Donald Trump on whether he respected John Lewis: ‘He didn’t come to my inauguration’

Trump meets with US Tech Workers and signs an Executive Order on Hiring American

Axios on HBO did an interview with Donald Trump last week, and it just came out last night. First, let me say that I admire Joe Biden’s commitment to letting Trump hang himself with his own words. It’s become pretty clear that Trump doesn’t even want to win re-election and that he doesn’t know how to win. There are two big parts of the interview which are getting all of the attention. The first part is about the late Civil Rights icon John Lewis, who was lying in state in the Capitol when Trump recorded this interview.

President Trump dismissed the legacy of the late Rep. John Lewis in an interview with “Axios on HBO,” saying only that Lewis made a “big mistake” by not coming to his inauguration.

The big picture: Trump’s comments were a glaring contrast with the praise Republicans and Democrats showered upon Lewis this week, and a default to personal grudges during a week of mourning for a civil rights hero.

In the interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan, Trump said, “I really don’t know” how history will remember the Democratic congressman. “I don’t know John Lewis. He chose not to come to my inauguration. … I never met John Lewis, actually, I don’t believe.” When asked if he found Lewis’ life impressive, Trump responded, “He didn’t come to my inauguration. He didn’t come to my State of the Union speeches. And that’s OK. That’s his right. And, again, nobody has done more for Black Americans than I have… He should have come. I think he made a big mistake.”

Trump also declined to say whether he found Lewis personally impressive: “I can’t say one way or the other. I find a lot of people impressive. I find many people not impressive.”

[From Axios]

All this orange bastard had to do was shut his f–king mouth and not say one g–damn thing about John Lewis. No one wanted him at any of the memorials or the funeral. No one invited him. No one gave a sh-t. Trump could have just ignored Lewis’s passing entirely, or just said something vague like “He was a great man and he’ll be missed.” Trump failed at even that most basic thing. He’s so jealous when people respect men like John Lewis and Barack Obama.

The second part of the Axios interview making headlines: this absolutely bonkers clip where Trump argues with Axios reporter Jonathan Swan about the coronavirus numbers. The image of Trump holding those papers in his baby fists and crying “You can’t do that!” as Swan talks about coronavirus deaths as a percentage of the American population… wow. The Democratic ads just write themselves.

Oh God here’s the John Lewis video:

Trump meets with US Tech Workers and signs an Executive Order on Hiring American

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Lainey says:

    How am I constantly gobsmacked that I’m gobsmacked?

    • Snappyfish says:

      I’m right there with you BUT the name of John Lewis should NEVER be in that pathetic excuse for a human’s mouth

    • Esmom says:

      I know. Every day the bar drops lower then I ever thought possible. Every. Single. Day.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      The whole interview shows a jaw dropping level of incompetence and ignorance. He’s such a disgraceful child. It was wonderful to see someone call him on his lies, it was horrifying to see all of Trump’s dangerous flaws laid bare.

    • Jax Witt says:

      Gobsmacked anew every single day. That is the correct word. Just gobsmacked. That he cannot acknowledge what a great man Lewis is no surprise. But Dump sure showed the entire world what a vindictive whining toddler he is. How can he not CRINGE when he whines, “He didn’t come to my inauguration”? He defiles the office of president when he does not honor a great man’s service to this country.

  2. Delph says:

    The US have less deaths than the world.. the genius has spoken

    • Bella DuPont says:

      I cringed so much, my poor teeth came close to shattering from watching this semi-literate man try and pretend he had even the slightest idea what those charts meant.

  3. Chica1971 says:

    Petty!! His explanation of death by test cases vs population with the elementary school graphs was beyond everything decent and imaginable .. “ It is what it is” to describe 150000+ deaths

  4. JJ McClay says:

    This is bonkers. He is the *president*….. I just don’t have words.

    I love how Jonathan Swan follows up and doesn’t let his answers slide, he did a great job.

    • NatureLover says:

      @JJ McClay, he did and Drumpf kept saying the same thing over and over in hopes that his square answer would fit into the round question!
      I think that they have started using flash cards for him since he can’t muster the intellect to have him comprehend the daily president briefings in the morning during his “executive” time!
      But he has done the most for African Americans as they have an unemployment rate of 19.6%, as opposed to other ethnic classes. So yes, he has created the highest unemployment for Black Americans. Plus, he basically killed Herman Cain, a two time cancer survivor, with coronavirus from the Tulsa rally. My husband and I think that the campaign encouraged or bullied Cain not to wear a mask.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        I agree with everything you said, EXCEPT the Herman Cain part. Cain killed HIMSELF by going. Period. A grown ass man that age, who had co-morbidities (as well as being a cancer survivor) had NO BUSINESS being IN A NON-SOCIAL DISTANTED CROWD, MASKLESS. As much as I LOATHE Tangerine Twitler with EVERY fiber of my being, this is on Cain and his own stupidity and desire to be an ass kisser.

