The courtiers don’t believe the Duke & Duchess of Sussex will ever ‘come back’ now

Royal Ascot, Portrait of TRH Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and TRH Meghan the Duchess of Sussex in front of HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second

I think that most of the excerpts from Finding Freedom are sort of “stale tea” in the sense that the stories are mostly just Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s side of stories which, at the time, had a nasty anti-Sussex slant. It’s easy to forget that throughout most of the Sussexes’ journey, even their exit, they wanted to work for the Firm, they wanted to be productive members, and they wanted to have some kind of permanent base in the UK even as they left. Their original plan was just to get some distance from the toxicity around the palaces, the viper courtiers and dysfunctional family bulls–t, but to eventually come back in some form. It was said that Prince Charles wanted that too, especially when he eventually becomes king. But as the excerpts from Finding Freedom come out… palace sources are now saying that Harry and Meghan will never be allowed to come back in any way:

Harry and Meghan will never resume official roles following the bombshell biography laying bare their rift with the Royal Family and their extraordinary secret courtship where the couple became ‘obsessed’ with each other and knew they would marry after the second date. The couple have ‘torpedoed’ any chance of creating a new position with the help of the Queen and senior royals when their ‘trial period’ in the US ends, sources believe.

The book, which reveals their soured relationship with the monarchy in excruciating detail, is likely to scupper any hopes of renegotiating their royal duties when ‘Megxit’ is reviewed. The revelations will also harm efforts to repair their rift with Harry’s brother William and sister-in-law Kate, it is feared. A royal household source said: ‘The door will always be open to them as much-loved members of the family. But it’s hard to see how they can now salvage the new role they wanted as ‘hybrid’ royals, running commercial careers alongside royal duties from the US.’ Another source told the Mail: ‘The review period has not yet been discussed but it doesn’t seem if there is any way of going back now. Some very private family matters have now been aired in public, seemingly with their blessing. That will be hurtful.’

The one-year ‘probationary’ period was designed to give all members of the family breathing space and allow Harry and Meghan to establish their independent new lives, while offering them the chance to return to the royal fold if they changed their minds. But multiple sources believe the way the couple have conducted themselves in Los Angeles – such as borrowing a glitzy £14.5million Beverly Hills mansion – and now the bombshell book have put an end to any hope of their returning, in a working role at least.

One senior figure added: ‘Given the state of the world this just seems so ill-timed. The Sussexes need to move on.’ Two further sources said the biography – dubbed the ‘gospel according to Harry and Meghan’ – had made the couple look ‘irrelevant’, particularly coming out at the height of the global Covid crisis. ‘The world has moved on as a result of the pandemic and the Royal Family have had to as well,’ said one. ‘This book has nothing new, frankly, friends have just presented events through a certain lens. People normally realise that actually it’s a lot more nuanced and finely balanced than that. There are far more important things going on in the world, is the general view at the palace.’

The other source added: ‘No one is angry. It was all to be expected. But it is hoped they have got whatever they want to get off their chests now, move on and be happy with their lives. People are just all too familiar with this and nobody wins. They seem to be fighting invisible enemies here, there and everywhere.’

Courtiers point out that other royals, including William and Kate, had refrained from making their own opinions regarding recent events public in order to ‘let the dust settle’, but the new biography has just ‘blown a hole in that’.

[From The Daily Mail]

One of the most hilarious things to me is when palace courtiers run to the Daily Mail, Vanity Fair or The Sun to bitch about how gauche and attention-seeking the Sussexes are and then claim that people in THEIR royal courts would never… as they’re talking to those tabloid journalists. Will and Kate have not let any dust settle – they were so happy that they successfully exiled H&M, and they’ve been gleefully throwing them under the bus for months, making it sound like Kate had to work as hard as a Top CEO because Meghan and Harry left.

A source also spoke about how the Queen will react to Finding Freedom: “It’s going to open old wounds at a time when everyone wanted to move on. I think the person who will be most upset about it all is the Queen.” That petty old B can be upset all she wants. She owns this debacle. It’s her failure more than anyone else’s.

As for the “one-year review” – my opinion (and I’ve said in our podcast) is that Harry & Meghan have known this whole time that they weren’t coming back. All of the angst about what the “one year review” will entail is just asinine at this point. They’re gone. They got distance (physically and emotionally) from all of the Windsors and their lackeys and they’re not coming back.



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  1. Chica1971 says:

    Why should they? It’s obvious that’s the goal of the courtiers which is why they keep piling it on as oppose to exercising some self awareness and contrition. Wait till the Keens have to really work and the bloom leaves the rose.

