Duchess Meghan looked fantastic for the virtual UN Foundation’s Girls Up Summit

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The Duchess of Sussex attended the virtual Girl Up Leadership Summit yesterday, and she gave a keynote speech. Something I didn’t know: this summit is part of the UN Foundation. Which… is fascinating for a lot of different reasons. Meghan had to give up her pre-royal charity work when she married Harry, and I remember the royal reporters throwing tantrums about the very idea that a British princess would deign to work on a United Nations program. So this too is why I’m so happy that Meghan and Harry are living in America now: they’re free to wear shorts and go swimming and give speeches to United Nations Foundation-sponsored summits for girls, all without needing the approval of 20 men in grey, William’s incandescent rage fist and two corgis.

First, the optics. Meghan is glowing. She radiates serenity. She’s so happy to be back in LA, even if America is the epicenter of the virus at the moment. Meghan’s Mirror tentatively ID’d Meghan’s top as a piece from Adam Lippes, a “Pintucked silk crepe de chine.” And it’s kind of boxy and tent-like, perfect for *cough* someone pregnant but not showing enough to need full-on maternity clothes. I’m just saying. Everyone’s talking about her hair too – it looks great, I could never get my hair that straight.

Here’s the video:

Meghan was talking directly to girls, girls brimming with optimism, girls who believe that they can be the change they want to see in the world. Some quotes:

“I want to share something with you,” she said. “It’s that those in the halls and corridors and places of power — from lawmakers and world leaders to executives — all of those people, they depend on you more than you will ever depend on them. And here’s the thing: They know this. They know that all of you, at a younger age than any modern comparison, are setting the tone for an equitable humanity. Not figuratively, literally. This is a humanity that desperately needs you. To push it, to push us, forcefully in a more inclusive, more just, and more empathetic direction. To not only frame the debate but be in charge of the debate — on racial justice, gender, climate change, mental health and well-being, on civic engagement, on public service, on so much more. That’s the work you’re already out there doing.”

During Meghan’s speech, she also spoke about how difficult it can be to do the right thing. “Look, sometimes it’s not obvious what to do. Often, it’s fear that paralyzes us and stops us from being brave and being bold. But don’t underestimate that you have some of the answers. Don’t underestimate your ability to push through the fear. You have, rooted in your convictions, the ability to craft a world that you know is just and kind. Your gut will tell you what’s right and what’s wrong; what’s fair and unfair. The hardest part—and it was the hardest part for me—is to chase your convictions with action.”

[From Vanity Fair & Today]

In June, several of the biggest Black Lives Matter protests were organized and led by teenage girls. Social media can be awful a lot of times, but it’s inspiring to see the youths figure out how to use social media to organize, agitate and protest, and that’s just what girls have been doing for a while now. Many have compared it to the Children’s March during the Civil Rights movement. It’s incredibly inspiring, and it’s inspiring to see Meghan talk directly to those girls.

meghan girlup4

Screencaps from GirlUp video.

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  1. MurphyBrown82 says:

    I’m thinking Megan’s aiming for higher office.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I hope she aims for the highest office in the land. I love when the stone the builders rejected becomes the cornerstone.

      • Brit says:

        I don’t think she’s running for anything. I think Meghan will use her influence in the charity world. She’ll succeed in my opinion.

    • lily says:

      She doesn’t strike me as person who would want to be in political office but I see her going down the Princess Mabel of The Netherlands route. Anyone who hasn’t heard of Mabel should look her up, she’s great. She’s not an official member of the Dutch Royal Family bc her late husband gave up his place in the line of succession so he could marry her.

      • notasugarhere says:

        After the initial Wikipedia issue, Mabel really rose to the occasion. Her work with HIV/AIDS and #GirlsNotBrides is inspiring.

      • Ginger says:

        Politics is toxic and I can’t see her leaving a toxic environment just to enter another toxic environment.

      • Ronja says:

        Mabel has done some fantastic and impactful work in the charity sector. I hope Meghan does too, she certainly has the potential and does seem to really care about causes. And she’s a great public speaker.

      • Peony_Wise says:

        Meghan, of course, has said she was interested in political science when she attended college. So because she was also interested in acting, and had performed in school productions growing up, she decided to pursue a double major in theater and international relations at Northwestern University.

        I believe Meghan was always interested in the diplomacy side of politics. She’s also forever been an advocate for human rights and women’s empowerment. She is more likely to work on a political campaign rather than running for office herself. But for now, even working on a political campaign is less likely than M&H simply advocating for worthy causes, and speaking out on behalf of humanitarian issues.

        FWIW, Meghan publicly supported Hillary Clinton for U.S. President in 2016.

    • VS says:

      Not necessarily higher office; but she can run for Congress or the Senate……ultimately, i think she will focus on her charity work and earn a living! she doesn’t strike me as someone who is looking to be a politician! she will be a very good one; the woman is smart, articulate and driven

      What a wonderful speech. I signed up to the event because of MO, MM and HRC but for those who haven’t I will recommend listening to all talks and discussion sessions;

      They are really great!

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t think she’s going to run for office, ever, but I think we will see her at the top of the charity game.

      • VS says:

        @Becks1 — you are probably right; she will be good though

        MO + MM for president and vice president!!! they will be 1000000% better than orange man and the idiot pence

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I don’t think she’ll ever work in politics. At most she might support or collaborate on an initiative developed by a politician.

    • Lowrider says:

      Meghan is not gunning for political office. That was one of the spins the media ran with in the early stages of the Sussex relationship.

  2. Priscila says:

    I remember when she was pregnant the first time, her face morphed into her mothers! It was really funny because she has so much of her father, but pregnant, she was her mother´s clone.

    But you know, each pregnancy is different…so far, she looks exactly like she looked before, just happier.

    Allt his baggy clothing though, it screams pregnancy. maybe they will announce it in tandem with a charity at some point- maybe when Omid book is out?

