2020 Emmy Award nominations: who got recognized & who got snubbed?

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall visits the National Gallery in London.

The 2020 Emmy Award nominations came out yesterday, even though no one knows what this year’s Emmys are going to look like. My guess, judging solely on California’s pandemic regression, is that it will be a virtual ceremony or maybe something open-air and very small and socially distanced. Before the pandemic, people were making a lot of good TV, and during the lockdown, people have had time to catch up on their favorite shows and miniseries. I hope everyone watched Watchmen, because that amazing limited series scored the largest nominations haul with 26, all of them well deserved. If Watchmen doesn’t run the table in every category, I will be sorely disappointed. That series was so prescient and well-done and Regina King deserves everything. You can see the complete nominations list here. Here are the big categories:

Outstanding limited Series
“Little Fires Everywhere”
“Mrs. America”

Outstanding comedy series
“Curb Your Enthusiasm”
“Dead to Me”
“The Good Place”
“The Kominsky Method”
“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
“Schitt’s Creek”
“What We Do in the Shadows”

Outstanding drama series
“Better Call Saul”
“The Crown”
“The Handmaid’s Tale”
“Killing Eve”
“The Mandalorian”
“Stranger Things”

Outstanding lead actor in a limited series or TV movie
Jeremy Irons (“Watchmen”)
Hugh Jackman (“Bad Education”)
Paul Mescal (“Normal People”)
Jeremy Pope (“Hollywood”)
Mark Ruffalo (“I Know This Much Is True”)

Outstanding lead actress in a limited series or TV movie
Cate Blanchett (“Mrs. America”)
Shira Haas (“Unorthodox”)
Regina King (“Watchmen”)
Octavia Spencer (“Self Made”)
Kerry Washington (“Little Fires Everywhere”)

Outstanding lead actor in a drama series
Jason Bateman (“Ozark”)
Sterling K. Brown (“This Is Us”)
Steve Carell (“The Morning Show”)
Brian Cox (“Succession”)
Billy Porter (“Pose”)
Jeremy Strong (“Succession”)

Outstanding lead actress in a drama series
Jennifer Aniston (“The Morning Show”)
Olivia Colman (“The Crown”)
Jodie Comer (“Killing Eve”)
Laura Linney (“Ozark”)
Sandra Oh (“Killing Eve”)
Zendaya (“Euphoria”)

[From CNN]

I’m so happy for What We Do In the Shadows! That show is hysterically funny. I’m really happy for all things Watchmen, especially Regina King’s nomination and even Jeremy Irons (who, I have to admit, was great in it).

There were, of course, some notable snubs. Reese Witherspoon didn’t get nominated for anything acting-wise, either for The Morning Show or Little Fires Everywhere. She was a producer on both shows too, so she did get nominated for LFF but not The Morning Show because that was snubbed for Drama series. Oh, and they could have nominated Big Little Lies 2 for stuff but that got snubbed as well. It really does feel like there are people in the television industry who are REALLY not buying what Reese is selling. While Unbelievable picked up some big noms, they didn’t nominate Merritt Weaver or Kaitlyn Dever. The women of Pose also got snubbed (but Billy Porter got nominated). Mindy Kaling’s series (she produces it and created it) Never Have I Ever was snubbed. The Emmys always snub Mindy’s work even though she’s (just my opinion) one of the best television writer/producer/creators out there.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall visits the National Gallery in London.

State Opening of Parliament 2019

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall visits the National Gallery in London.

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  1. Jen says:

    Yes! Never Have I Ever was definitely snubbed. I think Sanditon totally should have gotten a nom too in the limited series category.

    It’s the same as always, shows that have already passed their prime get the noms because that’s who the academy knows and is used to. Oh well.

  2. Sara says:

    Unorthodox was so good!

  3. Millennial says:

    I’m confused about how they are delineating limited series from drama series. Did Ozark really have more episodes than say, Normal People? Both have 10 I think?

