Were sex tapes stolen from Lindsay Lohan’s house?

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Lindsay Lohan’s been the victim of a two break-ins since she moved into her rented home less than a year ago. It’s hard to feel badly for her, considering she’s believed to have quite the sticky fingers herself. The thieves stole really strange things – everything from a safe to actual doors. But Lindsay herself points out they left valuable electronics while going for the more personal items. Not that a door is personal – but whatever was in that safe probably is. According to Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times, Lindsay had “incriminating” photos and videos in there. Which I’m going to assume means nasty, filthy sex tapes.

I’ve learned the real reason Lindsay Lohan is so upset about the theft of the safe from her L.A. house is the contents included some very incriminating videos and photos, plus legal documents, that LiLo believes could cause embarrassment if made public.

[From the Chicago Sun-Times]

I’m sure the really embarrassing things are Lindsay’s legal papers. All those lawsuits and settlements for running over people’s feet in angry rages… that’s some embarrassing stuff. Or contracts that show her salary. That’s humiliating. A good sex tape could make her! Wait, no. Considering the recent trout pout, emaciated frame, and poorly-applied orange skin paint (I refuse to call it self tanner), I’d rather see a Mel Gibson sex tape. Shudder. It couldn’t possibly make Lindsay’s reputation any worse though. She’s blown every opportunity she’s ever had to blow. Enjoy that sentence.

Lindsay herself Tweeted that the whole thing was an inside job:

@duke2001j that’s how i know it was not a ROBBERY. electronics weren’t taken… just things that a certain old friend knew meant a lot to me

about 14 hours ago from web

[From Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter]

So, what have we learned here? Well, Lindsay Lohan has enemies. And not the unimaginative type that just write nasty things on bathroom walls or call up the Enquirer to give them exclusives. The kind that break into your house and steal your crown moldings and your sex tapes. Oh and that unicorn statue you think is really art. And they’ve managed to get away with it so far too, which means Lohan also has friends that are at least 17 I.Q. points higher than her. That’ll put them somewhere around the 110 range – we should tell cops to look out for that and put it in their description.

This is based on absolutely nothing, but if I had to bet which ex is behind this, I’d say Courtenay Semel. She’s at least as crazy as Lohan, and definitely seems off her rocker enough to go for it. Somehow I can see one of Lohan’s female exes being behind this more than I can see a guy.

Now let’s start crossing our fingers that hopefully she/he is just trying to blackmail Lohan. Pay them whatever they want Lindsay! Just please, please don’t let that tape leak.

Thanks to Dlisted for the lead!

Here’s Lindsay Lohan leaving her L.A. home yesterday. Images thanks to WENN.com .

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  1. grisgris says:

    Contents of Lohan’s safe:

    -$2.97 in cash
    -Those missing jewels from the Elle photo shoot
    -Report linking SevinNyne tanner to leprosy
    -Ali’s birth certificate
    -Leggings, leggings, more leggings and one pair of coke pants
    -GPS tracking device attached to Sam Ro’s car

  2. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Anyone else taste vomit after thinking about Liho’s sex tapes?

  3. Sam says:

    sure its not true. it there were sex tapes they’d be out already. think i read somewhere already it’s not true.

  4. bob lawblaw says:

    oh my sweet lord grisgris, you have made my afternoon, thank you.

  5. QB says:

    If the things where things that a friend gave her , maybe the friend did not really gave them to her and maybe the friend went just to get their property back.

  6. ihua says:

    @grisgris – o i lold so hard

  7. la chica says:

    Back in April, Tyler Durden blogged that Lindsay was being paid millions to do porn, but that it would be set up to seem as if she was an unwilling participant, and that the payment would be released in the form of a financial settlement. Seems he was right.


  8. Mimi says:

    grisgris u are so freaking FUNNY i agree with everything and i think that’s the reason why Sam dont use her porsh anymore hahaha

  9. tooey says:

    just the next step in the i-don’t-have-a-career-trying-to-stay-relevant handbook. drugs, anorexia, sex tape. anything to keep your name in the tabs…

  10. K says:

    She’s hoping there are some tapes that someone wanted to take of her, and hoping they were linked so we could see she has someone on earth that may think she’s hot enough to get on to it with. And hopefully., again, that it will get her back into the media. I’d say, job done.

    (Only read about LL to see if it’s her obit. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. She’s only popular to pay the paps and other media. The rest of the average person, is just distressing after work, or during a break at work. And LL isn’t someone we even think about till our favorite site has an article on her, and we think, “Hey, she alive?”)

  11. lway says:

    OMG – Lindsay actually HAS a sex life?

    She looks filthy – *ugh* 🙁

  12. Dr_Venkman says:

    Any LiLo sex tape worthwile is with her BEHIND the camera.

  13. captain america says:

    I’ve said this about a few dozen times:

    ….SHE DID IT HERSELF, naive america!!

  14. mike says:

    Hey Lindsay, I know you read this crap, but don’t be so conserned, just get clean and take it one day at a time, You are a great little star Girl, come back to us, we want the old Lindsay the one we all fell in love with, so get well and come back I/we know you can do it girl just hang in there. We are all waiting for you, God bless

  15. mike says:

    Thats the kind of news we all welcome girl, get well, we are looking forward to you in a clean project soon. So work it girl, good luck n take care, God bless

  16. the original kate says:

    ugh – please tell me there are no sex tapes…i have no desire to see her streaky orange ass getting busy.

  17. Mary Charlene says:

    I love Lindsay…

  18. monica says:

    I heard the sex tape was from when she was romantically involved with Herbie the Love Bug!

  19. Lane says:

    if she said that she had tapes that were stolen then oh well I guess she did. she is young and she is struggling in her life. I only hope the best for her. She seems desperate to be loved and I hope she finds it in someone kind-Sam does not seem like she is the one, but it’s only an observation, what do we know.

  20. Gunsmoke says:

    This woman had in the past accused of stealing other people’s belongings beside she has not appreciated the many breaks she’s got over the years while there are thousands of struggling actors struggling to get their foot on the door well shame on her.

  21. Bellarue says:

    I think she had someone steal the stuff to put up the “sex tape” so she can revive her career…Ha yeah right. Sex tape with Sam ronson?? Oh wow, I’m sure that was oohh soo hot!!NOT, NOT!!!Oh LiLo, get over it. You are a no talent actress…it pains me to say that, the part about being an actress. Paris Hilton gets the award for being the socialite coming from a famous family. Your family is just famous for being …ahh well…..infamous.

  22. Name Required says:

    Did someone say that Lindsay “Did Herself” on those missing sex tapes? What’s the big deal then? She can just grab the video camera tripod and make a gazillion more right?

  23. Rob says:

    who the fuck wants to see her naked right now? her body looks incredibly unhealthy, 5 years ago…..yes.

  24. Steve says:

    I don’t care what Lindsay does, did, has, is or was. I like her! She is going to blossom in her career one day while the critics keep on with their bellowing and wallowing. The best thing she can do is ignore all you nitwits and do her own thing.

  25. K says:

    LOL….linsdey sex tapes….her and her fingers!

  26. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “She is going to blossom in her career one day”

    and when will that be?

    she’s been making “films” for 11 years now, and has only succeeded in 1)becoming a punchline due to her personal life 2)being called out by a studio head about how unprofessional she is 3)and making steadily worse movies, the most recent of which went straight to DVD.