    • paddingtonjr says:

      I was just about to say this! There is no incentive for H&M to return, at least not at the “one-year review.” They are in control of their lives, their son seems to be thriving, they are going forward with their foundation and they have become involved in charity work in LA while continuing to support Commonwealth and UK initiatives.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Paddington Jr “their son is thriving” yes. They are away from the chess pool even the BM cannot cause as much impact to them from a cross the pond. But at the end of the day I am convinced watching the glee with which his family attacked his unborn child made sure Harry would never go back. Meghan also seems to be thriving. Good for all of them

    • liz says:

      They will come back for the necessary life events – when his grandfather dies, they will come for the funeral. When his grandmother dies, they will be at her funeral and his father’s coronation. What role he will play in those ceremonies is a different issue. And then they will leave and go home to (happily) return to their lives.

      • bettyrose says:

        Sooo . . . just like other families where children have moved away and started their own lives, then.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Not necessarily, liz. Harry might travel alone to events like that, leaving his wife and child safely out of the UK.

  2. Kiera says:

    This just feels like you can’t break up with me because I’m breaking up with you, after you already said you wanted to break up. So there!

  3. Jay says:

    Funny, I was thinking this would be about how the courtiers were finally realizing that they have scuppered any chance of Harry and Meghan agreeing to come back, not that they are somehow now “forbidding” the Sussexes to return! It’s the ultimate “What, you are resigning and moving away? Well, you’re fired and I don’t ever want to see you again!”

  4. Becks1 says:

    Lordy. Again, for the cheap seats – They.Did.Not.Write.This.Book.!!!!!

    Even if they gave the okay to friends to talk to Omid – they still have no control over when it is released, when the excerpts come out, etc.

    Also, wtf does it mean about how they have conducted themselves in LA? Volunteering and delivering food? HOW DARE THEY???

    Anyway, they were never coming back. But its “cute” how the DM tries to act like their proposal of being part time royals wasn’t thoroughly rejected by Petty Betty.

    • StartupSpouse says:

      Um, and talking about their glitzy home in LA? Sure, Jan.

      I have an idea. Let’s talk about the glitzy home in the UK where the Queen is harboring a criminal.

      • Becks1 says:

        RIGHT??? Every time the Sussexes get attacked for where they live – whether it was Frogmore or in Canada or LA – I’m always like, “wait until you see where the Queen lives!!!!”

      • Liz version 700 says:

        👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 harboring a known child rapist

      • Desert Lizard says:

        @Startup, I think I adore you for that comment. Thank you.

      • Laura says:

        YES to the comment about the Queen harboring a known child rapist. And regarding the Sussex residence in LA, exactly where or what kind of lodging is appropriate according to these people? The Sussexes have been slighted at every turn and it must cut deep when compared with the way the BRF has handled Harry’s creepy, pedo uncle Andy.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It is more undisguised racism. How dare they have an influential AA friend who earned his own 600 million, who owns a secured house where they can live while they figure out their future steps.

  5. CatWomen says:

    It’s impossible to change the culture in a organization unless the leadership wants it to change. I tried this at a Fortune 100 company and finally had to leave. The Crown is 1000 years old so imagine how much more impossible it would be to change from an an outsider coming into it. William or Charles can try to change it after the Queen. It’s possible they may come back after the Queen passes and they see real change, if not, then they won’t be back.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      The British Monarchy has had change forced upon it since the early modern period (1500 and forward). However, the House of Windsor is also particularly dysfunctional on a private level and the current organizational structure where senior staff has gotten a lot of power (even at the expense of their employers) seems to have its roots in the reign of Elizabeth’s father. I think that the Queen is a weak leader and that her extreme longevity has exacerbated the organizational culture, which seems increasingly out of touch with the rest of the nation.

      • FicklePickle says:

        And given Charles’s general attitude towards disagreements between his sons it’s probably not going to get much better when Queenie pops off, either.

      • Mary says:

        Totally agree, @arthistorian. As I commented on another thread yesterday, the Queen is not fit for purpose and needs to go; and, as long as the courtiers pull the strings, the Firm will not change of its own accord. It would take a brave King or Queen without secrets and things to hide for the courtiers and Press to be dealt with but we all know that is neither Charles nor William. I think changes will be made but they will not be instigated by the Firm

      • Couch potato says:

        The world wouldn’t known about the Windsors dysfunctional privat life, if not for the courtiers running to the press. Many times at the behest of the Windsors, to take down other family members. The Queens weaknes has made her are a puppet on a string, with the courtiers as puppet masters. They hold the power, and don’t want any changes.

      • A says:

        I’m hesitant to say that the senior staff have gotten too much power. I don’t think this is a wholly accurate understanding of what’s happened. There are other factors at play here, and it’s just not as simple as it just being a case of venomous, misleading courtiers who are secretly whispering and misguiding the Queen.