    • Becks1 says:

      But this is Ozark’s third or fourth season, right? So it’s not really a “limited series.” I assume there is a specific definition they work from when determining that, but I’m not sure what it would be.

    • Seán says:

      Normal People had 12 episodes but it’s supposed to be a one and done series. There’s unlikely to be a future season, except maybe a decade down the line. The director has toyed with the idea of doing something like the ‘Before’ trilogy. Anyway, Paul Mescal was fantastic in Normal People so glad to see him nominated.

  4. Lara says:

    It’s pretty poor that the only real nomination that Pose got was for a cis gendered man.

    • MissMarierose says:

      I noticed that too. I think that might be the biggest snub because how do you ignore all the talented trans actors in a show that celebrates them, and nominate the only cis man.

  5. greenmonster says:

    ‘Pose’ is one of my favorite shows and I don’t understand why it wasn’t nominated in the Best Drama category. Also: not a single nomination for any of the actresses? MJ Rodriguez is so good as Blanca!!!

  6. A says:

    Ozark is soooo good!!!

    • Delorean says:

      So SO good!

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Sorry to whisper this but does Ozark get better – I stopped 1/3 through the first series as it seemed soooooo sllooooowww

    • Sorella says:

      SOOO good . We are on season 2 and our mouths often drop and the writers are brilliant – everytime we think “how will they write this, what could possibly happen” they go in a surprising direction. And Jason Bateman’s non-showy acting is just WOW. And Laura Linney can act with her FACE!!!

  7. Silver Charm says:

    Think people are a bit tired of the faux nice white lady schtick (see Karen’s, Ellen).

    • Lemons says:

      I hate to say it, but I think I preferred watching Reese on-screen even though Kerry’s character’s story was so compelling. The pained crying face from Kerry each episode wore on me when I was binge-watching.

      Very happy for Regina and Insecure!

      • Léna says:

        Ah, thanks @Lemons, I find Kerry Washington’s acting very cringy. In American son her faces wasn’t as bad

      • Delorean says:

        I could not stand Kerry’s snarling in every scene…I stopped after the third episode. The actress who played her daughter was excellent.

  8. Darla says:

    Reese isn’t very good in the morning show, she’s the weak link acting wise. That was a good call. I do feel that Michelle Dockery’s work in Defending Jacob really got snubbed. She was amazing. But I’m happy about Watchmen and also Schitt’s Creek because that show got me through the first month of shutdown. I just kept watching it on Netflix. I love that show.

    I think some of these “snubs” are just an indication of how much good stuff we are getting on tv, mostly streaming. So I can’t complain.

    • Lucy2 says:

      Good point about the amount of quality TV out there, it really does seem to be where the best work is being done. Especially with streaming services and cable networks giving more leeway to the creative side.

    • Lemons says:

      Very true. We are lucky to be getting such good TV.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Some great TV – actually outstanding TV
      Loved Regina King – Watchmen was outstanding standup hand clapping good
      I also enjoyed LFE and found Reese Witherspoon compelling in that role. My partner cannot bear to even see her on screen – feels she is one note – so maybe others feel that way too
      Schitt’s Creek is such a gem
      The morning show was excellent too
      Gah….so much

    • Emily says:

      I loved the Morning Show and totally agree about Reese’s acting being weak. Her accent was so strong in the beginning then non-existent part way through.

    • Sorella says:

      I SO want to love Schitt’s Creek (being that it’s Canadian like me) but I just couldn’t get into the first couple of episodes. I just find myself wondering why others find it so funny.

      Different TV strokes for different folks LOL!

      • Sarita says:

        I really urge you to watch just a couple more episodes!!! I felt the same way after watching the first couple, but SO many people told me they had grown obsessed that I said I would give it two more, and I totally fell in love with the series.

      • Darla says:

        Oh yes Sarita is right, please continue. I would say the first two episodes are very meh and not at all representative of what is a beautiful, funny, just amazing series.