    • Scal says:

      I also appreciate that Swan kept pushing back to the lies and following up. Poor little Donnie can’t take anyone calling him out on his BS. Already calling it gotcha journalism because blah.

      I wish the US press corp called him out on his lies more often.

    • Lizzie says:

      Same, I get so frustrated when he says the usual crazy and reports just go on to the next question.
      Swan came at it just right, he wasn’t argumentative but he pushed back. Trump ‘read the manuals’, Swan ‘what manuals?’, Trump ‘read the books’, Swan ‘what books?’, Trump, ‘stop let me explain’.

      • Thirtynine says:

        It was so bizarre- it looked more like a comedy duo with Swan as the straight man in some sort of Presidential parody than a real interview. The way Trump was flapping those charts at him….shakes head in disbelief….

  5. Donn says:

    Huh? Remind me. What has he done for Black Americans that I’ve somehow missed?

    • Esmom says:

      I know, right? The pathetic and infuriating thing is his supporters will parrot that like the fools they are.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      A petty racist….

    • Marietta58 says:

      My roommate (and I need to preface this with – she’s an idiot and not someone I choose to live with) said the same thing! And I’m here like, what has he done for Black Americans again? She said something about schools?? I googled and it stated this per the NYT:

      “Mr. Trump pointed to his signing of the First Step Act, a bipartisan bill that made reforms to sentences in federal prisons; the inclusion in the 2017 tax overhaul of the Opportunity Zones program, which offer a tax break for investing in low-income communities; increased funding for historically black colleges and universities, or H.B.C.U.s; and low unemployment rates for black Americans.”

      Then the NYT goes on to say that most all that he has done was started decades before he came into office… to which Prof. Alvin Bernard Tillery states:
      “He has one or two nice policy accomplishments where his signature is on the legislation,” Mr. Tillery said. “That’s a record that’s going to place him in the bottom third of modern presidents.”

      So, yeah, not a lot

      • can't even says:

        OZs weren’t even HIS deal… was bipartisan. Also (and this is from professional experience), haven’t been impressed w OZs as a resource for black community so far (not in Philly at least). A few good projects but overall a tax shelter…

  6. Lightpurple says:

    My cat has done more for Black Americans than that narcissistic idiot. John Lewis was a Patriot, a hero, a great and humble man, who shed his blood and risked his life to protect and save the rights of others. Voldemort needs to hush

    • Snappyfish says:

      I thought Dick Cheney was Voldemort & this dolt a Deatheater.

      • NatureLover says:

        @Snappyfish, yes Cheney in Voldemort as he was the puppet for George Jr as to how to be president and to secure his second term was to wage a war. And it worked.

    • Yonati says:

      @Lightpurple good one! I think he has decided to say the opposite of everything that is true, just to frick with peoples’ minds.

  7. NatureLover says:

    How can one man be so egotistical, jealous and childish about a great man as John Lewis, but he responds about his inauguration and SOUA which he claimed was a very bad mistake for Lewis! This man has zero empathy and holds a massive temper tantrum for years, just as he did with McCain. As he spoke of McCains funeral, he spoke relentlessly about no one from the family calling to thank him! Plus there was that issue with the flag at federal buildings at half staff for several days, only due to McCains vote no on ObamaCare.
    Great bonus as the use of the graphs given to him instead of a daily briefing letter, which appear to show he clearly doesn’t understand unless it’s created for the processing of a child’s brain. Where was him marker too? I guess they were hidden!

    • Esmom says:

      Not only that but to say something like that out loud as if it is in any way befitting of the office of POTUS. He truly seems to have no clue how appalling his answers are, even as he thinks he’s successfully bullsh^tting his way through an interview. He has zero decency or shame.

  8. NoWords says:

    A message from the Minitrue: 2+2=5. You cannot trust your own eyes. We are going to repeat this message until all beleve that 2+2=5. You will not deviate. You will conform. Ignorance is strength. 2+2=5. 2+2=5. 2+2=5

    • LaraW" says:

      I always find the 2+2=5 statements funny because it can be true.

