Kylie Jenner’s two-year-old daughter Stormi has a $1200 Louis Vuitton purse

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coolest baby to ever do ittt⛈🤍🤍

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Whenever I say that jewelry and purses are “investments,” inevitably someone yells at me, but guess what? THEY ARE. Purses especially – there’s lots of evidence to suggest that major-label purses (Hermes Birkins, Louis Vuitton, Prada) are actually one of the better and smarter investments, especially in this economy. Still, I’ve always rolled my eyes when celebrities give their children expensive jewelry or handbags. The idea that a one-year-old needs a diamond bracelet or a three-year-old should have a $1200 purse is absurd. But it’s still happening.

Kylie Jenner posted this photo, above, of Stormi with her own Louis Vuitton bag. This is the LV Nano Speedy in the multicolor print, which is more rare, and would retail for more than $1100. It’s a cute bag – LV bags have always been seen as some of the best investment pieces, especially during the Marc Jacobs-era of LV and beyond (he revitalized the brand and everyone wanted an LV bag). Kylie has always given Stormi designer bags, and this is just the latest. It’s dumb. The best case scenario is that Kylie is just posing Stormi with the bag and then Kylie puts the bag in her own closet storage for years. It’s also possible that LV is sending out these bags as freebies to certain celebrities too. Which sucks.

In the past week, we had another celebrity child getting an expensive bag – here’s Offset giving Kulture a Birkin bag for her second birthday. First of all, Kulture is so pretty and so BIG for two years old! Second of all, that pink Birkin is really beautiful. It would be a good investment piece, but not for a two-year-old.

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  1. Kim says:

    Someone isn’t going to be happy when they find one of those bags colored with fun and happy non-washable sharpie artwork.

    Millions are facing devastation without unemployment extension.

    I would love to see celebrities bragging about how they’re not spending money on expensive bags for toddlers and young kids, and putting their extra money into helping others.

    Where’s cancel culture when you need it?

  2. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    I just rolled my eyes so hard I nearly passed out. Just. So. VULGAR.

  3. Case says:

    Toddlers want toys and games and stuffed animals, not designer purses. Kulture looked so disappointed. This is for their parents to put on Instagram and that’s pretty much it.

    At the same it’s their money and I just have to hope these people donate to charitable causes in addition to indulging themselves.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Kulture wanted to open the box and the cloth bag and he took that fun part away from her. She wanted nothing to do with the Birkin.

      • Lady D says:

        Ikr? She badly wanted to play with that box and paper. He didn’t even let her take it out of the bag it was in. I thought it was cute that she knew exactly where to put that purse.

    • S2 says:

      All of the above. The cardinal rule of gift-giving is to give a gift the recipient wants, not yourself—and, all other ridiculousness aside, that is not what’s happening when gifting a toddler a designer handbag.

      And for everyone who is gonna says, ‘But kids they love to play with mom’s purse.’ Umm, yeah, because it’s mom’s.

      There are gonna be 80+ years of the average child born today’s life in which to give them adult gifts, but so precious few childhood years when toys are what they really want most. Everyone in such a damn hurry for their babies to grow up until they actually do.

  4. cas says:

    Makes me feel slightly nauseas. I just think spoiling your children to that degree is just so unhealthy for them, it is totally done to make the parents feel a certain way. I actually feel sorry for those kids

    • Hope says:

      Is it spoiling your kid when they have no idea about something being expensive or that it’s a luxury item? Buying your kid 20 Matchbox cars would have the same effect. Stormi probably thinks it’s a pretty toy and that’s it.

      I see that picture and it doesn’t bother me that Stormi has a Louis Vuitton purse. My impression of her is that of a sweet kid who waited until her mom said she could have another piece of candy from that challenge a few months back. What does bother me is the possibility that Kylie may not have worked through what led to her getting that much plastic surgery at such a young age and passing that behavior down to her daughter.

  5. Jules says:

    Absolutely disgusting and tone-deaf. On so many levels.

    I wonder if Kris Jong Un has called in the troops to post some distractions on social media.

  6. Michelle says:

    I just came here to say that both of these girls are the cutest.

  7. Tiffany says:

    Those are some beautiful children.

