Miranda Kerr pursued Evan Spiegel after he got her number & never called her

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One of my favorite posts that I ever wrote was this piece on Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel. It was 2015, and they had only just started dating, and they got pap’d at an airport and Miranda was so thirsty for attention. She tried to make it look like they were some hot-and-heavy new couple and Evan looked scared to touch her. As I said back then, they have the raw sexuality of uncooked hamburger. Still true. But five years later, they’re married and they have two young children together (Hart, 2, and Myles, 9 months old), plus Miranda’s son Flynn from her first marriage. And bless her heart, Miranda is still trying to make it seem like they’re this sexy couple and Evan just… cannot make it work. They posed together for WSJ. Magazine and the cover line of “a marriage of mindfulness” makes me want to vom. Still, it’s curious to see what is really being sold here. I still have questions. Some highlights from the piece:

When they met: Six years ago, the pair were seated next to each other at a Louis Vuitton event at the Museum of Modern Art, when Kerr struck up a conversation with the tech tycoon. They had a great time chatting, and Kerr told Spiegel her favorite song was “Spiegel im Spiegel,” by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, a tune he had never heard. They then exchanged numbers and Spiegel abruptly left. “All of a sudden he gets up,” Kerr told the magazine and explained that he never followed up. A month later, Kerr got up the courage to text Spiegel a message that said, “Just wondering—did you ever listen to that song, ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’?”

He hadn’t called her because he didn’t think he had a chance: “I thought I had no chance [with Miranda], so I wasn’t going to waste my time.”

Evan respected Miranda’s relationship with her ex, Orlando Bloom: “What I saw from Miranda and Orlando was very different from what I experienced. I am in no way a replacement for Flynn’s dad. I feel like [I’m part of] Team Flynn.”

Evan on Miranda’s open door policy for friends, family & her ex-husband: “This is one of the things I love about Miranda. Everyone is welcome. It’s the Aussie way.”

A sweet gesture: Spiegel says he realized early on into the couple’s relationship that Flynn was the center of Kerr’s life. In fact, he reveals that on their first date he made Kerr, 37, a gingerbread house with icing that said her and Flynn’s names.

Parenting during a pandemic. “[Flynn's] screen-time restrictions are out the window,” Spiegel admits, but Kerr disagrees, retorting: “We do limit screen time around here.” And though the couple admits that they “see the world very differently,” Spiegel says that’s a “huge strength. There’s nothing more helpful than having someone who loves you, and knows you really well, point out a different perspective.”

[From Page Six & People]

Um, so Miranda knew she was going to be seated next to Evan, right? Which is why she prepared that pick-up line about her favorite song? And then she pursued him, because hey, girl’s gotta marry a billionaire, huh. I mean, I admire Miranda’s game. I think she knew what she wanted and she went after it and she got it. She’s married to a guy worth billions (on paper at least). And it worked out because Evan actually enjoys her lifestyle and he’s interested in being a good stepfather and father to their two little kids.

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  1. FrenchGirl says:

    She finally had what She always wanted .A very very rich husband .

    • Norman Bates' Mother says:

      And not a usual one, at that. Spiegel must have been every golddigger’s Holy Grail. He’s super rich but he’s also young and not that ugly looking. Most of those ultra rich guys look like old raisins or worse – Harvey Weinstein, so having money and not needing to barf while touching your husband, needs to be some kind of trophy wife’s super achievement . He probably had a long line of supermodels lining up and she won ;)

      • Quad says:

        LOL, right to the point, Norman Bates’ Mother!

        I sometimes still like Miranda as I’m into all that healthful eating stuff but after that story about Jho Low and the jewellery broke, I realised the woman likely fits the stereotype. Disappointed! But I will still check out her healthful eating tips.

    • Milly says:

      He said he thought he had no chance with her, so he didn’t call back, which makes me think that he is actually quite self-aware.

      Does anyone think she would not give him a chance if he weren’t a billionaire (on paper)?

      I mean, he sounds like a good guy, he looks cute, he is young. She is a millionaire in her own right, so she is not exactly looking for someone to support her. Is it not at all possible that she would pursue him just for his personal qualities ?