        The royals, from the Queen down, prefer to be surrounded by yes men. They do not like to be told that they are doing something wrong, or have made the wrong decision. Their staff can only advise, and even then, there is a clear hierarchy and a pecking order among staffers when it comes to who can offer advice and who can’t.

        The problem, of course, with this set up is that the Queen and everyone else can be poorly advised, which is the case here. But this is not the fault of the staff members themselves. This is the result of a conflict between the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew (and William, to a smaller extent).

        A few years ago, Andrew and Charles teamed up together to get the Queen’s private secretary, Christopher Geidt, fired. Geidt was her private secretary from 2007 to 2017. He was very good at the job, and more importantly, was one of the few people who was able to navigate the fine line between deference and candour when it came to advising the Queen. He told her the things she didn’t always like to hear, but in a way that she appreciated, and he hadn’t steered her wrong in the 10 years he’d been in his job.

        He stepped down from his job in 2017. It’s said that Charles and Andrew teamed up together to get his resignation, because Charles wanted a bigger role in preparation for being monarch, and Andrew held Geidt responsible for costing him his trade envoy job in 2011 (after the first set of Epstein allegations came out). I think that both Charles and Andrew were mostly interested in removing the one person who actually did a decent job and kept things co-ordinated, because he was doing things that went against their personal interests. Either way, Geidt stepped down.

        This is why the Queen’s current staffers are serving her poorly. It’s by design, specifically Charles and Andrew’s design. They weakened her office to expand their own influence, and we’re seeing the effects of that in the current handling of things with Meghan.

  6. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    YUP. Harry sees clearly how dysfunctional and toxic his family is. He sees how toxic Meghan’s dad and half- sister are. He and Meghan share that sad fact. They will be an inseparable unit, bonded by it, and more determined to make a good life for their little family. More power to them.

  7. S808 says:

    That one year review was probably for Charles more H&M. He would need them more than anyone else. H&M probably knew that if they went through with this there was no going back. They did it anyway. This just seems to be the courtiers realizing they (mainly Harry) are not coming back and have never any plans to do so.

    • molly says:

      The year probation was a face-saving move for Charles and TQ. That way they could make it look like a mutual decision to part permanently. Harry and Meghan have never had any intention of coming back.

  8. Mina_Esq says:

    I think King Charles will negotiate their return. I’m sad that the pandemic derailed H&M’s post-exit plans.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I don’t see this happening. Charles needs them back to bolster Windsor PR, but W&K would spend the entire time abusing them and using PR against them. When and if William is ever king, Harry and Meghan would have to flee from his abuse a second time anyway.

    • S808 says:

      He should’ve done more when they were around. I don’t think coming up the rear years later after H&M have settled in their life away from the UK is gonna fly. They have their patronages and that’s it. Charles will have to settle for the Cambridges and the Wessexes and maybe Anne during his reign.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I think Charles would like to do that, but I also think that ship has sailed. I don’t get any sense that Harry and Meghan miss being working royals, and any truce with King Charles would eventually be replaced with whatever King William had in store.

      • Tealie says:

        Yeah i agree, it’s all good and well, but when Charle dies which is unlikely to be very long from now (7-16 year (my guess)) they will be at square one again. Under William and Kates manipulative thumb again. And this time it won’t just be them, but a teenage Archie and siblings as well, who will be used to cover for the Cambridge childrens misdeeds (and golly do i think they will rebel with that type of controlling restricting mother). Something i think Harry is very perceptive off and keen to avoid for his own children. There is almost no point in coming just to have to leave again, the only thing i could think of is maybe for Archies schooling in his teenage years?¿ But i doubt they would want him living away from home in boarding school~

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Nope. If he wasn’t willing to give them proper support and shut down William’s hissy fits now, then there’s nothing that he could (or rather, WOULD) offer them as King to come back. He’s just going to have to deal with his bratty heir and his vapid daughter-in-law as his main support.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      Charles may try to get them to come back but his reign will be short and I know Harry & Meghan will not put themselves or their child(ren) in a position to have to depend on William for ANYTHING. They are not coming back.

      • Mina_Esq says:

        I hear you, but I think their financial reality may cause them to at least hear him out. I think the plan was to already have a cash flow for their charitable work by this time but, with the pandemic, I don’t think that will be feasible for at least another couple or years. I’m talking more from a foundation perspective than a personal financial perspective, obviously. I’m sure their millions can get them through their life comfortably, even with enhanced security costs. But sitting around doing nothing is not their brand…that’s more Bill and Keen. I just think that Charles does have some bargaining chips. Sue me :)

      • notasugarhere says:

        Harry has 40 million in the bank. No worries about his financial status, even if he never works again.