    I can definitely see they partnering with a charity that helps pregnant women for a possible announcement.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Bite your tongue woman! That girl is all Ragland. I look more like Meghan than her father does. *shudder*

      • Peony_Wise says:

        To be honest, Meghan has deep-set eyes like that of senior Markle, but the color of her eyes is Ragland dark brown. She also has the Markle tip to her nose, and a somewhat similar face shape to the bio-sperm’s in his h.s. yearbook photo. 😏

        Other than that, Meghan has Doria’s petite bone structure, calmness, free spirit, common sense, smarts, etc. She also inherited naturally curly hair, sass, and olive-toned pigment from the Ragland side. Meghan is definitely her mother’s daughter, and her maternal grandmother’s granddaughter! 💞

    • osito says:

      Her hair is pretty bone straight here, but not at the root. That was also telling before her pregnancy announcement with Archie (some straightening techniques shouldn’t be used during pregnancy). Not saying that she is, but the evidence is starting to stack up.

  3. Kiera says:

    Hey hey leave the corgis out of it. Says the mom of a very spoiled corgi princess.

    • CROWHOOD says:

      Unrelated but my friend sent the queen a note of condolences when her corgi passed and she got a response of thanks!

      • Kiera says:

        That’s really sweet. They really are sweet dogs. If you want to see cute puppies look them up. They look like rabbits when they are little. Also like potatoes.

      • Carlybee says:

        Ok, now I had to go google corgi puppies because saying they look like potatoes ( @Kiera) was hilarious. I didn’t see the starchy comparison, but I did see some adorable pups!

    • winosaurus says:

      My fuzzy potato agrees. Spoiled yes, demanding yes? full of kisses and love and attitude? YES!!!

    • notasugarhere says:

      I think the last of the Queen’s corgis died in 2018. She has two remaining dogs but they’re not corgis iirc.

    • Peony_Wise says:

      Ha ha yes! It’s not so funny how us humans in general have a bad habit of referencing dogs, pigs, and cows in order to put each other down. Truth be told, these animals are wonderful creatures and part of nature. So yep, as humans, we should leave them out of the shizz caused by us humans.

      The Queen’s Corgis though, I’ve heard are something else, or were in their younger days, likely having taken on a sense of prestige and power. They yapped all the time at staff and lowly, annoyin’ humans. Therefore, it’s cool to remember, as Harry told us in the engagement interview that the Queen’s Corgis recognized Meg’s royal-ness right away. They understood her doggie love and were comforted and calm in her presence, naturally. They gravitated toward her and lay down around her feet, in worship. Animals get who people are immediately.

      And let’s make no mistake, Meghan knows who she is! She’s bad-a$$ and boy did she rock in her Girl Up speech, from her heart and soul to all of humanity who truly get who she is! Royal firm ‘coulda had a bad beyotch.’ But for real, they f’ing didn’t and don’t deserve her. Some things happen for a reason.

      Meghan is an awesome role model. Doria and Jeanette raised and nurtured a beautiful soul. 💓

  4. Becks1 says:

    I love seeing Meghan’s name grouped in with the likes of Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Imagine how the heads would have exploded if this had been an in-person summit, and there was a photo op of the most influential women in the world, including Meghan.

    I liked her speech, a lot. I think it was empowering but also realistic and honest, acknowledging that forcing change could be hard and scary.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      It’s just awesome, isn’t it? They thought she would flail and flounder without the titles and tiaras. Now she is rising and prospering. The RF need to realise that an almost non existent positional authority is quite different to world wide appeal and influence.

      • L84Tea says:

        I got into it with someone on Instagram yesterday over this. This person was trying to claim all this nonsense like “Meghan can’t get any work or recognition without her title, blah blah blah…” and I was like “Um, what do you think this keynote speech is exactly? Do you think they offer that to just anybody??”

        These people are such fools–the RF, the BM, and all the dimwits who listen to them.

      • VS says:

        @L84Tea — you are so right; do they think she spoke at the UN because of her title? she didn’t even know H then or do they assume anyone can just walk up there and start talking?
        some people are just too dim to even spend time arguing with

      • P89LT says:

        The UN Foundation is not the UN or even an arm of the UN. It’s a nonprofit charity which was established by Ted Turner in 1998 to work with the UN on various projects. Remember when all these rich white guys were publicizing they were giving away their money instead of an inheritance to their kids. Well Ted decided to set up his own charity with 1 Billion dollars. This is it. He gave the money in installments in case you are curious. Their main offices are actually in DC. Girl Up is one of their initiatives and they have many. Girl Up has individual clubs in schools and various other places around the world, to inspire girls to achieve and be heard. I know quite a few people who work there, it’s a great charity with a lot of projects around the world.

        It’s not politics or diplomacy though. With everything going on in politics today, I would say it’s a lot better, but to each his own. Meghan may go a more political or diplomatic way, but this is not that.

      • Peony_Wise says:

        ^ ^ Thanks for that info @P89LT. 👍 I wasn’t aware that the U.N. Foundation is a separate entity, set up by Ted Turner. It pays to realize how much we actually don’t know, but often assume based on limited knowledge.

        Since you have mentioned that, it made me think that perhaps Meghan has had contact previously with Jane Fonda via the U.N. Foundation and U.N. Women/ One World. Or else, Meghan grew to know about Fonda’s probable work with the U.N. Foundation, if Fonda was involved while married to Turner. I make that connection due to Meghan choosing Fonda as one of the female Forces for Change on the cover of award-winning September 2019 British Vogue.

    • Alexandria says:

      Loved it.

      Imagine if we add Angelina Jolie and another royal say, Queen Rania to that picture. Are there other hardworking foreign royals with a passion in education for girls and women?

      • Sofia says:

        Crown Princess Mary of Denmark does a lot of work. I think Queen Maxima of the Netherlands too.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Incidentally, both Maxima and Mary work with the UN – so the idea that royals cannot work with the UN is just faux outrage.

        @Alexandria, Check out CP Mary’s foundation, the Mary Foundation – it focuses on among other things: loneliness (specifically among the young), domestic violence and bullying.