      Assume standard rules of addition (eg commutative property, where a+b = b+a)

      If 1=0, then 2+2=5

      2 = 1+1 = 0+0 = 0
      2+2 = 1+1+1+1 = 0+0+0+0 = 0
      5 = 1+1+1+1+1 = 0+0+0+0+0 = 0
      2+2 = 5 = 0

      The reason why mathematicians don’t care about this is because having 1=0 doesn’t yield any interesting results, and the point of higher level maths is to change different underlying assumptions to see if there are any interesting theorems that follow.

      • Lemons says:

        I guess, but I wish I could understand why 1=0 in the first place? I’m already lost and this is why I am not a maths person.

      • Bella DuPont says:

        In real world mathematical applications though, having the right underlying assumptions is considered as much as half of the problem solved, maybe more.

        So your initial assumption that 1=0 would ensure that this proof was a fail from the very beginning. 🙂

        There are lots of ways to prove 2+2=5 mathematically though but/and all of them rely on philosophical/mathematically flawed arguments that still render them (mostly) useless in the real world.

      • Juls says:

        That’s some impressive math skills. But I believe Nowords was referencing the novel “1984” which is, sadly, extremely relevant today.

      • Lemons says:

        @Juls, you’re right! I completely missed the reference. It is so relevant. But it doesn’t matter. They can release a new 1984 thriller film, hit television show, newly abridged version…it seems like a very large portion of the population will just say it’s “liberal propaganda” while mainlining Fox News and QAnon conspiracy theories.

  9. Sarah says:

    I’ve forced myself to watch the top clip (I HATE this man) and wow he expects everyone to be a fawning sycophant who will agree with anything he says and let him lie without being challenged. Seeing him with a ‘normal’ person is stark.

  10. Feedmechips says:

    This scumbag never ceases to find new ways to erode even the most basic sense of decency.

  11. Merricat says:

    There is no tinier man than Donald Trump. I hope we crush him like the insect he is.

  12. Mellie says:

    You know, he boycotted George W. Bush’s inauguration too, but at least that man rose above a boycotted inauguration and could honor the man because John Lewis deserved all the tributes.
    He wouldn’t have wanted one fake word from Orange anyway, but still…

  13. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    No-one came to your inauguration, Donald.
    And considering the number of people you’ve wilfully allowed to die/have murdered through neglect among your fanbase, no-one would come to the next one either. If you won. Which you won’t.

  14. Aang says:

    My god! Those graphs look like something my kids made in 3rd grade. That’s the level of his understanding of statistics. “We are lower than the world”. This man is such an embarrassment. After 4 years I still can’t believe how stupid and petty he is.

    • Lemons says:

      He brought papers to an interview. Have you seen any President in recent memory shuffling notes and papers and graphs in an interview? No, because normally, they know what they are talking about. Every day is a new assault on my senses by this man.

  15. Badrockandroll says:

    Lewis didn’t go to GW Bush’s inauguration either. That didn’t prevent Bush from attending and speaking at Lewis’s funeral. Imagine 20 years ago saying that GW Bush was not the least intelligent, least compassionate, least moral and least articulate President.

    In the meantime, Go Team Vance.

  16. Digital Unicorn says:

    1) When Dump says ‘its ok’ about something its really not – he was clearly p!ssed that Congressman Lewis did not attend anything he was at.

    2) Why does he always sit like he’s on the toilet? Mind you this is a man who can’t even walk properly.

  17. Who ARE these people? says:

    Sick bastard. Sick in every sense of the word.

  18. reef says:

    Trump is the manifestation of our worst impulses but with launch codes. Jealous, envious, ignorant, emotionally stunted, vain, petulant, selfish, etc etc.

  19. KellyRyan says:

    Great photo Kaiser. The photo and his make-up reflect the man. Damn I wish we could invoke Article 25. I agree with Biden and others, let the anus mouth continue to spew diarrhea. I cried for days over the death of John Lewis, our American hero, and here we are with the complete opposite with the man who would destroy Americans.

  20. lassie says:

    Wtf is with his hairline(?) in the profile photo? Is it hairplugs? Some kind of scalp transplant? It looks like a huge scar on the side of his head.

    • Ferdinand says:

      He’s clearly bald in some spots. Or at least his hair is very thin, very yellow and very damaged because of peroxide and hair color.
      So he let his sideburns grown to comb them backwards to cover the sides of his hair. He also let his bangs grow, so he can cover baldness when combed backwards.

      That’s why he doesn’t like rain. People would see what a mess his real hair is. He is just the worst.

  21. emmy says:

    What a small small man.