      • AnnaKist says:

        Possible, but unlikely. This is Miranda Kerr we’re talking about. Fair or unfair, she has a certain reputation. Millionaire is not the same as billionaire. Two words: James Packer.

      • Quad says:

        I still like Miranda sometimes but there’s a pattern: Jho Low, Packer, and even Steve Bing. She was papped at his house at some point. She seems awfully opportunistic.

      • YA says:

        So that’s why she dated Jho Low? She liked his personality? You are funny.

        Quad: Bing? She was papped at his house at some point? He liked escorts…

  2. lucy2 says:

    Of cour$e $he pur$ued him.

    Kind of odd he/they only talked about her child with Orlando, and not their 2? Also, anytime I see her, I just remember how she was badly photoshopping her photos to look skinnier and people caught it right away.

  3. TIffany says:

    I gotta say, Evan looks better in motion than in photographs. Also, I liked what he said about being a step-parent to Flynn and also Orlando. Those comments could have gone sideways but they were alright.

    • Léna says:

      Agreed. I had low expectations but he seems to be an involved step parent.

    • Ariel says:

      I agree. I always want to stand up and cheer when step parenting goes right. “Team Flynn” is a GREAT attitude.
      B/c when those things go wrong, its so awful for the child.

  4. Watson says:

    This was so cringe worthy to read.

  5. Jo73c says:

    He might not have had a chance with her, but his money sure did!

    • Mia4s says:

      Pretty much this! “Oh I pursued him, isn’t that surprising and cute?”

      …..Biting tongue…..leaving thread….

  6. Miss Margo says:

    Why would someones favorite song be Spiegel im Spiegel!!!??? LMFAO.

    • wendywoo says:

      Right?!?!? It’s beautiful but it’s not a “song” and it’s used in Auschwitz documentaries for a reason- it’s a reflective, ponderous and sad instrumental. Weird.

    • AnnaKist says:

      She did her homework, I’ll give her that.

  7. Lo says:

    I’ll just say he’s a breath of fresh air next to Zuckerberg and I appreciate that he never sold Snapchat, though it’s glory days are over.

  8. isabel says:

    I have to say I did not expect an Arvo Pärt reference LOLOL. I performed his Magnificat in college and I promptly texted this story to my college roomie/choir friend.

    So I was curious about Spiegel im Spiegel and it is a very pretty song! Going on my I’m in my feelings strings playlist.

  9. Kate says:

    Can someone enlighten me on what a ‘marriage of mindfulness’ is?

    • Allergy says:

      Every day you stare deep into your spouse’s eyes for ten minutes. You telepathically sort out all the possible rifts in the marriage. No need to talk about things! Afterwards you share a kale smoothie.

    • Jules says:

      ask goop!

    • K says:

      There’s a dating service called “Meet Mindful” where you can use their criteria to sort people by preferred brand of woo-woo, Goopy stuff you’re into. I mean, I roll my eyes at a lot of that, but you do want to share values with a significant other, especially if you’re trying to raise children together.

  10. Alexandria says:

    I have nothing against this as long there is no abuse. Demand and supply. She’s not going to have a long career anyway (in modelling). I am not sure what her education was in.

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      She has been running a successful organic cosmetic business for years. Idk if the products are good cuz I stick with Paula’s Choice when I treat myself to fancy skincare.

      I think she might have a pragmatic streak. Miranda found longterm external sources of income while her modelling career was going well.

    • AnnaKist says:

      She left school very early to pursue modelling. She and her mum started the Kora business. There was some kind of falling out, for a while at least, and the mum now also has the same kind of business. I’ve read a lot of reviews on MK’s products. They’re no different to most other like products. Nothing any more special than we can by in any pharmacy here, but much more expensive because they have her name on the packaging. I wouldn’t bother. No one I know has ever tried them.

