Kourtney Kardashian is stressed after Reign shaved his head


The header photo is Kourtney Kardashian and her youngest child, Reign, five, taken in May. Kourtney has been targeted by the Meddlesome Mom Mob in the past for allowing Reign to grow his beautiful locks out. Well, the hair police can rest easy, as little Reign got his first haircut and he went all out:

He looks adorable and that’s a great summer hairstyle. What’s getting a lot of play is that although little sis Kim and friends such as Hailey Bieber and Adrienne Bailon all commented how nice his fuzzy head looked, Kourtney’s caption on the photo was “I am not ok.”, which brings up some questions. I hope that even in Kardashian Kountry, professional adults such as hairdressers do not allow a five-year-old to dictate something like “shave my head!” without some parental sign off, so how did Reign’s hair get chopped? Most headlines read, “Reign Disick shaves his head.” If that’s true, I, too, would need a moment or two to recover. Even with safety features, five’s a little young to be shaving unsupervised. (I’d also check all pets and siblings who possibly crossed paths with Reign the DeTresser.) Plus, below is an image from Kourtney’s IG story showing the ponytail that was cut, so clearly this was planned out. Did Reign’s dad Scott buzz it off without consulting Kourtney? That’ll be a whole other post if so. I have to assume that Kourt is just missing Reign’s gorgeous mane. In that case, I applaud Kourt for letting her kids express themselves with their hair.

According to outlets, all of Kourtney’s kids got their first haircuts at five and it sounds like they all got to choose what they wanted too. That can’t be coincidental, I’d be interested – purely out of curiosity – to know the motivation behind having them hold off until five. It looks like Reign is happy, Kourtney will have her millions to comfort her through this mourning period and the Meddling Mom Mob can take credit for perpetuating gender stereotypes once again. My only hope is that this beautiful braid found its way to Wigs for Kids and hasn’t become some creepy artifact that now lives with Penelope and Mason’s hair under Kourt’s pillow.

Reigns Tail

Photo credit: Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    There are several cultures/religions that don’t cut a child’s hair until age five, although doubtful Kourtney Kardashian belongs to any of them.

    As to the kid’s buzz cut, it’s cute, it’s summer, he’s five, hair grows back, don’t sweat the small stuff with kids. what they do with their hair, unless they decide never to wash it, is small stuff. Pick your battles wisely.

    • Capepopsie says:

      I agree! TOTALLY!

    • minx says:

      Thank you. My avatar is my daughter at age 2 when she got into lipstick, a couple of weeks after she chopped off her bangs with kids’ scissors. She really did a number, made a v shaped buzz cut into her forehead. 19 years later I still love it.

  2. Alexis says:

    She already said she’s keeping the hair.

  3. Alissa says:

    I am sure she signed off on it but is still sad about it. my niece always had butt length hair and just recently decided to cut it to her chin. my sister was fully on board with letting her do what she wanted, but she was really sad and cried still.

  4. Lisa says:

    Cute cut for summer.

  5. Astrid says:

    She needs to give it a rest. Of all the problems in the world, she’s posting sad thoughts about a child’s haircut?

    • Atti says:

      Not everything has to be about the world problems babe. People need a rest sometimes, or we’d all go insane.

    • Sarah says:

      Right?! How *dare* she have feelings about a milestone in her youngest child’s life and post it on social media like the rest of us. What a monster.

    • DiegoInSF says:

      I’m not even a fan of these people but that’s the most tired argument, I was super upset I couldn’t touch up my highlights for months, so sue me for being human and not thinking about world pain every waking second!

    • Lilian says:

      Funny you saying something like that in a post gossiping about a sub-celeb haircut, with so much going on in the world…

  6. Puffy says:

    Why does it seem parents get so attached to their children’s hair? It’s weird to me.

    • Scollins says:

      In this case it’s all about appearances. The Ks represent some of the worst aspects of American life.

    • SamC says:

      No kidding, my mother was like this. I had curly, dark blonde hair as a child, then my (blonde) mother forced a short cut when I was 4 because apparently I would chew my hair and it drove her nuts, result was it went brown/wavy. So traumatized her she wouldn’t let my blonde haired sister get anything more than a trim until her early teens for fear she too would go to the dark side.

    • Carli says:

      Your hair is part of your identity, especially that little. Chopping off hair changes how kids feel about themselves and how others perceive them, especially that big of a chop. And who knows if he’s her last child, he’s suddenly so much more grown up without his baby hair. I totally get it.

  7. Stacy Dresden says:

    Reign looks like Kendall to me

  8. Lea says:

    There is a picture where his head is not completely shaved, he had a haircut a bit like his dad’s. Maybe the plan was to give him a haircut and he ended up not liking it, hence the buzz cut.

    My son had shoulder length curly hair when he was a toddler. I didn’t want to cut it because I knew the curls where probably going to go away, and it was the first time in my family that anyone had curly hair so I was fascinated. I gave him a haircut when it started being annoying to him.

