Ghislaine Maxwell believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered, she’s probably right

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I woke up to this headline and while I thought it was incredibly tragic, I didn’t think I would be writing about it today. But that was before the lines started connecting. Last night, the husband and son of a federal judge were shot in their home in New Jersey. The judge is Esther Salas, and her son died in the shooting and her husband is in critical condition. The shooter was apparently dressed as some kind of delivery person, likely FedEx. Judge Salas was in the home, apparently in the basement, when her husband and son were shot. Her husband Mark Anderl is a criminal defense attorney, meaning… he’s on the side of the accused criminals. Judge Salas on the other hand… she’s been presiding over “an ongoing lawsuit brought by Deutsche Bank investors who claim the company made false and misleading statements about its anti-money laundering policies and failed to monitor ‘high-risk’ customers including convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.” Jeffrey Epstein, Deutsche Bank… Donald Trump, William Barr. Chills. And don’t forget about Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell believes her ex-lover Jeffrey Epstein was murdered behind bars and lives in fear of facing the same unfortunate end, according to a new report.

“Everyone’s view including Ghislaine’s is Epstein was murdered. She received death threats before she was arrested,” an unnamed friend told The Sun. A federal judge denied Maxwell bail on Tuesday and ordered the 58-year-old to spend the next year awaiting trial at the Brooklyn Detention Center, where she has been held since shortly after her July 2 arrest in New Hampshire.

The friend, who the Sun described as “in regular contact with Maxwell at her secret New Hampshire hideaway,” said the death threats spurred the British socialite to hire security guards, and led her to believe she may not live to see her trial. The daughter of disgraced British medial mogul Robert Maxwell cried in court as federal Judge Alison Nathan refused to let her out on bail.

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I believe Epstein was murdered too. The investigation was half-assed and William Barr made sure that nothing came of it. We’re actually coming up on the one-year anniversary of Jeffrey Epstein’s death – that happened on August 10, 2019. Will Ghislaine even make it to the anniversary of Epstein’s suspicious death? I don’t know. But I feel certain that she won’t make it to her trial date in July 2021. It’s not that I even give a sh-t about Ghislaine Maxwell in general, I just want her to live long enough to name names, to provide the tapes and the evidence of all of the crimes. I’m starting to believe that she won’t live that long though. If a hit man can walk up to a federal judge’s home and shoot her son and husband, how easy will it be for them to get to Ghislaine? Chilling.

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  1. Betsy says:

    What’s more important, Ghislaine? You’re dead anyway. Grow a part of a soul and start spilling names so that those once-girls can get some confirmation and maybe a little justice.

    • Kaylove says:


    • Aang says:

      Yep. She could partially redeem herself by spilling everything. Once she spills they have less reason to kill her? I don’t know. I hope she has proof and I hope it’s with a lawyer who will send it to the media if she is killed.

      • Turtledove says:

        “I hope she has proof and I hope it’s with a lawyer who will send it to the media if she is killed.”

        I SO want that to be the case, but I don’t think it will happen. I think she is / was so complicit in these heinous crimes that the ONLY reason for her to spill is if it helps cut her a deal/safety. If she is dead, what would releasing names do for HER? When you see these scenarios play out in a movie or book, usually there is only ONE person that double-crossed the deceased, but for Ghislaine, there are probably hundreds of pedos that want her dead to keep their secrets safe and I think they aren’t really her enemies as much as cohorts. Would she want to give up all 100 names post-mortem, just to get revenge on the one that actually got her killed?

    • Esmom says:

      I can’t see that happening, unfortunately. She is clearly evil to the core. I am watching the Epstein documentary on Netflix right now and holy hell is it chilling. I cannot, cannot believe how much they were able to get away with.

      • Mellie says:

        Isn’t it awful?! That poor police department in Palm Beach Florida had all their ducks in a row and just was headed off at every turn by powerful people. That Acosta guy ought to be strung up by his balls.

      • Esmom says:

        Seriously. Those attorneys, investigators and victims just had the rug pulled out from under them. I would love to know the details of the deal they cut. I had only peripherally paid attention to Epstein before but seeing him in those depositions…so scary. He had zero remorse or fear. And you could see the anger when he wasn’t fully in control of a situation. I can see why so many people are just haunted by even just crossing paths with him.

      • Joe says:

        Ghislaine and Epstein worked for the US and Israeli governments. Does anyone really think all the rich, sick and perverted pedos are going to be outed? No. They’re the ones who are in control.

      • Ellie says:

        They aired an episode of SVU yearssss back which covered this whole nasty scenario, seemingly exactly. Why it took so long for them to see justice…. ick.

        Good ep though fyi… recommend!

  2. Eleonor says:

    Oh well I think nobody believes that he committed suicide.