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s starts to click midway in the first season. I felt the same too but kept watching and it got much better. The last few seasons were excellent.

      • Hannah says:

        I absolutely loved Schitt’s creek, yah, I was a bit ‘ what’s the big fuss’ for first 2 seasons but by beginning of S4 and till it ended on S6, I was HOOKED. I think that each of the 4 main characters were so relatable because I know someone just like each of them. Hovers exquisitely between caricature and parody. Out of touch privileged old white guy, Coachella boho chic Clueless babe, Peak WASP Karen, and precocious, acid tongue, stylish gay guy. * These are not slurs, no offence meant. I hope to come across as this was more a comedic but very real peek at some of the more absurd characters we’ve come to know, particularly in the last 5 years.

  9. Becklu says:

    Never Have I Ever!! For show, lead actress, supporting actress and writing all got snubbed huge. Also agree about Mindy Kaling she’s one of the best in the business and they always snub her.

    I also think unorthodox not being nominated was a big miss.

    I’m thrilled for Issa and Regina! Also happy for The Good Place actors and Steve.

  10. Lucy2 says:

    I’m all about Schitt’s Creek and Watchmen, and very happy for Shadows as well
    I hope the good Place wins for writing, the finale was absolutely beautiful.
    Congrats to Zendaya! I think Jennifer Aniston will win that category, and she was great on her show (as were the women in the supporting cast), but I’m glad to see Zendaya getting recognition at such a young age.
    Surprised Reese wasn’t nominated for LFE.

  11. Insomniac says:

    So happy to see What We Do in the Shadows getting some love!

    • LaUnicaAngelina says:

      I’m so happy for Shadows too! I think Harvey Guillen (Guillermo) deserves special recognition too.

      • lucy2 says:

        He’s brilliant!
        That’s the one show were I can never choose my favorite character. They’re all so good.

    • beccab says:

      One of my favorite shows-I am happy for them!

    • The Recluse says:

      I was tickled pink to see that it got nominated, plus the writing for the episode about Jackie Daytona got nominated.
      I love this show.

  12. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    Ozark should be able to pick up an award or two. It’s very well written and the acting is phenomenal. Surprised about Big Little Lies not getting any attention this time around, but I guess they had their big moment last year with season 1. I hope Kerry gets something for LFE, She was a true gem in that show. Ditto about being surprised about Reese not getting any love, wonder what that’s about. I do wish they had more awards to give out, given that TV is insanely exceptional these days… some stiff competition for sure!
    Ps – Kevin Costner or Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone should have gotten something IMO. That show is everything right now but I think gets overlooked bc it’s on Paramount network and is hard to stream.

  13. mynameispearl says:

    Paul Mescal for Normal People…. our nations hero :)

    • Wendy says:

      Just binge watched Normal People – he’s amazing. Loved the series – broke my heart the same was Fleabag did.

      • mynameispearl says:

        Did you watch the RTE comic relief special, a mashup of fleabag and normal people?

    • Wendy says:

      I stumbled across the RTE Comic Relief – I didn’t really get the beans on toast bit but LOVED the Fleabag Hot Priest and Normal People mash up – very well done. I’m so sad I’ve watched all the episodes now. I may have to read the book. I heard they are making ‘Conversations with Friends’ into a series as well – haven’t read the book, but after the Normal People series, I am a fan.

  14. Case says:

    I’m thrilled for Zendaya! I thought Euphoria was a bit much at times, not always the best writing. But she was outstanding. Jen Aniston will likely win (and she is deserving too), but glad to see Zendaya recognized.

    Also thrilled that Billy Crudup was nominated for The Morning Show. He stole every scene he was in and was the reason I kept watching that show.

    Love Normal People, love GLOW, love The Mandalorian, so I’m excited to see nominations there too. I can’t believe Mandalorian is getting love! That really shocked me.

    And finally: Adam Driver for his SNL appearance, please. He’s far and away the best host they’ve had in forever.

    • Darla says:

      Oh Crudup was amazing! I agree, he deserves it.