      • notasugarhere says:

        CP Mette-Marit works with UN AIDS. Letizia works with the UN on nutrition, but she wasn’t allowed to until after she was Queen. JC and Sofia held her back from international work for years.

      • Ronja says:

        The Queen of Sweden and her daughter Madeleine too, with children rights work and charity.

  5. Belli says:

    Her speech was great. She’s such a pro and the royals have really list out by chasing her away. She could have made that whole family look better if they’d embraced her.

    And she’s glowing. I don’t want to speculate because there’s a part of me that hopes that if Meghan and Harry have any more kids we won’t find out until they start college, but another part of me is watching!

    • CuriousCole says:

      She’s magnificent!!!! And I also hope that if they want to expand their family, that they’re able to do it now during lockdowns so they can keep it as private as possible. She truly deserves a stress-free pregnancy after what was done to her the last time.

  6. Laalaa says:

    Livin the life like it’s golden,
    Livin the life like it’s golden,
    Livin the life like it’s golden,

    It’s so cool to me that the whole Royal Family is going down by simply being themselves and being resisted by a black woman. I mean, they survived wars! And here they are, struggling because Meg is smart and awesome and they are so stupid.

    • Nyro says:

      Ikr! It’s awesome.

    • booboocita says:

      I’m taking my own freedom, putting it in my song
      Singing loud and strong, groovin all day long
      I’m taking my own freedom, putting it in my stroll
      I’ll be high stepping y’all, letting the joy unfold

      Love this song, and love Meghan! She’s the very embodiment of this song’s spirit! And yes, God is proud of her …

  7. bub244 says:

    Has she had something done? Or is this just what people look like when they’re free from a toxic family and racist media?

    • Sarah says:

      It’s the new ‘freedom facial’. How you look when all the toxicity in your life is removed. It’s a difficult process to go through but the results are amazing.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think there is a soft filter on the camera that blurs her freckles. Also, as a royal, I think we rarely saw her with her hair completely down like that for an event (I can think of a few times, but not many) and her hair is super long now. I also think her makeup looks different, more like she used to wear it pre-wedding.

      So yeah, I can see what you mean, she looks a bit different, but I don’t think it was work, I think it was a few changes in hair and makeup, and then I just feel like her confidence is back.

    • Jess says:

      She’s also got swollen pregnancy lips! Mine when soooo plump when I was pregnant!

      • OriginalLala says:

        I was going to say this too – her lips look super plumped, almost like she has fillers but then I thought they could also be pregnancy lips..who knows.

      • Lady D says:

        You just gave the DM their next story.

      • Yvette says:

        Swollen pregnancy lips? That’s a new one for me. When in doubt, Google is our friend. Her lips haven’t changed from her childhood.

      • Peony_Wise says:

        Yep! And nah re fillers. Our Meg don’t need no ‘lip fillers.’ She got what she got naturally, baby! 😘 👍

    • AMM says:

      It’s her makeup/filter. Even with the filter you can see that she has a full contour-highlight going on. We rarely saw her with full glam makeup as a royal. The few times she had more than concealer on the press went nuts and accused her of being too “hollywoood”, even though Kate uses approximately one full eyeliner pen every time she leaves the house.

      The only thing that looks like it could be a slight tweak is her lips, but that could easily be a makeup trick or pregnancy. They aren’t so much bigger that it *has* to be fillers.

    • Reece says:

      That is freedom and joy!

      From someone with a toxic family and mentally/emotionally draining friendships

  8. S808 says:

    She’s such a fantastic speaker and has such a soothing voice, I’ll never get tired of listening to her speak. She’s been looking so much happier and absolutely glowing (that blue is GORGEOUS) since the farewell tour. I’m still on team not pregnant but I wouldn’t mind being wrong.

    I loved what she said about the officials and institutions needing us more than we need them. It may not seem like it but we all have power. If we banded together, real change can happen. I mean look at BLM. No one was taking it seriously, say, 5 years ago. The movement has since exploded and brands and officials have no choice to pay attention.

    Edit: Also, loved that she highlighted Maya Moore. I don’t think enough people know about her and what she did. She sat the season out during the peak of her WBNA career to get a man that was wrongfully imprisoned released. And she succeeded!

  9. Brit says:

    She looks so amazing. I really liked her speech but I also found hilarious was the fact that UK news programs actually interrupted their programming to air this speech. I find it hysterical that a woman they deem irrelevant, they’re obsessed with every picture, action and word she says. The news programs, tabloids and magazines like Tatler, who are clearly envious of Meghan’s influence and relationship with British Vogue/Edward Enninful. They see the writings on the wall because the star of that family is not Kate, Sophie, William etc. No matter how much they try to embiggen the rest. That’s why they keep talking about her because she has a star quality that hasn’t been seen since Diana and when you add her equally dynamic son in the son, it’s charisma overload. These editors know they screwed up but won’t admit it but I have a feeling they will because they’re losing too much money and as long as Harry and Meghan thrive without them, they’ll continue to lose. Way to shoot yourself in the foot.

    • Alexandria says:

      I don’t know who is dumb. The reporters or the editors or both. It is easy to cover HM without fawning over them or thinking they are saints. It is also easy to cover WK without embiggening them or being sarcastic over HM. Are reporters and editors so hard up over having access to the royal kids? Be a professional. Both couples try to push for positive things even if it’s for PR or not. Maybe that is too much!

      • Peony_Wise says:

        Heh heh, sorry to say, but the Keen Cambridges are more interested in image and embiggening p.r. Sure they try to piggyback on good causes a lot these days, just as they used to with Harry’s projects. Seriously, W&K weren’t firmerly called ‘work-shy’ by mistake.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      OMG, Brit, did the UK media really do this? William must be incandescent with rage.

      By cutting Meghan down the way they did, the BRF and the RR only made her stronger. They gave her the credibility and the gravitas to speak on the heaviest of subjects, namely racism and sexism. Because anyone without racist blinders on knows what really happened to her and have a damn good idea what she really saw once she walked those hallowed palace halls and saw for herself what a hollow, meaningless show it all really is.