      • 809Matriarch says:

        @Mina_Esq. Have you not been paying attention? Even when it seems like Harry & Meghan are NOT doing anything, they are still busy. They are two of the most driven and creative people I’ve seen in a while. They are also very pleasant to work with and they have enough successful initiatives under their belts that they will not have a problem occupying themselves. The best thing about this is, as they are working (and I am sure they are) – they can relax knowing that there is nobody to sabotage their work by leaking and spoiling the timing for the big reveal of their initiatives. They are very busy and probably earning money as we speculate on this page. They are both very clever and very marketable.

    • Lizzie says:

      Harry would need a lot of concessions to return. Face it, he has a great life right now. Why in the world would he give it up?

    • A says:

      Here’s what I want, and it’s something that I want purely because I’m vindictive and petty. I want Harry and Meghan to stay well enough away and build a great, wonderful life for themselves, wherever they choose to be. I want them to do this for the rest of the Queen’s reign, and for however long Charles is king. I want, when William gets to the throne, for the situation to be more than he can actually handle. And I want him and Kate to crawl back to Los Angeles, shamefully, and beg for Harry and Meghan to come back and give them a much needed break from the barrage of duties they have to shoulder all on their own.

      I doubt this would happen. I think William would rather get Beatrice and Eugenie to take on full time royal duties, than ask for Meghan and Harry to come back. But if he decides that his pride is more important to him, I want the papers to talk endlessly about how his reign is so garbage, how they wish Harry and Meghan were there, and isn’t it such a disgusting shame, that their sovereign conducted himself so poorly and drove away the two people who had so much to offer, and Britain got stuck with such bland rice puddings for monarchs?

      This is just a pipe dream though. It’s so juvenile. But this is what I want, and I’m not sorry. I want William and Kate to eat crow for the rest of their lives for what they did.

      • Tealie says:

        Beatrice and Eugenie especially when their grandmother and Charlesdies ARE NOT going to want to have to do with anything Royal, especially under keens thumb, they can’t stand her. And I doubt they’ll be willing to help as much as William might beg them to. They very much seem like they want to have normal lives.

        The funniest thing is going to be seeing William and Kate try and stay afloat in the tabloids with their children teenage children running amuck in the papers with no scapegoats to blame. Because I have no doubt they’re going to rebel and rebel HARD, especially in the age of social media. I think they’re delusional enough to think that this is it and they’re going to be able to live peaceful lives off of this one scandal, but the tablets aren’t going to be nice forever ESPECIALLY when Murdoch and the press agreement tied to the Queen dies.

  9. kelleybelle says:

    Duh ….

  10. Brit says:

    Of course they won’t come back and I doubt they ever planned and they all know that. Too much has been said and done to this couple to ever think about setting foot there. Why do you think the media has been obsessed with them for? They want them back, under control and the RF need Harry to pick up the slack and be a scapegoat like he always done. It’s like both entities are having a full blown meltdown in real time and it’s hysterical.

    • PrincessK says:

      When l heard that the dogs had left, l knew that it was for real. Harry has also said that Archie isn’t going to grow up Royal. But l do wonder what they intend to do with Frogmore and how they will keep up their UK charities. As far as l am concerned William is the main problem.

  11. Louise177 says:

    They weren’t coming back so it’s weird to do a story that they planned to. They would have stayed in England if it was a possibility. You would think moving to another continent would be a huge red flag.

  12. Ceej says:

    Laughing my a$$ off at “the Sussexes need to move on”

    Yes. To LA. Which they did.

    I’d roll my eyes more but it might kill me.

    • molly says:

      YES! I get so eye-rolly when these stories spit about them being ‘irrelevant’… while they write the millionth story about staying in Tyler Perry’s house. If they’re so ‘irrelevant’, stop talking about them!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I know lol…

      Ex calling after partner has been no contact for months “ you need to move on”
      Person on the other line “who this”

  13. KellyRyan says:

    The courtiers now know, what most of us knew. You exit a toxic family and build a better life. I think of my patriarchal family leaving England in 1632. I’m familiar with the lineage. No one that I’m aware of returned. I look forward to seeing what they do. Harry mentioned he would like two children. Anytime H&M, we’ll celebrate with you and ooh and aah over new baby.

  14. ABritGuest says:

    I can’t get over that staff can leak about their nasty nicknames for a principal & confidential negotiations& there are no repercussions. To me shows that you can’t just blame the courtiers- they are doing things with approval too. Firm is full of bad colleagues and even worse relatives.

    I do think they would have Harry back if he is successful over the years& if he wanted to return which is why focus is on blaming Meghan. They could put down his behaviour to her having him in a ‘trance’.