    • Betsy says:

      They just did too many things wrong, like they wanted to rub our noses in it. The cameras all broken. Both guards asleep. They broke the wrong bone when they killed him.

    • Emily says:

      I watched the Netflix documentary and during the deposition where he kept smiling and pleading the fifth, I could tell Epstein felt confident he’s get off again, because he always has. I doubt he killed himself.

      • Yvette says:

        Yep, because he had too much dirk on too many people … including the Orange Man in the White House.

    • clomo says:

      How crazy is it that Bill Barrs dad was the head honcho at an elite NYC private high school that gave Jeffrey the job that started his dramatic rise in fortune. And Trump hiring De Santos after that sweetheart deal Jeffrey got in Florida. WTF these people are all interconnected scum. It’s like a horror James Bond movie with the most diabolical cast ever. And major side eye to Clinton and Bill Gates and what was that lawyers name who’s in on it too? Forgot his name, think got Claus Von Bulow off. And many many more.

  3. Tanisha E says:

    In her case she needs to start spilling names. Holding on to them puts her in more danger and I definitely have no sympathy for her. Too many powerful ppl want to see her gone. I hope she has a contingency upon her death. Like someone releasing names and tapes if she dies in custody

    • Noodle says:

      The issue I keep coming back to is whether it matters if she names names. We already see how Teflon Don’s supporters don’t care if he lies or cheats. I can see her naming names, and their getting away with it because they’re rich and powerful.

      • Louisa says:

        I totally agree Noodle. If Trump is named, his supporters will blame the girls… oh they were old enough to know what they were doing…. they were gold diggers…. etc. I truly believe now that there is NOTHING trump could do that would turn his base from him.

      • Andrea says:

        Do Teflon Don’s voters really not care he raped 13 year olds?? Are they that callous?

      • Ocean Girl says:

        Trump’s cultists don’t think he’s ever done anything wrong. They believe that Clinton will be named in this mess.

  4. TQ says:

    Totally agree @Kaiser that she won’t live to see her trial. As I said on a previous post, I think entering into a cooperation agreement with the SDNY US Attorney’s office who will get her into witness protection is the best shot she has at staying alive a little longer. But even witness protection is risky. Ultimately I think she’s toast. She just knows too much about too many powerful people. But as others have said above, she should grow a conscience and come clean now, although she’s probably so twisted she still doesn’t get why what she did was horrible.

  5. Thinking says:

    Did you see about the judge’s son killed by the man posing as a fed ex delivery person. She is the judge presiding over the Deutsche Bank trial. The one that took all of the Epstein money. Ghislaine is in a lot of danger. So scary when they go after judges !!! Someone doesnt want info to get out !

  6. nic says:

    It is objectively harder to kill someone who is under police supervision than it is to kill someone who is not under any kind of protection. Ghislaine Maxwell won’t be getting any FedX packages. Of course, that doesn’t mean she is safe. Clearly, there are more pedophiles in power than we ever suspected.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      It was pretty damn easy to kill Epstein in custkody. They did a sloppy job of it and still it was ruled a suicide.

    • Darla says:

      Not me. Ever since Hastert, I’ve been saying, you don’t think he was the only pedo in DC do you? Let me tell you, it explains A LOT, including how Trump is able to govern. He’s blackmailing a lot of people. My guess is congress is full of pedos. And full of men who prey on underage-but not pre-pubescent girls and boys. So not technically pedos, but…

      • Betsy says:

        I get that ephebophilia is the technical word, but I’m content to go ahead and call anyone under 18 being raped or assaulted by an adult the victim of a pedophile. A teenager is an adult in so many ways, but still very much a child in the ones that matter.

    • Turtledove says:

      I wonder how many other people are being killed that are involved, (the way this judge is) but that we don’t know about because maybe the connection isn’t as clear as the Deutsche Bank connection. The bastards are probably killing a bunch of potential witnesses /connections etc, all on the peripheral, because it is easier to get away with. I have no faith that Ghislaine will live to see her trial. No way. They’ll kill her, and we will all know they killed her, but it won’t matter because dead is dead, and the dead don’t talk.

    • Sarah says:

      Sure. The police have never been complicit in killing someone in their custody.

  7. ChillyWilly says:

    As soon as I heard Deutsche Bank and Epstein in relation to the murder of that poor judge’s son, my brain immediately went to Trump and Barr. The depravity of these monsters knows no bounds.
    Maxwell needs to spill her guts NOW. It’s her only hope of not being Epstein-ed. Not that I care what happens to her but I want these men to pay for what they did.

    • MrsRobinson says:

      And Trump and Justice Kennedy (and his sudden retirement) via his son. Which leads to Kavanaugh.