      She’s speaking the truth of what she’s seen, and what she knows shakes the royals to their core. And we all know it.

      If they hadn’t driven her out, she could have given their hollow institution some worth and meaning. But they were too busy freaking out over tights and skin color.

      I never would have dreamed a biracial black divorced middle class American woman would have been the one to continue Diana’s legacy of charisma, compassion and being a passionate proponent of meaningful change. I’m glad Harry found it in himself to look outside of the box they tried to keep him in.

    • Nic919 says:

      I had heard that SkyNews cut into their programming to show her speech live. That’s got to piss off KP. I don’t think they have ever done that for anyone else but the Queen during her throne speech.

      But it was an excellent speech and really shows how dumb the BRF was not to support this woman fully and in a way that let her be herself, because she was not the one who needed changing. They do.

  10. ziaaa says:

    Meghan looked and sounded like an amazing bada$$ with no shucks to give while exhorting all including herself to continue rising steadfastly against people clinging to unjust power, loud and negativity-filled naysayers, scarily violent social injustices. Loved her mention of Maya Moore whose selfless championing to free an innocent black man is largely ignored by the media and people. She did her homework and brought her A game to the table. So much so that news channels broke their scheduled programming to air her speech. Something they only do for top government officials or Queen Betty!

    She also lit several haters behinds on fire who couldn’t find fault in her speech and were only left to bitch and moan about her…..wait for it…..inexpensive clothes and hair extensions.
    Stay pressed people cause you coulda had a bad bitch!

  11. Sofia says:

    Her hair looks lovely and the top is great too. Superficial aspects aside, once again, she can give a killer speech. She knows what to say and how to say it. She’s going to make good money making speeches

    As for pregnancy speculation, I’m going to avoid it and only comment once it’s confirmed. I don’t like pregnancy speculation too much.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “ As for pregnancy speculation, I’m going to avoid it and only comment once it’s confirmed. I don’t like pregnancy speculation too much“

      I totally agree. Nature can be cruel, and it’s just not right to get ahead of the mother and make it public before they are ready.

    • What...now? says:

      I don’t like pregnancy speculation either. The loose clothing? Silk? It is summertime in LA — we are all wearing looser clothing right now, and silk is cool in the summer and professional for her appearance. I honestly think it’s as simple as that.

  12. Ginger says:

    Her speech was amazing. She is good at giving speeches. She has a natural gift. This was also my favorite look from her. She is so stunning.

    I definitely get pregnancy vibes from her. If she is, I feel that they won’t announce it until the baby is born and maybe on their new Instagram. She deserves a happy and stress free pregnancy.

    • Jess says:

      That would be sooooo amazing! Just stay on Zoom for a few more months (no public photos of her body) and then drop a beautiful new baby on Insta! The tabloids would look so stupid for not knowing!

      • Peony_Wise says:

        ^^ Right. But as much as I hope for Meghan to enjoy a safe, calm and private second pregnancy, I have to admit to wanting to see her rock at least some of her second pregnancy style. She’s so boss in all her chic, casual elegance! I have so many favorite looks of hers during the Suits years, and both pre and post the Harry courtship/ uplifting romance. Many of my fave Meghan looks are pre-royal wedding, and during the South Pacific tour.

        Bottom-line is a safe, healthy pregnancy, of course. I understand completely why they would try for as long as possible to keep a second pregnancy private. The thirst is real, and the crazies are certifiable.

        Praying for continued blessings and divine
        protection for M&H, Archie, and any new, imminent offspring.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Agree 💯 If she has a pregnancy’ we won’t know until the 3rd trimester or until they present the new baby. Unlike the other royals, Meghan and Harry learn from experience and don’t keep doing things that don’t work over and over. Meghan was tortured during her last pregnancy. It was brutal, disgusting and relentless. If she is pregnant I hope she is sitting by a pool sipping virgin cocktails and eating loads of Alvarado toast.

      Her speech was wonderful. Her hair was amazing and freedom from backstabbing seems to agree with both H & M. I also loved the final tiny dig at the end. I, my husband and Archie will be rooting for you. A nod to the fact that Harry has a family thank you very much.

      • A Guest says:

        I figured she would include Harry at some point but when she said “and Archie” I LOL’d.

        Her son is the Queen’s grandson, 7th in line for the throne and first cousin to the future King George the whatever. He’s real, he’s here, deal with it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Her husband is one of the Queen’s grandsons. Her son Archie is a great grandson of the Queen.

    • Korra says:

      Not that Meghan should ever placate her haters, but that would drive her craziest conspiracy theorists into overdrive. It was already bad enough that those nutters said she didn’t carry Archie, but a private pregnancy would just bring out the worst in them. I don’t even want to imagine the fake stories they would think up.

  13. KellyRyan says:

    Her role in life, one of several which gives her great pleasure. Encouraging, engaging, mentoring, public speaking. A woman who feels sympathy and empathy toward others. So pleased H&M, and little guy Archie are home in America.

  14. ABritGuest says:

    Loved this speech. Really tied in well with a lot of the conversations during the summit. So many good quotes. She’s a really good speaker. Was interested to learn more about Maya Moore- hadn’t heard of her before but talk about a way to use your platform! Maya’s act was incredibly selfless.

    Learning about Maya reminded me of how Sussex Royal used to rotate charities- learnt about great organisations that way.

    Nice shout out to Jacinda Ahern for her handling of Covid in New Zealand as well.

    The pearls must be a clutching! Piers Morgan who has a mansion in LA& talk show himself was moaning about how she can talk being a privileged person in a mansion. I knew he couldn’t last long not bashing her.

    • Brit says:

      Piers is mad because he couldn’t use Meghan to his own benefit. My theory is that he wanted to be a Richard Kay/Andrew Morton figure to Meghan as they were to Diana. He wanted the benefits that came from being her “friend”. When he realized that it wasn’t going to happen, he wanted revenge. He also wanted that association to help him get clout in America because he knows nobody is checking for him here. That sudden turn, his criticism of the government, trump etc was all an act. He’s the real social climber.