      • Thirtynine says:

        I tried the skincare products, because I have extremely sensitive skin, and am always looking for things I can safely use. They’re very heavy, and if I remember correctly I think had some essential oils as ingredients, which is what I reacted to, and I gave them to a friend, for whom they were fine. I see Miranda as a bit like Kim, successful business women, who took the assets they had as far as they could go. And as far as gold-digging goes- Miranda is a self made millionaire who worked for her money from a very young age. By finding a man with money of his own, at least she knows he’s not after her just for her money either. It sounds like they’re happy and it all worked out well.

      • Andrea says:

        I tried a sample selection of her products and was unimpressed.

  11. LeaTheFrench says:

    Arvo Part is a famous composer (if you’re into art classical music.) But Spiegel im Spiegel is not necessarily considered his best work. It’s more conventional than many of his other pieces, so Miranda’s words surprise me.

  12. PhD gossip says:

    Miranda’s publicist and manager deserve a bonus for helping her land a billionaire with a pickup line that made her look worldly and educated. Let’s not forget the upgrade from that shady, jewelry giving fraud Jho Low.

  13. Allergy says:

    That cover is like from those holistic magazines you get free from the library! It could say something like “Singles’ Retreat Dating Etiquette.”

  14. Tia says:

    It sounds like he was looking for his manic pixie dream girl while she wanted a rich husband who wasn’t a jerk and they both got what they wanted. They seem to be happy together and she’s not trying to push Orlando out of their son’s life (some women who marry rich the second or third time seem to try and pretend their husband fathered all their children) so good for them.

    • Quad says:

      It’s weird because he’s ivy league educated if I remember correctly, from a wealthy, elite, educated family. Miranda is sweet (and prob v opportunistic) but not the most articulate person out there. Wonder what they talk about…she’s into running a business though, I guess, so they share that.

  15. Zen says:

    Didn’t she also try to land Packer that billionaire from Australia that Mariah Carey dated? Gotta admire her determination.

    • MA says:

      YES! There was a famous incident where Packer and another billionaire got into a public physical fight over her.

      She is harmless but she is what the tinhats think Meghan Markle is. She’s a gold digger who clearly pursued one quality in her men. There are all sorts of rumors about her being a “yacht girl” and Cannes from back in the Gawker days. See also the diamonds she had to return to the government after gifted them by another unattractive shady billionaire.

      Also that’s a weird cover, putting her in the background and not on equal standing for a cover on marriage, having the non model’s face closer to the camera and more visible when she’s the gorgeous one.

      • Quad says:

        I agree with Ma. Everyone’s multifaceted and complex; I like Miranda sometimes but, sorry, there’s a pattern with that Jho Low, Steve Bing, and Packer.

  16. Jules says:

    He’s all yours, girl!

  17. goofpuff says:

    I’m not hating on this. She got what she wanted (very rich husband) bonus he’s close to her age and not unattractive and seemingly kind. He got what he wanted – trophy wife who wants to keep him at all costs. They seem happy together with their marriage and that’s what matters.

    Besides any insanely rich person (man or woman) who believes an insanely attractive much poorer person esp if they are decades younger than them is not interested in their money is severely delusional. I side-eye any December-May marriage when vast amounts of money are involved and they wax all about ‘loooooooove’.

    Maybe there are 20 year olds who find 80 year olds HAWT but I doubt that. Unless its a fetish?

  18. Renee says:

    Oh God, that video is so awful, it looks like someone spliced a modeling video of Kerr with videos of their brother who left for college last year.

  19. Atti says:

    They are both dull. But I love the Team Flynn mindset, I’ll keep that in mind if I am ever a step parent.

  20. Caty Page says:

    What an odd choice for a favorite song. Maybe she’s in her feelings a lot? Maybe it has some sentimental value to her?

    I hate all the “golddigging” comments. If she looked like Roseanne Barr, something tells me they wouldn’t be together. Why is her preference in a wealthy partner given so much wide-eyed when he was clearly trophy shopping as well?

    • Meg says:

      She has a history of that though

    • Quad says:

      ” Why is her preference in a wealthy partner given so much wide-eyed when he was clearly trophy shopping as well?”

      There’s a difference between being attracted to someone physically and being attracted to someone’s bank account / status / power.