  22. Also Ali says:

    It’s not a joke to say he has a mental disorder. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is real and these are NPD behaviors on a world stage.

    It doesn’t matter that most of us can’t understand (thankfully) how he can lie and lie and relentlessly double down on the lies to absurdity.

    There is no end to this until he is voted out and arrested.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      And the charts somebody prepared for him to shore up his ego are a great illustration of the collective delusion that sets in around a narcissist. The only way to survive around them is to adopt their worldview, regardless of how warped it is. That’s part of why they are so dangerous.

    • Emma33 says:

      My mum had NPD and if you look at what trump is saying through the lease of NPD, what he is doing is completely logical. It’s a weird thing to say, because what he is saying is ludicrous to us, but in the world of someone with NPD it makes sense.

      My mum died of alcoholism because her NPD couldn’t allow her to have a fault or a problem that needed fixing. She would be in bed, detoxing, with empty bottles all around the bed, and tell me she didn’t drink. She died in denial of her drinking, because her NPD couldn’t allow her to have any faults – every problem in her life was someone else’s fault, she was perfect.

      My mum finally came up against something she couldn’t lie about or manipulate – an addiction. When this virus erupted earlier this year, i remember saying to my sister that Trump had also come up against something he couldn’t BS – a virus.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        @Emma33 I’m sorry for your experience. I also have a parent with NPD. If you haven’t experienced it, it’s really, really hard to wrap your head around it. My parent is still alive but the denial of reality is wild to observe. Trump’s behavior is very familiar.

  23. Léna says:

    These videos looked like parodies of parodies of videos of Donald trump.. wtf
    And those charts ?? Did a 13 years old just discovered excel ??

  24. shanaynay says:

    Notice how DT, the pompous a** makes it all about himself!!!!!

    “And again, nobody has done more for Black Americans than I have.” –
    What exactly has he done?

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      Killing them through disenfranchising, police action, lack of basic, affordable health care, and now, this virus .

      • Tasha says:

        YES! Well said…too bad that Australian reporter from Axios didn’t respond with that. I think his headed might have exploded. Ahh well one can dream….:-)

    • Trillion says:

      Especially in the context of discussing a black man who dedicated his life to the betterment of black lives. Ugh.

  25. Noodle says:

    Dear Slam Book, John didn’t come to my party so I’m not going to his party. That will show him. And OMG! Have you seen Ivanka lately? Soooo cute!!

  26. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    God he’s a pile of chunky vomit.

  27. Darla says:

    The failure of the American media both in 2016, and pre 2016, to do basic reporting on this severely mentally ill life-long criminal, is loathsome. I have actually become a media hater because of this crap. Not the way the right wing is, I don’t think they do fake news, and I don’t believe for a second they have a liberal bias. They are quite simply incompetent, and move and think in packs like middle schoolers.

    • Nic919 says:

      The press corps should be grilling him and his liar press secretary every day and yet they don’t. The major networks in their attempts to be neutral in fact give him breaks that they would never do for any other president. They have helped normalized an idiotic lying criminal. If they did their job, the general public would have been upset far earlier and possibly angry enough for him to be removed for his traitorous behaviour.

  28. mara says:

    Petty. Ass. Bitch.

  29. jferber says:

    Oh, my God. Petty, vindictive son of a bitch. That was his reaction to the struggling, dying COVID victims in New York and other blue states. “They didn’t vote for me.” In fact, his falsetto-voiced son-in-law said exactly the same thing, “They aren’t OUR people.” They are Americans and human and deserved the help of their federal government. You can’t cherry-pick. Whatever happened to the pivot, when the candidate for presidency becomes president and becomes the president of ALL the people? That never happened. And John Lewis was a great American, greater than trump can ever imagine or understand. We MUST eject this clown from the Oval Office. He is a danger, an insult, an embarrassment and a horribly damaged person, unfit to lead.

    • Darla says:

      Not to mention, we support “their people” in the red states. They pissed all over us, claiming we were badly run states and shouldn’t get any federal help, meanwhile they’re the welfare states. Well, I got a list like Arya Stark. Yesterday some simp liberal with a huge following, a woman, I think Amy Siskand, announced that even tho Florida told NY to get lost in March and April while we were dying by the thousands, “we’re” not like that and will help them. Who’s we? I let people know, you don’t speak for me. I live in NY, and I don’t want MY money going to them for anything. Florida can eat sh*t. And I’m not kidding. I’m dead serious. You let my people die, you die. You run out to vote for those who want my people to die, you die.

