Duchess Camilla: Prince Charles is ‘probably the fittest man of his age I know’

Prince Charles visits Cotswold Farm Park

Here are some photos of the Prince of Wales visiting the Cotswold Farm Park on July 1st. That was around the time when all of the other royals began doing public events too, so Charles’ appearance got sort of buried. His return to public events is notable because Charles was the only senior royal in the Windsor clan to be diagnosed with the coronavirus. He was apparently somewhat ill – a fever, flu-like symptoms for a few weeks – but nothing like the worse case scenario for the virus. Charles’ wife Camilla claims it’s because Charles has always been strong as a mountain goat. A mountain goat???

At 71, Prince Charles is fit as a fiddle. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall gave a positive health update on her husband, who battled a mild case of coronavirus in March, during her first-ever radio guest edit on BBC Radio 5′s The Emma Barnett Show.

“He is probably the fittest man of his age I know,” the 72-year-old royal said of Prince Charles. “He’ll walk and walk and walk. He’s like a mountain goat, he leaves everybody miles behind.”

Charles, however, does not join his wife in her Silver Swans ballet classes, which continued online during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I did not get him doing a plié, but he is a very, very fit man. But he is not doing ballet,” Camilla said.

[From People]

I agree that Charles is probably very fit and he’s always lived a very healthy lifestyle as far as diet and exercise. I was going to say something about stress too… but I don’t know. Like, Charles doesn’t have “job stress” or “economic stress” like the peasants, but he has other stresses, work stresses, in his life. Speaking of, yet another royal biographer/commentator has some sh-t to say about how Charles will slim down the monarchy:

Prince Charles plans to ‘dampen a sense of entitlement among royals’ when he becomes king, a royal author has claimed. Nigel Cawthorne, author of ‘Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace,’ has said that the Prince of Wales, 71, hopes to modernise the institution of monarchy so that it’s more apt for the 21st century.

Speaking to The Express, he said: ‘The idea of the monarchy he sees, and in which he seems to be supported by William and, increasingly, it would appear the Queen, is one that suits the 21st century. Like the Windsors’ relatives who reign in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Spain, he prefers to dampen a sense of entitlement among royals. Being born as a Windsor is a privilege, but it doesn’t mean that being a certain number in line to throne means an entitlement to housing and other perks of The Firm.’

He went on to say that stripping back the royals may also be beneficial to those who aren’t keen to live a life in the public eye.

‘Prince Charles and Prince William have no choice in the matter, and nor will Prince George in due course,’ he pointed out. But he added that for some, being a royal is both a ‘gift and personal choice.’

[From The Daily Mail]

It’s funny that this is basically a subtweet of the Sussexes and a barely veiled “threat” that Charles will not finance the Sussexes. But the joke is, when Charles is king, he will probably WANT Harry and Meghan back. He will need them, because William and Kate as the Prince and Princess of Wales will be… bad news. Charles knows that better than anyone.

God those piglets are cute!

Prince Charles visits Cotswold Farm Park

Prince Charles visits Cotswold Farm Park

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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45 Responses to “Duchess Camilla: Prince Charles is ‘probably the fittest man of his age I know’”

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  1. Ana says:

    I am here for the pigglets!! That horse is gorgeous too.

  2. Becks1 says:

    LOL, I do think he seems fit, but the mountain goat analogy seems weird (I guess if she’s just talking about his walking?)

    The part about slimming down the monarchy – I think its both referencing the Sussexes (basically saying when he’s king he wont support them, which I don’t think they expect anyway so whatever) and also at the same time almost defending them, with the bit about being a royal is a choice.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      I read it that way too; he’s normalizing Sussexit by saying it’s a choice to be a royal. He’s explicitly telling the public, the press, and the courtiers, probably, that people are allowed to leave The Firm and that it’s okay.

      I also think he’s paving the way to kick his pervert-grifter brother to the curb. I don’t think Andrew will get any protection at all once Charles is king.

  3. Noki says:

    When i see him now so cheery and the whole sweet grand pa vibe I feel bad for qhat Diana went through, he used to look pained being around her. Their interviews and engagements he was so cold,ofcourse he was probably pushed into it but its quite tellinh seeing his true self now.

  4. line says:

    Except that Charles’ idea of a monarchy restricted to the direct heirs of the sovereign (excluding cousins and other nieces and nephews), poses a problem because his heir William and his wife are too lazy and do not want to work but they like very much receive praise from the public.

    You add to this that neither the fact that Cambridges , Charles and Camilla are not popular with the younger generations Britons and of the Commonwealth, the scandal of Andrew’s pedophile activities of and the difficult economic situation that the UK will face because of Brexit and the Covid. The future reign of Charles seems to be complicated.So he is perfectly aware that he needs the popularity of the Sussexes, but I would hope that they will not accept to come back and prefer to make their living themselves, because the future of the British monarchy seem to look like a waste.

    • notasugarhere says:

      His slimdown plan was to eliminate his siblings and the other elders, to make it his line only. Not to eliminate Harry and spouse, but for them to be 1/3 of the working royals. Harry chose to walk away, but that wasn’t the original plan Charles had been putting forward for years.

    • Lady D says:

      If they come back, the Sussex work ethic together with the P&PoW work ethic is going to make W&K look ssoooo lazy. They literally could not keep up with either couple.

  5. Quincytoo says:

    Piglets and a beautiful horse
    My morning just became a lot happier ❤️😍

  6. SomeChick says:

    Why is he wearing oversized rumpled pants with that well tailored jacket tho?!

  7. Kathy Kack says:

    Do they not have dentists in England??