    And Kulture, I gotta think, was disappointed. She saw a big box and probably thought it was a toy. She put that bag down with the quickness.

  8. Valentina says:

    Whenever I read stuff like this I think of that time when I was too poor to afford sanitary towels. It makes me go ‘hmm’.

    • Lady D says:

      What gets me is people who brag about spending hundreds if not thousands on a dog or other pet. It’s heartbreaking to think of how many homeless and shelter pets could be fed with that much money. I sincerely hope the people who just have to have expensive pets are also making donations to animal rescue charities.

  9. Cidee says:

    VULGAR….but DAY-yum those kids are adorable. I am ashamed to say it but I would have killed to dress my daughter in that Burberry outfit when she was a toddler….I’m a sucker for a baby in high end (yes, vulgar) stuff.

  10. Milly says:

    I don’t see a problem – she has so much money, it’s nothing. What I find weird is when people buy luxury bags and shoes with installments. You clearly can not afford, this so why do it?

    • bettyrose says:

      I agree. $1200 is pocket lint to these people, so I don’t care about that (the issue of them not being more charitable is separate since they can easily afford to do both). This is what bothers me about these things:

      1. LV bags are ugly, and I have never liked them. And they’re only investments if they’re protected like investments, and what’s the point of having a purse you can’t use?

      2. The Kardashians and their children will probably always be rich, so this second one is not so much of an issue, but I think it’s harmful to children to instill in them materialistic values beyond what they’ll ever be able to afford as adults. I have known more than my share of adults who were obsessed with material possessions outside their reach and felt like luxury ownership was a sign of personal worth (so what does that say about their own sense of self worth?)

  11. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’ll probably get yelled at, lol, but…whatever. Yes good purse investments can last a lifetime, I continue trying to educate my husband on this fact. I mean should I get his next guitar at Walmart? Maybe I should as a funny message.

    High-end purses stick around. I’ve never owned a purse costing more than $600ish, and that was painful. I have the LVs and the Gucci’s mom bought me when I was in high school. Now I’m just an expensive oversized black leather work of art kinda gal lol. I’d never, in a thousand years, spend that kind of money on a very young child even it is wipeable like the one above. But, BUT, the kind of disposable income some people have is like a vortex into an inescapable black hole which sucks brain matter at an alarming rate.

    That $1200 purse might as well be the $300 and $400 plus game systems we’ve always made available to the boys. And not just one either. Throughout the years, and system upgrades and entirely new replacements for the brands Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo…plus all the games and accessories and upgrade games and accessories, digital memberships and complete online immersion, total spent would hospitalize me and the hubs. We’ve had three choices of systems for them on a daily basis since game systems were created lol. Music, instruments and games are an important part of this family obviously. And it would easily make a different family sick to their stomach.

    A Kardashian child toting a luxury mini bag seems apropos. I can’t listen to them or watch them for any number of seconds, but what’s her little princess supposed to carry? Something that could be carried by any little girl anywhere on the planet? That ain’t happening.

    Yes, I’m bored. Trying out a new air fryer, so I spent too much thought and time writing about perfumed fluff lol.

    • Lizzieb says:

      @Mabs. True about high end purses. Crazy to buy one for a small child unless it’s a limited edition for something special. Like the year they turned whatever. Then set the bag away As a keepsake to be given to them when they are older. I realize they have money but I am getting really tired of Instagram flaunting of wealth. It’s really tone deaf in these times. As a nice thing the kids are really cute.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        Exactly, which is why I don’t partake lol. I’m already subjected to so much nonsense, I can’t Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. I’d lose my freaking mind. I use news sites and apps that let me categorize so Celebitchy is the only place I see articles like this. I can tell you limited exposure is 100% worth it.

    • MA says:

      I actually don’t care that rich people spent $$$ on frivolous expensive things and I agree that luxury bags are an investment. This just seems so stupid though like they are babies and handbags mean nothing to them. It’s just buying your kids status symbols for yourself instead of something they’d actually enjoy. Why not save the birkin for when they’re old enough to know what it is? For the equivalent cost they could’ve done something frivolous but fun for a kid like built a real life castle playhouse with a moat or buy a pony they dressed up as a unicorn. I’m just spitballing here but you get the idea.