  15. Digital Unicorn says:

    THIS is what the RF could have had – a global, dynamic ambassador for their ‘brand’. Instead the choose to pander to a couple of dim wits who make dirty dishwater look interesting and glamorous.

    Meghan is living her life and following her heart – this shows in how she presents herself and is why people take notice. She is passionate and engaging about things that are important to her.

    And yeah, Top CEO is totally copying Meghan’s hair and makeup.

    • Nic919 says:

      While I agree with you 100% I can also see why certain groups had to push her out because they clearly look mediocre in comparison. Instead of welcoming talent they were bitter and jealous. Jewels and tiaras don’t make up for massive inferiority complexes.

  16. Selene says:

    Can we please not speculate on people’s pregnancies? “Womb watching” is invasive and insensitive, and I wouldnt expect a site like this to be in favor of it.

    • Priscila says:

      I seldom partake in clothes/jewels discussion, but it happens here all the time- so pregnancy watchin… just because political discussions are had here, we should not forget this is a gossip blog

      At least I do not expect this blog to go all LaineyGossip and start a pregnancy shaming campaign, which I find ten times worse than womb watching tbh.

      • one of the Marys says:

        Priscilla I don’t read Lainey gossip, can you explain this comment please

      • Priscila says:

        @one of the Marys It is something that I actually found deeply upsetting on Lainey. For a time , she would go on and on why she did not want to have children, which is completly fine, while also saying things like she was ” co parenting” her nephews who went to spend a weekend with them (WTF!) and actively pregnant shaming women for touching their pregnant bellies too much. Every time she was speaking about a woman pregnant, she would either comment how nice it was that this woman was not cupping her belly, or criticizing her for doing it.
        With Meghan, this obsession that Lainey displayed about what she judged to be some great sin of performative motherhood went up the roof to a point I stopped following her.

      • one of the Marys says:

        Thanks for your reply. The organizers of these blogs create a culture there’s no doubt. This is the only one I read and I simply skip the articles I’m not interested in

    • notasugarhere says:

      Selene, you must not have been around these parts much if you think this site doesn’t engage in pregnancy speculation.

    • Jegede says:

      I really see nothing wrong with harmless speculation.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

      This is primarily a gossip blog after all.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        It’s not harmless, because it can be very painful for the woman. Maybe she was pregnant and is no longer, maybe she is trying to get pregnant. Speculation leads a desire for more information, so it feeds the demand for her medical information. It feeds the bounty, essentially.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      I kinda agree but OTOH think it would be Karma-like retribution against the British media if Meghan was pregnant and has a child all without them knowing. After their harassment of her during Archie’s pregnancy and if they didn’t know about #2 – it would be GOLDEN.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Agree 💯it would be glorious! If she is pregnant we won’t know until the 3rd trimester or until they present the new baby. Unlike the other royals, Meghan and Harry learn from experience and don’t keep doing things that don’t work over and over. Meghan was tortured during her last pregnancy. It was brutal, disgusting and relentless. If she is pregnant I hope she is sitting by a pool sipping virgin cocktails and eating loads of Alvarado toast.

        Her speech was wonderful. Her hair was amazing and freedom from backstabbing seems to agree with both H & M. I also loved the final tiny dig at the end. I, my husband and Archie will be rooting for you. A nod to the fact that Harry has a family thank you very much.

  17. Chonky says:

    She looks super pretty. I love the contouring and long hair.

  18. Harper says:

    I love the part when she says your gut knows what’s right and what’s wrong and yet the hardest part is to take action. To me, that’s an insight into how they approached the pile-on by the Royal Family and the tabloids. Harry and Meghan knew in their gut it was wrong; they knew they had to take some kind of action but at the same time, taking those steps was hard for them. That’s why we hear Harry say that he knows he did the right thing to leave but it was still difficult.

    I think Meghan will eventually hold some kind of public office someday. I’ve already pictured the sour looks on the faces of Will and Kate as King Charles welcomes President Meghan to Buckingham Palace for the state dinner.

    • L84Tea says:

      There was quite a bit she said in this speech that sounded as if she could be speaking directly about the RF.

      • Ginger says:

        I feel the same way. The part about people of power need you more than you need them. And also knowing what is right and wrong, fair and unfair and chasing your convictions with action. That was towards them, no doubt.

  19. taylor says:

    Love her. She’ll do well on the speaking market, and this was the perfect platform for her to re-launch her work in that space. I’m kinda of dying for her to go short (I’m thinking long bob), but she looks amazing so I’ll continue to wait patiently.

  20. Suzanne Hurley says:

    Wow! Meghan’s speech was powerful – inspirational and empowering, not to mention, well-delivered. She’s a natural at speaking. One big loss for the royal family is a big win for the world. Now we can hear more speeches from both Meghan and Harry. Go Team Sussex – rock this world!

  21. Calibration says:

    She looks beautiful, she sounds incredibly natural and smart (compared to you-know-who) and doesn’t speak with marbles in her mouth like a certain waste of space

  22. aquarius64 says:

    Meghan looks great and her speech was great too. And it was reported everywhere. Any non UK, non gossip media picked up Kate’s latest “project”?

  23. Beach Dreams says:

    She gave a wonderful speech and she looked beautiful. Being away from that family of vipers has clearly been good for her and for Harry.

  24. Kim says:

    I continue to feel extremely sad for the citizens of Great Britain and the Commonwealth – I believe Harry and Ms. Markle could have so positively shaped the path forward. Instead, the Monarchy has embraced their white Eurocentrism, Colonialism past, present and future.

  25. Watson says:

    I hate her hair. I think it drags her down as it’s too long. If she’s going to do this i think she needs to thin out the layers a bit.

    This girl is obviously thriving though. Like the skin! The joy! The ability to speak intelligently! No affiliations with a pedophile! LOLOLOLOL The Cambridge’s must be PISSED.