  15. ziaaa says:

    Let some dust settle on this biography….the same courtiers along with the racist British media and stans are going to begin guilt-tripping and emotionally-blackmailing Prince Harry citing the ill-health of Betty, Phillip, or Charles. Meghan is going to be abused either way whether she accompanies her husband to the UK or stays back in LA. Just wait and watch this drama of the bitchy BRF and rota play out!

    • notasugarhere says:

      It isn’t a biography. It is the two author’s experiences and views covering this story for three years.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      Well Harry & Meghan have already been through the poor sick old (name of relative) about to die guilt trip with the press beating them up over Thomas the Treacherous and Petty Betty and Potty Mouth Philip. That won’t work.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      If Petty Betty and Phil make it through the pandemic they’ll come back for the funeral and the coronation and then bounce back to LA. They’re not going to go back to being abused by the RR and the BRF.

  16. Maria says:

    Why would they go back? UK, and BRF hold nothing but bad memories for them. And they have made it clear that the Royal traditions and the Commonwealth have racist history which they don’t want to be associated with. US has as much of a racist history with a total racist president but never mind.

    • Sofia says:

      “US has as much of a racist history with a total racist president but never mind.” Yeah we know. Where did they deny the US’ history? I’m waiting.

      Why don’t you say what you really want to say Maria, instead of hiding behind passive aggressive comments as you’ve done all day?

    • Nic919 says:

      The US acknowledges it has a racism problem (for the most part) and the UK likes to pretend it doesn’t even though the UK set up slavery in all the Anglo based countries. Stopping slavery 30 years before the US is not really a sign that they have addressed their racial issues.

      And let’s talk about Boris Johnson and his racist comments because he has made many. Oh and what about Windrush, where they are looking to deport the people who came from the Caribbean after they contributed to the UK for decades.

  17. Lisa says:

    They were never planning to come back but go off I guess.

  18. Edna says:

    “such as borrowing a glitzy £14.5million Beverly Hills mansion”

    I thought is was an $18 million dollar mansion? When did the price drop? I swear on’y an idiot would believe what’s written in the Daily Feil. The story changes on hourly basis.

    And of course they’re not coming back. They broke up with you racist idiots.

    • kelleybelle says:

      The difference between the British pound and U.S. dollars is all.

      • Lala456 says:

        Why is this such a talking point with them? Why is them staying a mansion frowned upon but the rest of the royal family each have several palaces? They act like the queen lives in a studio apartment or something

  19. Lizzie says:

    Why do they stress that Meghan can never return, she has clean hands here and has done nothing to undermine anyone else.

  20. GM says:

    I’m going to bring it up again, even if you don’t like H & M, whats the worst you can say, spoiled celebs because of whining can’t come back to be part of the BRF? But Prince Andrew, accused pedophile/rapist, friends with human trafficker can?
    I can’t believe (eyeroll) those sources/ tabloids can keep a straight face when they are saying with outrage for H& M never to darken their doors again.

  21. Aurora says:

    I saw an article with one of the palace aides suggesting that Harry — and only Harry — could help ease the workload on the family next year by coming back several times a year in three week stints to do engagements.


    • S808 says:

      Basically being a part time royal which he offered to do FOR FREE and was told no. Laughable.

    • Lizzie says:

      An aide telling a blood prince what he will be allowed to do? They are certainly full of themselves.

  22. TheOriginalMia says:

    They aren’t coming back. There is no need for them to return when none of the things they complained about have been addressed. Why should they subject themselves to that toxicity? That said I think it’ll be announced that the review won’t happen as planned. The pandemic gives everyone the chance to reset the date of review since H&M haven’t had the chance to put their plans into motion.

    • kelleybelle says:

      That “review” was for for royal family to save face. It was never going to work and they wanted out. The “review” was for public consumption so the RF wouldn’t look so bad. As it is they’re looking like hell. Harry and Meghan are forever gone, and rightfully so.

  23. Mads says:

    The phrase “No shit, Sherlock” springs to mind.

  24. Gwendolyn says:

    The courtiers that leak to the press are losing their sh*t over this, because they come out looking the worst.

    I read the excerpts, even William and Kate who come across as petty snobs the excerpt said were being influenced by courtier whispers. It made the point the courtiers advising William before his disastrous talk with Harry were pushing a narrative of distrust.

    Omid Scobie in his interview with Andrew Billen at the Times about the book a lot comes from his interaction as bi-racial royal reporter w/the courtiers as opposed to second hand gossip.

    The thing is, God forbid anything ever happens to William and the children, what would these courtiers do if Harry ever bumps back up the line of succession and they need his name and approval to play their politics? In the 21st century it’s unlikely, but George the III had 16 children and among their offspring only 2 legitimate heirs. More recently George V and George VI were not the heir apparent until adulthood, history has proven nothing is a given. These courtiers could be setting themselves up for ruin.