    • JanetDR says:

      My son had blonde ringlets, but you could see it was coming in straight. I loved those little curls and let it grow until the day we went to a mall and people kept saying what a beautiful little girl he was. I have a little baggie with a handful of curls in my desk to this day. Every milestone gets you closer to the point where they are grownups and it’s okay to have some feelings about that!

    • Hope says:

      I saw a similar story, that a dad was there with the processional hair stylist and they did a short cut but I think he didn’t care for it so they then went with the buzz cut. So it sounded like maybe it was his choice to get a hair cut but the parents knew, just maybe not exactly what he was going to eventually want in the end.

  9. Wamama says:

    My youngest turned 5 this week also. I cried multiple times that day and was also “not okay.” I think a lot of it is seeing her ‘baby’ look so grown up, which I absolutely get, especially if she’s done having kids (like I am).

    No shade for her (on this particular issue) here.

    • TrixC says:

      Yeah that’s what I assumed she meant too – her youngest is growing up and she has mixed feelings about it. My son is 18 months and I found it hard getting rid of all his old toys and clothes, realising I’m never going to have a baby again.

  10. DS9 says:

    She might simply just not be “ok” with how grown he looks with his hair short.

    I always got a little verklempt when my babies looked less like the babies I’m used to seeing.

    She also might be feeling a little nostalgic for all the times she’s run her fingers through his hair.

  11. FHMom says:

    I’m focused on the photo’s background. Is that her property? Driveway with the white fence? I forget how incredibly wealthy these people are. Sigh.

  12. nicegirl says:

    My lil sunshines both were long hairs when little. My eldest kept his long until his jr year in high school, cut it to play Bert in Mary Poppins. Youngest sunshine is 13, ended 7th grade at home due to COVID19 has long long hair, the most beautiful strawberry blonde. He cuts it ‘short’ to the Thor shoulder length cut when he’s being fancy and I’ve just taught him a few easy buns. H888 how people get on boys for their long hair. Good grief. My eldest had his head shaved when he was about 6, hated it and grew it back out again, now he prefers short hair. It’s their hair, let them feel it.

  13. Cupcake says:

    Developmental milestones with your children are often (I’d say mostly for myself) bittersweet. All his baby hair is gone, my heart would ache too.

  14. AnnaKist says:

    This reminded me of my friend’s son. He and my son were about 9. My son had just had his hair cut because he was in the bridal party for a family member. Her son decided he’d like a haircut too, so took to his head with his school scissors, of all things. She had to take him to the barber for a buzz cut, but his head still looked like a pineapple for the next month. My second son had beautiful curls that he let grow for several years. When he was about 14 he decided to get a buzz cut. Same thing – Summer and skateboarding meant a lot of sweat. It took me quite a while to realise it was him entering a room. He looked so different, amd taller, somehow.
    My daughter has always had thick, bum,-length hair. Even when she had chemo for 6 months, she kept it, although it did thin out for a while. She’s been on the bone marrow register for 6 years, but so far, no natch. Her immunologist has suggested cord blood transplant to help her immune system, as the chemo and removal of spleen and lymph nodes has left her immune system shot. She gets tested every 2 weeks f0r COVID. as she can’t take any risks.
    We’ve always laughed about her growing really old and still having a bum-lengoth plait, only grey. The cord blood transplant means she needs chemo again beforehand. I asked her today how she’d feel if she lost her hair this time. She said, “I don’t care. I did before because, you know, I’m known everywhere for my hair, even America! But it was just vanity. Now I just want to feel well again. ‘’ As has often been said on here, it’s just hair.
    *She accompanied her gay friend to a gay club one night a few years ago. She met a really nice fella from a,America, who had just finished his medical studies and was on holiday with his boyfriend. He thought her hair was a wig at first. Then he found out her favourite band was fronted by his. cousin, even though he thought no one down here had heard of them. She didn’t believe him, so he let her look through his phone at all the family photos. After that, he took photos of her hair a,d sent them to his cousin, telling him he’d met the band’s biggest (only?) fan down here.

  15. Busybody says:

    Ages 5-8 or so are in that precious range where any haircut seems to age them so fast! My older child cut my youngest child’s hair in such a way that the only solution was to buzz it all off & when it was done, we felt like “who is this grown man?!” I was definitely not okay.

  16. Oliviajoy1995 says:


    When his hair was first cut it looked like the picture above. Sometime after that it was shaved.

  17. HeyThere! says:

    I just love when little boys have long hair. My son has had it long a few times, past his ears but not touching his shoulders! He’s only 4 but we have done the big chop a few times. I let him decide. I’m always a little sad to see it go but only because he has such beautiful hair…and the big chop ages him!😭😂❤️

    My daughter was born with long hair. Her hair grows fast like me and she’s have 6 trims and she just turned 3! LOL

  18. mew says:

    It’s hair, it grows back. Jeez. Let the kid enjoy his childhood.