    • hmmt says:

      I agree, she has beautiful hair but this isn’t flattering on her.

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      I agree. Too much hair. Speech was well done.

    • minx says:

      Agree, it’s too long and with the center part looks like Cher circa 1972.

    • Kebbie says:

      Yeah I’m not crazy about this kind of length on anyone. She would look super chic with it just above her shoulders, I think.

      • minx says:

        It’s cute if you’re 20 years old. I love Queen Letizia’s length…not too long or short, versatile, can be worn up or down and still looks chic.

      • Peony_Wise says:

        I like Meghan’s cool style sense. I too have speculated how she might look with curly hair. She’s previously worn her hair in different ways and styles when she was younger, e.g. with lighter highlights, with waves or box curls, and even a wet, straight look once on the red carpet.

        Meghan also appeared in some hairstyling ad features for Wella Haircare Products, which are available on YouTube. Plus, she’s rocked some different styling looks as a royal (tendrils with backnot or side-knot; the wedding look; the top-knot once when she was pregnant, which was cute; the bouffant top with hair down and flipped under; plus long glamorous waves; and straight hair pulled back in a ponytail at Louis’ christening).

        That said, she obviously decided to let her hair grow longer, and she’s now keeping it straighter. I liked her long braid over one shoulder in Vancouver, and the pulled back look with hair down her back that we saw on one of her early Zoom calls. The look for her Girl Up speech is glam and fabulous. I don’t think it’s too much hair for Meghan at all. She’s pleasing herself, and surely her husband too. A lot of men love running their hands through a woman’s long hair. 😊

    • notasugarhere says:

      She’s in California in a pandemic with limited access to nonessential services like hair salons. Unlike Katie Keen, she isn’t pressuring salon staff to her private home for dye, cut, and styling services on the regular.

      • Watson says:

        Umn no. Her hair has been done by a professional. This is not an unkept or home spun hair cut or blow out. Hair like this takes effort unless you have naturally very thick straight hair which she does not have. And even then, you still need to roll and blow it out for volume up top etc. It looks like these are extensions though. No judgement. Everyone does it.

        Also: there is nothing wrong with getting your hair done right now as long as you mask up and you don’t live in an area with massive Covid spikes.

      • minx says:

        Hair salons are open, people are using them. Stylists and customers wear masks. Meghan didn’t do her hair by herself.

      • Mia says:

        @Watson her hair stylist said she wasn’t wearing extensions. To the other hair critics, I mean stylists; middle part is a classic look, what’s the problem?

  26. ziaaa says:

    @bluemoonhorse It will be a years’ long feeding season for the British media if and when Meghan gives birth. From “how dare they become parents on American soil, strip them off their royal titles” to “royal children are the Queen’s property, give them back!” to “Aww Poor Betty and Phil in the dusk phase of their lives and not able to see Harry’s kids” to “Pooh George and company are crying to play with their Harry’s kids.”

    Ugh, It is going to be a never-ending circus withing the British media.

  27. Guest with Cat says:

    What a fantastic speech. Having Harry and Meghan (and Archie) here in the USA is a wonderful balm to the soul and helps me, at least, bear having Trump and his ilk spewing endless narcissistic and divisive rants upon a captive nation. I hope Harry and Meghan keep on finding opportunities to highlight their optimism and share a bit of that and their energy with the rest of us weary souls.

    The little mention of Harry and Archie cheering the girls on brought a smile to my face. She looked away to something or someone at the side when she mentioned Harry joining her cheering everyone on, so I think he was probably sitting off camera silently cheering her on. Then she broke into a radiant smile of the purest joy and amusement at the chance to mention Archie. It makes me think little Archie has been delighting his mom and dad with some adorable antics. I bet their home videos of him are adorable.

    I’m so heartened to note she feels comfortable mentioning him to the public. It makes me think she and Harry feel confident in the environment they’ve established for him. When they were in the UK it was clear they were fighting like they were cornered to protect him. Now they seem free to include or omit him from their public work as they judge when it is appropriate to mention him for themselves, instead of tabloids trying to decide for them.

    I’m still grateful to Canada for sheltering them when they needed it the most. I still cherish a dream of visiting Vancouver Island someday.

    • Jaded says:

      I live on Vancouver Island so if you ever decide to visit, let me know and I can give you a number of suggestions of where to go and what to visit. It’s a pretty special place and we were delighted to have Harry and Meghan here to decompress. I’m so happy they seem to be thriving and living their best life in LA.

    • ravynrobyn says:

      @ Guest with Cat-your first paragraph was just lovely, and was balm to my weary soul 💕💕

  28. Marivic says:

    Meghan has the most expressive eyes. Amazingly confident and smart all the way. Go girl !

  29. TheOriginalMia says:

    The best revenge is living well. Meghan looked amazing. Her speech was inspiring. The RRs, the Keens, the salty BM can all suck it. This woman continues to prove they were all so incredibly dumb, jealous and petty. She is a great asset and would have helped move the BRF into a more modern and inclusive era. Oh, well…our gain.

    Shallow note: major hair envy! It’s so long and healthy.

    • bettyrose says:

      Okay, can I use this time to say something about her hair? I know it’s never okay to comment on a woman of color’s hair, and I hope I don’t get slammed for this, but I’m sharing my thoughts with my trusted circle of CBs.

      I have very curly hair myself, and while my Semitic heritage probably does date back to the Middle East at some point, I have no awareness of recent African ancestry and no one would call me a woman of color. That said, I spent the entire decade of the OOs fighting off rude suggestions from both stylists and random people that I straighten my hair. But to me straightened curly hair just looks processed and labor intensive. I can’t help that I see that in Meghan’s hair, and I’d love to see her allowing in at least a little bit of natural wave, if not full on curl. (And yes it’s completely her choice and she looks fabulous no matter what and we love her for her work not her looks, anyway, but it does bug me a bit and this is the only place I can share that thought).