    • Desert Lizard says:

      As much as I would hate for Harry to have to be King, I would love to see the Courtiers in that situation.

    • Tealie says:

      Harry would give Camilla mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to stop that from happening, I think that’s his worst nightmare, he would certainly abdicate and the crown would go to Beatrice (which I know miss mini Queen Victoria would love)

  25. aquarius64 says:

    I think the courtiers are going to be thrown under the bus when it takes hold outside the UK how crappy the Windsors were. And if Andrew is charged for the Epstein mess the royals are really going to need the Sussexes. A condition for return – fire the courtiers.

    • Lady D says:

      …and disband the royal rota.

    • CrazyHeCallsMe says:

      Yes. I keep thinking in all of this that the courtiers and Royal Rota are going to take a hit. It may not be a death blow, but it will do some damage. Especially the Rota. It’s being shown their complicity in peddling lies and false innuendos and they really are nothing but paid lackeys for the Royals.

      • Dee says:

        I don’t sympathize at all. You look at their Twitter feeds, like Richard Palmer’s, and you see all the conspiracy nutjobs commenting who think Meghan was never pregnant, that Archie is a girl, etc. No rebuttal. He just lets that stuff fester.

  26. Priscila says:

    I see a lot of comments stating the idea of the one year review was to save face or it was done on Charles behalf. While I agree with it, what could Charles offer in one year time? What could TQ offer in one year?
    That they will fire the courtiers who were leaking? that they would reign William in? That they would, at least, allow the Sussexes to deny stories they felt were damaging? That they would tell the RR to stop harassing them?

    If they had not offered to do all of that- of FFS, at least half of that- even when Harry sat down with down, and TQ went as far as punish, not the courtiers who drove her grandson away, but him…why would one year make any difference?

    More and more I think THIS was the plan. People are mostly still in denial of who TQ is, but her defense of Andrew and the fact she did nothing at all is telling. I think TQ is old guard, does not believe there is any racist in her midst, becausee racism, you know, is a bunch of american hillbilies wearing white masks and hanging people from trees, that Meghan and Harry should have ” carried on” and that the fact they could not is on them, not on the RR of the courtiers, because of course not- they have served HER so well, why would she even care?

  27. Feeshalori says:

    I think their view was that nothing would change on their end, no concessions, but that Harry would just cool down and come to his senses about returning to the royal fold after a year. Everything status quo, a bump in the road overcome and Royal life proceeding as usual with Harry back again and Meghan and Archie kicked to the curb. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that was the royal family’s mindset.

  28. Flying Fish says:

    Harry and Meghan to the RF…Bye Bitches/Bye Felicia.

  29. Ginger says:

    I don’t see them going to Trooping or Christmas. They are completely done with this family.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Why would anyone want to go to the Trooping and waste an entire day?

      Why would anyone want to spend the Christmas Holidays at Sandringham let alone with QEII and a nest of vipers?

      The second Sussex baby….born in the UK or USA?

      What do you think?

      • Liz version 700 says:

        I would triple love to see a second baby born in the US and baptized at a multicultural church with a beautiful gospel choir singing Amazing Grace. Charles can attend via zoom if he care too

  30. yinyang says:

    Ya, ya think. That RF family can go to hell and take their lazy staff with them, I swear if those stooges worked as hard on having a purpose as they did at starting rumours about Meghan and battling amongst themselves maybe they’d be worth their keep.

  31. Joh says:

    I love this sites continuing warmth towards
    Meghan and Harry.

  32. HeyJude says:

    Uh…no duh, courtiers. When you finally get free of your abusers you don’t run back to them ever.

    The entire point of leaving was to never come back.

  33. one of the Marys says:

    These comments reveal that the courtiers, family and royal rota take NO responsibility for their part in this mess and have NO insight into their contribution to said mess. My God it’s fascinating to watch this play out live. That said H and M are real people and I feel for them, I’m firmly in their corner and wish them peace and prosperity

  34. Valiantly Varnished says:

    The one year review is dumb and was just made to allow QE and BP to save face. If there was EVER any possibility of them coming back QE would not have stripped titles and patronages from Harry.

  35. Busyann says:

    I read one of the headlines from the daily mail and it was like, Harry can come back, but never Meghan. Im paraphrasing, but I saw it last night and thought, well finally someone came right out and wrote what they’ve been dancing around this entire time.

  36. Lowrider says:

    I mean, duuuuhhh.

    Seems the tabloids have finally accepted that Harry is not returning. Though they are still blaming Meghan for Harry leaving.

  37. Mary says:

    “That petty old B can be upset all she wants. She owns this debacle. It’s her failure more than anyone else’s.”