      • Milly says:

        Mmmm, I’m not so sure. As my grandmother used to say about cases of marrying for money or for looks, “at least a woman is attracted to what the man made of himself, the man on the other hand, likes her for something she has no control over.” So what is really worse? Liking a person for what they managed to achieve, or liking them for what they were given by nature?

      • Quad says:

        “I’m really bothered by all the goldigging comments too.”

        (Actually a semi-fan of Miranda here.) This is not about sexism. If a good looking male supermodel dated Jhow Low, Packer, and Steve Bing (rumoured) before marrying Spiegel, there’d be the same comments. Sorry.

        “So what is really worse? Liking a person for what they managed to achieve, or liking them for what they were given by nature?”

        Physical attraction is typically part of love, of romantic relationships. We live in our bodies; we express love and affection through our bodies, and finding someone attractive is a precursor or otherwise linked to that. Sure, some men and women might enjoy the status of “landing” someone “hot.” But physical attraction for its own sake is just part of romantic love and you can find someone hot without there being a status, self-interested dimension to it.

        Attraction to someone’s bank account, power, fame, and status for its own sake has an acquisitive, avaricious, materialistic, and self-interested element to it. You can have this type of attraction without there being respect and admiration for a rich and powerful man/woman having “made it” or become “successful,” as in respect for their character or tenacity or whatever.

        Having said that, I have no idea if Evan Spiegel sees Miranda as a trophy wife. Maybe he (1) finds her hot and (2) is also validated by her status as a supermodel, which is one causal step away from finding her physically attractive.

  21. Nottoday says:

    So we’re just going to ignore the gingerbread house?

  22. February-Pisces says:

    I remember reading a comment somewhere from a guy who was 28 years old, who’s business was starting to do well, turning over £150000. Nice bit of cash, but hardly bill gates money. Anyway he had a girlfriend who was also 28 years old, and he was complaining that he wished he had gone out with her when she was 20. He said he loved her and that she was amazing, but it bothered him that she was now looking 28 years old, but when he saw pics of her at 20 she was even better. It’s really bothered this guy that his GF was 28, so much so he was on reddit complaining. Coincidentally He mentioned his business was doing well, but he basically thought he was the new Zuckerburg. It’s funny how a tiny bit of success changed his perception and he now believed he was entitled so ‘something better’, not appreciating what he had. My guess is he will eventually swap his amazing GF who someone younger who wants his cash and doesn’t give AF about him as long as she looks good. Anyway seeing Miranda and Evan just reminded me of that.

  23. Intheknow says:

    I wish I’d married rich when I was young and HOT. I married for love and ended up paying support to him for 2 yrs. It ruined A LOT of things. Now I am in my 40s and well, I wont compete with 25 yr olds with fake tans, fake hair, fake bottoms etc etc.

    I am not judging her. Go get it if you can (barring murder, kicking babies and puppies etc). Go get it for sure.

    • Lola says:

      I always joke that the first marriage should be for money and the second marriage should be for love! Unfortunately, I did it backwards (and, somehow, we’re still married). Silly me *lol*

  24. Berlin says:

    He would be an 8 plus with a nose job. Yes, I know, I am VERY shallow. #nose shaming.

    • Quad says:

      Correction: Nose job and rigorous gym routine for 6 months plus. Have you seen pics of them on the beach? He is even worse than the Kushner brothers for body definition.

  25. Clickety Click says:

    I guess when you’re a rich guy the rule about men having to make the first move doesn’t apply.

    • Clickety Click says:

      Even so the expectation that the man make the first move is still a social norm.

  26. Louise177 says:

    I didn’t know they had a second child. Then again I don’t even remember the last time I saw them in the media. People call Miranda a gold digger because she only dated billionaires after her divorce. I also don’t think Evan was looking for a trophy wife. I would think if that’s what he wanted he would have pursued somebody younger or more famous. Miranda is several years older and pretty much retired from modeling when they met.

    • YA says:

      You can’t remember the last time you saw them in the media because her publicist wants you to forget she dated Jho Low. She wasn’t so private. She must be so ashamed of herself.

  27. Bloomm(sic) says:

    @Roberta: Irrespective of your bubble the expectation that guys make the first move is still a social norm.