  30. Michael says:

    I can no longer listen to this moron speak. I get instantly angry and want to punch something at the sight of his face or the sound of his voice. I just have to read the transcripts. This country will take a decade to recover from the historical damage this man has done to the psyche of Americans

  31. Jerusha says:

    I hope he follows Herman Cain. Not sorry.

  32. Teebee says:

    I am not sure if Trump’s continual failure in non-Fox/OAN network interviews is purposeful or not. It’s clear he does not do well when pressed or critiqued with a less than sympathetic interviewer. After everyone of these disastrous appearances the news cycle is full of his gaffes.

    So what’s the story?
    – his team is that clueless they think one day he’ll just miraculously breakthrough to the public, charm us all and be forgiven everything and universally praised and championed?
    – his team hates him and wants to humiliate and embarrass him by letting him run rampant, allowing him to take the blame for the entire administration’s incompetency and the Republican Party gets to distance themselves.
    – there’s always a bigger scandal to deflect from. Something must be brewing… again.

    The broken record nature of his incompetence and lack of leadership is almost too bad to be true. No intelligent PR person would allow this many continuous gaffes to keep getting air time.

    It might be all of the above. But in this age of evil yet clever spin doctors, Trump’s stark failures are beyond amateurish. It’s starting to confound me…

  33. Darla says:

    I don’t know if we’ll recover in a decade. My feeling is that if Trump doesn’t find another way to steal this thing, and Biden becomes President, that gives me a 4 year reprieve at most. The backlash will start in the 2022 midterms, and we may lose the house. Then the hearings start again. 2024 we could go full Nazi, with Tom Cotton waiting and panting in the wings. Ideally, we should just call this a day and break up. i am so tired of being ruled by these low population state yahoos. I’d like to take the money we give them, because they are welfare states, and use it to get our people outta there, and help them resettle here and across the sane states.

    But that won’t happen so if Biden gets in, it gives us a four year reprieve, closer to 2, and I’m going to use the time well. Basically plotting and engineering my escape.

  34. phaedra7 says:

    Agreed with every comment posted here. Take-A-💩 is a small-brained bastard. He is evilly hoping that there will be some equally small-brained people–within the POC communities, especially AAs (mirroring the likes of Kanye, Candace Owens, and the late Cain, himself) who will agree with him and give him their damn votes like FOOLS in November. I hope to hell that all peoples– those ones who stand their grounds/resolve and are against him and peoples who are not sure about what is going on to wake the hell up–VOTE. TO. GET. HIS. ASS. OUT. OF. HERE. FOR. GOOD AND FOREVER!

  35. Just a thought says:

    All the former living Presidents had something nice , and honorable to say about Civil Rights hero and Rep. Lewis but not DT. DT kept bringing up what he didn’t attend my inauguration , so that still couldn’t keep him from showing compassion to Rep. Lewis family and trying to do what leaders in situations like this they lead. If your state have early voting please please vote early or if you are voting by mail send ballot back asap. Please continue to pray and have bless day.

  36. jferber says:

    Darla, I hear you. The red states ARE the welfare states and the blue states (New York, of course), pay their welfare. They act like they don’t know it, right? The president has DELIBERATELY weaponized these people (remember, the Southern states pay much less money on education than the Northern states) to be racist, gun-wielding outlaws, running around mask-less, threatening, etc. But people are not cartoons. Trump WANTS chaos and civil war. We do not want that. He is already destroying our country. He’s an ugly American and stirs the pot so people’s worst instincts and savagery rule. It’s like the novel Lord of the Flies. We cannot allow savagery to rule. We must elect a president who belongs to civilization and will lead and protect it. We must elect Joe Biden. Red states, do the right thing.

  37. ChloeCat says:

    This SOB angers me so bad I’ve had to start taking Xanax again just to deal with all this crap. I don’t know what I’ll do if he’s reelected.

    • Jax Witt says:

      Don’t feel alone. I haven’t had a xanax in 20 years but I’m popping them like PEZ after David Muir tells me the days news. Every Day.

  38. jferber says:

    ChloeCat, I hear you. I’ve gained so much weight not just because of the quarantine, but because of this S.O.B. and the uncertainty of our political future (dictatorship/democracy). I blame equally the Republicans in the Senate, especially Lindsay Graham and Mitchell (I’m blanking on his first name from stress and anger). These Senators will support dictatorship in order not to lose power. They are scum and must be ejected from their pathetic political careers.