    • lucy2 says:

      Crudup was really good too. I was hoping for something for Gugu or Karen as well, they were excellent too.
      I love GLOW too, it’s one of the best shows out there.

  15. Atti says:

    I didnt expect to see What We Do In The Shadows there. That show is just wonderful.

    I hope Watchmen gets everything.

  16. You Must Be Joking says:

    I’m rooting for Ozark and Schitt’s Creek. I hope I haven’t offended anyone who doesn’t feel the same way.

  17. Jessa says:

    Fuming that Eugene Levy has the nom over Dan for Schitt’s Creek. Fuming.

    • Zarysmatic says:

      He’s nominated in supporting. All the actors on Schitt’s Creek have nominations!

      • Poisonella says:

        I wish they all win! Love Schitt’s Creek. Hope they do a movie about where they are in (5) years. I also thought Zoe Kazan was incredible in The Plot Against America.

  18. Imogene says:

    Thrilled for Zendaya. I still think about her portrayal of Rue and it is searing each time I think about it.

  19. Jojo says:

    The Lifetime movie about gospel legends ,The Clark Sisters,should have received a nom for Aunjanue Ellis’ portrayal of their mother Mattie Moss-Clark

  20. Truth hurts says:

    Pulling for all the black people esp King. Reese is a big producer and HW powerful
    Men don’t like that. Trying to hurt her on the sly. They want to continue to give Pitt every award this year. Doesn’t deserve a nomination for Fauci.
    Mindy K is awesome probably doesn’t kiss the right axes.

    • lucy2 says:

      Pitt seriously got a nomination? What utter BS. Meanwhile there are actors who have put in hours and hours, years and years of great work and never get recognized, but that dolt shows up for a few minutes in a costume, and gets an Emmy nomination?

  21. Keekey says:

    Happy that Jeremy Strong got a nom for Succession! He was AMAZING last season! I hope he wins but having Brian Cox nominated in the same category for the same show may split the vote, I guess.

    • Anna NZ says:

      Yes, me too!! I really hope Jeremy Strong takes it out, he was amazing and was SNUBBED last year. Also here for all The Watchmen noms and Paul Mescal’s & Zendaya’s nods too. I wish Merritt Weaver was nominated though, she was awesome in Unbelievable.

  22. msd says:

    I’m surprised and more than a little peeved that Merritt Wever in Unbelievable was ignored. She was considered a front runner, too. Kaitlyn Dever was also very good but she was a long shot. Unbelievable was one of the best limited series I’ve seen in ages and Wever was outstanding. I don’t understand why that category was restricted when some other categories had like 8 nominees? Boo!

  23. Clara says:

    I am DYING at Baby Yoda’s caption!!!

    Please do not change it, it’s amazing.

  24. Jus Tiffany says:

    May I Destroy You. should have been nominated. its a great show and Michaela Coel is fantastic!!

  25. incognito08 says:

    I am only here for my absolutely favorite show, “Insecure”. The writing for this show is fantastic. I love how the characters and story lines are written and fleshed out. I appreciate seeing stories about black folks which don’t center on us being in crisis, victims, or responding to something tragic. Insecure is fresh, hip and totally resonates with me. Hopefully, Issa and her team will be at the receiving end of a stack of Emmy’s this year! *fingers, eyes and toes crossed*

    • Originaluna says:

      I’m so excited for Insecure – I feel the exact same way. And Lowkey Happy (ep 8 of the latest season) should get its own award, it was so well written, edited, ahhhh ! This season was the best. I hope they get their awards. I love Insecure. So excited for Issa and Yvonne!!! I hope they win!!!

    • minime says:

      I hope Insecure wins. It is just too great! I binge watched all seasons just some weeks ago:) I couldn’t stop, it’s so well written and such a refreshing vision! I wanted already to ask you at celebitchy to post something on Issa Rae, I think it’s definitely worth to follow her work.
      As for watchmen I was just today commenting on how much I was looking forward to season 2 (I wasn’t aware there is most probably no season 2). I hope Regina King and the series take a lot of awards home! She’s amazing!