    Haha! So, true, as bad as Kate, William and the courtiers are, the Queen could have shut them all down and she did not. I think she even encouraged some of the backstabbing, like the leaks from Angela Kelly (about the veil, tiara, hat…) and the bitchy pre-wedding comments of her cousin Lady Anson (Shakerley).

    That petty b*tch needs to go. Just retire already, Betty.

  38. Cava24 says:

    The one-year review just gives the BRF and the courtiers another chance to smear the Sussexes -“we offered them a much worse, even more controlling, more under-mining situation than they had, with no support for the issues they have highlighted and the spoiled brats turned it down. ”

  39. Lizzie says:

    Courtiers don’t ‘think’ they will return. They never stop gossiping. Reality shows are renown for the producers whispering in stars ears lies and fanning flames to start fights. I guess they learned that trick from the palace courtiers.
    I said elsewhere, why wouldn’t Meghan go back, her hands are clean in all of this. She can return with her head held high. In fact she did in March and she was magnificent. Who can forget the standing ovation for Harry and Meghan so proud of him?

  40. Vanessa says:

    It seems to me that courtiers have loss control of the evil Meghan and harry narrative the Book finding freedom is debunked a lot of the false narrative that’s has been spread about Harry and Meghan from the beginning. There always three sides to a story and for years with the help of the press the royal reporters the courtiers were able to create vaguely stories that always painted Meghan as the villain diva who doesn’t know her place and made kate cry and everyone believed those stories. The Cambridge’s and courtiers made sure that Meghan and Harry were never allowed to defend themselves the courtiers with the help of the Cambridge’s helped create a toxic situation. Now the courtiers wanted to acted like the Sussex’s were the problem how dare they stand up for themselves how dare Meghan have enough self worth to know the courtiers behavior towards was disrespect and racist. The courtiers don’t have a say whether or not the Sussex’s come back if the Sussex’s wanted to come back it would happen the only people who would have a problem with it would the Kensington Palace courtiers and the Cambridge’s. Everyone knows the Sussex’s are done with the royal family the courtiers are just saying of these now because their angry that they lose control of the narrative and a lot of questions are being asked about their actions and influences.

  41. GamerGirl says:

    It must kill Kate to know that Harry and Meghan have what she desperately wants from her rose-trimming husband.

  42. MJM says:

    I cannot believe the gall of these people! Apparently their crime now is living in a glitzy LA mansion. Have they not seen Andrew’s mansion? Edwards huge estate? Countless castles of the Queen? So racist and classist because Meghan shouldn’t live in a nice house 🤬

  43. Alexandria says:

    Hey courtiers, are you dumb or stupid?

    Glad HM made their escape now to get Archie away from these vipers and get through this nightmare before the stupid RR and courtiers start aiming for the three kids. If anyone thinks HM will run out of money, they won’t unless they are Tori Spelling. Yes, they cannot work on their foundation yet because of COVID but they can survive on their own. As for security costs, Charles and Queenie owe them that. They can reveal A LOT about the whole BRF if they wanted to. If the UK is not happy about their security costs, then take everyone’s security costs away why don’t you try! Let’s start with HRH Prince Andrew who doesn’t do shit.

  44. Hannah says:

    Oh they’ll take Harry back, and Archie, but NOT the bi-racial American actress please thank you very much. Harry is only welcome back if he leaves one of the two best things to happen to him behind. (The other being Archie) JFC… I’m British and even I cannot imagine a scenario whereby Harry would EVER take his wife and son back to Blighty to scrape, beg, bow and curtsy for scrappy seconds. No Harry, you take care of you mate, and your wife and son. And all the best to you. America, We f**ked up, please look after Harry, Archie and Meg. We didn’t :’(

    • Mary says:

      I’m not sure they would take (want) Archie back. They are that poisonous

      • Desert Lizard says:

        ^^^Exactly this. They do not want Archie. They allowed him (and may have had a giggle over it) to be called a chimpanzee. They don’t love that child.

    • Desert Lizard says:

      I don’t blame Britain for this. The blame lies squarely with the Palace, not the British people. The blame, of course, also lies with the tabloids but the Palace could have shut that down and didn’t. The buck stops with Petty Betty and she didn’t stop it so she owns the entire mess.

      When the COVID’s gone, come for a visit.

  45. Desert Lizard says:

    Oh, those wacky, misguided Courtiers. They think they hold the power over H&M. They don’t. They’re putting this statement out so that when the review comes, it will look like H&M were told they can’t come back, not that they don’t want to. And they clearly don’t want to. Haven’t heard a peep from them other than their good works since they left. They are doing just fine, living their life and loving their family.