    • ChloeCat says:

      Sending hugs to you, JFerber! Yes, all of those Republicans are complicit with Trump & they all need to go. Like that congressman who claimed he got Covid-19 from wearing a mask, Louie Gohbert, he’s an EIGHT term lawmaker. We need term limits to protect us from morons like this. Take care, hon!

  39. jferber says:

    ChloeCat, Sending hugs to you, too. Venting on Celebitchy helps. Take care of yourself, too. Mitch McConnell. That’s the name.

  40. Coco says:

    I don’t think Ghislaine Maxwell came to his inauguration, either, but he seems to respect her.

  41. ChillyWilly says:

    He is Just so unbelievably stupid. Can you Imagine working for this man? He’s a human sized slug.

  42. jferber says:

    Yes, and Putin didn’t come to his inauguration, but he’s in love with Putin. Respects the hell out of him, a murdering, election-tampering, hoodlum, thief dictator.

  43. Katie says:

    But what the F*** has he actually done? I hate this man so much that I don’t eat Cheetos anymore. And I love some Cheetos. Omg, I swear if my eyes don’t roll the f*ck outta my head before this election, I’ll have to drink more wine. 😂😂😬

    • Jax Witt says:

      OMG!!!! please don’t tell me I’ll lose my cheetos. Please. I am surviving on cheetos. Crunchy and puffs. I WILL NOT LET THAT MAN SPOIL MY CHEETO FIX. I WILL NOT LET THAT MAN…..

  44. Vava says:

    Jonathan Swan deserves some sort of award for his interview. If I’d been in his shoes, I’m quite sure I would have leaned forward and tried to slap Trump on numerous occasions.

    • Nana says:

      There was no way Trump was ever going to get anywhere with his COVID19 delusional horrificness; Swan’s father is Dr Norman Swan, who is a well respected (Scottish) doctor who has over many years, presented various health series on the ABC, our national broadcaster on Australian TV and radio.
      Since the early days of COVID19 in Australia, Dr Norman has co-presented a daily podcast called Coronacast, which answers questions – including kids’ questions – about the virus, lockdown, vaccine development etc. Can highly recommend it as it’s factual and explains the facts as simply and non-politically as possible + it’s very straight talking.
      With Norman as his dad, there was no chance Jonathon was going to swallow Trump’s BS.

  45. Jojo says:

    When the President of your country is not smarter than a third grader.
    Happy Birthday to President Obama.I really miss having an intelligent POTUS.

    • Jax Witt says:

      Third grader? I know kindergartners who make better decisions than him. I know two year olds with more emotional intelligence than Dump.

  46. Poisonella says:

    You know, there are people I no longer talk to because of Trump. Family and friends who are forever diminished in my eyes because of their support of him. I really never thought I would see this in my lifetime. I am grateful for this site. I don’t want to read the other side’s opinion because it’s all wrapped up in bullshit and racism. At the very core of Trump is a loser who managed to fail upward because of his amorality and ruthlessness. To think this was something to be admired- how low have some of the people of this country sunk. VOTE.

    • Jax Witt says:

      Yes, vote. You don’t have to risk your life at the polls. Get an absentee ballot. It does not rig the election. Dump is a liar.

    • Traveler says:

      Unfortunately, I am there with you. As far as I’m concerned I’ve lost many family members over their support of drumpf and it feels like a death. And as far as friends are concerned, why would I choose to be in the company of someone who is aligned with the thinking and behavior of someone I abhor. Who knew it would come to this.

  47. Valerie says:

    Whiny bitch. I hope he gets voted out in November. C’mon. There is absolutely no way that anyone in their right mind would want to see him re-elected. If you ask his supporters (those who remain) what he’s done “for them,* they never have an answer. They make vague statements or tick off a short list of accomplishments, but they can never truthfully say that his being in office has improved their lives. It’s pathetic.

  48. Marti says:

    Please get out and VOTE!

    My personal & frequent wish is that he will not only lose in November, he will get blown out. There will be no reason to do any type of recount.

  49. Marti says:

    Please get out and VOTE!

  50. Valerie says:

    I know nobody is reading these still, but I had to come back to this. He claims he didn’t know him very well, but he still expected him to attend his inauguration? Fucking idiot.

  51. fig says:

    Val, I’m still reading and you’re right! He never met him, okaaayyyyy. Can you find something, anything, nice to say abt John Lewis? Nothing?!? 😩 nuts!

  52. jferber says:

    My personal fantasy is that he spontaneously explodes into the atmosphere, nothing left but Cheeto dust. If that could happen, I’d never wish for anything again. I promise.