  12. Porter says:

    It just seems like a great way to make it impossible for your child to ever truly enjoy or appreciate anything. You get a Birkin bag at 2 and it becomes a trifling thing; a normal thing, instead of something amazing. I remember years ago one of the Olsen twins talking about experiencing horrible depression as a young adult because they already had everything money could buy. There was little to strive for or look forward to. Finding pleasure becomes hard in a way I had never considered (as a non-wealthy person). I still get a thrill out of buying a scented candle! 🤣 I wouldn’t want to rob a child of that.

    • Jules says:

      Yes. It’s actual soul loss due to materialism.

    • AMA1977 says:

      That’s the reason why our kids are getting an old car (probably the ones we are driving right now…my almost-13 year-old can have dad’s 2014 sedan and my almost 8 year-old will be graced with my 2016 SUV) and then Mom and Dad will get new cars. I remember the pride I felt when I bought my first new car at 22…she was a silver Acura Integra and I loved her. I felt so cool and stylish in that car and so proud that I bought it for ME. I would have driven it until it died, except baby #1 needed a car with a practical back-seat, lol.

  13. Marigold says:

    Kids don’t care. They want sparkly, sequins and faux fur. Such a waste. For the parents and status.

    • Suz says:

      My sister lives in L.A. and tells me about some of the birthday parties her kids get invited to. One of them was a 1 year old’s birthday party at a rented Malibu mansion and one was a 4 year old’s birthday party in an airplane hanger with fancy cars on display. So yeah. Not about the kids at all. All about the parents’ status.

  14. Goldengirlslover34 says:

    Kids don’t care and for kids that young I think it’s a waste but hey it’s probably a drop in the bucket for them. This really is a chance for the adults to brag on social media which is kind of sad. But, their kid, their money, I guess . My daughter who is five would probably love that little LV nano just because it’s super colorful and she now wants to wear a little purse everywhere. However, because she’s just kid she doesn’t care about a brand and just wants something cute and girly. Her little unicorn purse that cost $10 works fine. Kulture however is too young to give two damns and they should have just bought her some magnitiles.

  15. Aimee says:

    Oh hey! Let’s post pics of our wealth on social media in the middle of a pandemic that is crippling our people and our economy. That’s a great look.

  16. The Recluse says:

    Cute little girls. The Birkin matched her birthday outfit, which was cute, but PLEASE tell me that her daddy is investing his money long term, including a trust fund for his daughter and not spending all of it.
    It’s by spending money like water that people end up back in the poorhouse.

  17. Sara says:

    I had a fake LV bag that looked exactly like that. It was part of my Paris Hilton Halloween costume in 2005.
    I follow Kylie on Instagram. Stormi is such a sweet little girl and Kylie is very sweet with her. You can tell that she genuinely finds joy with her daughter. Sadly, Stormi is part of a disgusting family that will capitalize on her (which Kylie is doing by posing her with an LV bag.) I feel bad for all of Kris’s grandkids. I think maybe Kourtney’s kids have some hope since Kourtney seems to be moving away from their whole sh*t show and doing her own thing.

  18. Andrea says:

    I think I’d be more impressed if I didn’t think these celebrities will be declaring bankruptcy when the money runs out, think Michael Jackson.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    I’m going to be honest, there are so many LV fakes everywhere, I don’t find the purses glamorous now. They were tired ten years ago. Hermès still has its luster for me but again, everyone with money carries them (Kris Jenner and her family have them stacked along shelves in every color… it stops being cute). I don’t know if LV is the greatest investment because will it really increase in value that much over time? Maybe the rarest versions in excellent condition?

  20. Ellie says:

    I guess it’s an ‘investment’ if you only use it very lightly. My bag I use daily gets normal wear and tear, marks etc. I wouldn’t want to pay $400+ for a bag to then not use it all the time (I’d want to show it off!) for fear of ruining the ‘investment’.

    But some people do live like that, so whatever.

    I can see some high end designer items, especially limited edition versions, could grow in value even with use. No idea who buys a second hand bag (the concept irks me… the thing someone has been putting on the ground, having their daily crud rolling around in etc), but whatever, to each their own!