    • Noki says:

      HA! I guess not everyone wants the freakish hollywood white teeth and the huge veneers. But as far as the royals go ,they have no excuse to walk around with such buttery teeth. And i dont buy the drinking too much tea excuse Americans probably consume more coffee which seems to stain even worse.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I was going to ask the same question. All the born-royals seem to have very bad teeth. With access to the best healthcare, you would think the BRF would see the dentist monthly or bi-monthly.

    • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

      Bad genetics. I have the same problem, my teeth have always looked slightly yellower than they should. I’ve never neglected them, they’re perfectly clean, and they’ve been like this since childhood- when a dental hygienist explained to me that sometimes there are just genetic mismatches between someone’s complexion and their teeth. Since then, I call them ‘my pearly yellows.’ To anyone else out there with the same complaint- brick red lipstick solves everything. You don’t have to apply it heavily either, a light coating will still work very well.

  8. Chaine says:

    Drumpf will be up in arms if he hears that another over-70 world leader is also laying claim to the “fittest senior gent” title.

  9. Sparky says:

    My first thought in response to the top pic was that Charles’s pocket square game is tops bar none. My second thought was continued surprise that people still think Charles is not Harry’s bio dad. They are looking more and more like each other as the years march on.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry looks so much like his father and his paternal grandfather, I don’t get why those rumors persist. It seems that they have been part of Anti Meghan blogs. Harry married Meghan and its a way for the anti Meghan people to be spiteful.

      • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

        I think it’s more than spite- they have to devalue him now.

        There is so much raw material to be harvested here about mass psychology, toxic fandoms, in-group dysfunctions, etc. These people need to be studied by groups of analysts.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      To me Harry is the Spittin’ Image of Prince Philip.

  10. Tessa says:

    The slimmed down monarchy apparently means the spares Charlotte and Louis will be marginalized.

  11. Lizzie says:

    I take ‘dampen a sense of entitlement among royals’ as notice to his siblings and their children, not his own children.

    • Jay says:

      Yes, I think this is to push back on anyone who was thinking the York girls were going to step into the limelight. Nope, the Cambridges are gonna be all on their own, just like they wanted, the dogs that caught the proverbial car and all that.

      • FicklePickle says:

        And to probably push back against all that ‘let’s make Sophie the next big thing’ nonsense. I’m not sure if the tabs are still trying that or not, hard to keep up when you don’t read their bull…

  12. Tessa says:

    What about her ex?

  13. Yvette says:

    I still think that Charles was out voted by Queen Elizabeth and Prince William during their ‘Whaever shall we do with the Sussexes?’ summit. Recent news that petulant William leaked Sussex Royal plan to leave, while having a tantrum over not being able to “put his arms around his brother any alonger,” reinforces my guess.

    I think Charles’s first act as King will be to send the Duke and Duchess of Sussex an official ‘request’ to return to England and the royal fold. I just can’t see William putting in the effort and work Charles has as Prince of Wales.

    • PrincessK says:

      I don’t think so. The Queen and Charles both knew that they had to keep William happy in order to keep the monarchy going.

      • Tessa says:

        william is going to be a horrible King. I think he will treat his own children badly and try to meddle in their future relationships.

      • Lady D says:

        I want Charles to call his bluff. Harry and his son will continue the line.

  14. Becks1 says:

    I think Charles wanted them to stay as well, and I think the offer to keep supporting them AND the one year review were both his ideas and his way of showing that he wanted them to stay. I think the Queen didn’t like the part-time royal idea because she took it personally, and I don’t think William liked it because….well…he wanted them completely gone. So it ended up being 2 against 1 (even though the two were united for different reasons.) I think Charles wants them back, Harry was always part of his “slimmed down monarchy” plans, and I think Charles probably liked that they skipped the HRH for Archie*, because it indicated that they were going to raise him more like Zara and Peter. For their problems, there’s never been discussion of those two being FT royals, at least not like with B&E. So H&M indicated from Archie’s birth that they understood Charles’s long-term plan AND they seemed to like it.

    So the more and more I look at it, the more and more this seems like it was William’s doing, with the Queen’s support because she couldn’t believe Harry would “abandon his duty” or whatever (hence the removal of honorary military appointments.)

    *I know Archie was not entitled to HRH at this point, but I think if they intended to use it in the future when Charles was king, the queen would have made it happen at his birth.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I don’t think William wanted them gone. He wanted them forced to stay, do all the work, and let William take all the credit (and any charity money raised) while they took any-and-all blame. When they refused that, then William went ballistic and wanted them ‘exiled to Africa’.

    • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

      I agree- great summation, Becks1- thorough and convincing. It’s a shame it seems so unlikely that Charles will ever challenge the Rota, or William, or create conditions that would enable them to return, if they ever decided they wanted that.

      • Tessa says:

        William comes across IMO as petty and self centered. He probably wanted to continue to throw Meghan and Harry under a bus so he and Kate could play “superior” and the “golden couple.”

  15. AMM says:

    I think he wanted a slimmed down monarchy, but wanted both his sons involved in that. I think his slim down meant his own brothers, their wives and children were out of the financial fold (I think he’d keep Ann since she mostly just works a lot, doesn’t seem to spend tons of money and keeps out of the press). Maybe just the heir and a spare per generation and the rest are gonna kick rocks.

    Instead he ended up losing his two best assets and has to decide between just keeping the lazy Cambridge’s or picking one of the cousins to fill in, who all have their fair share of issues.

  16. Aurelia says:

    Healthy,….look at his bloated red/purple hands.