent your chips from going stale, it will also keep you from eating more than you need. You get two iTouchless Bag Sealers for $16.50. This has 3.4 stars, over 2,000 ratings and a C on Fakespot, making the adjusted rating still quite good. Reviewers say “I was shocked that it actually worked, I was able to reseal a bag of Tostitos tortilla chips and a bag of Fritos perfectly on my first try,” and “this seals everything.” They also like the fact that it has a little magnet so you can store it on the fridge.

A colorful, comfortable and flattering maxi dress
Shekiss is a Black-owned business that has some gorgeous maxi dresses I’m eyeing. I especially like this v-neck long sleeve faux wrap dress, above. It comes in sizes small to 3x and in 15 different prints, all under $38. This has a lot of great reviews that are legitimate, but like other clothing listings on Amazon the Fakespot rating is not high. Women write “This dress is so comfy and vibrant. I️ loved it and got lots of compliments,” “I got so many compliments best maxi I’ve ever worn” and “the fabric is thick and wrinkle resistant… it’s very comfortable and flattering.”

Double duty gentle cream for your hands and face
My hands have gotten dry from using so much sanitizer and washing them constantly. Vanicream is among the best-selling skincare products on Amazon. It’s so affordable at under $13 for 16 ounces. It has 4.7 stars, over 1,600 ratings and a B on Fakespot. It has no dyes, fragrance, lanolin or paraben and is suitable for sensitive skin. Reviewers write that “I absolutely love this lotion,” and say that the lite version is great for using on your face too. It moisturizes without causing breakouts and “it applies quickly and absorbs quickly.”

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  1. Esmom says:

    Great post, thanks. So many items to seriously consider but I am especially intrigued by the lip color. I’ve always loved Maybelline and I can’t believe I’ve never even seen this. I used to use a Matte Stick by Origins but this seems smoother not to mention less price. I need to get the instant age eraser, too. If only they made something for the entire neck area. :|

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      ‘If only they made something for the entire neck area.’

      And by the gallon for full body instant age erasing. Ta-da!

  2. ThEHufflepuffLizLemon says:

    I use the Matte Ink occasionally, love the range of colors and the staying power!

  3. erni says:

    I love Maybelline Matte Ink. Non transferrable for 12++ hours. Been using it since a year ago and I probably have 10 shades. You need to clean it with micellar water then applying vaseline before going to bed.

    • SomeChick says:

      I’m a big fan of the matte ink. I usually remove it with olive oil or moisturizer on a soft paper towel.

      I was one of the people praising it yesterday. Now I want a new color!

  4. lola says:

    Please remember to give your cats treats when they chase the laser so they have a “hunting success”!

    • ravynrobyn says:

      @ LOLA-thanks for the tip 🐾💕🐾💕🐾

      OK guys, I’m gonna do it! Everytime I read these posts I want at least half off the thingz!
      Today I’m def getting Zoom red laser toy for my two old fat cats, lol. Also want a maxi dress & all the anti-aging stuff. I’m 60 & look ok, but my skin’s getting sad.

      Occurs to me that although I’ve really wanted a lot of things from these posts, my kitties are helping me over the hurdle, so thanks all 🎶

  5. manda says:

    I love those long lasting lipsticks, but I am sooooo not good at applying them. Lol, and that stuff gets stuck on your face but good if you don’t fix it right away! I need to practice with lip liners too–which, can someone recommend a good lip liner brand? I bought some (can’t remember the brand) and they are really hard to get onto my face. Maybe I’m supposed to melt it a second with the hairdryer? (I am bad at makeup)

  6. Elaine Venice says:

    Some good stuff here. Thanks.

  7. Atticus says:

    My daughter has severe eczema. It’s been incredibly difficult for her, especially in her tender teen years (she’s 14 and missed a bunch of 8th grade activities due to discomfort and self-consciousness). It’s so bad she is now on dupixent shots. Vanicream has been great for her. They’ve got a whole line of skin products so we use their bar soap and suntan lotion, too.

  8. vegasschmegas says:

    I have a cat laser toy….it’s not just for cats. If you have very active dogs, they will love it, too. My sister just turned me on to Vanicream….OMG, totally amazing! We get it in the tub form. Best stuff Eva! I live in a desert, and need a good body cream. It also seems to have helped the hubby’s eczema. I use the Vanicream deodorant, too. No more itchy rashes.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I just bought the cat laser, for my house and for another family member. The laser pointers are great, but the batteries go so fast in them. Hopefully this works well!

  10. Al says:

    A friend recommended Vanicream years ago for sensitive skin. Apparently pharmacies can use it as a base for various topical meds. I have very sensitive skin and it works wonders. It absorbs quickly and has no smell. I take it everywhere because it is so effective at healing my dry and/or irritated skin.

  11. Cynthia H. Fraase says:

    I’ve had one of the single beam cat toys for years and my cats love it. It’s best to supervise though in case they decide to look right at the beam which isn’t good for them. I’ve had a kitten do that before. But I didn’t know they now had a double beam one! With 4 cats, I may have to upgrade!