  26. Amelie says:

    I intend to fully watch Watchmen at some point because of all the good reviews but the only show I really care about is Ozark. I know Julia Garner (who plays Ruth) has won for her role before but she deserves all the awards and she’s been nominated for a supporting cast member Emmy again which was not included in the list above. I want to watch everything she is in, she is a phenomenal actor.

    Also I can’t remember his name but the actor who played Ben, Wendy’s brother, on Ozark deserved to get nominated. His story arc was so tragic and I knew as soon as he showed up a lot of stuff would go down (to not spoil anything). His realistic portrayal of someone with mental illness (I can’t remember if they confirm he is bipolar) was so difficult to watch but his performance was amazing. I did not recognize him at all as the smarmy Wall Street brother from Iron Fist when he first showed up. He is so under rated as an actor.

    I started Little Fires Everywhere but Kerry Washington’s acting drove me and my sister bananas and we didn’t get past the third episode. I get her character is supposed to be aloof (I read the book) but she was always hostile to everyone and even weird with her own daughter. Her facial expressions were so distracting and she always looked constipated, I dunno how to explain it. Does it get better? Is it worth finishing?

  27. Yamayo says:

    I know people don’t like Ricky Gervais on this site, but I thought Afterlife was so good. I binge watched both seasons a couple of months ago and every episode made me tear up.

  28. Lola says:

    Re SCHITTS CREEK- is it worth persevering? I couldn’t get past 3 episodes… thanks!

    • Christy says:

      YES! Lukewarm for the first several episodes than just better and better! The character development is wonderful.

    • Nic919 says:

      Yes. It starts to click a lot better midway in the first season. I think they dial down the annoying part of the Chris Elliott character and focus more on the Rose family along with Stevie.

  29. amiloo says:

    Lodge 49 – forever snubbed. 😭

    We started watching on Hulu a couple of months ago, and it is SO good and has so much heart. We’re about to finish the second and final season, and my heart is so sad about it!

  30. ChamomileLawn says:

    I didn’t enjoy Kerry Washington in LFF either yet in the end I think that was intrinsic – her character was distinctly unlikeable and seemingly irresponsible yet revealed to be prescient and maternally protective by the end. Gutted that Never have I ever was snubbed – it was a tour de force but because it’s about a young woman it’s considered not serious enough to warrant recognition … plus ça change…

  31. Snazzy says:

    Baby Yoda should have been nominate for outstanding lead Actor and Actress! Without Baby Yoda the Mandelorian just wasn’t interesting enough. BABY YODA WAS ROBBED PEOPLE

  32. Lively says:

    I’m sorry but Gugu Mbatha-raw has been rubbed, biggest snubb of the year. I think she carried this morning show.

  33. Meg says:

    So strange not to see Barry but they never aired the third season as filming was cut short because of covid19

  34. Regina Falangie says:

    Where is Amanda Peet’s nom for Betty Broderick?!?!? She did an amazing job!!! It was heart wrenching to watch. The gaslighting was disgusting. I was a kid but I remember the trial. It was a sad story for all involved.

  35. Meg says:

    ‘they could have nominated Big Little Lies 2 for stuff but that got snubbed as well. It really does feel like there are people in the television industry who are REALLY not buying what Reese is selling.’
    What do you mean? There were acting nominations for little fires everywhere and big little lies. She produced gone girl – shes had a very successful producing career so far and she hasnt even been doing it that long

  36. Dutch says:

    Disappointed Rhea’s snub was snubbed in the post. She has been a marvel on Better Call Saul for years.

  37. Tiffany :) says:

    Rhea is sooooooooo good! I can’t believe they didn’t nominate her. She makes the character seem so believable, but also surprising.

  38. sophie says:

    Rhea was great. I had to re-watch the scene where she stood up to the cartel guy