      • sunny says:

        @bettyrose, I want to gently push back on your comment, and say black hair is incredibly political so keeping her hair straight might be a choice to avoid the horror show that might accompanying her sporting natural hair.

        Also as a black woman who has spent the majority of my life in white corporate spaces, I can tell you I was socialized to believe my natural hair was unacceptable and unprofessional and it was only over the last year I let my hair go natural. She might just be used to and more comfortable sporting straighter hair because she has had that style most of her life. Or she could simply like how it looks better.

        Finally, without understanding her natural curl pattern, it is impossible to say how easy or hard it might be for her to let in ” a bit of a wave” and to let in a full curl might mean a total transition in hair styling depending on what she is doing now, which is why when black women let their hair go natural, they often significantly cut its length to transition the process to healthy curls quickly(it is called “the big chop”) otherwise it could take weeks or months to transition your hair to more natural and curly depending on your prior routine.

      • Green Desert says:

        BettyRose – I get what you’re saying. I’m biracial, black/white like Meghan. I have naturally curly hair. I straightened my hair from age 14-27 and Iooking back at old pictures, my hair rarely looked healthy (I’m 39 now). I love my curly hair now and wear it long, though it’s not quite as long as Meghan’s here. I actually think her hair has always looked pretty healthy. I wonder if she feels pressure to keep it straight? Unfortunately straight hair is still seen as ideal over natural curls, but I’ve never had more hair compliments than when I started wearing mine curly!

        I’d have to do a deep dive to see pictures of her hair curly, but the other thing I’ll say is that curl patterns are all different. It’s possible she truly thinks her hair looks better straight, regardless of societal expectations.

        Sunny, you are spot on in the standards of beauty argument. It’s ridiculous but something that affects many black and bi- or multiracial women. We had the same thought about curl patterns too!

      • yinyang says:

        Sunny rose, I like your comment, I wanted to point out that Kate too has curly hair that we almost never see maybe she too experiences it as being unprofessional and unacceptable, but the British people seem to be fine with her strainghening her hair, I dont understand double standard all the time and dont think it’s fair.

      • bettyrose says:

        @Sunny –
        Thank you for sharing that perspective. I didn’t really think about her feeling pressured to straighten it, but yes of course that’s true. Especially in the entertainment industry. It’s much less political for me, I know, but I have never once asked someone if they thought I should straighten my hair, and thus I’ve found all unsolicited suggestions that I do so really insulting. It’s like saying I should erase one of my most unique qualities. So I can only imagine how conflicting it must be to feel professionally/socially pressured to do so.

        @Yinyang – I thought about that double standard when I posted. For me, I don’t care what Kate does with her hair because I think of her as being very superficial. Meghan of course puts effort into her appearance because she’s a public figure, but she’s naturally beautiful so I don’t tend to think of her has living behind a veil of false appearances and a false persona.

      • yinyang says:

        @BettyRose Yeah, we need to be choosy on who we endorse and put out there. We need all hands on deck, that includes the white public figures as well. We need our white counterparts to take some accountibilty and help change the narrative. It would be nice if white public figure and those in position of power embrace their naturalness too. I know I wouldn’t feel any less employable wearing my hair natual if the woman workign in the office did as well, or the women on the covers of the magazine. That’s the only way this world will change.

      • Guest with Cat says:

        My daughter also has really curly hair, too, Bettyrose, and the peer pressure she gets to straighten it is awful and rude. She just sets it in rollers sometimes to make it a more shiny curl, but she’s very happy to have her curls. Her only lament is when they frizz because then they look rough and lose shine.

        It really does help to see other women of any race who have curly hair show it off at least sometimes. Lol, representation does mean a lot. She adores Meghan and would also like to see Meghan rock some curly looks at least once in a while. But she knows once hair is straightened you can’t just up and decide to wear it curly again one day. Which is why she doesn’t want to straighten her own hair.

        My daughter should have been the 80′s girl because she naturally has the hair that I used to have to subject myself to perms to get in the 80′s when curls were in. We are both multiracial and multi ethnic, but I got straight hair and she got the curly goodness.

      • bettyrose says:

        Guest with cat:
        Thank you so much for sharing that! I was definitely influenced by my 80s childhood. On a bad day, I looked like Roseanne Roseannadanna and took my share of ridicule, but on a good day I had awesome 80s hair with no Aquanet needed (my best friend growing up used cases of Aquanet to achieve that tight curl look).

        So I lucked out growing up in those years, but by my twenties the rude comments started. I couldn’t exactly call it racism, but there was definitely something off about people’s aversion to my thick curly hair. I mean yeah we should all love ourselves as we are, but let’s not pretend there isn’t an ethnic tinge to certain beauty standards.

      • Peony_Wise says:

        Meghan is on record in the past (during her Suits days) as having said that she never liked wearing curly hair. So obviously she prefers wearing straight or slightly waved long hair. And I think straighter styles are more versatile.

        However, it’s up to everyone what they prefer. Very long thick curly hair is difficult to maintain. If you wear naturally curly styles with thick hair, some curl patterns are work-intensive to maintain. And I think that describes Meghan’s natural hair. While straightening curly hair requires work, I think straight styles are easier to manage. JMHO

        Michelle Obama is recently wearing a curly look, and she can rock any style. But I like her straighter, waved hairstyles better than her current curly look. Maybe if it wasn’t highlited curls, or if it was a different curly style with her natural hair color, I might like it better. In the end, we project based on our own personal preferences.

        For me, Meghan is always on point. She has a great sense of personal style.

    • Olenna says:

      “The best revenge is living well.” Amen.

  30. Sarah says:

    Anyone not working a gruelling pointless 9 to ( with commutes and hot trains can look good.

    • bettyrose says:

      IDK. I haven’t had to commute in the last four months, and I’m way less put together than I used to be. It’s all lounge wear and frizzy hair for me these days.

    • MA says:

      If that’s the case then what’s the other royals’ excuse?