    I keep returning to Harry’s words, “If you knew what I know, you’d leave too.” This must have been incredibly painful for him, to see his brother turn on him because of who he fell in love with and to realize no one in his family was going to defend the woman he loves. It’s terribly painful sometimes to learn who your family and friends really are. I feel for him in that regard but he has the love of a good woman and a beautiful son. He has a mother in law who loves him. They are welcome and loved here.

    • 809Matriarch says:

      Exactly! The the powers that be know that they have been exposed as the snake pit they are so they are building a sad little narrative to save face when H&M tell them to take the one year review and stuff it!

  46. A says:

    There are a couple points in all this sludge that are particularly striking and hilarious. First, the whinging about how they borrowed a “glitzy £14.5million Beverly Hills mansion” and how this is an example of the poor way they’ve conducted themselves.

    The whole f-cking royal family literally lives out of the public pocket and at the tax payer expense, they’re the biggest charity welfare case in the United Kingdom, all while unironically supporting Tory govts that gleefully cut social benefits, leaving desperate people to die, but Meghan and Harry borrowing a 14.5 million pound mansion from Tyler Perry is a bridge too far for these people. A family living off of generations of stolen wealth that is used to front their undeserved, ostentatious lifestyle, replete with a gold piano, is saying this, presumably with a straight face.

    So I think I speak for a lot of people when I say here’s a big hearty FUCK YOU to this disgusting, pedo rapist supporting monarchy and the family that goes along with it.

    Second, the whole “the Sussexes need to move on” business. There are literally five books slated for release over the next few months, talking and rehashing all the sh-t that’s gone down between Meghan, Harry and the RF. FIVE. There was that book a month or so ago, which just recapped all the negative headlines. There’s a book by Lady Colin Campbell out tomorrow, which was supposed to be a counterweight to the Omid Scobie book. There’s a book about William and Harry’s falling out due for October.

    Out of all of these books, both the Lady C one, and the one by those two tabloid writers, are sympathetic to Prince William and the palace. But neither of those two narratives got the traction that either William or any of the courtiers desperately wanted. But now that this book is getting all this press, they’re mad about it and insisting that everyone needs to move on. Even though their side literally has a book coming out tomorrow. They’re just mad they’re not getting the press they wanted to get, and so they’re throwing a tantrum about it trying to hurry everyone along.

  47. Cate says:

    The Royal Family are riding a high of public approval now. Don’t live in denial assess the real situation. Approval ratings are high. The family’s response to covid lockdown especially the example of the Queen is admired. And Harry and Meghan played no role in this. The RF doesn’t need them. Look at objective measures of public interest not just your opinion. They Sussexes search trend lines are flat. Totally collapsed since they left. Their platform was as royals. They have now separated from the RF and so lost their platform. And now as celebs they have to compete against Taylor and Kanye. A presidential election. Continuing covid. Your love for them does not translate I to mass public approval. Harry and Meghan have a problem and the book doesn’t help them.

    • Sam says:

      Cate-If so popular why is the RF taking their case to the British tabloids about the book? If it wasn’t a fair book and was like the other books coming out soon they wouldn’t do this and would ignore the book. The RF reaction is giving the book more life! Omid should write them a thank you note!

      The search trends are not flat. If they were the press would not keep talking about them. They need them for revenue because the public is interested in them more than the current working royals. Heck even Beatrice’s wedding was tied to Meghan and Harry in some way!

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Cate, no one’s going to entertain your delusional rants. Save that nonsense for your tinhatter blogs please.

    • Lowrider says:

      The RF never needed Harry and/or Meghan; the line of succession is set . It was always the media that needed them for content.

    • A says:

      “The RF doesn’t need them.” Yeah, and that’s why they left? They’re not part of the RF anymore, they’re gone, and they don’t give a f-ck about courting public approval in Britain any longer. They don’t need public approval, because they’re no longer part of a monarchy that depends on it in order to get their welfare cheques every month.

      They’re private citizens now, and they don’t subsist on welfare, unlike your Queen, her pedo son, and her merry band of disgusting, racist grifters. If the country approves of them, then that says a great deal about you lot and not all of it is good at all.

    • Tealie says:

      The royal family’s approval rating is probably the lowest it’s been since Diana died, even if people ‘hate’ (which I don’t think and especially don’t think the younger generation do) Harry and Meghan it doesn’t mean that they like the royal family despite what your delusion and might tell you. Their popularity in reality is riding off the coattails of the Queen and people who are near the deathbeds as time goes on their support will decline.

  48. Ella says:

    Conveniently forgetting they got dumped in January! Hehe!

  49. Anel says:

    Love this site. Love all the mad big brain women here. Thank you for keeping it pro Sussex and anti troll.
    What a group of intelligent women. Thank you. 🌹