    • Jaded says:

      The shooter was Den Hollander, a lawyer who previously sued Manhattan nightclubs for favoring women by offering ladies’ night discounts, and sued the federal government over a law that protects women from violence. He has also sued Columbia University for offering women’s studies courses, accusing the school of using government aid to teach a “religionist belief system called feminism.”

      In a 2015 case before Salas, Hollander represented a woman who wanted to register for the military draft. He was replaced last June before the case was fully resolved. The court docket did not indicate a reason for his replacement and the woman’s current attorney could not be reached. He sounds like a total nutter

  8. KellyRyan says:

    She’ll spill discreetly. Keep in mind, the FBI lines up all of the ducks before they make moves to arrest. They were able to confiscate 28 million of Manafort’s illegally obtained monies, and his properties. They knew where she was traveling to, how many passports she had, her bank accounts. I’m horrified at the Judge Salas invasion and death of her son. Deutche Bank.

  9. Darla says:

    I don’t know if the hit was on the Judge, or her husband. My feeling is a professional hit would get their target, so that leans towards the husband. Unless, like the son, the husband was collateral damage. I’d need to know the details. The judge was in the basement? Do they have a panic room? That would explain her not getting shot. There are other possibilities that could explain it too. But right now, until we know more, it seems the husband is the likely target. I’m not convinced, don’t get me wrong. I’m just waiting.

    • Noodle says:

      @Darla, if they weren’t able to get to her, imagine the message that sends to her. It’s intimidation. They CAN get to her, eventually. And losing her son – how heartbreaking. I have a ton of respect for people who pursue justice at a terribly high cost to them personally.

    • Sunday says:

      Darla, if they killed the judge, a new judge would be assigned and they’d have to assert more intimidation tactics on the new person. They intentionally shot her son and husband and left her alive to brutally strong-arm her into making the “correct” ruling in this case, otherwise she’d end up dead herself. Who knows, maybe they previously threatened her and she didn’t comply so this was an escalation.

      • Lady D says:

        Imagine being her right now? I’d probably want to be dead too. My heart goes out to her, I hope she will one day be okay. People who try to do the right thing pay a horrible price, and those who do the most horrible things live to a ripe old age, usually with lots of wealth. wth?

      • Louisa says:

        I don’t know. If my son was killed and I had no other kids ( I don’t know if the judge does), I really wouldn’t care about what happened to me. I’d be more determined than ever to get the b*stards.

      • Qzie says:

        @Louisa, that was her only child. Beyond heartbreaking.

  10. Cava24 says:

    Judge Salas was only assigned to the Deutsche Bank case on Thursday and it is a securities-law case brought by investors- it is unlikely that she was targeted over that. It probably relates to a previous case or her husband’s work.

  11. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    It’s all about money and power (I love seeing that pic anytime Epstein and his cohorts are mentioned) so yeah, she’s most likely burnt toast. And I don’t think she’ll sing because that’s not her. Think about how she’s lived all these many years. She’s a sycophant. And she’s a callous, cold-hearted viper. Every day she went fishing, casting her nets far and wide and then grooming her haul for rapists. She’s a witch. Burn her.

  12. Maria says:

    Someone powerful will arrange to have her killed, and we’ll be told she died from Covid.

  13. Melissa says:

    A couple of thoughts — we were all hoping that Epstein had some kind of dead man switch that would release all of the dirty deeds when he was murdered. He either had no such insurance (which I don’t really believe) or even his own attorneys were compromised and anything he had went up in smoke. No reason to believe that anything she may have squirreled away for her own protection would ever see the light of day. This thing goes way too deep to way too many powerful people.

    Secondly, I believe she should be in jail for every second for the rest of her natural life, having said that, it bothers me that the government can imprison someone for a YEAR without ever setting a trial date, it seems like a gross violation of the 6th.
    It also allows plenty of time for people to lose interest so her subsequent death by Covid, heart attack, suicide, or cell mate won’t really make big news.

    • SomeChick says:

      They have set a trial date. July 12th 2021.

      Not that this hasn’t happened – like that poor kid who died in Rikers. But in this case, there is a date. It’s just that it’s a year out. I wonder if there’s a plea deal on the table…

      • Melissa says:

        That was my point – and it is still a violation of the 6th and it is still convenient in that there is plenty of time for the public to lose interest in the slow moving mechanics so that when she does die, it will barely be a news blip.

  14. Sean says:

    Did anyone else see this recent clip of a reporter asking Barr if he can guarantee Maxwell will make it to trial and Barr responds with a stern “Yes” then literally breaks into a cackle?

  15. bettyrose says:

    Somewhere out there, a lone person believes Epstein killed himself. I don’t know that person, but I suspect they’re not wearing a mask in public places.