  31. yinyang says:

    Love Meghan, loving the facebook blue very trendy and professional, paired with simple gold earrings would have been wow. I would like her to organize and create more of these videos than to be a guest speaker, for all the publicity it gets. She could do so much more. She has so much potential, her agent needs to build on that, but I realize with the pandemic this is very difficult. But love it, keep going.

    • notasugarhere says:

      A big draw of this event was the massive online security around it, thanks to the UN and it being an event for 14-18 year olds. Anyone registering had to give proof of their legal name, true identity, sign documents about how they would use their access. Trolls weren’t allowed. If Meghan did a series of these on her own? It would be a free-for-all of obsessed trolls spending the entire time trying to hack the server and dominate the comments with their hate speech.

      • yinyang says:

        Oh I see, thanks for pointing that out! I guess you’re right, I forgot for a minute what kind of world we’re living in.

      • Nita says:

        The screening of attendees was needed because of the high security risk guests. Don’t forget that HC and MO have US state ‘s monitored longlife security. And Meghan (as a royal, even a not working royal) has add up to being a high risk puplic figure as well.

  32. Lowrider says:

    This was a good speech and Meghan looked luminous. I suspect she is a very naturally positive and optimistic person which is a great energy to radiate.

    • bettyrose says:

      I think so too because that’s a difficult thing to fake. Anyone (in theory) can learn to be a good public speaker, but not everyone can radiate authentic positivity.

  33. LoonaticCap says:

    Honestly I would really love for her to let her real hair out. Her hair is not straight. I wish she’d embrace the curl.

    But that’s just me we can all wear our hair however we like… I have dreadlocs like her mom seems to have hehehe

  34. Sorella says:

    She’s such a great speaker. And soooo pretty!! Funny must just be me but I thought she had Covid hair and in need of trim but like many of us, hasn’t cut her hair during Covid. She’s always got gorgeous hair and it looks nice this length but i think the ends need a trim/dry. But maybe just me lol as split ends ard my pet peeve!

  35. Star says:

    The uterus watch is starting to creep me out. Just listen to her words for goodness sake.

  36. Redgrl says:

    She sounds interested in what she’s saying which comes across to the audience and makes the listener interested to see what she’ll say next. Knowledgeable and animated but relaxed at the same time. Public speaking isn’t for everyone but she is really an excellent public speaker.

  37. Lizzie says:

    Meghan makes everything she does look effortless. Wonderful speech all round.
    As an aside, I love how she knows when to be casual and when to step it up. She always gets it right.

  38. Mariane says:

    No way. It’s the nonsense DM likes to use to incite the MAGA crowd. They are definitely not going to run for office. They just left a toxic head role why would they go after another restrictive role??
    I see them being a global couple who have business & charitable work across the world. Theyll definitely be producing content (books, documentaries..) & hosting annual galas once they are out of lockdown.

  39. lili says:

    This colour is great on her.
    I don’t like the hair, too long and very very straight. I’m eastern european and russian women love hair this long so I’m a bit allergic!

  40. Lea says:

    I think she looks amazing. I can’t pinpoint what it is – maybe the eyebrows ? Or the makeup ? I don’t know but it’s flawless. She is a beautiful woman but this is just another level of beauty (and I am not particularly fan of her !).

  41. Anoni Mus says:

    She looks beautiful as always. So effortless. Sigh, she truly is blessed in the looks department. So to balance a bit of the “sausage curls” criticism of Kate’s hair out, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’d wish Meghan would rock her natural hair. It would be such an inspiration and example. So I judge her a bit on that, because her hair looks too straightened, a la Gwyneth.

    • MA says:

      Why does it always fall to black women to be inspirational for wearing their natural hair? No one ever asks white celebrities to wear their natural hair. And yes they all wear weaves, willets, dye their hair, straighten it. Kate’s natural hair doesn’t look like that either.

  42. bettyrose says:

    Posted in wrong place.

    • Poppy says:

      She has had a chin extension. An implant which is why her chin length is longer.

      • Amy Too says:

        During a pandemic? When elective surgery hasn’t been available in a long time? I don’t think so. Her face looks longer because her hair is extra long and straight.

      • Poppy says:

        Yes, right now. Cosmetic surgery is happening. A chin implant is a piece of silicone. The operation takes about 40 min. with a very small incision. Day surgery. Some swelling. Looks like there is still some. Measure her chin. How else could it have grown. Chin size has nothing to do with hair length/style (mind you it a good distracting feature).

      • Olenna says:

        @Poppy, you are a grade-A Troll and the level of scrutiny you given to her video image is clearly obsessive.

      • yinyang says:

        Maybe its just fillers, given the level of scrutiny she is given and all the negative comparisons to Kate (who gets away with the fillers and botox) I wouldn’t blame her. Anyway she looks the same to me, she looks the same as she did when she was a child, her face shape hasn’t changed, always a cutie.

  43. A says:

    “Look, sometimes it’s not obvious what to do. Often, it’s fear that paralyzes us and stops us from being brave and being bold. But don’t underestimate that you have some of the answers. Don’t underestimate your ability to push through the fear. You have, rooted in your convictions, the ability to craft a world that you know is just and kind. Your gut will tell you what’s right and what’s wrong; what’s fair and unfair. The hardest part—and it was the hardest part for me—is to chase your convictions with action.”

    I’m not crying, I just have a big old tree in my eye. (I needed this today).

  44. blunt talker says:

    She was truly beautiful to look and to listen to. Her speech was definitely on point for these times we live in. It put a smile on my face when she mentioned Harry and Archie-the two most important men in her life. I can’t wait to see a picture of Archie walking. Their little man is growing up. Can’t believe he is already a year-plus. God bless and keep the Sussex family . I am not going to speculate if Meghan is expecting-but if she is please let her, Harry, and Archie enjoy it this time. Peace out.

  45. Poppy says:

    Meghan is a positive influence for young women

  46. Seeker542 says:

    Does it occur to anyone that maybe Meghan wears loose fitting clothes so people don’t scrutinize her midsection? I think if her and Harry have another baby, the public will be the last to know.

    This quarantine has done very well for them despite the world’s issues.